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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Why Germany Invaded Poland by Gott Mit Uns

There are two sides to every story. Thus, an alternative perspective.

Sage of Quay® News: Why Germany Invaded Poland by Gott Mit Uns (

This could just as easily be titled Why the World is Now Being Punished! So, keep waving Schlomos flag all you Marxists and Capitalists. We will see you all in Hell… – Jack

Ernst Zundel – UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon.pdf (

Glen Greenwald – The War on Rumble Rapidly Escalates: threats of nationwide banishment and coordinated media attacks have quickly reached a dangerous level. Plus: both Hillary and Trudeau again blame Russia for their failures:

Using Russell Brand as Pretext, UK Govt & US Media Launch Multi-Pronged War on Rumble | SYSTEM UPDATE #150

This is Tory MP Dame Caroline Dinenage, Baroness Lancaster of Kimbolton. The Baroness is the UK’s “Online Safety Bill” author. She wrote to media outlets and tech platforms demanding Brand be banned. They’re using the Act – just passed – to threaten to ban Rumble from the UK. – Glen Greenwald


  1. Can’t forget Poland is playing a major role keeping the Hollywood Holocaust myth alive today and in yesteryear. Now they’re trying to profit off it themselves and so the Jew had to come out in recent decades to tell the world the partial truth, something Poland has always had a hard time telling at all the last 100 years, that no Poles were victims of the “death camps” lol that the holocaust was jewish despite using Poles, gypsies, and homosexuals in previous decades to get the world to buy their claims. At least the Jew respects and fears the German for standing up to him, but the Jew hates the traitor just as much as we do despite using him and will quickly throw him under the bus when he becomes persecuted to save his own hide. The Jew despises the Poles almost as bad if not more than the Russian and yet for 100 years they’ve kissed their ass no different than America has. Poland is no more serious of a nation than the United States that never was neither United nor treated as States.
    Poland roots for Ukraine because when the Jew has nobody to persecute he comes for the Pole to demand reparations for land stolen by the German’s and Poles that belonged to them and promised to them by Moses. Now Poland builds legions of tanks to point at Russia. Something’s never change and unlike Ukraine screwed by poorly dependable and open terrain creating a permanent battleground for all who live there, Poland seems to love to go out of its way to get its teeth kicked in time and time again. Of course like Hitler and anyone with half a brain we mention nations in reference to leadership not the individual’s on the ground level.

    • I was raised in a German neighborhood in the 1960`s in Wisconsin. We always viewed the polish as inferior and very limited inintelligence, hence the pollock jokes like how many Pollak’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      Looking at them now? Are they even more retarded than the Ukrainians? That’s the question.

      Got a problem with me?

      We can take it out to the parking lot.

  2. “Somewhere “beyond the ocean” the SS is laughing at you.”

    Well Jack, I wasn’t given a choice to be put in this world. Perhaps it has to play out here as I bet in the new world of the SS jews don’t control anything. If they did that world would become worse than this one.

    I guess that cosmic parasite had to be put in a giant frequency cage and reigned in. To bad we are stuck here with them.

    • Through shared trauma this is how we learn and form a new humanity. The old ways weren’t working so everyone has to suffer in a rare form of true equality. Just like the army everyone gets punished for the weakest link. It’s why the pretenders at the top have been driven insane for your pleasure and why it’s time those who’ve lead their lives y economic prosperity neglecting the rest are going to suffer to maintain their positions and the whole world sees them selling out or conforming like dirty ghetto jews to keep their shekels coming. Sacrificing their daughters to mongrels and bastard bloodlines wasn’t enough. Soon their sons and daughters are going to be raped and killed by the busloads.
      Someone should’ve told them that even the demons and angels side with the devil every now and then for different reasons. You know you fucked up when even the “gooder” guys want you to feel unprecedented levels of pain, to make you stronger. Someone also should have told them the gods are far more unforgiving and brutal than anything you see down here. Like George Carlin said, “Ahh the kids the poor kids…FUCK THE CHILDREN”. They don’t care and neither should you they deserve to suffer just as they’ve made everyone below them suffer for centuries and millennia. Bloodlines will be destroyed. Legacies will be ended. Oceans of tears will drown those who can’t swim.

      • In my family our Greg is a hopeless drug addict, with an over baring mother and grand mother just to keep it in the family.
        Swimming? You learn to do it or drown In the process.

        Just an observation.

  3. The Ukraine war? I see a genocide of the white races best young men, with Russia and Ukrainian leaders both in on it along with that Pilgrims society as that Kilergy plan marches lockstep to completion. Where are the German fying saucers when you need them? No punishment is to extreame for these people.

    • Back when 8chan was still alive before the federali’s shit canned them harder than anything I’ve seen since, Ukrainians were making the stupid mistake back when Azov could be considered “National Socialist”. When pointing the jew out they spent countless amounts of time explaining they are going to solve the problem at home after they deal with Russia. Of course because they were trying to recruit people from 8chan back in 2016-2018. Americans know this playbook too well and everyone laughed the Ukrainians out the place. You can’t take care of external threats until you first clean house internally. Your foreign policy is fucked from the get go even if you were successful. How many times have we seen that play out in history? Same jewish tricks and the amazing thing is how it continues to work for thousands of years. Well, now Azov no longer exists and the ones calling themselves such proudly wear the Star of David and kiss shlomo in Israel forming a gayer version of the Haavara Agreement 2.0. Everything is worse in this reality. Don’t you see the Chimera’s during gay pride month? Not exactly what you were expecting from the fairytale Brothers Grimm stories and yet they’re all around you. Pink haired flamingo’s. Blue haired bimbo’s. Soyboy skeletors animated by some mysterious unseen force in absence of any visible muscle.
      Eastern Europe is like what we used to say with Conservativism being 20 years behind liberalism. They still see America of the 90’s not what it truly is today and Poland still has its head up its ass repeating the same mistakes it’s been making since Bismark told the world give Poland enough rope and it’ll hang itself. Watching Eastern Europe is a tragedy and yet because they see the West as something that it isn’t even remotely close to 100 years ago walking into the same trap is more disheartening. It’s why Ukraine is depressing to stare at. They want America of 1990 but they’re getting homosexual jew mafia in the absence of 400,000 lost men and with millions of arabs and africans to rape and mongrelize whats left.
      Even the Vietnam boys could only take so much before Lieutenants started dying at unprecedented levels. By all means make me fight a war for this country as it stands. Once I get 30 rounds 30 people are going to die.

      • A Gregory tour de force!

        In my family? Greg is a total embarsment, living in his parents basement, who moved out of his parents basement to his girlfriends parents basement.

        Well, we love the girlfriend, got him to move out of moms dearest control.

  4. Well Jack, the Trump evangelicals are waiting for Jesus to return to fix the mess and David Lynch through art says that the Nazis split the time line to continue the war and win it in another realm.

    This current time line has Schlomo in firm control with those zealot evangelicals worshiping all things jewish and that homicidal God of theirs that both jews and evangelicals serve. Evangelicals now allow open homosexuals into their churches and next will be transgenders.
    Schlomo is in charge of unleashing every perversion upon society and every scam to assist strip and enslave the people. Now we have open hatred and soon to follow persecution of white people.
    Well Jack, the blacks can have the place along with Schlomo. Where is the door to leave? In the mean time, I won’t give one inch.

  5. Have you noticed how you can’t discuss anything outside the narrative with people? I think America will pass a law like this also and that vaxxed majority is going to be all for it.

    More evidence that Schlomo has won and as my Hitler pal always says that Schlomo learned much from humanity’s greatest rebellion with the National Socialists and now just the mention of NS will get you banned from polite society as the subject is verboten.

    Best to get out of the cities and get a bit of land, stored food, a garden and get to know your like minded neighbors. First shutdown speach then demonize said speach then punish non compliance first financially then jail or worse.

    Let’s make this hard for them with a decentralized network of quiet but prepared like minded people. It’s gonna get ugly but that military and police are full of woke retards that cant win. The whole thing will come down in my opinion.

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