(Pedro de Alvarado makes impossible leap 8:05:25) https://youtu.be/Dbwrmo0LcYY?t=29126

(“Blessed Virgin” hovers over battle 4:00:22)  https://youtu.be/Dbwrmo0LcYY?t=14414

Bedtime Stories: There is Something in the Valley (youtube.com)

Mexican Martial Arts: Mexican Martial Arts goes FULL BJJ.. (Teaser) (youtube.com)


  1. Spirit sent

    me a cat

    she the finest companion

    but for her

    lost to Spirit

    Said this follow me

    sent me a perfect little dog

    but before her

    Sent Him

    the most awesome cat

    Cept he was doomed

    sent to my couch

    to watch him die

    Watched him perform

    Greeting everybody that came home

    Jumped up on the counter to hold court

    As he received guests

    Better than any sitting president

    Entire family gathered as he passed

    Hey Jack, my newest work. Nothing like our HP but led by Spirit and that family sent to me.
    Adolph Hitler most admired loyalty. Best quality any man could hold.

    • I guess you know Piggy died last night. She was a good dog but she was fourteen. Two of the outdoor cats been missing over a week and Lions in hiding, some do gooder American asshole is trapping them. I know it and figure Lion knows it too, hope so. Only in America are people this stupid. Whoever did it should watch their children die of some rodent spread plague.

      • Sorry about your dog. And I hope your cats show up.
        Harry Voxx has another video out how schlomo is getting control of America’s infrastructure via his usual MO.
        And if those Germans outside time itself can manipulate the bubble perhaps Schlomo is in their employ? And our dear Borman? As my Hitler pal lectures about him being Hitlers number one man. After WW 2, Borman was responsible for the restructuring of those corporations. And it sure looks to me vengeance is coming to America and so richly deserved and our dear Schlomo selling all of merica`s finest weapons systems to the Chinese who sell it to the Russians as in any war we face the weapons we created.
        And Schlomo from New York to San Fransisco thinks they will escape justice? Me thinks things are going to Spiral out of control.
        Every prepper needs popcorn and beer in his stash…

        • Thank you nine, Moochie returned this morning, gunned down two cans of wet then strolled of into the sunrise, very strange but good. Vox looks stoned and that was weak, he’s letting the censorship get to him. I know how he feels but like I told them on day one, all my life has been a preparation for this. I’m harder than Dark Matter, which by the way is a great new series on Apple, and I cannot be broken by anything they have ever even imagined. I’m no journalist from NYC…

  2. I’m going to try to make this quick, because the internet here now just dies, sometimes for an entire day…
    1) Im about half way through the first draft of my latest piece.
    2) Fucking idiot christians always treat psychic phenomenon as an extension of their ideology. Just like Fatima, which wasn’t the blessed virgin, or whatever they want to call Her, it was The Goddess, and she told the children to prepare…
    3) Memorial day by the self proclaimed patriots is just sell more shit day. One day, for all the death and all the wars? FUCK OFF!
    4) Black Goo. Nuff said.
    5) its the end of the cycle, and we know it.

    • We bought a saw today for a building we are fixing on my property. 200 bucks off. LOL
      With this saw we can build or fix anything.
      We got the large garden in, bought a large freezer to store the side of beef we just bought, all local, grass fed and organic with no junk or vaxxines. Just preparing for the hard times that are coming. The local farmer has chickens and eggs and produce. We can live without a grocery store where we live. Bicycles for travel when the gas hits 20 bucks a galleon.
      Next is a basic solar system so I can learn the technology, panels and batteries along with the electronics. we are using that useless money to get stuff we need to survive whats coming.

  3. You know on Saturday I again had a strange alternation…I was with my wife waiting for the tram and then out of nowhere a kid on a bike ran into me at the tram station, he then drove 10-15 meters and started to yell at me, throwing profanities at me..he could be 15-16 years old…this is now the third time in a, really short period when kids are trying to be extremely aggressive with me, looks like they are getting nervous. I was with my wife, I had to control myself, I mean what am I going to do to beat the shit out of a kid at 9 am?
    They always call me YOU, like we are the same age, with zero respect, which is highly interesting.

    I observed a sudden inflation of Antarctica videos and articles…all about evil, evil Nazis, and Luciferian shapeshifters…it is getting ridiculous.

    Stew Peters wants to go to Antarctica, I saw this today…

    lastly, every mofo from alternative media is suddenly giving lectures in Croatia…suddenly we are the best place in the world a gem of cultural balance…
    First was an Australian from Mexico who just happened to escape during the “pandemic” and fly from one side to the other side of the “globe”, without being stopped…17 hours flight.
    Gemma O’Doherty: On Tour with E. Michael Jones! were the last few guests.
    Again these two faith crusaders can not solve the mystery, why we are a homogenous society, it must be the faith, what else….sarcasm level 56 000.

    There, a small comment from me.


      • Nope the English audio of Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España by Bernal Díaz del CASTILLO has apparently been deleted in accordance with the policy of keeping Americans as stupid as possible. Prescott is still up but I ain’t going through thirty hours of that again. I’ll take em down. Thanks HP.

    • Wait till they send the thirteen-year-old girls to seduce you, your wife won’t be around then HP, they’ll make sure they get you alone for that one. The Djinn hate us HP. Where’s Tara anyway, probably the “kid” on the bicycle. Do know why they hate us HP? Because they ain’t calling the shots no more. In a way their kind of lucky with you, you don’t have a blood vendetta with them like I do, but then one of me is all it takes. In a way its better your motives are purer than mine. I ain’t gonna lie. After I saw this, it’s on between us and I will not rest until I no longer exist, or they no longer exist: https://youtu.be/hv_zJrO_ptk

        • One time and one time only for you, my comrade HP. The video was made in 1988 and if you have read my book it tells the story of how they premeditatedly double crossed me in 1989. Now Diane, Michelle and even Tara are part of me, the other half of my soul and I will never bring any harm to them but the rest I cannot even think of any more horrible way in which I shall kill them, but I will figure it out as I go along, I’m good at that. As for the Swede, the Turk, Frey or whatever he wants to call himself I’m saving him for last https://youtu.be/6mYSE2xWjcI

          • good ole arnold, vaxx pusher extreme, has blood clots and a bad heart now upon his third or forth open heart surgery.
            His most memorable quote? “fuck your freedoms”…. LOL

            I don’t forget nor forgive such people.

      • Me thinks our HP is not the sort that could be seduced by these creatures.
        Everything about the world we live in is wrong and everything told to us is a lie like the fact that Jack has shown us that another unseen world exists with powerful forces and creatures. My five senses simply don’t know what to make of it.

        • Speaking about bible thumpers, my Hitler pal used to be one. He simply goes ballistic when I tell him that National Socialism had nothing to do with the bible or Christianity mater of fact the servants of that demon god were its enemies and the whole world ganged up on them to defeat them and now the world we have now, this bubble, this evil alternative universe abandoned by anything decent and replaced by and ruled by that beast and its servants.
          The servants of that beast just massacred another bunch of unarmed civilians serving their “god” and rubbing it in our collective faces how they are the choosen. dont know bought you but I am sick of their shit.

      • I think Jack has answered the given question, I was obviously, sarcastic here…I know why all these people suddenly have the burning need to come here and visit us. To be fair I like them both but I don’t agree with their preaching. Whoever excludes race from the equation is working against postulates of nature. You know we were the ones who stopped the Turkish invasion, we saved Wiena, everyone knows it here.
        War in the 1990s should have been over in 2 weeks there were ungodly amounts of ammo and military hardware practically for free in the newly “liberated Ukraine” after the USSR had “fallen” but they wanted blood, pain, and misery so rest is now part of bloody history that should never happen.
        They even made a movie about it.

    • In america nasty cyclists are ugly women that think that they are faster and stronger than men. Ran into one of those uglinistas on the bike trail the other day. She passed me going really fast nearly knocking me off my bicycle. So, being near 70, I caught up to her but stayed 40 feet behind her. She accelerated to 21 mph into a fierce head wind, not bad mind you as she was maybe 30. I matched her speed into that head wind and then put it into a big gear and flew past her at 25 mph. She had to get on my wheel to catch my draft to keep up. I just maintained that pace for a couple of miles until she turned off the trail. That really pissed off that woman. LOL
      She was not faster nor stronger than a man more than twice her age. LOL Reality puts them into a rage. LOL

    • Right on HP, they are reading you and our Jack, and did you see that video I posted about the evil Nazis on the previous post? About nails it in a nutshell what you are posting about here.
      The Nazis infiltrated Merica and are reptilians living in the hollow earth and those evil Nazis got the technology from them in exchange for humans for food for the reptilians. How the narrative goes give or take…LOL

        • Now, if one reads Jack’s work, first the Borman Faction, then the articles on Sirius the dog star series, then any of his numerous works and you know the science that exists when Jack calls this place a simulated reality.
          And just got done listening to your pod cast. Well done and if I had more money to give you I would give you more. I am doing the best I can. I have a family to run and the shit is coming. In the real world Jesus is Lucifer and his Spirit doesn’t tell people to take vaxxine poison or live in evil cities or worship jews. Or eat bugs, or consume GMO poisoned food. All brought to us by jewish run corporations.
          Old school evangelicals always called this world a rescue operation that was to soon end and that one should not get to attached to it. Now look at them? LOL

      • David Icke will be proud, you can’t make this shit up(picture in your link) LOL.
        I noticed a few days ago internet is literally filled with this nonsense, it was there before here and there but now this artistic representation has reached unprecedented levels of craziness.

        • Schlomo is taking care of business and working overtime, not his fault HP it is Christianity’s fault for creating the type of rubes that believe one word that comes out of his legendarily lying mouth. They were warned by Shakespear in Merchant of Venice, and they were warned in their own New Testament by Her yet they persist. Too stupid to live is correct. I see Schlomos even taken a steaming shit on the work of the great Maurey Terry: https://sageofquaydispatch.blogspot.com/2024/05/the-vanishing-legacy-of-maury-terry.html?spref=tw

          • I know Paul (the Apostle) warned us: 1Thessalonians2:14-16 (DRBO) and he was short and to the point. I agree about the ‘shared values’ idea. My understanding (misunderstanding?) of R.C. is that we are supposed to rise above simply our “natures” and seek the good, the true & beautiful (aka God), but when we are surrounded by nothing other than lies, subversion, & conspiracy, it’s time to circle the wagons. Also, thanks for the video translation of the Hitler speech, included in the part VI Otto Rahn piece which you said has been scrubbed from around the interweb. It’s a good one.

          • It’s a simulation Ragtop of course everything’s gone to hell in a handbag that’s why it was made. Don’t ever let it touch your soul and bear with us as Bob Dylan once said, “you’ll find out when you reach the top.”