The Price of Vice

Reverse the curse and quit paying the price of vice.


Dr. E Michael Jones is highly recommended by our friends within the Catholic Church. In fact they tell me some of his books are free on libgen, whatever that is. I’ve included as a cover his only video I could find still up on YouTube, dispelling Schlomo’s genocidal slander of National Socialism and the German people but what we’re interested in here is his new book lampooning Schlomo’s Holocaust myth. As many of you know I was friends with the Zundel’s, Ingrid offered to finance me. That’s probably why they are both now dead. The Holocaust never happened and once you take it away Schlomo loses his license to fold, spindle and mutilate western civilization. In the interview I link to from the Sage of Quay about twenty-two minutes in Dr. Jones talks about how Schlomo has turned America into a “gay disco:”  Sage of Quay® News: The Key to Saving Western Civilization (

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