Iron gate

chastized, reckless fate

metal brigade

something to rate

turn the promiscuous slate

unexplained sudden love

shapeless incriminating dove

vicars accusing stainless glove

boundless, tainted invoking truelove

fabricated hate

Devils chosen date

Orwellian ear

custodians of tyrants fear

Traces of morbid black

Submission bound on a pointless track

vacant, morning without the right flag

if you could, would you all take it back?

just another beggar, another vain hack

cold merciless winter slap

Dear Anbushed in the decadent trap

Mazes of bursting red

delusion awakens slowly in cursed bed

headless rider without a perfect head

blood-born in an instant case of living dead

vivid sounds are getting stranger and stranger

malevolent cryptic voice, slur of imminent danger

Why obstruct the messenger of rightful, provincial anger

is cursed, daily bread

looking, smiling ahead?

nothing to read

nothing to fear

nothing is flying, near…

my dear?

My turquoise Queen

my getaway unimpoverished sin

fearless black-white arguing valiant twin

why come so late?

another pointless debate

Loveless hate…


needs somebody to blame

desperate love…

yearns, and

needs somebody to gradually hate

frozen stolen Barricated Gate

morning flowers, fragmented by chilling fate

small windows painted in Machiavellian blue

the fallen dream is raised naked and too true

with you

without you

if you only knew

how far I flew

to become something new

something true

something created without spoiled glue

incomplete words

smiling red sharpened antagonizing swords

Blue Hyperboria placed in a stolen world

Cowardly betrayal of the legacy of white Nords

return of the chosen Lords

tragic fall of the imperfect Gods

Nobody knows…

how deep this silent river goes

Iron metal token

a represented dream is softly, outspoken

awoken is

Ghost train to gray and silver Hoboken

nothing is said, not a word is spoken

frozen smiles are irretrievably broken

Rivers of acid suicidal blood

dead shapeshifting smiling cod

howling is a new jealous rushing flood

a white widow who doens’t morn

golden child, never asked to be born

tribal world punished and scorn

pillaging, mute rant

primordial savage is living on his chosen land

forced is spectral betraying hand

futile castles are always built on hollow sand

birth of another meaningless band

shallow music got out of hand

haunted violent yellow romance

demons suspended in the convincing trance

unauthorized, bold advance

night lost in black seductive Séance

Did we ever have a chance…

my dark velvet, forbidden romance

make a stance

just dance

dance away

red haunted, beautiful disarray

when all the world will stop

make the silent entrance a soundless tear-drop

kill the turbulent and cowardly rented eardrop

hang him by the perfect twilight-made rope

take away his barbaric, way too-optimistic hope

wordlessly pray

find your faithful way

don’t speak

don’t say

don’t show the exit

don’t point the way

devils sleep in sour clay

for beggars is served an empty tray

for Chosen kings,

blessed dames,

gallant knights

I will set things right

you don’t belong to the damning night

use your power of sight

follow the golden archway

Chase the starry way

it is easy to forget

what you give, is

what you get

rainy cracked wooden bed

smoldering heavenly bet

timid blue river washed in colors of mesmerizing red

let it go

say it slow

let it flow

did you know?

imprisoned in hot newborn snow

puritans sometimes, just shamelessly glow

let me know

when you feel the magick flow

Star intimidated by violent prudent scars

future without cashless wars

Empty drink, drunk without executive bars

The world inherently naked in the last dominating farce

A Period of time

Arthurian freedom rehearsed without chains of time

red and white spinning dime

a teacher without delinquent rhyme

dinner finished in the glory of perfect vine

an error of ways, destiny made sublime

another blameless day without crime

another story painted in a green divine

Blessed River Rhine

dreams of mine

is music back on track

can we take all this back?

the current word is noise pollution

today’s Voice is a criminal institution

Brain, silent devolution

hearts, loud execution

souls, final solution


shape made in translucent stone

wind triggered without ratling, fallen bone

sacred is coming home

nobody has to walk alone

let it be written

let it be done

we are coming


Press PLAY


  1. “The only ones who make rules about writing poetry are people that don’t know how to write it.”
    Sadly on point and true..and yes, I agree Haiku..S…balls…

  2. I’m sorry, I forgot to put punctuation in the poem…when I write a poem I usually do this later, so I don’t break the flow of thoughts that are written.

    I am not that illiterate…LOL

    At least you can see now part of my writing process…there is always a silver lining…as they say.

    My, sincere apologies.


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