Beyond known stars

behind the synthetic, overlapping farce

Awaits… philosophic quarrel of honorable saints

Living Nightmare

or instant gratitude

wasted unbalanced fortitude

rightful forgiveness

packaged as immortal solitude

Humungulus awakened in an empty jar

Self-important Conscience soaring to go far

Take care of Red or Blue Tzar

Pick your part

try to look

especially smart

no matter how close

or distantly far

vote for the right side of the entropic law


chained diffusion


manic ignition

Beyond Good and Evil

lies the naked heart of Evel Knievel

Is he real?

has he signed the mortified deal?

Can he, at last, feel?

White Cosmos arising as black fruitless onion,

refreshing doubt is hidden like a savage-released oxymoron

nature in her serenity slowly peels

tortured pain, steadily keels

fractured starlight and valiant moonlight,

eugenic facade wasted on one singular sight

Are you born wrong

are you born right?

Can you fight

do you…

already belong to the forgettable pleasure of hungry night?

Amazing quotes for Holly Army of Semantic Robots

Amazing songs for those who will be born

Pavlovian(dog) Cathedral of Herd morals

Sophocles’ pyramid of ingrained marching orals

metaphysical construct in man-made door

a stoic house without functional floors

a dead heart without an organic odor

Can independent thought

be cheaply bought?

Is nothing built free…

are, we just too blind to see?

Extinction always needs a willing mouth

nothing else to empty mind has been thought

For inflated, starving coalition

all sane world is the daring opposition

to misguided Machiavellian ambition

Unreal world

always breeds jagged swords

misguided questions are raised

without the right admiring words

Somber untruthful accords

always produce

stagnant and opaque-looking lords

They don’t rule


just whip the but of the exited mule

Beyond Good and Evil

whispers the land of Thule

Is the hyperborean moral cruel?

Does a dominant fire

needs Antichrist as boneless, yearning crucified fuel?

Is artistic madness just another, inferior verse in the epic duel?

Are we subconsciously torn?

Beyond Good and Evil

are we purposelessly born?

Beyond Good and Evil

moral code evaluates the presence of the Devil

Does the naked heart of Evel Knievel



the judgment of




Are we all the same

do superb thoughts

carry all the



“More or Less Edited, a Whole Book Could Be Written Here, but I Always Seek New Things and Stimuli, and I Don’t Have Time to Dwell on One Article for 7 Days or Two Weeks.

The Lack of Perfection, Imperfection of a Work or an Article Sometimes Is a Spontaneous Act of Perfection, and on the Other Hand, at Least You Know It Wasn’t Written by Artificial Intelligence.

How Much Freedom Does the Human Mind Truly Need, Which Shapes Its Reality… a Smile, a Whisper, the Need for Love, Pain, Sadness, or Something Completely Different?

“Three problems and you’re not here,” as we jokingly say here.

When the world, seemingly completely insane, simply spins and repels from you, are we in reality or is that reality revolving around us dishonestly trying to destroy our good day or even better, good morning?

A mass of irregularities screams at our souls and tries to drag us into a muddy ditch full of darker truths… because if you don’t feel bad, fearful, if you’re not constantly afraid of players like Putin, CGI Biden, the green Ukrainian windbag, Americans, English, Iranians, nuclear holocaust, then are you really here?

Reality as a special item, matter that with its transparent, unobtrusive tendrils pulls the human mind by the nose behind the scenes where a boiling cauldron full of all kinds of spells constantly brews, a place where all possible probabilities cry out on a slow fire gently simmering in it and await their welcome day, awaiting their bold chance to happily transform from one state into something different, something that a human would call – material.

What would happen to the human mind if some things were simply acceptable for everyday, casual individuals, for example, Chemtrails, something visible to the naked eye, not requiring the proximity of a “cursed pentagram” and the invocation of the darkest creatures from the haunted closet, frightening, indescribably and unimaginably strange Lovecraftian beings full of treacherous, deceitful, and highly suspicious intentions…

Just one thing would change consciousness both of an individual and of the human family as a whole and would shake the very foundations of the current timeline.

Secondly, when a person renounces gods, God, and takes responsibility for their actions while not losing spirituality, Gnosticism, what would be the result of that existence?

Would mosques, cathedrals, pagodas, and similar places where a normal person encounters and kneels before the presence of God be sustainable as something truly necessary, even if built with a great deal of beauty and immodest extravagance?

If God is everywhere and there’s no need for a mediator, a third mediator, a third problem… what then arises in the human mind and what is the inevitable result of this new human adventure, which cries out to be known on a deeper level yet unexplored.

From a boring mosquito with only one mapped purpose (reality), an unstoppable mountain can emerge. The lack of this higher knowledge is currently the biggest problem of our human existence, disbelief that super tiny things can trigger a cascade of changes and that man is not just a weak being floating in the embrace, often too big, of the universe, which is at the same time greedily terrifying and too monstrous with all its elements, and certainly too rebellious to change anything.

Therefore, our protagonist is always in a state of constant physical and mental hibernation.

The result of this thinking, human condition, and its static expression is more than obvious; we’ll hardly find a new Hercules, a new Tesla, a new Melvin, etc…. “When no one risks, humanity doesn’t profit.”

Others thrive, those who hold the illusion that keeps this world alive.

If a person ever separates from their beloved illusion and static hibernation, mental and physical masturbation whose ultimate goal is always a one-way, eventually two-way street, that same person will have a better world, will find themselves, God, and maybe even see themselves in what is currently presented or seen as an omnipotent God.

There has never been a better time for this outcome. If you’re tired of gods, big or small, “those or those,” start changing things, first small ones, and from small everyday, seemingly insignificant things, great unstoppable ideas will be born, and a new braver man who won’t just easily become or be a future submissive inhabitant of this wondrous “planet.”

Man is essentially the third problem, but the ruthless truth indicates the following: if he doesn’t solve the smoldering problem in his head and heart, he’ll always be in search of a gray eminence, a new miracle, or an even more omnipotent God.

The war of gods for the human mind and man’s war for his better tomorrow… do gods really care about human status, current and future status, does man care about what’s happening around him today if it doesn’t concern him?

The stable paradox, where two diametrically opposed entities don’t care but at the same time want something better without too many moves and made changes.

From these two problems, a third one will easily arise, which will become an unsolvable puzzle or just a small obstacle on the path to a better, brighter future, in which man’s awareness of himself and his often-deserved stupidity separates him from it, thus becoming a brilliant star that selflessly moves his reality and creates, manifests a world that has not yet been seen or even glimpsed in the still small and often timid human mind.

One thing is for sure; the quest is ongoing, maybe not in everyone, but man is slowly knocking on the door with a pile of questions to which he has not had adequate answers until now.

Between good and evil, between good and bad gods, is man the third problem, and the only sensible solution to that, let’s call it the third problem, is to elevate it to the level of the left and right functions and solve the constant occurrence of the third problem, when all three forces are unified, the balance between them according to the laws of physics is established without the need for any external intervention. There are no irregularities, and reality becomes a perpetual motion machine without friction, without changing oil, unnecessary element of “bloodletting”, wearing out components that move the creation engine, and other effects that accompany such a closed element/system.

The energy residing in such a space is properly distributed, and no one seeks anything more from another present subject.

The problem that arises: then, in total balance, can they all find peace and progress without constant influences from the outside, or are they all condemned to a good but very boring life path forever?

Does creativity die with peace, or does creativity enhance and multiply within all elements occupying space in such a newly emerged subject…

I think I’ll write more in Croatian in the future; people ask me, they request it from me, so since I’m already writing, why not fulfill their friendly request, and let’s make time with a glass of cold, longing, and most of all delicious beer a bit more interesting.

So, here’s a morning brain teaser for those who want to hear, and for those who are still a little deaf.

Greetings to all.

Good morning, and an even Better Day.”

Translated from Croatian…I hope it is readable and understandable, nothing has been changed.


Running from stubborn time

running from vagabond life

awaken and blessed

naked and undressed

Fragile moment, falling as eventful Comet

Stolen loveless touch has been stranded and forsaken

Can the heart-shaped love be violently taken?

Can the sanctity of life be ruthlessly faked?

are you mistaken…

are you blindfolded?… but awaken

On the red flashing gallows, are you already taken?

Running from pain-ridden walls elevated in eventful youth

running from sharp, constant itching tooth

Bringer of esoteric pain

Voice of domesticated enchanted restrain

Truth as the vigorous dagger, arising in tainted youth will try to explain

What was lost will try to reclaim

spoiled hours that are made tyrannically insane

will beg for the accused name

White Wolf will try to devour his betrothed domain

regain or restrain

nothing in the Cosmos is born in vain

Dancing on the coil of lifeless edge

drowning in self-pity and cruel reckoning revenge

venomous pledge

cutting momentum of downtrodden edge

Somber signs are written in their own crooked Stonehenge

The world in him is trebling for acts of resolute Revenge

Bastardized point in time

darkened words, taken away in the simplicity of careless rhyme

Now your life road is the remembrance inserted in a golden shadow

now your way is a transcending, rampaging mouth of Long Barrow

All look and greet like strange creature reanimated Marsh Mallow

The potent road has become an oath that is laughably narrow

life becomes the sound of whispering bones and drained marrow

Running from time

chasing the animalistic dime

running from stolen life

asking for one more hard-hitting rhyme

staying alive

awaken and blessed

naked and undressed

moment, forcefully stolen, but never really forgotten

touch resolutely forsaken, your iron will never shaken

Can the heart-shaped love be violently taken?

Can the sanctity of life be ruthlessly faked?

are you mistaken…

On the red flashing gallows, are you already taken?

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