I’d been in New York City for most of July, swimming from the Hamptons to Long Beach in an endless summer party. I’d gone back to Tennessee for a few days at the end of the month, but I was back to catch a 787 out of Kennedy to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Technically the flight was August 3 but it was at midnight and it was still August 2 when my cousin dropped me off at the airport around ten o’clock.

I was tentative but there was never any question that I must go to France, visit Montsegur and retrace Otto Rahn’s footsteps through the Cathar Caves at Ornolac in the Ariege region of Southern France. Rahn had found something, something that makes every human notion of what is and what isn’t an exercise in futility. Whether it was Hyperborean technology, the lost jewel from the crown of Lucifer or the Holy Grail of Christian sages, the Germans had used it to split the timeline somewhere between 1931 and 1937.

It had begun with experiments by Friedrich Paschen and Max Wien at the dawn of the twentieth century. Wien, Einstein’s rival at the time but who has been written out of history, was trying to synchronize two pendulums. German mathematics had by then already postulated the Fourier Transform. Essentially, a Fourier Transform is a graph wherein the Time Domain and the Frequency Domain are synchronized. Adjustments to the Time Domain are made through the Frequency Domain which is laid out as a spread sheet of signals then correlated through a graph to the Time Domain. The epoch I am writing in occurs in the Frequency Domain.

The Frequency Domain is a hologram generated by convergent interference patterns such as when two stones are cast in a still pool of water the series of concentric waves generated by each of the stones clash. The resulting confused ripples or wavelets are interference patterns. Famed neurosurgeon and the inventor of the Holonomic Brain Theory Karl Pribram postulates that “a hologram is a photographic store of ripples, of interference patterns. Instead of pebbles on a pond, what you have is light beams hitting the film.” (1) The light then spreads in ripples over the surface of the film. Pribram continues “Every light beam that hits does that and the neighboring ones do it and the neighboring ones and so you got every light beam, every part of a beam essentially spread over the entire surface. That’s why mathematically it’s called a spread function.” (2)

In a hologram that spread function is translated into images and with every passing year in neuroscience, it becomes more and more apparent, Pribram uses the word “overwhelmingly,” (3) that the brain functions in the same manner. Speaking at the dawn of the twenty-first century Pribram went on to say that “over the last thirty years or so more and more evidence has accumulated to suggest strongly that the cerebral cortex acts as a resonator. It resonates to the frequencies of energies that are being transduced by the receptors; it’s the frequencies of energies.” He emphasizes that this is not an epiphany. German scientists were investigating it as early as 1906… (4)

Twenty-first century man, as the heir of this wave only science, finds himself trapped in a phantasmagorical world of shifting shadows and changing time. His memories, his science and every other cherished notion of existence is naught but an etiological myth, contrived explanations for what is already there. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the double slit experiment, quantum entanglement and a reality that is indeterminate. The legacies of George Berkeley, Eesse est percipi. Nothing exists unless it is perceived. Without consciousness to translate it this world is just a signal, random frequencies lost in space.

I began writing in 2011, first on Open Salon then Veterans Today when it was at the height of its internet popularity, then Nexus Magazine and now only for my own exclusive audience. In the interim, through my intimate association with various spooks and hobgoblins, I learned the world works more like something out of The Illuminatus! Trilogy than the nightly news from CNN. It’s only gotten worse, and by 2016 clowns were running wild all over the West and timelines were beginning to merge into each other in a phenomenon dubbed the Mandala Effect. I had been told from the beginning by Gordon Duff, Veterans Todays iconic spook editor, that the news was something they made up to dose the Untermensch with their daily opiate, none of it was real. Now, the timeline seems to be fragmenting and to quote Bob Dylan, “I see pieces of men marching trying to take heaven by force.”

By the end of October 2019, it was the last day of my miracle tour through Northern Europe. I had seen pyramids in a Netherland forest. In Stephansdom Vienna I had seen statues of Jesus consorting with demons and run through with arrows. Outside I had seen the Vienna Pestilence, a giant statue that depicts some global pestilence that will only be stopped when the Goddess exorcises her own demon at its foundation. None of these things should have been there, not in my timeline, but they were.

I was catching the red eye out of Frankfurt to JFK. It was late afternoon, and the wind was howling when we pulled into Koblenz, an ancient city straddling both banks of the Rhine where it’s joined by the Moselle. As I gazed down at the deep surging water where the pier comes to a point at the confluence of the rivers, fish boiled on the surface. High above, a trolley offered rides over the Rhine to a fortified castle on the far bank. On the side we were on, hundred-foot ferries offered sightseeing excursions down river. In the fading light I posed for a few pictures with the castle as the backdrop. Orage snapped about half a dozen photos with my iPhone and looked up from the viewfinder puzzled, muttering that the pictures were not coming out right. When I looked at the pictures, on all of them, the castle seemed aglow in a peculiar orange light that gave it an artificial appearance as if it had been airbrushed into the picture. (5)

It only got stranger when we photographed the monument. Atop it a winged Goddess led a victorious horseman. Eight fierce fanged kings, gnawing at the sun, adorned the corners of the four walls supporting the great statue. Below them was the epithet, a mural of a great bird, perhaps an eagle but more likely a Phoenix born of fire and risen from the ashes of its own destruction, swooping down upon the observer. Clutched in its talons are fire and six writhing vipers. To the left reclines what can only be described as the Devil. In his hand he holds a rock, the Grail itself, the Black Stone of Ishtar guarded over for eight hundred years by a faction of the Knights Templar now known as the dreaded SS. (6)

The legend has the Ordo Bucintoro, an aristocratic secret society founded at the turn of the sixteenth century in Venice, by way of its founder Antonia Contenta, heiress of the Templars’ secrets, one of them being visitations, Magickal instruction and a gift from the Goddess Ishtar. She appeared to a group of Knights Templar, “under the command of Komtur Hubertus Koch,” while they were on crusade near the ancient city of Nineveh in 1220. The Goddess told them to retire to the Untersberg Mountain and await further instruction. There she appeared to them multiple times over the next decade or so.

She gave them a dagger, a mirror, and a special stone; that could open a portal to the Green World. She told them that man’s physical body is naught, but a temporal home constructed for and by his timeless soul to manifest its existence in this crude world of matter. This world of empty and endless distances between the other worlds, this world of death and decay is a kingdom of shadows created by a dark god to enmesh and snare the luminous spirit, which is the divine essence of every soul. The rightful residence of that lost soul is a place between life and death, what is now called the ethereal world. It is the world of the unborn and of the world of the dead. It is the world of many worlds. Ishtar called it the Green World.

Ishtar told them of a perpetual battle that raged across these unseen realms in the kingdoms of the sublime. She told them that this was the age of darkness but in the coming age the light of the inner sun, the “Black Sun,” will reveal these invisible worlds and man will be restored to greatness. She told them the soul of a great warrior king slept within the sacred Untersberg Mountain to awaken in those times for a reckoning with the lord of shadows. In victory he will unite the tribes of the Holy Roman Empire and create a new order of light.

Some say the stone is Garil as in Holy Garil, one of two versions of the Holy Grail, GRL. It is coveted by the demon god of Abraham’s vile children who once possessed it but was tricked by Ishtar when she cut her hair short like a boy to steal it from him. The demon god in the prophecies of Ishtar is none other than the God of the Roman Catholic Church, represented in the world of the living by the pope. During the final siege of the Albigensian Crusades in 1244 the stone is said to have been whisked from the grasp of the Pope’s bloody fingers, by three women who smuggled it out, on the very night before Montsegur fell.

Sometime during all this a group of knights were instructed to form a secret chivalric order in southern Germany, Austria, and northern Italy. These knights would be entrusted with the task of guarding the stone for the final battle between darkness and light. This order, shrouded in shadows even to other Knights Templar, was to be known as Die Herren von Schwarzen Stein, The Lords of the Black Stone. SS is really an abbreviation of the German acronym for the order; DHvSS. (7)

The Devil’s in the House of Hohenzollern and he has the “Holy Grail.”

In 2012 I wrote Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan, a tell-all book chronicling my association during the late eighties with organized crime, outlaw bikers, the disciples of Aleister Crowley and what occultists call the Babylon Working. For reference, because it was the only reliable explanation available at the time, I used the writings of CG Jung on Rosarium Philosophorum. I knew all the explanations by heart including the ones given by Crowley who performed the Amalantrah working which is the percussor to the Babylon Working and those given by Preston Nichols the author of the The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. Nichols was a personal friend of mine.

In 2014 we wrote our Black Sun Rising series, read by millions all over the world. It is the definitive work on National Socialism and the advanced state of German science by the dawn of WW II. Which was by many sober estimates a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world. There is ample evidence, including the famous “UFO” incident in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania during the sixties to prove the existence of die Glocke. Iconic film artist David Lynch pays homage to it in his masterpiece Twin Peaks 2017, not so coincidentally also referred to as The Return just like the title of the last chapter in Otto Rahn’s book Lucifers Court.

It is impossible with my own experience and the vast amount of research done by my colleague Orage, who learned his craft in Hollywood, that neither he nor I would not have heard of Master occultist Miguel Serrano who deals in his voluminous collection of writings with the very same things dealt with in Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan and Black Sun Rising. The conclusion, after witnessing the Mandala Effect, is inescapable. He did not exist in our timeline till 2016 when he was brought to my attention by a friend who knew more about my situation back then with certain supernatural beings the Muslims refer to as Djinn than any other human being should have known.

Serrano’s close personal friendship with the great German author Hermann Hesse and iconic scientist C.G. Jung form the foundation of an intellectual Nexus that moved like an irresistible undertow through the seas of western consciousness in the latter half of the twentieth century. Serrano wrote a book about it titled C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships, first published in 1965. Jung would write the forword for Serrano’s book The Visits from the Queen of Sheba, first published in 1960, the only time he ever did that for anyone outside of scientific journalism. (8)

Serrano was born to the purple. His uncle Vicente Fernández, an aristocratic communist, is still among South America’s most revered poets. Serrano himself began by writing pro Marxist articles for communist publications while attending the prestigious Internado Nacional Barros Arana in Chile from 1929 – 1034. But by 1939 he was squarely in the camp of the Chilean “Nazi” Party; M.N.S. (Movimiento Nacional Socialista de Chile). By the time he was twenty-one Serrano had established himself as the foremost writer in Chile when he published Anthology of the Realist Short Story in Chile. His anthology established the rules for how short stories would be written from then on in Chile. To this day it is considered “to be among the greatest milestones in the national literature.” (9)

In the aftermath of Operation Paperclip, which many believe was an attack on the Nazi stronghold in the Antarctic which was summarily crushed by German flying saucers Serrano was on the scene. From 1947 to forty-eight, Serrano in the capacity of journalist for Zig-Zag magazine and ‘El Mercurio’, Chile’s most prestigious newspaper, accompanied the Chilean Army and Navy on their expedition to the Antarctic. Some believe “this was the famous occasion on which Serrano first met Adolf Hitler in person.” During the famed expedition Serrano “had an Antarctic Mountain named after him” but the name was eventually changed… (10)

When the Dalai Lama fled Tibet during its 1959 uprising against China, Miguel Serrano, Chile’s Ambassador-designate to India by title from 1953 to 1962, was among the first westerners to receive him and the two would remain close lifelong friends. Serrano also maintained personal friendships with Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. When Gandhi was assassinated Serrano was afforded one of the most prominent positions at her funeral. He would later confide to close friends he had been her lover.

During the Eisenhower Administration, India’s representative to the UN Krishna Menon proposed to internationalize Antarctica. This would give all countries the right to ignore the established territorial boundaries of countries like Chile, Argentina and the United States and commence plundering the icy continents priceless mineral wealth. In the United States and the Soviet Union’s case turning it into a frozen weapons depot.

“Alerted to this dangerous situation, the Argentine Ambassador to India, Vicente Fatone, unsuccessfully sought a meeting with the authorities in New Delhi. Neither could the North American representative, John Sherman Cooper get a meeting with anyone in authority. Washington D.C. decided to send Ambassador Cabot Lodge as its extraordinary delegate to persuade India to withdraw the proposal. None of this worked.”

Serrano, practically his estranged son in law, got a meeting with Prime Minister Nehru and explained his position on the matter. The great Indian statesman listened and nodded. He then got up and placed a red rose on the lapel of Serrano’s jacket, sealing the agreement. His next act was to order the proposal withdrawn. Menon would try to push it through again but Nehru was adamant and the proposal was withdrawn for good.  

Meanwhile Eisenhower “extended an invitation to the 12 participating countries of the International Geophysical Year for a conference on the future of Antarctica. Hence, on December 1, 1959, the twelve participating countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, forcing them to submit the territory to peaceful purposes and preventing installations with military or armed characteristics…” (11) 

In his writings Serrano tells his readers that Hitler was never defeated. WWII was fought in an alternate timeline wherein the Jewish war god Jehovah, and all his materialistic scions must be defeated in a final battle between darkness and light. To accomplish this, it was necessary to lose WWII so that the higher souls, those that must be saved, are separated from animal souls mired in Jehovah’s world. Serrano prophesized that the sleeping Barbarossa will awaken as “the Gral King, Monarch-Warrior-Priest, in the Siege Perilous.” From “Seat number 13,” as the head of the “Round Table,” he will give “the order to begin the definitive attack against the extraterrestrial Demiurge, the Lord of Darkness, Jehovah with his galactic and planetary legions.” (12)

In Job 41:10 it is written, “No one is so fierce as to arouse Leviathan. Then who is able to stand against Me?” Even God himself fears Leviathan. That is why I named my book Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. In Qabalistic and Talmudic literature Leviathan is actually two Dragons, a male and female. And if ever these dragons should consummate the judgements against God and his creation would multiply and overwhelm them, leaving nothing but desolation. To prevent this some Rabbis have speculated that God has castrated the male and is keeping the female pickled in anticipation of her consumption at the final feast of the just or Zedek’s. Other Rabbis have postulated, just like Jung with his anima and animus, that the union is between conscious and spiritual.

Serrano is adamant that only through the union of the He and the She can redemption of the higher souls be achieved. In his magnum opus Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar he writes that very early on the stone from the crown of Lucifer had been “discovered in Montsegur, in the caves of the Sabarthes [Sabarthez, the area of Occitania in Ariège where the Grail was sequestered], where Otto Rahn had been the first to find it.” The Ahnenerbe “deciphered it; the science of Hyperborea has been reclaimed.” (13)

Col. Howard Buechner was perhaps Americas most prolific war criminal of WWII. During Americas triumphant liberation of Dachau, Buechner as the chief medical officer oversaw the arbitrary and unauthorized executions of, according to General Dwight Eisenhower, three hundred SS soldiers who had been rotated back to guard duty from the eastern front due to wounds and fatigue. Others put the number of murdered victims at five hundred and twenty. Many of them were tortured to death by a savage American Indian named Jack Bushyhead, empowered by Buechner to do as he pleased. What he learned from his pet Indians barbaric but highly effective interrogation techniques is the source of Buechner’s 1991 book Emerald Cup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich. (14)

In it he writes, “Rahn must have discovered something which caused him to espouse a strange theory. He came to the conclusion that the Emerald Cup was only one Holy Grail, while in fact there was another… The second Grail, according to Rahn, was a Stone, or more specifically, a collection of stone tablets… on which was written the wisdom of the ages or the ultimate truth, but in a language that no one could decipher…” (15)

The Secret Glory in its entirety:

The Secret Glory was directed and written by the enigmatic South African cinematographer Richard Stanley. It is the only indisputable account of Otto Rahn’s 1930 – 1931 search in the Pyrenees for what the fledgling SS believed to be the Crown of Lucifer. The documentary produces correspondence from Rahn saying, “Gadal has given me the key. I found what mankind had lost for seven centuries…” (16)

Antonin Gadal, born in 1877, was referred to as the “The Patriarch of Sabarthez.” According to Christian Koenig, the current Cather Museum Curator and Gadal’s successor whom we would pay a visit after finding the caves ourselves, Gadal “was a teacher who was interested in the history of Occitania and Catharism. During his youth in Tarascon he lived near Mister Adolph Garigou who was a great historian from Ariege. Thus, we can speak of an oral tradition which was transmitted from Adolph Garigou to Antonin Gadal. In the rites of Catharism, it’s said the tradition comes from the apostles and has been transmitted from bonhomme to bonhomme down through the ages to this very day.” (17)

Gadal falsely claimed to have a ninety-nine-year lease on the caves, and it was he who would act as Rahn’s guide and mentor. When Otto Rahn, the son of a mystic who was able to conjure visions of angels in those who touched him, arrived in Paris at the dawn of 1930 he was welcomed by Maurice Magre, author of Le Sang de Toulouse (TheBlood of Toulouse). Magre shared Rahn’s vision of a unified Europe, which would later become the raison d’être for the SS, a multinational task force which would gain a reputation as the fiercest fighting men since the days of the Spartans. It was through Magre that Rahn made contact with the Polaris Society, the crème de la crème of French occultists and dedicated proponents of the Nazi’s Welteislehre or World Ice Doctrine.  (18) “These Parisian contacts which led him to the Pyrenees acquainted him with a Countess who lived there; Countess de Pujol Murat. It is assumed that this contact was made through Magre. The Countess thought of herself as the reincarnation of Esclarmonde de Foix.” (19) It is no doubt through her that Rahn met Gadal who proceeded to open every door in the Sabarthez for him.

The current view about a block up the hill from Rahn’s Hotelier in Montsegur. As always “the owls are not what they seem…”

By the time Rahn arrived in Montsegur sometime in 1930 the French secret society of Polaires, the Italian secret society of White Eagle and the German secret society of Thule, were all scouring the Sabarthez under the auspices of their respective country’s intelligence agencies. Rahn had been sent by a faction of the Thule Society which would soon become the SS. When the twenty-something Rahn wasn’t dressed all in black with a walking stick he would wear a sweater, knitted for him by his mother, with the SS lightning runes prominently displayed on the front. He would soon be joined by the garishly dressed Karl Wolff who acted as his chauffeur. Wolff who had won the Iron Cross in WWI when he was just eighteen years old would go on to become General Karl Wolff, Supreme Commander of all SS forces in Italy. The two men were being financed by Josef “Sepp” Dietrich, who would attain the highest rank in the Waffen SS and distinguish himself as its most feared commander. Investigative journalist, Christian Bernadac is convinced that it was Rahn who played the most crucial role in the formation of SS symbolism and its doctrines of a master race. He goes on to say, “It was a true secret and if one betrayed such secrets at that time, one could be killed…” (20)

Judging from his actions and concentrated movements around Ornolac-Ussat-les-Bains in and “amongst the numerous grottoes of the Sabarthez” it’s almost a certainty that Rahn was in possession of the Grail since late 1931. When in a seeming victory lap, he abruptly “departed Switzerland for the second time and made his way to the southern French Pyrenees, after having stayed a while in Paris, Provence, Switzerland, Spanish Catalonia and in Italy.” Later in 1932 he purchased “a three-year lease on the Hotel-Restaurant des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains. Among the guests he was said to have invited were Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich…” (21)

However, the quest of Otto Rahn was hardly through and whatever he had found in thirty-one by the beginning of 1933 when he published the first of his two books: Crusade Against the Grail both he and the SS were still marginal characters in what was soon to become the Third Reich. Two months later the Reichstag would burn down, and the National Socialist Party would assume dictatorial powers in Germany. Crusade Against the Grail had been an antiseptic book, and although bolstered by Rahn’s by now encyclopedic knowledge of the Albigensian Crusade it still had the forces of Lucifer, although wearing the vestments of the Pope and the King of France, laying siege to Montsegur in an effort to rest the most holy object in Christendom from the martyred hands of the Cathar Perfecti.

His second book; Lucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers was published at the beginning of 1937. Rahn “wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle,” (22) sometime in the summer of 1936. The voyage was made in “the Gullfos, an Icelandic 1200 tonner,” (23) laden with supplies, “crates, barrels, sacks and bundles of barbed wire and steel rods.” (24) There were seventy men on the Gullfos but Rahn tells his readers, “twenty of us [“comrades”] came to Iceland.” (25) So at least twenty people on the Gullfos were not the crew but SS which is confirmed in The Secret Glory when Reich historian Hans Jurgen Lange makes it very clear that Rahn voyaged to “Iceland with a division of the SS.” Rahn goes into great detail about how unappealing and barren Iceland is and how they couldn’t wait to leave but he never says why they were there in the first place. The only hint that it is an official expedition is when he writes, “Our flag is a blue swastika on a white background. The captain, whom I have just questioned on the gangway, told me that we will soon be crossing through the 60° of northern latitude.” (26) The editor or translator of Lucifer’s Court tries to cover this up by saying this was the standard flag flown by Icelandic ships, but this is a blatant lie. Iceland’s standard maritime flag is a blue cross on a white background and Rahn’s choice of words; “questioned the captain”, indicates he was in charge…

Almost nothing is known of this expedition in history books and Rahn is careful to write in parables and metaphors, but he does say, “I am heading for Iceland. There, I hope to gain the knowledge that will unravel the mystery of the crown, which is to be found in the most distant Midnight — the secret of the crown of Lucifer! I drift towards the land of the Eddas and the Sagas…” (27) Somewhere between 1933 and 1936 Rahn had become a fanatical Luciferian. In fact, it is probably safe to say the whole inner sanctum of the National Socialist Party, due to what Rahn and company found in the grottoes of the Sabarthez, had undergone an epiphany. In the opening pages Rahn recounts a quite evening with Countess de Pujol Murat, “Night fallen, we are sitting in front of the fireplace. The Countess is knitting. I open a book, which tells of tombs from Albigensian times that had been discovered, just nearby, in the Black Mountain. One of them was a communal pit. Twelve skeletons were found there, disposed in a manner as to mark out a sort of wheel: the heads represented the centre, and the bodies the spokes.” (28)

Before General Patton and his Third Army had reached the Skoda Works in Pilsen, he discovered the existence of National Socialisms subterranean industrial citadels in Ohrdruf. Colonel Robert S. Allen who was Patton’s Intelligence officer described a miniature Akakor. The central installation was between two and three stories in volume and built with massively reinforced concrete. Twelve corridors extended from the center for several miles like the spokes of a wheel. The Army Signal Corps estimated the cost of building just the telephone exchange that served the Ohrdruf installation, built in late 1944, at ten million dollars. (29)

The Chronical of Akakor is a metaphorical story that ended up getting Germany’s premier anchorman Karl Brugger machine gunned down on Ipanema Beach in broad daylight during the seventies. Of the pseudo archeological site left in South America by the aliens that seeded human civilization the chronicle says, there are twelve tunnels in the subterranean Temple of the Sun that connect to twelve other underground cities which are arranged in accordance with the constellation of Schwerta. The hypogeum Akakor is the center with the other subterranean cities radiating out from it. These cities were constructed for them by the Former Masters, and not even the German soldiers who settled with Ugha Monguhala in 1942 could figure out how they work. (30)

As Rahn says at the beginning of Lucifer’s Court, “My head is spinning. If everything I have learnt here is correct, I will have to throw out all that I have learnt and believed in up until now. I will have to, as the saying goes, start from scratch…” (31)

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    • LOl, I just wanted to write something on Saque’s Twitter page but I composed myself, this guy Sepehr is a liar, cheat, thief, and scumbag of epic proportions…

      Why simply not post article/s that are here on this page?

    • Jack,
      The one thing that becomes apparent when discussing RS, or whatever his name is, is that he appeals to the status quo. The message here, as usual, is that nasty Nazis were into all kinds of weird shit, just weird enough that good Jews like himself can provide a tour for the gentile moron, with just a hint of an explanation so that you can get to his spoon fed conclusions.
      For those who prefer to be led by the nose, RS is indeed their Nostrildamus.
      On the other hand, for those who are looking for actual information, RS provides very little. Beyond the fancy production values and lots of emotionally charged pictures, we are left with a rather unappealing guy eating in a cafe’.
      Its my guess that the RS audience really doesn’t know that he can’t comprehend what he’s telling them.Further, they probably don’t care,because they’ll forget it by the next commercial break.
      Its’ sort of like explaining to Christians that their Jesus doesn’t exist outside of the Bible. Its’ not what the Dorito munching masses want to hear. I couldn’t tell if RS, in that final cafe’ clip, had any Doritos.
      If not, he should have.

        • Yes, but in front with who? The RS video is all about mass appeal, not substance. It isn’t going to be taken seriously by anyone with a modicum of knowledge. Besides, you can demonstrate that you published the hard research years before anyone ever heard of RS.

          • Mass appeal brings in money Mike. We have been setting the stage for occultism in the media since The Cross, The Rabbi and the Skinwalker was published in 2011, yet my own cousin choses to publicize a Jewish scavenger hanging on to our coattails like a Remora hanging on to a Great White Shark. In a capitalist system this kind of marginalization is designed to starve the incentive right out of the artist and I gotta tell you it’s starting to work on me. I could make more money flipping pastrami in NYC and be with what is left of my family. I need this?

    • No doubt there’s money there. No one will ever see a Jew if money isn’t there.
      Mass appeal = banal.
      Can one turn the sacred union of complements into a trivialized mockery? Nostrildamus can. These types have now turned the entire world into a shallow and stupid mockery of life. They don’t have ideas, or creativity, they are fucking blockheads who captured the vapid strained semi-intellect of the masses and convinced them they deserved to run everything together. No wonder this place is such a shithole.
      Your cousin? Did he explain to you why he went full retard? Maybe he needs to rewrite his mission statement.
      Anyhow I’m the last person to get paid for anything I do, so I get it, it feels wrong to see some half baked pretender profit from being such a sickening slime ridden parasite. But that’s SHITSTEM, that’s what they call mystery Babylon, and its a leg hold trap.
      Only the spirit has it’s wings.

  1. I watched the Secret Glory, very very good…. thank you for posting this!
    On a different or same note, was thumbing through Mark Frost’s book again The Secret History of Twin Peaks…last few page of the Dossier has captured my attention. The archivist is revealed as Douglas Milford, USAF. He typed the Dossier on his trusty Corona Typewriter of which a picture of it is on page 344 of the book–on closer look of the typewriter it has german keys and umlauts. The ‘CORONA’ spelling on the typewriter is so old that the COR and NA are left off and all you see is ORO –meaning gold. When I researched this typewriter looks to be from the mid-1930’s or thereabouts. And then on the very last 2 pages of the book is the following paragraphs:

    Pg 258 “Cooper. Of course, Perfect sense. It must be Cooper. All the stars aligned. Why else would Gordon Cole have sent him here? Maybe Cooper wasn’t yet fully awars of the whys or wherefores himself, but I’d learned by now that “chance” events often prove providential, convincing myself that Special Agent Dale Cooper would be the one with whom I’d carry on this work.”
    Pg 359 “Only moments ago, while writing the previous passage, Cooper called, as I had requested. He’s on his way to the house right now–the bell just rang, he’s here. Betty is letting him in….12:05 PM March 28, 1989…He just left. Something’s wrong. The message holds the answer, just as I thought, but I’ve misinterpreted it. Protocols are in place. I must act quickly. I’m heading to the LPA alone. *M*A*Y*D*A*Y*”

    Safe to assume we’re in the Mayday portion of the very last words of entry…the use of the word “bell” and the ‘letting’ of Cooper in is interesting.

    Just some of my meanderings….

  2. Thanks Jack and of course our Phil, for the technology, as our Jack pontificates about stones found in a cave, my dearest Hitler pal thinks that national socialism came from a Christian sect, my opinion is that Spirit is the creator and that Spirit creates as all of us here have such Spirit and can create.

    Why would we create anything? Other than to further the creative Spirit.

    We are from I am

    Many call it a community

    I see perhaps it’s a delusion

    What I see

    • “my dearest Hitler pal thinks that national socialism came from a Christian sect”

      It did nine, Catharism, the only real Christianity, which is why Rome had to exterminate them and replace it with a religion that worships Jews. Maybe instead of consulting Bitchute your Hitler pal might try reading Lucifers Court by Otto Rahn because I have news for him, he can think whatever he wants. It won’t change the facts and the facts are right here. They come from beyond the veil of tears that the human race like some errant rats have built their nest. The exterminator is already here nine, can’t you tell?

      • He won’t read. If it’s not on a video, he won’t accept it. Bitchute? They should call it offchute, because it’s run and produced by that jew run intel agency, you know that one that decieves as it wages war?
        My Jewish pals are doubling down on vaxxines Jack, and at this point? None of them are dying and so much for Deagle and 2025.
        We will see in America a complete medical tyranny run by medical establishment jews.
        And the Christian sect? The Hitler pal calls them jewed over Christians. He has that right.
        White Europeans are the targets for extermination and its right on schedule, first demonization then genocide. I am at the point with these jews when vaxxines come up in conversation I now tell them to shut the fuck up.
        Oh, and I weighed in at 183, lift some weights and work the heavy bag a little every day and will make quick work of skinny jew bike racers. No 38 needed.
        Once I know your vaxxed I avoid you. Poisoned body and poisoned mind and Spirit.

        • Wow you and me are the same weight nine. I’m 6′ 183. I keep telling you the vaxxed are already dead, you just can’t accept that. Like everyone else and that will be their undoing. LOL! Bitch-ute (Untermensch)…

          • You gotta admit my Hitler pal has style of course the joos run the show just like Hitler ran Germany right Jack?

            Remember this he has a bunker and I helped him build it, it’s on top of a hill, perfect place to rally the men?

            The war has not been publicized yet its in full swing as I wage war native style. We wait as targets are acquired. Locally.

            We shall indeed see how this plays out. Oh, Jack went from 200 plus to 183 riding that bike around watching the show.
            The show? I should post it on Instagram. LOL

  3. And just like that, another whopper. Soaking this one in like fine wine or a good cup of
    coffee x100. I’ve got other questions and comments but wanted to just say great job as always to you and the crew. We’re in the nitty gritty for sure….

    • Thank you, Jana. If wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t even bother writing anymore. Consider this piece dedicated to yourself and the rest of my paid subscribers. Writing for impact is a thing of the past, a relic, an anachronism from times gone by. Hell, now it’s like whispering in a hurricane. Google has done its job well and if its awareness that’s going to save people, well then, their all food for the beast. One in a billion? Maybe. Let’s talk about 9/11, what did “Joe Biden” do today, what did Donald Trump say, what’s the latest from the Ukraine? Mr. Duff may have been an evil and twisted creature, but he was right about one thing; too stupid to live…

  4. Thanks Jack and the crew, this was interesting. I will watch the video of the woman Ingeborg Roehmer-Rahn as soon as I can. Nice photos of France, especially that one with the enlightened/illuminated mountain behind Jack.

    • The video is by Richard Stanley, who takes a backseat maybe only to David Lynch when it comes to subjects that really mean something. Ignore it at your own risk and thank you for the complement.

  5. It was so long ago, yet not long at all. I recall the photo of Rahn standing in the sun in Girona with my hair standing up on my neck. That photo is all you need to dismiss the “critics” who preach the gospel that Rahn was a weirdo who wandered around chasing fantasies.
    In terms of Steiner I was repeatedly attacked by one of his acolytes on VT. These people are about as spiritually advanced as your average porn star, and like the critics of Rahn, must invent their own “truth” to even begin to understand the meaning of the word.
    It seems you’re intent on weaving a number of threads together this time Jack, instead of doing deep dives on single facets alone.
    I love the Eagle and Serpent sculpture on that temple facade in Mexico. Great skill in creating that work for sure.

    • Mike it’s on the monument at Koblitz, if it was in Mexico where it belongs, I wouldn’t give it a second thought and I certainly wouldn’t ask my readers too either.

      VT, LOL, zombified their own readers, apparently Mr. Duff was a very sick man as I was told by the NSA in the one time I should have listened, but I didn’t. My apologies Christopher if you’re reading this…

        • Remember the times given on this page are Icelandic. I don’t blame anyone for backing off of me while I’m doing this but go support Mike you know he’ll be attacked by VT’s resident cockroaches.

          • Koblitz?
            Yeah, when I read this I went back to the video, because the glyphs above had at first look the suggestion of Mayan Hieroglyphs. To my eye at least, they still do, which is fascinating indeed. I did wonder about the six serpent heads, but six is of course the number of the earthly realm, and the Eagle has always been the Spiritual force.
            Yeah again concerning Duff. I never had the NSA disclose anything to me like they did for you, but I knew all along that covid and the shots came from a very dark place. Duff was helping them for sure.
            A gal with a Russian name says she has documents proving that the shots were a DOD thing from the beginning. I believe her. From what I’ve seen, this entire sordid chapter is about being human-or not. I won’t pass final judgement, but it sure looks like Duff got an “F” on that one.

      • The NSA ? National Socialists of America? I do believe they know the score. I worked and retired from America’s oldest agency. They could teach you a thing or two about American National Socialism.
        The NSA? One of America’s youngest agencies, can’t blame them for mistakes made as its like blaming a child.
        Question is where are the adults? Comment? Under the director of homeland security is fearsome power, put there by Bush 2. Once that gets figured out they better look out. Oh, it’s fucking comming.
        Well, what do I know.

  6. So, everything on the internet mostly about the very heart of National Socialism is a lie it appears.
    The Stiener crowd says that the Grail is spiritual in nature only, perhaps why the national socialists in Germany threw him out? Officially stating that the Stiener Waldorf schools were unsuitable for German children due to the fact that Stieners teachings promoted to much individualism and at its core was international in nature. Internationalism meaning most likely anti National Socialism and anti German.
    What an absolutely confusing world we live in,
    Well done Jack! The truth is always stunning to be sure.
    So much for internet national socialists that leave out the core principal of its founding as there is a jew somewhere doing what they always do.

    • Correct nine, Otto Rahn is forbidden territory, but you know I make my bed where angels dare not tread. You see the absence of comments? My whole crew is under attack, I guess you could say I’m the last man standing, in a Bruce Willis type of way. Don’t you remember how pigman Ian short circuited when we started talking about Rahn? I hear there’s a little bar down South America way called Ottos, well Adamus owes me a drink there. The funniest part nine is guys like your Hitler pal, Hitler wasn’t really running Germany. He never would have attacked the Soviet Union or participated in the night of the Long Knives. The SS was running Germany; Rahn, Wolff, Deitrich and a few others including our boy Crowley who basically called Stiener a faggot and a coward and blamed him for Germany losing WW I…

      • Steiner was jewish.

        You know what’s comming for the boomers Jack? Total blame for what jew bankers have done to the economy. Watch, as we are in the very beginning of a generational war with the millennial generation followed by generation “Z” blaming the boomers for their plight. These are my grown children as I gave my youngest a lecture on National Socialism and why Hitler was right and this time around got her attention, the smartest one of the bunch mind you as she knows that her generation is totally screwed because of systemic problems in the economy.
        Boomers? Don’t have a clue and blame their grown children for the problem.
        Oh, it’s comming and perhaps they will be dragged into the streets out of their mcMansions and shot.

        • John brought me to my parent’s house. My father had taken one of his endless trips to the hospital and nobody was home. I was still unsteady on my feet so John helped me inside. When we got inside I suddenly remembered and said “hey what about the Guiney’s.” He just said “don’t even worry about them.” I went into my closet and pulled out a little four-ten shotgun I had in there loaded with a slug. I staggered out to the hallway and fired it into the living room floor. John started laughing hysterically and I said “no John you don’t understand. I’m tired of them, all of them. What we need here is a night of death. They all need to be murdered in their beds by their own children. We can start with the Italians since I was born Italian but I want them all; Irish, German, Jews, Catholics, Protestants. They are all fucking infidels! They are vampires that suck the blood of their own children! They take and they take, and then they take some more. What they give back is the least amount possible. They call that good business. I call it stealing. They have traded all our tomorrows for their one today!
          Look around you! We can’t even get contracts to build anything because they got all the bids rigged for themselves. The other day I’m talking to some English prick that’s got a contract to build a huge apartment complex on the North Shore. I should beg him, some foreigner, for the landscaping there while half my relatives occupy the memorial cemeteries of this fucking country? To top it off how many of them died in the last big war saving his country’s ass? That was not what was intended when the Free Masons fought for and founded this country! Look at what they did with the sewers. J.D. Posillico didn’t even have an ice cream truck and never built a fucking thing in their lives when they were awarded the entire contract for the Southwest Sewer District, now the bays unfishable. They all need to die John. Killing them will not be murder it will be euthanasia! We need a night of death. Crowley said we will grind the old grey world beneath our feet. Let’s start grinding.” – Excerpted from Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan ch27

          • How I feel about things Jack, well the Evangelical princess set me straight. Said this she did that the only asset in a divorce of a melainial couple would be an X box, how fucked they are Jack. These are my grown children as how to advise? My opinion is to walk into the local…,of course Jack will ban me. For such talk.
            Firearms are so primitive against frequency weapons, like bringing a knife to a gunfight Jack. What the fuck do I know?
            Well of course you got stones.

          • Your cousin has made a video about symbols and numbers. I have yet not listened through it all, only a couple of minutes here and there, but I think he said something about Alaeister Crowley and his doctrine of what to do with the ones who are hindering oneself or ones “group” (family, citinzens etc, maybe even relgious denominations? Some of the Amish people are experiencing that the U.S. government is seizing their farms though they have done nothing wrong) from pursuing one’s lifestyle, or destroying ones economy on purpose a.s.o. Were you a believer in Crowley already then 😉 ?


        • You spelled Aleister Crowley wrong. I climb mountains and go where no other journalist has gone before, yet my own cousin runs pieces by guys who are lucky if they go to the local McDonalds once a week and pontificate about some bullshit, they learned on Bitchute. You see nothing wrong with this picture?

          • The bitchute national socialists. The trumpstines and the “Q” tards. All brought to you by the internet feed loop as it feeds them the lies they wanna here and soon McDonald’s will be closing their doors again because of the “coof” and they will be back on their internet chat rooms. Only coffee to go for old boomer asswipes that blame their own grown children instead of those bankers in the city of London and their Jewish cut outs put up front.
            Millennial’s and gen “Z” will vote in New taxes to assist strip those old fucks out of their McMansions watch, it’s comming. Smart boomers will give any excess money to their grown children that way no assets for the jews to get their grubby little hands on.
            Can’t take it with ya anyways best to spend all of it here and now.

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