Below is an abridged compilation of Jerry Derecha’s work. In no way do I endorse Mr. Derecha or anyone else’s conclusions. Although I am grateful to him for putting this all together for you to look at. Thanks Jerry.

I’m pretty sure that was Jim Carey under a Biden silicone mask doing more performance art at the expense of the real Biden’s long dead and gone reputation and life. Supposedly that was Carey who staged Biden’s famous fall down the stairs of a fake Air Force One boarding staircase. It’s possible. – Jerry Derecha on June 18, 2022
WHAT IS COMING TO THE CAPITAL??? | Huge Walls Built Around Capitol Building & White House. D.C. is Practically Empty w/ Many Federal Buildings Vacant. Has the U.S. Fallen? – Jerry Derecha on June 18, 2022
Why is the most important / powerful man in the entire world getting picked up at airport by an Uber/civilian? Where is the security detail? Where is the Secret Service? Why is he carrying his own bags? | Not the first evidence we’ve had of the BiDan Shadow Presidency – Posted by Jerry Derecha on May 28, 2022
Who Plays the Role of Manchurian Joe Biden? Ron Masak? Jim Carey? A Robotoid? A CGI Avatar? Just How Many Different Versions Are There? Hunter too…? – Jerry Derecha on March 19, 2022
Biden’s “Secret” Service Detail #ClownWorld #ManchurianJoe – Jerry Derecha on November 29, 2021
Joe Biden and the G.I. Joe Movie Predictive Programming – Jerry Derecha on September 16, 2021
This is ancient news for many of you. But in case you’ve been in a libtard haze for the past year, Joe Biden is long “dead and gone” and has been played by a cast of 3 or 4 different silicone mask wearing actors for at least the past 2 years. – Jerry Derecha on August 28, 2021
MANCHURIAN JOE | VIDEO: Confused Biden Asks “What am I doing?” While Shaking Hands With People…Suddenly Kneels in Front of the Crowd – Jerry Derecha on July 6, 2021
We saw them do the exact same thing with the inauguration footage. That farce of an event was filled with anomalies. While they were claiming one thing was taking place on television, boots on the ground in the vicinity were clearly showing us that what we were being fed as a “live feed” was FAR from what was actually taking place in the area at the time. We’ve also seen countless anomalies in the footage of Biden at the White House supposedly signing Executive Orders that clearly demonstrate that they are filming inside a film studio and are not actually at the White House. A White House that’s been seemingly abandoned since that inauguration. We even have some compelling footage that shows some kind of covert mass roundup of sorts that went down that night (Examples: HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE ). – Jerry Derecha on March 17, 2021
This is MILITARY INSURRECTION on display. This is UNTHINKABLE in the military. Military is ALL about obeying orders. SOMETHING IS UP!? – Jerry Derecha on January 25, 2021
WTF? Joe Biden is Gone. They Aren’t Even Trying Anymore. Sleepy Joe the Undead Synthetic Shapeshifter. GREATEST HITS – Jerry Derecha on January 25, 2021

Of course, my old colleague from Veterans Today Dr. James Fetzer called it from Day 1, which makes him possibly the most dangerous man alive right now, at least to them, may it stay that way… -Jack

Jim Fetzer, Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”: Just Not the Same Guy

Posted by Jerry Derecha on December 21, 20200 Comments

Jim Fetzer is one of the most heroic people on earth. No one has been railroaded harder than he and Wolfgang Halbig have been as it relates to the inevitable repercussions that follow speaking out about the Sandy Hook hoax. Some of us simply will not fall in line and relent to the bullshit.

More on Sandy Hook HERE & HERE. I cleaned up my Sandy Hook posts so all the media should be there now, despite the many attempts to pull the videos I had posted. Sandy Hook was what got me banned from Of all the controversial and over the top things I’ve said in the past, it was that that got me yanked. They get really sensitive about it. Even the most prolific of alt news bloggers out here cower in fear at the potential blowback from speaking out about the most blatant & evidence-saturated false flag event in world history. Not I. Truth is truth. Even Zionist disinformation actor-agent Bill Hicks/Alex Jones walked back his comments on Sandy Hook. Sellout peasant bitch. Authentic humans operate in the real world, no matter how grim and wild the implications of the truth may be. If comfortability is what drives you, then you’re a sellout too.

Joe Biden (Clone) Hasn’t Been Human Since 1970s!! | New Age Tabloid Rundown. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

The Real Joe Biden Is Gone Forever

Who, or What Exactly is Joe Biden? What is Tucker Carlson Trying to Tell Us?

Jim Fetzer, Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”: Just Not the Same Guy

By. James Fetzer | | November 5, 2020

Jim Fetzer, Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”: Just Not the Same Having dealt extensively with body doubles (in the case of Paul McCartney and of Hillary Clinton, for example), it was probably easier for me to notice that the guy who debated Donald Trump on the national stage (twice, in fact, the second time in Nashville, TN) was not Joe Biden than for most of the public. Having made that observation, however, it became incumbent upon me to bring the matter to the attention of the appropriate authorities, where a submission has been made to the FBI Field Office in Nashville by a California attorney of note with support from my friend and colleague, Scott Bennett, who, like myself, is a former commissioned officer of the US military (Scott, Army; me, Marine Corps).As I understand the matter, the fraud involved here violates 52 USC 30102 on the organization of political committees, including the following:(e) Principal and additional campaign committees; designations, status of candidate, authorized committees, etc.(1) Each candidate for Federal office (other than the nominee for the office of Vice President) shall designate in writing a political committee in accordance with paragraph (3) to serve as the principal campaign committee of such candidate. Such designation shall be made no later than 15 days after becoming a candidate. A candidate may designate additional political committees in accordance with paragraph (3) to serve as authorized committees of such candidate. Such designation shall be in writing and filed with the principal campaign committee of such candidate in accordance with subsection (f)(1).(2) Any candidate described in paragraph (1) who receives a contribution, or any loan for use in connection with the campaign of such candidate for election, or makes a disbursement in connection with such campaign, shall be considered, for purposes of this Act, as having received the contribution or loan, or as having made the disbursement, as the case may be, as an agent of the authorized committee or committees of such candidate.

Be that as it may, the American people are entitled to know that the so-called Democratic Party has been perpetrating a fraud upon the public, where their designated candidate, Joe Biden, appears to be in the stages of Parkinson’s Disease, including the loss of his cognitive abilities, where the anti-dementia medication he is taking has the unfortunate side effect of incontinence, such that he could not participate in a public debate with his opponent, Donald Trump, for 90 minutes without changing his adult diaper. For that reason, it appears, the DNC resorted to “Plan B”, which was to use an actor who strongly resembles Joe Biden in his place. This has been done without notice to the American people and clearly constitutes a form of campaign fraud upon the public, which I substantiate as follows:


I, James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., declare and state as follows:

I have first-hand knowledge of the fact set forth hereinafter, or, at the least, based on the information stated herein, I have a good faith belief that the following is true and correct.

I am 79 years old.  My residence address is 800 Violet Lane, Oregon, WI 53575. My telephone number is (608) 835-2707 and my email address is

I watched the Presidential debates, and have studied the photographs, audio recordings, and visual information regarding the debates involving President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden, which occurred on 22 October 2020 at Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Avenue, in Nashville, Tennessee 37212.

  I am a former military office, who resigned his commission as a Captain, USMC, in 1966 to enter graduate school and earn a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, and a McKnight University Professor Emeritus of Philosophy on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota, from which I retired in June 2006 after a 35-year career in higher education.

  I have reason to believe that the person who appeared to debate President Trump was not the real Joe Biden, but another person (aka a “body double”). Comparing original photographs, and reviewing the debates several times, I have noticed that Joe Biden has free ear lobes, not attached ears, like his body double; that Joe Biden has a smooth chin, not a cleft chin, like his body double; and that Joe Biden also has a wider cranium than his body double.  Others, including myself, noticed that Joe Biden has blue eyes while his body double has brown. (See Exhibits A-F for photo comparisons.)

Based upon the foregoing—and other indications of less significance, such as that Joe Biden ties his tie with a double Windsor, but his body double only a single Windsor–I believe that the person appearing during the Presidential debates as Joe Biden was, in fact, an impostor (a body double) and not the former Vice-President of the United States of America.

If so, then I believe a great fraud has taken place over the nation’s airways to deceive the American people about the appearance, health and cognitive competence of the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States; and that such inconsistencies may justify an investigation and/or certification of the former Vice-President’s appearance and attendance.

 As far as the voice, I would defer to the analysis done by the FBI regional office in Nashville, Tennessee; but I understand that voice morphing technology has advanced to the point that even a body double can project a voice that is indistinguishable from that of the impersonated party.

 I shall make myself available to discuss this matter at any time, and would encourage, recommend and implore the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct any other measurable analytics to ascertain and determine whether or not Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, or an impostor (a body double) appeared in his stead at the first and second Presidential debates, held on 29 September 2020 and on 22 October 2020, respectively.

I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of Tennessee that, based on a good faith belief and information, the foregoing is correct and true.

Further Affiant Saith Not.

/s/ James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

Executed this 29th day of October 2020, at Oregon, WI 53575.

EXHIBIT A: Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”

Joe Biden has pendant ear lobes, his double does not. Biden has a smoother chin, his double strongly dimpled. Biden has a wider cranium, his double a narrower. His double appears to be a more diminutive version.

EXHIBIT B: They have different colored eyes

James Woods was the first to observe that the double has brown eyes, while Biden’s eyes are blue.

EXHIBIT C: These differences are repeatedly manifest

Thousands upon thousands of additional examples are readily available on the internet via a search.

EXHIBIT D: Some photos leave no room for doubt

It turns out that ears cannot be surgically altered and are just as distinctive as fingerprints.

EXHIBIT E: Body language reinforces their difference

The body double and Jill stand apart, not close together, where she is not beaming but appears to be distressed and he is not smiling, which is one of Joe Biden’s distinctive behaviors

EXHIBIT F: Body language likewise leaves no doubt

With the double, she looks grim, he is not smiling, and they are remain physically separated. She is not reacting the same way because this is not her husband. It would be easy to find a huge number of photos on-line, because they are using the double a lot.

Below are two links where you can purchase Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. I would suggest you buy it in hardcopy, not because I make more, I actually make the most from Amazon E books, but because you will avoid giving Amazon any money. Frankly you should be shooting Amazon employees in the street, Google & Facebook too.

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® ( Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books


  1. If anyone actually bothers to notice, the lever pullers have upped their game to suicide-not theirs, yours. Its not about loosh anymore, or whatever you want to call it. Its now about playing god and the big ugly is starting to come out.
    Ever wonder why the tribe has to continue to beat the corpse of WW2? Ever thought that maybe it never ended, just transformed?
    Expect a significant change, no Im not going on about presidents, dead or soon to be. They are just the dancing monkeys on the leash. If the bidenistas haven’t made that abundantly clear to you, well I don’t know.
    I expect a change, because the lever pullers think they can unleash their next ploy, and they think all anyone can do is watch. Its never really been up to them, since the day the first hooked nose degenerate sacrificed a chicken to Satan. The further they go from the universal flow the bigger the correction will be.
    There is no wisdom in the punish/suicide drive. Maybe thats not clear yet.
    There is no such thing as consensual reality. Your reality is based upon your agreements. Don’t give the keys to the undeserving.

    • Dear Mike, just some thoughts as I finish this podcast.

      It seems that individuals will now play a tune of their own; march to the beat of their own drum, through circumstances or will. The pipe organs, those well-oiled machines, greased with the blood of Life, have begun to sour their notes, their schreeches grinding against the Wheel of all that was and ever is. The gear of the clockworks will grind and fall. No longer can the animal-man, Man, Gods, and what-have-you sing a choir of One any longer. They shall sing their own tunes and march to their own vibes, a chaotic symphony. Yet as it is, those singing tides of roaring chaos will churn, churn the white foams of true Creation, true Freedom, true Life.

      • Poetic and mythic, well done Andrew.
        The more I put together the stuff of vision, the more it seems that on the world stage we are dealing with Her cosmic abortion.
        The flow of destiny demands that we achieve our transcendence through this struggle.
        I have every reason to believe that this will occur through the rise of the Goddess. I’ve written about this previously.
        The archetypal feminine is the heart of distinction, the difference, the individual. These facets are anathema to the global, the faceless, the monolithic.
        I can see that the huge institutions that currently dominate have now become the bane of life. They plan to abuse their power to even greater degrees, to install themselves as aborted gods.
        Yet the weave of destiny is leaving this unholy nightmare behind. The next phase will be very challenging. She will demand that we give it our all.

    • You pesky Rosicrucians, what have you done? You have been infiltrated and hijacked and weaponized. Welcome to the new war, same as the olden war.

      “Chiropractic just magically disappeared,” gone but not forgotten, ha ha ha yuk yuk yuk.
      Stan Del Carlo, D.C.

    • Ah, Sabrina Wallace. If she were on the up and up and the usual suspects had such technologies we wouldn’t need a military, just log into your computer and zap your enemy.
      Anything truly as dangerous as she says the she says it if real she would be dead as a hammer and not on bitchute.
      Another “bitchute” truther.
      What is she telling you? We are so powerful, just give up now because we will kill you in your house.
      And why was so much money time and effort spent upon getting everyone injected with vaxxines? Why bother right? Listen to the latest truther.

      • The tech is real and in the works. As I’ve said before electromagnetic energy manipulation is a double edged sword. Using your energy or self directing emf or tcm as opposed external unknown sources can be quite beneficial. The documents and studies she referred to are real. She connected the dots rather well I thought. Whether a fantasy or reality is in the individual’s experience.

      • The technology is valid nine, it’s what they were working at Dulce during the eighties and nineties. Having said that she denies the existence of the multiverse which makes her another useful idiot not a whistle blower. On the other hand, she is aware of the Nephilim but like all your truthers has no understanding of Babylonian relationships between them. She ought to read The Fall but regardless I wouldn’t be so dismissive of her.

        • She is allowed. It’s part of their weird religion of having what they are doing put out there in all its perverted glories.
          She herself admits that she is from a multi generational black opps family and also that she has been experimented on and raped as a child.
          Such creatures are allowed to roam free and tell “truths”? Me thinks she is simply a mouth piece for these powers.
          You must submit to the borg as we are all powerful.

          • Sabrina Wallace? She claims to have worked tech at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus.
            I will give you this, she describes the campus and the little town to a “T” since I am a local.

          • Yea well nine that was then this is now, she’s out of the loop from back in the day, she knows about the Nephilim, but she doesn’t know about me and my merry band of men (“men are coming, they can do things.” – Sarah the Nephilim, Twin Peaks the Return…).

          • Cool vibe Jack, not much around anymore.
            All those old hippies hate me because I won’t take the jab like they all did and never will and those old rebels yell at any that won’t obey what that .gov tells them what to do.
            Fuck em.

      • Nine,
        One thing I have noticed concerning the scientific world, there is a conflation of theory and reality, and so the proclimations made with a condition of utter certainty are stemming from this place.
        This is not limited to the technology discussed here.
        Personally, I do not believe the issue lies with the power of this tech-or lack thereof. The problem arises with the biotech being forced upon an unknowing and unwitting populace.
        Whether it works or not as advertised, in order for it to work at all, it must use some techno-interface. The internet of bodies thus is interference with human biology, especially once we start looking at synthetic biology. To me, the effect is simply another poison.
        The human auric field isn’t the only one, nor is it the most significant. All these fields actually intersect and interact dynamically, so plumbing the human is less significant than might first appear.
        Anyhow, the lever pullers are walking into a conundrum. Assuming they actually can turn people into receivers and batteries, they need one hell of a lot of people to do this with any degree of effectiveness, yet they are involved in the single greatest mass murder event in recorded history. It seems they are unclear about where their priorities lie.
        I note very strong similarities with the claim of building portals to the non material level of reality. Again, this is portrayed as some gigantic event, one which grants massive capabilities to the lever pullers.
        However, when I review the material I can’t help but notice that they never really get to the point about what makes any of it significant.
        It is funny, Nine, to consider the option that they are ultimately fooling themselves.

  2. Constitution? From the get go those that wrote it constructed it for the elites. For the owners.
    Notice Washington DC and all the Masonic monuments? America is a beast system.
    Nothing is going to change. Matter of fact it’s going to get worse since all those vaxxed people think alike and those not with the narritive are in a huge minority.
    My advice? Lay low and be in the remnant that survives. America right now is every man for himself and perhaps with a few friends and family if your lucky.
    I believe this to be the reality.
    We are surrounded by zombies Jack, and fixing this with a militia of some sort filled with zombies? Delusional at best.

    • In America’s rural areas? Those that revere the constitution also worship that State of Israel. Infected by the Evangelical mind virus, influenced by the vaxxines 60% of them took.
      The idea that those that created the country we live in now somehow are going to fix what we have now is beyond delusional.
      They want a revolt Jack. But none of this is going to turn out how they want it.

      • Guns? Guns are useless against frequency weaponry.
        I think the meme is bringing a knife to a gun fight.
        This reality? A place where the beast is isolated.
        Fighting for any ideology in this current realm means no matter how well intended one eventually serves the beast except for Adolph Hitler and the SS, the most demonized person and organization in world history.
        The beast has studied and has learned from the national socialist period in Germany.
        Potential militia candidates in America can’t even see what Trump actually is and you want me to join with them? I see Trump and his followers as tools of the beast along with the co opted truther movement.
        Just what I see.

    • And your vaunted Virginia militia Jack? Infected with that Evangelical mind virus? They will set up a zionist Christian theocracy worse than what the Islamic mullahs did in Iran.
      You don’t at all understand the American Evangelical mindset, that also a product of Langly.
      To much truth? More proof that this realm is beast controlled.
      We shall see how this plays out.

      • The American Evangelical Christian and its churches, feeders to any militia movement are all for that genocide in palistine same genocide conducted against native Americans 150 years ago. Perhaps whites were drawn here as tools of the beast and now have out lived there usefulness and themselves to be genocide?
        Just an observation.

        • Some great comments nine and I ain’t joining any militia that takes Trumptards and Jesus freaks myself but your overlooking the fact that the SS was very selective in who they took.

  3. Last year your cousin “theSageOfQuay” posted a story and video regarding the death of Joe Biden where a woman claiming she was Biden’s grand-daughter said he died then two years ago or more, and I don’t know when that video was recorded but I watched it. I had already read about that matter for a long time so it did not surprise me. You have stated the same thing about Hillary Clinton; the year she died and who did it, in one of your posts. Others are “replicants”, mr D, mr R. Kennedy jr being replaced. In a world where so many only participate it via a screen it is hard to know who is still alive or real/really speaking.

    Several days ago I did again feel so tired of all of that vaccine talk, how many people died due to “Long Covid”, the vaccine or not, and of course the vaccine did not cause Long Covid, that is never an option to “real” scientists, nor is the wave-forms that the two of your now have shared facts about in at least 4 podcasts that I have listened to these past months/half a year, and before that in articles (Phil Hunter’s and yours). Now they want to find the cause of it all; more money from the state, to do some more research, but as long as they refuse to even listen or read what the two of your, Lee Merrit and other doctors and scientists have found out (, well, good for them, that they will earn a lot of money on simply being ignorant. Maybe somebody will give them the Noble Prize in medicine one day…

    That day I sat down and I was thinking about the crazy politics of this country I am living in where the people in our government give away our resources to every other country in this world to “help” them, and now Ukraine is their favorite country, while the police force have been in great lack of helicopters long before the Utøya-terror incident which was a very embarrassing day proving it, and the people of Northern Norway hardly have a helicopter to fetch sick people and take them to E.R.’s/hospitals, and the politicians are even trying to close the hospital completely so soon there maybe be no hospitals left up there. This happens while the Norwegian Ministery of Defence and police force are so “poor”, in lack of funding, that we are not able to defend our own country from what they call our enemy; Russia. Trump’s attitude is to not help countries like mine by protecting us if we are attacked, and who can blame him when the U.S. is bankrupt and only printing money endlessly to keep the head above the water. So for years they have fooled us telling us that our Uncle Sam will protect us together with our loving neighbor Great Britain and the rest if we are attacked so we do not need a strong national defence force, and look who was walking besids us on the beach? No footprints there, and it was not because Jesus was carrying us (the poem “The Footprint”), it was because we are more alone than ever, no matter how great a military show they are performing right now at the border to Russia in Finnmark, NATO’s Nordic Response or what ever they call it now, with Finnish tanks etc comping up from the sea, just to provoke Russia which seems to be their favorite game. Maybe the bear will get too angry one day, but who cares as long as peaceful NATO is among us.

    So, “that day”, when I wrote about the helicopters I was feeling slightly “p**sed off” and just wrote about it, for instance that the lack of helicopters is a dream-situation for persons like Anders Behring-Breivik. When I pushed the post-button on Substack it totally disappeared for the first time, and I never got a copy of it into my mailbox. I thought it had been deleted by Substack. I do read news several times per day, and I have done that for many years. To my great surprise a short while after having switched off my PC, and I don’t know how many minutes or hours afterwards it was, I read that a helicopter had falllen down into the sea after having left an oil-platform. It sank. Five persons survived, one woman died. I have not heard that this was a terror act. The people on board where such people whose job it is to rescue others on oil platforms and such, professionals but training. The helicopter which was sent out there to rescue them had to return back to land because it did not have enought fuel… Embarrassing, and a tragic accident it surely was.

    The next day to my surprise I found it very far down in between very old posts, with a picture of a wooden eagle that I have here at home. I was wondering why Substack did that to my post. It was never sent out to me or any other subscriber, and that is the first time this has happened to me.

    I have grately appreciated listening to all of your 47 podcasts and posts of course, though there are many I have to delve much deeper into; videos I would like to listen to, but thanks. This is about what is going on in France: French mayors threatened by right-wing radicals:

    And this where I wrote about helicopters:—-THEME-PREVIEW—-

    Well, I wish you luck with your study of simulated reality and will miss your podcasts if you stop doing it.


    Watch till the end…

    I was wondering, where is the new episode- Conversations from the Porch episode and there it was…just, saying to alluding to anything.

    Here is colder, again, but still too hot for this time of year…no snow only rain.

    Temperature is around 7 C or 44.6 F
    Great job, dear gentlemen.


    • It’s about – 3.8 Celsius here for the last two nights HP. Not much left of the Magnolia bloom but the temperatures are supposed to start going back up today and reach 24 Celsius by Thursday. I knew there was something alive and alien in that vaccine from day 1, even did a parody of Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles on that vile criminal platform; Patreon. Tiny Cthulhu’s in the vaccine make me feel happy, make me feel fine. That’s the one that got me thrown off. I should have never got involved with this woman; nothing can be done to help these people once they reject their Cthulhu they are attacked by their own immune system. I’m telling you we are gonna end up having to use a flame thrower on all of them…

      • Sorry for the late response…I did not get Zee message that you commented…
        My good man I am ready, I am a life-fire…I do it for free or for hire.

        Happens, a lot lately, sudden, uncontrolled outbursts of hate, and I am always polite and considerate I think(know) little devils can smell us…

        On Saturday I had to explain to some youngling that you never know with whom you are talking too, let’s say I just gave him a scare, my wife was with me in the tram, so I controlled the situation.

        I look like a Viking, with long hair and a semi-gray beard… I am not exactly small, but still, it happens, from time to time if I put my guard down..which is more than strange.

        Plus I have” this look” in my eyes when I am angry… and, most of the time this is enough to scare them into submission.

        I mean kids, will be kids but this is different…our kids are still polite and many of them, don’t care too much about nonsense coming from dream factories like Hollywood or Netflix.

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