Wake up, sip the coffee, listen, and take some action for humanity!

In this episode we discuss the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine and how these wars are part of the attempts to manipulate the human soul. We make reference throughout to video presentations by Scott Ritter and Douglas MacGregor. These videos are included below. – Phil

Please stop saying Zionist, you might as well have a bright yellow stripe tattooed on your spine. These are a savage lot of people as exemplified by this revolting demonstration of what it really means to be an observant Jew. God dammit read the Talmud and the Old Testament and grow a pair before you end up just like Schlomos pet chicken: Kapparot – An Annual Orthodox Jewish Chicken Ritual That Happens in New York City (bitchute.com) – Jack


  1. Radek Sikorski (Mr Applebaum), in part of a leaked, covertly recorded conversation of 2014 said “We’re going to antagonise Germany and Russia and they will think everything is okay because we have given a blowjob to the Americans.
    Losers. Total losers.”
    He is a former British citizen, Bullingdon Club member and clearly one of these very dangerous, demonic types upon whom there is a comprehensive dossier of ‘kompromat’. Great ‘porch’, gentlemen.Inspirational!

  2. I still don’t see WW3.
    Jack, yes you did call it, the Jews being taken down. I know, eveybody thinks they are somehow indispensible, like measles or chicken pox, but the truth is that as long as these types write the script, all we will get out of this world is more of the same.
    Maybe the people would like to be honest about how they want to call the shots. Maybe they feel they can’t because they will be singled out by the yamika mafia.
    Isn’t it revolting to have to cow tow to a group of nasal specialists whose only claim to fame is their assumed victimhood? Does it make idiots feel good to have to listen to endless drolling whining about their victim status and self confessed criminality? Seriously, these are the only people who assign value to having a relative who survived the-everybody wring your hands now-holocaust. Most people would be ashamed to admit they came from a bloodline of people too stupid to avoid climbing into the boxcars, but not the chosen ones.
    The shit in Gaza would never happen if it was the Jews who were the focus of snipers, suicide drones and one ton bombs.
    Frankly, both Islam and Judaism are religions for the batshit crazy. Add in Christianity and Scientism and you have the admixture to secure the duplicitous and deceptive poison that the dying society wants to make a staple for everyone.
    The new world isn’t for the two legged sheep who do what they’re told. Its for those who must find their own way.

      • When my Hitler pal confronts the drooling jew worshiping Evangelical he always refers to the six trillion, not the six million, in regards to the holocaust.
        Six million? As the Hitler pal interjects, you mean the six trillion jews?
        Did he get this wrong Jack?
        We need to do a Jack heart interview with my Hitler pal.
        He would like you and you would like him.
        A suggestion preceded by observation.
        Much love to everyone here!

      • Let the Varg run free.
        Aflash of fang
        Bite of steel.
        The parasite no longer feeds.
        From the fire of his scorn
        and the rage in his heart
        The means to rend the usurper
        The means to the end.

          • Hawkwind has always been a favourite of mine, Jon. I certainly feel it is true that a heroic stream runs through our essence, despite the worst efforts of this society to tarnish and remove it.
            We in the white race are given our own unique set of trials at this time. It hearkens back to ancient times, when we were our own worst enemy then as well.
            Part of me knows beyond any doubt that we will get through this. It will take that heroic strength to do so. Yet we have it, still.
            I understand now that the purpose is the return, and our return is to the stars.

  3. Jack and Phil, nice podcast.
    I think that they are going to attack Iran at any moment with the mainstream media pushing the idea that Iran is responsible for the Houthi attacks. I believe Iran will retaliate and its going to be devastating driving the NPC’s to accepting total war for Israel in the middle east.
    I don’t see any resistance to this and most of the vaxxed zombies are going to go along with their programing and perhaps only a defeat will maybe drive some sense into those dumbed down vaxxed retards. Then that defeat will perhaps turn the American people against these jews that have overcome this country and run them out of power if not out of the country.
    We shall indeed see.

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