I am not impressed with the miracles of Jesus nor Allah. There are those who walk amongst us that can do the same things and I have seen them do it. I don’t need to read it in a book as secondhand hearsay. Unfortunately, these are not men or women, they are of a different race entirely. Whether you want to call them Demons or Djinn or even Gods. The thing is they are a collective, a hive, and they are bound to a singular intelligence connected in a very intricate etheric tapestry that is not sympathetic to the human race. Once in a while one like Bruno Groening breaks free and is able to feel real empathy for Man. Such a being is called a Saint by the Catholics, and the results can be sublime…

Bruno Groening on the balcony with the German Maimed and suffering in attendance. 


  1. This may sound whacky, and I haven’t finished watching the entire documentary yet, but could the goiter have had something to do with his healing powers?

    • You have to Understand Jo there are lifeforms here, whose lifespans really do not exceed yours, that can perform these kinds of miracles. I’ve seen it repeatedly and much more, bending the wave form is second nature to the wave maidens, the norns, and the Djinn. Schlomo has lied to you about the nature of reality. I won’t…

  2. Thanks Jack for posting this.

    That dear man from childhood up lived by Spirit, called any healed by that Spirit, like Jesus killed, for being of help to the human race.

    I don’t simply know what to make of all this, but to such as Groening, we are primitives. Everything to him was God and Spirit as it was in all things and every living creature. Even the dirt, trees and rocks of the forest as Spirit is in everything and healing as he said that he was only a conduit for such love.
    First fruit of Spirit is love and Groening demonstrated that in how he conducted his life.
    What a Supreme wonderful story, thanks for the post.

  3. Contact Report 217
    The development did not stand still, however, because the scientists researched further and improved the electronic products, through which everything became much better.
    But the real great turning point first came when gene technology was taken into consideration, through which the fallible ones could be treated in such a manner that they were separated from their criminal or other ausartenden [to get very badly out of control of the good human nature] actions and, thus, completely cured of them.
    This meant that gradually, the places of fulfilment of guidelines became superfluous and eliminated.
    During the first time, if it was the case that fallible ones were banished for life, without them ever being able to establish contact with the outside world, then this measure was gradually relaxed and, in the end, eliminated altogether, once the fallible ones could be completely cured of their criminal or other Ausartigen [having gotten very badly out of control of the good human nature] forms through genetic manipulation and be released into society.
    This gene-manipulative healing method was further investigated and further developed, and indeed, even in reference to all hereditary diseases and immunodeficiencies as well as physical and organic deformities, but also in terms of disorders of consciousness and inheritable psychological disorders, etc.
    The development progressed rapidly, so already soon, early detections of gene damage of the aforementioned kind became possible, which naturally led to the fact that these cognitions were used and the genetic deformities, genetic abnormalities, and other harmful genetic influences were already repaired in the growing child in the womb.
    Thus, an irrefutable law has been in force since then, namely that every child, so every girl and every boy, is to be arranged into a gene examination, i.e. a gene analysis, at the prenatal age of seven months.
    Since then, since this law gained validity and became observed absolutely, it is valid with us that every crime or other degeneration as well as every inheritable disease of the body and its organs, every immunodeficiency of any kind, and every form of harmful aggressiveness, jealousy, and vindictiveness are just as non-existent as also hatred, envy, desire for validity, egoism, and many other characteristics that bring the human being discord, unkindness, and other harms.
    But at the same time, it should be noted that through this, our own decision in all matters and concerns is in nowise impaired, also our drive for self-preservation and our drive for self-defense are not impaired, if this is demanded.”

  4. It is important, I believe, for all of us to remember the wonder that is life.
    During rare times, and in the most unlikely places, people arrive exactly as needed to remind us of this. They are devotees of the direct path. Their ways are simple. Their aim is true.
    Always though, they are seen as a threat to society, because all society is about power, even good society is obsessed thusly.
    This should remind all that the sphere of that society is incredibly small, and the knowledge it posesses is incredibly weak before the Great Mystery.
    We would do well to remember those like Groening.
    Maybe, just maybe it would help with the way things are today.
    Thanks Jack Heart & friends for this reminder.

  5. Here is a link to the documentary film in English:

    I’m glad to see you promoting Bruno Groening and his work. I have been a member of the Circle of Friends since 2011. I have received many helps and healings with Bruno and God’s help. I find it very beneficial and hope more people will tune in to the healing stream of God’s good (the “heilstrom”) on a daily basis. It will help them and it will also help the Earth.

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