The drama here described of the separation of He and She occurred in the the subtly remote distances impossible for our Kali-Yuga minds to comprehend. All this way before the Satya- Yuga of the golden Age. It was an intermediate time and space; in fact a Sunset, a Sandhya, in the same Dawn, in the Midnight at Noon. A Cosmic Prologue to the Drama, to the “Memoirs of the Archetype.” Something that has happened beyond the Archetype.” –page 166.

“When the egg of the He-She divided, the She separated from the He, she left first. And He will be the agonic pilgrim in search of the She, through the worlds, galaxies, where both must fight the enemy. But here another Egg-In-itself, She-He, who had contemplated the explosion of the He-She in and uncreated space, also divided her Egg, like the suicide of a New star, by solidarity, by A-Mor (Love without love) because she felt comradeship with the He-She, so to speak. And thus we have a She in search of her He through glorious wars and bloody sacrifices.

And someone, an unknown being, will be left to await the return like on the edge of a fountain. Someone who in the adventures of those two (four), played the Destiny of the divine impossible existence, unimagined even by the greatest pilgrims of nostalgia. Who was this being, who seemed to have dreamed all this, who risked so much in the mystery of the He-She and She-He? Is it someone who is beyond the Archetypes and Demiurge, even of the archetypes used by Hyperborean Siddhas as instruments of their combats? Someone who wanted to destroy the universe of the Demiurge, to break the Cycle of Cycles, to break free the prisoners of the Eternal Return. Someone who permitted the He-She and the She-He to part as pairs of opposites in order to enter into the nightmare, into the corrupt world of the Demiurge, to search for each other, to find each other again, fighting to transmute this evil creation?” –page 167.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version)

V (1983 miniseries) the original 1983 two-part television miniseries

V: The Final Battle-Part 1 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)

V: The Final Battle-Part 2 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)

V: The Final Battle-Part 3 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)



    Hey Jack, nothing changes with those you can’t criticize right?

    Listen to Jonny Carson have at it with the network management, live on air telling him not to plug the bands new album as this spilled out on live TV for all to see.
    Jonny Carson and that band were first class and look at the world now?
    That world you see on this old video is long gone. I am so glad to have lived through those good times!

  2. Are Khazarian Jews smarter than Ashkenazi Jews? Why can’t people like me concoct clever scams like this?

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    What are the odds…I am really tired of these hacks…and the book is called “Dream”…he’s using quotes like fake reality, breaking the constant cycle of reincarnations, holographic reality, observers, frequency… etc, etc…

    Another one is Max Igan…who was apparently “chased” by the Australian government but was allowed to travel by plane from Australia to South America, Mexico… sounds very plausible…

    • And yes he found out that the brain is decoding reality…..for that, he went deep into the rabbit hole…insert sarcasm…

      • The good thing here is: that if these minions are forced to speak about things that are written here, we all are doing our job.

        Jack, trust me dont watch the video it will just upset you.
        in a way I am sorry I posted this…maybe it is the fever…

  4. It’s time for ALL to make up for the past, not keep dredging it up…
    Wounds need Healing, and they can’t heal if the scab keeps getting picked at.
    And everything, everyone, every entity needs to return to it’s rightful place, or that belt will show it’s other purpose…
    Thank you E., my friend for sharing this… It’s the nuts and bolts that keep everything together and working smoothly like a fine tuned engine that people need to understand…

  5. Ohh how true Jack.
    Reminds me of one of the ole grimm tales…

    A farmer had a faithful dog named Sultan, who had grown old and lost all his teeth, and could no longer hold onto anything. One day the farmer was standing with his wife before the house door, and said, “Tomorrow I intend to shoot Old Sultan. He is no longer of any use.”

    His wife, who felt pity for the faithful animal, answered, “He has served us so long, and been so faithful, that we might well give him his keep.”

    “What?” said the man. “You are not very bright. He doesn’t have a tooth left in his mouth, and no thief is afraid of him. He can go now. If he has served us, he has eaten well for it.”

    The poor dog, who was lying stretched out in the sun not far off, heard everything, and was sorry that tomorrow was to be his last day. He had a good friend, the wolf, and he crept out in the evening into the forest to him, and complained of the fate that awaited him.

    “Listen, kinsman,” said the wolf, “be of good cheer. I will help you out of your trouble. I have thought of something. Tomorrow, early in the morning, your master is going with his wife to make hay, and they will take their little child with them, for no one will be left behind in the house. While they are at work they lay the child behind the hedge in the shade. You lie down there too, just as if you wanted to guard it. Then I will come out of the woods, and carry off the child. You must run swiftly after me, as if you would take it away from me. I will let it fall, and you will take it back to its parents, who will think that you have rescued it, and will be far too grateful to do you any harm. On the contrary, you will be treated royally, and they will never let you want for anything again.”

    This idea pleased the dog, and it was carried out just as planned. The father screamed when he saw the wolf running across the field with his child, but when Old Sultan brought it back, he was full of joy, and stroked him and said, “Not a hair of yours shall be hurt. You shall eat free bread as long as you live.”

    And to his wife he said, “Go home at once and make Old Sultan some bread soup that he will not have to bite. And bring the pillow from my bed. I will give it to him to lie on.’ From then on Old Sultan was as well off as he could possibly wish.

    Soon afterwards the wolf visited him, and was pleased that everything had succeeded so well. “But, kinsman,” he said, “you will just close one eye if, when I have a chance, I carry off one of your master’s fat sheep.”

    “Don’t count on that,” answered the dog. “I will remain true to my master. I cannot agree to that.”

    The wolf thought that this was not spoken in earnest, and he crept up in the night to take away the sheep. But the farmer, to whom the faithful Sultan had told the wolf’s plan, was waiting for him and combed his hair cruelly with a flail. The wolf had to flee, but he cried out to the dog, “Just wait, you scoundrel. You’ll regret this.”

    The next morning the wolf sent the boar to challenge the dog to come out into the forest and settle the affair. Old Sultan could find no one to be his second but a cat with only three legs, and as they went out together the poor cat limped along, stretching its tail upward with pain.

    The wolf and his friend were already at the appointed place, but when they saw their enemy coming, they thought that he was bringing a saber with him, for they mistook the cat’s outstretched tail for one. And when the poor animal hopped on three legs, they thought that each time it was picking up a stone to throw at them. Then they took fright. The wild boar crept into the underbrush and the wolf jumped up a tree.

    As the dog and the cat approached, they wondered why no one was to be seen. The wild boar, however, had not been able to hide himself completely in the leaves. His ears were still sticking out. While the cat was looking cautiously about, the boar wiggled his ears, and the cat, who thought it was a mouse, jumped on it and bit down hard. The boar jumped up screaming loudly, “The guilty one is up in the tree.

    The dog and cat looked up and saw the wolf, who was ashamed for having shown such fear, and who then made peace with the dog.

    I do love the old fairy tales, because they are truer than the truth we are led to believe these days… There’s an even better tale about the Vengeful sparrow, but that tale is for another day, when as you say Jack, you are out of your body… Fear not, for they will all pay in their day.

  6. Monday jack I went out midday with my dog for a walk and saw the weirdest sky I ever saw in my nearly 60 years on the planet, solid grey everywhere I looked,but with the weirdest sun I have witnessed in my life, not shining through the cloud but this side of it totally left me stunned,it was almost white and very very near ,the idiot media run a story about how this was caused by fires from Canada lol nope not buying that , what a friggin week for deaths my end ex neighbour late 30 nice guy 3 kids perfect wife and life dead in his bed another 2 late 50s I knew dead suddenly, and the kid who delivers my courier parcels told me her 35 year old mother has blood cancer after a D-dimer test abviously a bad batch was used in my area , I may as well keep my black suit on full time , we are all living longer the government tell us as they bump the pension age up to three score and ten , I may need to send them the death figures since the clot shot was rolled out about time someone fact checked the fact checkers,

  7. Dearest “E” when the time lines merge? Hell will be preferable, as all lies will be revieled.

    As our Jack says, will see you there.

    Hell is this, disconnected from Spirit as many of you reject him here as where two gather, being male and female there I will be.

    Believe as you please.

  8. “if they show up its only to tell you they cannot comply to the request cause its not for the greater good”
    E-xcellent point. I’ve ran into that wall many times in the past. What you think you what and what you really want often times never align not much different from the conflict of the ego and the soul.

  9. One of my favorite podcasts like Schlomo’s Ice Cream Shop. Instant classic. Thanks phil for adding me I reupped right before that substack shit went down and the site was up. Let the blacks do the blue collar crime some of us are doing the white collar version. We’ll see what happens in the next 6 months but where I come from everybody eats. Smashing the system the only way I know how as a lone wolf like the system is a fat piggy bank pinata. With $33 trillion in debt people still don’t get it. Money don’t mean shit we’re not in Kansas anymore. Surely the libertarian must believe at $100 trillion the game will be up lol. Keep losing by sitting out instead of being an active player. It stays up I win it goes down I win. Everything in life should be organized where you see yourself always winning no matter the outcome. I mean people might want to watch 13 Ghosts life is more like a constantly shifting house based on alignments and moves than what they imagine it to be. Everyone’s going crazy not recognizing the pieces of the board have shifted. Is the black square a black hole or just a square? What about when it’s the only one left and the razor sharp pendulum is moving quicker and quicker as you try to hopscotch your way to it and through it but you can’t tell your next move until you make the jump and it’s swinging ever so nearer and faster.

  10. I pretty much try to stay away from the current societal craze, the assertion that by carving up one’s body and gulping down pharmaceuticals, one magically transforms their gender. This means that I usually don’t address shapeshifting, because it winds up being distorted into a justification for these excesses of the modern American milieu.
    First of all, Loki and his shapeshifting, for example have to do with a level of experience that is completely beyond any modern understanding.Whenever anyone of any intellection in the western world attempts to understand this and related phenomena, they wind up like Sartre, making claims that mankind is lacking something essential, or they claim that such are strictly mental phenomena, and thus only exist within a context.
    To complicate matters even more, a case can be made that a significant percentage of the population lacks essential something, and there certainly is a mental level to shapeshifting, its just that the topic doesn’t end here.
    All modern thought brings one to solipsism of the worst kind, where any experience is always compared to some personal record or other. Moderners have completely lost the ability to operate cognitively on multiple levels simultaneously.
    The record passed down to us in the Sagas and the Epics is clearly an image of shapeshifting from the outside looking in. The cognitive keys are there, but again, elaborate structures inside the lore are now interpreted independently.
    Baseline, shapeshifting is the becoming of an entirely different order that can manifest in any lower order.
    Example, before the government destroyed the natural world by fire, malice and chemtrails, among other machinations, it was possible to access places that few knew existed. Once, I was walking along noticing that certain tracks simply appeared in the soft soil, only to utterly disappear after a time. My companion thought nothing of this, offering a supposedly rational explanation. I pointed out that he had no evidence for his opinion, only belief. I could just as plausibly state that a creature from Fairie manifested for a short time as an animal that left such tracks, before either slipping back into Fairie, or shapeshifting into a bird. Just then, a Raven sailed silently overhead.
    I smiled.

  11. V 2009.. This is a 1 and 2 season from 2009 I rewatched this 5-6 months ago.. I am posting this if the miniseries from 1983 are not enough. The third season is never made for obvious reasons…Why? You need to use your imagination…
    Use Duck Duck Go….if you dont the link will not work.

    • Jack I will post something soon, I am a little under the weather right now, and last week was action packed experience for me…

      it is true it is harder and harder to talk to people, not because I think I know more than them but because it feels like empathy is slowly being drained out of them, not all but many of the people I regularly meet dont have the usual cognitive skills at their disposal… On Wednesday a huge beam of light was for about 10 seconds shined on me, and then just disappeared.
      It was pitch dark I was lit up like I was on stage…after 10 seconds light just vanished…like somebody gave me a wink for a moment…it was about 11.30 p.m.

      Systems have been failing also, without any real explanation…first failure lasted one whole day and the last failure, which happened on Thursday lasted two full days, and that almost never happens…

      Dont ask what or which

          • Frequency and time, two worlds as frequency rules time as time is like a vision I saw of her, telling me what? To just live, in peace, in the moment, as she demonstrated it in front of me, said follow.
            Do as you please, but I see many things.

      • Listen to the audio HP, shit was like something out of a Roman Polanski movie, I was flabbergasted. I swear I will never forget that kiss, even if it was a setup thirteen-year-old girls could never learn to kiss like that, they looked like hungry vampires, like I said spells are flying like bullets at Stalingrad…

      • Hope you are feeling better HP, I too have been feeling as rough as a bag of nails this past week…
        Like Jack states, spells have been flying everywhere and someone/thing has been busy playing petty games…
        But September has finally come to an end, thank goodness, and with the recent full moon my head has been cleared of the fug consuming it and I can think clearly again.
        Glad you noticed the moon in all this Jack, it was of course our place of dwelling before this current earth became our temporary home…
        Be well everybody

        • Whilst our Moon (our previous Earth) is in a state of recession (which can be clearly seen at time, like our Jack describes), and while we are on this present Earth, another Earth is also on its way to manifest for our future. Thus,
          there are Earths in preparation in three preceding states, and there are Earths in recession in three succeeding states.
          With our Earth included (along with three preceding and three succeeding Earths), there are seven Earths at any time. Thus, there is a globe chain of seven globes that gets in to get out, in seven cosmic pulsations.

        • Thank You, I will probably need a couple of days, right now I am sweating like an animal, tormented by cold chills…two or three days and I will be fine, but right now life is fun…wink, wink LOL

          Thank you, again All the best Brother.

          • Sounds achingly familiar brother…
            Rest well.
            As for the petty games Jack, it may be what she does best, but her best amounts to nothing in the end, parlour tricks and desperation dreams…
            The course of the river has already decided the direction of flow, and she is swimming against the tide.

          • “The course of the river has already decided the direction of flow, and she is swimming against the tide.”
            How eloquent Seraphim, she doesn’t get it yet, maybe she won’t till I hit her over the head with a club and drag her off. We will see when I am out of body who is laughing. Yea I dance like a dog for Lilith, but you better be careful dogs bite, and every dog has its day…

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