Jack received this presentation in an email of from An American. Magic numbers have been around as long as we’ve developing counting.

Phil’s first thought…The manipulation and interpretation of numbers and matrices is to me the better part of Numerology. Now, I’m not a numerologist but an old cryptologist.

In this presentation you see an update to a very old Chinese number matrix showing the power within the base 10 number system. As you look at the data on each page I suggest spending a bit of time discerning for yourself what the data means to you in your personal journey. Please don’t mind my terminology in the examples below. If you feel correction is necessary as to my use of laymen’s terms and not numerology terms please say something in the comments.

Hint for processing the data: The first page shows a basic numerology step in determining the base number for a given number over 9. That is what I saw when I looked at the first page. Once I saw it I thought to myself, “Wow! what a great refresher.” What I’m referring to is on the right of the matrix on the first page. It is an enclosed section which shows the principle to arrive at the base number. In the matrix we see the reduction to the base is accomplished by adding the numbers in the 1s and 10s places. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: In this example we will use 71. The numbers for each place are 7 (in the 10s place) and 1 (in the 1s place). These are then added 7+1 to solve for the base number which in this example is 8. This method works for any size number. Another example would be 159. Add the 1 plus the 5 and the 9. 1+5+9 = 15. Now solve 15 for the base; 1+5 = 6. Therefore in this example the base number is 6.

We hope you enjoy and find significant meaning in this contribution from An American. – Phil

As further reference into the Magic Numbers of the Tao An American has the following note on page 36:

* See chart on pg 11, Tao Magic The Secret Language Of Diagrams And
Calligraphy by Legeza, Laszlo; London, 1975. Here is a live link to download the book referenced. Link here => Tao Magic


  1. Mike, could you take a look at this?


    I believe that there is a source and that source is Spirit as all American original peoples recognized.
    It is Female in nature. The female creates yet the male contributes of course what do I know.
    I live in a world mostly run by females yet they value my contributions as we all know that things are amiss.

    • Nine,
      I will try to give this a listen in the next day or so.
      Gawd, if I had the time I could write reams of info on this. I could write how feminism is a Jewish female destruction bomb, and how women are intentionally led away from their own mystery and generative power to pretend to be guys with boobs.
      I could wite about how the femine principle is the second, but to our view the first because she is the mother of the son, and the son becomes the modus for the cosmos.
      I could write how no woman is a goddess, but she may personify these qualities that are the origin for her and for all of manifestation.
      I could write it, if I had the time.

      • Mike, like you, Mr Nash refers to Abrahamic religion as a mind virus and let’s consider the Evangelical obsession with jews and that state of Isreal and that certainly appears to be a fact! Nash states that the Abrahamic God is an alien force run by Archons, beings with no physical from contacting humans to influence them through frequency minipulatons and that their origin is Saturn.
        Very interested take upon gnostic beliefs and the persecution of such beliefs by the Church and notice the near total blackout of information on these matters?
        Just an observation, but if so much effort has been made to suppress these ideas there must be great truth in them!

        • Well Nine, I came from a lineage of those blessed (or cursed) with the sight, and I know from my own blood that this runs strongly with some women.
          Then came Christianity like some kind of deranged mortgage specialist who turned them all into beggars for the cracked superstition they call dinner, and I was the only one left.
          Christianity has been a plague to my existence, a contagious creeping evil that infected my family and stole their souls. Yeah, mind virus, bro.
          Today I can say that it is pretty sad, the sheer number of lies that have to be believed, the way a dog believes its master, in order to be Christian. If they ever told people the truth, even a little of it, there would be no more organized religion. Because of the lies that have been everyone’s diet for so long, hardly anyone recognizes the taste of unadulterated truth, but once they got it they would never turn back.
          Anyway, perhaps Mr. L. has relented a bit. He used to be a staunch materialist. If he has changed, it isn’t because of anything I did, but I welcome it because unlike with me, people really do listen to him.
          I’d like to offer a commentary on this link, I will try to make the time to do so, but no promises. Thanks for finding this nine. I’m actually glad Mr. L. is still around.

      • Mike, I agree with many of the things you say about Christianity, and am sorry to hear what it did to your family. Well, regarding that boob-thing, as long as women are strong enough in every way to literally or symbolically act; work as a horse or an oxen and carry such heavy loads – whether they have small, no – or big boobs – it is no problem that they are like a man, as long as they try to look and be feminine wearing dresses and being tender. Mr Mythos, whom I was first presented to at Jack’s blog, has shared about the giant women of the past who carried heavy loads. Some women live under such conditions that they can only wish for a new dress, which is warm enough to keep the cold out.

        Mr Mythos (Malta) Innner Earth Conspiracies # 7

        Otis Redding – Try a little tenderness

        • Perhaps my statement led you to believe that I am not a fan of strong women?
          I never claimed such. To be precise I said that women seeking to become men is foolishness, and I implied that this becoming men thing is advanced by a society that is ruled by sick structures, such as religion.
          I personally have marvelled at the strength of some women to bear unbearable burdens, and I dont mean just physical ones.
          After the war it was German women who made their cities and towns liveable again, through their own hard work. The men were mostly dead, or being murdered by Eisenhower in the real death camps.
          So, no I didn’t issue an anti-woman statement. I merely stated that women are lost if they adopt the social directive to become men.

          • That was a very good reply, Mike. I have not planned any gender-transformation, though I am wearing pants and that is no problem to my husband who actually is not too fond of skirts since it reminds him of church. The climate is too cold to go around wearing skirts or dresses like they do in the warmer parts of the world where you live. Wearing the pants in a relationships is synonymous with being the boss, but that is not my experience so there is something wrong with that statement. Maybe I have to work on that “goddess issue”. I guess one can’t miss what one never had. Wondering who said that I remember Take 6 with a horny oxen in the background on some famous stage that I don’t know where is, “You want my love and you can’t deny it.” It is difficult for people who are born with “damaged” reproductive organs, that they claim Trump was – born as a woman – and have to choose or let others choose what one are to become (the boss or the “underdog”), just like it is difficult to hear that one are the result of some parents who may have betrayed their true racial belonging, if one’s father for instance was black and one’s mother white, what on earth are one to do? Are one lost forever, with a “betrayed” (Aryan) blood? Is really the blood the way to salvation in that “faith”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRvDXhdJ1oc

          • I actually don’t have much to say about Trump, other than the obvious which was that he was in charge when Covid got rolling, and he really helped it along. He certainly didn’t do anything to earn my undying admiration, and he actually helped the greater centralization of power, which was something none of us need, so I will leave it at that.
            I’ve dealt with your question regarding race and tradition previously in some detail, so I won’t repeat myself here, other than to say that one in that state must choose to which bloodline they will adhere.
            There is an attempt, mostly from society and its pillars, to elevate mixed race union as something wonderful. However, no one who promotes such ever admits to the anti-human origin of this program. The confusion of blood with the offspring of such unions certainly can be seen as creating another barrier to ones own spiritual birthright, ones history, and ones ancestors, which doubtless is why it is promoted by globalists everywhere.

    • Below the YouTube-video the owner of the channel writes: “John Lamb Lash is arguably the heaviest authority on the Gnostics, at least the Nag Hammadi Library.
      The Gnostics”. That tells me that he is what we call “stueren” (living room -clean, sanitized, “claeanly”) enough for YouTube/them since he is not offending anyone claiming to be a Jew ad their religion, like Jack Heart, who is included in the phraze “arguably” as among the “heaviest authorities”, helped by Mike.

  2. While this entire world employs the base 10 number system, many other systems once existed. Because it is a quickly recurring system that has no beginning or end suggested or manifest, with an intrinsic symmetry, there are many comparisons, analogies, and juxtapositions that can be explored. Most likely, this why Pythagoras founded it, with our current musical scale. Pythagoras enjoyed the study of number, and the base 10 system is now foundational to the worlds’ thinking. Base 10 brought us science, gematria, and numerology, but as I said, it isn’t the only one.
    There is a fundamental cognitive aspect to mankind that involves number, but it does’t necessarily involve any specific number system.
    The real value of any number system, from my point of view, is in the ability of that system to allow us to make logical hypothoses, to create a premise that can be tested in the world.
    This cognitive ability- the formation of logical ideas-is one of the most powerful tools we have for resisting the psychological and spiritual attack currently aimed at us by those who think they can get away with it.
    History reminds us that National Socialism achieved the impossible, the revitilization of a people and a nation viciously hammered into a perpetual disaster by those whose evil and corruption always moves asymmetrically.
    These same forces of evil and corruption have only gained power, like leering jackals feeding on the corpse of dignity, since they roused the entire world to war against prosperity.
    Can mankind throw off the mantle of their victory, a victory that now makes them lust for even greater destruction?
    Let us remember our tools and abilities now.

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