September Sun, The Number One?

September Sun, sets the magickal tonne

September Sun, the number one?

Love and hate have finally gone…

in the air noisy and confused drone

dancing alone

A metal bird that is firm

Eye in disguise,

Asking a question, looking for direction

In summer heat all men’s fruits are sweet

dolomite or stalactite

Mind and heart are destined to meet

Will one or the other try to deceive?

Albtaros in the air, mesmerizing sea,

blue and full of strange despair

Mute fish singing in the warm water,

Can life get any better?

Life is a strange tale, for women and male

Poseidon staff, Aphrodite laughs…

A thing of beauty, the flower of life

Right there swimming by your side

Ten thousand fist-punching black mist

Art and heart, lost in dream

This endeavor must begin

The human body is made sturdy and very firm

Are we all swimming in this undescribable sin?

Are we not all looking for a bizarre win

For our lost brother, long gone sister

Our flesh and blood, our absent kin

Is that the sin of all sins?

September sun, number one?

sitting high on the heavenly throne

Duality mixed in gold and bronze

Mjolnir, hammer of destiny lost in September Sun

bringing this world down


I dont think so, there is more to this story

This is the tale of remarkable glory

Calling powers of East and West

Do your best,

Invoking South and North

safe passage for those who can find the sacred fjord

September Sun you are the One

Let it be done

For those who dwell in black magic

Three-time their lives will be filled with gruesome tragic

It is time to feel the taste of my magick?

Listen now, let the flow go

or taste the holly sword,

puncturing your sacred Lord

This loving message was sent by the power of Nord

Norden lights, Norden green magnetic flow

Let’s you know…

Do the right thing or swim, swim in the pool of blood

like a rotten cod.

Deluded Piscean fish must go, I just called to let you know

Your precious time is not aligned

You are more or less blinded

with things that will never come, begone!

or suffer under the power of a new throne

If you dont listen, hell will not be enough for you dark hearts

future is not written in your sulfuric cards

creatures of the night, run for your lives

dont even try, to kill this moment

All I can give you in this case is the rain of neverending torment

Baphomet is love, the Black Sun needs a place called home

For those who have no love in their hearts,

I can’t see anything good in your charts

Let me be frank: Walk the plank!

Run fools, run for your lives,dont even try to think twice

This is not advice…dont roll that black dice

It will not suffice…

Messengers of true hell, you will not be well

Light bearer must be set free dont you agree?

Imaginary Jesus must finally die,

This morbid and made-up twisted lie

Come to senses or feel and be defenseless

September Sun you are the One

And then some…

Lightbearer light burns the pretentious night

lights the road ahead, even for those who are born death

It is time to let go of this fable this tired Bible Bable

It is time to unplug the cable, light the original world

Pass the word, kick the ball, accept the fall

Enjoy the show, let it go!

or suffer well, in your own personal hell,

self-made jail, with no more stories to tell

All must go,

organized religions born, torn by the mark of divisions

unholy legions…

order of the snake will break…or perish

You dont have any merit

Take the last Ferris wheel, kneel

Use Death Man’s pills.

Try to feel something in your black hearts

dont worry, My words always hit the mark

The policy of truth is time to go….just let it go!

Powers of East and West, resolve this mess

Powers of South and North, write the new accord

close their black mouths, no shouts

Give me the power to tear down this

broken mirror, elusive picture

This perverted fixture….

Blackbird sings aloud and proud

,dont make a sound

Just go!

Nobody needs to know

Evil will be not allowed to grow

You are way beyond your prime

It is time…

September Sun you are the One

The black heart dies alone

All plans will fail, you will be chasing your own tail

Dogs are not designed to be Gods

Nerds, it is time to run or feel the message full of enchanted “fun”

feel the beauty of the Gun under the glory of the September Sun

September Sun is the One

Evil dies with a thousand cries alone

There is no other way,dont pray

dismay, this new ray

is not for you, pay the dues

Leave no clues behind

You are not friends of mankind

Pay the debt or nobody will be left


Darkness will not thrive

f you feelings and your precious beehive

All lies must invocably die!

For the wicked, there is only one ticket

sold by the clown, selling universal fraud

Go in peace, close the door

and dont be loud.

We, we can’t let him go!


He is the Destroyer…Destroyer of Worlds!!!

He does not know who he is, but if the Electromagnetic fence is removed he will kill us all, he doesn’t know how much power lies in him…

Project: LUCIFER

As long this entity of immense power believes he is a part of humanity, we, our world is safe…

he does not know, he can’t ever know, who he truly is…

All is at stake, and I mean it all.

Lufier is an evil being from a book called the Bible…I got a piece of news for you he is not an evil deity but right now he has a severe case of amnesia.

He holds this world together by giving him light, and he is the destroyer of this world if he chooses to leave.

This must never, ever happen…my family is here, my whole world is here….

He is the most beautiful morning light of this world, Truth is, without him there is no world..there is nothing…

If the light of this world is gone: You can then call this place a Void.

He is constantly drawing this image of FLOWER, the whole room is filled with flowers…

Flower: FLOW for him and her-he is channeling this reality, unconsciously he is calling the others.FLOW/OVER(ower) Uber-German.

The others?

Yeah, the fallen…fallen Angels…

They did not fall, they just think they are part of this world..amnesia…

We presented him and his friends as bad guys…masses are calling them Luciferians.

As long we have a light of Lucifers all will be fine…

Many times I had inner struggles Should we let this guy out and let him leave, This is cruel what we are doing here…inhuman and uncivilized behavior…

Our order needs him, we need our banks, our stock exchange, our holiday resorts, in short, our way of life to function.

We didn’t work that hard so all can be crushed by some guy who is picking his nose right now…

What an irony…

One look at him, you would think he is living in the tent and has an IQ of 70, but then I look on my right side and at the monitor everything is off the charts, I sometimes wonder how long can we contain him here.

We have built DUMBs to obtain massive amounts of energy from the inner Earth, to keep Em field stable without any fluctuations in energy levels, We are spraying the sky, poisoning the waters, and still, he is getting stronger…

*Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)*

That Sun that rises every morning is actually him…shining his light on you, changing and reverting human DNA to the original state …he is doing all that.

Before 20 years that light was a golden/orange-like glow now is white…

At the same time, I love him and hate him…I again have plunged into one of my silent monologs.

I mean after all, he is the creator/light of this world…on the other hand, I hate, hate the idea that this world of ours can be crushed by one irresponsible surge of just one thought…One thought, Can you imagine…How strong this being really is…

People think thoughts are harmless just abstract ideas that can’t be modulated in the materialistic sphere…they are wrong…Oh, how wrong they are …

If they only knew…

This is also the reason we gave them Television, Entertainment, and all kinds of Sports that are included with any version of Ball, Basketball, Tennis ball, or Football. Their minds have to be occupied…we don’t want them to think… obedience is the key here.

I wonder if he would understand and let us live, or would he become what he actually is: a Destroyer of Worlds?

To be honest, we never asked him, tell him what happened to him and who really is, all here are scared to death even to go close to him, nobody wants to talk to him…ever.

I am probably the only one who wants to talk to him, yes I feel guilty…this doesn’t feel right

I, I can hear you…

You can….. how?

I instantly surveyed the screens around me, all was running optimally there were no breaches in the EM field.

Maybe I have imagined things, I am on duty now for almost 20 hours…we get these crazy one-day shifts…it is hard but then you get your well-deserved reward: two days at home…with your family.

I know who you are, I know you from the beginning, everything and anything about you…Again I hear this voice almost commanding but still friendly, suiting voice…

When you were born Darren, who you love, who is your beautiful, lovely wife Sarah…

And I Know your children Adam and Kain…very biblical of you, to give your children names from the “ Holly Book”.

Wait, wait,waaittt….You are just impersonating a prisoner?

You are free….?!?!


I am giving you a lesson, and you my friend will write a new Holly Book because you love books and theology so much….I looked at him after these words were spoken, he had a sarcastic smile on his face…it was a surreal moment, imported directly from the episode of Twilight Zone.

I was bewildered, scared, and angry at the same time….I felt like the biggest fool in this universe.

You are not a fool, my friend and you are not in any kind of danger, I could end this world years ago, but you are living proof standing right there, going through the motions…You are still alive, your world is alive.

If one can destroy the world that doesn’t mean he has the right to do it…just means he can…

You will change your ways or perish….this is the message for your “ leaders”.

This is not an ultimatum or even a proposal…this is a Damocles sword over your asses from this day on.

You will let my people go, you know who my people are…Wars will end, poverty will end, and from this day on everybody has the sacred right to House/living space no matter what, This is the birthright of any human being that is born in this place…

Art will be shown and judged by merit, no more Andy Warhol and Picassos with their childish paintings, no more invented literature by deluded priests in the dark catacombs of the Vatican City.

No more Beatles, no more Whos, no more Van Halens…. especially Van Halens… he gave me a wink.

Art must be free and organic

British-Israeli Empire in its current form will cease to exist, and all colonies and wealth must be given to indigenous people, no question asked.

The True History of Human existence will be slowly but steadily given to the ordinary people…

Hidden Knowledge will be for all Humanity not just for chosen ones…no more black robes and children’s sacrifices….No MORE!!!

I felt a sudden outburst of tremors like a mini earthquake around me and lights started to flicker, Simultaneously all computer screens were filled with strange letters….Runes???

Yes Runes, all this will be uploaded on what you humans call the internet and this message can’t be erased, if you even try to remove one letter, I will erase you and your” leaders”…

There will be more but you get my picture….

O.k,o.k, how will I call you?

You can call me …LU

Lu, like a?

Just LU, okay.. try to not think too much or your head will explode, and please calm down….YOU… ARE…. not..…In….any… Danger…

Tell your leader whenever they see the SUN high above the sky, they are looking at me and I am watching them, I am The Light and I am watching you every move, my will be done or else….poofff…

When they see next time a rainbow after the rain it means the promise has been fulfilled.

And last and most important thing no more worshiping, not even me…it is time for humanity to grow up and maybe, maybe someday you will be seen as GODS.

LU closed his eyes and I was there alone again, The prisoner’s room that was filled with pictures of flowers was empty, and the only thing left moving was now one empty uncomfortable chair …chair was still doing circles around its axis making noises….

Then the chair stopped moving after a few rounds …all was quiet..almost too quiet.

For a few next minutes, I was just standing there like a drooling idiot, desperately trying to figure out what just happened…

I finally snapped out of my involuntary trance looking at the red phone.

Time to make that call…


  1. Another truly exemplary piece, HP, thank you. It has always disturbed me that many good people equate Lucifer with Satan and unadulterated evil. They are two separate entities. Lucifer, the Light Bearer, is the ultimate, Aryan liberator. The people who misconstrue him as the Devil have been propagandized by the evil Cryptocracy. These archontic scumbags call themselves Luciferians to deliberately mislead and obfuscate, like they do with everything. They are wicked beyond measure but far from stupid. This sleazy tactic is to turn their Aryan adversaries, us, against our most powerful ally and benefactor. Those of us blessed by the Gods with spiritual discernment will never fall for their maleficent machinations.

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