I ask this question each time we have a massive loss of life, disaster, bombing, mass shooting, new outbreak of war, hurricane, firestorm, etc. We easily can see the what, when, and where of a devastating occurrence yet there are HUGE unanswered questions leaving the humans among us flailing at shadowy shapes within our cognitive dissonance. Who is killing us?

Today I watched a video that did not answer my questions with certainty. Although in my opinion, the perpetrators of the heinous act of burning thousands alive in Maui were narrowed down. What I did get from this video is that there are many among us on this planet in this time who are struggling to reconcile physical life with the input from the spirit within. We, as a species, are closer to each other than we are ever led to believe. I had an upheaval in my consciousness as I listened to these three ladies discussing their observations and conclusions. Then I realized that the upheaval was due to my narrow point of view and of course biases toward my own justifications for my experiences and my inability to communicate without the ego’s interference. Bottom line I was reminded that we are one physical/spiritual species, under the continued onslaught of sensory input from those who control the “uni-programming” beamed at us from all sides 24/7. Many are the points they make in their discussion where my discerning intuition touched me and said “yup, that is correct.”

Marisa Acocella and Laura Eisenhower present DIVINE MOTHER EARTH TIME #5: WHAT’S HAPPENING IN HAWAII? With a Special Guest from Maui.

Remember back in primary school when you learned writing (thinking/communicating) and the lesson was who, what, where, when, why and how? To clearly communicate facts these items must be part of the sender’s message. In the spirit realm, the world of the unseen, where we have few of those points to communicate, mostly opinion and belief, communication is another way altogether. Yet the human, physical, intellectual requires the 5 w’s to get a point across with understanding to another being of near comparable intellect.

So, who is the who behind Hawaii? Is it the technocrats, the one world government, the aliens, billionaires, or evil spirits? I ask you the readers of this to consider your thoughts based upon your own study of what you find in your news reading and observations. Does the how lead us to a who? How is it that the city burned, at temperatures hot enough to burn rubber and glass (3500 degrees Fahrenheit) and trees and shrubs were not touched? Was the how of this disaster Directed Energy Weapons, HAARP weather technology, circumstance, conspiracy, God’s will, government collusion, or maybe all of the above?. All have been brought up to answer the how. Was Maui a case of ineptitude or a planned offensive operation with no flag seen in which to pin the deeds?

As I try to draw my thoughts together to focus upon another sad day, for us as humans and for our reality, I keep coming up with more questions without answers. The day was the Lionsgate in astrology, the day when massive change is available from the cosmos. Hmm…

I am filled with still more conjecture after hearing Elizabeth’s perspective of the what, where, when from her sources on the ground and the under reporting in MSM. We are seeing a lot of the same characters, some different faces and names, government officials doing things that make no sense or are totally absent from a response to an occurrence within their area of responsibility, why is that?

So, even if we don’t know the 5 W’s or the how we, the beings in this place and time, must trust in our spirit connection to the universe to show us individual points which can help to narrow down the answers for consciousness.

Have we seen DEWs used in Maui, Greece, California, Canada, NYC and other places on the planet?

Have we seen improbable weather which doesn’t add up when looked at against records from history?

We see attempted purposeful redirection of our attention to every shiny thing of the moment (false flag) to stop us from coming together beyond huddling in our local communities. We seldom have a who or why in these situations.

The loss of life and the lack of concern from “leaders” about the losses or recovery lead me to believe (opinion) that the message being communicated through such actions is from a hidden sender to a hidden receiver, regardless of how the deeds are perpetrated. Those hidden ones are much higher on the food chain, either in our 3D world of space time, or are outside of it and are able to interact with our programmed reality. Saying that I must consider the goal (why) of the continued catastrophic circumstances. To me it seems the goal is that of sending a message of force (potential further force), simply showing what the sender can do. The ultimate question we all must wrestle with is who is sending the message and to whom? The message ultimately is not for us, apparently humans don’t matter. Maybe humanity as a species does. The who knows…