Volodymyr Zelensky playing
piano with dick for five minutes


We’ve got another gem by Kaminski, this time he
articulates my own feelings about the matter, when he writes about the bravest
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Below Johns piece is an email sent out to patrons about what happened. But enough about me, let’s talk about you, and the
madness that’s sure to consume you if you do not take preventive action. The Ukraine
is not a distraction from what many of you are calling the lethal shot, been
calling it that for the last two years, meanwhile its somewhat like the “COVID”
itself, 99.9% of the people who got it are fine physically. Mentally maybe not,
as Kaminski points out there has to be something truly wrong with anyone who
buys into the mainstream media narrative at this point. You don’t only endanger
yourself by empowering degenerates like Volodymer Zelensky, Joe Biden and his
handlers, and Klaus Schwab’s puppet show but you endanger the whole world.

Putin needs to be left alone, let him have the old
Soviet Union back and if he deems fit liberate Europe from Schwab &
company. I’m sure as in the last world war England and France will be left
alone if they don’t declare war on behalf of the always vicious Polish state
like they did the last time. As for you Americans, don’t you have more pressing
needs than to worry about a gangster state that doesn’t really even exist under
the control of a man who plays piano with his penis? Your southern border is
wide open, they are poisoning your children with fentanyl. Your neighbors to the
north and your cousins in Australia are living in brutal totalitarian
conditions. Your external unelected leadership is obviously someone’s idea of a
joke, and your economy is in ruins. Yet you tell me you want to fight a war with
two superpowers, and Taiwan will be next, for the monkeys who revel in the
filth they have drowned you in? I think you are the enemy, not Putin…    



Western cheers for Ukraine

fail to see freedom bleeding


By John Kaminski



Honesty doesn’t matter so much when you’re starving. Principles don’t mean much either when you’re bleeding. The price you’ll pay to solve either problem when they happen doesn’t much involve philosophy or politics so long the immediate solution furnishes the necessary food or bandages as fast as possible. Those other questions can wait for another day when many lives are not hanging precariously in the balance.

Maybe weighing this difficult question can shine some light on how political or philosophical decisions improve when they are removed from the brittle crucibles of hunger or pain, because when they are stressed out by emergencies they usually turn out to be wrong.

Something like that is happening as we speak about Ukraine, an unfortunate and often injured nation pinioned between two superpowers who each have invested substantial fortunes in its future and now find themselves in a sticky stalemate in which it is no exaggeration to say the fate of the world depends.

When one person’s despicable corruption is another person’s faithful conviction, sometimes it takes the whole world to decide which is which. And we are at that very dangerous and worrisome juncture right now.

What decision will we make? The smug and jaded already know because the fix is in.

Is faith in ourselves justified?

Since I still retain a huge but diminishing quotient of optimistic faith in a peaceful and rewarding future, I am naturally aghast and depressed these days as I see one conflict after another decided by unjust force and bald faced lies rather than by thoughtful consideration of the facts resulting in sensible and equitable solutions. 

I don’t maintain this faith and hope in better days ahead by adherence to any particular creed or philosophy, but from many decades of usually impartial observation and a lot of good reading and learning. I have concluded that when force and extortion are not brought to bear unduly and honesty is employed fairly, people are generally smart enough to figure things out. Or used to be.

So I don’t need to tell you, my fellow media devourers, how shocked and disappointed I have been that the entire world has been devastated by false facts forced on people, first by the propagandized promotion of a disease that doesn’t exist mandated on the whole world producing a stunning and shocking death toll, then by the development of the greatest democratic outpouring of bravery I have seen in many a year in the march of the Canadian truckers convoying to their capital to protest senseless tyranny — suddenly destroyed by fiat of the bankers who control the world.

By now you all know of the sad result of my hope for common sense in both of these momentous matters. People continue to be ordered to put these disease causing and psychosis producing masks on children, damaging their futures as much as the hazardous untested experimental inoculations that have already murdered millions of young and healthy people all over the world.

Just when things couldn’t get any sadder, the Communist Canadian government rewarded the noble effort of the finest bunch of Canadian patriots with the charge that their patriotism was really a crime, and promptly stole not only their vehicles, but also their bank accounts, as well as the bank accounts of well meaning, sincere people who supported them by mail and by Internet.

Down a dark ladder

In stark contrast to all those colored Antifa protesters who burned down towns in the U.S. last summer, and the sickening sneaks who torched all those Anglican churches all over Canada last summer — and none of them was ever arrested and/or prosecuted by the demented governments who are clearly trying too destroy their countries rather than protect their people. The heroes who showed true evidence of patriotism were deemed criminals by sick psychos now in powerful government positions who earlier were tutored by Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

Even though it was eventually rescinded, the biggest bummer of all came when the Canadian parliament actually APPROVED tyrant Turdeau’s totalitarian measures, reinforcing the stark raving mad idea that patriotism is a crime and burning down churches is not.

So, getting back to our original question — Is faith in ourselves justified? — do I dare let you make the call? When all you have done so far is sit back and watch the bravest among you risk everything and lose most of it because you sat on you bulbous butts and let it happen?

But all this is not the worst of it, not the most disheartening of all the things that have happened in these past two years of Big Pharma premeditated murder, of studious government disregard of everybody’s individual rights, of murdering our own children because of a bunch of corrupt doctors and Jewish poison peddlers made billions of dollars while we were ordered to stay home, ruining our businesses, letting our elderly parents die alone in nursing homes that wouldn’t let us in, who killed those old folks deliberately, for cash bonuses.

No, that’s not the worst of it. The worst is happening now.

If you’ve turned on your TV or looked at a newspaper at least once in the past couple of weeks, you know the poop’s in the fan in Ukraine, a country who location you don’t really know, but you know it’s attached to Russia, and Russia wants it back, because Ukraine has been take over by criminals — principal among them the Biden family. That’s right, your president, illegally elected in a fixed election, is the center of American corruption in Ukraine.

You remember the forced election in 2014, the fake revolution engineering by a cookie peddling scumbag diplomat who spent $5 billion to install a software porn comedian as Ukraine’s president, who later named a bevy of U.S. senators to well paying fake jobs, following in the footsteps of Hunter Biden’s $86,000 a week job that enabled him to pay for the crack and hookers he’s addicted to, as he leaves a trail of jilted wives back in the states while his demented dad fondles little girls in White House reception lines.

No, wait, the White House is wrapped in barbed wire. The receptions are held elsewhere. Speaking of that, friends of the U.S. government, Biden voters, Woke weirdos. You know what they’re saying is coming out of the wicked cellars of that boarded up White House? You know how many things our prostituted media are covering up that our government officials and favored celebrities are doing to little children, whether they’re alive or not?

But I digress.

Beginning of the end

What I wanted to tell you is more disappointing that all the things I just mentioned — PUT TOGETHER! And certainly more dangerous.

You know how law enforcement and elected officials are only too eager to arrest people who won’t follow the mandates of corrupt politicians paid to push poison shots, illegal lockdowns and psychotic masks.

You know the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand sadists robbed all their citizens of their rights in order to poison them and steal their freedom.

OK, Russia is trying to put the New World Order scum regime in Ukraine out of business because it is the worldwide center of more crimes than most people can even conceive of — bioweapon labs, child torture centers, international drug smuggling, headquarters for Israel hit squads, you name it, it’s there, and a bevy of American politicians go there to partake of the benefits.

And you know what? Just like the situation in Canada when the parliament voted to approve Turdeau’s torture, just like the situation in Australia where all rights were suspended, people were thrown in jail and shot in the back, and just like in America where a popular president was run out of office because of a well-planned fix of an entire election, the free world is now coming out in support of Ukraine, sending weapons and money and every other form of support to crush Russia, which was only trying to obliterate one of the great crime centers in the entire world, fully endorsed by the U.S. criminals who run the corrupt American government.

Now it can continue its comprehensive push to fully and finally eliminate individual freedom from every corner of the world, by restoring this important neocon crime base.

Best of all, this rush to support Ukraine by all of the nations of the free world as they organize to send weapons and support to cage the Russian bear now interfering with the operation of the American war machine.

In its entire checkered history Russia has never attempted such a valuable favor to the whole world nor has it been met with such a united effort by the warped Western powers to keep the neocon crime scheme from being dismantled by a country that knows better.

But the whole Western world, perhaps jabbed into insanity by spike proteins rattling around in their brains, is now united by malevolent media, totally corrupt politicos and snickering billionaires to support the crime ridden neocon regime in Ukraine.

I’m not sure you’ll want to know what will happen next.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.








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Perhaps the love/hate affair between those who call the shots in this world and me is over. Just as well anyway. After seeing what they have done here in the last two years, to paraphrase Jim Morrison; I can never look into their eyes again. Do you really think that those that brought me here are going to let you get away with this? I don’t, so it makes little sense for me to continue trying to reason with you. If you don’t like what I have to say don’t read me. It’s very simple. Do you think I read the New York Times? I’m not Barrett crusading against your plandemic, I’m not Kaminski howling about the Jews, I’m not even Harry Vox calling for your heads. Besides the fact that I was once quite fond of some of you, you mean less to me now than the Bushes do. I am a writer, maybe the very best your language has ever produced. The law of Karma, the first law, you all know it, it’s the one about not interfering with the Dove, dictates that you must leave me alone. But then since the days of Nietzsche, you never could follow that one, could you?
The alphabet people have been controlling my Patreon page almost since day one, and all my patrons know it. I was not even listed as a provider in Patreon’s catalogue, and my page classified as adult content. Any query’s to IT were always answered by the Feds who never even bothered to try to hide it. I complained one time that live links could no longer be posted in the comment section and my answer was: “so, cut and paste them.”  An artificial monetary ceiling had been imposed, and most of my biggest donors harassed till they left. Because I made enough to live and therefore write I have never tried to change any of that. After discussing it with Orage and Phil Hunter, the guys who do all the technical work, I figured so what, when one door closes, another opens. Hell there are plenty of other platform’s that provide paywalls and are far more mindful of Americas first amendment than Patreon. Some, like Sub-stack where Barrett went, are just waiting to have it out with the alphabet people. Phil Hunter, a man who does so much to bring Jack Heart to everyone, will now have to do even more, to make sure I can pay my bills. We’ll have to move everyone over. Alright, I’ve been paying Patreon thousands of dollars in Platform fees, I need access to my three and half years of work, so it too can be moved. Now undaunted I wrote Patreon:
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My only reply has been from this AI program, or whatever it is, that calls itself Reye and apparently only functions in the middle of the night. Seems I am being punished for two months, and I have no rights to my own material:   

Reye (Patreon)
Feb 16, 2022, 2:54 AM PST
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Ironically enough, even Joseph Stalin knew the importance of art to a given culture. Mikhail Bulgakov was perhaps the greatest novelist who ever lived, he certainly wrote the greatest novel ever written; The Master and Margarita, the inspiration for the iconic Rolling Stone song; Sympathy for the Devil. Bulgakov, as a devout Christian hated the commissars and used his position as Russia’s undisputed heavyweight champion of literature to attack them every chance he got in print. The commissars screamed for Bulgakov’s head but Stalin, a real-life man of steel, would not budge on the matter. He told his commissars that Bulgakov, as Russia’s legacy artist, was bigger than them or any of their politics and he was untouchable. It’s too bad our own dictators, lost in their transhuman madness, cannot understand this… 

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  1. It is slowly dawning on some that when you're not holding the resources that matter, don't produce anything of value anymore, your vaunted navy that has been bullying the world for 400 years is soon scrap metal if you dare to use it, your money is hot air, well, it is hard to blackmail anyone. Some in on the take perhaps, but don't count on it. Take a bath, you're empty calories in value

    • The Sun is finally going to set on the British Empire. As a decent "experiencer" once relayed time exposes the cards of the liars and who the real are if you're patient enough to wait long enough. The alliance was struck and continued, Serrano told us all over 5 decades ago, and like the morons you bare witness to today they ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN on their error. Even if they wanted to go back and had time they are bound to nature, most of them, and must go down to the bottom. The fear of turning back turned from a rock that trips you up into a mountain behind them and what does it matter you're fucked and know it so might as well suck the marrow out of the bones in your dissolution and take as many down with your by making them accomplices along with you.

      The Chancellor told you he would bring things to and end and unlike Orange Man and Android Biden, promises are being fulfilled. Since I tend to reflect on my childhood moments often here I can't help but relate to those "abductions" people often relate usually in a subservient very human manner. My experience I began that way so I understand them, but in the end I was not who I was when it began and honestly never have been. Something else, but me, or not me just with foreign memories that are mine. In the end these torturous creatures, hardly deserving of being linked to humanity or considered worthy of life and far beneath animals, possibly below insects, were doing what they were doing became evident. They had no spark of creativity that we speak of. Their mission became obvious to suck everything out of the minds of those that could create and continue their little game with them on top. They want to destroy you because they need you for their own existence. The inferiority complex is real and it really is that petty as some have written books of the jealousy of the non-white world toward the evil white man. It boils down to jealousy that morphs into blood thirsty rage. Murdering divinity is worthy of the highest promotion in their system.

      Long story short I managed to learn some tricks and box things in little places they couldn't reach. Whatever they think they got they didn't and it was clear to me I knew what they didn't and no longer knew. Seeing the big picture why would I do a single thing to contribute to this meat grinder people call "normal". No sir, a big fuck you was in order and my only intent was to see it burn with me in it if that's what it takes. Maybe it takes a devil to kill a devil and maybe like Jack has said there's something wrong with people who Laugh too much as I do in this world, but if you find yourself on the meat hooks under interrogation it might be prudent of you to embrace the insanity to protect something worth more than your life and perhaps figure out the alchemical formula to transfer physical pain into pleasure and then you might understand the laughter.

      Anyways, I'm off before the ghost in the system does what it does and makes Jack work harder. Glad you are well Jack. I can tell you too know you'll rest when you're dead and not a second earlier.

  2. This man says it's all theater, and every day that goes by without a complete Russian victory lends more weight to his theory, I don't know about his economic figures, and I really have to question his sources, particularly since none are given, but one thing is certain in his thesis the outlaw Biden administration is taking America, what's left of it down, the agglutinations that are cheering this take down on must be rounded up and euthanized if the sentient are to survive yet Americas military who are charged with this and take an oath to do it if necessary have done nothing as a doddering imbecile and his posse of very vocal, yet extraordinarily stupid and ugly to boot, cheer him on. Time for Civil War my friends, one that takes no prisoners…


    • Everything is theatre, but that doesn't mean it isn't deadly.
      Why should Russia be in a hurry? Is there going to be a huge force of pink and green haired LGBTs landing to oppose them? Are the Israelis suddenly going going to start shooting at someone who can and will shoot back? Nope on both.
      Russia controls the agenda, and it won't be according to anyone else's expectations.
      Right about now, those 3,000 US troops illegally occupying eastern Syria should start brushing up on rear guard tactics and night marches, because they are on the bubble, and the geniuses that sign their orders consider them expendable, just like the rest of us.
      The entire geopolitical face of the eastern Mediterranean is undergoing a massive transformation as the mad vaxxers played yet another loosing hand.
      Globalistsas really thought they controlled both Russia and China, but it turns out, not so much. They imagined themselves to be so impressive that they could shift everything to the east and continue to parasite on it all. Now they are left, not just with the prospect of sitting atop a garbage dump of their own making, but of no longer playing nations around the world like fiddles.
      Russia has frozen the assets, and suspended all buisness regarding foreign resource exploitation. All trade outside the ruble is now subject to punitive taxes, and the oligarchs are going to pay up, or maybe they'll like life in a cell.
      This is a patient, methodical, and brilliant plan.
      If Russia wants you to know how their special operation is going, they'll let a thing or two slip out, but don't expect to know what Spetsnaz badassery has taken down, and don't assume that call for thousands of yamikas isn't for all those neonazis looking for fast identity changes.
      I guess I didn't get that memo concerning your appetites, Jack, but it is quite bizarre. I can say I don't share them.

    • Jack, with respect to your readers, that article above is the truth of the matter. Put in is one of them as all governments of this world are.

      Follow the money. Russia sent in raw troops and ancient equipment to Ukraine and what do they call battlefields Jack? Theaters. Duff explained it to us once upon a time that war is fifth generational now and the "theater" is the physical world,the biological,the psychological, the informational and the spiritual worlds as our military thinkers refer to it as full spectrum domination.

      The very first concept of any war is to know your enemy.

    • Whoever even said you were invited to dinner anyway Mike? You all better just understand I am not talking to any of you at least 60% of the time, if not more. If it's obvious I'm not talking to you then stay out of it, just like you would on the street, where I come from budding into the wrong persons business will get you killed…

    • No nine I do not endorse the article as truth, I am merely giving you the best of the half dozen or so professional researchers and military intel guys that contribute these links. Italy has a larger economy than Russia? By what calculations is that figured? You will find his economic figures come from the IMF and WEF, the very people he's supposedly railing against. According to everything I am hearing from our half dozen or so experts the Russians have enveloped them in pincer moves and can wipe them out anytime they want. As Phil said, who would know better than anyone, Putin does not want to get involved in the house-to-house fighting such as the US did in Fallujah. It's extremely dangerous to your soldiers and to the civilians dumb enough to still be in the cities as well. Short of carpet bombing that is what it's going to take to bring the cities under control and why bother with that when you can control everything that gets into the cities because you control the countryside. And as far as losing the "publicity war," that's an MSM talking point. Did you expect Rachel Madow and Sean Hannity to sing paeons to him? Facebook, which actually took down our last post because they said there was no biolabs in the Ukraine? Twitter, loaded with fake accounts of fake people with fake followers that make woke comments and posts all day that Twitter plasters everywhere their not blocked (as they are on mine) 24/7. Putin is a hero in much of the world and I have news for you many Americans and military people are behind him.

    • With your point of the danger to his men in urban combat at least Putin cares for his soldiers more than any American commander. What's that term? Cannon fodder?

      Put in sounds to good to be true.

    • You should know me well enough by now Jack, to understand I consider the state of children sacred. Perhaps you don't particularly care. You statements certainly read like you don't, however I do not share your apparent perspective.

    • And you should know me well enough to not try to get the last word in with me in my own comment section of a post that is not yours on a comment that is not meant for you. I don't have to explain myself to you or anybody else, but I will tell you this much I have been mercilessly provoked through "asymmetrical warfare" for eight years now and by the way their definition of asymmetrical warfare is they go after your children and everything else you care about while avoiding direct conflict with the enemy. A prime example of asymmetrical warfare, which as we have shown you, they are waging against their own people right now and have been planning for a quarter century (https://jackheart.substack.com/p/shadow-by-jack-heart-and-orage?s=w), is the "vaccination" of children. There is only one answer for something like that and that is to root the enemy out wherever they may be and exterminate them, their children and their fucking goldfish. Or perhaps you feel it best to take little George Soros fishing and explain to him the sanctity of Human life? You write beautiful prose about the Goddess Mike but in the end, that's not going to get anything done in this place, and as a friend of mine once told me "I get things done." Don't get in my way and don't try to give me any smartass answers because I will just delete them.

  3. I told you once before I would eat your children, well getting dosed with microwaves and having my pay per view site taken down in the middle of the night while I had 104 fever has built up a powerful appetite in me, I'm starving…

    • That vaunted military would force poison vaxxines on its own people at gun point if told to do so. How can Karma not be served if this vaunted military is not judged? I have a special forces nephew and trust me he is in it for the pension and will do whatever he is told. Perhaps a comeuppance is due again like in Vietnam? This time around the American public will feel the pain as they always go along in lock step when told to. Maybe they can eat exceptionalism?

  4. Edit:
    physical, incarnate, limited perspective.
    Awareness is antecedent to it all.

  5. As most of you know, you either have to be a personal friend of mine or have a secret Illuminati decoder ring to post comments in the Human. As a result every time we post here I’m deluged with emails from regular folks just wanna have a say. Some of them are so good I just gotta post them myself. Stan here nails it.

    “Thank you for posting. As for the war, about all I know is that the first casualty of war is the truth.
    To all,
    However this war ends, the next crisis will roll in out of nowhere to keep the fear meter up. This evil will not end because of our compromised military. The military takes an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. That shouldn't be too hard with a $780 billion budget.
    The oath is lip service to most. It is a job that allows them to pursue their dream of travel. It's a great way to get an education without massive loans.
    It enables them to get recognized at high school graduations as their decision to join the military is worshipped. It gives them instant hero service. You go to the mall in your military fatigues and teenage girls that never gave you the time of day before now run up to you to "thank you for your service!"
    The generals that would give the orders to hunt down and arrest those at the top of the pyramid of evil are hard to find because they've been invited to a billionaire's yacht party.
    I was watching a "Hawaii Life" episode on HGTV. An Air Force pilot was retiring after 20 years, 20 years! He was in Maui with his wife and 2 teenage girls looking for their retirement destination. His budget supplied by your tax $$$ was $600,000. Don't count on him to come off of the beach to join a battle cry to arrest the jooish banking cartel.

    Psalm 37:12,13
    "The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnashesh upon him with his teeth.
    The Lord laughs at them because he seeth that that his day is coming."

    Modern translation: "They"ll get theirs!"

    The Resistance Lives!

  6. People, people, please.
    If you could, for just one moment, stand quiet, you will understand that what is happening is not from an unbalanced hubris, not for your benefit, nor in any way a defense related theatre.
    This is happening, spiritually, for reasons I have already articulated. Right now you have a choice, and it's the same choice you faced with GMO shots, and the attack on Ivermectin. You can get out from under the mind warping forces that are going to grind you into dust, or you can be ground into dust.
    Do you know why the leaders in the world punish their people and keep them isolated and stupid? It allows them to overpower the minds of the people, and gets them to exchange the sacred for an ersatz rendition that you take at your own risk.
    Hopefully, I have enough skill to demonstrate this in the next piece. I will try. The sacred is your birthright, all of you, everywhere. Try to remember…

  7. Have I not been telling you since the MI 6 takeover of the once iconic internet publication; Veterans Today, that MI 6 is rabidly homosexual? I've gotten nothing but grief from them for years which finally culminated in a heated exchange of emails published behind the paywall of the now defunct Patreon site, I suspect another reason why it was arbitrarily deleted. I know better than anybody just who they are. So as WW III kicks off at Great Britain’s front door what is battle cry of Richard Moore, the head fruit at MI 6? Well, here is his/her tweet:

    “With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and hard won freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights. So let’s resume our series of tweets to mark #LGBTHM2022.”

  8. “Having ridden roughshod over their populations for nearly two years with their lockdown and vaccine regime, the Western globalists grew arrogant, overbearing and overconfident. They lost touch with reality and assumed that everyone would submit to their chicanery in the same way that their own docile populations went along with their random edicts and mandates.
    Putin, however, would not bend to the globalist chicanery and did exactly what he had kept warning about for years if Russian concerns were not adequately addressed: He invaded Ukraine to stop NATO’s expansion into the country with which he shares nearly 1000 kilometres of border, and which once hosted Russia’s capital.
    The invasion of Ukraine was a pre-announced, rational act of a strongman who felt increasingly encircled and threatened by what he deems to be an antagonistic military bloc.
    Putin’s move came as a great shock to the Western elites who could have not imagined someone standing up to them in such a bold way. They were completely unprepared for the obvious and went into panic mode as they realized how many innocent lives could be lost to their incompetence and pomposity.
    As the Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Putin exposed the globalists’ hubris and ineptitude. As the Russian military advanced speedily through the vast expanses of that land, the shocked elitists were nowhere to be seen. It was only the heart-breaking bravery of the Ukrainian people that saved them from complete exposure and humiliation.
    And it is at this juncture that their patently absurd “Putin is a madman” misinformation play comes in.”

    • Kohlmayer has been on point throughout the scamdemic. I always read his Rockwell columns before looking at who else is featured.

  9. In that video of the Imperial Germans, if that is who they are, as a distinct Group, based in Brazil, and who operate the advanced anti-gravity Vril & Haunebu craft, along with an acquired status level that developed Superior Consciousness, the awareness and understanding of Natural, Creational and Spiritual Law, as an Evolving Human process, very well most likely have an alliance with …….The State of AGHARTA, located in Inner Earth, after all didn't the video host Alex, clearly state that tunnels exist that extend from Brazil to Agharta???

    The State of Agharta is Real, they call themselves "The Sons of The Sun." They
    exist today as the same ancient civilization of humans arriving here on Earth, way back in time, eons ago, as the humans that have the blueish tint in their skin. They never lost their advanced technology in any ancient nuclear war on Earth, such as the Great War of Atlantis vs. Mu. It is proposed that a large number of UFO sightings being witnessed are the advanced craft from Agharta. Agharta is connected to a powerful spiritual center: Shamballa.

    Thirty-ninth Contact
    Wednesday, 3rd December 1975, 01:37 hrs

    You forget that I was in India and in the Himalayas for a long time and also encountered the blue human beings.

    208. That’s why.
    209. I should know that.
    210. Unfortunately, I cannot give you exhaustive information in an open form because certain things still have to remain confidential.
    211. However, this much may be said, that in the vicinity of Shigatse and Shampulla is the underground realm of Agharta, the capital and center of distant descendants of extraterrestrials on the Earth.
    212. This is the center of the actual secrets that hold a gigantic power in themselves.
    213. This city is controlled by the race of the Sons of the Sun.
    214. But unfortunately, a tendency toward earthly world domination also prevails with this race, just like with certain earthly religions and secret societies.
    215. I may not explain anything else about it openly.

    Fifty-seventh Contact
    Wednesday, 23th June 1976, 20:54 hrs

    Of course, you have to eat. But now I want to ask a question about Agharta again: Can you tell me how big this underground city actually is?

    116. Certainly.
    117. Agarta is built very deep in the Earth in two parts, each in a size of the city you call Zurich, i.e., the Agarta under the Gobi desert is about 1/6 smaller than Zurich, while its satellite city is about 1/4 smaller.
    118. Both cities are called Agarta, but have the additional names Alpha and Beta.

    You are not telling me where the satellite town of Agarta Beta is.

    119. With your question you explain that you are informed about it, because otherwise you would not know that the second city carries this name.

    Of course, Asket explained it to me back then. But we have nothing about it in written form. So can you explain it again?

    120. Sure, if that is so:
    121. Agarta Alpha is located several thousand metres below the surface of the Gobi Desert, but I am not allowed to give the exact location.
    122. Agarta Beta is also underground, but is located below the Himalayas.
    123. Agarta Beta includes, besides the city itself, a huge area of cave systems, which are almost uninhabited today, but were inhabited by subordinate human beings at that time.
    124. The cave systems were the actual dwelling places of the people, while Agarta Beta was the administrative centre, which in turn was under the higher command of Agarta Alpha, which stood as the absolute centre of the two Agartas.
    125. Both cities were connected by a 200-foot wide and 130-foot high underground tunnel, which corresponds to a size of 65 x 40 metres, which is not very exactly expressed by me.
    126. However, the connecting tunnel was almost completely destroyed and not repaired during the great catastrophe of Gobi.
    127. Today, for example, there is only a narrow connecting corridor, which makes weak traffic possible.

    • Billy:
      So Asket told me. But now there is a man regarding Agarta whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, who has been appearing here and there for about 10 or 15 years, claiming that he is the Lord of the world and the supreme boss of Agarta. What do you think of that?

      128. The existence of this man is unknown to me, but it is clear that he is a fraud.
      129. The residents of Agarta would never go out to the world in public, because there are neither reasons nor interests.
      130. On the other hand, this would be far too dangerous for him, but also for Agarta itself and its inhabitants.

      4. Secret Earth Group in South America
      Five Hundred and Thirty-third Contact
      Thursday, 5th January 2012, 23:04 hrs

      Then let us forget about it; what about the fact that the earthlings have also been watching me, the various military and secret services, as well as that group in South America, which emerged from fugitive NAZI engineers, which built flying discs in Germany and then later in the USA and in South Africa? I knew about that, but is there anything special about it, in particular whether such flying discs are still being produced today and whether they still fly around the world?

      47. None of this has changed, not even the fact that certain states continue to work within the same framework and that the NAZI flying apparatus technology captured by the war victors continues to be worked on, as do many descendants of NAZI engineers who have been trained as engineers and who can also work on NAZI techniques relating to flying discs, etc. and show good results.

      Mainly in South America, but probably not only in one country, right?

      That is correct.

      I recommend looking at the information on this webpage, including watching the Meier video where he discusses the State of Agharta. So many Secrets….. because…. and so…..then why are they…..???


    • Sean, are you reading this? You asked this morning about the King of the World; I gave you the abbreviated answer, but Stan here has spelled it all out for you. Believe me, I can't lie, no doubt you are familiar with Lucifer the TV show. I have no idea who Stan is, and we don't ever communicate outside this comment section, all I know is Stan, like myself, is no one to be trifled with…

  10. One wonders exactly how the corporate government media complex retains any semblance of authority. Seriously, they get the ADL to comment on worldwide neonazis?
    Don't remember Epstein, huh?
    Of course, no one is going to go ask who those neonazis are. That would be telling.
    Perhaps the secret to lying, misdirecting and participating in genocide while retaining any semblance of integrity is taken from other hallowed institutions of the west, like higher "education", where Marxists openly plot for another failed communist state to replace whatever we currently have here.
    It's all just a matter of making their vile presence important to the societal structure. No one who knows them can stand them, but their betrayal of their constitutional responsibility is just too juicy for the halls of power stop chewing.
    Bazooka bubble gum, anyone?

    • Heard Bongino today only cause Phil had him on the radio. Guy is lying through his fucking teeth, that's right Joe, I Jack Heart am calling you a fucking lair. You want to do something about this old man will be glad to oblige you, you show me what you learned in special forces, and I will show you what I learned in 20 years working the door at the toughest clubs in New York, Patrick Swayze plays me you preening pussy, let's go anytime. The mainstream media wasn't happy just murdering morons, now they are in the business of murdering Ukrainians, the war is all but over there and hope to God Putin remembers that sending arms to an enemy combatant is an act of war, Poland and Germany should be next…

    • If there's one thing to remember about Russians, it's that they don't think the way the west thinks. Russians don't just forget important moments in their history, they remember them, study them, and learn from them.
      While the west is buisy teaching soldiers to wear tutus, Russia remembers that the Rothchilds declared vengeance on the Tzar.
      If this is a wee bit uncomfortable to the "liberal values" west, which thinks it solves all problems with federal reserve notes and depravity, then the leaders of this place might reconsider sending it all down the river.
      Naw. We all know they won't, and at this stage, probably can't.
      You're not the only one Shitstem has abused mercilessly, Jack. Goddess revealed figures prominently in my next piece, which is just beginning to emerge from the rough draft stage.

    • You take your time Mike; you Understand what is happening here, few do, get it all down, this may be the most important thing you ever did…

    • For the last seven days:
      United States
      United Kingdom
      South Korea

  11. I know this man not only from the internet but face to face. All I'm gonna tell you about him is he is one of the people CNN or FOX ought to be interviewing if they really wanted to know what is going on in the Ukraine, but then again, he'd probably gut shoot Rachal Madow or Sean Hannity just on principle:

    "This problem originated in Washington. Not Moscow. So who gives Washington its marching orders?
    There will be a Russian tactical military victory of some sort, but to what strategic end, is not clear. Putin is smarter than all the western so-called "leaders" combined, but he has an army of subjugated foreign governments against him. He surely had to know with this they would throw "all in" and prepare for it. Or understood the inevitable was easier to deal with now than later. Clearly Washington was pushing Ukraine into this fight for decades, and stridently of late. But like most subjugated people, many Ukrainians don't see that they are only a pawn in a game that was being advanced to the back line, and beyond that, they don't matter
    European government "leaders" have put their personal positions as useful goyim above call their peoples. This is not novel. I don't have the pulse of the populus in Western Europe. But under the suface across Eastern Europe there is visceral loathing for their governments kissing the ass of the "World Order." And the world order is clearly "All in" in this campaign, and calling in every marker. They are frightened.

    • I am in Poland now and the place is flooded with UA refugees, many of them lottery winners getting a once in a lifetime chance at a sponsored emigration that otherwise would never have come. They might love their motherland but they all knew it was a corrupt shithole. I am sympathetic to the trauma of the disruption of their lives, in any case. And others are too. But they will not be waving Ukrainian flags here with cheers of "Слава Україна" (Glory to Ukraine!). The average Pole won't tolerate it. They have a bad history with Ukraine.
      The total economic war waged against Russia will have enormous consequences globally. The worlds largest energy supplier, producer of 75% of the worlds ammonium nitrate fertilizer, one of the world's top food producers removed from the market, and the shipping sector that serviced it, suddenly gone.
      I feel a great dread as I (and we) face a lose-lose situation. If the World Order prevails, we go headlong into the New Order. If Russia prevails, the collapse of the world order will destroy me along with my nation financially. I will not recover.
      Therefore, I have to throw in my lot with the Russians. I will continue the fight to "the last full measure." There is no alternative, now. As hateful as it sounds, global thermonuclear war would be preferable to me to living in (((their))) New World Order. So long as forever incinerates the whole group of Talmudic handwringers that think this is their world.
      From my Polish friend this morning:
      "Without Ukraine, the world order will not survive." The heir to the Rothschild family, Nathaniel Rothschild, wrote today to members of the British government stating that Vladimir Putin is "the most dangerous man since Hitler." lost, with Xi Jinping in second place ", and explained that" Ukraine is a basic figure that we cannot lose in the geopolitical chessboard. " The heir to Rothschild's fortune said “Russia must be eliminated from the international banking and economic system. We must bring Russia to its knees by all possible means to send a strong signal to the Chinese and protect our global rule system. and liberal values ”. > "We must be under no illusions: if we allow Vladimir Putin to take Ukraine, he will send a signal to our enemies, especially Iran, China and North Korea, that we will do nothing in the face of an attack by force.> Indeed, our current path, no military action, means our global order is dead on its feet. I call for more force to be used against Russia and its delegates, to intensify the "information war" to correct opinions, especially on the Internet, and to send weapons to our friends in Ukraine. Without Ukraine, the world order"

    • It is with a great sorrow that i read the words of our Eastern brother, yet is also born of a great resolve. The TV brain will tell you that Putin is a Schwabbie, and a puppet like Biden, Arden, Trudeau. One simple question; who is best equipped to disassemble the globalist transumanist ascendancy, one who does not know them, or one who does?
      Do you believe for one moment that the red shield alliance cares for the briefest of moments about you? Where is the proof that they are in your corner? Could it be from the jibberings from your TV?
      Of course Russia is a monster, when you are heir to the greatest illegitimate fortune ever gathered. Allow me, dear reader, to tell you a great secret that your TV brain does not want you to know…The financial system is already dead, and no one needs a private central bank that controls your government. Don't you think the lesson of Andrew Jackson is drowned out by the incessant smearing of his character? No? Then maybe you need to get your history from someone else besides the TV brain.
      Russia is already well equipped with brilliant economists who have already created the essential structure of a native ruble, without any need for child eating central bank dynamics. I'm not kidding here, people, do you not know what spirit cooking really is?
      Its time to tear off the veil of war by deception. Its past time for cowards who snipe their allies in the back and laugh to pay, and the first installment is the death of shitstem. If you don't think this is coming along quite nicely, then go get your child molesting up and running, and cheer for the woke crook who pantomimes a president. Yes, the fucking financial system is dead. Yes we have no fucking money. But neither will they. Hunting times, anyone?

    • see you and I agree on some things Mike, really important things. I guess you should find that scary. This "but but Putin was tutored Claus Schwab, he's a tool of the World Economic Forum [that can be read as Bormann Faction by the way]." I want to just slap someone. Do you know who Putin is? Putin was born to the highest echelons of the KGB, when the Soviet Union collapsed, he was the rightful heir. He ain't James Bond but more like Robert de Bruce with a badge. He may, no he will, go down as the greatest spy in history. Spy's infiltrate and access their enemies. If he didn't know Claus Schwab intimately, he would not be Vladmir Putin…

      Actually, my friend is American warrior of Ukrainian descent who speaks the Ukranian and other Slavic languages fluently. He's a really cool guy Mike, one day me you and him gotta do Nashville. I have not really heard from him since this all started and I figured he was in the middle of the shit. This was his reply when I asked him for information. Again, a professional is telling you Putin is not a politician. Phil Hunter has told me that when he was stationed in Germany during the eighties and nineties, they studied Putin and what he would do. Vladmir Putin commanded the million plus men at arms that occupied Germany for the Soviet Union it cannot be emphasized enough that this guy is not a politician but a military tactician without peer. Schlomo is now sitting across the chessboard from Bobby Fischer and this will not turn out well for Schlomo…

    • How far exactly is it from the Euro border across Ukraine?

      Just a question for my cycling buddies as they are always planing rides.

      I heard it was four days by motorcycle at a relaxed pace.

      Any accomplished ultra cyclist could do 500 miles a day upon ugly roads with a light load. With the exception as the world record for a pace like that is less than three weeks for any great length of time.

      Bicycle racing in its current form is how long can you ride at race pace with the corollary of how many days in a row can you do it to cross America.

    • Well Jack, I suppose it is scary when we agree on things, sort of like fire and ice eh? Hmm, now where have we heard that before…?
      Nashville, probably.
      Speaking personally, the most amazing thing about America is that you can find these places and these moments of utter warmheartedness. Meanwhile, the "people" who run this place are dripping with so much corruption it just oozes into the air around them.
      This isn't just a dichotomy, it's an entire chain of evil that just keeps getting worse the higher one goes. It's almost funny to watch these demented ladder climbing "professionals", they take praise for that which they've never done, and pretend to be what they absolutely aren't. The ones who aren't totally gone wind up on diets of antidepressants, and the ones who are make the worst image imaginable.
      Scary. Yep, there sure is a lot of scary to go around.

  12. The different levels of the current crisis belie the fact that beyond the veil there is no crisis.
    What veil?
    What place?
    If you see it, then you know.
    It would be a great mistake to assume that the flood of known events is setting the stage, because this one is fuelled entirely for your benefit. What benefit?
    The benefit of awareness unlimited by prior constraints.
    Do you know how huge this could be?
    Let's take a glimpse, just in our daily lives. The birds will sing you awake, be their joy.
    It is said there is no place for a man of peace during the time of war, yet there is never a time when life refuses to dance in this sphere.
    One might say, the time of war is the best time for the man of peace, because only he can see what is possible.

    • There is this general perception, arranged for you by your brain the TV, that Russia is evil, and their leader is a monster. The belief system works thus, it makes you believe that you are good and right. Such belief is simple, basic, below the level of most thought. This is what Hypatia of Alexandria warned the world about. Bravely, she warned the world of the manipulation of the child mind. She payed for her honesty and courage with perhaps the worst death possible for one who loved people.
      We should not allow her courage and truth to be buried during these times. Be aware of how your mind is being manipulated by a sophisticated effort to control you. Understand that the purpose is to make you forget the fetters that have been locked onto you. This is to make you celebrate those who take away your voice.

      Lives of great men all remind us
      We can live the life sublime
      In departing leave behind us
      Footprints in the sands of time
      Aged stone of sacred circle
      Where the Wizard Sages sat
      Let us try to remember
      Of the times that they were right…


      Be strong

    • Brilliant article Jack as its bottom line is that China runs US policy it seems because it makes sense that America and China would be against Russia.

      China would bennifit the most by a destroyed dollar. It would IMO be better for America if Germany and Russia had friendly relations with energy issues and America should seek good relations with Russia as China is the real problem.

    • Americans are called racist by the "woke" idiots as the real true racists are the Han Chinese who control the CCP.

  13. I understand the dark tone of the writer but my gut feeling tells we will yet see the human finest hour when all seems lost everything is possible even a victory. Now sentiment in the west is with Ukraine but the focus will change very soon if hungry bellies start to roar and gas stops flowing. What am I saying will be a horrible fate for Europe but is there any other way to wake up sleeping masses who only want to be entertained. As everyone knows here if delivery of goods stops just for 72 hours any big city is damned to starvation, this is what Russians are doing right now, it's a medieval siege, the choice whether to assault the castle directly or to starve the people out by blocking food deliveries. Great article and very good insight into current affairs.

  14. Great article, John. I admire a man who doesn't pull his punches. I've said it before. If Uncle Saul's Woke, White, & Blue homo, lesbian, transgender, she/male, mongrel freak show, pawning itself off as a military force, tangles with the Russian Bear, they will get their candy asses handed to them faster than you can say, "Joe Biden is a senile kosher puppet." Their only hope is when facing off just prior to combat, the Russian troops collapse from laughter, too weak to even hold let alone fire their weapons.

    • We'll definitely draw attention to ourselves now Jack. For drawing attention to the fact that NATO has nothing close to this tech.
      And folks wonder why Joe and Boris haven't set up a Ukrainian no fly zone? The ignorance is astonishing.

      Here's why.

      And for any smartasses talking THAAD? Sorry, but she doesn't even come close in terms of speed/altitude.

    • I'm waiting for permission to post the opinion of a 25-year combat fighter pilot, one of the few guys qualified to fly the SR 71, he's a citizen of Poland, the Ukraine and the US, spending a lot of time in China too. You're not gonna believe this B but he's a Putin fan too, stand by…

    • I have to say, Jack– I'm no fan of Putin, Xi, Biden or any of them. I loathe politics; I am a fan of justice and natural Law, however. And as history has shown, whenever one individual or a whole nation deviates from that Law, chaos soon follows. It might take a generation, or two– even a hundred years– but it does arrive with a fierce vengeance.

      For that reason alone Vlad is invincible. Whatever's manifesting in this reality it is huge. And it's only just beginning. COVID was a bioattack gone very badly wrong– and the legacy powers know that Putin must be stopped from revealing that at any cost. He'll probably out the 911 perps too when he's ready.

      That's why they'll throw children, untrained civilians; fucking whatever at that Russian armour. They are desperate. Desperate.
      And they also know Putin has 'help'. Xi, too. And Africa. And India.
      I expect you're gonna see a lot of new alliances forming in the coming weeks and months.

      Modern Britain; Biden's America; even a great nation like Germany or France has deviated form that path in recent years and we've ended up with Olaf Scholz, Macron and Boris fucking Johnnysohn.

      And Tucker Carlson/Alex Jones giving millions and millions of otherwise ordinary, regular, nice if a tad undereducated folks the geopolitical situation as it really is, heh heh.

      When Sheeva descends, it'll be a magnificent sight to behold– if a terrifying one.
      We call it the return of the Christ; but whatever 'it' is, it's a-comin'.
      And it's a comin fast.
      Stay safe out there. Not home.

      BTW, Jack– and with all due respect to your friend, but 25yoa sounds awfully young to be checked out on a BlackBird. That's usually reserved for older, more experienced guys proven under pressure. And qualified astronauts, too, whether they've popped their cherry or not.
      Just my tuppence.
      Caveat Emptor.

    • Would you agree my dearest "B" that peace is a fruit?

      Already my buddies in the cycling community are already talking about a ride across Ukraine I mean when peace is restored.

      They talked of equipment as the saddle is the least important part of finishing a very long ride. I had to stop them immediately like a Gordon Duff meeting.

      Please pay attention as to finish a ride across Ukraine one must have a very reliable bicycle with an extreamly comfortable saddle.

      The single speed bicycle would be best on an attempted ride across Ukraine with its various realities.

      The briefing by our dearest Jack and our dearest "B" was astounding.

    • Funny thing B, wyrd, now I can't get back to sleep and we got tree work in the morning. Same thing with Phil Hunter and same thing with some even commenting on the blog. All career military spent more time in combat zones than they did with their wives. We all supposedly met on VT eight years ago, we are all the same age within a year or two, we used to call ourselves the original 55 club. In fact, could have been the 55 club instead of Jack Heart but the name was already taken. It's like we are old friends. Now that guy Detrick, the crazy guy thinks he's related to Hitler, he claims the reason America so easily won the first Gulf War is because Aquino ran a Babylon Working. Detrick and myself are the only two writers I've ever seen Gordon Duff recommend to his readers. If so B, if we did run a Babylon Working back there in the Iraqi desert, and it would explain so much about my life, then this may very well be the culmination. "No one here gets out alive…"

    • Seeing that the responses are economical, including the"atom bomb" of SWIFT, placeholder armies and media propaganda, should give some clues to who is fighting on the other end.

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