How Can You Sleep When Beds are Burning? When the World is Forever Turning by Happy Parrot

To the cowardly kikes at Jewtube: You haven't gone into Gaza yet because you are yellow, yellow to the very core of your dirty black souls. I hear the Russians are waiting for you in those tunnels. That's why you kill civilians waiting on a pipe dream that Americas ever gonna do it for you. So, you took down the videos to this post and we put them right back up from another venue. We will see if you can do the same with your shithole of a country. - Love Jack


Limits and realities of AI-supplemented warfare, are we the bystanding witnesses of the great victory of the human spirit and human ingenuity?

Fantasy War and cruel realities of modern warfare, the rise of the Eastern world, and human conscience in general.

America is no longer the driving force in a military sense. It is time to face reality, fix your economy, and maybe it’s time for the West to enter into an era of international peace.

I fear if American leaders don’t stop living in a self-feeding dreamland, there will be a series of terrible and profoundly unpleasant consequences for the whole North American continent.

Some say, America has already been broken as a nation and capitulated internally, but civilians and Americans as people don’t have to suffer unnecessarily if there is no real need for the catastrophe, that is looming like a hawk above the proud heads, of a once great nation. If some controversial and painful steps are not taken into consideration tragedy of bigger proportions may not be avoided, as a fringe group of lunatics is leading the West, into the arms of self-prophetic demise.

If you don’t stop your “leaders” pictures from Uganda or Sri Lanka can come knocking at your home. You may think this is an unthinkable and laughable idea, maybe you should think again.

With weak military forces and almost nonexistent reserves of fresh recruits, Europe will be forced into negotiation. If the following situation arises and Europeans see no available military force is coming their way, nobody from another side of the Atlantic is coming to fight with them, I don’t see a future where Europeans have the burning need or will to spill blood, literally for nothing.

Waging War for the sake of war is not exactly the European mentality.

Governments are not people, people these days are given a meager choice to find their leader, in many cases a questionable power-hungry usurper is voted in, a docile puppet on the string then fights wars and wages battles against their, own people.

Again and again, one truth becomes, blatantly obvious: there is no respectable military force without a strong presence of human factor…Robots and dependence on AI systems are fantasies sold to gullible plebs and wannabe generals with small or zero combat experience, who all operate under a set of obscure and morally degraded beliefs. Just a few years ago these individuals were granted high positions in military institutions just because they have tits or can wear a flashy skirt, of course, if they are given a sainted status as a “minority”, then they are instantly accepted, as one of the fiercest casts of warriors, who ever had a chance to live on this “spinning plane” of our existence

The problem was created and,still persists to this day as the following occurrence… All these, highly questionable military figures can’t do anything wrong…

When absolutely Anything goes, nothing will work…especially on the battlefield something must be plausible and implementable in reality under enemy fire or in distress. There is no do-over on the battlefield, if you mess up people will die…fact.

Great way to repel all men of military age, who are fueled with healthy doses of testosterone, and tell them to do something else instead.

Because you know what? we are the gayest military on the planet, this is how we will fight and win future wars…hmmm….Maybe next time, if there is gonna be the next time for Americans and NATO forces.

When we take a closer look at the situation…

Maybe this is the best thing that could happen to American people, a little dose of humility, has not hurt anybody from time to time.

The West has greatly miscalculated the limits of virtual warfare and there is no time for another thunderous comeback followed by the applause of the approving masses. Soon the reality will have to settle in and somebody will have to take the pieces of this highly costly, misguided, and adventurous military misfortune.

Truth be told if there will be anyone of competence left to do such a thing, after the ingenious work of these skilled militaristic geniuses.

If it comes to fire exchange between Iran, the Houthi movement, and NATO, probably we will have a very short war with high numbers of casualties on the American side(NATO). Six-Day War done in reverse…

Israel will be obliterated, as a result of this failed military operation, and what better stage than a place called the RED Sea for the final and closing chapter of this, intriguing war play?

Who knows maybe this needs to happen, it is time to stop these bloody wars, many times created literally out of tin air.

One thing is for sure: The world has been changed forever, and nobody from the Western coalition can do a thing, about it.

The only thing, that can be done…start dealing with the new reality and find new, better horizons.

Maybe, just maybe the world will become a better place for all, white, black, red, brown, and yellow-skinned inhabitants of this Planet.

Dear Humans, maybe it is time for a different approach.

Stop hating each other, everybody has a claim to live their lives in peace and dignity…this should be not an exclusive fact or something that only, chosen and favorable parties in this world are privileged to consume.

Start seeing the difference between our races, nature will eventually show her way into a better future, but remember in the end we all here are just incidental travelers, and nothing here is forever.

Learn to love each other, and the world of the future will be just fine.

What you do to others, you are doing this to yourself.

Douglas MacGregor: Putin is not Netanyahu, he will not turn Ukraine into Gaza

Living Nature

dead, troublesome adventure

crucified, motionless furniture

pozing in

living halls

flooded with

wandering strangers

you know…mostly

people without balls

Red sadness, imprinted on the

constantly, frantic moving walls


Souls are turning

into dark pleasure

Satans, preferred treasure

Savage Ghouls

strange odor

silently is

knocking on Heaven’s door

Worldless Sign willingly speaks:

Here, a new destiny begins

The true Soul will never fall

Pathway to Gral

see them all

see them now

when life is confiscated

upside down

Angel with broken wings

a bottleneck of broken sins

prelude to the dark dance

paradise trapped in a wicked romance

Stance or stand

strange Cult

in you hand

frozen picture

of your

favorite band?

Morbid Slang or Bad Sign

misfortune incoming

right on, proposed time?

A poet, without good rhyme

Salut to Child in Time

is this dream, really mine?

I feel fine

how about you?

find, any clue

still writing songs

that, are Painted in Blue?

Sloppy Red Deer ahead

The white breath in your head

Carry on

be strong

so, you were wrong…

We all sometimes fall

like ragdolls

we are

put on hold

we break

we take

for our sake

we want to know

who sleeps in the darkness

down below

Time is standing still

awaiting reanimated

human will

invoice without bill

Devils to kill

for the sake of the thrill?

Run for cover

veining power

is life here a sweet clover?

Judas Priest

looking for his

“Turbo Lover”

Not like other

don’t bother


run for cover

Days have past

every morning

is coming like the


Outcast in perfect synchronicity

Moving Phantom

telling invokable tales,

sound in ecstasy, talking about random

electrified and disappearing fandom

silhouette was for a moment in the backdoor

Another mute encore?

After midnight

Blue and red stars fall

it is the only ball in town

worth seeing

worth believing

“seeing is believing”

anything is better

than kneeling

Know or be slow

is already

time to go?



for whom?

Personal Jesus

is he, really there

does he swim in your naked stare

does he, really care?

Fraudulent nightmare

distorted, bloodied hands

empty and bare

malevolent scare

touch his face

feel the hidden story

about your race

engraved on your sleepless face

Spirit always talks

bullshit always walks

beside you

behind you

If only you knew…

Policy of truth

aspiring Rainbow

in my youth

Beyond pale horse

beyond Blue

lives the old man

telling the stories

that come true


hallowed grounds

picture painted

with no sound

on the blank twitching cloud?

Do we want to be found?

say a word

make the sound

Evrything is fake

is life a monumental


Vigor bottled in hate

acting as fate

specter howling

on the gate

begging for a new chance

new slate

Ugly morning

invisible people are


twisted round

can be always found

in this town

in heaven

on the ground

lying, effortlessly around

stranded in this

prevailing white sound

are your hands, really bound?

No remorse, of course

Material world

Frozen Tale About Brave Son

Immaterial sword

fiery tone of the Schwarze Sonne

Another day begins

Sun and Moon

are in vicinity

How is this even a possibility?

Strange days

A well-cloaked stranger is plotting

in the sea of human disposable ways

Is the song about Death Heart


Ask yourself:

be vigilantly true

don’t be another disappointing Marry Sue

Are you the Soldier pained in Blue?

Red Mountain


youth fountain





World flower

is the only power

that you should give a damn

Hit the road

find the stolen van

Do what you can

Join forces with our

merry band


be like sand

disappearing slowly from

your hand

Beds are Burning

souls are turning

Back in Black

don’t be a hack

See in black


dream in white

turn the tide

find yourself


I Just Want You

Ozzy Osbourne

There are no unlockable doors, there are no unwinnable wars
There are no unrightable wrongs or unsingable songs
There are no unbeatable odds, there are no believable Gods
There are no unnameable names, shall I say it again, yeah?

There are no impossible dreams, there are no invisible seams
Each night when the day is through

I don’t ask much
I just want you
I just want you

There are no uncriminals crimes there are no unrhymable rhymes
There are no identical twins or forgivable sins
There are no incurable ills there are no unkillable thrills
One thing and you know it’s true

I don’t ask much
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you

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  1. Jack, youtube is jamming the videos you posted with a cartoon race car over both Ritter and McGregor video.
    They don’t want people hearing this.
    Our so called leaders have us hurdling down a crooked road in a speeding clown car with the dumbest clown driving.

  2. Mike, they are on the Ship of Fools and they love their ride…We can only warn them, that is more or less all we can do.

    Sometimes bad things, violent things have to manifest before we hit the wall made of concrete or steel. It is what it is…
    I am sorry, I have to be brief here, work…

    Superb comment.

    Thank You!

  3. That poem is mesmerizing, HP. I don’t care about the so-called American people per se. I bear no ill will against people of other races, but my race is my nation, wherever it dwells. Thus my primary concern is with Aryans, particularly the awakened ones. The salient fact is that the U.S. military is under the control of the enemies of the Aryan peoples and has been for a very long time. Of course the Cryptocracy that steers the U.S. government with all of its tentacles is the enemy of the Aryan race in general, but the military, along with its alphabet police forces, is its muscle and engine of oppression. Ergo, I don’t give a flying fuck about Uncle Saul’s Red, White, and Blue Murder Machine and its slavish servitude to the Hebraic banksters.

  4. It is as I said previously, that empire exhibits its own impotence. It has now done so precisely, moving into a military confrontation that reveals an inability to shape battlefield conditions.
    I tried to warn people, before the 2020 stealection that the bidenistas were going to wreck everything they could.
    Of course, the implication here, from the point of view of a nobody on the ground, is that only a suicidal self hating serf could imagine any of them as ‘leaders”.
    The west hasn’t been led in decades. Rather, the west has been manoevered by covert means into repeatedly harming itself, its people, and its spirit. Those who do such fondly think of themselves as posessing “power”.
    It is a very strange situation, to know that one is so hated merely by living, to be a symbol and a target due to a condition imposed by those whose soulless agenda encompasses those of us who never will meet their abusers. It is even more strange to know their rogue denial of life, of the cosmic reality that will only earn for them, what they seek to deliver to everyone else.

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