Zombie, Empire, and its Soldiers Painted in Red?

Did Ukranians ever had a true chance, or was it all an open experiment culminating with an unnecessary war that still rages today?

Inverted DUGA(rainbow) is the world presented upside down…and it is today the symbol of Lgbt- Uvxy groups…

Where are you in the true, real-world or in the place where Lovecraftian monsters are roaming free, harvesting their unsuspecting prey?

Everybody is always talking about the Empire built in the West but is there another version that hides its poisonous tentacles in the East?!?…

Collective West is a made-up term used by well-placed operatives across the Internet, my advice is if you hear this term being used, “change the station”, you are probably being fed with false information, intentionally or unintentionally.

There is no “Collective West” or even East…another mantra given to you by the hidden masters of this realm.

So be smart and don’t use this term, create your, own mantras.

Why, because they are far, far superior to what has been given to you as a meager substitute for your power of creation and manifestation.

Dont think, just obey…or be more.

As always the choice is yours.

Extremely low frequency

Extremely low frequency is the ITU designation for electromagnetic radiation with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths of 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers, respectively. In atmospheric science, an alternative definition is usually given, from 3 Hz to 3 kHz.

The Movie can be found here, link below:


“As his country is gripped by revolution and war, a Ukrainian victim of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster discovers a dark secret and must decide whether to risk his life and play his part in the revolution by revealing it.”


Oct 16, 2015


Chad Gracia


RattapallaxRoast Beef Productions


Andrei AlexandrovichFedor AlexandrovichIgor Alexandrovich

All the endings of the game STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, often called fiction, will give you more answers to certain hidden themes than what is presented as reality.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (titled S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chornobyl on consoles) is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by GSC Game World and published by THQ in 2007 following a long development. The game is set in an alternative reality, where a second disaster of mysterious origin occurred at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, causing strange changes in the area around it. The game features a non-linear storyline and includes role-playing gameplay elements such as trading and two-way communication with non-player characters.

In the game, the player assumes the identity of the Marked One, an amnesiac man trying to find and kill the mysterious Strelok within the Zone, a forbidden territory surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is set after a fictitious second Chernobyl disaster, which further contaminated the surrounding area with radiation, and caused strange otherworldly changes in local fauna, flora, and the laws of physics. The background and some terminology of the game are borrowed from the novella Roadside Picnic and its film adaptation Stalker.

A prequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, was released in 2008. A sequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, followed in 2010. There are also multiple fan remakes trying to restore the cut content from the original version of the game.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. takes place in an area called the Zone. The Zone is based on the real-life Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and is also inspired by fictional works: Boris and Arkady Strugatsky‘s science fiction novella Roadside Picnic (1972) which was loosely adapted into Andrei Tarkovsky‘s film Stalker (1979), as well as the film’s subsequent novelization by the Strugatsky brothers.

The Zone encompasses roughly 30 square kilometers and features a slice of the Chernobyl area extending south from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant; geographical changes for artistic license include moving the city of Pripyat into this area (it is actually to the north-west of the power station), although the city itself is directly modeled on its real-life counterpart, albeit smaller in size, and features in-game recreations of many actual locations from the city.[1] The term Stalkers was also used for the scientists and engineers who explored the interior of the Chernobyl sarcophagus after its hasty construction in 1986.In addition, the Zone is also a term used to refer to the 30 kilometer Exclusion Zone around the power plant.

In the game’s backstory, after the initial Chernobyl disaster, attempts were made to repopulate the area, primarily with scientists and military personnel. However, in 2006, almost 20 years after the first incident, a mysterious second disaster occurred, killing or mutating most of the inhabitants. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. begins years later after people have begun coming to the Zone in search of money, valuable artifacts, and scientific information. In keeping with the post-nuclear decay within the Zone, extreme radiation has caused mutations among animals and plants in the area.[4] As a result of the second disaster, the Zone is also littered with dangerous small areas of altered physics, known as anomalies. Explorers and scavengers operating within the Zone, known as Stalkers, possess an anomaly detector, which emits warning beeps of a varying frequency depending on their proximity to an anomaly.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl is an upcoming first-person shooter survival horror video game developed and published by Ukrainian game developer GSC Game World

Crimson Tides, Emerald River Rides

April 28, 2024

Misery loves company

sometimes sandy beaches become places like Normandy

but still, your eyes are too blind to see

silent fire rages in me

red fires on the horizon are all I see

a thousand suns are now riding within me

cursed are those who blindly believe

cursed are those incapable to see

haunted are those who don’t know how to be

Crimson Tides

have you chosen the side?

Crimson Tides

don’t you like this one-way cosmic ride?

Crimson Tides

is time to pay for your recklessness

is time to pay

for your idiotic pride

Sick of the wrong side of the treacherous news

sick of pissed breadcrumbs without shiny savory clues

the mind has been closed, the heart is still singing the heavenly, martyred blues

Nothing to lose

overnight hot love was turned into idiotic almost savage and primal abuse

battered was a thousand-year-old fragile truce

Hyperborean blood is getting hot

The target has just turned into a red wanted dot

Am I asking a lot

has our trouble turned into the mind of an insolent robot

sometimes war has to be fought

sometimes you don’t need advice for unknown polyglot

Am I asking a lot

is your blood finally running smoking hot?

give me something, give me the shyest nod

sometimes war has to be fought

Am I asking a lot

Time will tell how far we need to sail

to give credence to this ultimate tale

Ahab must kill his white whale?

How far do we need to sail

from the perpetrating eyes of abusive hell

Will rebel still yell

if nobody is left to tell the tale?

What if Captain Ahab had sparred his white whale

What happens when refreshing rain turns into a thunderous sound of vengeful hail?

At the point of no return, don’t take the wrong turn

Time will meet/greet invisible strings written in the fabric of finite space

you will get an answer to your formidable question, an answer to your neverending Pavlovian dog race

Darkness has no smiling face

darkness, evil is just there to satisfy her bloodthirsty, inhuman chase

Crimson Tides

it is just another haunted dehumanized race

Crimson Tides

save your heroic face

Crimson Tide

have you chosen the side?

Crimson Tides

don’t you like this apocalyptic, one-way exciting ride?

Crimson Tides

is time to pay for your recklessness

is time to pay

for your sadistic pride

Crimson river rides

all will be washed away in the emerald-looking tides

the end will be written without unnecessary alibies

shadow and blackened bone will die

what was left

silence and thousand years of rotting cries

sometimes war ends without healthy smiles

The human Soul will never die

You had a good run


now is the time to say a final goodbye

life is something sacred, not another shallow unpresentable lie

I had enuff of this gruesome and sickening lie

my ink is dry


Quantum leap

will leave behind

the mind of obedient sheep

Quantum leap

is new morning

for others, he is the promise

of timeless sleep

Crimson river rides

all will be washed away in the blameless eyes of emerald tides

Crimson river rides

who wants to win

who wants to survive

are you not tired of this lonely lie?

Do you want to live

do you want to die?

are you not tired of this lonely lie?


  1. HP, that movie the Russian Woodpecker looks really great, sadly the file server makes it unwatchable as it glitches every two seconds, plus the unwanted pop ups of ugly strippers that want to chat..LOL
    I have said it before that there is no difference between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin since both want wars for there masters. I did see the clip in the beginning of the film when the author says we have to stop it here since all they want is war, yet an even bigger war came and on their home soil. So sad, and Americans think that they are immune as the enemies poor in to our wide open borders. The American people are armed to the teeth as perhaps what the masters want? Me? Would not hesitate to kill anyone that wants to take my property without hesitation or remorse. In America there will be no one in the streets rather it will be community to community and family against family. I have a fucking list. When of course the shit hits the fan. At that point it will only be vengeance.

    • HP, my understanding of history of the Ukrainian region is that when Hitler invaded the Germans were viewed as liberators from Stalin’s genocidal rule. Did not millions of soldiers surrender on the Border and many Joined the SS? And now with Bandera made into a saint and since WW 2 those Nazis got co opted by Jewish money and attacked Russia. Are there any good guys here? As our Jack says the factions of the masters all work together for control of this world.
      When we look at Palestine, its a microcosm of how the world actually works as powers behind the scenes direct the carnage and the people as usual die in large numbers on the ground.

      • Greg, it had subtitles, the video was sharp, etc…it looks like the good Samaritans are already doing their unholy work…The viewing experience for me was perfect, with no stuttering or any errors…now I get an error on one server after 10-20 seconds of watching. I was expecting these “radioactive anomalies”, you won’t believe how many channels have removed their videos or they are now set to private after I post them. I guess it comes with the territory.

        Cheers, my friend, stay strong.

  2. I’ve tried to teach as many people as these fools will let me what the infamous Aleister Crowley (my cousins going off about him again) taught me: ‘The West is ruled by the hidden masters of Scottish Rights freemasonry [whom Rahn and the Knights Templar now challenge] and the East is ruled by the hidden masters of Green Dragon freemasonry. They work together and no one gets to see their master’s [and they have no use for Davos either] their practically immortal…’

    • me thinks its a tie, who is dumber? My hitler pal or your cousin? Then there is the rest of the world where calling them sheep is pure understatement.
      I always tell people that the internet is a weapon for our masters to use. Your cousin a “content” creator and my hitler pal a consumer of such “content” and the content is put there by those principalities and powers you mentioned here. The internet is best shut off and the tv unplugged.
      Why did the ancients put information on to clay tablets and then bury it? Now we know….

      • Like “juxtaposition” the latest guru on the net. gotta laugh as Rapha’s big club ride this past Sunday in Illinois driftless area had massive storms all day long and was a god awful washout. Rapha is walmart for cycling as the family paid 200 million dollars for that club. That rain washout was just what the doctor ordered.

    • Wef, Mef,bef,ukk,fkk all show for the masses and asses…yeah they don’t need Davos meetings it is a Theatre of the Absurd organized/staged for the profane.

      Sorry for the late response, here is a national holiday and I am a bit tired from yesterday’s adventures.

      And yes, thx for the prompt upload.