The Truth about Flight MH370: Decoding a Decade of Deception | Redacted with Clayton Morris



“10 years ago… Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to its intended destination in Beijing. But It never arrived and neither did the 227 passengers and 12 crew members whose family members have been in anguish ever since. What happened to their loved ones? Who’s covering up the real story?

10 years have now passed and we finally might have some leads as to what caused this disappearance. Ashton Forbes has in many ways devoted his life to figuring out what happened here and we decided to invite Ashton on to talk about some of this new evidence. “

The Truth about Flight MH370: Decoding a Decade of Deception | Redacted with Clayton Morris (

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  1. More truth on Netflix then on any “troofer” site Jack.

    On their new series called “three body Problem” they took it right from your two part tome on Lucifer and the temple of the dog articles you wrote a few years ago. Did they send you a check?
    Its the story of a civilization that is on a planet around a tri sun system that gets destroyed at regular intervals and hence has to start over. They reached out in to space and “heard” earth sending out signals and they decided to come to our world to live. In the plot, it will take the “santi” 400 years to arrive. The plot then becomes predictable and a bit lame but the gist of the plot is based upon your writtings.
    check it out on Netflix. Don’t here any so called “troofers” like your cousin discussing this. LOL

  2. Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
    Kann man uns am Himmel sehen
    Wir haben angst und sind allein
    Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein


  3. Its hard to watch Clayton Morris and his “wifie” since they are the same person.
    Clayton is the wife in a wig, with lighting and make up and is a total opp.
    San Fransisco truth pointed this out in one of his videos. One thing about Clayton is that I bet he makes a lot of money with his schteckt. LOL

    • really take a look at Natalie Morris and you will get my drift here Jack. Is this bad? Perhaps a bit deceptive as what else is deceptive that Mr. and Mrs. Morris speak of?

      Just and observation Jack. San Fransisco truth pointed out the nature of Redacted on one of his videos as its just the nature of the internet and media in general.
      more truth on Netflix.

      • I tried listening to that San Francisco Truth link nine, I can’t. All that ranting about Luciferians when it is the Jews and the Evangelical Christians that got us to where we are now is nothing but calculated grandstanding for the failed Trumptards who finally get it, that it was Trump that did this to them. Okay their smarter than the ones still wearing Maga caps but not much smarter. The SS were Luciferian and they fought to the death against international Jewry and Bolshevism. These fat pigs fought against them for international Jewry and Bolshevism. Well, they won and now they got what they fought for. They are a dying animal, killed by their own stupidity. They don’t want to hear you or me and frankly I couldn’t give a shit, let them die by their own hand and they can take their plastic Jesus with them.

        • I filled San Fran in on the nature of the Abrahamic religions Jack. Evil comes from them on this planet. Even my Hitler pal can’t let it go as I have repeatedly explained to him the nature of the SS and their total opposition to the origin of Abrahamic evil, the jew who as is well documented run Christianity and Islam.
          I pointed this out repeatedly to San Fran and recieved abuse for my trouble by an ignorant Christian commenter. However, San Frans relevance is in his visions of the beast and its false prophet and the trap in this world are the holy books themselves keeping men enslaved by the mind virus.

          • Also, San Frans visions center around the San Fransisco Bay area being the very heart of the beast and its systems.
            This makes him very relevant Jack and also like you his bitchute page is heavily censored and he is getting trouble from jews as he works as a carpenter in San Fransisco. A jew threw his dog off a 15 foot balcony nearly killing the poor thing causing many thousands in vet bills.
            Also, he is not kind to the jews that run San Fransisco Jack just saying.

          • I would have killed that jew if it were my dog Jack. Simple as that for abusing a dog like that but according to San Fran that city is totally run by the tribe worse than New York and one needs work to eat.
            He is a good man Jack.
            Just what I see.

          • Agreed, San Francisco is worse than NYC. Booz Allen Hamilton, Bechel, the Bohemian Grove, the Pelosi’s stop me I’m going to wretch. Well, I did learn about that silver crown Schlomo gave tRump, didn’t know that one. Orange Jesus will finish America and all the morons who voted for him off, mark my words. It’s a symmetrical plan and they love symmetry…

        • In his video he talks of Trump receiving a silver crown from 169 orthodox Rabbis calling him the prince of peace believing him to be the Messiah.
          San Fran calls Trump a false prophet of the beast along with his brain dead followers. Like your cousin sorry to say.
          We are in total agreement here as let them believe as they please and then suffer the consequences.
          Well Jack, I crown you King of the Internet as truly the last man standing for truth and the will of Spirit and our creator.
          I am certainly done with the place as we here all are strangers in a strange land.

          • He is confused about who Lucifer is Jack because all the truthers throw around the term Lucifarain.
            My next comment to him will be that I am a Lucifarian. Lucifer doesn’t do all the phisical evil in this world but followers of Abrahamic religion certainly do.
            The point in this video is he proves Trump is a false prophet of the beast system and jews its servants along with their fellow abrahamics the Christians and Islamic.
            This is so clear to see. Everytime he mentions lucifarain I will hammer this home. Like my Hitler pal and his fantasies of Christianity actually fighting the jews and winning. LOL

          • Well Jack, even Harry Voxx is headed for the hills somewhere down in the south land away from the Jew and its servants that really run america. dont here dear jimmy doer talking about that little truth so how is he any better then the new CEO of NPR?
            here is truth, the internet is a weapon against the people to create what we see happening and its been all game theroried out Jack. These guys both sound like trump rubes as if voting will matter.

          • our dear jimmy just gave an op ed on Adolph Hitler comparing him to the worst communist tyrants like pol pot.
            he is full of shit just like or worse then the CEO of NPR or better yet cut from the same cloth.
            Just what I see Jack. love HP but he needs to shut this shit off.

          • What is truth in the age of the internet? The purpose of “truth” is to raise your dopemine levels through the development of anger based upon the policies of the .gov and its servants run by jews.
            Anger fuels actions and opinions based upon a chemical reaction inside ones own body. So, its a very subtle form of minipulation that I and you are immune to. Of course our dear jimmy doesnt at all frown upon plugging his live tour of course for the greater good of his wallet. At least my pal, san fransisco truth is not at all monitized nor does he have a studio nor a fancy microphone but and old iphone and a shitty old laptop.
            Just and honest opinion based upon 20 minutes of jimmy doer.

          • TED or Dore whats the difference? best to shut it off.
            Thats the problem your cousin has with his “troof” site and all the trump retards that follow the “savior” of america.
            The civilization as it stands can’t survive and only a remnant is going to survive whats coming.
            Our elites and their “tech” is like the atomic bomb that had to be activated by German technology along with the ley lines of Caffee if they even exploded a so called bomb.
            So they disappeared a plane, the Germans vanished a civilization.
            I did’nt say this you did Jack.

  4. So the drone was there to record the whole event, to prove to the non-western world that their stuff can be made to disappear forever into the ninth circle of oblivion. So now ten years later, how’s that working out now for the war gods of the west?

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