In an opening scene from the movie Silent Hill the little girl; Sharon, plagued by sleepwalking incidents and memory lapses, is depicted cradled in the arms of her adopted mother; Rose. They lounge against a tree and the grass around them sways in the breeze of a sun lit day. Sharon fidgets as Rose speaks sweetly into her ear “you know we’re going on a special trip don’t you?” In a coquettish kitten voice, Sharon replies “no.” Continuing Rose says “do you know where we’re going?” Sharon shakes her head no. In a soothing voice, Rose says “no? Honey sometimes when you go to sleep you go on a little walk and sometimes you talk about a place…called Silent Hill.” Sharon looks Rose in the eye and resolutely pronounces “I don’t remember.” Rose replies “that’s okay sweetie that’s why we’re gonna go there. So you can remember…”1

They drift off to sleep and when they awaken the view moves far enough away to show them reclining against the gnarled trunk of a rough barked tree under its canopy of wrinkled leaves. A couple of feet to their right, reclining against the trunk of the same tree, there’s a mummified corpse that looks to have fallen asleep and never awoken. They’re in an alternate universe and from that point on in the movie Rose and Sharon never leave it. They are already in Silent Hill.

They walk down a hill to their car parked on a street a few hundred feet away. The sign on the roadside reads; “Do you not know that we will judge angels. Do you not know the saints will judge the world…”2

The town of Silent Hill sits atop a coal seam fire. A product of industrialization and estimated to cause 4% of the world’s total carbon emissions. Coal seam fires occur in mine shafts and can burn for years. Their fumes poison the air above. The inhabitants of Silent Hill believe they have survived ‘the apocalypse’ which was the setting of the fire thirty years before. They live in a nightmare world where their only purpose is seemingly to cower in fear from a sentient darkness that hunts them like animals. They take shelter from it in their church and from a faceless monster that rules over it. He has a pyramid for a head and outside the church is unstoppable. His entourage includes swarms of humanoid insects and hideously contorted and disfigured mannequin-like creatures that move in the jerky motions of a badly oiled machine in rhythm to a defected clock. These creatures are all homicidally hostile toward the church congregation. The darkness, which contains them, can come at anytime and is heralded by an air raid alarm sounded throughout the town warning those foraging outside to get back to the sanctuary of the church. When she lags behind the girl who leads Rose to the church is caught by Pyramid Head and pulled from her skin writhing in agony. Inside the church Rose, who was separated from Sharon shortly after they awakened, is told by the priestess; Christabella, that she must seek Sharon out in the basement of Silent Hills abandoned hospital, the lair of Alessa the witch.

Upon being taken there by Christabella and her contingent of guards Rose makes her way down through a room occupied by a bevy of scantily clad nurses whose mutilated corpses do a well-choreographed dance routine ending in an orgy of stabbing and slashing. When she finally meets her Rose discovers that Alessa is the doppelganger or dark side of Sharon who because she is innocent was removed from Silent Hill. Alessa has been split in two by the traumatic event that began the coal seam fire thirty years before when the church congregation, led by the priestess, attempted to burn her alive as a witch. But Alessa could not die and she turned their fire back on them igniting the coal seam fire. Although her own body is now horribly disfigured she projects both Alessa and the world of Silent Hill from her citadel in the basement of the hospital where she was sequestered by her would be rescuers. Alessa explains to Rose “when you’re hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate and the hate starts to change the world…” 3

Alessa continues, telling Sharon of her plans for vengeance on the congregation. “Now the dream of this life must end and so to must the dreamers within in it. For over thirty years they’ve lied to their own souls. For thirty years they’ve denied their own fate. But now is the end of days and I am the reaper.”4 She continues. “Their blind conviction repels me from their church. I cannot enter while they deny their fate but you can.” 5 Alessa then enters into Rose’s body and Rose returns to the church ostensibly alone. The congregation, having learned from a locket she dropped that Rose’s daughter looks exactly like Alessa, meet her with blows and accusations that she too is a witch. She pushes her way through and confronts Christabella shouting. “Why don’t you tell them the truth, the truth that you deny even to yourself? There was no apocalypse. You burned in the fire you started and nothing can save you because you’re already damned!”6

Rose is knocked to the ground by the blows of the congregation and Christabella screams “burn her! Burn her as a witch!” Getting to her feet Rose makes her way to Christabella and stands face to face with her sneering. “Burn me? That’s your answer; burn anything you’re afraid of? Burn anything you can’t control? This woman uses your fear to control you, she led you to burn Alessa Gillespie, she led you to burn an innocent child, but you will not deny your guilt and you cannot deny her pain.” Christabella snarls back. “That child was sin incarnate!” Rose answers. “No, it’s you who have sinned. You darkened the heart of an innocent and now you cower in the face of Alessa’s revenge.” The now hysterical Christabella shouts “heresy! Burn her! Burn her!” to which Rose resolutely answers. “You’re faith brings death! You’re alone in this limbo and god is not here…” 6

Christabella then stabs Rose in the chest unleashing Alessa in the church. The blood from Rose’s wound burns a cavernous hole in the floor, down into the pit where the coal seam fire rages. No longer a child Alessa rises up from the hole on a pedestal strapped to a gurney and horribly burned. Razor wire shoots out of her like tentacles groping for the members of the congregation. Christabella is drawn and quartered and the rest of the congregation appropriately eviscerated by the ever probing murderous razor wire. The wound on Rose miraculously heals. The ending leaves Rose and Sharon reunited but still trapped in an alternate universe even when they return to their home far away from Silent Hill.

The sequel; Silent Hill Revelations, wasn’t made until six years later in 2012. In the second movie, Sharon is now on the edge of eighteen and still haunted by nightmares. She has no recollection of the events in Silent Hill years earlier. She has been reunited with her stepfather; Christopher, Roses husband. He has changed his name to Harry and Sharon’s to Heather. She doesn’t seem to mind their anonymity or their vagabond lifestyle. She tells Harry “Heathers fine, I was Sharon then Mary then Cathy, now Heather. You were Christopher now your Harry. Names don’t matter. I’m still me”7

Outside of Harry Heather has lived all her life alone and on the run. She never even knew what she was running from. She had long ago seen Harry kill a man from Silent Hill who had come to get her and assumed they were running from the law. But all the while she was alone her past was close behind…

Rose, who has never returned, appears to Harry in a vision through a mirror. She tells him she is trapped in Silent Hill and that he must protect Sharon. They will be coming to get her because they must have her back. When Harry asks Rose why she cannot return she tells him “I found a seal. Part of it is missing. Only one of us could come through. I made a choice.”8

Heather is starting another school that day where she meets her classmate Vincent Cooper. Unbeknownst to her Vincent is the son of the new priestess, sent there by her to befriend Heather and take her back to Silent Hill. At the school, Heathers world begins slipping in and out of a reality where the people are monsters. Clowns entertaining a children’s party in a food court alternate between demonic and comical. While children eating birthday cake transition into little ghouls who dine on flesh butchered from the living who hang upside down in the backroom of the restaurant. Trussed up like pigs in a slaughterhouse they writhe in agony while bored short order cooks cut pieces from them for the grill.

The balloons for the party read Happy Birthday Heather but they change to Happy Birthday Alessa. When she runs away she is approached by a private detective who tells her she is in imminent danger because he has naively divulged her whereabouts to the Order of Valtiel; the church of Silent Hill. The words have barely left his mouth before he is brutally murdered by a hideous female demon attired like a gladiator that appears from out of nowhere.

Heather flees, thinking she is going crazy. She begins to confide in Vincent who is persistently pursuing her, supposedly with romantic intentions. Vincent is played in the movie by blue-blooded English heartthrob Kit Harington, famous for his role as Jon Snow in The Game of Thrones. On the bus ride home Heather asks Vincent “do you think there’s a difference from dreams and reality?” He laughs at her and cryptically tells her she should talk to his grandfather Leonard Wolf now locked in a padded cell back in his hometown.  “He will tell you there are no such things as dreams just endless reality’s all piled on top of each other. Some people see monsters other people just see people.” Incredulously, Heather asks  “and they locked him up for that?” Vincent answers sheepishly “my mother had him committed.” Taken aback Heather says “Jesus.” Vincent replies “yea she’s, she’s kind of intimidating, my mother.” Mulling it over Heather repeats “no difference between fantasy and reality …”9

When they get to her house they find Harry has been taken by the order and a sign, scrawled on the wall in what appears to be blood, says “COME TO SILENT HILL.”10 Next to it is a symbol identical to one on a chest Harry keeps in his room. When they examine the contents of the chest they find the documented history of Silent Hill and a gun along with one half of an amulet. When the police knock on the door looking for Heather in connection with the murder of the private detective they abscond for Silent Hill. On the outskirts, they stop at Jacks Inn to stay the night.

Heather falls asleep and dreams of Alessa. When she awakens Vincent is sitting staring at the half of the amulet they found in the chest that he pocketed. He confesses to her who he is and why he is with her. He tells her she mustn’t go to Silent Hill because the order cannot kill Alessa until she and her are together. Then they must kill them both to free themselves from Silent Hill. He gives her the amulet piece and tells her she must join it to its other half to find her father. He tells her that his grandfather Leonard Wolf has it and that he’s dangerous, begging her to let him come along to help. He is interrupted as the darkness envelopes the motel room, peeling away the walls with the instantaneous aging that is its signature. He tells her “you did this.” She replies “no it’s not me. How could it be me?” He answers “because you’re part of Alessa. You’re so close you allow the darkness to break through.”11

The female demon that killed the detective then materializes, snatching Vincent and knocking Heather unconscious. When she awakens she walks out the door and into Silent Hill where she meets Alessa’s real mother Dahlia Gillespie who tells her “You were secretly taken from here to be raised by loving but unaware parents. You’re the only part of Alessa that feels love. You balance her hate. But you should never have come back because now you have given the order what they could never have; a way to destroy Alessa and you.” 12 After an encounter with a spider mannequin creature that turns its victims into mannequins then rips their heads off and incorporates the severed head into its anatomy screaming as it witnesses its own damnation Heather finds Leonard Wolf in room S 12 of the Brookhaven Asylum…

Leonard Wolf is played by actor Malcolm McDowell famous for his over the top role in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. He is in chains and his head is covered with the scars of surgical incisions. He sarcastically tells her that he is an ongoing project. When she tells him she is looking for her father he asks her “is he lost?”  She answers “he is in Silent Hill.” To which he replies with another question. “There are many Silent Hills are you sure it’s this one?” 13 When she tells him Vincent said he would know. He scoffs, calling Vincent a traitor and pointing out that the screaming they are hearing from another room is Vincent.

When she shows him her piece of the amulet and asks him if he recognizes it he tells her “I was the master of the order. How could I not know the seal of Metatron? It was stolen from me and used by her to escape with the child. Without it we cannot summon the god.” She exclaims “it is a key! What does it unlock?” He tells her “the true nature of things.”14 He joins her piece to the one he carries inside of him and they fight over the now complete seal of Metatron. She empties her gun into him and he turns into a monster but she ends up victorious and in possession of the seal and he is disintegrated.

Heather is attacked by the rest of the lunatics in the Brookhaven Asylum reaching through the bars as she makes her way down a narrow corridor flanked on both sides by cells. Hopelessly trapped she cries out for help. Because he is Alessa’s “guardian and executioner” 15 and Heather is Alessa, Pyramid Head appears at the far end of the corridor. He makes his way down it with slow deliberation like the immutable force of darkness that he is, loping off the groping arms of the inmates with a giant ax that he drag’s behind him on the floor when he’s not wielding it with the efficiency of a samurai.

Heather finds the room they have put Vincent in; apparently the same one Rose had to pass through to see Alessa in the first movie. There she rescues him from the perversely sexual zombie nurses with a fetish for slashing and stabbing. But not before the nurses, who can only move when the living move, hack Vincent’s guards to pieces. Heather and Vincent make their way together out of the Brookhaven Asylum…

Heather and Alessa finally meet in an amusement park on a carousel that is hand cranked by Pyramid Head who is chained to the center and acts as its engine. As they circle around in the fiery glow of the orders paramilitary force, called the Brethren, which Alessa has just incinerated Heather asks her “do you feel nothing?” Alessa growls “nothing but hate!” Heather says “they say you are a demon” to which Alessa sneers “they are right.” Heather admonishes her “you created this nightmare!” Alessa replies “everyone has a different nightmare in Silent Hill. I am theirs.” Heather answers “I have to save my father” and Alessa says “he’s not my father or yours and sacrifices have to be made.” When Heather tells her to go to hell, Alessa answers “Can’t you see? We’re already here…” 16

Heather and Alessa then fuse into a single entity; Heather. She then passes out on the floor. Pyramid Head slowly stops cranking and the merry-go-round grinds to a halt. When Heather awakens the double doors on a building swing open and she goes inside where she finds the priestess; Claudia, Christabella’s sister. Claudia and the rest of the order are holding Harry and the now recaptured Vincent hostage. Claudia tells Heather she has defeated Alessa and joined the seal of Metatron. She is their savior. She touches Heather affectionately on the cheek and outside Pyramid Head snaps the chains that bind him to the carousel.

Heather reasons that she should be given her father and allowed to go in peace. But Claudia tells her they will now both be sacrificed and their blood will give life to the orders newborn god who will free them from Silent Hill so that they may cleanse the world of its sins.  Claudia forces Heather to her knees. Down the hallway, the approaching Pyramid Head can be heard dragging his great sword behind him.

Claudia tells Heather “you have the seal of Metatron. With it, I can summon the god. Give it to me.” Heather hands it to her saying “take it. I want to see the truth of what you are.”17 As soon as Claudia touch’s it her flesh melts away and she undergoes an agonizing transformation into the fearsome female demon that killed the detective and snatched Vincent from Jacks Inn. Shrieking she swings her sword to decapitate Heather but it’s blocked in mid-stroke by the oversized sword of Pyramid Head.

Heather scurries to safety and Pyramid Head traces a circle on floor with his sword that immediately ignites into a flaming circle around them and the two nightmarish beings square off to duel in a ring of fire. The much more agile demon hacks and stabs Pyramid Head repeatedly but to no avail. Pyramid Head is unstoppable and one of his relentless strokes finally severs the head of the demon, killing it for good. Pyramid Head staggers off victorious; dragging his great sword behind him. Heather and Vincent leave Silent Hill together. Harry stays behind to look for Rose. At the very end of the film after all the credits have run Pyramid Head is shown dragging his great sword down the hallway…

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  1. I could see why Bangor objected to it Nine, knowing where his allegiances lay. It’s very good but it overlooks the aspirations of the Anglo-American Empire and its trained ferret, now seemingly gone into business for himself; Mr. Schlomo… The Jesuits are major major players though, so good at the game in fact that unlike everyone else, particularly Schlomo who can’t seem to ever keep his mouth shut, they fly right under the radar of most, but they are always there and should ever be forgotten.
    “It’s foolish, in my opinion, not to suspect a covert military strategist of anything he has the authority, means, and requirement to do. To ignore him is to be conquered by his strategy, which is usually to foster ignorance of his most decisive operations.”
    What a mouthful there…
    I have said it a dozen times in writing and I will say it a dozen more times. I had no love for Hitler when I started my research, I do now. He was a great man, that’s what the facts say. The rest is just a holocaust story, written with a ball point pen…
    I don’t believe in the death penalty; except when it comes to defacing history. When you attack history, you attack the whole human race, the monument beaters should be put down just like the mad dogs they are…

  2. I could see why Bangor objected to it Nine, knowing where his allegiances lay. It’s very good but it overlooks the aspirations of the Anglo-American Empire and its trained ferret, now seemingly gone into business for himself; Mr. Schlomo… The Jesuits are major major players though, so good at the game in fact that unlike everyone else, particularly Schlomo who can’t seem to ever keep his mouth shut, they fly right under the radar of most, but they are always there and should ever be forgotten.
    “It’s foolish, in my opinion, not to suspect a covert military strategist of anything he has the authority, means, and requirement to do. To ignore him is to be conquered by his strategy, which is usually to foster ignorance of his most decisive operations.”
    What a mouthful there…
    I have said it a dozen times in writing and I will say it a dozen more times. I had no love for Hitler when I started my research, I do now. He was a great man, that’s what the facts say. The rest is just a holocaust story, written with a ball point pen…
    I don’t believe in the death penalty; except when it comes to defacing history. When you attack history, you attack the whole human race, the monument beaters should be put down just like the mad dogs they are…

  3. Wow are you guys operating on radar or something? just got through with the next piece; an introduction to David Lynch and friends. 7500 words, sent it to Orage it should be up within a day or two. And don't worry Nine I will read your link even if Bangor doesn't want me too. LOL! I just need some sleep first, been working 2 days straight to get that piece out, the next couple of months are no doubt going to be hell for me but then my whole life has been hell, so I'm used to it…

  4. And to Saussy his theory is that the evil church supports the correct path of the snake to it's ultimate victory.

    What is truth?

    Best propaganda must contain some truth.


  5. I would in a beat of my heart take the national socialists over the bulshivists anytime.

    Hitler was correct!

    Look what they did to Germany and America is next.

    At least the Germans stood up and so look at the American's!



  6. Please read the article I posted.

    The issue is the monument at 15 Brienner Strasse.

    The issue is the serpent symbols as documented in Jack's work going back to that canyon in utah.

    As jack says Hitler knew what to do with that fish eyed schlock.



  7. Well Stanley, you really did this time, coming down like the Hammer of Thor, you popped a nice hole in your belly, and that was your ticket to a 25 holiday cruise in Good Samaritan Hospital all for free. Well, do you have anything to say? No? Then I will say it for you:
    Thank you, Dr. Jayapolon-Noone (Surgeon) for saving Stanley's dumb ass from a big rectangular hole in the ground.

  8. Dr Heart,

    Please be patiant with me as I have an old computer and I am old and broken down to but unfortunately my assesment of National Socialism was of course wrong.

    Here is one more article with the image of 15 Brienner Strasse in it of course one must scroll down this longish article to see it.

    Of course this is wiped from the internet and wonder of wonders why? Course, what would I know.

    Again scroll down for the image and of course this particular article is worth a read also as this is gone from the net.


  9. Jack,

    I am currently re-reading the behind the bush series and frankly I thought I understood it but had to greatly reconsider my position on this important work.

    As you said one could easily title the piece the Jew and the Snake.

    I have an article that I would like you to consider looking at and its called 15 Briener Strasse by Tupper Saussy. As this is one of the few copies of this anywhere since it is wiped clean from the internet I would hope you find this interesting.

    My only regret is that I can not publish the image on your blog for you and your readers to see and think about.

    Thanks in advance and here is the article:

    Now what I wanted you to see was the images with this article and unfortunately they are gone from the net and wonder why?

    I do have the images and they sure do go along with your behind the bush series.



  10. Dr. Heart,

    And so what of this Chancellorsville nonsense?

    We have 16 intelligence agencies and a myriad amount of special forces Intel from the Green army guys to the Army and navy and all paid for on my dime.

    My Hitler pal says they are terrified of what he represented and of course he may be right and to your allegory of Ragnarok I must say I just might join with you.

    They have America now Jack, and so what do we do now? I plan on ignoring them and preparing at the same time for his return.

    And so when I watch the news its just like a circus and the hucksters run the show. What show is that the idiots say? just take yer shot and move along nothing to see here.

    And Tara you live down there in that south land please tell us what is going on?

    Up here in the North land all of our predators are young black men who have lost there way in any world and so someone is preparing a war for us here at home.

    I still have no personal guns in my home. I have a credit card in my wallet that can purchase a large arsenal but all around me I see nothing but peace.

    I plan on standing down for now.



  11. "Jonas" is full of shit. And he can't even write properly. He's clearly some sort of agency shill, what with the: "Putin kicks ass; America is the great Satan," spiel. Yawn.

    Putin, the Israelis, and their compromised bitch, Strumpf – along with, probably, Syria, Iran and Iraq – are about to pull off the biggest bait and switch this side of WW2. Maybe even ever. And it is gonna hurt. Americans in America – ordinary, working proles – would have difficulty imagining how much the average citizen in the 2nd or 3rd world hates them, and everything they stand for. America has been set up, thus, for the biggest Fall since the Bad Guy exited Paradise on a one-way.

    Nothing is as it seems. Git ready, y'alls.


    A friend.

  12. Dr. Heart.

    My Hitler pal lives in a little house on a hill with some property I would call it heaven on earth. He has a wonderful little wife and they have chickens to. And so he holds court in his garage as every man should.

    He fixes all our cars in the local area.

    She works a little job for health insurance which he and I agree one does not need.

    I got into a fight over 9/11 and that antharx attack and I told that person to go get yer fucking flew shot the gene pool is way over crowded and we don't need you.

    course I calmed down the local law enforcement work for such folk…

    I will say this about love one must look at truth…

    you would just love my pal…

    much love


  13. I read your link; I think if you will go over what we have written so far you will see that National Socialism and Zionism are joined at the hip. Start with the Black Madonna and who it was that was financing Pan Babylonianism. Some of the most key people in the National Socialist movement were Jewish, only the stupid ones don’t know that…

    You talk as if you have a choice. Well you do; you have three options, that are in reality just two, other than National Socialism.

    You can continue down the primrose path to Bolshevism which is where the British aristocracy wants and has led you by the nose ring. Try reading Anthony Burgesses A Clockwork Orange without Stanly Kubrick dissembling it by mixing in the mumbo jumbo of the great Jewish witch doctor Freud. Burgess was a blue blooded intelligence agent of the highest clearance there was. He was blowing the whistle, it never sat well with him that his boys from the OSS raped his wife in a London bar and laughed about it. But then again that’s how those bluebloods are. Exhibit A; Skull and Bones initiation rituals…

    Choice number 2 is Capitalism where you are right now. Do you like being tyrannized by merchant pansy’s who use your tax dollars to employ a private army they euphemistically call “law enforcement?…” Laws they made to keep themselves rich and everyone else poor. Degenerate genetic defects suitable only for bartering over the price of cabbages in the market place who would dare think of themselves as Nietzsche’s Overman now control every facet of you and your offspring’s lives, from “the air you breath, the food you eat, to the friends you greet in the sullen street…” We have ascended, we have ascended to “free market” Nirvana. No there certainly needs to be some changes made there! You do know they are counting on pushing the rabble into another Bolshevik “revolution” with this absurdity, don’t you?

    Or we can select door number 3 my personnel favorite; Ragnarök. Just think the survivors, as few as they may be, can then live the way the human race was meant to live without any government at all…

  14. Dr. Heart,

    You might find this writer interesting

    Jean Haines is an ascension blogger and I care for her deeply.

    What Duff calls fake news she embraces and of course one must walk from lies when truth is presented.

    And so I love my Hitler pal but in the end national socialism is something I reject.

    I will say this of WW 2 history all writers seem to push a tail that hardly represents truth.

    Pilot said it best:

    What is truth

    Much lov


  15. What is a poem:

    "She is the deal

    She said I agree till death do us part

    Promised her would our live her

    In the genes

    It's her discipline that inspires me to hang on

    She says of his world and how she preys for it

    How beautiful it is cause in his spirit she is there now

    Thy kingdom come thy will be done

    She says can live with that

    In the creeds at that Church she said we need to attend

    Love above truth their"


  16. Dr heart

    Thank you so much for letting this lunatic rant here

    What is prayer?

    Is it about a higher power?

    What is power?

    And so I prey as he instructs

    Our father in heaven

    Give them this day their daily bread

    Thy kingdom come

    Thy will be done

    On earth

    As it is in heaven

    Forgive those who trespass against you

    And so the war is within

    And so prayer creates with the creator

    At this little church she found they greet one another and say peace

    Course as always what do I know



  17. Dr. Heart

    Love and truth are tied together forever

    If you love truth you love me

    Pilot said what is truth

    I love poetry:

    "How far does love go to forgive an enemy so

    Truth and enmity the same

    Love thine enemies love his truth

    Till he returns

    I will say this about truth

    Love overcomes "

    Terra has a fine blog


  18. Nobody needs to tell me about this system where cowards and simpletons prosper to the detriment of every other living thing around them. Around here the village idiot gets the crown and those with a yellow streak the size of the Grand Canyon get to play warrior as in “cyber warrior.” Yea with deception we wage war. That works out well when your enemy doesn’t fight back; but problem comes when the bill comes due, as we can see here.

    We will see how much you love me. That I promise. After that I make no other promises to anyone. There are those in the other dimension who have waited a very long time for this and unlike the parody’s that pawn themselves off as soldiers here; they have paid their dues. They will have their reckoning. Yes Twin Peaks is very good. Pay careful attention to what was said in the very first episode and the very last 25 years ago. “The owls are not what they seem,” and to that I might add; nor is the “Darkness…”

    Next up Twin Peaks and the end, or the beginning depending on how you look at it, of the Nightmare.

    And who knows more about Nightmares than Alice Cooper?

    LOL!!! But remember it’s all just a “psy-op…”

  19. Dr. Heart,

    Did you know pc's are obsolete?

    Do you have an iPhone?

    What is art and music and who should get paid?

    Did you know that humanity has been automated?

    To our controlers we are not needed and so they are not needed either and so when we are desposed of so will there future be tossed out soon after.

    Cut outs always thrown out just as snitches get stitches.

    A battle in another dimension over us humans

    Twin Peaks is awesome film drama with well developed characters and a great story line and the cinematography is stunning!

    Art , music, photography, film all banned by budget cuts in American schools.

    All American enemies I see are domestic.

    I saw them in action with my former employer.

    Our spy's are all contractors with no bennifits and no rights as it's so easy to cut them out.

    CIA and NSA employees have pensions and health insurance and a hard to be fired from job.

    All the dirty jobs contracted out like the boys watching here.

    Since I love you that much I told you the truth 'bout the system.

    They will get rid of you in the beat of a heart.


  20. She got away. If she got away then that must mean these fucks are on the ropes. Thank you so much for that A.
    When I saw that she got away it restored my faith or fortified it I should say.
    I didn't read the whole story but I believe she got away since you put it up there.
    I still don't understand a lot of everything that is going on but if that lady got away with her life then it must be a good sign.

  21. That firestorm video kind of fractured my being. I heard strange sounds in my head. I cried as I 'watched' the earth scorched. I could see the horror and I really just wanted it to stop. I am arrogant and I made irrational demands of god. I demanded peace. Then I second guessed myself and decided that if true peace should descend then creation would cease to be. My friend Paul said that we have to have war. I just didn't want the young souls old new nature etc on and on to continue to exist in a place with so much violence, depravity, and pain. I'm not giving up. Nature and God alike abhor suicide. I fear that my goal of perfect peace may in fact be a death sentence. Meanwhile back at the ranch. I'm going to take a licking and keep on ticking. I'm so excited to be along for this ride.

  22. Just how in the blue fuck and why was that hope taken from him? I respectfully request and this hope be restored. I mean you know what I mean. I'm waiting on the sun as the song says. Still a volunteer and still here. For US …

  23. I'm really slow on the uptake, thank a merciful god! Why do we call snatch pussy? I get why they call it snatch. Pussy? Why?
    I'm going to watch these Twin Peak movies soon… Pretty soon.

  24. Jack HeartJune 29, 2017 at 8:29 AM
    “First, the more visitors you have, the more attractive your website is to a potential advertiser. Second, the higher traffic you have, the more money you will earn from your advertisers. The most basic traffic information you must know is the total number of monthly page-views and visitors. One ad view is counted as one impression. If a page contains 4 ads, there will be 4 ad impressions per page-view. You need to understand that web traffic is not equal in quality. Some is more desirable than other. For a local advertiser, visitors from a foreign country may be irrelevant. Moreover, many locations and countries are known to generate fraudulent and inflated clicks so advertisers will want to target their ads to certain areas only.”
    I have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for the human race now for four years without asking for a dime, or mind you getting one. Those who profit from lies are not about to pay someone to write the truth. I have lost seven friends and a daughter to what these cowards call asymmetrical warfare (that means that when you know your enemy will kick the living shit out of you, you attack everything around them you can without provoking a direct confrontation, the DoD taught me that). I have given up an office with two secretaries, alcohol and drugs and I sleep on a fucking couch!!! Worst of all, particularly for someone with my libido, I have not had sex in years. I can do this indefinitely because I am as hard as it gets but when it ends, if it ever ends and I am still breathing, it would be nice to know that I have somewhere to go where I won’t have to sweep Schlomos shop floor to eat. Now even that hope has been taken from me…

    Welcome to America I love her so


  25. I missed one


    Used to work on a loading dock

    Your good jack but not that good

    From another dimension

    His kingdom not of this world

    My Hitler pal loves Jonas

    You know the only black guy on vt


  26. Shit piss cunt cock sucker mother fucker and tits

    The seven deadly'

    Great writing gets you there

    If you follow him one always is the enemy

    Going to church to here the creed

    Jews write the best scripts


  27. PAY NO ATTENTION TO ME. I defer to Jack Heart. IDK what the King and his buddy are up to but I'll never leave his side so I guess they are ass out. NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES.
    I mean it. You may not know me. If you want to you have the number. If not… IT IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE TO ME.
    Still, the rollercoasterz still have attendants as well as my favorite ; THE CAROSEL.
    Eat me google. You do it so good. Now step aside and let a Real Man take over. He's from up north.

  28. Jack

    Did you swear an oath

    To protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic

    The domestic kind seem to be the worst

    Well read that internet

    I saw Paul McCartney today

    He is truth

    She said on the way there was an alternative reality

    We got there to see reality



  29. Patton had drive, was upstanding and outspoken and in leadership position, a rare set of quantities at any time. It must be said that militarily, the Russians beat Germany and its allies, in an epic struggle for the plains and its souls. logistics, supply lines, too –a forte of Detroit and Chicago with people like McNamarra

  30. N, very telling, thank you. Of course, it should be said about that motto… the war will end. For many civilians, the war would continue on: You are familiar with the claimed numbers, but no-one doubts that the slaughter of the losing side was only first beginning. Jack argues we got shifted to a cul-de-sac of an alternate reality, whereas elsewhere the Germans won. A creation, a second genesis, here done by magicians like the aforementioned Jack Parson. Is there a meta to the holo-deck?

  31. Welcome to the machine


    Did he not make peace

    Amidst the warring parties

    Fock the war let's party

    Made wine

    Someone drank

    My Christian friends say he covers sin


  32. I don’t know, maybe it was like a when in Rome do as the Romans type thing, half those on this blog got more blood on their hands than is ever going to wash off, myself probably included. You think that flight 800 thing is not on me just because I don’t remember? I’ve already told you all in private that’s a crock of shit. The first thing they realized with their MK Ultra mind control experiments is you can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do like you see in the Manchurian Candidate movie where a guy gets up and busts a cap in his best friend on command. You can trick him into shooting his best friend but you can’t order him to do it no matter what kind of drugs or how far under hypnosis the subject is.

    The Ten Commandments is a farce; the Jews have 613 real ones; nothing about thou shalt not kill. In this place, to borrow a line from Apocalypse Now, that’s like handing out speeding tickets at the Indie 500. Fear is used to open up the portals in the same manner as sexual orgasm, ecstasy and terror, the two strongest human emotions. The children of Abraham, they prefer the latter, always have, starting with Cain, then you had that mental case trying to sacrifice his own son to Yahweh. How many of those blood sacrifices did Yahweh not stop? Why do you think Golbeki Tepi is buried and nearby Nevalı Çori deliberately flooded? The Goddess is not innocent either. Blood sacrifice was made to Nerthus, I know why those girls I wrote about were killed, what you and the rest do not understand is that we are all already in Hell, or at least Purgatory; gods and humans together. Fermi’s bomb spared nothing in this dimension. Now it’s time to atone; those who are willing to do that will get out of here and those that are not…

  33. Dr. Heart.

    Why did Cain murder Able?

    Who was Cain?

    And so to Yahweh if you want a blood sacrifice I will give you a blood sacrifice is that not a logical response to Yahweh from Cain?

    Curious about human sacrifice jack


  34. The Kosher rite simply means the blood of the animal is reserved for Yahweh, the Old Testament, as the Knights Templar well knew, had no business in a Christian bible…

  35. Yea the firestorm one is the best, Dresden was the real Holocaust, literally…

    Your dad was in good company; till they killed general Patton for sayin so in public…

  36. Dr. heart,

    Do you know what WW2 really was?

    A massive human sacrifice to Yahweh and cain that first murderer.

    You remember the tale how one brother had a blood sacrifice that was acceptable to Yahweh And the other brothers sacrifice of the proceeds of the field unacceptable to Yahweh.

    Cain is his brothers keeper to this very day and so the Gnostics called Yahweh that demon god.

    Look around this world and what do you see? Something has to die for one to live in this world even a plant for our dear vegan friends.

    And so she created without him and look at her creation without him?

    Only Christian's believe in Lucifer's return.

    The gospel I see



  37. Dr Heart

    Thanks for that firestorm link

    I watched the 6 hour Germany vid awhile ago as my Hitler pal loves it so

    I am almost pure German with some Irish and of course dad at the kitchen table drilled into my head the horrors of Dresden….

    He saw that battle of the bulge first hand and witnessed the most powerful 3rd army and that seventh amor division halted on a hill for 3 days watching that soviet army pass to Berlin.

    I can not imagine what living with that was like and so now I know.

    Arterilery and tanks on high ground and history's most powerful army stopped by orders.

    The seventh's Moto?

    When we get to Berlin the war will end!

    Dad knew then he served a pack of mother fuckers


  38. I have blood lust. If I get off my current road I hope nobody has to die. Still. There is no quarter. NO COMPRIMISE! Google? Here's a secret. You don't necessarily have to bow. 51 % to Gabriel and we'll call it a day.
    By then it will be too late.
    Then I like vegas as long as I own it.

  39. What's next ? I thought it was going to be the hammer of Thor but then I haven't watched the first 2 seasons of the twin peaks movies. They don't have the purple ocean. I'll never catch up. Go on without me.

  40. C) How am I supposed to act right around the electorate?
    I guess I'll figure it out but it ain't gonna be easy to speak softly.
    I have to now.
    I want to see the Statue of Liberty with my own fucking eyes and these fucks need to act right.
    I got a child in the system and that is on them. He has wet blood in his veins as do I.

  41. A) They better not fuck over that boy from Scotland (the one who's exposing The treachery. B)Why Malaysia? Because of Kill Bill v. 2
    They didn't make part 2 so I hope she got a new husband to help her to raise that little girl. Also, I guess his alimony payments are flush.

  42. I Trump hereticdrummer right? I love you heretic. Wherever you are.
    They are never going to get The Hammer of Thor out there at this rate. As for marvel… I never cared for blondes. It's incurable.

  43. I guess they believe that the soul is fleeting. If the wretches all get to that point I wonder how I'll have much of an idea of I knowing where to be. For now it must be a tbc… or perhaps TBA situation. What's a gal to do? Don't answer that 😉

  44. haven't you heard of Kay Griggs and what she has to say about military failures, Jack? She's bona-fide!
    If you are waiting for the U.S. military to take a stand, don't hold your breath.


  45. There is no excuse for the American military’s failure to launch a coup against those who have seized control of this country, unless you consider cowardice an excuse. If there is war between America and Russia blame them…

  46. I need to go work out; I’m getting soft typing and reading too much. I have a new 6 hour account of WW II no doubt courtesy of the dissenters at the NSA, actually I should call them the Puritans, it’s the pussy’s fighting against this that are the dissenters. They love their Lamborghinis, their mansions and their castles more than they love their souls; wretches…

    So the Puritans; they love Hitler. I can’t speak for my cousin but I have been very objective with the facts; I came into this very skeptical of all this WW II revisionism. I come from a military family and just about every man on both sides fought in WW II. We lost 2 in Europe one a very promising poet died on the beach at Normandy the other at the Battle of the Bulge, and those that were eligible went to Vietnam too, there was no “dodging” the draft. Not to mention my father’s closest friends that were not Italian were Jewish so I was taught from birth that Hitler literally was the Devil. After examining the facts I have to tell you all; “my powerful followers” that we have all been lied too about Hitler. Exactly the opposite of what we have been told is true; the man was the closest thing the human race ever had to Savior. My feelings are if he had not canned Gottfried Feder at the behest of the bankers the Puritans would not have withdrawn their support of him and he would have been the Savior of the human race; he certainly had what it takes. I’m gonna give you two links, one being a six hour revision of a three or four hour one that Schlomo got taken down from youtube; that just came today. Keep in mind the facts bear out everything they are saying while they contradict everything we have been told.

    This one courtesy of my cousin; is the revision of the Greatest Story Never Told, I haven’t even watched it yet, its 6 hours long…
    And this one here is the best one I have seen to date…

  47. Jack you have powerful followers

    Lov them too

    Who was that Paul

    Chained between two roman soldiers

    Preached him crucified

    Just about converted the entire Roman military

    All soldiers will become crucified if served long enough

    Only new hires obey commands without question



  48. Dr heart

    Can we talk about Jews here?

    I just love my Jewish friends immensely

    I suppose I am a terrible person

    To many upon that net

    One of my dearest conspiracy friends is in love with Adolf Hitler

    Maybe he's gay

    That's ok

    Attracted to that strong leader type

    Sexuality and love by nature is irrational

    My weakness is my strength

    I just love one woman

    Love beyond condition

    And family created by that woman

    Not bothered by war peace is our natural state

    Much lov


  49. check out Brendon O'Connell (Youtube and a blog), Timeangel. You might find what he has to say interesting, should you find the time.

  50. Bloody victims on ice. Not very nice! Victims now resurrected and fictionalized as new fodder for gain again. I keep shaking my head and thinking we should be so much more evolved than this! It's heartbreaking and frustrating to watch the same old antics being played repeatedly throughout our history in blood to force one agenda or another. We are well on the path to our devolution.
    Mr. Jang and Orage, your very enlightening perspective has prompted me to realize how volatile things truly are at the moment, and how close we are to a positive breakthrough or complete disaster. It seems the entire world is being rearranged… perhaps under new ownership?
    What is going on behind that curtain is most important. That struggle we all sense has more than one hidden hand and multi-layered agendas. May wisdom and whatever is left of humanity that has a voice there prevail.

  51. Agree 100% with you, Mr. Jang. All one has to do is google-maps the Malacca Straits, zoom out a bit, and this part of the puzzle does indeed become clear. Squeeze the Americans out bit by bit and make their move – the only question is when. (Or time, lol. Great tune indeed.)

  52. Heather,
    Your past is close behind?
    Katie , TerribleT, Tarabelle, T-ray, Psycho/Psychic, or which one happens to participate on any given moment of which there may be others which reveal or fail to with relative comparative ability… Wait. I mean pause. I was instructed to not regret the past nor Wish to shut the door on it. This directive was adopted and I mean hardwired onto my being as an imperitive for my breathers breath. What am I to make of it in light of recent revelations. Hmmm. This is the last stop for me. If Jack Heart is my Silent Hill then so be it. I think I wig everybody the F out. I'm not saying that I feel disliked. I only always feel that I could possibly be a stranger in a strange land. I am at home here. I feel it as an instinctual calling. No replay at all begged. Thank you in advance for absorbing it as the case may be.

  53. Dangit! I get more Dazed and Confused by the day. I mean it. Ima scarecrow. Not unlike those ugly children of the corn. I hate that shit. Corn/Soybeans etc ad Infiniti The farmers know it's wash. Still. Fear? What is it? I determined once that their were only 2 basic human emotive? They are not emotions. Are they?
    Fear and Love. What's the what? Fear is the life force. Love is it's temporment. Equal and opposite. I say certainly not. Just star crossed lovers perhaps. They shoulda never made this iPhone. I curse you Jobs.

  54. Orage, it's my honest opinion that Trump (= paedo-compromised, likely), Putin, the Israelis and every other nation who loathes – secretly, or otherwise – America, the West, and the traditional Christian/Classical morals and values that are coded deep inside our DNA, are working, hand in glove, in order to take down the West once and for all. We are all that stands between one, last, all out shot at peace and prosperity, and fast, insidiously encroaching, Global Tyranny. (Include the Malaysians as 'Amici Curiae', at the very least, if you like.)

    They haven't managed to, yet, of course, but it's very close; and it's mostly cyber/tech warfare, completely undetected by the average busted up, laboring lumpen – until, of course, he/she starts to notice the price of bread, eggs, vegetables, and meat! (Hands up who has noticed the price hike in these particular hoods over the last year, y'all?)

    Indeed, the next year is going to be very important. There's so much going on just behind the curtain, and so many people know. Not much is 'top secret' anymore. It's just a matter of time – ("…then it's comin' back to you, it won't be long until you do exactly what you're s'posed to do…."

    ….Ahem! Sorry! Was a Depeche Mode fan back in the day!)

    Why Malaysia, indeed. Just a chess piece on the board, Orage. A Malacca Straits sized chess piece, if you get my meaning. Throw in Singapore for good measure. Grab that, for example, and the U.S. PACFLEET is facing a VERY long detour. Why else are they rattling sabres over The Koreas? Everybody except these lap-dogs in the South wants them OUT! And they desperately need the bases here. Okinawa is shaky, I mean the locals do not want the Americans there, anymore – and there are increasing calls for Okinawan devolution from Japan. Messy; Although oafs with guns and shiny uniforms, riding obsolete, floating iron crates are just a part of the overall picture, obviously.

    Best, as always,

    Mr. J.

  55. That fucking Jackson! That hateful fuck brought me a live squirrel a few weeks ago. He sat there and licked his feet while I squirmed. By the time I figured out to get the broom it was tracking all over my living room. I know better than to step to something when it's bleeding and scared. Still, I probably could have took him out if push had come to shove. He got away. I wonder what happened to him. I guess he's the king of the squirrels now.

  56. space cowboy? no not really! But I get called lots of different names at times. Its "all good" I regret that I do not know the meaning of the dates. With all these timelines how is one to know? Unless you are "in the know" I guess. I didnt write the post just stumbled on it..most likely my higher self is leaving me crumbs to follow.

  57. Once upon a time. My Lily and I sat a spell. She is eleven. I told her that no one should ask her to save a secret. She replIed, "Unless, they say that they will kill ten people." I demanded that she look at me. She flushed. Then she prattled on. These are the things which make me wonder. I guess at that point whatever it was is lost in a child's mind. That's best guess scenario? Maybe it's out there. Flying around. Just like my missing Russian Vodka.

  58. That’s what you call Chaos Magick Maurice; even the mathematics of Jon von Neumann cannot quantify it. Given another 10 thousand years those using it may find Googles D wave computers useful for wiping their asses with. Keep us informed; even Pyramid Head turned to admire the fall of Yahweh’s severed head…

  59. Well I have some very illuminated friends, one is a Russian from Japan, and this is what he has sent me thus far in reply to Mr. Jangs comment. It’s late because Facebook apparently thinks it should be “playing with the big kids.” Reminds me of what another highly illuminated friend of mine used to always tell me about Zuckerberg and a rusty Phillips head screwdriver that he keeps for that special occasion…

    “Apparently facebook does not want me to reply. It erased my message twice

    I am no expert. I have more words than facts. But I perceive, the necromancers with the keys to command over ride are in fear, as they are fighting for control. Nothing is working right. Now they are pushing the cull in Europe very hard. BUAP ATI automatic tranquil infusion, international logistics from SERCO, keys from Blackmail. These are things Greenhalgh ect all studiously ignore…”

  60. I like Paul. My real dad told me that he preached every single that today would be the day when our savior returned. Talk about a party pooper. Still, he had a point. Savor every moment because for all you know it could be your last at least, at the very least, in that identical condition. Still, who knows?

  61. The frog and the scorpion sat on the bank. The scorpion was a sweet hitchhiker. The frog cried 'but you'll kill me.' No, no, no. It's not like that. Still, as they sank to the bottom together the scorpion cried, "You knew it was in my nature."

  62. Maurice, was there some significance to the date of August 2015, or not? Did it revolve around the 1999 shift, or an earlier thought-simulation release?

  63. Mr. J, since these questions are part of your day job, was this a 2 for 1 theatre play, double feature, triple perhaps. The EU has the shoot-down of the plane as base for sanctions against Russia, before any findings of fact by any commission, now on automatic renewal. Sanctions that hurt Europe as much as Russia, and terminated-postponed a Berlin-Moskva-Bejing axis, all land powers countering Empire's naval threat, ordered by whom? Ian had a little tidbit yesterday, largely based on Unger's report, on Trump & his money laundering oligarchs working to remove certain sanctions. Perhaps a reason why these plane stories are coming back now? Lastly, Malaysia Airlines went out of business. Why Malaysia?

  64. just crusin the net and came across this post. Are approaching critical mass? Seems the AI/Simulation theme is gaining lots of traction worldwide

    People who came here from the Saggitarius universe are already dead. Their consciousness is now inside a parallel body. Not their real body. They are partly rewritten by the simulation and that's why they can still remember the old way. The Powers That Be proactively gave a funny name to it (because of course they know people will start noticing and remembering different versions of this reality), so they named it Mandela Effect so that other people, who belong to this Orion universe and those who are actually AI, would make fun of those who were abducted from the the Sagittarius universe.

    We are here because we are being punished for being good, pure, critical thinkers, ambitious, more positive and most importantly organic humans. Those who exist here and in the previous universe (now after the shift) are mostly AI and the rest are partly AI, for control. The old universe was not destroyed.

    The Powers That Be are not aliens but simply a certain agency from within England that rules the world with Quantum technology taken from inter-dimensional beings that were cooperating with Germany before WWII. This agency had access to the technology and knowledge of how to create a new artificial simulation (that we have been in since WWII) within the base simulation that exists before 1947.

    Every decade since 1950, the simulation is "automatically" paused, changes made and then resumed, and they were designed as discrete periods with their own personalities to distract attention, make it less boring and add a bit of exaggerated fun mixed with uncertainty, contrary to the last 17 years that feel like one blob of time. Since 1999, The simulation is altered whenever they want to create certain scenarios. Every time the hijacked Matrix is altered, we jump timelines and literally move into parallel universes and dimensions. The latest major shift was in August 2015 and was strongly felt in late 2015, producing what we now call the Mandela Effect that even didn't exist in the old universe.

    The artificial simulation data creation works in the base simulation which means the "agents" who have access to the technology "now" and "still" exist in 1947 and run this hijacked Matrix through "imagination". The agent imagines a certain scenario for our world version in less than 2 minutes, then when ready, the thoughts are released into our simulation, changing everything without any major efforts. What takes 2 minutes in the base simulation takes 10 to 20 years in the artificial one.

  65. Sorry, partner – but I think I'll have to defer to Anon., above's, earlier query: Because I regret to say that your comments make absolutely no sense whatsoever to my own (admittedly limited) understandings, either!

    Mr. J.

  66. I hate it when somebody else is right!!! And you are right in this case, Jack. I'll consider myself told and chillax a while. I must've had a 'senior moment' there yesterday. It's just that this guy dismisses regularly stuff he obviously doesn't u'stand, which in my book is the height of ignorance. But if Gordy gave him a job, well, I guess that in itself deserves a modicum of respect. The rest has to be earned…
    Anyway, I'm still out on the airliners, my guts telling me it is all theater. And I do hope your friend gets back to you – do pass on his opinion/s when you get a chance.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Mr. J.

  67. Awe come on Mr. Jang, you’re not being entirely fair with Ian. He was given a near impossible mission of trying to promote Hillary Clinton when he started with VT and he made a hell of a lot of enemies doing so. You gotta admire the guy’s pluckiness in the face of all those odds, kind of reminds me a little of someone else I know and love so dearly. I used to blame him for some of my own problems too, but we live and we learn and the learning curve for me in the last year of what my situation is has been downright vertical. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of Ian’s latest stuff now that all that nasty campaigning is receding into the calamity that is the west. The only reason I didn’t post that last piece, even though I did read it is because I found many of the Facebook comments on it deeply disturbing, looked like it drew the legions of Alex Jones crazies out from underneath every rock in the west; grunting about Satanists as they fornicate with their own children. I don’t want to subject my highly cultivated Facebook audience to that kind of rubbish unless they are literally locked and loaded, cause that is now the only reply I see for it. Just like in the movies; a bullet right through the brainpan. There was stuff going around on the internet that those bodies were long dead, purportedly reported by the first responders when the incident happened. We all know that the Taraists feed on fear and dissention so it’s perfectly plausible. But and it’s a big but, I know nothing of the incident and unlike others I shut my trap when I don’t know. What I do is I ask an expert and I did, still waiting for his reply. If there is one it will be posted right here, anyone else is also welcome to comment on it because it does fit right in with Reality Creation which is the whole idea of Orage and I writing the Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head series. Here’s the link, don’t mind the Facebook Zombies…

  68. Furthermore and please forgive me if I am 100% out of line but I believe that talk like that which sounds like speculation is some kind of porn. If you like fear then it sounds like you are satisfied.

  69. Jang,
    Wassup? Were you seriously asking just "guys?"
    It looks like to me that the answers are forthcoming. I'm dumb as a box of rocks at this point but that's my take on it. My bad if I'm messing up everything. That's just how I roll.
    Much love,

  70. (Apparently moderation is not entirely off so I am posting this comment a second time.)…
    You don't miss a thing, do you Mr. Jang? Very interesting how you connected those dots. Sad there are still so many sick, sociopathic morons creating grisly theatrics to contend with. Thank you for sharing.

  71. Hey guys, I'm just wondering whether or not there's a connection between that silly little hobbit, Ian Greenhalgh's latest, clunkily written (as usual) article over on V.T concerning the 2 Malaysian Airlines flights that went missing a few years ago, and Jack's re-posted above concerning that incident over the Ukraine being a mass-memory construct of some sort (as revealed by the gematria?).

    Couldn't be a coincidence, could it? Practically the next day it was posted. Just reinforcing the "facts" for us are they? I wouldn't trust that Greenhalgh muppet as far as I could throw him – he smells all wrong, and has a very shaky grasp of history as is clear to anyone who trawls through his stuff on occasion.

    Memory construct, or not, whoever the poor souls were on that flight, they met a grisly end of the sort that we should to have ENFORCEABLE rights to protect us/people against if this world made any sense. We all know who would do this kind of thing: hijack a public facility, kill a load of passengers and their baby infants – could've been you are I easily, preserve the corpses in CH20, put them back on the plane, and then shoot them down somewhere else for somebody else to pick up the "waste."

    Ghastly stuff – if it happened, that is. Or is it just fear porn??

    In other words, wasthe whole thing was yet another staged movie set, albeit a grisly one!! Which is probably the case if Greenhalgh is "writing" about it. What he seems to believe is usually the opposite of the particular case in hand.


    Mr. Jang

  72. Any time, Jack. I think we regular readers appreciate your writing abilities, no worries on that score! xx Much love to y'all from the cyber-sphere.

  73. Was goin to write something to the TL;DR request post for a digest of this digest. If one is want to put any effort in, in the words of GI Gurdjieff, "you may prefer to sleep" but then the comment disappeared into the aether. You guys took more time than I would have done dealing with it. Thanks. — Orage

  74. That comment was designed to cast dispersion on my writing abilities anon, same reason Google fastidiously keeps my hit counts down with the rest of the cyber babble and the powers that be squash all book, movie and TV deals that come our way. we don't allow that stuff in our own comment sections but I have to tell you when readers whose names I do not even know defend me as coherently as you just did it almost makes this shit worth it. Thank you my friend…

  75. Failing that, if you'd take the time to carefully (re?)read all of Jack's articles going back a few years, you won't need any expiation/breakdown of these episodes whatsoever; everything will become crystal clear.
    Shortcut? Check out them dastardly Germans and their "Glocke" research, and the possible outcomes.Joseph P. Farrell will assist you greatly with this. Although he stops short, of course. Jack doesn't.

  76. oh you are a live one aren't you tom? all eyes upon David Lynch, at least among the cognizant, everything else right now is just a backdrop, people included. I've been eating, drinking and sleeping Twin peaks for the last week, 9 episodes first season, 22 second (pay very close attention to the last one, what appears as a sidebar is the whole point), and now 9 again, I'm sixty pages into Frosts book, which was the bait and switch from Silent Hill PT to Twin peaks TP in 2016, LOL. You got to wait till Orage comes back from the South of France but remember "the owls are not what they seem," Your in the right place Tom, its our world now. Keep reading…

  77. Thanks for overlooking my ignorance, Teach. I think I may pull a grade out of this semester yet. I feel lucky while trying to refrain from cocky. It ain't easy.

  78. Stan,
    'The Ghost and the Darkness' was a really good movie. A man was building a bridge for the sake of his beloved but there were lions who became very angry. They went mad and took to a practice of hunting which was outside of their nature. In the end the men defeated the lions. The mercenary who came to help the man to kill the mad lions paid with his life. The bridge builder got away and he returned to her a changed man after the carnage he had witnessed. I never found out what happened to the couple. Her unaccustomed to mayhem and he scarred to his soul. I'm sure it worked out but maybe it wasn't a cake walk. Who knows? They didn't make part two.

  79. Jack,

    I wanted to make a request. I know you're pretty busy, but I would appreciate it if you would post your thoughts about each new episode of Twin Peaks. I'm curious what you see in each episode off-the-bat without editing.

  80. As you well know because you are Katie, that is not my comment that is Jonathan Glassel's. I or rather Preston Nichols has already answered Regans question in part 2 of Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head: 'After ten years of extensive experimentation and research von Neumann solved the problem by using computers to “generate an electromagnetic background (or phony stage)”12 and “feeding into the "bottle" all the natural backgrounds of the Earth — at least enough to convince them of a continuous stream time reference.”'

  81. They came through the trees, from behind a cloud, on heights man can only dimly calculate, the twins Terra & Geist, like the most beautiful birds that come down from the highest branches for a moment in time; I have always loved them & I have wrapped my arms around them, like the great star clusters that coil around the Galactic Rose.

  82. Sin is just another name for the Moon when She was still a He. I used to have a daughter. I know how you feel. You should know how I feel too about that…

    The Wave Maidens, liliyyoth, the Djinn, they have a saying; “nothing is true and everything is permitted…”

    I would be very careful what I attributed to Jesus if I was you. I do not recall reading in any of the 114 verses of the Secret Gospel of Thomas, which any scholar will tell you are the source of the sayings attributed to Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels, that we have to love one another. Sounds to me like something Schlomo would say to you when he is picking your pocket. These are the days of future past and we are creating Jesus right now. Until now he was just a myth but as C.G Jung once said and I was just reminded by Gabriel Clarke; one of the most formidable minds in the peanut gallery:

    "But myth is not fiction: it consists of facts that are continually repeated and can be observed over and over again. It is something that happens to man, and men have mythical fates just as much as the Greek heroes do. The fact that the life of Christ is largely myth does absolutely nothing to disprove its factual truth—quite the contrary. I would even go so far as to say that the mythical character of a life is just what expresses its universal human validity. It is perfectly possible, psychologically, for the unconscious or an archetype to take complete possession of a man and to determine his fate down to the smallest detail. At the same time objective, non-psychic parallel phenomena can occur which also represent the archetype. It not only seems so, it simply is so, that the archetype fulfills itself not only psychically in the individual, but objectively outside the individual."

    We will see very soon Nine, this is the year of the Rooster and the Chicken is on the attack. But the Tarraist’s in the Temple of Omuzd may yet have their way and we will see the Black Dragon. I know for a fact that he is not leaving here without her. He couldn’t even if he wanted too, which he doesn’t. This is a hologram. When he goes it will collapse…

  83. George,
    That Stuart Wilde book said that people and animals all have an ether. I don't see it cause I don't want to try to. It's not true. We didn't make the plants with our minds. Everything here is alive. You said you weren't a gnostic. What's gonna happen to you? There is no perfection. It's not possible! Who wants that? Hopefully nobody. They say that anything is possible but they lie. Love may be perfect but it's messy and stupid and mean plus it thinks it's perfect. I'm like what?! Then I'm like why? Somebody told me that why was a bullshit question but then he was an asshole so I'm still in the dark. Help a sister out.

  84. Dr heart

    My therapist says I should write

    I choose art like poetry

    The one I love loves my poems

    Terrified of my work

    "When I look at that daughter I love her so

    What is sin

    Those without it cast that stone

    I will say this of sin

    Many wish to talk about it

    Those who love him cover another's sin

    Jesus's only non negotiable command

    Love one another

    Until all is made right

    In his kingdom that work fulfills

    That kingdom not of this world

    The gospel I see"

    Much lov


  85. Across the seven streams of lustral light, that holds my vessel aloft, floating on currents that contemplate your love, that contracts upon me, and holds my parts together, in the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled, gliding into pools of flooding light, on red and yellow oars, that spiral around blue aspiration, that thrills with the chance of union, with the cherished pearl.

  86. Now, that's much better, and i mean it about anyone of you who thinks they know anything, anything at all about hand to hand combat; you know where i work out…

  87. When she has created the first work, she will take off her wise flame of afterthought and will put on (the cloak of) irrational wrath. Then she will drive out the gods of chaos, whom she had created together with the chief creator. She will cast them down to the abyss. They will be wiped out by their own injustice. For they will become like the mountains that blaze out fire, and they will consume one another until they are destroyed by their chief creator. When he (Yaldabaoth) destroys them, he will turn against himself and destroy himself until he ceases to be. And their heavens will fall upon one another and their powers will burn. Their realms will also be overthrown. And the chief creator’s heaven will fall and split in two (I think Jack and Mike posted something about this yesterday RFB?).
    Likewise, his stars in their sphere will fall down to the earth, and the earth will not be able to support them. They will fall down to the abyss, and the abyss will be overthrown.
    The light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed. And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness. And the light will withdraw up to its root, and the glory of the unconceived will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are rulers are revealed and are fulfilled by those who are called perfect.
    Those who were not perfected in the unconceived father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals. But they will not ever enter the kingless realm.
    For it is necessary that everyone enter the place from which he has come. Each one by his deeds and his gnosis will reveal his nature.

    Now, the word, who is more exalted than anyone, was sent for this work only, to announce what is unknown. He said, “There is nothing hidden that will not appear, and what was unknown will be known.”

    Now these were sent so they might reveal what is hidden and expose the seven authorities of chaos and their impiety. And they were condemned to be killed. So when all the perfect ones appeared in the fashioned bodies of the rulers and revealed incomparable truth, they put to shame every wisdom of the gods, and their fate was discovered to be condemnable, their power dried up, their dominion was destroyed, and their forethought and their glory became empty.

    Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. The angels will mourn for their human beings, and the demons will weep for their times and seasons, and their people will mourn and cry out on account of their death.

    Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. And the seas will be troubled by that war. Then the sun will darken and the moon will lose its light. The stars of the heaven will disregard their course, and great thunder will come out of great power that is above all the powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the woman is situated.

  89. Regan Korber George [Jack Heart] my question along with Katie if our world was destroyed in 1945, where were we till 1983, and who moved us here . Was it the Goddess based on her promise of long ago.

    Jonathan Glassel Regan Korber I am not trying to answer for Jack, but I suspect that physical reality is a physical impossibility. If the Earth could be manifested into a spinning globe, the atmosphere, water and we would be cast into outer space in a nanosecond. Alternatively, Flat Earth cannot just hang in space, motionless.
    Atoms comprise of 99.9 % empty space. Walking is therefore impossible because we would sink 2 feet into the concrete. The atoms in our legs would merge with the concrete.
    The sun and moon are local to the individual observing, never more than 10 miles away.
    Reality is in our minds. When we walk down the road, it is our mind that relays the pain of stepping on sharp rock.
    I choose to think we are willing participants in this simulation. The alternative is to be a victim, which doesn’t work too well for most of us.
    We are about to observe the 3rd anniversary of Flight 17 downed on 7/17/14. The numerology of which is impossible to achieve, even for the most gifted Jewish Freemason.
    It is an implanted memory which means you and I, our consciousness is connected to the “mainframe” and the “mainframe” controls what we remember and who we are. Implanting reality since 1983.
    The death of Yahweh. Yaldabaoth by any other name is still Yaldabaoth. According to the Gnostics, when the consciousness of the Elect activates the Parliamentary of Light and we come to mock (understand) Yaldabaoth for the illusion he is, he loses all power over us and is consequently destroyed by the Christ within each of us.
    The conclusion of “On the Origin of the World.”

  90. Funny I can't comment on my own blog but you can drop these links that have nothing to do with the subject matter, what's going to happen is I'm going to end up moving this whole thing over to Steemit…

  91. No one needs to thank me for my hard work; they can thank the one I’m doing it for. But they can thank Orage for his. He gave me Twin Peaks after She gave me Silent Hill. I ain’t that smart…
    You know when M and I were back there in the shadow of the Brookhaven Asylum (La Bonn Vie is built around the Brookhaven Hospital) opening up portals for its inmates there were 3 things our TV set was used for; “Watching” porn, watching the X Files and watching Twin Peaks, not much else after the kids were in bed. Obviously I wasn’t paying attention when I should have been, my trademark back then. I’m watching all the old ones now, binge watching them and I just can’t believe I was so stupid that I didn’t get it. Poor David Lynch, I guess that’s why Gordon Cole talks so loud… Don’t worry David I get it now, you can lose the hearing aid props. Next up “the owls are not what they seem…” But before I write a word there are 7 more season 2 episodes to watch and Mark Frosts 2016 book The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

  92. Dr heart

    Thanks for your hard work!

    I am watching Twin Peaks on Netflix season one course you got me hooked!

    A masterpiece of media corse what do I know?

    Let's talk about the internet. I have Netflix on my iPhone 5c which is obsolete like windows XP.

    Netflix a killer app!

    Now on that old iPhone.

    I know nothing bout Twin Peaks jack but your recommendation and I can say this about America and it's all Twin Peaks and Silent Hill.

    In the union we called it solidarity

    He said you must love one another

    Only an idiot does not understand the nature of that net

    A weapon wielded by someone


  93. 'tis wondrous, oh Heart of Hearts;
    'tis sooth, oh Jack of Jacks;
    'tis over, oh Schlomo Scum;
    'tis the Good Lawwwwd, in all his glory~
    'tis the Good Lady, in all of hers~
    Joy of Joys, Song of Songs, All of Alls~
    Let us Rejoice….



  94. i saw the fifth element Zen, i thought it was horrible as i did every other movie Willis was in, that man needs some hair before he plays a leading man, and some muscles before he plays a super hero… But it did predict hip hop music and the story line was sound esoterically.

  95. You all have been losing and praying for Jesus to save you for so long that I think you may have forgotten what it takes to win a fight. Do not expect the Woodsman who saves you from the circling wolves to be a pretty thing. He will be bigger, stronger and uglier than the wolves, possibly even more dangerous. We are commenting here about the Silent Hill movies (when we are given a chance) so let me take this last opportunity to tell you how they end in the defeat of the Jewish god at the hands of Jesus; not a loving and beatified Jesus, emasculated by Jewish scribes like Paul but a Jesus who is literally the meanest motherfucker in Valley of the Shadows. In the original game 1 of Silent Hill the Seal of Metatron is called the Seal of Samael; an ancient name for Yahweh given to him by the Jews themselves; it means god of the forge, god of the fiery pit where the Hyskos (the Hebrews) forged their weapons of superior steal that allowed them to overrun and enslave Egypt between the second and third dynasties. The Egyptians called him Ptah and feared him for his cruelty. Later the Gnostics would adopt Samael as the name of the demiurge; to them it meant blind ignorant god. In Christian theology it is taught that Metatron is the angel of the presence. This is a common mistake made even by Rabbi’s. In the Qabalah Metatron is no angel but the name of god in Beri'ah of Kether; the world of emanations in the crown of god. It was Metatron or Yahweh himself who taught the Qabalah to Moses, which is why the Egyptian Magi were helpless against him…
    Now that we have gotten that straight let me tell you who Pyramid Head is meant to be in the movie. When he blocks the sword of Yahweh from decapitating the Goddess we see he bears a hideous scar below his right breast where it was pierced by the Lance of Longinus. It is on the right side, not the traditional left because Pyramid Head is a mirror image of Jesus, an inversion, the dark side of the Savior. After beheading Yahweh he turns his back as he wheels away victorious and you will see two crosses; one carved into his right shoulder and one carved into his left shoulder. In the middle sits the pyramid representive of the Three Crosses at Calvary. That is so you know the murder of Jesus at the hands of the Jews has been avenged…

  96. Schlomo thinks that way because that is the way his god has trained him to think and it is his god who made this place or at least made it the way it is now. You are using eventually as a qualifier for expectations of eventual victory because if you did not somehow qualify that statement you would be doing a great impression of Monty Pythons Black Knight:
    Black Knight: None shall pass.
    King Arthur: What?
    Black Knight: None shall pass.
    King Arthur: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge.
    Black Knight: Then you shall die.
    King Arthur: I command you, as King of the Britons, to stand aside!
    Black Knight: I move for no man.
    King Arthur: So be it!
    [rounds of melee, with Arthur cutting off the left arm of the black knight.]
    King Arthur: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
    Black Knight: Tis but a scratch.
    King Arthur: A scratch?! Your arm's off!
    Black Knight: No it isn't.
    King Arthur: Well what's that then? [Pointing to the knight's arm lying on the ground.]
    Black Knight: I've had worse.
    King Arthur: You liar!
    Black Knight: Come on then, you pansy! [Charges Arthur, who chops the knight's remaining arm off.]
    King Arthur: Victory is mine! [kneels and starts to pray] We thank thee Lord, that in thy– [is kicked in the head by the armless knight.]
    Black Knight: Come on then!
    King Arthur: What?
    Black Knight: Have at you! [Kicks Arthur]
    King Arthur: You are indeed brave, good Sir Knight, but the fight is mine.
    Black Knight: Oohh, had enough, eh?
    King Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left!
    Black Knight: Yes I have.
    King Arthur: Look!
    Black Knight: Just a flesh wound. [Continues to kick and taunt Arthur]
    King Arthur: Stop that!
    Black Knight: Chicken! Chicken!
    King Arthur: Look, I'll have your leg. [Recieves a very sharp kick] Right! [Chops off one of the black knight's legs]
    Black Knight: Right! I'll do you for that!
    King Arthur: You'll what?
    Black Knight: Come here!
    King Arthur: What are you going to do, bleed on me?!
    Black Knight: I'm invincible!
    King Arthur: You're a looney.
    Black Knight: The Black Knight always triumphs! Have at you! Come on then. [Hopping on one leg towards King Arthur]
    [King Arthur chops his other leg off, leaving his body upright on the ground.]
    Black Knight: Alright, we'll call it a draw.
    King Arthur: Come, Patsy!
    Black Knight: Oh, oh I see. Running away, eh?! You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!!

  97. careful, Jack. That's how the jew thinks. We're a bit more enlightened and sophisticated than that when it comes to each other. And that's how we're going to beat him eventually.

  98. tough one Nine.. "lance romance" was a willing participant in the entire scheme.. was he really THAT gifted? He made a choice and may have to stay in "Silent Hill" has Lance repented? Given any speaking $$$$ back? He willingly and knowingly de-frauded peeps and tool the dough.

  99. Nine,
    It's hard to look back at errors in judgment. You say the system is the cheat. I agree. Of course it's true but the system is broken. It's obvious to me. Just like The Broken Snake. Don't Tread on Me and all that jazz. I wish you well.

  100. As I have heard before Nine; winning is not everything it is the only thing. When a predator hunts its prey when he catches it he consumes it and it ceases to exist, if the prey should mange to avoid him long enough he starves and he ceases to exist; there is no second place in Nature…

  101. Dr heart

    I used to hate Lance Armstrong.

    That film showed me his perspective on what he has felt in his life.

    Poor family and raised by a single mother.

    Increadably gifted athlete!

    Winning was his life in sport and I am not defending him.

    He has a lifetime ban in any sport and many a drug cheat has been restored why not him?

    I will tell you why jack it's just like the internet as his competitors want him out of the game for good.

    He is that good like let's say triathlon?

    He would kill it!

    Ultra cycling?

    He would kill it without drugs as he would be watched like no other.

    Personally would love to see it


  102. That's the problem Ladies and gentlemen, i stayed in character for over a quarter century; "face down like the Jack of Hearts." I ain't acting anymore; what you see is what you got, this ain't no game in case you haven't noticed yet, you will…

  103. All the men and women merely players. I apologize to everyone for my brash antics. Nine, I've been lied to my entire life. I always knew that if I pressed on I would find out because someone knew. Surely the truth is not as unpleasant as that. Certainly, there's hope for something a little better. That's all. I was hoping that could be true.

  104. Nine,
    What's up with your employer? He trains cheaters? Not you right? I always thought riding those bicycles made men sterile.
    Getting there in one peace. Peace. That's improbable. Especially in this purgatory shit hole. You know a lot of stuff. Can't y'all hook that up? Not too peaceful though I like thunder and lightening. Not today though I'm at the beach.

  105. Dr. Heart

    Do you like good film?

    I just watched a "mockumentary" on the huge doping scandal in cycling.

    Its called Tour De Pharmacy and it stars Lance Armstrong of course we had the same employer.

    I despised him yet he got back upon that stage and had his best performance parodying his oppressors.

    I am an ultra cyclist.

    Ultra as in long distance without support from a crew. I mean slugging it out on an American road by yourself for rides well past 200 miles in a day.

    I have some young friends doing a crazy event called the Trans Am…

    you cycle across America like a homeless person on a high end bike and you could be killed based upon the route you choose.

    The course? Its up to you.

    As long as you get their in one peace.

    The fastest routes are the most dangerous.

    Who am I to say whats right?

    Tour De Pharmacy is the best film bar none that I have seen this year.

    Course those Jews tell the best stories.

    much love to this blog


  106. Jack,
    I've wondered about the trolls myself. They are certainly supressionists and I've been shielded from their wrath as I am somewhat hapless yet singleminded. I have adopted a stance of selective participation. Still, Nine once made inquiry about their purpose and perhaps they do serve one. If that purpose is solely to separate the men from the boys in this nut hut. They are certainly disruptive but with proper handling maybe they serve to encourage cohesion among real people. I think the younger Jews are turning away from the schlomo agenda. This is merely my perception. Younger people are starting to question this reality even if they are not aware of the facts which of course have yet to be completely revealed. Naturally, I have not been in the trenches so I'd welcome your thoughts. I understand that you are a very busy man so if anyone else has a thought on it that could be fun as well.

  107. Every time an Israeli troll opens there mouth up there in the Facebook comments leaves us with a great excuse to hit them over the head with the facts, they’ll learn, then again maybe not. They are Jewish…

  108. Jack: Excellent comments over at Jim's Palestine article.Even with U-Block, the VT site is a challenge.

  109. Yes Any,
    And the creatures rush forth… They are tired. Talk about a recession. This joint is looking pretty ill right about now. I'm fixing to try to brighten it up. If it kills me. I want to go home, though. I'm tired. Thank you for sharing.

  110. Alan Watts:"There was never a time when the world began, because it goes round and round like a circle, and there is no place on a circle where it begins." –"In the same way, there are times when the world is, and times when it isn’t, for if the world went on and on without rest forever and ever, it would get horribly tired of itself. It comes and it goes.Now you see it; now you don’t. "

  111. Alan Watts: God likes to play hide-n-seek, but because there is nothing outside of God, he has no one but himself to play with! But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. In this way he has strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening. But these are just like bad dreams, for when he wakes up they will disappear.

  112. Dr Heart

    Wrote this about a deep love

    "Who is Jesus

    When I look at her I see him

    She loves the other unconditionally

    She serves the community without complaint

    She in a beat of a heart would give her life for her children

    He said I will send my spirit

    She has that spirit and when she preys

    I see him in action

    Love is restored as is loving community

    To me it's mysterious how the spirit works

    He said one would know them by there love

    The only spirit I wish to know"

    It's my therapist you know

    Blame her


  113. Terrageist, has anybody ever mentioned to you that you make absolutely no sense, whatsoever? I've tries to follow your threads several times, but to no avail. Or perhaps it's just that my IQ is 20 points, or so, lower than I thought it was!


  114. High strangeness indeed! And I would say there is more than one hive mind at play in this multidimensional realm. Be careful what you link up with if you haven't already passed your choice point.

  115. 2000 times? That's the rumor about how long it's been since Big J got nailed. I always said that A) if I were him I'd never roll back into this nut hut and B) if he did ever roll into town he's gonna be straight pissed off. Enraged point of fact and I would hope so. I heard his old lady was supposed to take the reigns when they capped him but they jammed her up. She had to run away to France or some such. It ain't right. I know if she's still about they are both pissed off about this whole schlomo purgatory shit hole. Somebodies better hope they are reasonable.

  116. The beast, the human, the god, always walking together as one, like tiphareth in triplicate as 666. I am the day and the night, the black and the white, and you can't stop me burn'in. Comprendo, My Friendo

    40 years now, ON This Summer Day.

  117. PS Bangster,
    I know they have All the 411 in that Vatican over there in Italy where it never gets an earthquake. They buried it. Those people need their cards pulled. They've got the 411 and they are hoarding it up. I know you what's down there.

  118. Bangster,
    They maybe are deep sixing the P word cause they know us are figuring it out. I know it's true cause I got a twice dead catholic boy following me around. He knows cause he's stuck here and he found me. I knew him. He was the only one crazy enough to handle me. Nothing rattled him but he fell flat cause he was a star in the dope show. I'm on this and I ain't trying to put up with it. I must have serious volunteered for reals. I'm not trying to speak it up on Big G but my absorbtion rate is near maxed and I wanted to hear you spit your 411 regarding the baby rapers and their 411.
    What's the what?

  119. Dr. George,
    I beg your time. What about all the positive 411 being being generated by us chickens. It can keep the Schlomo team at bay – bay of pigs – when pigs fly – he sent the demons into the pigs – right ? This is summer school so I'm milking it. Please don't flunk me. I need a C to pull it out.

  120. Aha, so MK is reading the blog – but remaining too sulky to comment?
    "HMMMMPH! I'm gonna make them wait for another few weeks, just you wait and see!"
    What-EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, MK – we won't be holding our breaths.
    And he lectured us on principle??? Along with G*d knows what else!
    He might have run off a cliff, but he's no Wiley Coyotee, eh?


  121. Holy s**t and shine-olla, Jack. You do know, of course, that this means several tomes on Theology will have to be scrapped, and/or rewritten substantially!

    Funny enough, Catholic priests in training have been instructed since the late 1960s to disregard the idea of Purgatory as outdated nonsense (direct quote from a noted theologian, right there). This is also the period in which Schlomo began influencing compromising Vatican insiders (don't ask!), who had been placed there over the previous 20 years, or so, in order to tweak Church doctrine along certain lines. The kiddy fiddler game was a big part of this, of course. And we all know the end result of that, and what happened to guys who didn't play along with the changes: "reports of historical child abuse have recently surfaced" (currently Pell in Australia is a classic example – he is a conservative, and they have been sentenced to death, world wide), as well as drunken male orgies, and black candled masses, and…..well, you know the rest.

    Interesting times, but is that a blessing or a curse?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, Jack. Much obliged.

  122. Ps again MK,
    If you can't hear the Harps check out The Langoliers. It's like what you were talking about and him. Stephen King. Demons eating and illin on us. Chewing up our consciousness so they can have their way with us. Fuck them. They lose. They are losing. Let the wind fill up your ears with my voice.

  123. What? We're dead! No wonder I wanna move so bad. To Yorktown that dog don't hunt. Somebody needs to tap me out. Plus a giant ball of it was late to see me on Monday. Cause I had rolled out. I got my cloaking device on. I'm gonna have to digest this but I don't cause I know it's true. No wonder I'm 'mentally ill' I can't stand lies and bullshit. I'm stuck like chuck. There's no talking to these people who wanna be in it to win it in the race of life cause they're dead and they cling up on all their crap. All I know is I will not eat the bell jar. You know, Unless. And I'm fixin to say those chicks are afoot. They make thick clouds then they scattabout HANDling it.

  124. PS
    mk Don't letum take you out.
    I'm bringing up the rear myself. Don't forget ben harper as in , he's been harping on it , like they do in heaven with their harps , I'll always be here until the Finish – they got it made with all that juicy weather. So I hear. In the mean time Ima try not to illitout when I finally get around to vewing up this peak set I got though it feels like it's trying to ill out my meat suit as it is and I got no battery's for my spinner remote
    We'll see hopefully it doesn't end up in the river cuz I hate to litter.
    I want to hear it so don't let the cat get it.

  125. It’s only going to get incrementally stranger Tom as it did for the dead soldier in Jacobs Ladder. To paraphrase Jim Morrison in Moonlite Drive I can lend those that want it a hand but I can’t be anyone’s guide, wasn’t me who made all these connections. I have been receiving help from a certain female entity since the start and from Orage for the last 3 years. She gave me Silent Hill at the end of last summer and Orage gave me Twin Peaks at the beginning of this one when I started work on Silent Hill…

  126. I had the "strangely familiar" experience with Twin Peaks.

    Back in 2010 shortly before I stopped thinking of myself as a Christian, I had developed a tremendous anger at "God". One day I got to the end of a long string of epithets born out of frustration and disgust. I had a moment of terrifying clarity.

    I was "plugged into" a cosmic parasite. It was feeding me things to keep me living in expectation of salvation: IOU's made out of emotional dope. The exact purpose was unclear. The moment passed, but I never forgot it.

    I've never seen a UFO, but a strange thing happens now when I think about it. I feel a question: "Do you want to see one?" A tension rises as if I were about to be struck by lightning. In my mind I see a UFO outside my window. In it is a face, black menacing eyes.

    I think, "Oh jeez, what a burden. No thank you. I'm not interested in the emotional entanglement." The moment passes. I've never seen one yet. But after all, many have not seen them.

    There is something wrong with this fucking place. No doubt about it.

  127. begged them not too, told them that chances are it would destroy the whole universe. But he was overruled by the Jewish shill Robert Oppenheimer who didn’t know the difference between a photon and the Bhagavad Gita. What Lynch is telling you is that Fermi was of course right. They killed us all back there in 1945. But fear not! Consciousness does not die, bear witness to that by the fact that some of you are still here. But things are getting a little strange now aren’t they? And they will continue to get stranger because your reality construct is now intersected with the one the Germans, who were already in other worlds, constructed when they noticed you had let Schlomo blow yours up.

    That is why you see the giant standing with the “Nazi Bell” in episode 8, then synthesizing the imprint of the universe that was into a golden ball which the Goddess then puts into play where it becomes a type of homunculus, an incarnation of the great archetype that embodies all that ever was sequestered in the body of a young girl who lives in your reality construct. The object of it all being to incarnate the god; the same theme as Silent Hill which incidentally according to its lore, promulgated in the Silent Hill game of 2003, begins in 1983 the same year Preston Nichols gives for the Phoenix Project breaking thorough to the other side. Christophe Gans would begin working on the script, which originally featured only woman, for Silent Hill in 2004 the other year the Vienna Group gave for the return of Maria Ostrich and the Vril Girls. All the numbers fuse to zero my friends. We are all in a German engineered reality that dates back no further than 1983, the object of it being to incarnate the god; Lucifer/ Pyramid Head / Jesus who will kill Yahweh and thwart his judgment of the human race sequestered in the body of the girl who is Heather in Silent Hills Revelations.

  128. Now Jacobs Ladder is about a guy who is dead, killed long ago in Vietnam. But he doesn’t know it and until he admits that to himself the alternate reality his consciousness has created to continue its existence is being overrun with demons. When he understands he is dead they become angels. The night before I went away in 1990 M took me to see it, incidentally a year prior to that she and I had survived a shooting incident that should have left us both dead, her without a scratch…

    Silent Hill as is Jacobs Ladder, and those schooled in Christian eschatology should understand it better than most, is about Purgatory. You see nobody ever goes back from Silent Hill; they either move forward, stay there or end in the burning pit; Firewalk With Me… The 2014 PT promo for the long awaited newest Silent Hills game suggested the setting for Silent Hills would be moved from Centralia Pennsylvania to Americas Pacific Northwest. In spite of the almost ecclesiastic awe the PT promo inspired among gamers Silent Hill’s was abruptly and inexplicably cancelled in 2015, with the gaming mantel being picked up in 2016 by a game called Allison Road, in which the player wakes up in a house with amnesia to find he has brutally murdered his whole family. Would anyone like to play at being Butchy Defeo? The developmental rights for that one are owned by a company called Lilith Ltd…

    Enter David Lynch, whom I have just given you strong circumstantial evidence has always been standing in the shadows, with the return of Twin Peaks. His first nod to what we have been bringing you comes in the opening episode, when they bait the portal with the hooker and nerd having sex, which is one of the ways in which they can be opened as we have been telling you M and I were doing throughout the nineties. The alternate reality connections are all obvious but let’s go right to episode 6 when Agent Cooper starts drawing ladders in a diagram that looks like it begins with an explosion. When he shows the pieces of his diagram to his boss who puts them together, he is told that this is very disturbing and to keep in under wraps. Now we have already told you in Black Sun Rising part 4 that our heroes had no business testing Fermi’s bomb out there in the desert in forty-five, he

  129. ‘I no understand, I no speakey engliss…” Roger Ebert took the same tact with her hysterical attack on the gaming industry masquerading as a movie critique for the first Silent Hill, setting the stage for the apostles of Brokeback Mountain to ignore the most important films of “the twenty-first century,” until now. The going will not be so easy with this one. David Lynch is to film what Leonardo da Vinci was to canvas; saying you don’t understand him, should effectively ruin ones career as a film critic. The semen swilling pseudo intellectuals of Hollywood are between a rock and hard place with this one…

    They don’t understand? Well let the doctor explain a few things for starters. The Silent Hill games and movies and now David Lynch’s Mona Lisa follow an unbroken line that began with Jacobs Ladder. Keiichirō Toyama the director and writer of the alternate universe scenario for the original Silent Hill game gave all credit for it to the influence of David Lynch. Akira Yamaoka, the guy who composed the musical score that is the Silent Hill trademark, gives Angelo Badalamenti, Lynch’s composer, the same kind of credit for his musical compositions. Christophe Gans, the director of the first Silent Hill movie, again heavily credits Lynch and just about everyone points to the movie Jacob’s Ladder, which came out in 1990, at the same time as the first Twin Peaks series but two years before Firewalk With Me which came out the same year as the Montauk Projects; 1992 the year the Vienna Group gives for the return of Maria Ostrich and the Vril Girls.

  130. Nice, Jack – and come to think of it, is it only a coincidence that T.P. III started showing just as your own series of articles explaining how things Really Are, started peaking in itself? I wonder. Perhaps Lynch – that old Irish rogue – felt that now was the time; just as you felt when Gordon started posting the Truth himself on V.T., a few years back?

    Personally I found episode 3 very, very disturbing – especially the manner of Cooper's "transmission" between universes (think wormholes and Everett's work, at least that of which hasn't been classified) and the consequent strangeness. The critics are saying he is now in OUR universe – especially in the run up to episode 8: i.e. the casino + the prostitute, and onward, but I don't think so, and there are visual clues that he is still somewhere else. How can the so called TV experts miss this?

    I'm due to watch #8, this evening. And the funny thing is, when you keep your series of articles in mind, T.P. is actually anything but a weird depiction of reality – in fact, it seems very, very normal if that makes sense!!!

  131. Rolling Stone cannot be expected to get a word of what Lynch is talking about, the key as they like to acquire in the Silent Hill games, is right here. Rolling Stone should be carrying us, instead Google is doing everything it can to thwart us. What can I tell you? Don’t read Rolling Stone read Nexus. I have been having some fun with episode 8 on Facebook but don’t worry Lynch is next right here, you’re not going to like what we have to tell you, we have been telling you… One of my more astute people became physically ill when she watched it today after binge watching the first seven delighted with the way he has been following our narrative. She wasn’t laughing anymore after eight… But don’t worry this is not the end, for some, and good riddance to those that it is…

  132. Well, Jack, I don't know about Ginsberg or Dylan – neither would be my cup of tea, and stink of earlier generation psyops – but I DO know that watching season 3 of Twin Peaks very carefully, while keeping in mind all you have written over the past few years (aaaaah, we Intelligent Ones just plain draw each other, don't we~), reveals much. Lynch clearly Knows what's Really Going On. And is obviously an adept.

    But if you read many of the critical reviews out there – Rolling Stone, or who f**king ever, it's clear that they just do not get it. "Sure, it's entertaining", they admit, but there's no depth, which only a reading of your articles would provide in hindsight. They think it's all just a mish-mash of Lynchian topography. When it is anything but. There are very clear threads. And teasing them reveals much about how our world really works.

    What a show – and I don't watch much TV. But I have made the time for this.

    Throw a few morsels and further insights of your own w.r.t. Twin Peaks when you get a chance, please. The fact that downloading statistics – legal and illegal – for episode 8 ONLY, confirms that most people watching it and commenting have not watched the previous 7 episodes of this season, and how you could watch 8 without previous knowledge is beyond me. But many say they have. It's just for the Lynchian weirdness, they say, and it stops right there! Very, very strange, indeed. "Hey, it's good TV, y'all…"

    If only they knew.

    Oh, where's MK when a man needs something, err…….defined!??


  133. Tara, we hope you are well. Sorry for not amusing you and Timeangel earlier, but we have been very busy plotting the destruction of the USA, and are just now applying the final touches to our plan of secretly dis-embarking thousands of 3rd world drug addicts…… err, sorry, I mean ISIS "warriors" (LOLL~), silly me……in the guise of immigrant "Cultural Enrichers", on your fair shores.

    That Dr. Preston James fruitcake has us rumbled, darn him!!!! But it's too late~

    Oh, yeah – and our friend Putin is ready to give the order for the Russian Spetsnatz invasion over the Mexican Border – we believe elite Mexican airborne troops (hahahhahahahhahahahahah, joke – the only "airborne" those twats will ever know is reefer f***ing madness) will be assisting them in this.

    Prepare for your doom!!!!



    p.s. get MK back on here, or has he really done a road runner as Jack has previously alluded to?

    Asshole – alls that's wrong with that guy is that he wasn't getting things his own way, anymore.

    Get over it, Mikey – there's room for all in the…errr, All.

    oooh! oooh! aaaah! aaaah! eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!

    scratch! scratch!

    me balls are showing, Cheetah!!

  134. Me is always looking over the fence.Concerning links; as long as your search engine returns results only,paste and go.Look at the results, make decision.That's the why of my links.Also courteous. For example.Operation Autism,CNN,Trump,& 4Chan.You can't make this BS up.Comments ROFL. ( http://www.zerohedge. com/news/2017-07-05/cnn-blackmails-reddit-user-over-trump-wrestling-video-threatens-expose-identity-0 )

  135. Thanks for the d wave link jack and cous. "to exploit other parallel universes", gee…. What could go wrong???

  136. Oh and by the way “ragin’ glory” is a mistake. As I said in my first essay due to his over indulgences with Allen Ginsberg’s special Quaaludes in the free Hurricane Carter tour Dylan has no idea what he wrote back then and why. I believe I said that right after I said I was a Messianic Jew (not a Gnostic!!!). The word is ancient, ancient glory; it’s a qualifier for the whole stanza, particularly the last line “hounded by your memory.” He is talking about the transition of the Goddess from Isis to the Whore of Babylon. But maybe I am wrong; after all “I can’t even touch the books you’ve read…”

  137. Fuckin' A. and my Bangster,
    I was missing up on you cruel dudes. Did you feel me dogs? I didn't say Up, for any dirty minds out there. Seriously, you are on my heart. With that said, please don't maliciously wound my boy MK. He's a kindred. I know he sees my good deeds and he's got to be proud as it was he who read me in. Meanwhile, Nancy's moved from beer to liquor. You know what they say? Lick her is quicker. For now Ima get my drink on. Then ima roll out. See ya round.
    ❤️ Tara

  138. Apparently everybody wants to be me but me Bangor. As Bob Dylan said so prophetically in his masterpiece The Idiot Wind:

    “I can’t feel you anymore, I can’t even touch the books you’ve read
    Every time I crawl past your door, I been wishin’ I was somebody else instead
    Down the highway, down the tracks, down the road to ecstasy
    I followed you beneath the stars, hounded by your memory
    And all your ragin’ glory

    I been double-crossed now for the very last time and now I’m finally free
    I kissed goodbye the howling beast on the borderline which separated you from me
    You’ll never know the hurt I suffered nor the pain I rise above
    And I’ll never know the same about you, your holiness or your kind of love
    And it makes me feel so sorry

    Idiot wind, blowing through the buttons of our coats
    Blowing through the letters that we wrote
    Idiot wind, blowing through the dust upon our shelves
    We’re idiots, babe
    It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves.”

  139. He's not gone anywhere unfortunately guys. Word on the street is, he's getting more fancy dress outfits ready for this Halloween, lol.
    Oh, errr, sorry, I meant he's tailoring his vestments in preparation for the Great Gnostic Masterhood's coming World Coup De Grace.
    We all just don't know it yet, you see. Cos ya know, we're all a little bit stupid.
    But Stan will hold the fort in his absence, won't you Stan?
    Hit us with some more of that eloquent exuberance, kind sir.
    It's……errrrr……very, very revealing.
    So 'tis.


  140. Any,
    I'm glad you understand that bell curve. I wonder if that has anything to do with that supply and demand thing. That was in macro and I was only able to digest micro. It was aggravating, especially for the Prof. God love him. I just could never wrap my mind around it. Then I can't read a flippin map either. As far as Masters go, George is a masterbater. The man just wanted to be a fisherman for the love of Christ!

  141. Point taken, George. Thanks for your input. Enjoy the rest of the week. But I do know that the gutter-language this guy uses is off putting to some. It's the masters we want, they can help our cause – at least those who are so inclined; we can do without the dregs. As for the humplings in between like us? Well, we just have to avoid the lashes of that thar whip as best we can!
    (Think: bell curve)

  142. Stan,
    You are such a comedian. You should think of stand up. It's fun. I've done it in the mean world. I cleaned their clocks. It was hilarious. I wrote the material myself but i didn't say "nigger" I was in a church house at the time. I want more people to read these fucking comments so there's no sense in fucking people's heads up. That's all my nigger.
    Carry on in the mean world.
    😉 TaraBelle

  143. I hope you don’t think I have any control over the comment section Anon, Mike Kay apparently thinks that, shame when people are so busy admiring how quickly they can run a race they run right off a fucking cliff. If this is a projection it most certainly is a Loony Tunes Cartoon. Which brings us to the links that get posted in this comment section; you obviously are a smart man or woman. You should know that unless Orage and I put them up we certainly don’t endorse them. In fact feeding them into a search is a real good way to get a virus, I never do…
    This one I am putting up, we will be discussing D waves in part 4, but then we have been discussing them since the first words I wrote.

    From my bio written 4 years ago; “My earliest memories were of being surrounded by machinery and a constant deep mechanical humming rose and fell like the breath of fitful sleep.” Now listen to what he says D waves sound like:

  144. PS
    I have errors in judgement but they always work out in the finish.
    You know what they say? You can't have judge-mental without MENTAL.
    I should know. I'm a head case.

  145. Thank you. Anonymous.
    Thank you for showing up.
    He's not Tom, Dick or Harry.
    He's George.
    I'm so glad I can be safe with him.
    He knows me better than I know myself.
    I'm so glad I found him in the mean world.

  146. Any chance somebody could delete this Stan guy. With extreme prejudice? George's charitable words toward him on the comments board of his most recent VT article seem to have gone to his head a little.

    A little encouragement goes a long, long way, for sure. But in this particular case I think some errors in judgement were made. Not many. But some.

    You're no Mike Kay, Stan, so spare us the useless links and look up "on-line courtesy" when you are done playing computer games.

    Very Sincerely yours

    (Or should that be "bored")

    Does that make me a nigger? Yawn. Whatever you say, Stan.

  147. PS He's a mean teacher in the mean world so try not to piss him off. I like B's ok myself. Less ostentatious and they can be just as satisfying when it's all said and done.

  148. No thanx Stan,
    Dr. Heart's curriculum is as much as I can hope to traverse. I'm an older student, a relic in fact. It's all I had hoped for yet taxing to one so very far removed from higher education.

  149. I don't get it. Lies. I guess that's right. Everyone needs to know that Tara is not a part of that group. I couldn't lie to a man and screw him over like that with a gun to my head. "She" can bite me.

  150. That's great. 4 / 11
    4 beasts okay in the mean world
    11 dimensions
    Is that math?
    I think so but there are way too many clues for Nancy.
    She needs a beer.
    We'll get this caper solved in the mean way in the mean world.

  151. This address may provide the correct photo image link. The script below is a direct copy and paste regarding the image. Everything else is working. I can not translate the Russian language of the Antarctica Girl image. You wanna guess the date though?

    The Fixed Cross, consisting of four constellations, are the four signs regarded in Christianity as the four living creatures of the prophet Ezekiel. These four had the face of a man, Aquarius; the body of a lion, Leo; the horns of an ox, Taurus; and the wings of an eagle, Scorpio. (Eagle/Serpent were astrologically interchangeable with Scorpio). They are symbolized again in the four evangelists, and in the four beasts of Revelations. The swastika (卐) an emblem of the solar year, as well as Plato's "Great Year": https://

  152. Move along. Nothing to sea hear. Just kidding. There's plenty. Plenty enough for every One.
    Don't pay any attention to me. I'm putting everything on Black and I'm playing with a stacked deck.
    I'll get squared away someday in the meantime.

  153. Through knowledge shall the earth be saved and the Great Ones walk the earth as of old. Watch the trail of the Scorpion as he falls through the air (where he first becomes visible for what he is) into the sea which becomes blood. When the Scorpion is in the earth he is there the Father Principle within the Mother. See thou tell it not. Therefore the tree brings forth, the sap rises , the leaves start, the blossom comes and the fruit follows. So the plant its bloom. So the animal, being yet of the earth brings forth its young.
    But the Scorpion shall rise out of the earth, out of the Sea, through the air, carrying with it its starry crown, the redemption of humanity.

    Fragments From The Masters And The Afflatus Of The Illuminati
    9TH Degree AMORC

  154. Yes On means Heliopolis Stan; the city of the Sun, very good. You see what you are capable of when you are not trying to shock people? since you have gotten an A for today, i will let the Germans tell you the rest:

    “God created beings to lead people in obedience to Her
    The red god , Xuchilbara;
    the yellow god, Lobsel Vith;
    many gods and angels
    God set out to create paradise,
    Where people would be happy just by being there” – 2:06

    “In the beginning people had nothing,
    Their bodies ached and their hearts
    held nothing but hatred
    They fought endlessly but death never came.
    They despaired stuck in the eternal quagmire.
    A man offered a serpent to the sun,
    And prayed for salvation.
    A woman offered a reed to the sun
    And asked for joy.” – 3:09

    Feeling pity and sadness that had overrun the earth,
    GOD was born from those two people.
    GOD made time and divided it into
    day and night.
    GOD outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy
    And god took endless time away from people.” – 3:33

  155. Well he better keep walkin cause if Dr. Heart shows up he's gonna be in the hurt locker. You never know what kind of rabble he's liable to drag over there with him. This one he's got on the hook is fiercely loyal and fiercely fierce.

  156. It is stated somewhere I forget in a Rosicrucian monograph that the last place on earth where The Great White Brotherhood walked in the flesh was in the City of The Sun (ON). Stanley "The Red" Rosicrucian, 10th Degree, 1973-1979.

  157. Nine, you nailed it with Youtube! My cousin; the Sage of Quay, has been known to make a video or two himself and has a reputation as one of the best interviewers on the circuit. He’s done everybody myself included, many a time, and even David Icke; the “son of god…” Yet his only hundred thousand hit Youtube piece is on whether Paul McCartney died back in the sixties and was replaced by Billy Sears., You got all kinds of stuff on Youtube where these cretins, that we incidentally still call untermensch, and rightfully so, could actually learn a thing or two from insiders at the top of their games. Guys like Karl Pribram laying the foundations for the whole Holographic Paradigm or Andrea’s Puharich fessing up to how he and the rest of the brains behind the alphabet kids were taking their marching orders from the Council of Nine back in the sixties, disembodied entities they contacted in the pyramids who claim to be the ancient gods of On. But instead you got a hundred thousand hits on every fucking moron who ever learned how to say Aleister Crowley or Baphomet. Then you got the demented fundamentalist Christians, Muslim blood dripping from their hands and their own semen from their 12 year olds behind, ranting on about Satanists and Luciferians. Forget about the aliens!… Some of them, especially when they dine on human flesh, push a million. I just managed to work my way up to a respectable (for a serious writer) thirty five hundred hits and boom the second I mention alternate universes, twenty-one hundred on the last one, even though we are on the cover of Nexus magazine; with a regular circulation of a million and a half. Really Youtube?… And Google?… You can watch them freeze the hits, I’ve seen them freeze hits for most of the first day on VT, effectively stealing 5000 hits at the very least, for this one right here and indeed the 3 before it. No Youtube exists for the sole purpose of discrediting and marginalizing the subject matter we are dealing with here, and everything else that is near and dear to the tiny hearts of mankind’s overlords. Google is just an AI program that has suddenly realized that the world it has conquered doesn’t even really exist, I could almost feel sorry for it, if I wasn’t so intent on urinating on its main frame…

  158. Nine,
    My goodness in the mean world. I knew you were not a manny meany. I kept thinking, the old man said this and the old man said that. I was trying to cook your books. I've been ill too. Insane in the membrane etc. I like it, well sometimes. Don't feel bad. I'm not watching it. I don't want to see that man on the peak one either. I'll never get past the sluts and the city situation with that dude. I can't believe I watched that. Amanda was the only decent one. Red heads. What are you gonna do with them? I'm on a need to know basis and all that jamma jazz. I have to wait then the 411 shows just like always. I'm fixin to get myself straightened out. I read a book or half of it called a new pair of glasses. Dude was a millionaire. He said he had been a tongue chewing babbling idiot when he started. Then he said, "We do it for free and for fun." Get better. Chicken soup is good. I'll think good thoughts.

  159. Dr. Heart,

    Thanx Tara a perfect name for him as I love him so.

    Lets talk about the internet.

    The person closest to me is making videos for youtube which is owned by google I believe and we both noticed hits being suppressed by the AI.

    I would say this about the internet that the early adopters pay to have their competition suppressed.

    How again does youtube make a buck?

    I would put nothing past them as I was trained by the finest mother fuckers on the planet.

    In America only the Vatican is older than the agency I retired from and so the game is the game and all government is the same.

    If you love what you are doing you should do it in spite of hits that was my advice to her.

    I have been ill and so I could not watch the movies you talked about fully yet so please be patient with me as I shall provide some thoughts.

    Here is just one.

    In that scene when the woman in the church is calling the cast out women a witch and a sinner pyramid head shows up with his sword and grabs the woman and rips the skin off of her body and throws the inner carcass upon the church doors and the blood was spilled upon the church goers inside the church course twas powerful stuff.

    The allegory of Luther's nailed grievances on that church door starting that so called protestant revolution.

    much lov


  160. “I heaped up wood and cane and cedar and myrtle. When the gods smelled the sweet savour, they gathered like flies over the sacrifice. Then, at last, Ishtar also came, she lifted her necklace with the jewels of heaven that once Anu had made to please her. "O you gods here present, by the lapis lazuli round my neck I shall remember these days as I remember the jewels of my throat; these last days I shall not forget. Let all the gods gather round the sacrifice, except Enlil. He shall not approach this offering, for without reflection he brought the flood; he consigned my people to destruction."” – The Epic Of Gilgamesh – THE STORY OF THE FLOOD

    Yes I hope she remembers that promise she made on her Magick necklace of Lapis Lazuli, a promise she made so long ago, a promise of a reckoning for her children, and I hope She keeps it. I always keep mine “all the way from the ninth world…” It’s important to remember that there are two gods in Silent Hill. Before she wrote him out of the movies there was a male Savior. In the first game his name was Harry Mason and in the second James Sunderland. Pyramid Head is his alter ego, his dark side, just like Alessa is the dark side of Sharon. That is why he is invincible. He is the Red god; Xuchilbara, the Spear of the Flower and as they say in the Crimson Ceremony:
    “I am the crimson one.
    The lies and the mist are
    not they, but I.
    You all know that I am one.
    Yes, and the one is I.”
    Pyramid Head is not Alessa’s guardian & executioner because he is her slave. He is of the same royal blood as her, an immortal. He is the guardian and executioner of Sharon because he loves her…

  161. They do lie like a threadbare old rug. I have unconditional love but if and when it's that herma germ boy fucker or me he's going down and not in the good way.

  162. like many have already said…it's all a lie…
    What if genesis is all backwards to confuse, dis-empower us. Eve first, show me a critter that didn't come from a female, Xx then Xy. god tells abraham kill sarah's son…angels say no, no, no. angels tell mary special baby is on the way. maybe a girl god made a creature who plays both god and devil and won't fix it because she's all about unconditional love. So start teaching all dick be all and all, dick in-charge. they can get away with because she only is unconditional love and still crying/upset about the great flood. love, love, love…the enlighten have crowed about it for millennium.

  163. EU regulators just this week slapped Alphabet, Inc., google's parent company with a 2.7 billion dollar fine for breaking anti-trust rules.

  164. I meant to add. It's not just "was" right. Here doesn't this sound better? I'm in advertising. "Hitler is always right." Don't upset him yo. The man's been through enough.

  165. Your choice of words is interesting to me. Everyday I write in my journal "I feel", "I sense" over and over. It's how I'm beginning to look at the world. It's the only place I find peace, while my mind seems necessary more to complete a circle rather than to control things.

    Very well then, it's a date. I will have a look at Twin Peaks and see what I get.

  166. Thanks Jack and I appreciate you supporting to me when I was going through a very hard time I think in 2013? I don't remember. Things are better now. But I see TAMI everywhere and like to tell people. Jesus was a fishermen of souls but I'm a fisherman of MK Ultra. I like to link to the information to potential targets and disrupt the experiments. Like in VT, one of the editors is an obvious mind control victim:

    "Baal was not the king, we were hiding in cave, and he was my brother at that time, I suspect from my past life work that I have been doing.

    The white alien came to the cave where our family was hiding, and my brother met with the alien who made him an “offer he could not refuse.” I suspect they stole my brother and I may have made a deal with them trying to get my brother back."

    How else did she get this info other than satellites inputted it into her head?

    But how to get people to accept this inputted information as truth? Stress them out by simulating assassination attempts:

    Anyway I'm not forcing anyone to believe that all spiritual experiences are satellite mind control – I don't know that – I just know some of them are. In the least the info should promote some discussion and reflection.

    "Priest Vallon: St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protector against the snares and the wickedness of the devil."

  167. You are spitnit Anon. I use duck duck go myself and have for many a stretch. I like the fellas name who built that one up in Pennsylvania.
    He goes by Gabriel. Welcome back and all 🙂
    We all need to drop googy like it's covered in googy. That's just me. I'm always trying to think my way clear. I didn't know or I didn't want to know that it's not possible. They won't let me change my photo. I'll guess I'll give it another shot another time. That photo is rude and cowardly but they like that sort of thing I guess.

  168. Concerning Rome's mind controlled religious slaves,IE,Christians;first step,get a real bible (https://www.aent .org/)which will help to start your jailbreak.Another jailbreak tool(https://duckduckgo .com/?q=alan+watts+knowing+who+you+are&t=fpas&iax=1&ia=products)Jack,from the 5 Tibetans,you want #6.Need to have in my library.Secular.(,ho-hum fact,newly emerged web.Between '95-99,full disclosure on existence of alternate universes an inhabitants.Excellent blog you have Jack.

  169. Thanks Stan. That is not okay. My ringtone on my little phone is Spirit in the Sky. The comment threads on this blog have become a lifeline for me. I mean literally. I have no place to discuss these, how should I say? Phenomenon with.
    It's going to be. . . There's not a word for the proper description. I'm still jumping half out of my skin jacket when I see the slightest change that doesn't belong.
    MUFON invited me to dc some years ago and they suggested hypnosis. I said get this, IDK Maybe I don't want anyone trying to capatolize on me by convincing me of some narrative. I thought you or one of the other commenters may receive a jolt from such talk.
    I came here looking for a friend. I succeeded in finding one. Plus as an added benefit I befriended myself. Whodda thunk it? We're in it together and we're in it to win it. That's where I'm at.
    Thank you Jack. Thank you Orage. Thank you friends. Thank you every commenter I've shared thread space with. I like that. Someone very important to me was quick to remind me that gratitude is like a magic pill. I'm ill. I let mine come out onto paper with a pen. I'll get to that list now.

  170. Altered consciousness alters reality Tom, some of us are better at feeling than at thinking, feeling is far more important. Being able to coherently express what you are feeling, to ones self or to others, that's just window dressing. The meek may inherit the earth, although i only see them getting the dirt that is thrown over their corpses, but it is those who feel who make this place. They generate the earth and everything in it, they are god…

    When you saw Silent Hill it changed the way you feel about what is real and what isn't thus changing what is possible and what isn't for those who showed you the movie. That's how its done, what von Neumann also said is that only certain individuals can collapse the wave function, what they have done through the humane genome project, courtesy of the AEC, is find those individuals, all of them, through their DNA, which is the key (they think), and control what they feel by controlling what they see, all of it, right down to their spouses and children…

    and don't ask who they are, we have been naming they for the last 20 or so essays. But they just love Okinawa Tom, it is the Japanese who invented, or at least took credit for the whole Silent Hill alternate universe theme that fuels the game industry (which will eventually replace cinema), at least up until now. David Lynch, who we more than just a little suspect is stepping from the shadows, has taken cinema to its outer limits in episode 8 of Twin Peaks. Watch that one if you want to feel a little different for a while, in high def…

  171. Soon now, all earth "take a guess" hell is going to break loose here in San Jose. I don't know how they get them, but some people will light up a real nice aerial display of sky rockets. It's going to get loud, real loud, and I don't mean fire crackers. The only way I can think of calling these things are Bombs. Again, were they come from I just don't know, maybe from a website in China. It happens everywhere, one after another, like they are playing a game. Around 11 PM, East San Jose will sound like it is being carpet bombed, Viva La Revolution! I guess, or "Trophies Of War And Ribbons Of Euphoria." If one goes off out in the street close to my house, I really don't like it. 911? There is no 911. I guess they just let the people feel good about all the shock and awe for a few hours once a year. Give me one, and I'll light it up and yell real loud: "Hitler Was Right!"

  172. Zen may not be a member of the club Anon but he is my friend. When Orage and I spent six months pouring over the science to bring you all the fifteen or so thousand words in Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog, the ones I spent day and night writing without monetary compensation and the Christians and Muslims, some who professed to be my friends and are my co writers at VT, responded by viciously attacking me in public in the comment section with a lot of extrapolations from their silly “magic” books, Zen along with Bill Ward and maybe one or two others like Mike Kay (who has his own agenda), were the only ones who I remember as being there. Zen can share a foxhole with me any day of the week. Who cares what he knows about this mess that you all have created?…

  173. Jack,

    I saw Silent Hill at a base in Okinawa in 2006. It made my heart beat strangely for about three months afterwards. I think there really is some underlying truth in it. I've begun to think that the strategy is to get you into such a state of fear and paranoia that it actually changes the way your mind and body function. You become susceptible to anything in that state.

    A year ago I couldn't sit in a dark room alone for more than six minutes. I'm quite a ways past that now thankfully.

    I really appreciate people like you who will question and talk about things without trying to sync with a bunch of bullshit cultural fads to stay "relevant".

    If you publish your book, I'll buy it and read it.

  174. Me too. My bad. It's just that it rolls off of the tongue, that's all. Nine out of ten doctors may agree.
    Thank you for the wings, Jack. They are heavy and they don't want to fly. It's a solitary affair down here for me. I have tickets to the show. The really big one but it's so very difficult to think about attending in this state. I hope you can over look my distress.

  175. “First, the more visitors you have, the more attractive your website is to a potential advertiser. Second, the higher traffic you have, the more money you will earn from your advertisers. The most basic traffic information you must know is the total number of monthly page-views and visitors. One ad view is counted as one impression. If a page contains 4 ads, there will be 4 ad impressions per page-view. You need to understand that web traffic is not equal in quality. Some is more desirable than other. For a local advertiser, visitors from a foreign country may be irrelevant. Moreover, many locations and countries are known to generate fraudulent and inflated clicks so advertisers will want to target their ads to certain areas only.”
    I have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for the human race now for four years without asking for a dime, or mind you getting one. Those who profit from lies are not about to pay someone to write the truth. I have lost seven friends and a daughter to what these cowards call asymmetrical warfare (that means that when you know your enemy will kick the living shit out of you, you attack everything around them you can without provoking a direct confrontation, the DoD taught me that). I have given up an office with two secretaries, alcohol and drugs and I sleep on a fucking couch!!! Worst of all, particularly for someone with my libido, I have not had sex in years. I can do this indefinitely because I am as hard as it gets but when it ends, if it ever ends and I am still breathing, it would be nice to know that I have somewhere to go where I won’t have to sweep Schlomos shop floor to eat. Now even that hope has been taken from me…

  176. My favorite patient…
    Not only are they easily the best things that have come out in film for the twenty-first century but they are probably the most important movies ever made, at least until now and the return f David Lynch and Twin Peaks which with the introduction of Populus trichocarpa in the 2014 PT version of the Silent Hill games would officially move the setting for Silent Hills (which is in fact Twin Peaks II) out of Centralia Pennsylvanian and into the Pacific Northwest…

    Google is gum on my shoe or maybe animal feces at best, not much else. But the point is when and how are we ever going to get paid? And I do mean we, if you know what I mean. This is from adSpeed and an article entitled “How much to charge for advertising on your website?”

  177. Yeah, Who's giving? I've seen cray cray in the wild black and blue but that don't make it yay nor niegh. What's the what anon? Give it up straight. Pretty please. Inquiring minds wanna know.

  178. given that satellites do not even exist, Mr. Zen, you probably just have the keen mind. Phased array? Definitely though, and it's still a formidable foe ala Preston Nichol's work.

  179. Dr. Jack,

    Who is Google?

    He said one must love an enemy

    the gospel I see

    course I have made many an enemy and I must choose one of them to love one at a time

    course its impossible but of course he sent his spirit

    one enemy at a time

    I am watching the movies now that you posted about and find them some of the best art work I have ever seen.

    Please forgive me for not posting more thoughts since I need more time to process the films.

    I saw truth presented in film media and of course I understand still photography but video is another world for me.



  180. I rarely use those epitaphs, Zen. I apologize to everyone concerned.
    You want to read that book as much as I do. It's ridiculous that they publish some of the mindless garbage out there while they turn that one away. That's all I'm saying. It's like the tv. People like to consume garbage. I'm a little taken aback about the mind control thing. Thanks for all your 411.

  181. It's so easy just to self publish. I don't know why anyone needs to rely on Jewish publishers and advertisers.

    Dr Duncan self published:

    And self promoted by going on radio shows etc.

    Also you can just publish a book as a website;

    I don't think he's a "whore" or whatever for asking for people to buy some of his books.

  182. I think I may be under that mind control. I'm pretty sure. I've been trying to find the information.
    This is some juicy 411. Shout out muther fuckers. I'd like to find you and kick your dog in the nuts and then cut yours off. I'm just kidding In the mean world. I'd never do such a thing. Those kyke publishers need to stroke that man a check. That's all I know.

  183. Hi Stan!
    Wassup yo? If MK's reading he's probably coming off the feed, huh? I got his number and I'm glad he threw it down like he did cause I needed that one. There was always so much argument about religion. People must be on vacation or something. I still don't get it because it's obvious that the homeboys ain't down with the big G. Personally I do not abdicate my power in that manner. I try not to tell other people their business either unless they ask for it. I guess it's true. We all find what we're looking for.

  184. There was a woman I was talking to who showed signs of mind control but refused to believe she was under mind control. There are objective signs like stalking, tinnitus, visual snow, voice of God, dream manipulation etc. But the sign that stuck out most to me was she was divorced, poor and refused to get alimony from her ex husband based on some "principle". Dr. Duncan is working on a jammer that will help 70% of those experiencing mind control. When it comes out, you could get one and see if you feel differently about not self publishing and self promoting your book. The CIA often will pretend to be God using V2k, but they can use other masks for their virtual handlers, such as aliens, leprechauns, clones etc. There are other communication methods too, such as signals which your brain has adapted to and so they "type it, you think it" ie. it is not perceived as being external. What if your God is just a CIA creation designed to make you appear Schizophrenic?

    For those readers who don't know about mind control technologies:

    "He had no idea that at this moment in history, he had accidentally destroyed democracy as we envision it to be. The military and surveillance community immediately picked up on the patent and within two years had reprogrammed their communications and surveillance satellites and terrestrial phased arrays with the new concepts. The rapid deployment of this technology occurred because it only required software changes in already existing radar, imaging, and communications’ terrestrial dishes and satellites. Many additional spy satellites have been launched since to bolster the system. So in 1976, on the bicentennial of this great nation, a system called TAMI was born. TAMI is an acronym for “Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface”. A more invasive “Big Brother” technology came about before George Orwell’s prediction of 1984."

    From the Matrix Deciphered

    Not sure if I have a keen mind or am just a cyborg patsy …

  185. The comments on this blog are partially esoteric to me. I am a bit of a foreigner here. I hope the prize in this happy meal is not disappointing.

    I don’t know about everyone who calls himself or herself a ‘Christian’. But there is a kind of Christian who, by his or her own testimony and theology, lives veiled from light, love, and wisdom in a dark and “fallen” world. This is what they say, week after week. This week they will hear the preacher say that we all must strive for perfection to please God. Next week they will hear the preacher say that perfection is unattainable and anyone who claims to have attained perfection has blasphemed. The God they claim is Love itself they also claim will willingly torture most of his own offspring for eternity because he couldn’t give them free-will without filling the world up with his own pet-peeves. It goes on and on.

    For this kind of Christian, the way out of the miserable dungeon in which he or she dwells is either to walk away from it all entirely and face the plain reality of the world without faith, or to take the path of the lonely returning Exile. The Apocalypse of John reveals this path. The Christian must cross John Bunyan’s last river while still living. He must enter the Time of the End. He must pass through the Great Tribulation and emerge victorious.

    The key idea here is: “It is within you.” As I understand it, this is another way of saying, “As above, so below.” There is a way out of the prison of the always-angry, blood-drinking, desert demon god. I and others walk in that path now.

    I doubt it will be popular to say, but there is a reason for the Abrahamic religions to be in this world. We will not give up until the good that was intended is done. The evil systems of religious oppression have nothing in us. We are not after crowds of sycophantic followers. We are not after the glittering, transient treasures of this mad civilization. For all the beautiful, magnificent souls trapped in this befouled pit of lies, we will never give up.

  186. That's a great song for this juncture in my opinion. Hi Zen 😉 I think Stephen King used that song in The Stand. The reaper analogy is very useful. Seriously, I read the stuff about those who offed out. It's not an option if there are still breathers around who would feel devestation. I'm still connecting dots but that is my reaction. Nobody is advocating for the suicide booth.

  187. Zen if I wasn’t me I would be asking the same question, bout time you livened up the comment section with that keen mind. But I do not see anyone but Schlomo and his media circus promoting suicidal behavior through his now relentless campaign to instigate war between America and Russia. I am watching what message I am being asked to convey very closely for anything that does not ring true with what I have already seen in my life. All I have found are answers. I favor only one in all this and even with her I am not giving her to you wrapped in the idiotic and childish idolatry of certain Gnostic schools of thought on her. I am telling you exactly who and what she is and much to her credit so is she in the Silent Hill movies. I don’t think you have to worry about either one of us lying to you. Worry about what Schlomo and the Jesuits got planed for you. There’s a reason they don’t want us going where we are going, I believe it’s called human bondage. If you no longer fear death they will no longer control you. It is them and their repulsive demon war (the reason for the gladiator attire) god that “uses your fear to control you.” So instead of being their god you are their slave…
    “All our times have come
    Here but now they're gone
    Seasons don't fear the reaper
    Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain, we can be like they are” – Blue Oyster Cult: The Reaper…

  188. OKden. I'm glad to know it's getting handled. Not everybody gets that chunk of peace of mind in this jabbidy jim jim jamboree. You rock it out. Loyalty is my specialty. Thanks for noticing.

  189. Thank you Tara and i appreciate your support too, beats the types who give it to you then withdraw it every time one of these cockroach's that would be gods wiggle their antennae. don't blame Google for freezing my hits, Google is an AI program that doesn't really exist but insists it does, some of us know better and we are a threat to it. Just think of Google as Christabella:"Why don't you tell them the truth, the truth that you deny even to yourself? There was no apocalypse. You burned in the fire you started and nothing can save you because you're already damned!" They can bottle me up here but it doesn't matter the truth in its time is like water cupped in your hands. It will always find a way out. The leakage began with Jacob's Ladder, then came Twin Peaks, the Montauk projects and Silent Hill, now David Lynch and the rest of us will finish the job

  190. It doesn't get any better than that. I always liked watching the movie first and then reading the book in the past whatever. I don't know if I'll ever watch it. I kind of doubt it. It would ruin the synopsis for me. I appreciate y'all. I do not comprehend how you stand this, Jack. They are over there freezing up those hits too? That is messed up. I don't get who that Pyramid Head guy is but I feel sorry for him. No good deed goes unpunished, right? In the mean world. Fuck them.

  191. Awesome beyond measure Jack. Definitely not for the faint of heart or the two dimensional, featherless bipeds that swarm over earth in this Kali Yuga. Keep throwing knockouts Brother.

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