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  1. One question. Do cats have an afterlife? Second Question. Do the dead cats communicate with the living cats?

    My observation is that they do, won’t go into details but cats, especially the females certainly do have these powers.

    Direct observation. Could be wrong of course, often am but not about this!

    • Nine,
      The greatest mystery of all is the mystery of death.
      So much of what we see and know is involved in this mystery.
      So much of what we wish and hope for is about this irreducable fact.
      I will share one story.
      The darkness was complete in my humble abode.
      I made my way around the table
      I moved quietly and slowly.
      The Night was deep and cool.
      The small furry presance rushed past,
      Rubbing against my bare ankles
      A swirl like a breeze
      Playful as a tease
      The cat moved easily
      Like a leaf
      On the breeze.
      Yet I have no cat living with me. Those who lived here before me did have a cat. They have all met their deaths, yet they visit sometimes.

      • If you are ever going to Understand the first thing about cats it better be by personal observation nine. Metallicman wrote something of value about them a while back and it was published here, good luck finding it. Those issues must be addressed with this site or we’re going back to word press. Now I was taught by the Jesuits in school that animals didn’t have souls, now that I’m a grown man they tell me completely different (see Metallicmans piece). But as much as I’m growing to appreciate them, surrounded by the drooling minions of Americas deadbeat pastor class, we don’t need no stinking Jesuits, to paraphrase Cheech and Chong. In Lovecraftian lore cats are the rulers of the underworld and form great packs around those that treated them well in this world, tearing hostile demons to shreds as they escort the soul like some naval convoy of yore. My own observations of my cat Aliester who like his namesake has powerful Magick have borne out that living cats learn from dead cats. After the Asians panicked and started stuffing cats in plastic garbage bags for fear of the Covid bogie man Aliester developed a phobia of plastic bags. Whenever I change the garbage bag Aliester dash’s off and hides till I’m done. Nothing else I do bothers him; he is the least easily startled of my cats and he was never like that before. I could go on and on about cats. I have six of them, as the ancient Egyptians who venerated Bast well knew, demons fear them, but we have an empire to topple.

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