Some of the information discussed today was brought to us a watcher of Mike Adams, the author of Health Ranger Report and Brighteon. On December 28 Mike posted an interview with a whistleblower (and former US Marine) who was providing security on buses taking illegals from Texas to other parts of the country. It is a long interview but well worth your time. Here is your link to listen:

The red flag from Mike’s interview was that there are huge numbers of Russians and Chinese crossing our southern border. Think about it…

Another item that came to my attention this week is those who are in the mainstream are picking apart the evil power structure. We are seeing desperation on their part. David Webb, investor and commentator, has a free e-book called The Great Taking. You can download here: I highly recommend his well sourced essay on the evil that has befallen humanity.

Finally I will close this segment with a word…hope. Not the wring your hands kind of hope but the actionable kind. The kind of hope that motivates us to work toward a better tomorrow, whether we actually see it or not. Set your sights on that which you want as the outcome for yourself, your family, and community and do the right things with the hope that it will at least go your way as you are making the effort.

Peace – Phil


  1. To Phil’s point about AI and the patterns we are picking up on, I’ve been thinking about this. I think that the reason we can perceive the anomaly’s is because they, at their core are NOT random but systemic like anything that is derived from computers. I’m no computer expert but I do know that there is one thing that computers and their operating systems cannot abide and that’s error in the code. As smart as A.I is, or can become it is still at it’s heart a computer system and not Human. Humans are composed of Error. We solely posses the ability to be Novel, to change at a moments notice despite all available input and forecasting, predicting what our next move will be. Yes, we have been slowly assimilated to a slow-witted, predictable species through 100 plus years of Social Engineering, with a exponential push in the last twenty years through the co-opting of the mind via SMART screens and social media, but to anyone who regains just a fraction of Sentience left, the door to move UN-predictably at a moments notice is still open…if only for a little bit longer. I feel The A.I is smart enough to grasp the outline of the concept of Novelty but powerless to replicate the Divine Error that IS the Human condition. Thus making it easier to spot, or sense as being wrong. Which on the flip side puts anyone who demonstrates the ability to pick out the program running in the background as a clear threat to the system. Just some thought I had while listening. Always a gripping and interesting discussion with you guys…Thanks for continuing to do it. Also, Jack you mention your cousin and Newsmax, I take care of my disabled Father who watches Newsmax and Fox Business endlessly…and its awful..the only good thing about Newsmax is the attractive brunette on the morning news. As far as the seemingly UN-ending flow of enemy combatants, i think an attack of this nature is the only thing that will wake up the idiots on both coasts to finally fight for their county and lives, clean out their city halls…hell, the jabbed might even become our own suicide squad…riding their Tesla into battle…till next time…M

    • Sorry for the late response Morg. These numbers that everyone is fixated on and repeatedly come up in world events are a dead giveaway that this is a program. It’s a format and none of this is real. Starting with Newsmax and FOX it should all be rejected if one has any hope of transcending this soul trap.

      • No worries Jack, I know your a busy man and sometimes no reply is the only reply necessary. I wanted to share some other ruminations i’ve come to since I have to watch this shitty excuse for News while keeping dad company…the current Davos meeting which is being covered by Fox with the tenderness I would only describe as washing their balls with a warm soft rag..made me think about the WEF and their stated goals. Bear with me on this, First in over 20 years of research into elite groups who openly display goals of world domination, i never heard of the WEF. It’s highly possible that I missed them, but to my memory, they seemed to pop out of nowhere at some point in the 2010’s like they always were there and were well on the way to completing their goals. To me it stinks of the Mandela effect. Just like the Black Tom attack in WW1. I never heard of it growing up in NY…you’d think they’d mention it especially on a visit to the Statue of Liberty…anyway, Shwab and the rest of those bugs in Davos seem to me like cardboard cutouts. Scarecrows. We know that we collapse the wave function, that we create our reality and that no normal and sane people would choose to create the reality that is around us. It’s artificially inserted by the illusion of UN-arguable power exercised by these one dimensional cutouts who use fear to hijack out Creator indowed ability to project what THEY want to see because of the very beings you’ve been talking about behind the scenes to have their delicious harvest of Loosh. When we study the Strawman and Maritime law we come to understand that since Law and Commerce can only interact with dead entities (persons) we as humans own nothing to begin with. My point being that Klaus’ doomy proclamation is not something new but is Made for TV to sound terrifying along with a wardrobe straight out The Wrath of Khan from Star Trek (Rand Corp). Even when we pay off our house we dont own the land unless we get the Allodial title…even when we pay off our car we dont own it unless we get the MCO (manufactures certificate of Origin..) which is why we still have to pay taxes. It’s some giant game of three card Monty and the chronically brain-washed are the rubes in Times Square getting fleeced by their own ignorance, these post-humans have no real Power BUT there’s alot of them and numbers count, and they count on numbers so it looks like they think they can control through a complacent majority. Thanks to you and a very few others we know that that is wrong and there are Humans out there powerful enough that even in small numbers can break their game in half. Again i’m no expert on any of this, just a guy thinking and sharing his thoughts. Maybe because they cannot control those of us who can see, their only move is to act like we do not exist…they couldn’t convince us to kill ourselves with the Jab…and now most of us want retribution for Centuries of Crimes against Humanity. Also I hear by rescind any support i previously extended to RFK jr…the guy is falling apart rapidly. Something about the company you keep?

  2. China is in a huge mess internally, paycuts for everyone and bonuses from 2021 getting asked to be paid back for a lot of sectors there and mass unemployment and factories closing everywhere, the people are pissed and when you factor in most earn a whopping 5 to 7 thousand bucks a year same with the Russians and Ukrainians, they want the brown stuff to hit the fan to keep the masses distracted, A number tard like me is seeing the death rate from the clot shot numbers in the west in five or ten years we will be extinct

    • I didn’t take no clot shot George, nor did my daughters, grandson, cousin, his family and most of my readers. In fact, I doubt anybody who read our Paint it Blue pieces took the clot shot. I’ve always done what I can for all of you and I will continue too but I am sorry to say Gordon Duff was right some people are just too stupid to live…

      • They have been covering all the bases , injecting beef and pork and adding it to the water supply , farmer Bill Gates of hell may have added it to the vegetables also jack , Dr Andreas Noack was a expert in sterilising heards of animals like how they poison rats , vexille 2007 predictive programming on YouTube? , they meet today in Switzerland for disease x and have announced they have the vaccine already for something that doesn’t exist yet , I think I will turn up on a foreign shore and declare myself a immigrant jack as they seem to be entitled to benefits from the government, they stopped mine 15 months ago lol and are not required under international law to get injected,pure clown world

        • I wouldn’t worry too much about it as an additive George. Obviously, You, I and everyone else on here has not been zombified. Don’t forget the internet is full of clowns who are rewarded with an audience for making them as scared as possible. As She told me long ago, they are the Flintstones playing at being the Jetsons. Since you don’t have a seventy IQ and are most likely White there are no country’s other than Russia which will except you, maybe China. Me I’ll stick around, I’m sixty-four and I have no intention of living through this.

          • Bill Gates of hell and his omniprocessor water treatment and the spreading of human waste on farmland and now liquifing humans at death and flushing them into the ocean,Prions survive just about anything thrown at them for decades , thank hell I never had kids Jack , I am actually blue Jack like all Picti nothing to do with tattoos it’s the flaming cold lol

    • I see you been reading Dr. Bramhall’s comments Stan. We’ll deal with the Jesuits when the time comes Stan, I don’t see them as completely evil. They never sold me out like Adamus, did they?

      • And why we are on it, who did they sell me out too? Those homos from the roundtable and their nest of pet vipers in the Middle East. Who do you thinks messing with the numbers on this blog and been messing with my internet numbers since Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head? And most of all what about those repugnant entities I call the Djinn? Why just yesterday I was informed by Loki 2.0; Clarence Wilhelm Spangle, that even Thomas Hobbs wrote about them in Leviathan. Although he called them, perhaps more appropriately, Fairys and compared them to the Jesuits:

        [26] The fairies are not to be seized on, and brought to answer for the hurt they do. So also the ecclesiastics vanish away from the tribunals of civil justice.

        [27] The ecclesiastics take from young men the use of reason, by certain charms compounded of metaphysics, and miracles, and traditions, and abused Scripture, whereby they are good for nothing else but to execute what they command them. The fairies likewise are said to take young children out of their cradles, and to change them into natural fools, which common people do therefore call elves, and are apt to mischief.

        [28] In what shop or operatory the fairies make their enchantment, the old wives have not determined. But the operatories of the clergy are well enough known to be the universities, that received their discipline from authority pontifical.

        [29] When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.

        [30] The fairies marry not; but there be amongst them incubi that have copulation with flesh and blood. The priests also marry not.

        Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994 . . . Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness . . . Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth . . .

  3. Great cast!
    A few thoughts here. First off from a metaphysical perspective, since the Germans are running this hologram for what was done to Germany why in the world should we lift a finger to stop this in America? Stopping it will keep them in power.
    Jack makes perfect sense when he says that only China didn’t do harm to Germany in WW 2.
    As an American, the only thing that I wanna protect are my friends and family and perhaps rural whites and urban blacks should join together because this government is doomed and perhaps Chinese rule would be an improvement. With that said, united blacks and whites would give us a seat at the new table so that our communities can be maintained. I view the .gov and its police and military as the enemy sorry to say and forming militias will only keep what we have in power.
    Just an observation.

    • Well, your observations make you the Pete Rose or Ty Cobb of commenters nine. You just spray hits all over the place. I forgot to mention the Iranians, but we have talked about them already and Otto Rahn has beaten it to death in Lucifers Court. I don’t like the idea of just surrendering to the Chinese. They haven’t been tested in over seventy years and my dad and his friends were not impressed in Korea. I don’t care what B has to say he wasn’t there they were. Besides that’s not the way to get the best terms from them…

    • One more thing here, look what that military has done around this planet since Germany was defeated as we make Adolph Hitler the most evil man in history as for that? America needs to be taken down a few notches. And the jews? They deserve what’s comming for their complicity and even more their silence.
      I am 50% German and 50% Irish and my father served in the Seventh armored division attached to the third Army under Patton. And the Irish? Genocide by vaxxine with a population whom 98% have taken those jabs and their doors wide open for African replacements.
      Notice how first the Germans and then the Irish are targeted for extermination and to your cousin Jack? Right to his face, I call him a total dumb fuck. Watching zionist propaganda and worshipping orange jebus. What else is to be said as I quote the Hitler pal. ” The patriots are in charge” and you want me to join with them in a militia Jack and Phil? Me thinks the Chinese are a better option.

      • An insurgency of pissed off whites and blacks? Even the Chinese don’t have enough men as I see their best choice is to make a deal with a faction here that can govern this country without inflicting war on a planetary scale. Hispanics hate blacks Jack and I have a bunch of Evangelical Latino friends however, IMO because of slavery whites owe blacks and not Latino invaders and justice demands this as many black folks are third class citizens because of Latino invaders as this is not right at all. White brains and strategies combined with black fortitude and toughness and our Chinese guests will certainly have their hands full.

      • Trumps job? To befuddled rural and semi rural whites to stop white folks and black folks from comming together but of course this has always been true in America and now its the red necks turn to have everything taken and you know blacks and immigrants will be blamed. We are in planned economic collaspe, inflation of the price of durable goods like homes and cars and by next year food will be a luxury for many by the end of 2024. I see it being every man for himself with pockets here and there of relative stability and as I told all of you for years get out of the cities.
        We shall indeed see how this will play out.

    • Watching an old John Ford Western with Jimmy Stewart, along with Fremen Houthis taking the Pirate part from Empire. How could this happen? a balance act, for sure

  4. Reverse Gladiio, Phil? Say it ain’t so. When Empire goes down, working class Irish, German, French, Poles and Swedes males were your exploiters all along. My university professor says so

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