Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 48, Sabrina Wallace


There were thirty-three subprojects for MK-Ultra that to this very day are beyond top secret. When MK-Ultra came to light in the seventies these projects were hidden behind the National Security Act but when you throw your lead bacteriologist out a thirteenth story window in front of Madison Square Garden in a macabre demonstration of Masonic omnipotence certain things can be assumed. One of them is the thirty-three secrets still protected today by the National Security Act are biological in nature. From triggering extinction events to controlling humans through the bacteria they consist of it has all become just another day at the office in places like Camp Detrick, Porton Down, Edgewood and the Dugway Proving Grounds. 

Allowing these latter-day sorcerers and professional poisoners to exist in our midst carte blanche will perhaps be the last mistake the human race ever makes. There was always bound to be a COVID, and it’s bound to get worse. – Jack Heart, September 30, 2020

In 1922, the great Irish novelist James Joyce published his landmark work Ulysses. It’s said that he had been commenting on the times when he wrote “I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.” 

By 1966 in homage to that line, the iconic British rock and roll band The Rolling Stones would plead to “see the sun blotted out from the sky.” They exhorted the empire’s children to “Paint it Black!”

No doubt by 1944, when they saw which way the wind was blowing, the empire had already decided to Paint it Blue, all of it. This is a story about Bluebirds and Bluebooks, Have Blue, Project Blue Beam and a Blue Planet Project. But like every other story it has a beginning which along with its ending is the only part that is really true… 

In 1947 Andrija (Henry) K. Puharich received his medical doctorate from Northwestern University through the Army Specialized Training Program. While he had still been in school, he had burst into the field of cognitive science with his ground-breaking paper: Theory of Nerve Conduction. The paper postulated that neuron units radiate and receive waves of energy in the ultra-shortwave bands below infrared and above the radar spectrum; effectively making them a biological radio, a receiver-transmitter.

Puharich’s theory was an epiphany for José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, who held a fellowship at Yale at the time Puharich published and is widely believed to have been the lead technical scientist in the CIA’s infamous MK Ultra project. About a half a decade later Delgado would co-author his first paper on implanting electrodes into human brains. He would go on to author one hundred and thirty-four scientific publications over the next two decades on electrical stimulation of cats, monkeys and humans.

A born showman, Delgado once had a bull with one of his patented ‘stimoceiver’s’ implanted in its brain charge him in the middle of a bull ring in Cordoba Spain. Unperturbed, he pressed a button on his hand-held remote control and stopped the beast in mid charge. He was an outspoken proponent of a better world through cybernetic mind control. He even wrote a book on the subject titled Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilised Society. He was the ideal villain, while Puharich worked from the shadows… Interning Puharich carried out experiments with drugs that were sponsored by Sandoz Chemical Works, the pharmaceutical company that developed LSD.

During that period, he was influenced by the pioneering work of Joseph Banks Rhine, the founder of parapsychology and upon completion of his Internship Puharich studied ESP as an extension of his work with nerve conduction at university. Always in the mood for ‘explanations’ he once remarked that what he was “trying to establish is that the brain is an area wherein is localized the cell energy of the body. I shall label this cell energy ‘dynamics.’ I further venture to say that transference of dynamics from one person to another is possible.” (1) 

Puharich pointed out that it was common knowledge “that there are people who can thrill and exhilarate one, and that there are others who simply bore and fatigue one. This implies that there is a wireless, touchless transfer of this vital substance. If dynamics can be transferred from one organism to another, why cannot that other function of the mind – thought, also be transferred from one mind to another mind? It is also conceivable that dynamics not only passes freely between persons, but also dissipates out into the atmosphere.” (2)

In 1949 Puharich met Eileen Garrett, the founder of the Parapsychological Foundation in New York City (NYC). She would introduce him to John Hays Hammond Jr, the man who would be his closest friend for the next decade and in Puharich’s own words his “mentor.” (3)

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia hails Hammond as “The Father of Radio Control.” 

That means sending signals to remote controlled devices. A product of Yale and filthy rich from birth, Hammond passed away in 1965 at seventy-six, owning 800 foreign and domestic patents on more than 400 inventions, primarily in the fields of radio control and naval weaponry.

By 1929 Hammond had built his own castle replete with drawbridge overlooking Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. It’s now a museum offering guided tours of its legendary Roman, medieval and renaissance art collection.

To Read the Rest: MK Ultra – Cybernetic Mutation, Remote Controlled Slaves, Dragon Soldiers and a Zombie Empire; Paint it Blue by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (jackheartblog.org)

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  1. I was Wrong (S. Burns Geophysicist) about the Schumann Resonance.
    Mar 21, 2024 HUNGARY

    Do you think the reciprocating relationship of the present Earth Planet Being that integrates all the Human collective electro-magnetic biofields, is now severely contaminated in “Black Magic”, and is way beyond damage control, on this World?


    • Stan,
      Science is at its core precise measurement. Thus the important question is: what exactly is being measured?
      What I saw wasn’t a measure of the resonance, but a measure of interference, which itself was pretty awesome, because it really helps to build an image of far greater beauty and complexity, one where mankind is an interactive nexus, which is what the greatest mystics have been saying for a very long time.
      But before we let this get to our heads, we need to remember that the cause is primary to the effect. What happens on the higher levels of emanation is not effected by the chaos of the lower.
      So, are they measuring the Schumann resonance, or are they merely revealing the interaction field layered upon it?
      You decide.

      • The connecting resonance of the human “fine fluidal energy,” within the Earth’s resonance, being broadcasted as planetary carrier waves, are being flooded by malignant human “swinging waves.”
        Sometimes I can receive a very harmonic distant signal, from sources unseen.

        • No disagreement that there are very dark forces here and now. I’ve had my posterior handed to me by them often enough to be anything but keenly aware of such.
          So, lets take a step back for a moment. A knife can prepare food, and is also capable of inflicting nasty, even fatal wounding. So, a physical object has a wide range of application, but what is the source? Some might correctly state that the true knife always exists beyond that physical object.
          The point of spirituality is to know that true knife.
          Once one knows that true knife, using the physical ones becomes direct, even an engaging challenge to accomplish required tasks.
          The malignancy is then our teacher, the one force that gives us a reason and a purpose to the quest for the true knife.

          • Yes, to be a real evolved fearless butt kicker, to be whip cracking smart on demand, that comes with the wisdom that cuts like a knife, forged in lifetimes of acquired inherent skills.

  2. E.T. Encounters, Special Ops, Alien Craft Recoveries and Sighting

    The late Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, a renowned UFO researcher, shared his lifelong journey in ufology, detailing encounters with extraterrestrials, exploring US military special programs, and revealing intriguing cases of Alien craft sightings and investigations.
    00:08 – Introduction
    01:11 – German UFO Research
    03:33 – Project Sign
    05:27 – Project Grudge
    10:23 – UFOs in the Arctic
    14:49 – The 200 Foot Diameter UFO
    16:32 – Confirming the UFO Cover-Up
    18:02 – The Tucson, Arizona UFO Incident
    23:55 – The UFO Investigator Who Was Silenced
    29:32 – Where the Aliens Come From
    32:12 – The Many Different Species of Aliens
    34:27- The Alien Objective
    36:06 – The Exchange of Alien Technologies
    38:05 – The Difficulties in Harnessing Alien Tech
    40:04 – The Kingman, Arizona UFO Incident
    41:38 – The Los Alamos Involvement in the UFO Cover-Up
    42:53 – UFO Cases That Are Never Investigated
    43:35 – UFO Metal Samples
    49:38 – The Largest UFO Picture Collection in the World
    50:54 – The Billy Meier Case
    55:05 – The Validity of Billy Meier’s UFO Evidence
    59:48 – The Day Billy Meier Vanished

    A large number of UFO problems are solved as it is explained in detailed sequences starting with the Germans. In the 1960s the military/government was given technology from certain ET visitors, which in order to operate, required a telepathic input. They didn’t know how to make this happen, so things failed until….?
    They told him to shut up or, get set up on with a felony conviction, and go to prison, which they did make materialize as promised.


  3. Great stuff Jack! Phil! Sabrinamania is running wild-she sure has some energetic thoughts. This simulated reality, this projection, if nothing is really physically here, nothing solid, just energy and space, particles made up of particles smaller to infinity in a universe expanding to infinity, then no wonder they think they can and want to hack it, like Jack said they are not multidimensional beings – so they hate nature, hate humanity, hate life and embrace transhumanism, and something does want souls, and they gladly serve to help provide them. Thanks for everything you write Jack, thanks to both of you for the podcasts, and thanks for the huge book reading list you have steered me into!

    • Eloquently said Sr, eloquently said. Maybe I spoke out of turn, for them there is no multiverse, but I can tell you this much; they can and do feel the pain…

    • When I some years ago read about that Ukrainian/Russian female journalist who was murdered because of what she discovered in Ukraine and Google Jigsaw’s involvement in that according to you know who, I asked myself the same question, but talking about black or whitness in the U.S. or elsewhere, it is sort of like saying that the founding forefathers of the Filipinos where White Americans, can we not all see that today? It is written all over their faces. We all love the U.S.A. and that is why you have your military bases in almost every country of the world, and the ones who do not are in danger of being anhiliated if they do not receive you and secure the existence of Israel.

      If the alien controllers from other worls outside of this paradigm-box we are living in are tired of letting the white chessboard parts rule this world they may now have fun changing the way we perceive the world, telling us now it is time for the blacks, folks. This may be a direct result of what the Jewish-Christian farmers and slave owners did to the blacks for hundreds of years. Israel has a right to excist, but not “whites”. Only the Fox News -kind of whites who cooperate with ADL etc. They are the exeption that confirms the rule (Unntaket som bekrefter regelen, in Norwegian).


      Amundsen has now resigned. Too much whiskey, too much love for Israel (?) and a Facebook comment in an excited moment (March 8th9 where he said women are not able to see the difference between the upper or downside of a penis.


      So it is true, you gotta be lovin’ the blacks and the Jews and allied Christians, but do not be too outspoken of your love for the white race, because then Google AI will imprison you by silencing you completely and label you as a Anti-Semite, but still at least you Jack have a white face in their “Facebook”-store or “Book of life”. Those who are excluded because of the “wrong” faith Rev (Fox in Norwegian) will sentence to an eternal condemnation among the right-believing folks. Don’t you know that is true democrazy? Democrats are the right-beliving darlings, and they have the “experts” and correct-believing meek scientists on their side (amenable, those who say amen when being threatened as a means of survival).

      The Hamiltones – Gotta be lovin me

      • You say I don’t read your comments so let me answer this one whatever. You are missing the entire point. Perhaps you need to reread Chaioth ha-Qadosh – Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II. The human race is under attack by an alien intelligence which means to steal the soul of every man, woman and child in this world. Everything you see in front of you is unnatural because it is winning, and this is bound to end with the death of the entire human race with the possible exception of China that has firewalled Google out. This is not about races, who did what to who or even about the Jews. This is about the continuation of human existence…


        • Yes, I knew that. I did not miss that point. I have read and listened to all of the podcasts and articles where you for instance mention black goo, and aliens stealings human souls. However, in an envirenment as this where people from the outside – who are not used to the slang (slange is snake in Norwegian, by the way) – this page and also the substack appears to be full of racial slur. You are good at telling people when they overstepped a line that only you could see, listen to the bell, listen to the last fire truck from hell (“I’ll remember you” when I have forgotten all the rest), a.s.o. and you are also very good at letting me know that I am the only one among the readers who do not “get” what you are saying, and that is embarrassing to you as if that makes you appear like a bad writer. You know yourself how good you are. I don’t mind being the only idiot in here. I am fine. Don’t worry. Well, we are the soulful chewing gum of the aliens. We better start thinking right so that maybe the waves can be bent in the right direction. Don’t stand up gentlemen, I am only passing through.

  4. No doubt Google is pushing this woman with everything they got. In 2014 she would have been laughed off the internet but with advent of the “Trust Project” in 2017 Google gained the power to fix search’s and insure what gets seen and what doesn’t. Her popularity is a splendid example of why the internet is not to be trusted anymore. If Google is not stopped ASAP Sabrina will soon be lecturing at Harvard and will have a syndicated television show…

  5. We are changing with the dance of this world.
    The dance of the world, is a feminine desire, and she has grown tired of the stupid game of Monopoly.
    You can fly with Her serpentine form, she is our mom, and she enjoys the company.
    Fucking obama, trying to wreck your mind with his dumbass movie, towering multinationals sacrificing to Satan, the terrified ignorant running around with masks, are they surgeons?
    Many fear the pain and the honesty it takes, to have it dawn on you that you aren’t so special, or chosen after all.
    It begins now on the individual level. Just let your fantasies of godjews and empires slide away.
    The towers of babble only hold you through habit, and your own refusal to embrace the soil you are destined to greet.
    There is no power for you to conform to, the truth within is all you need seek.
    Flow with the river, breathe with the breeze, the chimera of the abuse society is on its own borrowed time.
    So many seek to hold together what the chosen parasites have decided to destroy, yet the life and identity, the love to keep it going is also the desperation of having nothing else.
    If the inner work be done a truer identity will come.
    You can dance with her serpentine form.

  6. Here is some recent passing conversation regarding this Multiverse of the Creation. This subject matter has been presented and explained many times in the past. The 7 Universes/The 7 Belts.

    English Translation
    880th Contact
    Saturday, 9th March 2024, 00:04 hrs

    Yes good, but that should be an exception, just that I answer questions this way, because that is not what our conversations are for. But if I am here now, I still want to answer this question here from Alois Seiler, because I think it is important that there is clarity about this, and also: what I promised to do, I also want to keep. So: travelling to other times, travelling back to earlier times or future journeys are indeed journeys to other time dimensions, but they always take place in the same universe. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Plejaren are dimensionally shifted to our time, because Erra, their home world, is not located in any dimension of this universe, because they come here from a completely different universe, which is, however, one of our Creation, which contains 7 different universes, each of which of course has its own countless dimensions of the past and the future, as is the case in every universe. The 7 dimensions of the 7 universes of Creation are spatially separated only by the type of dimensions and exist practically in the same place as we do. However, since this type of dimension is shaped differently from the past and future of our universe, there is no tangent between the 7 universes of Creation, so the Plejaren have to create openings from their Ankar universe in order to enter our universe. This takes place in various places in our cosmos, such as hundreds of light-years beyond the Pleiades stars that we can see from Earth. For this reason, and also because imposters appeared and allegedly ‘registered’ contact with ‘Plejadians’, when I then went public, we first deliberately falsely called the Plejaren ‘Plejadians’ in order to expose the impostors in due course and then call the Plejaren by their real name.

  7. the crucial misdirection here is that you have not influence that you have no say in this simulation that they are omnipotent. if that is true why would they need all that effort, all that mighty Wurlitzer to influence your thoughts? so I would suggest that there is no spoon, that if you don’t abide by their rules that are invalid they have have no power. this train of thought would explain their unexplainable behavior

    • Yes, if that was not the case then what Jack (and others here) are practicing on, bending the waves, creating your own world/simulation; getting rid of the unseen chains of the controllers whose forces is an attack upon ones autonomy as an individual, destroying one’s life by turning one into a slave of the will of hostile entities, whether alien or “human”, would be a waste of time. Faith or “trust yourself” (Bob Dylan song) is required even for Luciferians in believing that one are doing is worth the effort and actually can be achieved.

      I have heard that women are easier to manipulate than males. I have also heard that men are supposed to be very masculine and that aggression is good, exemplified with real tough male music with Thor and Odin on drums and guitar. It also helps eating hormones in order to get more aggressive like an oxen in order to defend oneself, one’s woman/women (some like many wives) and familly; kids, from intruders (of another race, aliens). Women are supposed to be not aggressive, not even silently aggressive, because that is a negative thing. Also women ideals are very big boobs, very “fuckable” approach with an aura that is not “boring”, since that will be like being that sort of “black oil”-type that is sitting at the other side of your kitchen table sucking the life “sh*t” out of a man, and that aura can even be so strong that it can radiate out in all of the universes, but is easy to detect. Finding a good role model for women is difficult, but being sexy and “føyelig”; which is a word I do not care about checking what is in English, will help. Singing “you belong to me” will not help either, unless a man sings it.

      Have a very nice, exciting day. If I ever return from this exit knowing what to call myself is difficult, but I would not call myself “Hunterland”, “Jackland”, “Orageland” or “HappyParrotland”. Jack hardly reads what I say “anymore” anyway, so why bother having a name?

        • I did not send you 5 lengthy e-mails pr day. I sent you five during a period of close up to five days, and it could have been easier if one had a chatline, but I am not a part of your inner circle. However, I do understand you are a busy writer, working 24/7 and you have people here who write sometimes 10 comments pr post you publish, and that I do not. Women however are labelled as “talkative”, while men are often viewed as intelligent no matter how much they babble. And I am not crying.

  8. It seems we have closed the book on this lady. Yet 100x more views than those producing more usable data. Too much junk with buzzwords to baffle the seekers with bs.

  9. I was 100 percent sure this exact episode would be on the air today, what that makes me..haha…

    What they are doing, they are still throwing shit on the wall and trying to figure out what will stick.

    I could write a whole essay on this, but maybe next time…

    What I posted has 46 OOO of views I watched one of her videos and put her in the drawer immediately.

    She is being used to scare people, this lady has many valid points but the main point is…she is wrong, horribly wrong.

    They try to gain the main prize not the idiots of this world…they already got them…no hunt is aimed at bigger fish, but bigger fish can smell them from miles away.

    All comes down to one thought: you need to let the vampire in..nobody else can do it, and this can not be done by force, intimidation, or any other nasty idea.

    How can you convince highly moral, conscious beings to do immoral things….it can’t be done.

    Good luck breaking the Alfathers code.

    I am a solutions guy, give us a valid solution, and many are prepared to listen.

    Maybe coexistence is the solution, not war…who knew?


    Thank you, Phil and Jack, it was a very entertaining and insightful episode.


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