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“The 3×3 diagram can illustrate many things.

When it comes to politics/economy/society:

 The Odd numbers illustrate Capitalism.

The Even numbers illustrate Communism.

The “Trine” numbers illustrate National Socialism.

This magic square was known to the ancient Chinese, who called it the Lo Shu Diagram. They had the numbers right, and differentiated odd (masculine) numbers from even (feminine) numbers. 

This allowed the old Taoists to create an entire culture built upon “Yin and Yang.” This included healing traditional medicine and also the philosophical and divinitory I-Ching, and many other things.

But the Chinese did not have anything to say about the “Trine” numbers, which are all multiples of Three. Some Trines are odd and some are even.

The nine numbers inside the Lo Shu Square are the “digital roots,” with which all other numbers are built.

Note that Zero is not a digit root, or really a number at all, because it is a place holder showing a value of “none.”

The Celts, Germanics, and others did understand the Trines and the law of theefoldness.

Did they have the 3×3 magic square? 

I don’t know, but the Germanic “Valkknot” figure appears to hint at it. The Celts probably knew about the 3×3 most basic magic square as well. Later, in Europe, it was known as the magic square of Saturn.

The color scheme for the digit root numbers used in this three-page booklet comes from the Chinese, although in modern times, Blue appears to have been replaced with Green. Note the sequence of the numbers and their colors from 1 to 9, with gold 5 in the center and each of the other colors repeating on each side of 5, one even, one odd.

I (Tom) have been coloring the 3×3 magic square with these colors for years, BUT when I decided to give each individual digit-root a symbol to show status of Even, Odd, or Trine, surprising things were revealed! Circle, Square, Triangle.

Some of these results are illustrated in the larger 9×9 square, which shows the digit-roots patterns of the common multiplication matrix (by adding the digits in each cell, to obtain a single digit result.

Examine that illustration carefully! There are many patterns here.

 OK, so you have some interesting patterns. So what! Isn’t there anything of real value here?

Well, yes! 

I’d say that showing that the Left-Right / Communism vs Capitalism model is a false dichotomy an that National Socialism is the True Reality™ (or what have you) is pretty damn valuable.” – An American

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  1. What I see.

    When a people has been conditioned to hate their entire lives

    What do we do with them?

    Do we move them into another community?

    Perhaps we monitor them then they will comply?

    Then we build fences, lethal force applied daily for non compliance.

    Then we ask of those subjected to war to seek peace

    As I describe my American people.

    Are very markets depend upon war as our stocks and bonds are a blood sacrifice to some God somewhere of course that is what I see Jack.

  2. Love our dearest American.

    As I look at his chart weather horizontal or vertical or diagonal, I see the number 15.

    That number appears numerous times even when the theme is triangular.

    9 + 6 = 15 all factors of three I see, however, I am a beginner in such things.
    My opinion? Capitalism or communism is but two of the three making the triangle as National Socialism is the combination of the two but led by Spirit and what is Spirit but what is infused in a leader? Adolph Hitler being the model.
    Why he is the most dispised upon this current earth.
    Just what I see.

    • Nine,
      Thank you for this observation.
      You may want to know that 16 is the number of Runes the Futhark evolved into, to survive through the dark times, the Christian times.
      You may also want to know that the Rune masters have never used a base ten system of number. Currently, we are trained to assume that the base 10 system is the only system.
      We are in a time where the lying anti-lifers are reaching the apex of their bell curve of significance. Everything is changing. The antis only seem to be in charge.
      Be strong.

  3. I love you guys Jack but my Hitler pals bunker is a factor of 100 better than yours and our dearest Phills.

    From the Hitler pal, our newest Evangelical shill.

    This man has entrapped many of my people as my Hitler pal boldly claims!
    Come out from among them.
    Their plan? Division of my community.
    Our founder taught the principal of peace as many say peace shall come through another war.
    I couldn’t watch even one of this monsters videos.
    Maybe you could watch one Jack?

    Guess I am pretty much done.


  4. What a surprisingly good and fun article and thanks to The American. He really lives up to his name breaking down difficult topics to the 8th grade level Americans can truly appreciate. To understand the trifecta ideologies of Capitalism, Communism, and National Socialism one only needs to go back to the beginning dusting off the boxes in the attic and start playing Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippo’s, and Parcheesi.

  5. False Dichotomies.
    Think cognitive dissonance.
    Understanding controlled through the establishment of opposites.
    Opposition created through taking states that are not opposing, but forcing them into an opposition to each other.
    A condition that is exacerbated through amplifying primitive divisiveness: hate, rage, greed, lust, fear.
    The trine has no true opposition.
    Early swastikas featured 3 armed the triskele.

  6. Thank you Jack, and exceptionally useful reference material for all of us that know and utilise such… This is the sort of stuff that needs to be preserved in a world increasingly devoid of true understanding…

  7. Interesting. I know that to the ancient, Aryan Celts, three was a very sacred and special number. They incorporated it into their lore, artwork, Druidic ritual, and culture in general.

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