America’s Church: The Invention of The Evangelical Christian Movement by JOSEPH JORDAN

One of the most sociologically unique aspects of the United States is the everlasting prominence of Evangelical, or Born-Again, Christians. The group is known for its literal interpretation of the Bible, espousal of Whig individualism on both spiritual and economic matters, and their rabid Zionist posture on foreign policy matters, often rationalized through end-of-the-world prophecies and a largely one-way devotion to the interests of modern day Jews and the Jewish state.

The hay day of Evangelicals appears to be behind them, but they remain the largest Christian sect in all of America (24%), only being narrowly edged out in 2022 by those who checked the generic no religion box. The main institution where their influence can be seen is the Republican Party, where they form an important constituency and play the role of zealous activists.

But Christian Zionist dominance and the contemporary religious right are relatively new. Prior to the Second World War, Evangelicals were a small, poorly received sect operating on the fringes of the American Protestant landscape. Despite lacking theology respected among rival Protestants of their time and being widely perceived as con artists and gladhanders, Evangelicals were able to triumph over their competitors and critics to become contenders for the title of America’s church.

Dwight Eisenhower’s “Judeo-Christian” Nation

In 1952, Allied General Dwight Eisenhower won a landslide victory over Democrat Adlai Stevenson on a platform promising to halt the expansion of the Soviet Union and the spread of its ideas.

Jews had traditionally been most influential within the Democratic party, but Ike was different. He was able to distinguish himself from old money WASP oriented Republican primary challengers by forming politically and financially profitable alliances with prominent Jewish figures who would later play important roles in his two administrations, such as political power broker Jacob Javits, Standard Oil oligarch Jacob Blaustein (a known Democrat), Maxwell Rabb (Eisenhower’s top advisor), and Simon Sobeloff (the Solicitor General who played a central role in overturning segregated schools in the Brown v. Board case, as well as protecting Jews during the “red scare”). These contacts, established over promises to advance the interests of American Jewry and support the recently created state of Israel, gave Eisenhower a formidable edge in press coverage and big business support during the ‘52 trouncing of Stevenson.

Mobilizing the American people in support of new foreign interventions (such as the Korean War) so soon after a massive war was a top priority for the Eisenhower administration. The problem for policy makers at the time was that America did not have a cogent state ideology capable of sustaining the planned global democracy crusade. The Eisenhower government was acutely aware of this vulnerability, since the American state, through structures such as the Dickstein Committee (later the House of Un-American Activities), spent much of the first half of the 20th century desperately trying to contain what they perceived as domestic threats: communists, socialists, isolationists, nativists, and even an incident where a German immigrant held a Third Reich-style mass rally in Madison Square Garden.

The vacuum created by the lack of an official, well-articulated counter to communism during the Great Depression was filled by the rise of anti-Jewish and anti-establishment populism, which thrived in both urban and heartland America thanks to figures such as Henry Ford, Gerald LK Smith, the America First movement, Huey Long, Father Charles C. Coughlin, and even an explicitly Fascist shirt movement led by William Dudley Pelley. Many of these figures looked to Mussolini and Hitler for answers, which horrified the FDR administration and spurred it into frenzied political crackdowns. A number of these anti-communist dissidents and populist firebrands even put aside their religious differences to promote the broadly secular, socialistic and nationalist Share Our Wealth movement (led by Long, Smith and Coughlin), which then transformed into a campaign against FDR’s plan to enter World War II. These powerful orators and skilled organizers found many supporters through easily understood and intuitive arguments emphasizing the lack of an American interest in a new European conflict, while also making the case that the US government’s support for the Soviet Union against Germany and Italy was evidence that Washington was compromised by Judeo-communist sympathizers and spies. Pre-war anti-communism in America was rife with authoritarian, collectivist, anti-interventionist, anti-Jewish and at times racialist ideas that figures such as Eisenhower and Javits saw as national security threats.

For Eisenhower the values and discourse of Long, Coughlin, Smith and so on were unacceptable and anti-American, not to mention frightening to his Jewish associates. Eisenhower, with strong input from representatives of organized Jewry, would go on to author a new response to the Soviet Union’s promise of heaven on earth, one that championed a vision of a racially egalitarian, individualistic, militarily aggressive, and most importantly, Jewish-friendly but loudly Christian United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president to refer to America as a “Judeo-Christian” nation, at times in a defensive tone when responding to “anti-Semitic” critics, but the strange and ahistorical portmanteau only became common parlance during the Eisenhower years.

A month before his inauguration in December 1952, Eisenhower outlined the worldview America would take into the Cold War:

And this is how they [the Founding Fathers] explained those: “we hold that all men are endowed by their Creator…” not by the accident of their birth, not by the color of their skins or by anything else, but “all men are endowed by their Creator”. In other words, our form of government has no sense unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith, and I don’t care what it is. Of course, it is the Judeo-Christian concept, but it must be a religion with all men being created equal.”

The main barrier for implementing this doctrine was that Americans were not particularly religious. In 1945, only around 65% of Americans self-identified with a church denomination, a figure that’s lower than present-day religiosity.

As the 1950s progressed, the US government and its private sector allies began propagating the new Judeo-Christian doctrine, saturating the radio airwaves with ideological programming, inserting “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance, establishing the National Prayer Breakfast, and creating organizations with the task of re-orienting American civic life around churches. Individuals such as conservative businessman and FBI asset J. Howard Pew bankrolled influential Judeo-Christian Evangelical publications, such as Christianity Today, where he would feed J. Edgar Hoover editorials to the American tabula rasa.

One thing that was retained from pre-war America was the psychological marketing logic behind the concept of the celebrity. The elite needed a Judeo-Christian superstar.

Billy Graham, The Father of Evangelical Christianity

As millions of Americans embraced the television medium, the potential for influencing public opinion enjoyed a massive growth spurt. Suddenly, the Jewish owners of the three major broadcasting companies — ABC (Leonard Goldenson), CBS (William Samuel Palley) and NBC (David Sarnoff) — found themselves in possession of a monopoly over the American people’s mind.

These men would go on to manufacture the Pope of Judeo-Christianity: Billy Graham. By the end of his storied career, Graham was indeed only second to the Pope in terms of his influence on 20th century world Christendom.

Billy Graham was an obscure preacher operating in the Carolinas prior to being discovered by William Randolph Hearst. Hearst, a lapsed Catholic, witnessed Graham attract a crowd in Los Angeles during a 1949 circus tent revival, where the young Southern man with Matinee idol looks burned through fiery sermons damning communists to hell while carefully avoiding racial or anti-Jewish inferences.

Understanding his potential to aid the mission of President Eisenhower —Hearst’s personal friend — the media mogul began furnishing Graham with favorable coverage, calling on his editors to “puff Graham!” Graham would go on to claim that he never met Hearst, but he quickly noticed the attention the publisher was generating for him and began politically calibrating the content of his sermons to maximize positive press.

A year later, the Jewish controlled (Adolph Zukor and Barney Balaban) film studio Paramount invited Graham for a meeting, offering him a role in the Judeo-centric, Zionist remake of the 1923 Christian silent film, The Ten Commandments. Graham turned down the film role, but it was at this luncheon that he was persuaded by ABC’s Jewish head Leonard Goldenson to pursue a different type of stardom.

Thus, incubated in the mind of Jewish atheist Goldenson, the first ever “Televangelist” program was born: The Hour Of Decision, starring the thespian and energetic Carolina Son. In 1951, the show premiered on ABC, and Graham’s addresses, which combined Judeo-Christian Revivalist theology and pro-Eisenhower propaganda within the structure of a variety show, were beamed into the homes of millions of Americans.

In the 1991 book Beating the Odds: The Untold Story Behind the Rise of ABC, a collection of anecdotes dedicated to Goldenson, Graham described the genesis of The Hour of Decision,

“Shortly after Leonard bought ABC, he asked me to go on television every Sunday night at 8. I did that for two years, either having a little religious skit or interviewing important leaders like senators and congressmen. I believe we were the first religious program on national television.

To Read the Rest: America’s Church: The Invention Of The Evangelical Christian Movement (

Planet Of the Jews: US Presidents by THORSTEN J. PATTBERG, PHD

Legacy Media Performs U-Turn: Republicans A Tit Better At Bending Over For Israel?

This—to future generations hopefully invaluable—multi-part research project proceeds under the worst circumstances imaginable in world history: For the first time, we are living on a serf planet dictated by the unimpeachable command of The Synod and its two crafty lieutenants, global censorship and persecution. The United States and the subservient European Union serve this ancient cabal, before and above the rest of humanity.

The United States Of Sanctions [and Lies] are bombing five sovereign countries in eighty-five locations at the same time. If no miracle happens, World War Three is as certain as “ze great rezet”, The Great Replacement, and Super Virus X.

We see historic omens that brought to me the divine message of war and end game, and a new Civilization born in censorship. These omens are: a “The United States of America” and “Of the Jews, For the Jews.”

Donald Trumpf (of German Descent)

At first we couldn‘t believe it, but the legacy media (Jewish) definitely decided to bring back the Comedy Clown Donald Trump as the President of the United States, Second Term. 

Reuters: Yes, Trump can win the 2024 election

Politico: Trump Could Come Back

Financial Times: A Trump win could change the world

Economist: The World is bracing for Donald Trump’s possible return

How else do we explain the sudden change of mind, exactly after the Jews committed “mass defending” against Arab children and women last month in Palestine? Surely, they need Trump and his Oath Keepers (Gentiles = merely Christians) to back up the Children of the Exile killing the Muslim-Persians in Iran next.

True, the Jews of America control Congress, the Biden administration (Blinken, Cohen, Yellen, Nuland, Garland, Haines, Levine, Sherman…), Foreign Policy, especially Border Security (Mayorkas, Schumer, Jewish-in-Law Pelosi…), the Media, Global Finance, Global Entertainment, the US Ivy League universities (that “uncompromising seat of academic Jewism”), and Big Tech; but still, they could not prevent the German-faced Money Donald from taking office in 2016. Almighty, they are not, not yet anyhow.

They attacked semi-Kraut Trumpf for four years straight, and they stole his 2020 re-election right there, in front of our believing eyeballs, when the voting-counting stopped suddenly in Fulton County, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and MacDonald’s America had to witness the biggest televised election fraud in human history. And when a few thousand Republicans protested and marched onto “the Capital for the Princes of the Exile,” they were arrested for probing an unholy insurrection. Like the backward Neo-Palestinians the Whites of America are!

[Here is a clip compilation [see below] of the murderous psychopath and over-Jew Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the prime minister of Israel explains how the United States must take out five enemy countries of the Jews, on Israel‘s behalf:

To Read the Rest: Planet Of The Jews: US Presidents (


  1. These are times of personal devastation, of hopeless determination to trudge through the wasteland, because it is nothing to die.
    The soulless ruin, the corrupt treachery of this time is typified by everything one sees, from the trusting blind stupidity of those who have lived endless lifetimes that achieve nothing, to the duplicitous lies of the “man of god”.
    Through it all, the reality of life will become apparent to those with the speed to grasp it that it never was any of those things, or their opposites, reconciled as they all are by the motion between them.
    For those who can withstand it, this brutal thankless time can be harnessed to break the chains that sink one back into the same incarnation, to deja vu one’s steps upon the same outworn paths.
    I won’t lie to you, to sell you some trinket or oil of hopium. None of it is guaranteed beyond destiny, the weave of Her hands has a flaw, a slip in the texture that She put there on purpose, though few imagine it so.
    It only demands all of you, perhaps more and deeper than you even knew was there.

  2. I will quote my Hitler pal here. Evangelical Christian cultists are
    “jewed over Christians” ! No hope for them, best to avoid them but remember this it was schlomo and his money that created them when you point that finger of blame.

    Second Hitler pal quote? TRUMP is the closer. He will bring in the police medical state with CDBC`s and forced relocations and vaxxines and oversee the controlled demolition of america.
    Kinda looks like the way things are going. Time will tell.
    The truth is that America is controlled by jews, run by jews and hated by jews and jews will and are destroying America by funding the very invasion of our borders with military age men.
    We don’t have an Evangelical problem, we have a Jewish problem just like Adolph Hitler said 80 years ago.

    • Trump was a clown joke nine, but he sold out somewhere in his four-year tour of the White House. There is a special place in Hell for him but for those evangelicals who have betrayed their Blood they are far worse, and they will be dealt with appropriately…

      • Good Jack! I have nothing to do with Zionists of any stripe including Jewish Zionists. Even my Jewish pals very quietly question what is happening in Gaza.
        Openly Christian Zionist Churches are for the most part empty since covid and the roll out of the vaxxine, deal with the Jewish Neo conservatives and that Christian support will vanish, it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. But their participation in this needs to be addressed. The worst being Hagee and those despicable TV preacher grifters.

  3. My comment was posted twice, and I asked Phil to delete the first one but both are gone and I don’t have a copy – though it says “3 comments” here. Also yours is gone, but this is a copy to your reply which I received in my mail box. So according to the gospel of Thomas one are condemned if praying. When Phil in one recent postcast mentioned how one can give thanks or “bless” the water or food one are eating, it is given to whom? – Mother Earth? Or simply as a high priest blessing his/her own food?

    Hi Ingenmannsland,
    Jack Heart has replied to your comment on

    Jesus Christ Must Die

    “if you pray, you will be condemned…” – Jesus: Gospel of Thomas verse 1

    • “Reading your material since about July 2023, if my memory serves me well, all the way back to your first post on Substack, the masks were stripped from what I called my God. “He” is not who he claims to be, nor is Jesus. A woman made that religion, and I was unable to hear her name properly when you said it in this podcast. Though I often here from my husband that I have a very good memory, somehow it is so difficult for me to remember the name of the “She”-god of this earth, the one who is here creating all by herself because somehow she was upset with “He”. When they one day may unite there will be a big bang, right? Well, was her name Sofia? No? And “he”, the real Jesus is Luzifer. Well, at least I know his name. But, can one pray to him? That real god up there, was it… He is not living on Saturn but, he is very hot and very angry and will return one day to punish evil people here on earth. Is he the one with the red hair? There are so myths, so many planets with gods living on each one, and it is difficult for me to pray to a god somewhere that I unfortunately am not able to remember the name of. But, if god is in our blood, and if our thinking (Otto Rahn) paves a way where there is no way, who needs a god?” – Ingenmannsland

      Whatta man at Sirius

        • Addendum: I used the name Mary Magdalen so the Christians whom I am addressing would Understand but as you and I both know the Goddess has many names and even a couple of different personas as demonstrated in the Vienna Pestilence. You must be quite the reader to even get through those two Aleister Crowley pieces and Understand them in less than a year. So strange that I who cannot lie should love someone who cannot tell the truth…

          • I did not say I understood or have had time to read absolutely everything you have written, did I? I am not a liar, though you accuse me of that. Well, if I am included in your love, thanks.

    • Addendum: I used the name Mary Magdalen so the Christians whom I am addressing would Understand but as you and I both know the Goddess has many names and even a couple of different personas as demonstrated in the Vienna Pestilence. You must be quite the reader to even get through those two Aleister Crowley pieces and Understand them in less than a year. So strange that I who cannot lie should love someone who cannot tell the truth…

  4. When I read this I found that many questions have been answered concisely in one short piece. A friend brought up a tie in to this also. The words of Ezekiel warning the chosen people of their fate for turning away from the laws (10 commandments) and worshipping idols, casting spells, basically doing what they pleased then brought the destruction of the tribes and exile for the remnants. Does it seem like they are listening to any of the prophets of their books today? I think not.

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