Otto Rahn starts his journey in Paris, I was now in Paris. I breezed through customs and was vomited into the middle of Charles de Gaulle Airport at midday. It was a cacophony of noises, races and destinations, like a colony of ants in a nest of methamphetamine. I made my way toward the train stations tentatively following the signs through at least a half mile of this maelstrom. Orage wanted me to take the train to Grenoble in the French Alps where he would pick me up after he drove out of Switzerland, coming from Germany. Immediately my phone began to malfunction and wouldn’t hold a charge. I ended up anchored to a kiosk in front of the airport railroad station that had American charging outlets because I didn’t have a European adapter. A nasty looking slice of pizza was seven euros. I bought one…

If the airport is any kind of a barometer no one in Paris speaks English except the French. Unfortunately all the airport personnel are African, including the security guards who exhibited a visceral hatred of Whites. To counter this the real police were all French. I finally found a little African angel at the ticket station who spoke some English. She told me I couldn’t get a ticket to Grenoble unless I switched at several different stops and was sure to get lost. Orage had been saying he could pick me up at Aix, so I opted for the express to Aix at a hundred and twenty euros. Orage was not happy about it, but he would have to drive the extra kilometers to pick me up.

The train was immaculate just like the trains in Germany. It cut through the twilight of the French countryside at well over a hundred miles an hour, but it didn’t even feel like it was moving. Across from me sat a young African man and on the other side of the aisle two star crossed teenaged lovers obviously returning from an adventure in Paris. The rest of the car was almost empty. The African guy got some food from the adjoining car, and it smelled so good I followed his lead. All I’d eaten that day was the slice of roadkill pizza from the kiosk at the airport. I was just settling in to enjoy it when a Muslim family of four lugging over half a dozen large suitcases started fussing with the luggage rack outside the door. When they came in the man loudly announced that the French teenage lovers were in his seats. He pulled his tickets out brandishing them aggressively in the boy’s face. The kids moved on. There were hundreds of seats on the train.  The man, about thirty-five years old seated himself and his family. There was his wife wearing the standard medieval Muslim costume while he wore what looked to be an Aerosmith T-shirt. His daughters were dressed like American teenyboppers, and during the rest of the two hour ride almost never looked up from their I-phones. He spent the rest of the ride fawning over his dour looking wife and, at least I got the impression, trying to impress me what a man he was. I never uttered a word, so he had no way of knowing I don’t speak French.

It was long past dark by the time we pulled into the historic town in Province where Orage owned the second floor of a building. We parked by a fountain and made three trips up each with luggage and German beer. There was an evil wind howling down the ancient cobblestone corridors and the only thing I noticed was the teenagers hanging out at the Greek restaurant on the corner.  

The Nag Hammadi library was discovered shortly after WW II. The texts, which have been reliably dated to century’s before the Ottonian dynasty, lend a pedigree to Gnosticism that Judeo-Christianity just doesn’t have. The so said “Dead Sea Scrolls” were “discovered” a year later and are a barely coherent attempt to fabricate a Judeo-Christian valediction. John Allegro, the lead scholar, ended up convinced that Jesus was a mushroom. The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, a 1991 book written by legendary researchers Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, establishes irrefutable evidence of a massive conspiracy between the Vatican and Israeli scholars who worked on the project.

The Nag Hammadi texts are not a hoax and include the Gospel of Thomas which many biblical scholars will concede to be the source for the sayings of Jesus and most of the synoptic gospels parables. There are a hundred and fourteen verses in the Gospel of Thomas, not coincidentally correlating to the hundred and fourteen Suras of the Quran. Both are considered Manichean, an academic euphemism for much older than the Bible. It’s a very safe bet to wager that Jesus was invented in the Midi and the burgeoning Empire would make him a Jew.

On the first pages of Lucifer’s Court, written a decade before the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts, Otto Rahn notes that a minority of scholars from his day “deemed Cathar heresy a relic of the ancient doctrine to which the Goths, Vandals, Burgundians and Lombards adhered: specifically, that it was from the Visigoth Kingdom situated in the south of France, ancient Gothia, that Arianism had shown itself to be particularly powerful.” Rahn tells his readers that, “German heretics of the twelfth century would utter, “Lucifer, unto whom such great wrong has been done, greets you!” as a mark of recognition.” (54)

In Arthurian lore and the quest for the Holy Grail the enchanted Isle of Avalon, much like the Hervarar saga, does not fit in the color by number post Ottonian world. Academics will parrot in unison that it is Glastonbury on the coast of England, but Glastonbury is not an Island. Nor do its fields have no need for plowing to produce a cornucopia of grains and grapes while apple trees grow in abundance in the woods. Nor do the people of Glastonbury live to be a hundred years or more. Nor were they ever ruled over by nine sisters (the nine Wave Maidens). All this is chronicled in detail by Geoffrey of Monmouth, and it is backed up by the early medieval Spanish scholar Isidore of Seville.

More sober scholars put Avalon beyond the North Sea, perhaps Iceland or even Greenland, somewhere beyond the 60° northern latitude noted by Rahn in his journey to Iceland. The Eyrbyggja saga, the Ynglinga saga and the Saga of Eric the Red all tell a tale of Hvítramannaland, White Man’s Land. There are numerous accounts from captured Inuits in the Saga of Eric the Red about inhabitants of Hvítramannaland who had “hair and skin as white as snow” and “dressed in white garments, uttered loud cries, bore long poles, and wore fringes.”

Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus was an early historian who worked under Theodoric the Great. Cassiodorus chronicled the history of the Goths but of course all twelve volumes are lost, no doubt somewhere in the basement of the Vatican. What little that’s left in the light of day survives only in a latter historian named Jordanes’ abridgment; Getica. Quoting Jordanes Rahn writes, “that the Goths “had once set off from the island of Skandia”, that certain of their chants evoked the Gothic origins of the name of their people and that “old half-historical, half-legendary poems” bore out the memory of Gothic migrations. The songs, like the poems, have been lost.” (55)

Rahn begins his quest for the grail in Paris, but he must travel south to the Occitan. He writes: “Scarcely has my voyage begun when I must return my gaze northwards once again. Towards Midnight. It must be there that a mountain of Assembly and a crown can be found…” (56) Rahn is already convinced that what he is looking for, the crown of Lucifer and the assembly of the Gods, lay in the North under the Great Bear: “In the Nordic sky, in ancient times, this constellation bore the name Arktos or Artus, Arthur, Thorr, or — the old Grandfather. The bear Thorr also, the old and great Father, master of Eddie divine power…”  There is however a missing piece somewhere in the Sabarthez, the missing jewel, “the key, the Dietrich,” (57) that will activate the crown of Lucifer and unleash the divine power of the Eddas.

Rahn is looking for the fabled Avalon, Mount Etna, the home of Morgan le Fay, Queen of the Faeries and her half-brother King Arthur. The enchanted rose garden of Laurin; the King of the Dwarves. In light of all that has been said in the last ten years about Bluebook, Bluebeam, Have Blue (Stealth technology) and Paint it Blue, Rahn is looking for Magonia, as in Jacques Vallee’s definitive book on the alien phenomena Passport To Magonia.

Rahn recollects, “the Germans of the pagan epoch worshipped, under the name of Asgard, as the domain of the gods, and under the name of Hel, as being the divine kingdom of death, was sung about, by the heretics and troubadours of the Middle Ages, under the names of ‘Grail Mountain’, ‘Rose Garden’, ‘Arthur’s Round Table’, ‘Mountain of Venus’ or this ‘Mount Bel’ in flames, into which Dietrich of Bern penetrated.” (58)

By the time Rahn wrote that he had already found what he was looking for in the Sabarthez. Now he would have to find another mountain, “in which King Artus lives surrounded by his Court. There is a stone there: the Aget stone, which had at some time in the past fallen from the Lucifer’s crown. This Aget stone (in Middle-Early German, this word referred to amber or magnetite) and the Grail stone can only be one and the same, in the same way that Artus and Anfortas are one and the same person; a suffering King, guardian of a holy stone.” (59)

There is only one Grail, but there are two pieces, actually three. Rahn gives it away at the end of Lucifer’s Court. He acquires the third piece somewhere outside of Reykholt, a village in western Iceland where Snorri Sturluson composed the prose Eddas eight hundred years ago. He writes: “Before returning to Reykholt, I gather a stone. I shall put it with the fragment of the Delphi temple frieze and with the other stone, which I collected in Montsegur’s ruins.” (60) The fragment from the Delphi Temple frieze was taken from the ancient Hellenic sanctuary of Apollo/Lucifer. It’s apparently what launched the quest. Rahn never really talks about it, and it must have been in his possession from the time he arrived in Paris.  

Of the grottos of the Sabarthez in the shadows of Montsegur’s ruins Rahn is evasive, saying: “Amongst the numerous grottoes of the Sabarthes, some of which are fortified, there are two that particularly draw my attention: the grotto of Lombrives and that of Fontanet, known also as Fount Santo — the sacred fountain.” Rahn tells a story of how Hercules upon a visit to the subterranean palace of King Bebryx, ruler of the Lombrives, falls in love with the kings daughter; Pyrene/Venus. Hercules leaves and when Pyrene finds out she is pregnant she pursues him only to be torn apart by wild beasts before Hercules can save her. “So he wept all the tears out of his body. Mountains, rocks and grottoes flung back the echoes of his cries. He went to bury Pyrene, who will never be forgotten as the Pyrenees have since that time borne her name.” (61)

“At its extremity, an abyss, a hundred meters deep, reveals itself, overhung by an enormous rock, sculpted, as if by enchantment, in the form of a club by the streaming water. The peasants say that it is the tomb of Hercules, whom Wolfram celebrated as a Grail prophet!” (62) Pictured, Jack Heart
“Wolfram von Eschenbach himself also evoked such a grotto: before his hero Parzival found the Salvation of the Grail, he paused for a while at the home of the hermit Trevrizent in the grotto situated near Fonfane la Salvasche. Trevrizent led him to an altar and dressed him in a robe, like that which the Cathars wore before the altar in the grotto of Fontanet, during their heretic consecration. The concordance is absolutely clear.” (63) Pictured left to right; Orage & Jon Valentine Lee

In Lucifer’s Court Rahn only says that he would have liked to have found the Grail in the Sabarthez, but the outcome of his search there is made very clear in The Secret Glory. Gadal gave him the key, and he has recovered what has been lost to the human race for seven hundred years. Christian Koenig adds, “in fact it was found in a hollow stalagmite carved out with a chisel. Me, I always knew of this vase that held the meteorite. It was exhibited in the Gadal room of the Tarascon museum.” (64)

Rahn has the key, but he still must find the doorway it opens. He is convinced that what he seeks lay in the North, somewhere in the land beyond midnight at the end of the ancient amber trails. He writes: “When Laurin, the King of the Rose Garden, confided to Dietrich of Bern the secret of the fire mountain, which divinized, he also pointed out to him the route that he should take: a “well-traced route”. It must have been one of the ancient amber trails…” (65)

Rahn now must journey to Hyperborea where the Gods were born, Skandia from whence the Goths and the rest of the Aryan tribes came, “the island of Thule and the land of amber.” He writes: “In Nordic myths, the land of the Hereafter was called Glasisvellir and Glasislundr. This could be translated by ‘Land of Glass’, but also by ‘Land of Amber’ (thanks to Tacitus, we know that the Germanic word glas meant ‘amber’: the Romans called it glesum and the Greeks elektrori). The Friesian Islands in the German Gulf of the North Sea, Heligoland and others, were also islands of the dead. The Roman Pliny called them Glesiae and Elektrides. They were insulae vitreae: the islands of glass of Celtic tradition, where King Arthur lived. Arthur, that means: Great Bear.” (66)

As the world careens wildly out of control under the mad stewardship of those forces which National Socialism fought so valiantly against, which even before in Lucifer’s Court Otto Rahn so vehemently indicted when he wrote, “we neither recognized Yahweh, the God of the Jews, nor Moses and the Prophets. We did not pray to the God of the Jews, as the divinity has no more relations with the Jewish people than with any other people. This claim of being the elected people of God, only the Jews have manifested. What is Yahweh, if it is not the soul of the Jewish people, arrogant, intolerant, jealous, greedy for power and without nobility?” (67)  

Everything that was yesterday no longer is today. It is not so hard anymore to perceive we are living in an alternate realty where evil has been exaggerated so that it may be eradicated in the primary reality. We are living in the wrong end of a Fourier Transform, we are living in Silent Hill. In many systems of Magick the offending demons must be corralled into a single talisman and when the talisman is destroyed so are the demons.

Multiple realities have been an established scientific fact since Hugh Everett III penned Wave Mechanics Without Probability early in 1956. Even before that in 1952 the inventor of the wave equation and father of wave mechanics Erwin Schrödinger had told physicists at a famous lecture; that there really is no such thing as probabilities. When his equations seem to be describing several different histories, they are “not alternatives, but all really happen simultaneously…” (68)

In The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time Preston Nichols writes about the Rainbow Project under the legendary Jon von Neumann, the predecessor of Hugh Everett III as the keeper of the governments darkest secrets. Nichols says, the Rainbow technology turns on and creates what can be called an “alternate” or “artificial reality.” The experimental subject is enveloped in an electromagnetic bottle removing it from the space-time continuum and rending it invisible. In Norse mythology the Bifröst is a Burning Rainbow Bridge that reaches between Asgard, the realm of the Gods, and Midgard, the realm of man. (69)

In Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar Miguel Serrano is mocking the skeptical when he asks whether “German submarines around the North Pole or the Greenland of John Dee found the exact point at which, as if by a black funnel, their ship has gone through, going in to connect with the Other Pole, going out to that paradisiacal earth and sea that, having once been here, no longer are?” Serrano taunts, “Ultimate Thule, Hyperborea, the other side of things, so easy and so difficult to reach. The inner earth, Another Earth, anti-earth, astral earth, reached as if by a “click, a bilocation, or tri-location in space.” (70)

In ‘The Return’, Rahn writes that the Yggdrasil, “Tree of the World and of Life,” is the Ash which bees flock to by the thousands to drink its sweet nectar: “The Cosmic Ash is the Milky Way in the nocturnal sky. The Anglo Saxons called it the Aryan Way. In Sweden, it was called Erik’s Way. Erik is another name given the Devil.” (71)

The Devil is in the House of Hohenzollern, and he has the Holy Grail because to Otto Rahn and the SS the Devil is the only decent being in that accursed book of the Judeo Christians. And it is the Devil that shall lead them into the final battle between darkness and light, after all it was Lucifer who was wronged from the very beginning, and it is his reckoning. The Goths are his people, as are all the Aryan tribes.    

Aryan or Àrya in Sanskrit; means noble, loyal to God. The Rig Veda refers to the Pakthas along with the Jadu, Kuru, Sivas, and Bhalanases, as the Àrya tribes that fought unsuccessfully against King Sudàs in the Battle of the Ten Kings. (72) Many scholars feel the Vedas and the Eddas are complementary. It is not hard to imagine that King Sudàs was the King of the Śūdra, the lowest of the four Hindu castes. No less a philologist than Friedrich Nietzsche himself constantly referred to the Judeo-Christian faith as the religion of the Śūdra. Somewhere back in time in a place where Gods walked with men, not very far away, just a “click,” a bi-location, or tri-location in space,” there was a successful slave revolt, and the Aryan masters were cast out by the god of the slaves; King Sudàs or Yahweh…  

Rahn writes: “The Goths descend from those “angels cast out by God” of whom Augustine speaks! These angels were cast out with Lucifer by the Biblical god into Hell, the unfathomable Tenebrae. These “fallen angels” of Augustine’s and their descendants — to whom the Goths therefore belong —, altogether make up…the ‘Court of Lucifer’!” He continues: “One should also consider Hercules and the Argonauts. One of them, Perseus, was the ‘creator’ of Persia. Hercules and the Argonauts all belong to the “fallen angels”. And paradoxically, they are still enthroned in the sky as constellations. In spite of Yahweh!” (73)

The Secret Glory in its entirety

Toward the end of The Secret Glory there are absurd attempts by Ingeborg Roehmer–Rahn, Rahn’s niece a psychiatrist (what else?), and Professor Paul Ladame, a friend of Rahn’s before the rise of the SS, to paint Rahn as a remorseful participant in the SS, driven to suicide by guilt. Roehmer is not even old enough to have ever met her uncle and Ladame was a British spy who was only allowed to leave Germany and not be shot because Otto Rahn let him. Christian Bernadac, whom in his capacity as an investigative journalist actually read Lucifers Court, knows that the roots of Aryanism as defined by the SS are laid out by Rahn in the book. He notes: “It is certain that he did not describe this role to his friend Paul Ladame.” (74)

Ladame, presumably a relic from bygone days of the OSS and perhaps looking for a last big paycheck from MI6, in the beginning of the movie explains that Rahn was a ladies’ man who used this guile to charm his way into the upper echelons of Parisian social circles. But by the end of the movie he is accusing Rahn of being a homosexual, and together with Roehmer, they paint a picture of a deeply flawed Twentieth Century Troubadour, appalled and disillusioned by the violence which was about to envelope the world. (75)

This is not born out in the film by Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange who tells stories of how Rahn would wander through the cabarets of Berlin at night in his SS officers uniform and reprimand his fellow SS officers whom he felt were “besmirching the uniform” by drinking too much and consorting with lewd women. He tells a story of how Rahn, infuriated that an officer in the Wehrmacht, had been given better seats at a wedding than he, an SS officer, physically attacked the Wehrmacht officer. When Rahn summons Ladame and confronts him about being a British spy it is obvious that Rahn is one of the most powerful men in the SS and knows every move Ladame has made with the Soviet embassy. He then tells Ladame to leave Germany indicating it was his decision that Ladame not be prosecuted. (76)

In Lucifer’s Court Rahn vows, life would be nothing without the spirit of combat and without courage in the face of death.” (77) He is already promulgating the blood doctrines that would knit together one million multiracial, multinational men from diverse theological faiths into the dreaded SS when he writes:We, the Occidentals of Nordic blood, we were called Cathars, as the Orientals of Nordic blood were called Parsees, that is to say Pure Ones. You must understand me, otherwise your blood must be impure too!”


“— Yes! The Parsees, the Aryans and us, the Cathars, have not betrayed our blood. There you have the secret of the link that unites us that you tirelessly seek! Note this well: if you have a liking for Parzival, you should know henceforth that this is an Iranian name. It means: pure flower! And if you put yourself in quest of the Grail, it is the sacred stone of the Parsees, the Ghral, that you seek. Only he who is already known in heaven, will have access to the Grail. You have read all that in Wolfram von Eschenbach. Our Heaven is neither that of Jerusalem, nor that of Rome. Our Heaven only speaks to Pure Ones, in other words those who are neither inferior creatures or of mixed race, nor slaves: Aryans. This name means ‘nobles and lords’!” (78)

Nichols followed The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time with two more books. The foundational premise of the trilogy was the artificial production, amplification and introduction of an oscillated frequency to subjects that had to be young men with the right Nordic blood type. When seated in a chair, designed by von Neumann to achieve harmonic synthesis between the subject and the introduced frequency, the subject can project alternate realities, even beings that can interact with this reality. (79)

Blood memory. As Rahn wrote in the Return: “Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from.” (80) Experiments have been done confirming the ability of DNA to imprint itself on water. The world that we live in along with our own bodies consist primarily of water. Through genetics certain Norse bloodlines are quantumly entangled with Glæsisvellir, the shining fields where lifetimes are measured in millennia. Paradise is lost but not forever. The way back is in their DNA. The average human male body consists of thirty nine trillion bacteria cells and thirty trillion human cells. The human cells are almost all contained within the blood. In the words of the Messiah; “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

This does not only pertain to Nordics. Rahn writes that it is relevant to all, “those who believed that Yahweh could absolutely never be their God, nor Jesus of Nazareth their Saviour. In Lucifer’s house too, there are numerous dwelling-places. More than one path and more than one bridge leads there…” (81)

To paraphrase the great American beat poet Jimmy Carroll, the SS has allies in heaven and comrades in hell. Rahn writes: “To the Iranian Parsees and the Aryan Indians, memory was also the only Paradise, from which they could not be chased. We know that their sacred tradition taught that the Far North was the original land of the Aryans; this blessed land of Aryana was the country of sun and men lived there in happiness. One lived a long time there and one could discourse most intimately with the Gods, who seemed to live in the midst of men. A drink running from marvelous trees, bestowed immortality upon Gods and divine transcendence upon men: the drink was called Haoma, or as the Aryan Indians said, Soma. He who took this, received the Aryan force in him.” (82)

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  1. Crowley is my Trump card, right now I have nothing to say to Rahn I was brought in to do a job and I’m doing it. There’s no love lost between us, “it’s just a job I do.” Give me a call.

  2. Judeochristian as a term refers to that tradition. No modern scholar questions the emergence of christianity from a judaic template. Thus, the term is used when discussing various christian beliefs, and their jewish origins.
    However, when studying christianity, one quickly discovers that the codification of christianity occurred with the idea in mind of crafting a bonafide religion. One example are the letters of Augustine, who made it abundantly clear that he was involved in religion making.
    That christianity attempted early on to define itself as a largely anti-intellectual and emotional experience is clear in the writings of Irenaeus, where he admited he couln’t debate the Gnostics, but decided to harangue them neverthe less.
    This early direction has protected christianity repeatedly from any worthwhile examination. It led to Aquinas declaring an end to mysticism as something pagan, and the firm adoption of faith alone as the ruling principle.
    This emotional basis resulted in the decline of Christianity following the Enlightenment. Science, as an originally rational principle, emerged from the church which created the schism that still exists today between the two. Thus, there is no rational side left within Christianity. This is abundantly clear when viewing current events.
    America today features something like 300 recognized variants of christianity, all of whom are obviously more right than any of the others in the eyes of their faithful. Not one of these versions is honest about the origin of Jesus. Not one is going to recognize any true history. Every single one of them is going to magnify doctrine they think is central, according to their interpretation of the texts.
    In each case, the definition of a good christian has to do with an adherence to a certain set of beliefs, which are thought to manifest in certain actions that are given the power to transform the world. Some think this will bring on Armageddon. Others think that it guarantees them eternal life. I simply think that Aquinas did his work well, to insulate christian doctrine from any accountability.
    In the end, its meaningless to take up the christian mania with being right, and more right than anyone else, because there exists no measure or standard upon which to rest such a claim.
    So modern christians are so spiritually bereft that they can’t make a distinction between a mystical state and an emotion. They follow ministers who are buisnessmen first, they chant about prosperity as a blessing of God, and the majority now find it their duty to deify jews.
    We haven’t even touched on the persistent lust for genocide, or the pandering for popularity through public displays, or the fact that catholicism now champions woke…one could make a connection to their persistent dive into pedophilia here.
    In short, christianity has no spiritual imperative. It displays no directive sense, other than to justify its current milieu. It fills a certain need, provides emotional support, but this is miles away from providing spiritual guidance, or displaying any wisdom at all.

    • Rahn hates Augustine and so much as accuses him of being a genetically defected Jew. It’s amazing Mike, they don’t want us to say Judeo-Christian, yet they read and believe the Old Testament and their Jesus is a Jew, Rahn calls him the Nazarene, the usurper of Lucifer. We are Aryans and therefore our Jesus is docetic, no Jew or Roman could ever nail him to a stick, he’s a ghost. As you no doubt know that is called Arianism, and that is what Europeans believed before they had it murdered out of them…

      • Well, this is really the heart of the matter, isn’t it? When we study christianity today, we discover the efforts of Augustine in its most essential beliefs and concepts. He actually bragged that his new religion offered greater mass appeal than anything before, because it was centered around a man, and everyone could relate to that!!!
        The entire concept of sin in Chritianity is attributable to him. So, if you like, Christianity is far more about Augustine than it ever was about Jesus.
        There is a very good reason why Jesus has no personal history, and, as I wrote in the Healer, why he is an active intelligence, unhindered by the dictates of incarnation. There was quite a bit I didn’t put into that piece, because I figured if I had, it would have given many Christians apoplexy.
        There is no physical record of Jesus because Jesus was not a flesh and blood man. He loved Mary most of all because as woman she was the force of incarnation, the generative power without which the cosmos cannot exist, but as a spiritual intelligence he had to put aside his light to become visible. This is the key to his statement in Pistis Sophia where he speaks to his clueless apostles and tells them they are mere refuse of the light.
        I don’t think modern man has the capacity to understand the subtlety and the instruction held within this truth.

    • “They follow ministers who are buisnessmen first, they chant about prosperity as a blessing of God, and the majority now find it their duty to deify jews.”

      I will leave you with my Hitler pals most erudite observation.

      “Jewed over christians”

      That one phrase says it all in a nutshell. Further my pal calls them out of their error as he says it’s like a spiritual blindness how these fools worship jews and that demonic homeland in the middle east.
      You should see him debate the “christian” jew worshiping morons when he describes the character of Adolph Hitler more like Jesus then their jebus ever could be. The heart of national socialism in Germany was about Hitler as leader and a people that followed as its how a Church is supposed to work. This is why Adolph Hitler is the most demonized man in world history. The Hitler pal says that the jew has learned about Adolph Hitler and how he lead a people against them. As we see a rebellion of such magnitude will never happen again.
      Look at how the American gouhls cheer on the carnage perpetrated by the chosen ones!

      • Judeo-Christian? Or “jewed over christian”? This right here is the hijack of Spirituality. As MK correctly points out how Americans lack any Spirituality whatsoever as evidenced by the fact that the jew is now the very source of our economy which is based upon war as we see the end game playing out right in front of us. All wars are bankers wars as they fund both sides and who controls the banks? As we see America has no real interests defending Israel nor in the Ukraine for that matter.
        Now in America you will soon see that criticism of banks and their soon comming digital currency will be labeled as anti Semitic.
        In America today even a comment on Israel`s obsessive use of force in Gaza is now labeled antisemitic!

      • Believe it or not, Nine, I actually agree with your premise. However, the issue with Christianity-and all abrahamics becomes one which is defined through political conditions, not through the spiritual.
        For centuries now the qualification to secure a position within any of the abrahamics is closely related to the degree of compliance with the beliefs, expectations, and demands of the time.
        These conditions change with the wind.
        Claiming to serve the spirit, while being a political animal, is hypocrisy, or at best sheer unadulterated ignorance.
        Spiritual reality partakes of what we probably should call Mystery. It doesn’t follow political whims. It isn’t about any current sense of fashion. It certainly doesn’t reward the faithful with gobs of money.
        Augustine, Irenaeus, Martyr, Origien, and yes even Josephus all murdered the legacy of the Healer. They made their religion available to the masses by elevating principles participated in by the masses to a place they absolutely don’t belong. The result is that all abrahamics today, not only christianity, look like quaint idiots to anyone with perspective.
        What did we all see with Covid?
        We saw all abrahamics get in line with the political reality of the time.
        I am so weary of all of this Nine. I look at this and shake my head. I should probably just be done, quit commenting and never write anything again.

        • “For centuries now the qualification to secure a position within any of the abrahamics is closely related to the degree of compliance with the beliefs…”

          Don’t forget bloodlines Mike, that is how this all works and that is how it must end; “broken bones and bloodlines…”

          • I didn’t forget about bloodlines, I just don’t think they are much of a reality to the public that participates at the low and intermediate levels, Jack.
            Few football fans ever cared that Al Davis owned the Raiders, and few Christians lose sleep over who steers their organization-and yes I am drawing parallels between football and Christianity.
            Christianity isn’t esoteric, its assertive. Oh sure, its okay to dally here and there on “gods works”, but thats about it. Mostly, christianity is an affirmation of a society that believes it is right, good, and awesome. Its rooting for your team, by God.

        • On my ride today, 54 miles in fog and Wisconsin dropping temps.

          I see Spirit in the mists

          I see truth flittering

          Like a spark on high tension wires

          A buck across the trail

          I see him

          Sees me

          Led here by Spirit

          Gospel I see

  3. Judeo Christian?

    I have repeatedly told you Jack that me , my family or my friends have nothing to do with this sect.

    Your hatred demonstrated daily in your posts towards my people will be met with armed extreame preduguce with that said we wish to live in peace with your people.
    Your people are simply different than my people yet peace can be reached amongst our people.
    Your hatred of my people will be met with armed organized resistance.
    Guns in America?
    Controlled by my people.

    • I liked this comment before without reading it because my Christian neighbor was over and I didn’t have time to really read it, thinking nine always makes good comments. You see she is a single mother raising three children and her refrigerator went so I am letting her use mine, which I barely use except to store deer meat, and gave her the key to my house which involves her coming over before six because she gotta get the kids fed and off to school. Now that I’ve read it, I’d like to know where it even comes from? If trying to trace the roots of Christianity before it was subjugated to serve demons and their Jewish acolytes is an expression of hatred, then I am guilty of hatred. But only a jew or a demon would see it that way. Are you a jew nine? And as far as guns are concerned don’t make me laugh! Schlomo has taken from you your God, your children and your country. When is it you and “your people” will see fit to use them?

      • The majority American Christian sect is Judeo-Christian.
        Christianity is based upon the teachings of Jesus found in the New Testement.
        Judeo-Christianity is a new sect perhaps 140 years old founded by Darby and pushed forward by Cyrus Schofield and the Oxford University press and funded by Jews in the alcohol bussiness.
        Christian zionism places its faith in a land versus true Christianity bases its faith in a person, one a kingdom 9n this earth and the other a kingdom not of this earth.
        The first based upon a land and a people and the other based upon a person, lead by Spirit, calling his followers out of this current world.
        Jesus refered to the jews as snakes and vipers and called them servants of their father the devil. Therefore the current majority Christian sect of Christian zionism has nothing to do with Christianity at its core level.
        Number one evidence of true Christianity is that the Christian seeks peace and what do we observe of America’s most popular sect? We see them at their core value pushing for war and bloodshed in our current wars America is embroiled in.
        Calling me a jew Jack? Laughable since the jew crucified the founder whom defeated said jew by rising again, ascending to his kingdom and sending his Spirit to guide the remnant left in this sick perverted world into his kingdom.
        The ancient way to view the Christian faith.

        • The jew in the Christian zionist American sect? Only 144000 jews will be saved. The rest will be butchered in an end times orgy of violance over the city of Jerusalem therefore, Christian zionists are the ultimate anti-semites against that non Semitic tribe.
          Jesus repeatedly refered to jews as liars whom serve the devil. And look at Israel now? With the true Semitic being butchered as we speak by the liars and usurper for the purpose of stealing land in the Middle East.
          My Hitler pals spot on comment about these people?
          Jewed over christians.

          • Back in the VT heyday, Gordon Duff repeatedly mocked that Christian zionist sect for the above beliefs and pointed out how jews and Christians were united over zionism even though said “christians” ultimately believe that most jews will be butchered in an orgy of violance over a piece of middle east real estate.

          • All good and well nine and you have your own platform here but don’t accuse me of hate when I am pointing out the facts, that’s the type of thing they do on social media to keep the sheep bleating.

          • Just pointing out the fact that there is an ancient way going back centuries that followers of Jesus are upon a path few take as the many make following Jesus a matter of a political idea or about where one is physically located.
            Christianity is about following a person guided by Spirit not about a land, country or political idea.
            Notice how the Trump followers are mainly so called Judeo-Christian Evangelicals? Their faith is political and land based believing that America is the promised land and Trump will restore it.
            You speak of blood and blood memory as I refer you to the writings of Paul in the New Testament.
            Through out his writings is the theme of the blood sacrifice and its completion on the cross and further its implied that blood and Spirit are the same.
            I am no theologian but where I go to church the main teaching is that first came the blood spilled than the resurrection followed by Ascension than Spirit. And what we have now is Spirit to lead first the heart and our church teaches that only a people changed and lead by Spirit can build said Church.
            Nothing at all to do with politics or war or that Jewish State in the Middle East.

    • MK,

      As I read a thread upon our Jack’s Islamic server

      Did I follow the right path to this link upon said server

      That link I believe is Spirit led

      As I thank you for your kindness towards me

      Peace is number three of nine

      • There was a saying of sorts, Nine, that was explained by a mystic whose life was transformed through their mystical experience. They used to say that free will was only for those who did not follow the spiritual path.
        While it might be true that their lives are ruled by great forces, they who know no spiritual reality remain unencumbered by the unseen hand, their direction is theirs to pursue.
        Yet for those who must walk with the hand there are myriad levels, and the higher one climbs, the less free will one commands.
        There is a cave painting in the Cathari lands that depicts this truth.
        Thus, any dealing with spiritual matters involves one being led by forces subtle and often disbelieved by those with free will.

          • This whole cycle of time has been about giving to mankind a sense of identity. Of course we managed to take this and twist it all out of proportion because when we developed identity we lost our memory.
            Identity, we believe is all about free will. We think of it as tragic that our actions might be guided. Some will never accept the guidance given. To them it will never be acceptable. But we were built with a wild and a wayward spirit, and sometimes that is even more powerful than desire.
            This really could be beautiful, and at certain moments it is, when that identity transcends the incarnate.
            Such moments give us the pause to perceive a greater world.
            During these moments an honest and awesome realization becomes manifest, and we know then that our struggle is not to escape our destiny, but learn how to fly with it before we die.

  4. These Otto Rahn tales are really turning into a gold mine. The Amber Room immediately flashes back to the mysterious Amber Room missing after WW2 somehow taken down piece by piece to where? Nobody knows. Clues everywhere and though I don’t wish it on anyone I do hope they choose to let themselves go insane for just a little while so they can see what we all see.
    The merging of multiple realities with a primary one to make the most exaggerated goddamned hell imaginable likely explains this feeling of “accelerationism” plaguing and possibly masquerading as defeatism. The more the merrier if your honor is true and trust is rightfully guided. Nobody said it was going to be easy.
    Having just watched John Carpenters “In the Mouth of Madness” the other day it’s easy to see why he and Lynch are some clear favorites. I couldn’t help but see the prequel to Silent Hill before there was one. Far more relatable to the average intellect these days which was probably largely brushed aside like most of his works doing him and all of us a likely favor. After all the true mark of brilliance in media is getting through the censors without anyone having the faintest idea of whats really there. The end when John has to run back to his reality after the author Stutter Cane opens to the doorway to all the demons with them hot on his trail hints that they all came with him.
    If its still too much maybe people should watch Freddy Krueger and realize what nightmare they’re in. Or maybe it’s really Freddy vs Jason and everyone’s caught in the middle.

    • Men like David Lynch, John Carpenter and even Roman Polanski told them how things really work, but the stupid fucks would still rather watch the evening news and read Steven Schlomo King. No one can tell me they ain’t getting just what they have coming Greg. Yea I could have helped but how much so when I got to compete with the likes of a David Icke? No Greg they bought this one-way ticket to Silent Hill…

      • Donald Cammell. He made the great work ‘Performance’.
        A scion of the shipbuilding firm Cammell-Laird, on the mighty River Mersey, he was raised in leafy Kingston in a bohemian atmosphere he described as “an environment filled with magicians, metaphysicians, spiritualists and demons”. He reputedly sat upon Crowley’s knee and had horoscopes drawn up for him by his ‘uncle’, which he was afeared to open. In his magickal masterpiece, Chas, our antihero undergoes his apotheosis, and inso doing experiences, perhaps, his own form of alchemy, or sartori. In the beginning, he is a beautifully, monstrously hard enforcer for a gay Jewish gangster firm, based upon the Kray mob. Meeting Turner, and having Fly Agaric for supper softens him somewhat. In the end, he makes tender love to the frail, beautiful young Lucy (funny little frog), then when the chaps turn up to take him ‘to the country’, he leaves her a tender note.
        ‘Gone to Persia, Chas, X’
        Parsifal indeed.
        Donald knew a lot about performers!

        • A classic John, one of my favourites to boot… With a very transformative ending, cleverly shot with mirrors if I recall… 🙂

    Part I

    In the beginning of the year 1920 I happened to be living in the Siberian town of Krasnoyarsk, situated on the shores of the River Yenisei, that noble stream which is cradled in the sun-bathed mountains of Mongolia to pour its warming life into the Arctic Ocean and to whose mouth Nansen has twice come to open the shortest road for commerce from Europe to the heart of Asia. There in the depths of the still Siberian winter I was suddenly caught up in the whirling storm of mad revolution raging all over Russia, sowing in this peaceful and rich land vengeance, hate, bloodshed and crimes that go unpunished by the law. No one could tell the hour of his fate. The people lived from day to day and left their homes not knowing whether they should return to them or whether they should be dragged from the streets and thrown into the dungeons of that travesty of courts, the Revolutionary Committee, more terrible and more bloody than those of the Mediaeval Inquisition. We who were strangers in this distraught land were not saved from its persecutions and I personally lived through them.

    One morning, when I had gone out to see a friend, I suddenly received the news that twenty Red soldiers had surrounded my house to arrest me and that I must escape. I quickly put on one of my friend’s old hunting suits, took some money and hurried away on foot along the back ways of the town till I struck the open road, where I engaged a peasant, who in four hours had driven me twenty miles from the town and set me down in the midst of a deeply forested region. On the way I bought a rifle, three hundred cartridges, an ax, a knife, a sheepskin overcoat, tea, salt, dry bread and a kettle. I penetrated into the heart of the wood to an abandoned half-burned hut. From this day I became a genuine trapper but I never dreamed that I should follow this role as long as I did. The next morning I went hunting and had the good fortune to kill two heathcock. I found deer tracks in plenty and felt sure that I should not want for food. However, my sojourn in this place was not for long. Five days later when I returned from hunting I noticed smoke curling up out of the chimney of my hut. I stealthily crept along closer to the cabin and discovered two saddled horses with soldiers’ rifles slung to the saddles. Two disarmed men were not dangerous for me with a weapon, so I quickly rushed across the open and entered the hut. From the bench two soldiers started up in fright. They were Bolsheviki. On their big Astrakhan caps I made out the red stars of Bolshevism and on their blouses the dirty red bands. We greeted each other and sat down. The soldiers had already prepared tea and so we drank this ever welcome hot beverage and chatted, suspiciously eyeing one another the while. To disarm this suspicion on their part, I told them that I was a hunter from a distant place and was living there because I found it good country for sables. They announced to me that they were soldiers of a detachment sent from a town into the woods to pursue all suspicious people.

    “Do you understand, ‘Comrade,’” said one of them to me, “we are looking for counter-revolutionists to shoot them?”

    • I’ve read parts of it Stan, thing is I don’t know if I can trust the authors. It’s not like Billy Meir or even myself where they produced one shred of proof that this is not a complete work of fiction.

  6. What of those Mullahs that currently run Iran? Hardly a model of a civilization I want to live in however, they remain closer to truth over the West with its obsession with all things homosexual and the cult of pharma.
    Muslims jews or Christians when either is in control make for a horrible place to live perhaps as our Mike Kay always says the children of Abraham are cursed.

  7. Great commentary, Mike. I think the term, Iran, is etymologically derived from Aryan. The source is the stars and well beyond them.

    • Yes, HD, from what we know Iran derives from a term…land of the Aryans, so you are quite correct. The language of this term is an ancient one.
      However, I believe we must view this condition as a layer below the current culture there, because even Zoroastrianism is based upon previous thought, and Islam, well Islam is thoroughly abrahamic. There is a certain understanding regarding Islam, that it is a reform movement from a matriarchy and that Judaism is also strongly matriarchical.
      Matriarchy is not a primary form in the Aryan way. This is not to say the feminine is absent, only that such is not a primary mystical or organizational principle.
      Much of pre-Zoroastrian tradition is concerned with time, and thus the Stars.
      In a very real sense, the Aryans never had a religion. Theirs was actually more of a persistent shamanic exploration along paths blazed by the ancestors. Thus it was initiaic, resting upon individual ability rather than collective and associated with ritual.
      Jack is coming perilously close to describing the one great character trait that probably set the world against National Socialism more than any other, and that was the demand for their society to reflect an Aryan order, not an abrahamic one.
      That really pissed them off.
      I agree with Jack, that Rahn was less of a contradiction than modern apologists would have us believe. We are not allowed to know the context of his actions, but it might be useful to consider one simple fact. Much of the officer corps of the army, which was distinct from the SS, derived from the aristocracy, which was at best neutral to National Socialism. The SS was the old Aryan order returning, and in National Socialism, it was the path.

      • Very true, Mike. It seems a people’s spirituality inevitably stratifies into the control cage of organized religion. Some maverick scholars posit that Islam was created by the Jews to be used as a battering ram against Christianity. Be that as it may, whatever antipathy those Abrahamic institutions had and have for each other, they always lock arms to wage war against Gnostics. That in itself is very telling. The dead rituals those faiths have their adherents routinely observe are the antithesis to an Aryan’s initiatic spiritual quest, journey, and conquest of self along with any adversaries on the path to his origins.

        • I suppose the question here is why would any people prefer a collective soul over an individual one. I have a personal theory about this, but it is too involved for the comment section, and this is about Jack’s latest piece, not me.
          In short, I would point to this: that the collective is insane and relentless, as Rahn pointed out it betrayed it’s own blood. It is the haven of the low, and thus it has great power upon this ephemeral darkness. It always hates the Gnostic, because Gnosis breaks their precious little bubble of fantasy, and exposes the treachery within.

    • Heretic – “Aryana ‘ is the ancient name for Iran. This name had been given to the land of the Parsees in memory of Aryana, “the primitive Aryan country which had been founded by the god of Light”. The most ancient sacred texts of the Aryan Iranians tell that one day the “Serpent of winter arrived: from the luminous paradise, where men were blessed and where they could contemplate the divinity in perpetuity, he made a glacial country, “cold for water, cold for soil, cold for plants”. From that moment on there were only “ten months of winter and two months of summer” (that is to say the arctic climate reigned). The Aryans therefore left Aryana. But they always kept a place in their spirit for this land, as it is this memory that gave birth to the “Aryan Force”. — The Aryans of India also knew of this original luminous country, which they called the land of the Uttarakum — Men from the North —, the “island of clarity” on the white sea or milky sea, the “divine country of Aryans”. They taught: “Be your own light, act, become wise, pure, and you will enter into the divine country of Aryans!” -Lucifers Court, P97

    • And the pure ones, the worshippers of the sacred flame, that so resembles a shimmering flower are called the Parsees. Parsifal’s own Volk.
      Hold fast, my friends.

  8. I believe it was Siegfried Summer who observed that all true knowledge is fragmented, as von Eisenbach related in Parzifal.
    If you take a look at the electronic world of today, it has become remarkably stupid in a very short time. Perhaps this is just another attempt to keep people away from putting the pieces together.
    The aftermath of the battle of the ten kings fragmented the Aryans, sent them across Europe and yes, what is modern Iran. Various scholars have been looking at this, but they must first peel back the concrete of Islam.
    It’s actually in Iran where we find the fragments that build a full picture from Voluspa’
    In accordance, Sudas didn’t emerge victorious due to prowess, but due to low magic, the forces of flood and unconsciousness, what we see so much of today.
    On a personal note, I’ve always been at odds with christianity, even when christianity sought to smother me in it’s embrace. This genetic heritage made it easy for me to see that National Socialism wasn’t entrained in the Christian obsession. Hopefully, permanently, we can put to rest this odd notion that christianity was the religion of the soul rebels.
    National Socialism was all about returning to the Aryans their language, identity and right of ascendancy. It couldn’t possibly have been christian.
    All around I am haunted by the cyclic waves of that ancient battle, by the forgotten relics that dwell upon other planes. It’s held me spellbound. It is my dreaming.
    Maria and her Norns understood that the source was the stars.

  9. Awesome beyond measure, Jack. Other than the Master, Miguel Serrano, no one’s writings creates a turbulence in the blood and affects me both cerebrally and viscerally like yours does. I greatly anticipate the next Aryan tsunami. Keep punching, Brother!

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