The Devil laughs at men who complain about the consequences when they cherish the causes. 

This modification of Bossuet’s quotation replacing God by the Devil perfectly contains the substance of what follows. This article would not have been possible without the excellent discovery made by astrologer Patrice Bouriche in his latest video entitled “The Sun in Rosh Ha-Satan – Unpacificable Promised Land” (1), to which I have added my thoughts prompted by several synchronicities. All credit to him. 

With the resurgence of Israel’s ritual bombardment of Gaza, the messianic effervescence of its most devoted fanatics is gathering pace. Plunging the world into destruction is the way for these planetary parasites to hasten the coming of their famous messiah. Never mind that, according to some exegetes, their God alone is supposed to bring the Jews together and that the alyah promoted by the Zionists before the coming of the messiah therefore constitutes heresy for some; a desire to supplant the divine or to force it through concrete actions. But through the intellectual gymnastics of pilpul, so dear to Jews, this redemption through sin would also bring a great chastisement upon Israel, enabling it to achieve its ends all the same.  

Let’s take a look at the natal chart drawn up on the date of the declaration of independence of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948 at 4pm, using the tropical zodiac: 

The ascendant is in Libra, the place where Saturn is exalted, where Neptune also resides, adding this capacity for betrayal in relationships with others and a nice touch of mystical intoxication when it comes to explaining genocide; Jupiter is in domicile in the sign of Sagittarius for this people dedicated to the law with messianic ideals, and its position in the 2nd house is there to make us understand just how much the Torah gives them the right to everything under heaven. The midheaven is in Cancer, where Venus also resides, to signify the devotion that Jews naturally have towards the family and the idea of a national home. Uranus and Mercury in Gemini in domicile, to mark the legendary rhetorical skill of the “People of the Book”. As for the Sun, it’s slightly afflicted in Taurus in the 7th house, marking this propensity for financial scandal and the veneration of the golden calf but also this persistence in forging profitable, long-term relationships with a plethora of sayanim. And of course, this planetary cluster in Leo, where almost all the aspects converge. We see a rising Moon at the Zenith for the favour of the crowds, a flamboyant military Mars and the presence of the Saturnian ruler of the Ascendant, signalling a slight tendency towards tyranny. All this in the angular house of destiny. Why is it so important? For this beautiful Davidic lineage from the tribe of Judah, from which the messiah must emanate and for which the lion is the symbol. 

What a divine blessing! So much chutzpah!  

A brief digression is in order here on the subject of Tropical Astrology. This term was coined to make a distinction from sidereal astrology by taking into account the seasons of the northern hemisphere. However, this is nonsense, as Astrology designates the “discourse of the stars”, Astrologos in Greek, and “Sidereal” comes from Sidus, “the stars”. In a magnificent pleonasm, Sidereal Astrology designates “the discourse of the starry stars”, which indirectly demonstrates the fallacy of tropical Astrology, as Astrology already implies observation of the real sky in its very etymology (2). 

Tropical astrology, however, is the one favoured by the power-hungry sect in order to hasten the advent of that famous Age of Aquarius that occurs once in a while in rabbinically-teleguided New Age movements. Since the Hebrew calendar began 5783 years ago, this is very convenient, since it allows to affirm that the Age of Aquarius has never yet arrived – although Plato’s Great Year must have undergone several revolutions since then… 

This Age of Aquarius, which is just around the corner and when the so-called World Brotherhood is due to come into being, will nevertheless have a difference! The promulgation of the 7 Noachic Laws is reserved for the Goyim population by the B’nei Noah. The Rainbow is also the symbol of this Talmudic movement (3), which is currently giving rise to a certain ambient madness that is rotting the foundations of society and providing guidelines for the Great Reset programme emanating from the World Economic Forum. Since Aquarius – Verseau in French or Verse/Eau – Water pouring – implies the Flood, it also indirectly refers to Noah. 

The last outstanding example of this messianic madness was the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in tropical Aquarius on Monday 21 December 2020, opening the period of the greatest deception in history, which allowed billions of people to be ritually injected into the system, when in fact this conjunction took place in the more appropriate constellation of Capricorn. 

Nor is it by chance that the invasion of Ukraine took place 2 days after humanity was due to enter the New World Order for good on 2/22/2022 at 2.22 PM (4) during a period when Saturn is in Tropical Aquarius. Remember also the “Build Back Better” plan (BBB from the Hebrew letter Beth, associated with the number 2, and that of the Bereshit to mark the genesis of this Great Reset). 

The next major planetary conjunction is between Saturn and Neptune in 2025/2026. This configuration signals a definite struggle for a new world order, and dreams of messianic materialisation will be propitious… 

Everything is orchestrated to artificially accelerate time so that Israel, a hierogamic contraction of Ishra/Ashera and El, can give birth to its messiah. 

Here, then, is Israel’s true charter in the actual configuration of its natal sky:  

In addition to the more predominant importance of Hermes/Mercury, who is also the god of liars and thieves, what is not visible here but is of great importance, is that the Sun is actually aligned at the end of Aries, on the same longitude as the first stars of the Gorgon, the most malefic sector of the heavens in several cultures, whose main star is Algol, also nicknamed the Star of the Demon (5).

We need hardly remind you of the myth of Medusa, whose gaze turned her enemies to stone (or pillar of salt?). A Latin name for Algol was Caput Larvae, meaning “the head of the spectre”. Arab astronomers observed that the brightness of this star changed: it diminished, then intensified again after a few days. Observations later showed that this was due to eclipses. 

In Arab tradition, the star represented the Ogre’s head or the head of the Ghoul, which is reflected in its actual name: Ra’s al Ghul. The ghouls of Arab folklore are female beings related to a class of vampirising djinns, offspring of Iblis, who seize physical or psychic corpses (6).

Closer to home in terms of time, Algol is also the name given to a computer programming language, a contraction of “Algo” and “L” for Algorithmic Language. The Greek goddess Algos is also the personification of Pain and Sorrow according to Hesiod, and daughter of Eris or Discord. (7) Which gives a rather new meaning to the term algorithm, meaning here the painful rhythm. 

Finally, the Hebrew name for the star was Rōsh ha Sāṭān, “the head of Satan”, and the star was also associated with Lilith… 

Israel, this messianic imperialist state, was born under the sinister gaze of this star. But the hubris of the rabbinical magi in wanting to use the tropical zodiac to achieve their ends led them to make a terrible mistake when it came to the reality of the heavens. 

All these names clearly demonstrate the malefic character of this star projecting its gaze towards Israel’s natal Sun, a country radiating murderous violence, destruction and obstinacy… The Chinese called this star Tseih She, which translates as “piled up corpses”. 

But there’s even more! The natal Sun is placed on the anaretic degree of the martial sign of Aries, on the 29thème , associated with Saturn. The cusp of the 8th house cuts it in two, recalling the etymology of the word “Devil” from the Greek diábolos, derived from the verb diabállô, meaning “he who divides” or “he who disunites” or “deceiver, slandererer”. The 8th house is also the house of death in astrology. Al-Ghul in this position promises a violent death. 

Perhaps that’s why, in the constellation, Perseus cuts off the demon’s head on Athena’s orders. Perseus is, of course, a quasi-homographer of Persia, and today refers to Iran; of Ariana, the land of the Aryans…(8) 


Cover: Pinterest 

Patrice Bouriche – L’histoire Secrète de l’Astrologie, Tome 1 – À la source de tous les cultes 



  1. Romaine, I read somewhere or other that China has a new map of the Middle East. No Israel as a country on that new map.
    How interesting?
    I know very little about astrology but your fine article was very informative.

    Thank you.

  2. “What a divine blessing! So much chutzpah!”

    That just about sums them up in one sentence. Those that can’t be criticized!

    So Romaine tells us through astrology that there is more to the story and a greater power in the heavens? My observation is that this world is on a path to destruction and those servants of that death star run the show and the internet won’t even allow footage from billions of smart phones to show us what is going on right in front of us and no one notices this or asks any questions?
    Our fate seems cut in stone.

    • When the arrogant sect tries to cover the territory with its own map, ignoring the realities on the ground, it should not be surprised to fall where it thought it was rising.

  3. First off, I’d like to congratulate Romain for putting together this piece which every other internet site that I know of is incapable of posting due to a complete lack of facts about who and where we are. Tseih She, leave it to the Asians, a pile of bodies is just what the stars say. There is no turning back now, a peace offering was made when we proposed RFK Jr. but what we got was a repugnant replicant. I do not like what I am writing right now which is why I’m dragging my ass a bit on it, but I can promise you all I will finish the piece appropriately…

  4. Excellent insight Romain, thank you for this piece…
    You bring up Perseus, and it reminds be of these lines in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a tale of his part in how this currant state came to be:

    “So mighty is the hidden power of truth, Acrisius soon lamented . . . that ever he refused to own his grandson; for the one achieved high heaven, and the other, (as he bore the viperous monster-head) on sounding wings hovered a conqueror in the fluent air, over sands, Libyan, where the Gorgon-head dropped clots of gore, that, quickening on the ground, became unnumbered serpents; fitting cause to curse with vipers that infested land. Thence wafted by the never-constant winds through boundless latitudes, now here now there, as flits a vapour-cloud in dizzy flight, down-looking from the lofty skies on earth, removed far, so compassed he the world. Three times did he behold the frozen Bears, times thrice his gaze was on the Crab’s bent arms. Now shifting to the west, now to the east, how often changed his course? Time came, when day declining, he began to fear the night, by which he stopped his flight far in the west–the realm of Atlas–where he sought repose till Lucifer (the Morning Star) might call Aurora’s (the Dawn’s) [Eos’] fires; Aurora chariot of the Day.
    There dwelt huge Atlas, vaster than the race of man : son of Iapetus, his lordly sway extended over those extreme domains, and over oceans that command their waves to take the panting coursers of the Sun, and bathe the wearied Chariot of the Day. For him a thousand flocks, a thousand herds overwandered pasture fields; and neighbour tribes might none disturb that land. Aglint with gold bright leaves adorn the trees,–boughs golden-wrought bear apples of pure gold. And Perseus spoke to Atlas, ‘O my friend, if thou art moved to hear the story of a noble race, the author of my life is Jupiter [Zeus]; if valiant deeds perhaps are thy delight mine may deserve thy praise.–Behold of thee kind treatment I implore–a place of rest.’
    But Atlas, mindful of an oracle since by Themis, the Parnassian, told, recalled these words, ‘O Atlas! mark the day a son of Jupiter [Zeus] shall come to spoil; for when thy trees been stripped of golden fruit, the glory shall be his.’ Fearful of this, Atlas had built solid walls around his orchard, and secured a dragon, huge, that kept perpetual guard, and thence expelled all strangers from his land. Wherefore he said, ‘Begone! The glory of your deeds is all pretense; even Jupiter, will fail your need.’ With that he added force and strove to drive the hesitating Alien from his doors; who pled reprieve or threatened with bold words. Although he dared not rival Atlas’ might, Perseus made this reply; ‘For that my love you hold in light esteem, let this be yours.’ He said no more, but turning his own face, he showed upon his left Medusa’s head, abhorrent features.–Atlas, huge and vast, becomes a mountain–His great beard and hair are forests, and his shoulders and his hands mountainous ridges, and his head the top of a high peak;–his bones are changed to rocks. Augmented on all sides, enormous height attains his growth; for so ordained it, ye, O mighty Gods! who now the heavens’ expanse unnumbered stars, on him command to rest.”

    • First of all, thank you Seraphim, because it was your latest publication on the Moon that got me back into this astral studies.

      Your extract is extremely interesting, because if Perseus caused snakes to fall on Libya through the head of Gorgon, that suggests to me that Persia also played a role in all this. And with that in mind, I’m going to look at Achaemenid Persia, even if ancient history is no longer reliable at all. That said, the role of Cyrus the Great is often remembered by Jews, but the Persian empire of Darius and Xerxes, if it can be trusted, certainly played a part in the myth of the Jewish occupation of Judea by a dummy people in a key location against the Arabs and Egyptians.

  5. Somewhere in the comment section I’m on record stating that Biden is ghoul.
    There can be no world wide slaughter if that slaughter removes the food from the lower forces that rule. Take a look around and you will see this is true.
    The war continues unabated against the sons and daughters of the Aryans. It never ended, from the days of King Sudas and his turncoat small a Aryans. You know this is true as well, because you read this blog.
    While I can fully understand a mocking tone now, towards the over the top expectations of the age of Aquarius, one should not allow the natural skepticism to destroy the understanding of cyclic time, and thus the realization that time must reveal all of eternity bit by tiny bit, that like days and seasons, cycles much greater come and go. After all, isn’t life just like that?
    I thank Romain for this piece, because like Seraphim s’ work, there is a connexion and a bigger idea than most will allow you to see.
    Today marks the first time the vision of escape has been planted as a seed in mankind. It is actually a vision that opens the way for escaping the refuse of the dying time. Do not give to great reseters or their masters agency they do not possess. They pretend to create the wave, but they only bob up and down upon it, just like you.
    When I wrote that we are moving into the personal, there was a bit that I didn’t say. The personal is your inner work that prepares you for the day when you step beyond the dying time.
    Imagine this as a thought experiment- if you had no real power, but lusted after it nonetheless, would you allow your fellow man to live free, or would you chain him to every contrivance you could steal? And if you could chain him, and you could laugh, when you saw the great primordial matter that will swallow you utterly, fully condemning you to death, would you make that necessary change, or would you instead double down and ensure that the end of it was one Hell of a ride?

    • Thanks Mike.
      As I have written, it is not I who am sceptical about the understanding of cyclical time. On the contrary, I am rehabilitating it in opposition to the astrological ambitions of the B’nei Noahs.

      The Age of Aquarius is not about to arrive in our lifetime, and certainly not under the interpretation of this bloodthirsty sect. We are still in the midst of a Piscaean illusion.
      Another observation comes to my mind:
      Saturn is the traditional planet governing this sign, hence the forced implantation of all these cubes in our urban landscapes.
      Even if Uranus has taken this master position since its discovery, it’s still Kronos/Saturn that emasculates Ouranos.
      But as the glyph of Uranus shows, it is a Sun that pierces the Piscean sign with its ray.
      The illusion will eventually fade.

      • Romain,
        I can say, without prejudice that the age of Aquarius is not some opioid for simpletons. It is merely another age, with its own unique characteristics.
        In the ancient Aryan view, an age was roughly 1/12 of the zodiacal cycle, although this was more of a guide than a rule. The observation was that the ages ran down until the final state, which necessitated a new great cycle.
        So, even though I view cyclic time as a fact, I do not participate in the Aquarius circus.
        Will it arrive fully dressed and ready for the party in our lifetime? I agree with you it will not.
        In terms of those perpetually hidden individuals who have the means and the desire to sit upon this heap and pretend to direct it, I agree again, they can invent any fantasy they wish but their fantasy has no power beyond those whom they enslave and devour. They certainly are helpless before the great wheels of time.

  6. Great job Romain! They do love their 3’s. As they say bad things come in 3’s. They’re syncing their Third Intifada with their Third World War to bring about their Third Temple all on the back of the Third Reich. When I think of that “Build Back Better” it reminds me of my father whose internet pseudonym has always been TripleB since I was a kid and recently passed not long after that farce of a shut down and phrase was coined. I’ve always hated doctors for reasons unexplained growing up but when they clamped down a second shutdown midway while he was in the hospital dying I can honestly say for better or worse I’d have no problem executing all of them still wearing white coats for that.
    I’ll let my favorite Finn explain it better than I can.
    Since the medical emergency hit the world forcing a reconnection to our bodies and personal health I now think of the Blood Brain Barrier. No doubt since then something has hit the blood brain barrier in most folks. A virus if you will completely usurping their mind, spirit, body, and will. One of the dangers of poor health especially in the vascular and arterial walls is the breakdown and widening of the vessels allowing intruders to more easily access the brain. This in turn creates a problem even if you’re health returns where the necessary materials to cleanse the virus run into a problem of getting through because as the wall strengthens it locks out the nutrients to deal with the virus leaving it trapped inside your head. This goes from mercury, to aluminum, to bacteria or anything else which is where problems like alzheimer’s and parkinsons come from and become so difficult to deal with. Heal the BBB or cleanse the body as best as can from toxins first. You’re looking at long-term not short-term solutions.

    • Thank you.
      I’ve always hated those white coats, even though some of them are always the exception.
      This is what happens when a piece of paper certifies that a moron is qualified to practise what is actually an art.
      My father was lucky enough to be relatively healthy during that period, so I understand your feeling.

    • Well maybe Archaix is right and we live in a ancestor simulation. For myself looking backward is what gives me the strength to go forward and I can find no better representation in this media saturated culture than this to explain the feeling.
      We’re a people of wolves on the outside, lambs on the inside, beautiful all around. Unfortunately much like everything else the poles have been inverted and the wolf is tearing up our peoples guts in retaliation.

    • Thank you Heretic,
      And it wouldn’t be theirs either if they realised that he needs their corpses to do his work. Chosen people for the sacrificial altar.

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