1. Divide and conquer? Jack has asked us to move to his new site upon an Islamic server.
    I have two accounts now one with Substack and one with Jack.

    Phil has done an extraordinary amount of work setting up the technology. Praise be to our dear Phil.

    So, when are the rest of you moving over to our Jack`s site? Then I can shut off substack and give Jack the money.

    How fucking dumb are you? Are you jooish?

    Just wondering.

  2. One can talk about our casualty society. There’s probably hours and days worth of material to hash out here, but it’s still just a casualty society, run by reincarnated rodents bearing plagues.
    I’m interested in a little known theory in the halls of physics/cosmology because the author has tapped into something very true. She has stated that there is something unique about extremely long wave energy. In fact, she mentions that such waves fulfill the task of the quantum observer.
    I was laughing and laughing when I heard this.
    How could she know?
    Look around gents, casualty society wants to use shorter and shorter wavelengths backed by greater and greater force to do everything.
    Because casualty society is obsessed with slaves, not consciousness.
    Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

          • The new owner, looks like a fat rat faced joo. Someone I would like to mash my fist against that rat face.
            Of course Jack, your site but vengeance is comming for them.

          • VT is rat faced jew central.
            Take the vaxx or else
            You will die
            But all die and afterwards judgement as perhaps not in this life but the next I will get the VT writters in my grip and judgement will come.
            I dispise you.
            Fuck your vaxxines and your endless wars.
            I hate you with a passion.

    • Melissa Osaki Admin


      I’m not sure if they are still here. There are still some uncertainties about all the connections to the groups from Sirius.

      As far as I’m aware, the Giza twerps are gone but their negative influence and swinging waves remain. Devices from the Umigos that affect the mind in a hallucinatory way also remain on Earth. One such device got into the hands of the dark leadership.



      • The very long wave is associated with the amazing quality of passing completely through anything, no matter how dense. This is observable. According to the quantum, information is never lost. There has been an immense effort to define information as matter, or as the effect of matter such as with gravity, but even Hawking couldn’t make that work.
        However, our lady Houghton, who questions the entire theory of black holes is coming very close to the reality of forces rather than things. I won’t say too much more about it here, other than to say that long wave forces are fundamental expressions of connectivity and awareness all on their own.

    • Just wondering, are you thinking about the brains of mankind, you know “Alpha…” a.s.o. brainwaves? What kind of wavelength would a perfect woman have? Slow brainwaves, you know, calm, not “stressed”, not too intelligent, not asking too many questions, relaxed when the time is right, which usually is night time, and – you know, good women and mothers are really calm. Can there be a connection? Why are there so few female prossors hired in for instance Norway? Do the ones who got a job hired by the males already there have the right wavelengt, and how do one get one? Can even male professors be a victim of all of these rays in the air?

      • I am the last person to ask to come to the defense of Christian society. The path mankind took to get into the current shithole was directly thru Christianity. I’ve even heard Armanists make excuses for this.
        I don’t hate the abrahamics, but I do find them to be indispensable to all the questions you raise.
        Long waves are lines. I wrote a piece about them a ways back. It’s way beyond brain waves.

    • Mike, love you more than my brother, but the place has to be funded.

      So please bare with me as none of my incredibly crude comments to come are directed at you.

  3. Closing comments Jack? Now, with the issue of the National Socialists in Germany in 1933, that was a different people, before frequency weaponry and the TV and radio manipulating the people as Adolph Hitler rallied his people to rebuild what the jew stole.
    My Hitler pal will tell you that the jew has learned from humanities greatest uprising led by Adolph Hitler and that grand ideology of National Socialism.
    This will never happen again my friends as the jew now controls the very Aura of the vast amounts of people as its game over. However, a remnant exists that will never submit no matter what they do.
    We are at war and the jew wants you either part of the borg or dead. I think the entire empire will be destroyed and only a remnant will remain to carry on. As we look around its so richly deserved because America let the jews run the show as we watch them implement the grand harvest.
    They call it agenda 2030 and now they are bringing covid back. I will not comply nor do I think will millions of Americans and perhaps civil war is what they want? Remember this that in the fog of war there is always opportunity.
    We shall indeed see how things play out.

  4. I am German and have brown eyes just like Adolph Hitler did but internet national socialists are idiots funded by jews and can’t tell the time of day Jack, and in a bar I would pick a fight with any internet national socialist who if possible are worse than mega Trump supporters.
    What we need is an American version of national socialism, not based upon race but upon ideals and loyalty. But of course that will never happen with 80% of America with a graphine oxide neuro network coursing through their veins and a Military with frequency weaponry to “adjust” the moods of the people just like they control the weather and the wind patterns.
    The internet national socialist is a special brand of retarded whom watches carefully selected materials on bitchute and if possible are the dumbest America has ever produced and I actually prefer the vaxxed up zombie hoards to them.
    Perhaps our dear NSA has the right idea? A massive police state ruled by snitches and retards? The good news? If you ignore it you can pretty much do as you please as long as you have a bit of paper or now digets that they call money.
    The show that the NSA puts on is better than a Sims video game. Well Jack, as you say it’s a simulation and our NSA controls the Sims.

    • My neighbors yard sign? “Trump is my president and Jesus is my lord”.

      Proof positive of our frequency weaponry in action. Trump people. Did you ever try to have a conversation about real economic issues with one? Like the 25 tenets of true National Socialism? It’s the same with the liberal Democrats like your sister Jack. It’s a permanent divide never to be fixed and like in a Sims game they are just going to let the program run its course.
      So, we are the uncontrolled opposition but the question is opposed to what? Looking at this new world post Covid I increasingly ignore it and simply do what I want since I have given up talking to first the vaxxed and second the Mega retards like your cousin and worse environmental extremists like your sister and their assorted Ilk.
      That’s the America I see post Covid. Nothing Can fix it in my observation.
      My Hitler pal refers to it as “Circling the drain” as its the best description of it anywhere.

      • I was wondering, do they have brown eyes like Adolph Hitler? Mega tards and “Q” tards? But the “Nazi” tards have blue eyes?
        What I am seeing from the inventors of the frequency weapons and the bioweapons is that I don’t think it matters to them what color your eyes are nor do I think a stone found in some cave is going to save you when they put the whole shebang on auto pilot and let the drones get you. Our military has already stated that human agency will be taken out of the system if you listen to guys like Harari, humanity has been hacked. However, me thinks they love it when racial memes and eye color come into discussions on the internet on who is trustworthy or not.
        I trust no one except my family. Friends? In America? Maybe to go for a beer once an a while for good times but trust? Not in a heartbeat. And that’s the world we live in now Jack.
        It’s only gonna get worse as the clock ticks

        • Well Jack, you write about that borman faction that runs the West that is still at war with America as I think America’s time is comming along an electronic frequency. The laughable thing about these gouhlish nazis is that they betrayed Adolph Hitler on those Russian Steppes and America richly deserves what’s comming.
          America is the Borman faction. Tell that to any internet national socialists out there. Dumber than mega and even dumber than the climate Bulsheviks.
          My neighbor thinks that Trump is still in charge, you know his white hats in the military? You have to admit that the script writters have a sense of humor Jack.

        • “don’t think it matters to them what color your eyes are nor do I think a stone found in some cave is going to save you when they put the whole shebang on auto pilot and let the drones get you.”

          The discussion about eye color was as dumb as it gets. From personal experience, my father had brown eyes my mother blue, when you are raised by people of both eye colors you don’t even notice peoples eye colors. The stone in the cave is the reason we are where we are nine, I’ve been writing feverishly to elaborate, we will begin with my next post, its half written now, be done by Sunday I figure. I’m getting zero help on this…

        • The eye is the window to the heart

          I see you

          Not to judge you

          But an honest you

          The best look

          Into a woman’s eye

          She sees you

          Before you see her

          One look

          Is all it takes

          We shall indeed see

          How this plays out

          • As she comes

            From a look

            Ment to be together

            Said this one must love

            From a look

            Two will gather

            There I will be

            Spirit is as I am

            As you write

            Prayer is sight

            As I see light

            Love is what I see

            As sight sees

            And chooses

            The woman and the man

  5. I will give you an example. My new next door neighbor paid 372000 dollars for a small house next door to me. The nice neighbor lady passed away a few months ago, she was in her nineties.
    The house? Built in 1991 and has 1500 square feet on one acre of land. The house is in very nice shape but the roof and mechanicals are 30 years old and will need attention.
    The home was listed for 365000 dollars and within a few days there were 11 solid offers and the house was sold. My new neighbor paid 7000 dollars over the asking price for the property.
    Now with 20% down, would mean about 80000 dollars with closing fees. And with taxes mortgage and insurance that would be about 3500 per month. Mind you, this home will need a roof and major mechanicals very soon. Roof? 25000 dollars. Furnace? 10000 dollars plus any household appliances, and that’s just the basics.
    In my county, this was the cheapest home on the market in my area this summer.
    The kicker with my new young neighbor? He doesn’t have a lawn mower and was cutting down his over grown yard with a weed Wacker.
    My grown children when they saw these young folks? Where did they get the money and what kind of jobs do they have?
    Now the back yard toys, a large boat along with a very expensive pick up truck along with a large camper.
    But our young man doesn’t have a lawn mower. LOL
    I already won’t speak to the new neighbors.
    Best that way.

    • Don’t get me started on suburbia. None of this cookie cutter cardboard houses made of nothing but flimsy wood deserve to ever be sold for a penny more than $100K. Almost zero effort has gone into housing since the 1970’s and any difference from one house to the other is simply superficial gloss. Even houses that look like concrete or stone shells on the outside I realized are prefabbed slates that nail onto the outside. Everything is artificial about this stupid nation at this point there’s nothing there. We can make fun of the Chinese with their fake styrofoam bridges mixed with concrete and buildings but the U.S. is hardly different.
      My favorite quote from this now faggy endless marvel movies comes from Josh Brolin that still makes me laugh.
      Deadpool: “What happens in the future?”
      Cable: “Nothing. Your generation fucked the planet into a coma”
      Buying a ridiculous house with 20-30 year debt that is only designed to last 20-30 years before it needs to be slowly rebuilt for the next 20-30. If you look into concrete buildings and why they last so long a lot of engineers have got fed up being compared to Rome saying, “Listen we CAN build things to last its the incentive isn’t to do so. To be cost effective, quick, and UTILITARIAN”.
      I remember people used to bitch and complain about SUV’s in the 90’s and nobody drove a truck that didn’t actually use it for that purpose or it was old and inherited. People didn’t even need vans because we had stationwagons. Now in the last 10-15 years a minimum of 1/3 of all vehicles are these gigantic fucking SUV’s and Trucks with the same bedspace as the ones made 20-30 years ago that were smaller but like Texas its gotta be big. The one thing I loved about Europe was how they used vans for everything and hardly a truck or SUV in sight 20 years ago.
      I could go on and on but the pyro in me sometimes wants to walk down the street while everyone is sleeping carrying a torch and just light all the houses on fire as I go. It wont end until we make it end.

      • This is not the suburbs Greg. However, many of our new residents think that it is the burbs.

        They were put in their place at the last school board meeting over the masking of children. They lost, and four new school board members shut down the show.
        My property taxes went down over 1200 dollars, fixed some financial problems in the district.

        Next up? Increasing teacher pay.

        Did you know that in Wisconsin walmart workers make more than teachers in rural districts?

        Well, shut the fuck up “Q” and your tRump retards.
        You created this shit show and I dispise you. In a bar? You run your mouth? You know the fucking drill.
        I open carry my 38 now.

      • Americans, especially Christians, are famous world wide for the attitude: “My Mercedes is bigger than your Mercedes”, since that is a sign and proof according to Deuteronomy, which Evangelicals love to quote, that one are blessed by God and has got him on our/your side, since In God We Trust, and for driving to the mail-box. Also you are famous for evangelizing that message to every corner of the world, becoming “one” with every nation on earth, and that is why you have some hundred military bases everywhere from Asia up to Northern Norway. It must be the charm, and music. (Phil Driscoll, Make us one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJ2WYjhCVs)

  6. Jack and Phil, they have made it impossible for young men to start small bussiness like laying floors for example. The price of a truck? Over the top and comercial insurance both for a vehicle and your workers. Being bonded and insured is a killer.
    What I am going to do with my grown children is helping them financially to buy homes, or at least to help them save money.
    In 2023, most twenty somethings are priced out of real estate based on working class wages and my question? Where is the revolt? It’s crickets and it’s that vaxx and the frequency weaponry moving that graphine oxide around controlling them like Sims.
    I am old and have never seen the level of ignorance that I am seeing post covid.
    It’s sad.

    • Exactly nine, and it is the young men who want to lay floors, roofs, landscapes, farm and build houses that we should be concerning ourselves with, not the “middle class.” Rent seeking has destroyed the West and middle class to anyone who wasn’t raised around Marthas Vineyard is just a euphemism for rent seeker.

      • That’s yet another culture shift from the 90’s. It used to be only the rich and businesses used cheap labor to do yard work. Even in the 90’s where I was at it was frowned upon not to use American labor let alone not do YOUR OWN GODDAMN YARD WORK! It was lazy and you took pride in it because it required hard work. There’s nothing to be proud of having a nice lawn paying $300-600 a month. Fuck you.
        Oh but see as I was reminding my sister who does property management that in the 90’s a lot of those immigrants doing it for cheap under the table couldn’t speak english. So the white man saw an opportunity and became the interface for customers making them THINK they were support American workers. Nobody wanted to be a racist when brown people showed up and start asking for their papers to see if they’re actual Americans now did they? So more and more the white business owner of these landscaping farms started disappearing just like in the good ole slave days they brought up a good boy to keep the other boys in check. Now those guys are in retirement and the mexicans have taken over the business they created. Sound familiar? This is how our country was sold out over time little by little and these cocksuckers making a quick buck are to blame.
        So yeah the WW2 guys and gals got off easy just getting to suffer watching their country deteriorate over time. No more dreams. Only nightmares now. Now they get to watch outside the bubble as the flaming circle has been drawn around their descendants. What’s done is done. Enjoy the horrors you’re about to witness and if you’re here good luck. Just remember death is the greatest gift you can receive now. Be thankful when it comes and wish those alive the best of luck.

      • I have already said to much.
        Guys like your cousin? Running his mouth about Trump?
        Like my neighbors that support orange jebus.
        Shut the fuck up.
        And I am open about it.
        From me right to your cousin.
        SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

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