Above: US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Update (Aug 29, 2022) – US Warships in Taiwan Strait

“Oil, gold, copper, timber, corn, cattle and crops thrive throughout middle America. The Fed offers instead depraved sex, forced vaccinations, youth castrations and confiscation of firearms.” – Brother Nathanael

The streets and avenues of its once great cities are now clogged like the arteries of an old drunk, with the homeless and the hopeless. Predators roam urban byways and transportation systems searching out easy prey that were once proud citizens of a mighty nation but are now nothing but a reservoir of victims for crack babies unfettered by the rule of law. The supply chain and infrastructure are irreparably damaged by a new brand of affirmative action that places degenerates and idiots in positions of power undreamed of by the most highly trained and competent economists. Inflation is out of control and education nothing but indoctrination. Indeed, the seat of federal power in DC looks more like a Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus freak show.


Americas woke army was unable to hold Afghanistan from a ragtag Stone age guerilla force. Yet, together with its partner in crime Great Britain whose people can’t even pay their energy bills, it inexplicably provokes war with the other two superpowers within their own borders. The only assurance taxpayers have is that their money will ensure Zalinsky has enough coke to entertain all his new friends from Hollywood and the genetic defects in DC will be able to pay the staff of their mansions. It is the golden age for Western arms manufacturers, but it is a world of toil and blood for anyone seeking to produce commodities to improve the lot of their fellow man that cannot be used to kill them.

From my perch atop the Cumberland plateau, I and everybody else up here remain aloof from the carnage of Americas freshly recultivated urban jungles. But we now pay twice as much for gas, it was almost three times, five times more for our own wood, and about 30% more for our own steaks. There is no upside to being an American anymore and before America embroils itself in an insane world war which it is certain to lose and lose badly, it is best for us to leave.

Until the summer of 2020 I always considered Brother Nathanael an internet sideshow. But that summer he produced footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco which in itself turned out to be nothing but one more psy-op from a government just as addicted to them as a hillbilly to crystal Meth.

Brother Nathanael’s footage showed the purported “shootings” in vivid detail that would have done Oliver Stone proud. It was then and there I connected him with what could only be the NSA, who secretly love their Schlomo jokes, which is what Brother Nathanael is. A few days ago, everyone’s favorite antisemitic Orthodox Catholic Jew released a video with five points for successful secession. They are brilliant and they certainly were not thought up by him. Below is a link to his video courtesy of the Sage of Quay. Brother Nathanael, post-Rittenhouse, is banned from YouTube and Facebook. Below that is my transliteration of the five points…

Brother Nathanael – Making Secession Work

1 – Leveraging resources: The state local commodities are a crucial component of succession. Oil, gold, copper, timber, corn, cattle and crops thrive throughout middle America. The Fed offers instead depraved sex, forced vaccinations, youth castrations and confiscation of firearms. It raids presidents homes and invades Amish farms and whatever is hard bought it steals with taxes and inflation to fund societal rot. Succession cuts off local commodities from federal taxes, cuts trade with Fed dependent blue states and brings the Fed to its knees. Then leverage proceeds.

2 – Marshalling infrastructure: All power grids, telecoms, supply chains, roads, waterways, sewage, forests must be extricated from federal collusion. It begins by regionally enacting benign ordinances to establish local jurisdiction. Then kick the Feds out by using regional commodities as leverage. All Federally held bases and land can be optimized to a local level. One way is by offering to the federally employed men and woman better pay, better benefits, better localized retirement options.

3 – Activating militias: Don’t be scared. Hamilton and Madison affirmed in similar language prior to the ratification of the second amendment the imperative that militias among the states preserve liberty from a tyrannical federal government. Afghanistan used AK47’s built with soup cans and paperclips to fight off Jewmerica, then came out with the grand prize, seven billion in US military equipment left behind. The US military failed to defeat goatherders. A well-armed militia which our founders intended can provide succeeding regions with its own protection, its own police, its own borders and defense.

4 – Regionalizing currency: A stable and reliable trading mechanism is the foundation of entrepreneurism. Locked into the Jew owned federal reserve with money backed by nothing inflation continues upward wages spend for less. Reginal banks can issue their own currencies based on commodities, metals and labor, decoupling from the Jew owned Fed thus giving succeeding communities the financing it needs, home buyers the chance to start a family and entrepreneurs the realization of their dreams.

5 – Empowering the county: The primary seat of political authority and power to tax begins and ends with the county. Posse comitatus means just this the power of the county. The Feds have usurped this power. By empowering what the county already possesses all lawlessness be it from governor, senators or presidents can be blocked. The Sheriff who can gather a militia at command is the true personification of the local peoples will, not Jew enabled DC hacks. This occurred in Bonner County Idaho when the sheriff blocked all federally imposed Covid jabs on sovereign residents.

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  1. So, the DOD deployed the American version of black goo.
    Where does the joo end and the goo begin?

    Let's call it the Jew Goo.

    The internet? Most truth on flix as I am a legacy.

    Not about to drop out on my monthly payment.

    Jack Heart got flagged as fraud from my credit card.

    On my word payment was restored.

    A person's word is local.


  2. You are absolutely right HD, true power doesn’t reveal itself. I am extremely hesitant to even suggest violence as a solution, but our very existence is under attack and I now believe extreme measures are warranted.

    I happen to know from personal experience – not just secondhand knowledge – just how corrupt our legal and political systems really are. In fact I have been referring to the DoJ as the “Department of Corruptice" for several years now.

    I believe you are also correct regarding the lone wolf, guerrilla warfare approach. However, not many of us have direct enough access to target the high-level chaos agents acting on behalf of these unseen powers that be. Yet, they too have corrupted support personnel working for them. The first group that comes to mind are attorneys. None of these corrupt politicians and businessmen could ply their trades without attorneys. These are the (alleged) professionals that are responsible for the integrity of their profession, so if they won’t self-regulate then it’s time to force the issue. Simple hit and run guerrilla warfare tactics against individual targets should work well. The next group that comes to mind are the local propaganda agents. We leave the real journalists alone, but target the sycophants who never question what they’re told to print or read across the airwaves. The third group that comes to mind are the so-called medical professionals who are active participants in ignoring their Hippocratic oath and breaching the trust of their patients by injecting them with toxins (as explained by Dr Poornima Wagh). When these doctors and lawyers are faced with the choice of either loosing their professional license or their life, which do you think they will choose?

    Again, it’s unfortunate it has come to this, but we have every right to defend ourselves, even if that defense warrants offensive tactics.

  3. I have to laugh out loud at Biden calling mega supporters domestic enemies however, it's true. "Q" following mega nutjobs being literally retarded and just like Jan 6 they will follow Trump off a cliff as they will never learn.
    Perhaps Trump works for the FBI? Wouldn't surprise me!
    And the uni party has that guy from Florida all spruced up and ready to go!
    And the LGBTQ left? Even more retarded than mega right wingers best to stock up on beer and popcorn since the show will be spectacular!


  4. The last planned secession was agitated for by the international banking clan in the 19th century. To all appearances it's Pete and repeat, as the spokesman for the globalist agenda, Biden, revitalizes that agitation.
    The abrahamic world is one of deception, duplicity, and cowardice. It is a world ruled by petty interests for thoroughly stupid goals.
    Jack should have my latest piece by now, where the infection that is abrahamic thought is placed in the open.

  5. Texas was the las country that got dragged into that nefast construction and will be the first independent nation of North America in a long history of subyugation. Big transnational constructions will fall apart (yes, I mean the USA, but also the EU) and new forms of cooperation will rise. Multipolarity is not the end of civilization, but its beginning. Glorious times lay ahead of us, don‘t worry, act!

  6. I've said it before and it bears repeating. Real power never reveals itself, it stays in the shadows while operating through surrogates and sycophants. We cannot get to what is hidden but their enforcement agents, the presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, governors, mayors, high level bureaucrats etc. are visible. Without these cum sucking vermin, real power cannot operate. Therefore the only option is lone wolf, leaderless resistance, asymmetrical, guerrilla warfare to take these sub humans out with extreme prejudice. It will cut the balls off of the Cryptocracy and replacing them will be well nigh impossible as these errand boys and girls of power are only in it for the pay and perks, crumbs from massa's table. Despicable, amoral cowards, they will flee and back off with even the possibility of harm to themselves. I know we will take many casualties in the process but these scum-fucks plan on killing us all anyway so it's best to go down swinging and send as many of these agents of the Demiurge into the black void as possible. 88!