One “ring” to rule them all, why should ever, a potent soul feel so desperately small?

Why should a man ever, be willing to be governed by anyone, sounds very degrading to me…

Played like the helpless leaf on a strong wind, eternally cursed and too blinded to see? Always running downhill and then up, like a well-trained pup?

When will you finally have enough…why your path must be so self-genocidal and so unpleasantly rough?

I am nobody posse…I walk my, own road even in the forest full of scary shadows.

I will find my, own green meadow, even if the darkness falls

Warrior is never just accepted in the sacred halls, find your balls!

Vote, why should humanity ever touch that dirty and highly unpleasant note?

Voting for your, own doom, before the gates of heaven

It must be, awesome and really, pleasant…

Hunter and his hunted, insane glowing peasant

Roaring lion and scared, delusional Pheasant

I guess:“ Eyes without a face, Got no human grace”

Why put your faith in a cold chisel and hard, hitting mace?

Why live in the totalitarian, utopian disgrace

How about the story about better-suited romance?

Find your honor,


your beautiful Face!

I am not talking about total anarchy and the nonexistence of any form of oral or written law. I am talking about higher, esoteric laws, about responsibility for self and others around you, humans and animals alike…

Simbiotic life with nature, not grave assault or her senses, day after day, night after night.

Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature

If everyone knows and follows a few very simple rules, there is really, a minimalistic need for any kind or form of government.

Do we need overpaid lawyers to speak in “Latin” to show us the road to justice and freedom?

How many times in this court(courting) of laws the perpetrator has become a saint and the victim ended up in prison?

If the government doesn’t serve the will and spirit of its, own people, there is, absolutely no need for government…Buildings should be brought down and liars with rattling snake tongues presented as politicians, or men in so-called good standing immediately should be introduced to the nearest available gallows.

No questions asked, and not one tear should be shed for the lives of these foul and rotten creatures.

In the end, with no semantics, it is you or them…It is sadly so simple.

Choose…but choose wisely!

Sometimes man has to become savage, it is the only way he can overcome the prevailing savagery that is embroiled around his existence, reality if you wish.

Is Conan savage, or stupid, no answer is no, but he has no choice, if he wants to see the morning of another day but become barbarian, even if just for a little bit.

Savage has to have a functional brain, there lies the difference, just and functional brain, not become a vile representation of estranged intelligence that wishes nothing more than to feed on another man’s misery.

in this case, His Path of the Hero becomes a parasitic interpretation of self-served inverted terminology of freedom.

in other words, he has become a darkness he has wished always to avoid or escape from.

LIVE-VEIL-EVIL path to own destruction is never that far and never out of reach, so watch and observe the traveled road before you, my future Hero!

Stolen mind,

hijacked like he was born forever blind

don’t wonder, don’t doubt

connected to your depraved lust

Cursed Sailors are lost in the electro-magnetic storm without mast

Energized aromatic Bunny smiling awkwardly funny or preying rust

rivers of people turned into biometric dust

future intertwined with the voices of the past

Here is the announced forecast…

2024 is incoming fast

Whose honor will be served last?

Eternal Glory or neglected dust?

Right from wrong

can tell? so long….

Strong or wrong

Is paid, piper

acclimatized sniper

disguised as the black tongue of a hissing horrendous viper?

Born…Who is born?

living whisper of awakened Mastodon?

On your knees, beggar! find your fermented flees

Chemical solution on your back,

A clueless mind welcomes the swift heart attack

The distant void, shapeless toroid, is calling your Souls back

demented hacker is injecting his vile hack

is young winter painted already in the color of black?

Even the hallowed wind that is blowing is strangely bathed in black

Enough, enough!

Can we find another,

less doom-ridden and more “groovy” track?

The world will slowly fall

nobody has to know

how deep this rabbit hole, really goes

Stubborn and depraved

mostly short-sided and desperately enslaved

not well-behaved, mentally degraded

wrongfully educated

with closed eyes, they march on

death is calling them on the invisible phone

leave them…

they will chew on their, own bone…

without your help, they are already gone

New potent stars are born under this dome

yearning for their true home

in the dark, they will shine even if left, completely alone

Helping Hand is the name of this Aryan band

he will catch you when he can

Dont doubt

don’t be bound


this is not your true hemisphere

All along you have been robbed blind

but not once left behind…

from love and grace that falls on good souls in kind

every day, every night

Distilated world

awaiting Surtr’s flaming sword

Who is there…

knocking on heaven’s door?

Who is barking on the burning dance floor?

And who will not like the approaching score…

Aryanism is not despotism

mesmerized by the wrong set of rules

led by corrupted Evil,

mostly of life devoided, enchanted fools

Do you know wrong from right

is sadness eating your soul, your mind

don’t, despair, don’t even go there

trigger the new more promising affair

When evil strikes we are a secret army ready to fight

We are the heavenly Light

that wanders and strikes in the dead of the night

How do you like, us now?

when all is going wrong somehow?

Remember the glowing orbs, dancing, high in the sky

telling you there has to be another form of heavenly lullaby

remember when you were free

remember when you were more than a leaf on the mighty tree?

There is only one solution for this Evil incarnate devolution

who operates under the voice of wicked and obscene absolution

preaching day and night about the wrong solution

Involution of mind and heart

will light your ancestor’s spark

why should you swim in the foul rivers of eternal dark?

Listen to this Nordic bard

follow the thunderous trace of my stellar wrath

find my bright and always shining path

Buy the ticket

no, you can’t be wicked


Biden or Blinken

I will leave open, what has been always forspoken

Gate to the new green paradise

behind the eyes that are lost

behind the frozen door that always burns in pure frost

There one is never found helpless and lost

Warriors of the ancient word

pick up your astral sword

become your, own vagabond lords

Behold, and be forever born

guess what

nobody has to ever know

when green leaf, falls in the pure whitest snow

when a new seed in utmost silence, forever grows


give me your precious smile, stick around

My friends!

We are Twilight who doesnt pretend

We are the fire, that is God sent

Ride with us!

Smile with us…

Fight with us!

On this perfect day

where only bravery

will find the right way

Ride with us!

Who knows…

Maybe you look, just like us

don’t speak

don’t make an unnecessary fuss

Catch this fierce and starry train

here’s the deal…

Red Dragon has to be slain

nothing you do,

is ever done in vain

Ride with us!

Smile with us…

Have your say

even if you think, you already lost your way

Flaming blue eyes at the gates of paradise

rain has already fallen twice

jealousy of the old will pay the third and final price

Ask yourself…

Are you are Mighty Bear or frightened, small mice?

Warriors of the ancient words

pick up your faithful, now glowing swords

become your, own loving lords

Behold, and be forever born

guess what…

nobody has to ever know

when green leaf, falls in the pure whitest snow

when a new seed in utmost silence grows

White wind will start to blow

where do we go?

when we go?

nobody has to know

For now silent is the black whispering crow

When it happens

you all brave souls will in an instant know

It is time for another tale

there goes my supper,

I guess, soon I will have to write the song about burning kale

till we meet again

In another story

full of stars and

forever flowing,

enchanting glory.

Have a great day my beloved and always radiant Queens and Kings

remember nothing is like it seems

become a awoken shadow in this mystified dream

do it, even if you have to buy the coldest ice cream,

you have ever seen…

Reality is porous, always veining steam

do you know what I mean?

Stay away from the clutches of the barking sin

remember the beauty of your astral twin

and you will see how this story begins

Nothing ever ends, my friends!

the immortal soul always in secrecy and unknowingly creates

even if put under the relentless stress and darkest hate

There is no debate

who will open the last gate

Be well, when the time comes

no matter the time zone

see past the layers of incidental ozone

It is the old-fashioned battle of the Will

wishing and praying that you will kneel

Impossibly far and imaginable wide

honor and selfless pride

will take you beyond this crucible divide

Uphill and downhill

wanders ascetic thrill

(Souls Will)

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    • It is a great honor and an even greater privilege to write for all of you.

      My Friend, from the bottom of my heart
      Thank You!

      All the Best

  1. I got 104 views on Substack, this never happens, only happens when I post something in Croatian, I can show my stats…it does not matter in the grand scheme of things…

    Granted, I made a few mistakes here(I was up all night that day, and couldn’t sleep), but I think zee message is more than clear.

    Accordingly, if anything in the written text is out of place just skip it…

    You who are doing these “fine deeds”, know this: it will not help you…

    This is my message to the perpetrators of modern book burning…

  2. Jack or Phil, do me a small favor…can you enlarge the pictures, it was really hard to find them, they are not the newest.
    The resolution is small, but if you think they don’t look good when enlarged, leave them be…this is not that important.

    Thanks in advance.


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