On March 16 Putin gave a thirty-seven-minute speech explaining to the world why Russia had no other choice than to invade Ukraine. Putin a dignified and thoughtful man, perhaps even a great man, spoke eloquently, enumerating point by point with documentable facts the eight years of western provocation and Ukrainian fanaticism that led to Russia’s invasion on February 24. His words were clear and concise, the military intelligence expert on the Russian language that helped with the translation below remarked, “Putin makes it so easy to translate and transcribe. His pronunciation is absolutely clean and clear.”  When a friend tagged me on Facebook with a post saying his wife didn’t believe there were Ukrainian Nazis, I replied by simply posting this picture as a comment. Facebook immediately suspended me for six days, for which I am appealing at a supposedly independent arbitrator. According to Putin fourteen thousand civilians including children have been murdered by American backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis since the western engineered overthrow of the rightful Ukrainian government in 2014. I know for a fact because I have Ukrainian Jews in my family that many of those murdered were Jews. These are not the National Socialists of Godfried Feder, Otto Rahn and […]

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