I got nothing to say. I’ll let the real stats speak for themselves. I would say send money, guns and lawyers but the last two are just as useless to me as your current government is to you. If you want to help, send money, those of you that have and are these kinds of stats are the fruits of your labor, we can’t do this without you…


  1. So, I hear that the Russians just shut off the GPS systems for the entire Baltic region as a demo of their electronic warfare capabilities? LOL
    So, here upon the human, you talk about how everything is a function of frequency and if that concept gets out no one will join any military.
    They have to suppress this information to keep the game going Jack.
    I rode my bicycle from the Wisconsin state line 40 miles south into Illinois and even there covid is over and I had several conversations with folks about the vaxxines and even these hard core morons are seeing that they got lied to.
    And white men know that it’s game over since all decent paying jobs are given to women mostly and then to black folks.
    And if you don’t make 200000 a year in the Chicago area you are totally screwed. And these women? Will end up alone living with a cat looking for love post 35 on the internet. As they look for a man in the same status their in, trouble is all the decent men were cut out and put into poverty.
    I am old Jack and simply laugh at what I see. However, the state of Illinois built some fine trails for me to ride on.

    • Hey what’s wrong with cats nine? Their less trouble than women. Two hundred thousand a year is about right for two hundred square feet in NYC. With about a quarter of it going for rent and the rest paying three times what I pay for the same commodities here in good old Tennessee. If they budget maybe they can spend a week in the Bahamas where they can watch my son in law Prince Schlomo win or lose, it makes little difference to him, what they make in a year in a night at the Blackjack table. They are the living dead nine, talk about useless eaters. The vaxxine did us a favor, we the food producing rural White folk can no longer carry them on our backs thanks to runaway inflation.

      • its not the cats Jack, poor things, its those women.
        However, society is now pushing assisted suicide as an option for them.
        Their good and woke now so they can have at it.
        Vaxxed and full of the narrative with their corporate jobs worse than slavery and you should see the men. I laugh at them Jack and when in Chicago land as I pass most of them on the bike trail I always have to laugh at them. Now the young men ride ebikes. Saw a young fat guy on a 10000 dollar trek ebike all dressed up to look like a stealth racing bike. LOL