Rainy Day with Pyramid Head in Crossville Tennessee

When a cat gets through with playing with a mouse, they kill it and eat it, or as in this case they give it to their best friend.

Sage of Quay® on X: “My blog was removed by Google. This was on the heels of the New Zealand Whistleblower who released the jab-to-death ratio from within NZ’s tracking system. Google went after every post that discussed “vaccine” findings and concerns. I will upload a video soon.” / X (twitter.com

Above we have our degenerate Rabbi Shmuley running naked through an empty hotel claiming he is dodging Hamas rockets when in fact he ran out of Viagra and his daughter (some of my readers believe that’s a transvestite) kicked him out of “her” room…

Perhaps they make signs for Oakridge Labs


  1. Jack, Harry Vox simply lays it out on the table for all to see in his message to the Federal authorities that can actually do something to reign in the powers that be. Read his post below the video since it’s spot on and hopefully some of your enfluential people that read here that have power to do something will do something otherwise America is going to go through a very dark time.


  2. Great podcast Jack, although I’m not all the way through it…..your pictures of Crossville TN were very interesting to me. My Mom spent alot of her childhood growing up in Oak Ridge, TN because her Dad was an electrical engineer on the Manhatten Project….he later died in his early sixties from a rare form of cancer as many did who worked there. As i briefly ‘googled’ Oak Ridge there seems to be an inordinate amount of notable people who have come from Oak Ridge which seems odd to me but then again not odd at all when we look at military installations. One thing you mention is the 2,000 or so who read your blog….I honestly do not think any more who read it would matter. The right people are reading the blog. Your work is the only thing i come back time after time for 10-11 years now…might I even say ‘family’ to me…although I’m not a big commenter I’m very appreciative of you and all your co writers, contributers to the very important information presented here.

    • Thank you Jana and it is loyal patrons such as yourself that keep this blog alive. By the end of 2019 the dye had been cast and there was really no need for me to continue writing but I do for people like you. The Oak Ridge Lab, Los Alamos, the Brookhaven Lab and CERN, who I was in phone contact with till it burnt down, have always wanted it this way, even her who instructed me to kill them all. I never wanted this, but I guess what I want accounts for very little. Interestingly enough Netflex added Silent Hill after I posted this, and I watched it again yesterday: “Do you not know that we will judge angels. Do you not know the saints will judge the world…”

  3. Well Jack, first off great pod cast and so sorry about your back!
    I was at a coffee shop with my brother in law who is a flaming Evangelical when the subject of Israel and Hamas came up as he told me that our choosen people were under attack and I simply let him have it about our fake jews. First I said that they aren’t my choosen people, then I pulled up on my phone videos of entire buildings being bombed in Gaza and leveled by American bombs. And mind you this was in a crowded coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon as People were staring at me as I was speaking. I looked at one young man and said “I am almost 70 and don’t need a fucking job and if anybody has a problem with this conversation make me shut up”! The young man staring at me looked down and put his headphones on. LOL
    Pussy! I figured that. Shut me up. Try it.
    I went on to tell the brother in law about these Zionist jews and the genocide they are conducting and shame upon you for supporting it. He actually agreed with me, then went on a rant about jews he had to work with and for and that something is not right with them. And now he gets it Jack!
    Well, I gotta shut up in public however, my brother in law carries a Nine. No worries.

    • Good job nine every American must make it clear that the scum in DC do not represent us and everything they say is nothing but hot air. They are living on borrowed time and payment is overdue.

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