Rules of the Game I’m guessing its about time I publish this. You could call this an interoffice memo between the Jack Heart team. It was written in 2016 when I first became self-aware, more frankly, in other words I was told who I was. The bold italics is me, everyone on the team received it, some liked it and I suspect some didn’t, they want fire, black fire but all of them have followed it to the letter and for that I salute each and every one of them. I’m publishing this now for those of you supporting me who didn’t get one. It’s time you were fully briefed in, I’ll write another truth about Jack Heart too. You are entitled to know everything, and you will, just let me finish Z plan, and I am obligated to tell you. – Jack     There is a cabal behind the chaos. Yes but I do not think it is chaos we are fighting but rather Order we are fighting here. It is an order so profound so unbalanced by any deviations that the individual faces dissolution just as sure as total chaos brings it.   Book: Part 9, Wisdom, first sentence; […]

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