Plus Perfect Heart and Last Serenade, Eviction of the Souls

In No Man’s Land, all Is suspended

All thinking is an instant ban

showed into musky can

Waiting there for the arrival of a better day

looking for the emergence of another way

Humans marching without heads, buying death beads

Sea of Lost Souls

becoming lifeless ghouls

proud to be divided, subsided

Terror is a new pheromone

waiting to enter the human bone

trying to find a new cousy home

to pollute, execute

to take to validate

This evil, that evil,

evil on the side,

evil without the perfect bride

Suddenly everywhere, and everything is filled with marching orders

former great lands without borders

This false hope, this inexcusable dope, run by Pope

Rome trying to lead all people home

Salvation for some…

For others the world of pain in a new domain

Those that sold their souls, decided not to be bold

Possessing a heart that is already cold and shredded

waiting to be embedded, their godless affair settled

Hang on the halls on bloody walls

Where the word of truth lost her roots

Filled with cowards and goons

but mostly with radical Buffoons

In the neverending halls filled with lunacy

old dusty rug sleeps, called a papacy

waiting with demonic non-human eyes

The final victory of old lies

There, were no living heart, beats

This sleepless, disgusting evil sleeps

Hoping that the force of justice never visits, never greets

These nonhuman Bad seeds

This hunger, this warmonger

These greedy eyes, filled with giant rotting flies

attracted to foul smell, preaching Hell

Is all lost?

Is it all around as a sharp military wire,

an empty world without human desire

a cold approaching weather front, begging me to be blunt?

Some say that all is lost…

We will win but at what cost?

Humanity on the Edge of New Age

tormented by this evil mage

This cowardly putrid smell

silently preying, trying to sell

manifesting terrible deeds

Will all end in a giant lavish feast?

The appearance of false Christ, they are calling

lost masses, looking for the next space darling

for the next pure-hearted Messiah,

All this to a functioning mind sounds very appalling

Is he there, can he bare

Do he dare

Does he even care?

Paradise is lost, show me the cost…


I am not lost

I am not conquered

I am not a lesser God

I am not just a dot

I am not a lost “spot”

I am more, I fill it in my core

My eyes are true, my heart is not an act

bearing maggoty fat

I am not last

I am an undisputed fact

I don’t react, I ACT

I am counterattack

I am


I promise you, I am not …

just another hack.

Into No man’s land, I was born

In a place where reason is morn

Where the world looks like a demented porn

absolved only by the sound of the Viking horn

always looking for trouble on the double

I was always close to danger, maybe I am a sacred Avenger

hidden here as a clocked stranger

I am a herald of justice, a herald of lost time,

Ender of this gigantic crime?

Maybe I am a divine red vine

Waiting to be unleashed upon evil to feast

to smother these ugly, ugly beats

to feel your nasty blood on my wrist

my present my left fist

, my deadly kiss

In no man’s land, there are no rules

only head filled with words from indoctrinated schools

In no man’s land, there is just one band

heads buried deep in the sand

Save them, betray them

or let them there,

Do they really care?



Make a dubious scene

Come from a well-hidden shelter to be the next offender

Next sender, next pretender?

In no man’s land, all heads are deep in the sand

Amazed and led by this one music band

It’s my holy grail, not to fail.

Is this my future nailed in hand, to kick this malfunctioning can

Playing all wrong notes, measuring economic quotes

Plundering wealth and people’s money, without even saying:

Hey, Sonny!

many are awakened,

many are forsaken

Many are already taken

In no man’s land, I stand alone

wishing, yearning for a warm home

but this here, must be done

In no man’s land, I have become a fighter,

a different kind of writer, a firefighter with a lighter

so you can see evil a little bit brighter

My sword in my hand, my eyes set on this unholy land

I feel the coldness of the Steel

I feel the power of my Will

All that is corrupt and evil…


Kneel before me or take a leap of fate

Grand me a night filled with blood and hate

I will show you the gate…

I will show you the door, the exit

without “Brexit”.

I am a stranger, Holly Avenger

send long ago, lost in time

looking to be “fine”

All here in no man’s land live on borrowed time

Way beyond their prime

Way beyond their original meaning

Maybe its time to end this raptured streaming

maybe is time for a new, audacious beginning.

Maybe it is time for a new band, a new kind of dreaming

for a new type of singing

The new melody that doesn’t erode,

truth without the nuclear code

In no mas land, things are getting out of hand

No more heads are filled with worthless sand

I hear these days that life’s presence

is molded into a new essence

A new song is playing

New voices are saying:

no more praying

No more false leaders

No more cruel deceivers

no more sinners

claiming to be the“winners”

In No Man’s Land days are too long

I need to end this song

It was a sunny day, maybe too sunny for my taste. I finally arrived, and all seemed clear, there is no presence of malevolence that can be felt.

With time I have become a master of disguise, and my analytical mind can successfully predict the movement of timeliness and the probability of the emergence of the most desirable timeline in the near future…if the future exists.

What you call the future, for me is just another variable combined and measured with the unit you Humans call… time

You can say,” The time is on my side”

I must admit it feels strange not to be hunted by these goons…I could kill them many times, but when you kill one you will spawn two, and two kills will spawn four, so it is smarter to not engage in a fight with these Hunters. I personally call them Dogs.

All I have to do now is wait…as always it could be 5 sec or 12 hours, you just never know how my friends choose the places and times for these meetings.

In my honest opinion; they just like flashy entrances filled with angelic music…

Hours passed, and nothing happened, no angelic music and no angels….

It was really hot, I went into the sea and swam a little, waiting for something to happen, anything, really…

Cristal clear sea water and blue skies above my head, it feels like paradise, but you don’t wanna be lost in this paradise.

It is far really far from the coastline, not many people “wander” here with their boats.

if I did not know better this would feel like suicide but they always show up, no matter what, they just do.

My thoughts have wandered off for a while… I have nothing better to do here, this is a really small island in the middle of nowhere…I must admit I don’t like to wait, it is not my thing, but sometimes you really don’t have a choice. I just hope my flashy Angels with their flappy wings soon will be here.

Are You Alone?

Sweet almost intoxicating voice talks to me…

Of course, I am Alone…you would be not here if I was not alone. You can sense these things with ease, so can we skip the Intro, this time?

Can we?

I am hungry, my skin feels like the blowtorch has passed by me and I really hate these meeting places…It is always some Hidden Island, the Sacred Mountain, Holly ruin…you get my drift…

We can never be too careful, and you should know this fact by now…

It is of utmost importance that we, our kind must not be seen here…we must remain a conspiracy.

Yeah, yeah, I know…Or all world, all life will cease to exist…Love the irony…

What do you want this time, I am losing my patience…

Wait, wait, don’t tell me, The world is in Danger…Again

You have promised one more Job and I am out, out of this place for good,dont forget your promise…

Yes, we promised, and the given promise will be fulfilled…

Your next task is not an easy one, it is rather a peculiar one.

You must find your successor…

My what?

I sailed here in this God-forsaken place so you can tell me that I Guardian of Sacred fire must find in this sea of fools another one like me?!?

Are you Insane?

No, my dear friend,” We” are not insane just very practical, your position must be filled with another pure Heart, this is how has been done for ages.

We must have a presence here without being detected…this is your last task and your way out…

This is what you want, so here it is.

The last, final mission.

I looked into the deep blue eyes of the being in front of me, I quietly almost murmuring said…If you were not so beautiful and my ticket out of this nightmare I would punch in your pretty face without any hesitation…

Being said, smilingly:” We Know”

You, Know, there a thing that you don’t know?

Probably not…I smiled back, but the smile was more filled with traces of agony than a filling of joy.

O.k…I must find the next “great” Human…where, leads, name, country, time?

He is not born ..yet…it will take 20 more Human years so the Chosen soul will manifest in another Human Body/ Avatar.

He will be the last of your kind, after him, everything here will change and I mean everything…

Just 20 years, don’t worry I have time…20 years…just 20 freaking years!!!

You know I can’t jump forward in time anymore, just back in time…20 freaking Human years….

Thank You, I feel “whole again”…

You brought me here where death ship dwells to tell me one good news after another.

OK, my Angelic friends let’s say I somehow manage to survive the next twenty years and the “Dogs” don’t find me, torture and kill me.

Let’s say I am the luckiest guy in the next upcoming twenty years, Can I at least have the Name of this “ great “ human?

The magnificent set of two crystal clear, impossibly blue eyes came near me, and I heard a whisper in my left ear, telling me the name of the last Avatar.

I said in my head, That sounds German, I expected some lonely American cowboy or semi-naked Bear wrestler from Ural…

I mean I knew he would be white this is the age of white men, but German I must admit didn’t see that coming.

She said: Yes he is a “German”, you can say that he is….

With all this happening I didn’t notice that silently the night has crippled in, and

I and my glowing friends could attract undesired attention…

I said: time, time is running, time to go…time to leave this island!.

One more thing I need a ride to the coast…and this time send me somewhere where is not hot or cold,comprende?

I deserve to live these next 20 human years in a place where the temperature is just right for my old bones…a favor for an old friend, it can be that hard?

I smiled and then being smiled back, telling me the following words

Guardian Your wish will be fulfilled, and remember we are always watching…always.

Before I could finish my sentence I was suddenly transported to another place…

Of course, it happened again, those “Angels” sent me to a place called Austria or Österreich.

I said those $%$…really?!?

Our relationship was a strange beast, I needed them and they needed me…

These beings always were trying to silently show me who is the Boss, but many times I would get their attention. Many times they were just standing, baffled, bewildered with their enormous brains and beautiful blue eyes by my accumulated knowledge and the achievements that would certainly place me without any doubt in the top 5 list of Guardians of all time…

I call them Angels because they appear out of nowhere, creating this bridge, a hole in the time and space continuum, creating a Rainbow Bridge, one world is for a short period of time connected with another…

You can sometimes see the weather and buildings in this “another world”, it is a really fascinating thing to observe, see…

Why blinding light?

You need to keep the fairytale going, it is a preemptive measure, if they are seen by the human eye, it f…with the human brain, the concept of reality is shattered before their eyes, and many of them just can’t take it…

It is much better to tell them; they saw the appearance of Angel in front of them than the truth about these beings I have the privilege to know…and in most cases, this deception works like a charm…

Can it be… after all these years lost in many different timelines this traveler is coming home….yeah, I could not hide my excitement, it was pouring from me like a rain during summer storm on a hot sunny day.

Finally, my prize is at my fingertips, I can almost feel its presence… after all these years home is in sight, finally..home.

So, no time for crying and feelings, let the games begin…

I need to find unsuspecting shelter, maybe some kind of job with the right pay, and when all this is settled wait for 20 human years to pass, How hard this can be?

Yes, how hard this can be…there is always a catch, maybe not 22 but 44…

Let’s wait for the Next and The Last Avatar.

One thing is certain: I’m not waiting without a good cup of coffee…

Vienna State Opera, 1902

Perfect Heart

Perfect heart, not lost in a dark

spark that begs for more

Silent Egregore lost lore

silent lucidity, crying divinity

This night goes along

like this song

It won’t be long,


tamed creatures,

unholy believers

chained preachers

ungodly deceivers

All burn in hell

All is well

All is good

Walls have fallen

Earth has swollen

Fire and Ice

tempted twice

all seems fine

all seems nice

I call your name

Nothing will ever be the same

I call the truth

let her loose

Dust and wind

deadly sins

Sea of love

You are the one that I adore

My love

Whispers are for listeners

Cries for the empty skies

The widow that never sleeps

Love that goes too deep

memories of blood

looking for nod

searching for star

close and far

Blue eyes this night

are full of surprise

beggars can’t be choosers

This song is not made for losers

I do what I can

O my promised land

Sun of the King

an ancient promise

without the sin

destined to win

Perfect heart

You and this bard

You and this perfect song

It won’t be long

It is not far

You are my lucky star

even from afar

world is burning

new turning

new love

raining from above

Perfect heart, even in autumn

even in the month of March

Everything served is ala carte

My Mistery of love

smiling from above

My Perfect heart,

Eros launching another flawless dart

Love is on the loose

Love is on the streets

Love that needs, love that sees

You, my mistress of love

My silent yearning shining

from above

Are you ready for love

Are you ready to settle the old score

Old debt must be paid

Old ugly stains must be played

Aliens are marching through

Flying saucers made just for you

let them through

pass them by feel them alive

Perfect love, perfect heart

The widow that never sleeps

Love that goes too deep

let them see

Joker and Fool on the radio

Northern wind on your white skin

This sacred love is not a sin

This perfect love

this sacred wind

This love that sings

this perfect fling

this perfect heart, this perfect beat

is our win

widower lost in time,

the world lost in him

calling for the unification of twins

sacred perfect love

raining from above

falling on your heads

waking the death

singing loud blues

looking for old unpaid dues

So this song slowly goes

a being without the clothes

ultimate avatar, ultimate sins

Love that wins

thousand deadly pins

Ancient calls knocking on unsuspecting walls

love dancing around

without the sound

After she is done

After the evildoers are gone

Nothing that smells like evil cant be found

new sound, new domain

frequency of love

my white dove

sanctuary of heart

For this lonely Bart

new world, and new beginnings

Please press start.

Oh, my perfect heart!

This song is written differently…the reason is obvious….

If you have a guitar or piano do me a favor and use this song….it is free…You can change verses if yuo wish… No problem with me.

Good luck!

last Serenade, Eviction of the Souls

Closed and broken Doors

Last serenade, bitter lemonade

All is fine, all is good

A one-eyed tiger is flying south

March in Golden Lagoon, happened too soon

under the light of the naked, hollow moon

Life is childish drawing in sweet cartoon

Sin and torment, with me for a moment

picture and blue dreams taken by malevolent sin

Entangled Spiral loosened up, violently went viral

tyrannical images in black and white

sounds of the future set aside, for a while

confused crow looking for her pride

beggar in the gutter begging for a new divide

Loud Life and wicked death, daily broken drowning bread

Slippery Slope, the world lost in speechless, euthanizing hope

insane Loud mouth, words can not be found

the situation of the mind, thieves that are kind

Time, time singing like an evaporated translucent vine

Can this dream be mine?

I only dream in black and white

Do we have enough time, left?

Is all this just a giant theft, are we all being misled?

Falling screaming tomorrow, endangered roars of yesterday

another Friday, maybe Monday

Would I care if it’s just another Sunday?

Days passed by, everything on the line

Sun in Moon all is fine, in this wicked cartoon

Love dwells in my heart, the world is again mine

signs of sunshine, stories of divine

My heart still beats, all is fine

Souls on fire, headless moth broken with desire

the red-eyed owl that aspires

Prisoners of broken dreams lay naked before confused sin

Just another night, bathed in hated spin

All falls before the power of the will

Killing fields, sadness that always oddly kneels

Cabaret of Open Hearts, the sunset that eternally marks

New life born in a thousand rain of sparks

the light that never knew silhouettes in the dark

Twilight of the Gods, No Love Lost

Midnight of the last song,

The words that are spoken are clumsy and many times just wrong

The world that doesn’t belong, another brick in the imaginary wall

Another Death of the Useless Law

All in this is one song, pretending to be strong

Can I be so wrong?

is there nobody who can be told?

Cold tear shatters, so long…

Live that matters, the reason why

Superheated hearts can fly

Red and white colors that nullify

Creation, deviation, imagination, purification

all born in taintless fruit of passion

all thrown the next day away with new more colorful fashion

The right to choose is next-day approval to abuse

sences that always lose, art without the right muse

Trigger warnings for better understanding

Blind Death comes without a warning

I wake up, born in another mourning

Life is a wild treasure, a naked smile wrapped in constant pleasure

Will we meet again?

even if the blue aking sky is slain in vain

why all I can feel now is dressed in numb pain?

Frequency hits the voice of new domain

Abel and Cain, thoughts feel so distant and ordain

I only dream in black and white, once more tempting fate

comming home late, swimming in the world of hate

another false gate, another misfired date

Words in black, life is slowly crawling back

My heart is pounding, Attack the crimson mistress in black

Ask her for the conclusive acts, bring home irrefutable facts

Another day is gone, are you still dancing alone?

is nobody on that damned phone?

Stary Road in my head, walking alive in the dead world

Nobody must know, nobody can be told

Sweet shadows and fallen dreams, broken on the sharp snow

chanting bone and hollow black marrow

calling for a Puncturing arrow

Cradle of Love, Odin will be done

The fire is felt in every bone, You are never alone

even when your candle burns out and you are finally done

The validation of souls, washed in golden memory of blood,

a new life born on the outskirts of a land called North

Evil must be fought, nothing is ever truly lost

Just go North,

Listen to a sweet song hidden in the memory of blood!

Forget everything, what, have you been told, Be bold

New life awaits for those who behave and live like true saints

Death has nothing on you, death has nothing on me

Embrace the fight and come and see and truly be

Knights charging against the night, death in sight…

So what?

It is the rock of the ages, a march of the invincible strangers

running wild, chasing specters in the frozen night

Bloodstained Swords dancing in the moonshine

razor knife, brothers riding by your side

heart and minds touching the divine,

Potent Nectar feels the soul, in your hand’s everlasting scroll

Life can never be cold, be your own lord

Find the sacred star, Your future is your undying sword

The reason why you have been born

The raging battle, love that can not die only slowly burn

Will this rebellious heart ever learn…

or must I wait for another “turn”?

I hope there are not too many writing mistakes, I dont really have time to go through all this “mess”…

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        • Hence why I never get too close, nor trust those with brown eyes…
          The hazel/green can be tolerated, but never the brown.
          Like you say, they eat your light…

          • If darkness comes from within, it must be great to be so happy and never radiate “darkness”, especially when working as a health care worker? Also, it must be difficult staying at a distance because people have dark eyes?
            Racial hygenia has caused a lot of disappointment, it happened even in your family? Do you stay away from your grandchildren for that reason? You shared something, asking what you did wrong?

          • I can’t seem to reply directly to your comment Ingenmannsland, so apologies if this is out of synch…
            I never said I was happy, and all can succumb to darkness at times.
            Luckily my wife, children, and grandchildren have all been born with blue eyes so it’s not a problem for me…
            As to staying a distance, I live my life on my sleeve for all to see, but nobody but a scant few know the real me, or what thet actually see… Such is true for most people, I think you would agree…

      • Seraphim, I saw your reply below about luckily your children abd grandchildren and wife have all been born with blue eyes.
        In a world where this person:

        who Jack Heart can’t find anything wrong witht the things that he says, and one of the things he says is that we are gods, and that the secret government of the US does not want “you and I” to know about, I would ask the question:

        Are not gods above angels? I know you are just using the “Seraph”(god’s angel) for fun right? For all I know you may be kind as an angel. Does that mean that brown eyed angels or human “gods”, like Jack and others in this magick environment claim we are (if we think the right thoughts according to Serrano, Miguel) are not gods? Brown eyed “lesser angels/not angels at all”, and are there any brown-eyed gods in this magick world? Or will we become light when or if we have the opportunity to come out on that other side, or maybe we are the black hole?

        I remember a writer which used to be postd at the former Human site of JH, and he wrote about black beast, black being like beasts because they are not Aryens. I protested on that, and for fun I posted a video of Anthony Hamilton singing “Best of me”, and shared a secret with you all, that I had sex with a black man, once, who was a Moslem, about 30 years ago. Jack seemed to be upset with me for my protest. Later he kicked him out because he called Jack a Jew, but not for the things that he had written. Much of it sounded outrageously racist.

        Well, since I have brown eyes, I better know my place here in this world. Also, I am wondering if it is really neccessary to have a blue eyed Scandinavian, like J’s brother, in a chair, “being intimate”, kind of to open a portal, thinking about the story about Preston Nichols. How can Happy Parrot know that there are no good brown eyed angels and gods? Has he/she (Baphomet) really seen them all?

      • Not asking for friends in here, but what did the dying mask-man say at the end of the video when the warrier said: “God does not know me.”

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