Meanwhile Back in Tennessee


Since you’re busy and clicked on this on the fly, I start with a spoiler: We are being digitally experimented on. So I thought maybe I should try to write an obituary to our freedoms in the light of the ongoing global oppression games. Upgrade to paid GOLDSTEIN: U.S. DESIGNED NEW ORDER FOR SUPER CREATORS Internet Selects for Creators, Rejects Humans Where to start. The Internet was locked down long before the planned pandemic event: The ‘big platforms’ are all cryptic surveillance camps now. In case you haven‘t noticed: Whatever you type here or post—it‘ll only show back to you, but to nobody else. You are a digital ghost, only visible to yourself. America‘s Away On Bug Wars The world wide web was a military project to prove a point: Total spectrum dominance. Mind control, even. Like the space race thirty years prior, however, it was shelved shortly after. You are as lonely on the internet as you are lonely in your head right now. And you’re going nowhere on the internet just as you go nowhere now with your shoes these days. Earth is quite pointless. Everyone in the world is traumatized by mental lockdown. Everything on the internet is a designer trap. Remember […]

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