No More Broadcasts from Silent Hill? Transmission II

"From where I stand/ There's a world where you can/ All that you lost, you get back/ And all that you want, you can have/ I've been living my life on the edge/ Slip and fall if I take one more step/ There's safety in numbers, I guess/ But I'm going rogue in the wild, wild west.."


“Holy alien invasion Batman! Is this an excerpt from that movie ‘The Arrival’ or was it really recorded on Jack Hearts doorstep?” – Robin wearing his mother’s pantyhose Andrija Puharich, one of the principle architects of MK Ultra and Hal Puthoff’s predecessor, let’s slip in a lecture recorded on Youtube, whose audience incidentally was brushed out after I attained access to the video, that certain people were powerful transmitters. By situating them properly along the ley lines the Nazis planed on creating a collective neural network for the human race through which they would broadcast their own reality. (3) 3 – Puharich , A. (2015, February 8). Psi Clips. A Day With Andrija Puharich Part 1A (15:12– 17:50). Retrieved May 6, 2018, from A Day With Andrija Puharich Part 1A ( 

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