Cruel destiny

cruel, uncertain fate

man’s heads, set artificially to vibrate

cruel destiny

cruel, foreshadowing all-seeing fate

where is your omnipotent, daring overpowering slate?

Wish to create

disembodied souls full of raining hate

Things, long forgotten,

begging for simple answers in the land of the Totten

asking what kind of wrong thinking can be instantly verboten

Wish to reborn

yearning to become, breathing thorns inside of the heart of the black, menacing horn

The whole world is voice′lessly burning

man’s head is flawlessly spinning, shamelessly turning

Action- reaction, lust degraded as pompous satisfaction

instant solemn,” illuminated” gratification

Ungodly Ovulation built full of daring hate

kids are born without the need to create

domesticated kids are born without honest rebellion, without decent fate

Something is terribly wrong

somebody, just doesn’t belong

stay strong

stay brave

save what can be saved

stay away from mind-diseased and hopelessly depraved

stay far away from those who can not behave

their rotten mind is already an ill-consumed potent lie,

built-in newborn automated slave

truth is, they can not be saved

their dark road has already been successfully paved

The sword in your heart is calling you

mind is telling you

how to find your stolen clue

Honor rides, free with you

not every red color is painted in blue

not every dark lie is perfectly true

vengeance and pain

has to be forever slain

F, this game

saber-rattling slave

you are not born to behave

you are not a tiger always silent and tame

Steal, Dark Lords fame

conquer his viewing superimposed, malignant frame

Think, think

before your mind runs away and flawlessly sink

1000 points of revealing, miserable hate

is there, truly nothing left to blindly celebrate

The only guiding light is smoldering, horrifying bate

Meet your chosen fate

tear down the impossible frame of a rusty cage

open the boarded-up gate

Meet your chosen fate

fly into the hands of destiny

voyage can begin

the voyage can not end with life living in perpetual sin

Accept who you are

find your remembrance, find your lost heroic kin

voyage can begin

fly into the sun

kill the self-loving, inverted mortal sin

you, just never know

maybe, just maybe

you are the chosen One

living under the spinning aggravated dome

spinning, together with an impossible globe

taxed by the blackened whispers of hateful Rome

Falsified Rapture, existing inside the dead, pulsating living phone

What can be done

when eternal wish in you is calling you home

when you realize

you are more than another rained-down, garden, static gnome

Some things are unspeakably wrong

somebody, no matter how hard he tries, just does not belong

stay strong, even when you find yourself in the wrong

stay brave, find your true, bright, unconquerable everlasting name

save, what can be saved

stay away from mind-diseased and hopelessly depraved

stay far away from those who can not behave

stay away from the dead and obedient digital slave

truth is, they can not be saved

their dark road has already been gracefully paved

The inner sword in your heart is calling you

the awakened mind is telling you

how to find your stolen clue

vigilant Honor, at last, rides together with you

not every red color is painted blue

what resides in your heart is true

nevermind the cruelty of black polymorphic harassing fuel

barbaric savagery brings out antagonizing everlasting duel

She…mistress of oldest, imaginable pain

needs your vengeance, needs your hateful ground rule

don’t be so ordain, let go of deterministic misery,

expunge your inner excruciating pain

Mistress of the dark

yearns for your

bright jewel

many times she will add more fire to the already burning fuel

maybe even at the end of the world

challenge you for the last, earthly duel

Is she love and evil

Is she a progenitor of primal retrieval

Aaaa…Love and Hate

Love and Hate…

who sits on the unshakable throne… Odysseus’ Destiny or Andromeda’s Fate?

Ancient, first wonders and Hellenistic small,

naive, toroidal eight-pointed promising, holistic plunders

Old story even older debate

who to love, who to hate

when time is slipping away

when midnight hour


lovingly, becoming

unspeakably late?

The legendary princess, Andromeda, was a mortal woman born to King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Andromeda’s fate was sealed when Cassiopeia bragged that Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereid sea nymphs. The Nereid sea nymphs were known for their astounding beauty. Poseidon, the god of the sea, was a friend of the Nereids.

These arrogant statements by Cassiopeia angered Poseidon. When Poseidon heard that Cassiopeia was bragging that her daughter, Andromeda, was more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon sent a sea monster upon the land to ravage the princess as revenge.

Perseus Rescues Andromeda

As Perseus was on his way home from beheading the monster Medusa, he noticed Andromeda was chained to a rock and was facing being eaten from the sea monster Cetus. Perseus was captivated by her beauty and decided to rescue her. With the head of Medusa in his satchel, he pulled out Medusa’s head and showed it to the sea monster. Cetus, the sea monster, looked into the eyes of the head of Medusa and turned to stone, releasing Andromeda from her imminent death.

The Paradigm of Constant Evolution and the Easter of Highly Pragmatic Devolution

I used chat gpt to speed up the translation, presented text is fairly close to the original, so I hope you will like this little read of mine.

Do smart people become smarter or do already crazy people become crazier and crazier, and to what extent in that variable the world, thrown off its standard axis, and all non-suicidal norms participate in the formation of this new, let’s call it extraterrestrial, very pragmatic-dogmatic thought.

Extra Terra or Terra Nova

The battlefield, Earth, a lonely planet separated from everything, and only wistful glances that shyly fade into the dark night sky can occasionally penetrate to even more distant brightness, unreachable companions of human consciousness and the turbulence in the human condition, stars.

The question is whether new stars are born even in the mud of the darkest madness, and because of their impeccable brightness, they still rise to the sky, or whether the star periodically must endure, be subjected to a very rigid, barbaric form of mental darkness, sink for a while, and then when it recognizes itself with the last cry and possible victorious shout, detach itself from the living mud, which constantly like a black hole devours its unique light, its supernatural consciousness.

Retro-evolution versus permanent, constant, almost formalistic evolution and the renewed, radical human descent into the embrace of devolution… the resurrection of the same mentioned devolution, as a reaction to the pressure of the suicidal modern world and its completely foreign and runaway, insane reactionary thoughts.

Today, if something, anything, does not constantly evolve, modern science and its faithful companion, man, consider it something that belongs to the past and must be expelled from any thought topic or possible palpable probability at all costs.

Nothing good can ever come from a stubborn, rusty nail that threatens the environment, the human and animal world… perhaps, if we are part of a very down-to-earth consciousness in which every possible danger must inevitably be averted and as a foreign thought sterilized by chosen guardians of modern thought. If no one ever stands on that same nail, if a person doesn’t give themselves a chance to make mistakes, is progress really progress, or can we only discern the potential of that progress, its true purpose, in certain predefined parameters, that is, can we find its rudimentary truth only in a highly controlled environment…

Nothing is left to chance, and when nothing is left to chance, humanity silently passes by the end of the most beautiful work of its existence, imperfections, and its accompanying waves of irregularity, which have led the scattered artistic, inventive brain to new discoveries and a new human era.

When this-worldly and otherworldly dynamics unfold on the invisible reins of economic dictate, man and his spirit will always emerge from that endeavor as the defeated side, accompanied by a subtle fleeing self-awareness and stoic conviction that everything was probably meant to be so. The result has always been inevitable, and everything is just the bare and dull work of human action, which at the same time summons the soul when needed, but when it doesn’t suit, it flees mercilessly from it, and from a true coherent answer, which would finally give a deeper, fairer meaning to its short and trivial existence.

When the quality of thought is no longer important but the theatrical form of subsidy, marked as feeling, which happy or unhappy thought carries and shapes the world that is always on the edge, always just one step away from the darkest possible existential and mental abyss.

Right-wing and left-wing thoughts have ultimately become useless because if the human ability of logical reasoning and a higher level of human composure as a category to which empathy belongs have been marginalized, stylistic martyrs, surrogates of the once highly esteemed sequence of human thought, then the person who is at the center has no inductive influence on reality.

Everything becomes a pure coincidence or part of a random dance of invisible atoms.

They say so, but maybe they are wrong, maybe someone who is exactly at the center of this newly created nonsense, chaos of matter and antimatter, is just that random traveler who has all the predispositions for further development and even the possibility of becoming the last survivor after the flood of common sense. and the reduction of the inevitable apocalyptic doomsday, a revered term in the mouths and eyes of many intellectual Bolsheviks.

People rarely associate intelligence with something dark, a person who is intelligent is automatically an infallible saint with a magic staff who does everything he does for the betterment of all humanity, regardless of his own ups and downs and other possible randomized problems that he will encounter on his way to personal “enlightenment, to his own unavoidable illuminations”.

Everything is dedicated to that one moment when the work of exceptional intelligence flows into reality and all the inhabitants of this planet instantly have access to that new technological miracle, given by an even more chosen genius.

Right or wrong…

In a homogeneous, highly rational, and above all ideal world, where creation is sacred, this way is a welcome form of utilization of extraordinary intelligence and it makes sense, when the whole nation gives its support that extraordinary people can give extraordinary knowledge, skills, back to the whole body of that same nation.

At the same time, in one way or another, all the subjects of the same nation suffered together and fought for that progress.

A cleaner, a school principal, a taxi driver, a worker in a mine, and a little kid who bought a poster of that future work so that the mastermind of that operation would do his best, the most he can do at that moment without a predetermined monetary reward as the final loop of that monumental feat. .

Paid, sold intelligence or intelligence that, like the Egyptian pyramids, has defied many times, the very sharp teeth of time.

A soulless society enhances this first norm, and the consequence of such an extremely careless thought is a constant predictable, and repeatable very malicious curve, the immediate ruin, degradation of all civilizations and human thought, which in every new period, new attempt to form a functional civilization, must inevitably rediscover what has already been discovered, and is subject to an unnecessary reset, because the accumulation of knowledge, which is based on a true finding, is not the primary task of what we call intelligence.

People keep reinventing the wheel, it sounds very tedious and utterly unproductive…

The moment will come when devolution will once again take on its irresistible form, something that arouses an indescribable feeling of longing in people, how to return to the old thought path, how to avoid another crazy reset and an even greater intellectual abyss.

In man, there flickers a positive thought accompanied by a certain amount of fear to avoid the possibility that acquired knowledge will not be adequately supplemented again, and the binary active unit will return to a state of immovable zero.

Man is the sleeping savior and the active executioner of his destiny; perhaps this time he will choose this first solution.

Maybe sometimes everything shouldn’t be left to the gods, and in a timely fashion, the gods must let people freely move towards their chosen destiny, whatever it may be.

Human responsibility erases the existence of gods from human consciousness, and they themselves become a higher consciousness, and according to this premise, new rightful gods.

Gods who understand that if something is taken from the element we call nature, that element is all around us, something must necessarily be given back, without the usual pretentiousness and pretense that prevails today and rests in a very selfish bosom of the so-called eLites.

The transformation of man is also the transmutation of human thought together with his environment or if you wish his closest surroundings.

The question that smolders is the following: do we, really have to look for the new man in a continuous chain of constant evolution, or can we find him in the immediate normalization of the human condition, physical and mental, which leads to the process of devolution, which in this case means a greater form of human consciousness, an increase in cognitive autonomy, higher levels of observable intelligence and thus creates a total opportunistic sequence, contradictory to the opposite and today’s popular, orthodox scientific method, which points to the act of very opposite manifestation in this specific context of named events.

As always, time will reveal all possible and bizarre potentialities entangled in this extremely complex, we could even say audacious “project” in the making.

Too many slaves in this world
Die by torture and pain
Too many people do not see
They’re killing themselves, going insane

Too many people do not know
Bondage is over the human race
They believe slaves always lose
And this fear keeps them down

Watch the damned (God bless ya)
They’re gonna break their chains (hey)
No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya)
They’re coming to get you

And then you’ll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall
You’ll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall, balls to the wall

You may screw their brains
You may sacrifice them too
You may mortify their flesh
You may rape them all

One day the tortured stand up
And revolt against the evil
They make you drink your blood
And tear yourself to pieces

You better watch the damned (God bless ya)
They’re gonna break their chains (hey)
No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya)
They’re coming to get you

And then you’ll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall
You’ll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall, balls to the wall, yeah

The original text in all his “glory” can be found here:

Paradigma Konstantne Evolucije i Uskrs Visoko Pragmaticne Devolucije

Paradigma Konstantne Evolucije i Uskrs Visoko Pragmaticne Devolucije

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    Many of the thirty somethings I know love that guy in the link above, he was a die hard music bussiness dousch bag that died of a vaxxine induced heart attack two days ago.
    He was billed as a man of the people against that corrupt music bussiness as he inforced the mask in his studio with the fanaticism of a communist dictator, he is dead at 61.
    Had to give a more accurate obituary. He’s the type of Chicago guy that needed to be fucking punched in the face for his stance on the covid narratives and no one asks a single question as to why and how this guy died as they gleefully cover it all up.
    Fuck all these people as they are scum of the earth.

    • Punk music folk? A bunch of liberal vaxxine, LGBTQ+ pushing retarded morons masquerading as free thinking individuals. There music consists of a couple of chords with purposely out of tune instruments since being out of tune is hip.
      Their rallying cry is the band Steely Dan and how they suck, except for the fact that the finest studio musicians on earth played on their records but bottom line its all that same music bussiness! Now the so called music is flat uncreative and boring and why people listen to all the old stuff.
      Punk people and covid narritive Bulsheviks are one and the same.

  2. I am opposed to jack heart being behind a paywall. Just saying. How much would it take to open it up to the world? I am not in a position to do this financialy but some here are. The censors censor as I type so i dont bother with spellingo or grammer orn anything else. Like that steleth helecoptor above me I givve you the middle finger to.

    • Dennis Quaid turned 70 last week, as we are the same age. You know that tough guy in that fine movie Breaking away about riding bicycles.

      Said in his role “are we going to let these shit heads win” as no one thought that a victory was a possibility. As the one that could provide that victory agreed.

      Seriously, you gotta watch breaking away. It just tells it like it is in america circa 1979

  3. I am feeling really mean Jack and Phil. I say that we send all the palestinians to Christian Nehiborhoods… censors dont like that jack.

    We teach them the love of Jesus, first love is demonstrated, as needs are met, then love turns to peace but first comes joy. Joy in the fact that we live free of bombings and prison for being semetic, as this is pure banned thought. can they pass laws fast enough to ban thought?

    Just an opinion based upon observation, be careful whom you hate. As I hate that mexican that gave me the stink eye on that Illinois bike trail. I would have beat him to death if he attacked me. And left his bitch wife screaming for the police, that would never come. Saw that demonstrated during covid with the mask bullshit.
    At my church, Elmbrook in wisconsin Palestinian christians are most welcome and are the finest folks. Send them here.

    • “moral” mexican imigrants, will send their children to fight mericas endless wars. Say them on the bike trail giving me the st;ink ey drinking a beer.
      going to buy expensive beer at the local micro trendy brewery these mexi;can new arrivals dont go to and drink them in their parks.
      They are worse than american evangelicals, wait, they are the new evangelicals, ready to pounce on any new narritive since they get to fucking stay and prosper.
      Rinse and repeat. rinse and repeaat rinse and srepeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat

      Rinse and fucking repeat.

  4. Monty Python?
    Here’s one for you, the US navy is building a pier in Gaza as we speak.
    Israel is herding thousands of them onto that beach and a prediction? They are coming to America Jack, millions of them as they import hamas here they will fit in just perfectly at our colleges.
    They can chant death to America with the wokesters whilst the rest of us that got any brains move out of any college town and big city for the hills.
    Hamas will be worse than jews for America, even though they sent them here but alas Schlomo is sharing.
    Gotta love Monty Python.