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Jack Heart


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The Believer, the full movie with special thanks to Happy Parrot for bringing it to us.

If you are watching crocuses in Moscow or Americas infrastructure crumble into Chesapeake Bay, please continue but don't do it here. This is where...

France VI, In the Footsteps of Otto Rahn

And to inaugurate his fake war epic, which is attested to in some eight hundred pages written by Miguel Serrano in his magnum opus...

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 48, Sabrina Wallace

There were thirty-three subprojects for MK-Ultra that to this very day are beyond top secret. When MK-Ultra came to light in the seventies these...

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 47: Simulated Reality, Vaccine maiming, Constitutional Crisis and CGI Joe Vs Orange Jesus… is an abridged compilation of Jerry Derecha’s work. In no way do I endorse Mr. Derecha or anyone else’s conclusions. Although I am...

Delete Google!

"Lawmakers have started reacting to Google’s admitted racial and historical bias, and one Republican senator wants to see the “breakup” of one of the...

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France VII, in the Footsteps of Otto Rahn by Jack Heart

Any attempts to explain away the Mexican Nazi coin...

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 49

Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood & the Fury of Hell...

Revenant Ash by Mike Kay

The power was out. In the darkness the street...

Happy Ishtar