Note from Jack Heart: Those of you who are Christian have been told the source of the New Testament, is a theoretical book called Q. If someone tells you this
it means they are either ignorant or willfully lying to you. The “book of Q”
was found seventy-five years ago it’s no longer theoretical. The only problem
is it was found in the millennium and a half year old Nag Hammadi texts. It’s called the Gospel
of Thomas
. There are a hundred and fourteen verses, corresponding not
coincidentally considering Manicheism’s influence on Islam, with the hundred
and fourteen Suras of the Quran. Many of the verses in the Gospel of Thomas can be found in the New Testament. There are fragments of the New Testament that can be dated, tentatively in light of dating
methods discussed in Devils and Gods Among Us, to even before the Nag

problem for academics who have willfully conspired to preserve the artificial
marriage of Judaism and Christianity is the Nag Hammadi texts are Gnostic as no doubt the original
brand of Christianity was. To Gnosticism the god of the Old Testament
is evil personified, and no two books could be more incompatible than the old
and new testament. In fact the New Testament is far older than
the Old Testament.
Until the fraud of the Dead Sea Scrolls was perpetrated
following WW II, and again not coincidentally the discovery of the
Nag Hammadi texts in 1945, the Aleppo Codex from
the tenth century and the Leningrad Codex from the eleventh
were thought to be the oldest existing manuscripts of the Tanakh or
Hebrew bible; the textual source for the Old Testament.

The Scrolls are a complete fraud, a collection of fragments that could very
well be used toilet paper and were most likely pasted together in the basement
of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1946…

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, the legendary researchers
whose book 
Holy Blood, Holy Grail brought Montsegur into the light of this world, wrote
another book titled
 The Dead Sea Scrolls
. The book chronicles how the ‘Scrolls’ were supposedly
“found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret
for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of
controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping
investigation authors Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie
of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access
to no outsiders and issuing a strict “consensus” interpretation. The
authors’ questions begin in Israel, then lead them to the corridors of the
Vatican and into the offices of the Inquisition…” (1)

The tides of oblivion rise and wash over the western world in a tumultuous cascade of perversion, decadence, and avarice. Only Russia stands firm like an immovable mountain against the rushing poisoned water, anchored firmly on a foundation of Christianity, whose traditions in the West have been all but forgotten. It behooves those who desire to save their nation to take a real good look at Judeo-Christianity and separate the Jew from the Christian in this marriage that just does not work…  


Michael, Baigent and Richard Leigh . “Forward.” The Dead Sea
Scrolls Deception. Simon and Schuster, 1991. Web.


our minds

were hijacked

Part 1:



The early northern Europeans, who had made the decision to retain their individual sovereignty, talked of them as monstrous organisms. Sometimes they called such a group a “giant” because the group acted like one single enormous person. Sometimes they called it a snake or serpent because the group organism moved in a sneaky fashion and was poisonous. Dragon was the common term for “body politic.” Dragon was an unreal, animallike idea-creation obviously invented for only one purpose — to designate the indescribable group-monster.

— John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 21

By John Kaminski

If you think the world has gone crazy — and there’s plenty of evidence it has always been crazy — it could be because of the dominance of words from outside your brain interfering with your own perceptions that form naturally inside your everyday thought processes. Call them inklings or intuition. They trigger barely audible alarms every time something doesn’t sound quite right to you. Minus the programming, this is your own innate intelligence speaking.

Despite the outrageous outbursts of nasty public behavior observed in our confusing times, people are trying to fathom, manipulate and better understand the human thought process (subliminal advertising, neurolinguistic programming, braintainment, etc.). So it’s a natural question to inquire about how human brains worked long before there were cities, before actual language regimented everyone into rigidly defined categories, into nations and occupations, into religions and schools of thought.

When the Founding Fathers launched America, they were obliged by custom to mention God in practically every conversation. Today, that much abused icon seems to most people more like a personal improvement product — or an excuse to murder people — rather than a messiah to be venerated.

The white noise of commercial trivia becomes the way ordinary people live their lives. Our identities are subsumed by the products and attitudes we consume.

The point being that we’ve lost ability to observe the world accurately because we’ve trapped ourselves in names and labels that don’t really match what we’re seeing. Democracy is anything but, because money makes equal justice for all impossible. At this point, only drooling fools believe what they hear on TV, or what their government says.

Politically in the 21st century, this is embarrassingly visible in the lies told by government as they try to hide crimes they constantly commit in someone else’s name. Pick a recent catastrophe — 9/11, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas are merely three among dozens of infamous government-created terror attacks — all designed to chain your mind to their falsely created psychodramas aimed at making you sufficiently fearful to acquiesce to their demonic fakery. This process has rapidly drained the vitality out of the previously robust American system.

I became interested in all this because I heard on the radio that some professor said humans were smarter 40,000 years ago than they are today. And I tried to imagine a group of today’s He-men, dressed in animal furs, who could bring down a 13-ton mastodon with nets, spears and boulders. It was creativity their lives depended upon. Their abilities lie dormant in our genes.

Human intelligence “peaked thousands of years ago and we’ve been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since,” Professor Gerald Crabtree, head of the genetics laboratory at Stanford University, was recently quoted as saying. <>

So the dumbing-down phenomenon we have observed in recent years is not only a government program aimed at creating a totalitarian state, but also a natural process accelerated by technological inventions aimed at making us work less while simultaneously degrading our physical and mental abilities.

When words prevail, lies abound

Scoff if you like at the idea that all our knowledge has made us stupider, but the fact remains that few of us today would survive if our plug into technological society is ever completely pulled.

John Harland wrote in 1981, “The processes that turn individual humans into monstrous group organisms” [acquire their] “. . . powers by destruction of individual souls and control of individual will . . .”

John Harland

Word Controlled Humans (1981)

Yes, this is a review of that small book. (I include so much of it because it’s out of print and hard to find.)

Harland promised “no glorified generalities glossing over the horror that sharp focus reveals” in “a book for those who want to be individuals.”

“First remove the obstructions from our own eyes . . . before trying to correct the faults of others.” What to correct? “They have have made their own records of wars and ‘nations’ appear as the whole of human history,” he advised.

The author theorized that once upon a time, prehistoric humans made a fateful choice at a fork in their developmental road.

Nature’s method of making individual perception a major factor affecting survival was the way rejected; acceptance of the individual by a word-conditioned group was made the dominant requirement affecting the individual’s survival. 

Priests claiming to know the secrets of life and death invented their metaphors for social control, and their abstract knowledge became more valued than practical knowledge, probably because any kind of God can answer all questions whereas humans can answer only a precious few. Harland’s forecast for the human future, based on the road civilization has taken, was worse than gloomy.

As I see it, the fork we have taken can lead only to human extinction or biological regression; the other could have led to a further evolutionary advance.

Word conditioning now rides in seeming triumph over individual perception. The viewpoint of the non-word-controlled people has been discarded as being not worthy of attention. 

Big mistake.

‘Authority’ destroys reality

Today, as we see humans being crushed by standardization and political correctness, we can’t help but wonder if humanity has gone in the wrong direction. Individual effort is discouraged; instead we are urged to depend on a central system to rid ourselves of life’s hazardous uncertainties. This is a quest for a system of security that we know doesn’t really work, because nothing is more important than unfettered individual freedom.

A fateful trend changed the course of human development, according to Harland.

Because living was easy, words describing a dramatic relationship to “spirits” of the universe became more important in establishing prestige than demonstrated ability in relation to the universe of objective reality. 

Even way back then, the spin machine was flexing its muscles.

Good hunters, and others of much experience and ability, lost their places as leaders to those claiming to have special communion with spirits knowing more than ordinary humans. The new type of leaders, who began to lead groups by words that created awe, I will call “priests.” 

This was all about salesmen selling the original shell game, a product no one could refuse — triumph over death.

I suggest that we now pause and consider the question: What does “authority” as used above really mean? In the world of reality a parent controls a child, an adult may have power over another by reason of strength or strategic advantage, or a group may have power over an individual. 

The idea implied by “authority” triggers action in those who have been word-conditioned to set aside their own innate will and accept the word-control of someone in “authority.” As I see it, “authority,” implying the “right” of individuals or groups to control or exercise power over others, has no meaning in the world of reality. I want to identify it as being highly suspect by always enclosing it in quotation marks. 

The ugly objective is always war

The use of the authority scam always ends up in the same place, justification for crimes concealed under the rubric of patriotism.

When orders were obeyed because coming from someone having “authority,” mass warfare between groups of word controlled people became the standard practice. If there was no apparent reason for a war, a reason was invented; the system was dependent on it; “authority” grew by the demonstration of “authority.” 

This is still how they do it today. When they run out of enemies, they simply invent new ones.

In most of the densely populated areas, the people not only came to accept such control, they came to expect it. They came to want it. They had become dependent on it. They could make no decisions nor do anything unless directed by an “authority.” 

The people had become accustomed to look to an “authority” to make decisions for them, and had come to accept any “authority” that was not challenged by some other “authority.” “Authorities” competed with “authorities” for group control. Individuals were lost in the shuffle.

Harland wrote: “Gradually most hold-outs accept the game as ‘the way things are,’ even though by doing this they lose their essential being in direct relation to the universe.” 

The way of the serpent

The author’s overall perception is extremely relevant to the future of humanity.  “The serpent makers advocate the pseudo-morality that individuals should subordinate their individual reason and judgment to the ‘authority’ of the group.” This is the same rationale that Commie bombmakers use to lure idealistic young people into the manipulated world of urban sabotage.

Serpent or dragon, as an image for a group of word-controlled-people-acting-as-a-single-organism, was widely used even before any word histories now available, but not always did the image carry an unfavorable connotation. Only the northern Europeans seem to have had a conscious commitment never to create such a semi-organism among themselves — and to destroy any that tried to encroach on them.

The author is clear about his goals.

I want to show that the direction of the serpent, or body politic, which only exists in the minds of word controlled groups — but causes them to act as it if were real — opposes (1) the direction pointed out by Jesus, and also opposes (2) the direction set by three billion years of life before humans came on the scene. 

Harland cites the most famous love story of all as really a disguised reference to that first fork in the road when humans shelved their faculties of direct perception in favor of the comfort of fellowship amid word controlled groups.

I have mentioned the Babylonian story of an individual man and woman whose paradise was upset by the serpent — serpent symbolizing a word controlled group . . . Individuals have been forcefully pushed out of their small, personal natural paradises by word controlled groups; and individual-respecting groups — of substantial size — have been destroyed or absorbed by word controlled groups no more powerful than themselves.

Seen from this perspective, we see how the story of Adam and Eve is really the ruination of their direct perception paradise by this word-controlled serpent which has since evolved into today’s various religions.

That is the way of every semi-organism of word controlled people as long as there has been a word history. They form serpents, dragons, nations, bodies politic — or whatever the word-controlling-semi-organism is called. 

Individual flesh and blood humans die if they will not commit themselves to be “parts” of the word-created serpent of those around them, or if they advocate something different from what is currently held up by the leader already having word control over the people. 

When words override thought

We hear the stories of our time and guffaw at the bold chutzpah with which our government lies to us. Orwell first described the war-is-peace meme, but it took us a few decades to realize this process was actually happening in the real world, and that many words no longer meant what we thought they did.

Most of us at one time or another have concluded that truth is the new hate speech and lies are simply the way of the world.

The history of the Jews gives a clear picture of the serpent — or body politic. Looking at their history, we can see that it is any fictional thing that word controlled individuals are conditioned to think of as a “whole” and conditioned to think of their individual beings as its “parts.”

Group power exerted against individuals is the basis for establishing word control, but word-expressed ideas, that override clear thought, are the necessary implements to perpetuate it. 

In determining good from evil, Harland stressed that the objectives of the serpent makers are always in opposition to the creative intelligence of the universe. They are trying to take you away from what is natural and compel you to practice what is unnatural because it is their means of maintaining control of you — to make you sincerely believe something that isn’t true.

The serpent makers advocate the pseudo-morality that individuals should subordinate their individual reason and judgment to the “authority” of the group. The Jewish Bible provides the best example of the serpent for two reasons: One, it is widely distributed. Two, it clearly advocates the pseudo-morality of the serpent, and condemns individual-self-assertion as immoral. 

Get that. The Jewish Bible, best business plan ever written, denies individuals really don’t count for anything “unless they obey God’s holy law.” (See Deut. 28:56)

The Jews as a group never advocated a relationship of an individual to a god who cared anything about individuals. The only relationship they advocated was that of “a people” to a group-god that dealt with cohesive “peoples” or serpents. 

Such an inauthentic attitude using their G-d as an excuse for their constant crimes against humanity turned one xenophobic subgroup of the human race into a murderous parasite feeding upon the remainder of the species.

Most present day Jews claim to be “parts” of two separate “wholes.” Jews who are “United States citizens” have a divided allegiance between the ancient Jewish serpent and the United States. 

Jews have practiced this same sort of dual identity — simultaneously claiming to be “parts” of two separate “wholes” — for thousands of years and continue to follow the practice even though it often results in their persecution. Obviously they continue to play this double game because their three thousand years of Jewish tradition shows them that the Jewish serpent has repeatedly eaten up other serpents.

The darkness of civilization

Our first “modern” society and the model for all that followed, the ancient Greeks brought with them that original creative intelligence that quickly was extinguished and forgotten by an endless procession of word controlled groups, Harland insists.

The concept of the Greek “state” comes down through history as being “better” than other serpents. This, however, is a comparison between two things of which neither can be called good. Like the brainwashed natives, the Greeks also let words overrule their Perception. They began to use words as if words could create a reality — as if words could do more than point to 

what is real. 

They forgot their original concept that, when organic life was created, the extant physical universe became the language between the creative intelligence and each individual. They also forgot that it is the only language of unquestionable validity between one individual and another. 

Our crazed obsession to “improve” nature has produced nothing but misery and decay. Why we choose to accept our limited servitude when it usually is not our first choice for the life we would like to live in the place we would like to live it in remains one of the chief puzzles of humankind.

We always need to keep in mind that individuals can make agreements with each other and act together as a group, but when they presume to synthesize a group “will” — something more than an individual’s will and less than the will of the universal creative intelligence — they give up their own souls.

To be continued



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


The group god vs. 

the will of the people

The “Golden Age of Greece” was built upon the thought and behavior patterns which people had retained from the time when they had consciously upheld individual sovereignty without equivocation. The momentum of such thought and behavior patterns continues for several centuries, even when no conscious traditions perpetuate it; and it was the momentum of a morality based on individualism — not the form of the “state” — that resulted in the glory of Greece. 

— John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 47

John Harland was a suspicious Christian who loved Jesus but mistrusted the church. He idolized those early German people who had not yet fallen under the sway of the Roman Empire, concealed as they were in the forests of the far north and supremely able to take care of themselves. 

From Caesar and Tacitus, we learn that the Germans pushed back or killed off intruders, but had no thought patterns for “owning” land. In this respect they were like the American Indians, but they carried their rejection of “ownership” still further. The Germans made a point of having their chosen chiefs, or “kings” as Caesar called them, reapportion the land they cultivated every year so they would not become attached to one place. They also did not want to become attached to houses. They built minimal houses which were never in sight of each other. 

Harland claims to see deeply into the minds of the ancient Germans.

No king and no word-laws ruled the German people. Word-control was not permitted to transgress against the holy spirit within each individual. Without being fully armed and ready to fight, the Germans never met for public discussions. No word-laws, handing “authority” to some “king” or “prime minister” or “senate,” were made at a group meeting. 

Contrast that level of freedom with the constraints imposed on everyone ever since by both religion and government.

Serpent makers try to frighten people with a picture of horror that would result if individuals were not held in check by restricting the use of all force to that ordered by group “authorities.” The horror would doubtless be true if restrictions were lifted suddenly on dense populations that have been word conditioned for centuries. But the horror would result from the word conditioning — not the nature of the human animal. 

Harland makes no bones about his enthusiastic advocacy of the most famous character in human history. Or, let’s just say the walls of houses in much of the world are adorned with the symbol of his passage which teaches them at least how to cope with misery. Also, conversations with him are reportedly more frequent than with any other personality among airplane passengers worried about reaching their destinations.

The author paints a clear picture of those who love and those who don’t.

The god of Jesus was radically different from the god of the Jews; also the values of Jesus were diametrically opposed to Jewish values. There was no such thing as borrowing all the jewels from neighbors when one planned to poison their first born and run away with so many of their possessions that it would spoil them. There was no waging war on another group of people who had brought a land to high productivity — in order to feast on the milk and honey others had produced.

Directions to the way back

Harland’s admiration for his messiah also emphasized the disturbing distinction between the sage sayings of Jesus and the oppressive embellishments of the organized bureaucratic church.

Instead, acting as if he were the most ordinary individual son of man, (Jesus) tried to show others the way back to the kingdom of heaven, the way that their communion with serpents had closed away from them. 

The important thing that had happened is this: As an integrated whole, the life, death, and teachings of Jesus offered salvation to the whole human species that, throughout all history, has been headed for damnation —because humans have been moving in a direction that opposes the manifest direction of the universal creative intelligence. 

To escape damnation everyone who has become a “part” of a fictitious “group-whole” must reject the way of the serpent, must reject all group-gods, of which the group-god of the Jews is the prime example, and must be “born again” as an integrated individual. 

The blind 20th century pop singer Steve Wonder once famously sang, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.”

By nature, humans are moral animals; that is to say, humans are conscious of the creative intelligence within them; they want to use their own discrete intelligence for creations which are in harmony with the creative intelligence of the total universe. 

The pseudo-morality advocated by the serpent makers overrules those who disagree with it — and turns them in the opposite direction. This is easily done because a lone individual often lacks the moral courage to follow his own judgment when that means bucking the tide of public opinion. The individual feels insecure when faced with millions of his own species who obey an “authority” giving directions in words that millions press upon the lone individual with force-backed self-righteousness.

Jesus is not the church

I have long been aware that the organized church has tried to turn the thoughts ascribed to Jesus into something other than what was originally intended. Harland feels the same way. The simplicity of possibly the most important statements ever uttered are often obscured by the ostentatious rituals of an obscenely wealthy and pompous clergy preaching a religion of fear and retribution. Harland clarifies the intent of the ageless message.

Jesus made his whole being an unequivocal statement saying: An individual’s transgression against the holy spirit within him is the one unforgivable thing that will lead to eternal damnation. He taught, lived and died as an individual. He asked all who would be saved from damnation to follow him, to recognize that an individual’s worth came from the creative intelligence of the universe — and was greater than the law and the prophets. His teachings gave all people the message of their worth as individuals, then told them to accept, as their continuing teacher, the holy spirit that would be with them after he was gone. 

The church’s malicious interference with this message constructed a permanent barrier between the worshippers and the man with the message so many have responded to. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Jesus was a real person or not; the positive effects of his teaching have become a worldwide metaphor for “the good”, and benefited many who have yearned for freedom from worry. Not even the addled depredations of warped clergy could dim the brightness of what this belief offers.

The Church set out to control the innermost thoughts of every individual. The priests interpreted the holy spirit as a sort of vague third part of a three part complex — god, son, and holy spirit. The kingdom of god and the whole complex was presented as something external; nothing came from within the depths of one’s being. 

Obedience to the holy spirit was presented to the people as obedience to words written in a book and interpreted by those having “authority” to interpret. Babies were required to be baptized as”parts” of the growing Church-serpent as soon as born. Church schools were set up to teach children what words must replace their innate thoughts. The spirit within any individual who questioned the words and thoughts “authorized” by the Church was branded “an evil spirit.” 

The battle for peace among the warring herds of humans is a contest between the group gods and the aboriginal creative intelligence. As Harland put it, “The Jewish Bible was and is the world’s most comprehensive manual for serpent makers.”

The Pope arrogated to himself this unique word-controlling “authority” by means of his “official position.” He used this “position” to make his sect into the Catholic (or universal) Church, and to wipe out all true Christians, who, of course, opposed serpent-making practices. 

About a hundred years later, the Roman Emperor gave the Catholic Church “authority” to use force in wiping out any remaining Christians, who opposed the Church’s serpent-making practices. With this “authority ” the Catholic Church became a full-fledged serpent. 

About two hundred years later, the Roman serpent had been so weakened by fighting other serpents, that the Church took control of what was left of the Roman Empire. The Church serpent then set out to become truly universal and to control the earth. 

But meanwhile another serpent had come along, that is to say, another source of word-control was making individuals into a slightly different semi-organism. 

(Actually, Harland didn’t have much to say about Islam. “There is no evidence that Mohammed ever saw the salvation that Jesus was offering those who, throughout all known history, had listened to serpent-makers and had lost their individual souls to become ‘parts’ of serpents. Presumably Mohammed had no conception of a world without serpents. That is not unusual. Today the great majority of people look only at the word-created serpent world and have the same word-conditioned blindness to the world of enduring reality.”)

Turning God into a monster

The Catholic Church was evolved from one of the hundred or more sects calling themselves “Christian” — but its objective was not the kingdom of heaven that Jesus had pictured. It was the opposite. Its objective was the creation of a universal serpent. It did not advocate the holy spirit within an individual, as the one thing that must not be transgressed against. It advocated the opposite. It advocated obedience to the words of an “authority.” 

Nothing in the life, death, and teachings of Jesus could support such a position, so the Church combined the “New Testament” life of Jesus and the “Old Testament” history, laws, and serpent-making practices of the Jews, into one inseparable “Holy” Bible. 

This is what prevented the early Germans from voluntarily hooking up with the Roman church.

If the Germans were to be made a part of the universal serpent, it would have to be presented to them in a new masquerade that they would not recognize. Jesus, as presented in the kindly words of clever priests, was the form of the Church-serpent’s masquerade. 

To create a serpent, the power over life and death had to be tied to a word-trigger — killing had to ordered by an “authority.” It was on this point that the Germans balked at accepting the other side of the coin. When told that, not the holy spirit within them, but the voice of the Church speaking in words would decide who should live and who should die, they rejected a “Christianity” that had such a provision. 

But throughout the Middle Ages, serpent-speak became the mandatory language of the whole world.

The hilt of every sword was made into a cross; Jesus was made into a group-god. Fair fight was made into a ridiculous exhibition of two men dueling, while a priest stood by blessing the fight with a prayer “God protect the right.” Knights, appointed by an “authority,” became a special class, having conspicuous prestige by reason of words spoken by an “authority,” and wearing such elaborate armor that they required servants to attend them. 

Still worse was to come. 

Public burnings

After a few generations, most people dared not have a thought that had not come to them in “authorized” words. Other thoughts were called superstitious “heresy.” 

Torture to gain confession was unbelievably cruel. Punishments were usually public burnings as warnings to others. But the most burning punishment was the confusion of tortured thoughts in the minds of the living — those who really believed the words of the priests. 

By the time America was discovered, the power of this sort of  “Christianity” was so great that no one even thought of listening to a holy spirit within. No one dared think of anything except how to interpret the words of the Bible — a Christian Bible and a Jewish Bible in diametrical opposition, all combined into one book — and presented as words that overruled the holy spirit within. 

The way of serpents had become the only way of life. All resistance to the serpent way had been fully destroyed. 

You see them today on TV, lying through their teeth while dropping bombs.

Those in positions of “authority” had come to like the power and false prestige that went with simply using words to control a semi-organism. And the cell-like “parts,” called “citizens” in the state serpent, had come to look for an “authority” — for something outside themselves to “preserve order.” They had been brainwashed by priests to denounce the three billion year old order of the universe as immoral. 

Among these brainwashed people, there was no revolt against the serpent-pseudo-morality, no revolt against the false morality that the individual should be subordinated to the “good of the group.” There was no longer any thought of individual sovereignty. Speaking Biblical language, the serpent had been held up instead of the son of man. Speaking German traditions, no one now thought of fighting the dragon. 

Even as words had taken over thought, new meanings for words had taken over old meanings, and changed stories had taken over the old remembered stories. Some of the “authorized” interpretations often destroyed or completely reversed the meaning of ancient words. 

The church that had decreed an individual’s reverence for the holy spirit within oneself was “heresy,” had also made the Jewish advocacy of serpent ways a part of the “Christian” Bible and taught people that the ways of the serpent were “holy.”

Despite the lockstep conformity, real men pointed the way to the future.

Like the freedom of conscience declared by Roger Williams, and like the freedom of action declared by Jefferson, the Constitution of the United States became a clear monument to individual sovereignty when the Bill of Rights was attached to it. The Bill of Rights protected individuals from the government, itself — from the serpent. 

Roger Williams and Thomas Jefferson had set up the highest monuments to the worth of the individual since the life, death, and teachings of Jesus. The colonists had shown their understanding, they had accepted the monuments as marking the path they were groping for, and, by insisting that the Bill of Rights be attached to the Constitution, they had set up another monument — one that said to the serpent: “This far shall you go and no farther.” By doing this, they showed that their heritage from the Saxon forest was still not entirely destroyed; a trace of the word-mutilated thought and behavior pattern still persisted. 

The resurfacing of these long-buried thought patterns enabled them to hear the word-overruled voice of the holy spirit within themselves clearly enough to choose the Jesus side of the coin the priests had passed on to them — and to become at least a little suspicious of the side with the serpent on it. Thomas Jefferson was so clear on his position that he wanted to go farther than cutting the Old Testament away from the teachings of Jesus; he saw the writings of Paul as a corrupting influence; he wanted to detach them and let the teachings of Jesus stand alone in their full, unconfused significance. 

What he could have said

After realizing such a  bold thesis it would stand to reason that Harland believed he could improve on what Hitler actually said. 

“We defeated the armies of Caesar. But then came the priests. They were kindly old men, who told us of Jesus. They said that Jesus had tried to tell others what we have always accepted as axiomatic. They quoted Jesus as saying, ‘You can disobey the gods people create and that may cause trouble, however gods made by men are something you can safely transgress against; but if you disobey the holy spirit within you, you are in danger of eternal damnation.’ 

The priests told us that Jesus was crucified by his own people, the Jews, for telling them this obvious truth, and that Jesus had died as a brave man should. We recognized that Jesus was more than a hero; we recognized that he was a god — he was expressing with his total being what we considered to be the one significant truth on which human salvation depends. We allowed the priests to tell the story of Jesus to our children. 

“But the priests were underhanded schemers. When we were not there, they told our children about the miraculous ways of the outside world. Like pimps, making use of beautiful young women, they set up Catholic schools, and charmed the children into believing that ‘authoritative’ words should overrule native perception —perception both of the inner voice and perception of external reality. Too late we discovered that it was not Jesus, but the very group-god of the Jews who had crucified Jesus, for whom our children were being taught reverence. 

“Those children, conditioned by false words, grew up to become brainwashed leaders of brainwashed followers. On instructions from the Pope, they obeyed exactly the same orders given to the sons of Levi by Moses, when he said: ‘Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor.’ They killed individuals who would not accept ‘authority’ expressed in words. As soon as the priests had the protection of brainwashed men, they devised unbelievable tortures for all who obeyed the spirit within themselves. 

“We have now had a thousand years of confusion, caused by those priests. We still have the slyly injected words of this Jewish group-god permeating our thoughts. The confusion has become a part of our literature. It will be generations before we can return to natural relations between individuals, and to natural relations between each individual and the creative intelligence of the universe. That is our own problem; that is the problem of Germans, who have been duped. We know what has to be done. It is up to us to remove the obstruction from our own eyes. 

“Jewish traditions promote the pseudo-morality that the welfare of the Jews as a group is the only valid objective. They teach that individuals within the group have value only to the extent that they contribute to the group’s welfare. They set forth no concept of sex but for the purpose of reproduction, for formation of ties that promote Jewish traditions, and for sensual “lust.” They ignore thevery reality of the sexual love that recognizes — and glories in — the wonder of the sexual balance devised by the universal creative intelligence. 

Memories of the Saxon forest

When Hitler rose to point out the Jews as the world’s greatest enemy, his battle cry was not: We must regain and preserve the individual sovereignty lost to us when clever priests, passing off Jewish group-making commandments as the teachings of Jesus, infiltrated the Saxon forests. 

Hitler was a brainwashed product of the very thing he professed to be fighting. He was raised a Catholic; he was enormously impressed by the serpent ceremonies of the Catholic Church; he seriously considered becoming a Catholic priest; the swastika was adopted from an engraving on the gate of a Catholic monastery that, as a child, he passed every day. He was committed to the flip side of the Catholic coin — the group serpent advocated by the Jews. 

I was quite surprised by Harland’s deconstruction of Hitler. Like most people, it had not occurred to me that Hitler and his enemies were in pursuit of the same goal. It occurs to me now that Harland, for all his professed admiration for the ancient Germans, was not up to speed on the underlying causes of the post-WW2 rape of Germany.

Although his biological roots went back to the forests where the teachings of Jesus were accepted as axiomatic, Hitler was the opposite of Jesus. If he had been a Jew, he could have been cheered by the Jews as the sort of messiah for which — after crucifying Jesus — they still waited. He had been brainwashed into accepting Jewish traditions. Like Moses, he was holding up a serpent; he was saying that all who are bitten by other serpents, and fail to look on this one, shall surely die. Like Moses he cried out: We are a people chosen to dominate the rest of the world because of the ancestral blood in our veins. 

There is no record of a voice by the River Rhine saying: Repent those words and be baptized into the human species. The admonition of Jesus to first remove the obstruction from one’s own eye, before trying to treat a brother, was rejected by Hitler, as it was by the Jews. It conflicts with the craft of serpent makers. 

And yet Hitler as a national hero remains among the greatest of all time. 

However, Hitler was sincere. It was the sincere voice of a confident leader, ready to fight and die for what he believed, that stirred memories of that long ago Saxon forest. 

The memories of that almost forgotten Saxon forest still cry out for the attention of waking consciousness. Those memories cry out that we need to recognize, with our full consciousness, what was wrong with the situation signified by the life and death of Hitler. That conscious recognition is of vital importance to the future of the whole human species. 

The ultimate question about our future is really not whether it will happen or not. It some fashion it will. How much damage will be done between now and then remains uncertain given the reckless nature of the people who run the world from behind the scenes.

Remember, Harland wrote this book in 1981. Events of the intervening years have authenticated many of his predictions.

The serpents or dragons of the world are now moving toward an all-out, world-wide contest. Total atomic war that destroys most of the people in the world appears almost inevitable. Whether it comes or not, the same question faces the human species — those now living or any few who survive. 

The question is this: Will there continue to be nothing but group-semi-organisms, which can only result in ultimate human regression, a regression that removes humans from the advance echelon of evolution? 

Or will we humans recover from our brainwashing and choose the way that has been pointed to by the universal creative intelligence for three billion years — individual sovereignty? 

Do organized governments sabotage human destiny? As long as people do not see what they themselves are doing, yes, they do ruin humanity. Because of our shortsighted and unhealthy desires and habits, the fully developed wonder of the universe will continue to elude us, and our highest hopes will remain unfulfilled.

John Harland

Word Controlled Humans (1981)

You can read part 1 at

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



  1. It appears they’re preparing the military and population for the eventual use of the military inside the land known as America is now a Zionist slave colony, it’s nothing more than an economy and a government, including the military, exists to serve its rulers.

    The population will support using the military to finish the last Civil War the Bible Belt being what was the Confederacy. Will they use the military a military stood-down on 9/11/2001 and will use biological and chemical weapons to sweep through the Bible Belt in order to eliminate any resistance and mop up what’s left of the Confederacy? Will Zionists kill their biggest supporters the religious right is the Bible Belt what’s left of the Confederacy?

    It’s very concerning when a President is threatening to use the military to enforce gun control or whatever it is they plan to enforce. I know what we’re up against the right appears completely oblivious to what it is they’re supporting as they bark China China China and the other team barks Russia Russia Russia, and they all ignore the Zionist elephant in the room, and nobody ever barks Israel Israel Israel can do anything and get away with it.

    Joe Biden is an extremely dangerous puppet, and he didn’t choose Kamala Harris wasn’t supported by anyone. We’re in grave danger, it’s the United States will use a nuclear weapon, they just used a biological weapon, they’ve used biological weapons before, and we know they use chemical weapons, and we know they will attack their own country and kill their own people and blame it on the enemy they created in order to start a war others will have to fight.

    This is beyond surreal what’s happening. I don’t see where the vast majority understands what’s happening here in America the result of mass murdering unaccountable out-of-control warmongering psychopaths believe they’re entitled to rule the world and geopolitics is a deadly game. It is the west is destroying itself is losing economic, geopolitical, and military power. It makes no sense to destroy yourself as you’re trying to destroy others so you can rule the world you will never be allowed to rule, and shouldn’t be allowed, these psychopaths have failed their own people, nations, world, and humanity.

    It’s the west committing national suicide, it’s Five Eyes they’re systematically disarming, and puppet Joe Biden is following the plan. The gaslighting, it’s on both sides. I remember when Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a picture of an AR-15 with Hillary Clinton’s engraved likeness, and Joe Biden is threatening people with F-15’s is a threat to use the military will kill civilians, especially those civilians don’t share their ideological beliefs, and especially those “Nazis” don’t support their woke gay transgender agenda. Our population is totally brainwashed and mentally ill, people are sick and twisted, they will support a government will give them everything, including the permission to have sex with children and animals.

    • I've tried making sense of the game plan. Best I can figure is that all factions within the Western perspective have merely been tools. Obviously the last period of time has been controlled from the West and knowing full well that their ascendant period would come to an end it was decided that they would play this game where they tried convincing everyone that when their turn was up, instead of taking turns with the next country or people to become ascendant, everyone would share. Whather this gambit is believable or not is up to anyones discretion.If the East calls B.S. on this ploy then all this woke nonsense has been for less than nothing. If all peoples join hands and sing kumbaya underneath the controllers painted skies then the plan has worked, even if only for a short time.

  2. Guess who won’t be responsible for the collapse of western civilization not long from now? Time is the one resource we no longer have. China isn’t responsible for the eventual collapse of western civilization. Russia isn’t responsible for the eventual collapse of western civilization. Iran isn’t responsible for the eventual collapse of western civilization.

    Making it to 2030 is being optimistic. I was at a rest stop yesterday and a guy became argumentative and combative for no reason, he wanted to fight. I told him to calm down, he’s about a hundred pounds overweight wearing a Batman shirt, his girlfriend was even fatter with ugly dirty feet, she wasn’t wearing any shoes, and she was eating something from a Tupperware container. They were White, and they definitely weren’t supreme.

    Who is paying the Nazis in Florida to show up to events? They show up and fly the flag of Nazi Germany, keeping the so-called threat alive, giving the media something to report and the pundidiots something to talk about, they’re used against all of us.

  3. The Covid blog.

    Weakly this blogger posts about the ongoing vaxxine genocide and I have zero sympathy for the dead and dying as they wanted to force this on me a vaxxine injured person who also lost a brother to the poisons.

    Friends and family have used coercion and Social ostracizeation to no avail to make me comply with the cycling community being the worst.
    Another vaxx pushing cyclist just died today and good riddence.
    He was a top world class athlete and a vaxx zealot.

  4. I agree. Fuck them where the sun don't shine. Some of the most sanctimonious, vindictive, vicious, asinine, imbecilic, hypocrites I've ever known in my life were Bible thumping featherless bipeds.

    • And to make matters worst. That book they are so fond of has five,no wiggle room, paragraphs that are essential. How to set up a correct doctrine "church", what day to do yer thingy, plus an addendum. They ain't even close. Or, maybe, close as they ever will be.

    • I certainly don’t support the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum thanks to these retards on the right supported the subversion, and allowed them to subvert and usurp the government.

      There’s a reason Freemason occultists like Franklin Graham go to England to tour, it’s that British Israelism, and of course Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor is Paula White a tongue speaking dingbat. These people had a tongue speaking orgasm when Donald Trump moved the embassy, called for the building of the third temple, and bequeathed more land, he was serving the same people and purpose Joe Biden is serving.

      I’ve dealt with these people my entire life, including family members, it’s a stubborn wall of willful ignorance and delusional denial. You can’t reach them I’ve tried, and I don’t support the woke gay transgender lunatics serve the same master.

      These Bible Belt retards won’t acknowledge the fact they support and worship the source of everything they claim to oppose, they want so badly to believe China is why America and the rest of the world is what it is today that Iran is the problem in the Middle East, and Russia is the problem in Europe.

      The Senator from Tennessee was just in Taiwan supporting the Biden administration and their warmongering, and she will never say anything about the young man from Tennessee was just killed in Ukraine fighting for God, money, undeserved hero status, and possibly a Ukrainian girl, he was supposedly killed by friendly fire. It’s an example of the phony two party paradigm the hatred and division at the bottom of the pyramid is real, they’re united at the top of the pyramid. They look down on all of us the degeneracy, violence, and death, and what they see is success. Sellouts and traitors, every god damn one of them, traitors to humanity.

  5. Not possible to take it back or save anything. It‘s the Bible Belt retards won’t allow us to do it, fuck them too. I don’t care about their dumb White ass, what good are they? They’re why we will never be free. They’re why the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum, they support and worship the people responsible. It’s hopeless. Don’t tell me it isn’t hopeless when I know it’s hopeless. I can see the future. You don’t have to be a prophet to see the future. These Bible Belt retards have no future, they’re as dumb and as ignorant as it gets, they’re stubborn self-righteous fools, frauds and hypocrites. Fuck them too. I want out but there is no escape.

    • The good news anon? They are a heavily vaxxed demographic since they love cults, covid being the newest.
      Time is on our side not theirs.

  6. Hopefully something better will rise from the ashes. Just do the best you can, and plan for the worst because it won’t get better, it’s an easy prediction to make. I can see the future, you don’t need to be a prophet to see the future.

    America is a failed experiment surrendered long ago to be used then sacrificed. People have supported and enabled their own eventual demise, they’ve never cared about anyone other than themselves and people never cared about anyone other than themselves. Have they ever started and fought a war didn’t benefit them? The only winners are our rulers you’re not allowed to boycott or criticize, soon it will be a criminal offense, you’ll end up in the gulag for doing it.

    Nobody can stop what’s coming because Donald Trump ate taco salad for lunch, and Joe Biden had been imbedded as part of the problem almost 50 years, he doesn’t have anything to lose that’s why he’s President.

  7. 28. And such persons from the number of 144,000 – as well as various others at other times, but also in the number of 144,000 each – were also the ones whom we, as the authoritative inventors, researchers, physicians, technicians, computer scientists and scientists etc. of certain areas on Earth, taught about knowledge, insights and developments etc. in an apparatus-impulse hypnotic manner and without their knowledge, which was made possible for us by our directives.
    29. Therefore, when we committed ourselves to this teaching activity, we were only allowed to take care of the distant descendants of the former immigrants of the Nokodemion descendant peoples who were in active life, but we were not allowed to take care of any pure terrestrial human beings who existed from the ground up.

    Turned on, tuned in, phasing in and out.

  8. Addendum to thoughts on John Kaminsky's essay (necessitated by word limit).

    I would like to add that my view of the video on Gnostic fundamentals is not complementary in a myriad of ways. I regard all this material as having come rather late to the game of deep perception – and more post-diluvian in character than its ancient antecedents that in many instances are far closer to reality both cosmic and mundane than anything I can remember reading in Occidental attempts. The subject may benefit from extended dialogue and dialectic but this can be regarded as introductory thought. However, I believe that the relevant seeds of what is needed to investigate this matter thoroughly are contained within this script and the literature I have cited and is really a matter of independent and individual investigation and analyses in order for it to transmute from theory to verifiable experience. Peace Out. SL

    • I put the video and note in there to set Mike up for his inevitable follow up. Happy Parrot found the video and I wrote the note in a couple of hours. C'mon guys what did you want on short notice, John Lamb Lash doing a Shakespearian soliloquy?

    • Well, I wish I had the wherewithal to sit through the entire video, but I simply don't. Therefore, any detailed response to it would not be entirely fair.
      However, in the time I did give to it, I noted the usual tendency to label mystery conditions in absolute terms, and to assign both measurements and judgements to them.
      This is the result of the Abrahamic schism. It is the dawn of the tyranny of the world of things, and the mania to force absolutely everything into this demented world view.
      I was working on a completely different piece. I was going to leave the abrahamics to their own devices, and reserve my most demanding analysis for places like substack. But I saw in a dream that I must confront the cognitive illness once again. Perhaps sooner rather than later, we shall see.
      I don't know what Mr. Lash is up to these days, but I'm certain his popularity is far greater than anything I can lay claim to. I think he is just controversial enough to stir interest. In the fading world of financial supremacy, this is good for publishers and the published alike.
      In the time you are waiting for the next piece, please note the attention returning to the Levant. It was here that the war for survival ongoing in the Ukraine was ignited.

    • With that kind of Logic anything that anyone says or writes including our own utterances and script is Abrahamic in nature and should be avoided and that’s another serpent’s tale. We are all stuck with words until we all learn to Show don’t tell.


  9. Thoughts on John Kaminski's essay and what I have so far read of Jack Heart and Mike Kays, fascinating writings. Pt 2 of 2.

    Baudelaire, if I remember from youthful readings was insistent that language was nebulous, that meaning must be anchored so that when words are used to describe a thing, this thing, its character and properties are universally understood. This may be a hiding to nothing as many thinkers illustrate, the classic one bing when the Buddhist asks his student where is the moon. The student replies that it is over the shoulder of his teacher next to lamp and in the far corner of the window. The Buddhist then ask the student to move 2 paces to the left and answers the question again. Pointing to the moon, or to extend the allegory, anything whether physical or abstract one can perceive, is a tricky business.

    If the reader thirsts for a singular unitary point, you’ll never get one from me…I am from the dumdness of the timeless dharmic persuasion in many matters, ‘Sanatana Dharma’, timeless wisdom in which the maxim resounds, ‘The only konstant in the universe is change’. And the nebulously devious oriental phrase, ‘Neti. Neti’, or, ‘Not this, not that’.

    These concepts belong to an entirely different order of investigation and in many cases are beyond logical mentation, for logic is not only dualistic and actually fragmental, (context, focal length and perception driven, et al), it relies upon limited computational capacity. The mind is a tool of such processes albeit pitiful in its abilities. It is a poor measuring instrument that is epitomised in the folly of the post Crusade derived notion of the Faustian bargain and all that that implies.

    Dunne, explains through physics how reality can be apprehended through what appears to be non linear ex-corporeal perceptions and explains world lines and relative time/dimensions. This is fascinating and part testable stuff. I followed his experiments, very poorly I might add, but gained sufficient insights to know the veracity of what he delineates.

    Kaminski’s well considered piece here on the hijacking of minds maps out explanations of how this occurs, but what I am implying relies on many alternate but not entirely contradictory perspectives. I will clearly state however, that perhaps in sympathy with Mr Kay, my position is inimical to the Judaic, late Greek, absolute fragmental linearised world view, which dominating so called non-fictional literature as it is steeped the Cartesian idiocy of both being able to parse out the divine with the same instrument that allows us to use only 5 senses (often poorly) to perceive it in relative time and with the need to invert images that the brain receives upside down and in reverse due to the mechanisms of visual perception.

    There are other senses and all the esteemed authors here hint and discuss this in nuanced ways if I read them aright. I will stray from the explanations that I have read here so far though because of the partial explanations above, I will direct people to a study and contemplation of a way to observe the instruments and processes of observation and thought itself. More accurately, I will suggest as does Dunne that a special acquaintance (such is the paradox of language), be made through the quietness of mental processes between the observed and the observer. This may seem cliché to many seasoned thinkers and so may it appear to be, but a word of caution, knowing a phrase or a cliché may have very little if anything to do with the reality behind it.

  10. Thoughts on John Kaminski's essay and what I have so far read of Jack Heart and Mike Kays, fascinating writings. Pt 1 of 2.

    When I am off the pitch of light, the darkness assumes many forms, and yet, all the filters, separations and contortions serve to agitate the gauge of innate feeling/perception that forms my inner world. The evidence of my way of being and seeing implies that the gate through which life flowed to deposit me here in this dumb phantasmagoria was never fully closed, and thus often vague and rarely gripping en-trances, shake loose mundane perception and variably grant resolution of images and senses that make the reality we are coerced and fall into as malleable and insubstantial as primordial smoke.

    I used to be convinced I was of another world/s, because little here seemed coherent, useful and as for intelligence, well that seemed an infinity away as the 'mind' and its corrupted altar boy, the machiolated ego dithered its interference patterns on all and every, memory and thought that it possibly could.

    So is it conditioning that severs perception from relative actuality or a kaleidoscope of filters that rule earthly mentation locking us into a materialist dualistic world view?

    Of course, relative actuality, mentation, perception, materialism and dualism are weighty subjects that may benefit from deep and honest scientifically oriented contemplations, as each appears at the level of mind to be distinct, discrete and compartmental. It’s how we glue together inverted and apparently disparate fragments of our experience and the illiquidity of thought. We have adopted binariness in an infinite world; some more than others of course.

    It is no accident that according to my investigations that Judaic and Greek thought came to ‘digitise’ reality. Both were purportedly voracious thieves of ideas and knowledge from cultures far older and possibly greater than their own. A hideous corruption of an analogue world view (see, ‘Blackfoot Physics’, F. David Peat) into a dualistic and subsequent digitisation has infected the Western paradigm and via osmosis and colonisation, the Eastern, alike.

    However, there are strongholds, there is even individual and relatively original thought! Mike Kay, John Kaminski and the formidable Jack Heart all exhibit this in relative spades imho. They are of course not te only ones, neither do they, love and respect them as I do, have the matter coherently nailed down, far from it. The whole absolute-fragmental world-view (see Katya Walter, The Toa of Chaos, and Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics), propagated by this linear approach which entertains at least in inference, the arrow of time issuing forth in one direction. This is in my experience and understanding erroneous in the extreme. I would suspect from what I read so far that these contemporary philosophers concur on this and many points. What it leaves to the fools that dare is then to traverse the danger of written language, words, to ‘illustrate’ certain possibilities which may better explain the predicament, the prison even, that the instruments of our perception appear to incarcerate us in.

    I would here ask the reader to look at J.W. Dunne’s testable thesis on time, ‘An Experiment with Time’ published in 1927. Blavatsky put me on to it as a teenager, and it was revelatory as well as scientifically cogent and has thus stood the time as an invaluable explanation of how things do and do not work vis a vis perception and ultimate reality. Suffice it to say that nothing we see is actual because there is a time delay in which any number of things can and most likely do occur between what we perceive and its real-time presence. Fritjof Capra extended this into another useful expression, ‘…do not confuse the map with the territory,’ or words to that effect.

  11. Can I say this here? That man on your video is connected to the Spirit.
    Just an observation of course as we have directed prayer in our family for guidance and direction from Spirit.

    We believe that he was resurected and when he left he said that Spirit would be sent.

    Spirit is not a wishing well but a relationship and as a Christian that would be a Spirit led Christ following person.

    I appologize for telling a truth that I see demonstrated right in front of me.


  12. I was just reading, funnily enough, of a sculpture entitled 'Salammbo' by Maurice Ferrary. It was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1899 and now resides at my local art gallery, the Lady Lever.
    "It illustrates a notorious passage in Gustave Flaubert's great novel of Carthaginian decadence, Salammbo, published in 1862, in which the heroine first undresses, and then entwines with a python, symbol of Carthage and of it's religion.
    In order to secure inspiration and courage, she is about to take the python's jaws into her mouth and "throw herself back beneath the rays of the moon", giving her body the erotic abandon characteristic of the French 'Salon' sculpture of the late 19th century."

  13. This piece requires another complete piece to form a truly coherent response, or perhaps a series of pieces. However, it might be possible to make a few observations.
    Jesus was never Christian, until he was wrested by force from the ancient ways. You can know some of these ways through Julian the Theurgist, Plato, and a selection of the Gnostic gospels, not to mention the Vedas, or Marcus the Magician.
    Abrahamics arose from the actions of Abraham. Ol' Abe brought about a condition we will call materialism, and all true abrahamics worship at this altar.
    Christ, Christian, terms derived from the state of being anointed. Anointed originally, was one who was doused with oils, and yes, this is a magical act. Such are also directly derived from ancient Egyptian, where a title is substituted for a proper name, due to the inherent sacred nature of this name. Crest was widely used, and Crestians were the adherents to the sacred.
    There was always a sacred and a profane side to this life, but today, much of the illness is the ignorant conflation of the fifth and sixth.
    I don't know what to say about the video, other than a smile, and a quiet shaking of the head.

    • Well, you can do your own video Mike and we will post that, you're up, I'm awaiting your follow up piece

    • Me, make a video?
      I imagine I could, but it would never work without that feminine voice to narrate. I already know her voice. She loves to haunt my dreams. Yet she is nowhere in sight.
      It might take a little time before the next piece is ready, but I am working.

  14. John, this was maybe the best piece I’ve red from you until now. I agree on most of it and consider Harland a major discovery and attribution to my knowledge base. There’s one point I beg to differ: the objective world did never exist, it’s a mere product of words. While agreeing on an “objective” reality plane makes a lot of sense to render language and its benefits possible, there is always the danger that this concept is being turned into a tyrannical matrix. Human glory and damnification are inevitably pegged together. Otto Rahn was Hitlers flip side on the Jesus snake coin and had to die. The Beatniks, the opposite of the empire’s snake, at least survived, though not long enough to see its demise. Language is a virus, as William S. Burroughs said. And the irony is that the illness it causes has to be healed – at least in part – by words.

    • Joe. I fell down in relief finally reading an actual gnosis induced (finally, including the source material) description of the actual problem since Genesis summarized it for us: The word instead of the image. Thank you, JK. I fell down again when Joe posted the worLd is words not reality. And ..Worship is wordship. Thank you Joe Praise the Heavenly Father and fuck a quacking duck, I do believe someone gets it.


  15. For spiritual development, enhancement, and transcendence, we must retain our unique individuality. However, in this realm there is eternal war, strife, and struggle. On the battlefield against our racial and spiritual enemies, we must fight as one. That is how the Roman legions consistently bested the barbarian hordes. (they were anything but, that is just how Romans regarded all non Romans). The barbarians attacked and fought as individuals. The Romans fought as cohesive units, acting and reacting with one mind. This iron discipline gave the Romans the edge and repeated victories. All successful military commanders in history are cognizant of this. The exception being lone wolf, leaderless resistance, guerrilla warfare, which is the type we must employ against our deadly enemies today due to circumstance. In Ragnarok will come the huge, pitched battles.

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