March 14 Zelensky’s Nazi Legions Hit Donetsk City with a Missile

Z Plan part 2, Z is for Zombie by
Jack Heart, Phil Hunter & Orage


On March 16 Putin gave a
thirty-seven-minute speech explaining to the world why Russia had no other
choice than to invade Ukraine. Putin a dignified and thoughtful man, perhaps
even a great man, spoke eloquently, enumerating point by point with
documentable facts the eight years of western provocation and Ukrainian
fanaticism that led to Russia’s invasion on February 24. His words were clear
and concise, the military intelligence expert on the Russian language that
helped with the translation below remarked, “Putin makes it so easy to
translate and transcribe. His pronunciation is absolutely clean and

when a friend tagged me on Facebook with a post saying his wife didn’t believe
there were Ukrainian Nazis, I replied by simply posting this picture as a comment.
Facebook immediately suspended me for six days, for which I am appealing at a
supposedly independent arbitrator.

According to Putin fourteen thousand
civilians including children have been murdered by American backed Ukrainian
neo-Nazis since the western engineered overthrow of the rightful Ukrainian
government in 2014. I know for a fact because I have Ukrainian Jews in my
family that many of those murdered were Jews. These are not the National
Socialists of Godfried Feder, Otto Rahn and Adolf Hitler, championing a system
of economics based on
Autarky and antithetical to globalism. These are neo-Nazi’s more like the brown shirted fanatics of
Ernst Rohm. They are hardened street fighters who blame Jews for the sins of
the Soviet Union and the horror inflicted on the Ukraine during the twentieth

Putin cited the network of dozens of
biolabs, under the direct control of the pentagon, that pockmarked the Ukrainian
landscape. Not only did the principal architect of the 2014 Ukrainian coup,
Victoria (Noodles) Nuland recently admit in public to the flabbergasted
Senator, Marc Rubio, that the labs existed but they have been well documented.
It’s been an open secret in military intelligence publications for over five years
that in complete disregard of the Geneva convention the pentagon has been
ringing the Russian border with biological weapon producing facilities,
starting in Georgia and working their way into the Ukraine after the 2014 coup.

As if all this is not enough Ukraine was
actively seeking to gain admittance into NATO. It was only a matter of time
until they gained it and just like Poland Ukraine would be bristling with
missiles targeting Russian cities courtesy of NATO, which has become anything
but a defensive organization. Contrasting this is the disciplined strategy of
the Russian Armed Forces which has avoided using its overwhelming air
superiority to bomb Kiev and the rest of the Ukrainian cities back into the Stone
age, a favored tactic of NATO.

The Russians as promised by Putin seem be
doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties, opting for a policy of
encirclement and blockade rather than pummeling the Ukrainian Army in bloody
all-out assaults which are sure to maximize collateral damage to civilians.
This has been seized upon by the western media, which has become a bizarre
circus catering only to those who inexplicably fail to see it as an absurdity.
The cretinous zombies who watch it are fed a daily diet of Russian loses of
planes, ships and tanks. The footage they use is as fake as Americas 2020
elections and in a particularly ludicrous instance an Israeli “news” station
used a shot from the movie Star Wars as a picture of a downed
Russian aircraft.

The truth is NATO’s highly trained and fanatical state of the art Ukrainian army has been outclassed, outmaneuvered and out fought by a force one third its size. About two hundred thousand also highly trained, motivated, and disciplined Russians have effectively used blitzkrieg, flanking and siege tactics that have not been seen since WW II to trap six hundred thousand Ukrainians, NATO’s Immortals, in besieged pockets, unable to resupply or maneuver and just waiting for the Russians to launch Stalingrad 2.0. The Russians have already won this war in stunningly one-sided fashion. This has not escaped the pentagon. NATO cannot win a war in Europe, and they are not about to bet American blood on a lame horse.

Must listen conversation
with Kharkov-based commentator, Gonzalo Lira: Ukraine, Russia, the Donbass –

Pentagon has been engaged in a consequential battle with the U.S. State
Department and the Congress to prevent a direct military confrontation with
Russia.”  U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has already stated earlier
this month that “President Biden’s been clear that U.S. troops won’t fight
Russia in Ukraine, and if you establish a no-fly zone, certainly in order to
enforce that no-fly zone, you’ll have to engage Russian aircraft. And again,
that would put us at war with Russia.” (

pressure on the White House from some members of Congress and especially
press corps is
unrelenting to recklessly bring NATO directly into the war. Secretary of State
Antony Blinken who initially 
said NATO
had given a “green light” to send planes from Poland to Ukraine had to back
down and now opposes any no-fly zone involving NATO. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also 
supported the
Polish planes scheme, which was 
shot down by
the Pentagon because according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby it “could
result in significant Russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a
military escalation with NATO.” (6)

With the reunification of Germany in 1990 assurances were
given by several Western leaders to Mikhail Gorbachev, President of Russia and
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist
that NATO would not expand further east. (7) However,
the final text of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to
, signed later that year, contained no mention of the issue of
eastward expansion. Less than ten years later NATO would add Poland and begin
ringing Russia with military bases and biological weapons, They have added
fourteen new members since the reunification of Germany.

nato encroachment on
russia – Bing images

Map of NATO historic enlargement in Europe. Patrickneil, – Own work based on: EU1976-1995.svg by glentamara, Web. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/History_of_NATO_enlargement.svg

This orgy of provocation by globalists, most who’ve
never even had a fight in a schoolyard, was culminated by the 2014 coup of
Ukraine, historically always Russian, by fanatical nationalists financed with
American taxpayer dollars courtesy of Noodles Nuland. No American wanted this and
not many Ukrainians did either. When Noodles openly bragged about spending five
billion dollars of American money to facilitate it, she should have been
arrested, tried for treason and inciting WW III, then hung by the neck until
dead. Yet this unelected swamp creature is still slithering about Washington DC
like she’s some kind of political icon.

On 30 November 2021, Russian President Putin
stated that an expansion of NATO’s presence in Ukraine, especially the
deployment of long-range missiles capable of striking Russian cities or missile
defense systems like those in Romania and Poland, would be a “red
line” issue for Russia. (
8) Putin
asked President Biden for legal guarantees that NATO would not expand
eastward or put “weapons systems that threaten us in close vicinity to
Russian territory.” (
Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a posturing pasty faced Norwegian globalist
who has never had a fight in a schoolyard, replied that “It’s only Ukraine
and 30 NATO allies that decide when Ukraine is ready to join NATO. Russia has
no veto, Russia has no say, and Russia has no right to establish a sphere of
influence to try to control their neighbors.” (

The internet was effectively closed down at the dawn of the COVID era but in 2019 anybody who was paying attention knew; “Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, and Clinton are all tied to sketchy Ukraine deals.” (11) Rampant corruption amidst a profundity of resources made Ukraine the perfect place to wash money for globalists flush with cash from backroom deals.

Ukraine’s current
de-jour: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an actor whose political credentials include playing
the piano with his penis and playing the president of Ukraine on television, is
tied to notorious Ukrainian
oligarch Igor
Kolomoisky, a Jewish gangster who accrued his fortune through running a pyramid
scam that washed money for globalist criminals like Noodles Nuland and rogue
elements of the International Monetary Fund. (

vast naturel resources, a highly intelligent and educated people and what many
say are the most beautiful women in the world Ukraine is inexplicably the
poorest country in Europe. The mystery is easily solved by examining the
personal finances of Ukraine’s leading politicians. Besides his three private
jets “
Zelensky owns over 12 real estate
properties, 8 Cars, 5 Luxury Yachts. Zelensky’s Assets also include Cash
reserves of over $75 Million. Zelensky also owns an investment portfolio of 15
stocks valued at $60 Million. The list of stocks in which Zelensky has invested
are: Saudi Aramco, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet, Amazon, Tesla,” all the
usual globalist pig suspects. Zelenskyy’s income has increased incrementally
with the ensuing rape of his country by its oligarchs.  














Million (

western media before February 22 – Bing images

The Ukrainian neo-Nazis
were well covered in western journalism but somehow all was forgotten the first
time CNN and the BBC lisped in unison that the Russians were coming. The memory
of the right wing is even worse. FOX allows Sean Hannity to recklessly promote war
with Russia and his red state audience sit there and watch him like bobble head

Hunter Biden’s
laptop, linking Biden to corruption in the Ukraine, is again threatening to
become a media event two years after it was swept under the rug by elements of
the FBI working in collusion with a media who quite understandably hated Donald
Trump. If what is being said about the contents of that laptop are true both
Bidens are guilty of high treason and the real-life Manchurian candidate is
Commander and Chief of the armed forces as America moves inexorably toward WW
III. Even if the contents of the laptop are true there are chain of possession issues
that will preclude it from ever being admitted as evidence in a court of law. Still,
Americans are aware of it.

All of these
factors should make any kind of action in the Ukraine other than offering
military assistance to the Russians unthinkable. Instead the US and EU have
sanctioned Russia, shooting themselves in the foot and depriving themselves of
Russia’s vital naturel gas and in Europe’s case, since Russia now occupies the
rural areas, Ukrainian wheat. Gas prices, which were rising before the war,
have now more than doubled in America driving inflationary levels which were
already high, out of control. All these things logically should preclude any
kind of public support for the Ukrainian gangster state. Yet a recent article
in the Guardian reports, a “new
survey showed 61% of Americans believe higher petrol prices, up 20% in a month,
are worth it to beat Russia. Most support additional US troop deployments.” (

Something is very wrong with Americans. Last year they
were woke and supported a welfare state where transvestites sodomize children
in school bathrooms. This year they are neo-Nazis ready to pay any price so
their Ukrainian brothers can continue to butcher Jews and build biological
weapons to murder the world. Cognitive dissonance and mass hypnosis are
entirely inadequate as a medical diagnosis and even Googles 2001 application
for a patent to embed in computer and television screens “
pulsed electromagnetic fields
capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects” (
15) to facilitate mind control hardly
explains it… 

rest of this article and part 3 of Z Plan, laying out the facts as only we the Jack
Heart team that warned you about them with our Paint it Blue pieces back in
2015 can, will be behind our Sub stack paywall. There are no other experts. We
are the source. Before
part 1of Paint it Blue was published in Nexus
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    My bet? That fine CCP and of course our dearest 51st State and perhaps our dears from Rome? Curious minds.

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    • You know, if you nationalize social media it will be under government control. Thus, not very different from the current situation.

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    What exactly is free speech? What is hate speech? What if speech is true speech yet someone in .gov says its hate speech? Perhaps speech they personally hate and so they will abuse their power.

    For example, "Jews control Hollywood". so, it's my understanding that true speech is now hate speech. Correct me if I am wrong.

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    • Whatever Biden may be I don't know. But I wouldn't say that guy in the video is definitely him. I guess it could be but it isn't clear.

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    So. Wondering. Since many many spies read Jack Heart are you OK with that? If so you are my Enemy. An American.

    Would they dare? The ultimate insult to this country.

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  12. In defense of RP, any military worth it's salt is going to prepare for possible scenarios outside the box. Exploring options is part of the standard operating procedure.
    China and Russia are closer than ever, but this has much to do with demotion of the Atlanticist block in Russia, thanks directly to the west, and it's increasingly unhinged policies, and Russian energy, which China desperately needs.
    I wasn't referring directly to gain of function research, I was referring more generally to bioweapons, and the technology thereof. But since we're here, there are all kinds of fingers pointed in that direction, including high level decisions and a big fat money trail, not to mention the uncomfortable case of a certain ivy league scientist who has been outed on this blog. I suppose we could claim Wuhan is all about self cleaning diapers, or curing Shanghai insanity complex…or whatever. It hardly matters, because the technology transfer is well documented, and the necessary step to creating modern China requires both technology and energy.
    There is every reason to not conclude that Russia and China are a single political entity, but for the record, and to illustrate this point, China, as all commies do, cannot help themselves, they must engage in regular genocides. Russia is not, and has not been involved in such since repudiating Stalinism. The suggestion that Russia is the perpetrator of crimes against civilians in the Ukraine does not withstand meaningful examination.
    Finally, nothing I write here celebrates military action, but Russia truly explored every other option.
    My next piece should be completed by the weekend.

    • You are funny B.
      Your love for China shines through.
      I would say, you are a true patriot.
      No one more blind
      As they say.

    • I don't love China, amigo. But I do admire the way they're just sitting back and watching Muricah cimmit hari kiri.

      Any month now, when shit hits bottom, they'll buy everything up they can, and you'll be facing a whole new reality. Sans mythos.

    • Sure thing, B.
      China is important to the world, in the way a car is important to a lower level professional here. I don't imagine that you see it, even though I mentioned it. China and it's hunger for technology and knowledge is on a much longer time frame than the 20th century, and it involves much larger forces than those visible.
      If you don't think this is the real story, you haven't been paying attention.

    • rather your knowledge is waaaaay out of date, amigo.
      Tucker's edgy commentary, woop-woop!!
      So don't feel bad; the hermetically sealed echo chamber will do that to a man.
      Good luck with that.

    • So far, B., you have boasted about your sources that have assured us that:
      The US and China were going to war yesterday
      The Chinese have plenty to eat, like in Shanghai.
      The vax will save the west
      Russia and the US are about to nuke each other.
      Need I go on?
      In the future, you might want to avoid predictions.
      Finally, B, you might consider posting something that actually exhibits some knowledge. You attack and mock many here, but all you offer so far is an analysis void of significance.
      If you believe that China is no longer communist, for example, something you have somewhat obtusely alluded to, you need to support this case, especially since communist is exactly how the world sees them.
      On the other hand, B, you might not have any point. Most of your earlier vehemence against me, for example, was substanceless, and it certainly appears that you are more interested in being annoying than stating anything worthwhile. Certainly your record on predictions won't get you a job with Mr. Celente.
      Anyhow, I'm taking the time now to offer you a chance to be seen as something other than a chump.
      The choice is yours.

    • Big boys?
      Now that is funny, said as only a true egomaniac can.
      We only have your word that anything you claim is something significant, because evidence for your claims never appears except in that basement you call your mind.
      Apparently you think this makes you a big boy.
      Well it's right up there with all your other predictions that proved to be wrong.
      Big boy=big bullshit.
      Thanks for the laugh.

    • B, I might as well admit here, that I truly have little interest in your world of geopolitics. The absolutely amazing thing about this geopolitical realm, purely from my perspective, is just how completely unconscious it is.
      Thank you for illustrating how those who study it, are absolutely useless when it comes to predicting its course.

  13. I can't wait for that fine vaxxine to cull the weak minded cycling cucks. Perhaps Kissenger was not so wrong after all?

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    Now, how much money comes into this little town? Me? I would have told the joos to fuck off and kept the name dirty Kanza and told Trek and Salsa, the large manufacturers, to simply fuck off. I would have bought beer and food from locals as money talks and bullshit walks. Then I would have used the Postal service to receive checks and other things and to communicate with the community.
    How did gravel racers communicate? Why one sends a post card via US mail to the event organizer. This methodology has been co opted and now totally online upon controlled social media and you will tow the lesbo line or be canceled.

  15. Jack, one sees everything on a bicycle.


    That rag,the radavast,is now owned by The Pros Closet,a reseller of dead vaxxed boomers high end bikes, run by slimy joos to quote Harry Vox.

    The writter and founder of the Radavast's main purpose ? To demonize and cancel any and all white male cyclists and replace them with ugly lesbiens of color. We are queer and diverse and brown trouble is ,for them, the cycling community is ignoring them for the most part. Well, until that dear vaxx finishes them off. LOL

  16. Why Jack, look at the media fauning over the Green haired jooish lesbos weaponizng black folks against that evil white man and there you have Vladimir Putin. The ultimate evil.
    Yes, women are equal to men as that's why weak men impersonate women to win swimming competitions. Me thinks ole Vlad laughs at America's vaxxed green haired lesbo warrior class.

  17. For me the jury remains out on Xi, since the days of Kissinger China is just a little too friendly with our western oligarchs who at the very least are demonically possessed. Putin is another story he has thrown the first punch while the rest of the little dogs can do nothing but yap, clearly, he is hated by the homos from hell in our media, and every day the alternative media by trying to link him to the WEF exposes itself more and more as a psy-op for MI 6 and the CIA, I'm just waiting for David Icke to pronounce him the Lizard King. I got Putin's back…

  18. Banger – "y'all can get your geopolitical scoops from a cross-eyed faggot like Tucker Karlensohn, or y'all can get it from people who know the Truth. And just for the record, gain of function research, and bioweapon research DOES NOT OCCUR in large Asian conurbations like Wuhan. End of. I've pointed this out a number of times but somehow it keeps slipping down the arse cracks. It occurs in 3rd world shitholes like the Ukraine, or Angola. Welllll away from population centres. Exceptions being Mariupol, and the desperate attempts we're seeing to try evacuate a biolab from 8 floors down. Not easy. Tucker'll fill yallzz in later, I'm sure. But for those who want to know what's REALLY happening? This article is about 70% accurate. (Why didn't Vlad attack China, though. Oh, man. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna remember that one as a classic example of know-nothing. Sad, really. When things are moving so fast geopolitically, guys like this are still reading Zero Hedge.)"

    • About the same way I view your commentary, your ethnocentric love of all Chinese seems to skew you perception. If just half true, then what's going on in Shanghai right now defies all attempts at rationalizing and must be diagnosed as clinically insane. No doubt they prefer to play with their pets in third world shitholes but sometimes the beasties get loose in centers of population just like they did with the Marbury Virus escaping Camp King and delivering the prototype Ebola to unsuspecting Germans. The Wuhan University of Technology was used by Charles Lieber for purposes so insidious he couldn't get away with it anywhere other than a locked down police state, and to ensure his silence on what he did there the DoD will lock him away now for the remainder of his miserable existence, so much for his golden parachute. This is not an article but an excerpt from a much larger piece, its accurate to the best of my abilities without having to rely on the unsubstantiated bullshit masquerading as journalism elsewhere. It is not my intentions to cover the war in the Ukraine, for that I'd have to go there, and I doubt I still have an invite. I’d go anyway but more importantly this is about Zombies and who will join the living dead, that's what we will write about…

    • Jack, your problem? You don't use whores pretending to be journalists reading pre approved scripts.

      Roger Ailes at least put forward good looking women to get the job done.LOL

    • Fact #1) Depopulation Then and Now
      While many people may wish to avoid looking at this fact, depopulation is a driving factor behind international unipolar policy today as it had been during the days of WW2 when Rockefeller Foundation, Macy Foundation, City of London and Wall Street interests gave their backing to both the rise of fascism as an economic miracle solution for the economic woes of the great depression and eugenics (the science of population control) as the governing religion of a new scientific priesthood.

  19. Since free speech is a thing of the past upon electronic media perhaps its time to go back to writing letters.

    What speech is prohibited in a private letter?

    Speech that would threaten the other. Nothing posted upon Jack Heart would ever rise to that level. The Postal Service is a Constitutional entity and will protect the 4th Amendment rights of the American people so unlike our Electronic Media. I say let the Joos have it….

  20. Ailes figured why not put the best whores in front of the camera to read the script?

    Of course he loved to sample the merchandise.

    Now these whores all think their "journalists" just turn on the news as they will tell you so.

  21. Is Russia attempting to rebuild the union?
    The RF is the successor to the Union, built upon specific nationalist and self determination active in the region before the collapse. The RF is mostly a kind of buisness community. The actions taken against Russia merely strengthen the shared sense of destiny of RF members. Thus rebuilding of the Union is a moot point, since the interests of the United States clearly are focused upon a strengthening of the Russian bloc, and a concomitant weakening, and even destruction of the west and itself.
    Did Russia invade the Ukraine?
    No. Russia acted and is acting in a manner congruent with protecting its interests. The Russian ground campaign borrows heavily from German theory of war, devised to ensure victory despite numerical disadvantage. This is not an invasion with territorial objectives. Russia already controls the areas of interest. It is an operation with sweeping political, economic, security and social objectives, most of which cannot be secured by military action alone.
    Should Russia have attacked China?
    Such a statement ignores developing conditions which are directly significant involving the near future destiny of Russia, namely that the self destruction of the western bloc, in full swing with a global program of currency platforming, domestic betrayal of its populace, reduction of military capacity, and roll out of genetic modification/transhuman agendas, the west is attempting to engineer a world where the shift of power is to Asia. This strategy has been central to globalist concerns since the Reagan regime.
    Under such conditions, it would be self defeating to attack China.
    Americans would do better to understand the forces at work disassembling their own country, which apparently is beyond them.
    Americans might be highly religious, but they are not blessed with the necessary spiritual aptitude to observe deeper forces. This means Americans cannot understand subtle thought, and do poorly with nuance. Where America shines is in confronting difficult conditions. This is good, because with the globalist hijack of the USA in full swing, via the fraudulent installation of overtly corrupt and criminal operatives, and the domestic genocide becoming ensconced, difficult conditions are guaranteed.

    • What Mike said Robert, just kidding somewhat. I do not want to making long comments in the Human anymore, my purposes are better served writing and answering comments in Substack, and your comment as deeply insightful as it is requires a miniature essay complete with citations to properly answer. Off the cuff yes this is common man and it was written that way deliberately so others would pick it up, but that has not happened obviously because they know the Zombies and the scumbags who made them are named on the other side of the paywall, this is just part of a much larger piece trying to work out whether Putin is the messianic figure he has anointed himself as by using the Z and yea I'm on record as saying China is no "ally" I would ever turn my back on, they have been on the ground floor with Captain America since day one in pulling off the zombification of the worlds populace. They are not to be trusted…

    • China was chosen as the nexus of globalist operations in the 1970s, when Nixon moved to open full relations with them, and just coincidentally, took the dollar off the gold standard.
      Russia is the only nation in the world establishing real currency. While they will sell energy to china on promissory notes, this will not work out well for china, as their digital yuan is mere sleight of hand, and china will wind up behind the 8 ball to Russia.
      Q. Do you really think Russia isn't interested in that leverage?
      china is a creation of two of the most beloved forces of globalism, Marxism, which they repeatedly trot out with nauseating predictability, and covert control, which can be read as deceit, duplicity, theft, and much behind the scenes manipulation.
      If you look, and not even that hard, you will discover both such forces empowered and liberally funded here in the USA.
      Russia and China fought a war in the 1960's, which Russia won. China was able to use the war to steal and reverse engineer significant Russian technology, despite the loss. China has regularly been awarded technology ever since, some of the greatest gifts coming from Reagan and the Clintons, with Obama a close third.
      The Wuhan lab is an excellent example of this, where bio weapons continue to be developed and tested upon the local populace. Governments attacking their own populations is nothing new, and the USA is right there with the most vicious regimes in this regard, all documented.
      It would behoove people to stop thinking in outmoded nationalist terms. The only real nationalism left is the shared identity of a people, and as we see here, this is under direct attack by those same aforementioned criminal forces.
      We now live in an era where the condition of nationalism is used as a weapon against the people, as we clearly observe in the Ukraine, and here.
      Like it or not, Russia was forced to attack, and for simple minded Americans, this makes them the bad guy. However, the world does not follow the dictates of the simple minded. Understand this, and you will be free of much of the mind fuckery currently passing as news.

    • A little about me: longtime lurker, first-time poster. I would never try to bang brains with the great Mike Kay or any other cadre here out of respect. You guys have taught me much, and that isn't condescension. Trump embraced renewed Nationalism, and it was a huge victory for America. Isolationism worked out well; the media, the CFR/Bilderbergers, Sorostitutes, et al. hated it, which means it was the right path. They even killed 7 million people worldwide over it if validity for my point is needed. I won't get into that any further. The war between Russia and China in 1962 wasn't a war per se, just a territorial dispute in Xinjiang involving the Uighurs, who wanted to be an A.S.S.R. That didn't help them, as they are now being turned into hamburger patties in "re-education camps." China has been allowed to get away with all kinds of shenanigans; the "plane crash" on Hainan, where our state-of-the-art technology was captured, the artificial inflation of the Yuan's value by tying it to the Hong Kong dollar illegally after repatriation, the "student visa"/Fang Fang's who always seem to make it back home when caught, etc. The Bilderbergers/CFR and their attack dog George Soros and BlackRock (which means every national bank on Earth) all favor them, and so it happens. Russia has been in an identity crisis since Communism ended because they have been ruled by organized crime for about 30 years. And yes, Siberia is RINO now (Russian In Name Only). China needs those rich natural resources as its own are depleted, and they are eating bats and Uighurs to survive. The Chinese have stolen all their "advances" with the blessing of globalist entities and powermongers with the promise that they will be the ones enforcing their globalist rules once the "Adrenochrome Cabal" can finally come out of hiding from their homes in the uncharted Pacific atolls to throw us their table scraps so we can entertain them like sea monkeys on a kid's desk. And BTW, Soros and Obama are their mid-level managers globally, and Biden is their pay-by-the-hour janitor. Thank you.

    • I describe the China/Russia conflict as a war, because it was a turning point, perhaps the most significant turning point in the Union. One can debate what determines a war, just as one can debate what determines an invasion, but it should be evident enough that wars have long been pivotal in the widespread adoption of changes in all types of societal structures. The blunting of the Chinese territorial ambitions was the final defeat of Stalinism. From this point the Union would embrace a socialist, rather than a communist ideal. This change heralded the end of the mass murder campaigns. We can observe this legacy in the leadership of Putin.
      Even Brezhnev, perhaps the most warlike of all post Stalin leaders, did not attempt to roll back the clock on these reforms.
      China has also transformed themselves, becoming the home of capitalism since it was chosen in the Nixon years, and actively promoted under Reagan. China, as the nexus for globalist dominion, is not an organic creation. It is a territorial empire that rules by force, domestically ruthless, the manufacturer of the world. It is true that the leadership of China is on board with this agenda, but it wasn't their own dream.
      I think you might discover more about the unique relationship of Russia with their far eastern region via reviewing the disassembly of the attempted colour revolution in Kazakhstan. It is instructive in many ways.
      Finally, this country did many things right, even though these actions have been buried in history, but what was absolutely wrong was the cultivation of oligarchy in the very actions to adopt the constitutional form of government.
      Any which way one might look at the challenges to this country, one finds direct links to this oligarchy…
      Slavery? Check.
      Banksters? Check.
      Globalism? Check.
      Empire? Double, triple check.
      All of these forces converged in forcing this country into WWI, which few would debate as an easily defined status of a war. The forced entry into that war allowed the oligarchy to move forward on cherished objectives, and solidify newfound slavery methods, such as the Federal Reserve, which is neither, the 16th amendment, which there is no proof was ever ratified, and the control/evisceration of radio, which completed oligarch control of the practical end of the first amendment. No informed observer could see this move as anything other than pivotal.
      We absolutely cannot have a country of individuals if our rights are cynically reduced to granted privileges. It should be evident now, for all of us, where this is going.
      It was hugely devastating to this country to madly charge into WWI, and it is hugely devastating to commit acts of war and partner to genocide in the Ukraine.
      Biden was installed as a sick joke, a way to rub our nose in the fact that we have no say in the globalist agenda, or who they install to advance it. Every idiot American who flies the Ukrainian flag, but can't find it on a map, should be forced to wear a neon sandwich sign that flashes "complicit" and "moron" alternately.
      In the end, the Bidenistas are the pedocrook frontmen for an agenda that despises everything this country aspires to, and they are here to destroy it.

    • You know next to nothing about China obviously, amigo. Please stick to what you know and don't try to wing it on the peripheries.

  22. That’s all for now, as we get closer to the big action of Phase 2 I will provide more in depth on the ground SitReps, but for now I felt the need to include the rubric above to contextualize what we are soon going to witness in the battle for the ‘Great Cauldron’. Der Hexenkessel

  23. Putin is awful at being a Nationalist if he is one. China has taken over everything east of the Urals to the Bering Strait. A Nationalist in his situation would attack them, not Ukraine. Putin is Milosevic 2.0, an old Soviet loyalist trying to rebuild what was there in the "good old days." That's not Nationalism; that's sentimental insanity. Likewise, Ukraine is everything you describe it, although It's challenging to believe Nazis would elect a Jewish guy. Maybe Malcolm X was correct, and you can find "a whole lot of them (sic) who are Nazis!" The media's hatred of Trump may be justified, but only because he forced them to show their true anti-Western nature. This post is a bit too "common man" for your audience, and I expect to be skewered, but I was whored out in the 90s and 00s to enough U.N. "peacekeeping missions" in the Army to know I'm correct. I lived it. They probably didn't.

  24. I have a question for Harry Vox. Would the Jews steel the mail from Jack Heart?

    Let me tell you they could. At USpostal an intercept of all mail coming to a persons residence can be intercepted from the mail stream. That takes a court order, but after 9/11 I am simply not sure.

    However, without a court order they could of course intercept your mail and examine it and even perhaps open it but not steel it and then send it on to you. I trust the Postal Inspection service to do that for you.

    Perhaps that has been privatized now? Only the joos would know for sure.

    However, there are fearsome penalties for Mail fraud. Worse than Homoland security and the FBI combined.

    FBI? ain't nothing to the Inspection Service.

    I trust them with Jack Heart's Mail.

    • It is not SubStack. It is others. It is Them who will be Silenced…..and you Chose it by Yourselves.

    • What do you mean nine? Substack is actually fighting back, as advertised. Providers of content reading this take note.

    • Perhaps, but there are no laws governing any online communications from an online company. Notice how they call it email? To give you the impression that it's like real mail and hence an actual private letter?

    • Remember this that America built a country via the private letter with guaranteed security of delivery and if you want to fuck a joo send a real letter through the mail.
      Just an observation.

    • So, if one sends anti vaxx propaganda through the mail is that a crime?

      Did you ever receive anti abortion propaganda asking for money through the US mail?

      The current US Government loves vaxxines and loves abortion yet allows decent in communications via US mail.

  25. "We have found and fixed two separate technical issues, one on April 8 and another on April 9, that resulted in some posts being sent twice to subscribers. We truly apologize for any frustration this situation has caused. We will be conducting an extensive investigation over the coming week to make sure that this does not happen again. Thanks for understanding and again, we are sorry." – Substack

  26. Vox? He appears to me to be an obscurer of the true problem with the American government similar to Alex Jones as note how Jack Heart is so heavily censored for his work.

    The contractors all watch each other to see what they can getaway with to more effectively stuff their pockets.

    When one gets caught the others scurry like roaches until the heat is off and the smaller contractor that performs miss deals gets eaten by the larger contractor as they stuff their pockets and continue on their merry ways.

    Meanwhile the American people receive the shaft of higher costs or reduced services as I saw how the thing operates.

    • Right nine, he just described in graphic detail how he if he was there on January 6, he would have slowly eviscerated Pelosi and killed everyone in congress, if he is not arrested for that then someone put him up to it. I am allowed no such freedom and they've even put the kibosh on this post, you want to be entertained go see Alex the pig Jones or Harry, you want it straight this is the place…

    • Schlomo is getting set up for the Holocaust 2.0 and the rest of the rank-and-file Jews are to stupid or too vaxxed up to see it…

    • Its worse even than that Jack. Privatization of government is not about saving money its about "private" interests controlling the various government agencies. Or if I spell it out its an out right invasion using other means other than armies or brute force. Notice homeland security? Directly controlled by private military interests that are foreign and its not illegal.

    • Well? Me and my Hitler pal have pretty much given up on anything changing for the better as I guess they won. America is now a third world shit hole except most people just have not figured it out yet.

      As I look at the men around me consumed with Trumpism and religion or whats pontificated upon the internet all I can do is keep quiet and try to survive. There is absolutely no reason to talk to one of the brainwashed cretins that are vaxxed up. And unfortunately that would be the majority. Divide and conquer? We are indeed conquered unless I see something changing.

  27. Think of a federal contractor this way as the job of the think tank is to drum up business for the contractor similar to a mobster setting up strip clubs and whore houses as they drum up business for the cartels. Strippers and whores help sell the wares of the cartels as think tank "fellows" are the strippers and whores of the military contractors as their purpose? To drum up business.

    I saw how the whole shebang operated at USpostal as I had a key job in the field. I supervised the contractors in the field. Large contractors have far more power than agency employees as the tale truly dose wag the dog.

  28. Here is my honest opinion of Harry Vox after talking to my Hitler pal and comparing notes. Vox though excellent in many of his presentations, gets one major thing wrong and that is the nature of the Federal contracting process so, blaming the infamous Jew is perhaps a way to shift the blame elsewhere leaving the true problem unexplored.
    The true problem is the absolute power that Federal contractors have acquired. Its a separate system outside government run on graft and bribes way bigger than any think tank as Vox pontificates about as think tanks are just that arm of the complex that drums up business for said contractors.
    Vox appears to me to be a fresher version of Alex Jones.

  29. Remember this MK as I have helped to construct my Hitler pals bunker here in wisconsin.

    Don't plan upon survival thats why I plan to blow the wad on the kids. First a fine wedding in the late summer. Then we shall help the kids buy a house than we shall enjoy the grand kids on warm summer evenings.

    Well with such pleasent thoughts we shall go down in our new home grown war. Then the kids will pick up where we left off as you can not win.

  30. MK, had a long talk with my Hitler pal in regards to the world we live in as he has an interesting interpretation of the bible as a script written long ago. He believes that its about a creator and its people bottom line but unlike what the thumpers pontificate about he poses that as the bible teaches "God loved Jacob but hated Esau". Which flies in the face of this supposed loving god and as the story goes Jacob became Israel and Esau became Edom and called the edomites. According to my pal Edom is the Jews and Israel is the white race spread across the world. In his cosmology, he believes that the white race was put here to bless the whole world but the problem as he sees it is that that white race has dropped the ball and now Edom or the Jews have gained the ascendancy. He also states as an opinion that at some point a cosmic power will destroy the Jews because of their evil and start over with a remnant. So, according to him and his interpretation one is saved whom perseveres to the end and survives the reset of the Earth. This of course is very similar in nature to what our Jack teaches and my Hitler pal pointed out all of the ancient buildings and how there is no explanation for them. Anyway, just wanted to run this by you and Jack as many Christians are into this sort of teaching much of what is fed into the neo Nazi movements such as Asove battalion in Ukraine.

    Just what I observed today not stating anything about it right or wrong.

    • KMB,
      I am familiar with all the abrahamics, including scientism, from a personal and experiential point of view. I've studied the bible, and listened to great biblical scholars pontificate. In all this time, barely any are cognizant of Gematria, which is found throughout the narratives on Jesus. None are aware of the Gnostic roots to Christianity, especially Jesus. No one understands how Neoplatonism defined the early spiritual theology of Christianity, nor does anyone realize that there is absolutely nothing about Christianity that is Christian.
      Pardon, please, but I am no longer comprised of stern enough stuff to discuss ignorant and half baked narratives based on someone's personal views of the bible.
      Perhaps this is the place to point out that the Black Sun is about as far away from Christian as one can get, and the revival of Runes in the Third Reich was done with knowledge and understanding, and that none of such wisdom owes one iota to any abrahamic ideology.
      One thing young Ukrainians get right, is their effort to understand pre-Christian thought, and incorporate such into their Runic exploration, but they are headstrong and passionate, which means they have put the wagon before the horse that pulls it without understanding what this means.
      Runes aren't just quaint symbols.
      The Reich decided to live with Christianity, even though it wasn't Christian. Call it pragmatism. Call it resignation concerning the state of mankind.
      I don't write from theory, or ideology. I write from direct experience and understanding. What I have posted here is true, all of it. This is why the cost to bring it to you is so high.

  31. There have been statements, that claim the Ukrainian neo-Nazis trace their origin to Stepan Bandera. A closer truth would be that they trace their immediate origins to the armistice of 1918.
    The Bolsheviks, whose leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish, instigated numerous pogroms upon the Ukraine. It should be stated, that they did the same upon the Russian population. Estimates range between 50-60 million perished via the Judeo-Bolshevik genocide. Communism, which is essentially Marxism, has an untarnished record of committing genocide wherever it appears. Apparently, this makes it very attractive to western politicians, intellectuals, and policy makers.
    To many Ukrainians, the advance of army group south through the Ukraine in 1941, brought hope to throw off the communist yoke. There was a Ukrainian Warren SS division that fought communism until it was disbanded the year after Stalin's death.
    However, modern neonazism in the Ukraine is not the unbroken dissemination of tradition that some believe. Philosophically, neonazism follows nascent efforts towards nationalism, neopaganism, and non-Russian, even anti-Russian identity, which completely ignores the history of Russia and the Ukraine.
    Obviously, there has been more than a little study of pre-Christian lore, and more than one effort at understanding the work of Guido von List.
    This must be contrasted with a cynical and thoroughly criminal exploitation of the Ukraine via current Jewish and western interests.
    The Ukraine did not build or fund the biological weapons labs. This hideous piece of malfeasance rests solely with those outside forces. The deep, horrifying nature of the organized crime rings specializing in human trafficking feed sordid interests in the highest levels of western society.
    Are the Ukrainians, who are seeking to find for themselves a new way to dignity and self respect being maligned and manipulated by forces that viciously abuse them?
    By any measure, the history of the Ukraine and of Russia are inextricably entwined. The attempt to separate the two, especially by force and crime is an act of cultural genocide, and it must stop.
    The path to a greater identity will never lie in the direction of hate and fear. It is the west that uses hate and fear as a weapon. We have seen this up close and personal with the debacle of Covid, and the genetic engineering mRNA technology.
    The war must stop.
    Ukrainians must find a positive route to fulfil their ambitions.
    The west must end their cynical agitation for war, crime, and genocide.

  32. That hit like a sledgehammer, Jack. H.L. Mencken said years ago you'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. If he could see how fucked up they are now, he would spin in his grave in disbelief. The Jewnited States of Scumerica is the world's largest open-air lunatic asylum. A creepy and perverted Masonic fun-house. It must be totally cleaned out like the Augean Stables. Ragnarok is the solution, nothing less.

  33. Well, I just got done listening to Vox`s new video and all of you here who are to cheap to support our Jack or people like Harry Vox you can simply go fuck yourself!

    It's that simple. And VT? Truth tellers? Why your like a fucking zit that needs popping and then the healing can begin.

    How do these military guys look themselves in th eye in the mirror and not fucking vomit? Ah but your woke and queer and cool and so diverse.

    I hope Vox does daily public shaming of these cowardly cucks.

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