It amazes me what captivates the imaginations of the indolent who, like a junkie working the street for a fix, surf the internet twenty-four seven for when all is said and done amounts to nothing but rumor and gossip. Those that were really there seldom talk about it. They must learn to forget, if not for anything else then to just continue their existence in what is now clearly an artificial reality to anyone seeing further than their next payday.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon is where the simulated reality began, its where I began. I wrote for five years on the internet, and garnered millions of reads, without ever even mentioning it, except in a book that would remain unpublished for eight years, until finally being goaded into it by assorted spooks and gremlins. When I did, I was purged from the internet and Nexus Magazine refused to have anything more to do with me. The price of the truth is anonymity and since man is a social beast it’s a price no man wants to pay.

My second piece on the topic was in 2017; Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, and when it was published in Veterans Today and Nexus Magazine, to say the shit hit the fan would be an understatement. I grew up in the shadow of the Montauk lighthouse and radar dish of Camp Hero. My father was stationed there during the Korean War. Preston Nichols was a very good friend of mine and I dare say he told me things Peter Moon never even dreamed of.

Below, in chronological order, are the articles that transformed me from Americas budding answer to David Icke to a National Security issue. It started innocently enough with Montauk, a synopsis of what the Montauk Project is according to Preston Nichols and a short take of one of my experiences in Montauk. But I am not an innocent man and neither are they…   

Montauk – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head II by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Peter Pan meets Pyramid Head III by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Silent Hill Silent Scream… – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

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  1. It amazes me what captivates the imaginations of the indolent who, like a junkie working the street for a fix, surf the internet twenty-four seven for when all is said and done amounts to nothing but rumor and gossip ”

    As one of those people, I will attempt to explain it. I’m the one who wrote the email Jack talks about in the beginning of the broadcast. It is my explanation. While true to me, mileage may vary.

    I was never looking to Capture my imagination, or for a fix. To be honest I thought it would be easier than this. Figure what is true. Expose it, get rid of the bad actors and replace them with white hats, fix the world, have a few beers, and go home at the end of the week.
    What was/am I supposed to do? Everyone knows something is wrong. You did not get to Jack Heart because everything is wonderful. I ignored it for years like everyone else. Booze, pot, and coke helped. But when you sobered up it was still there. That feeling something is off. Castaneda called it the flyer mind. So you search its origins, is it religious? From my ancestors, societal, MK-ultra, UFO or alien, gold curses, nothing concrete.
    Who has the answers? Fox News, The Dems, The bible, Toltec shaman, Gnostic’s Thule, Vril, Hitler, Vedas, Muslims. Just to name a few. If someone has the answers will I be able to recognize them? With the internet could I duplicate or reverse what Crowley did? Not likely
    I mentioned in another email I have no Government connection, I don’t belong to the Masons or the Moose lodge. I’m just grinding it out.
    I could sit on my ass and watch the History channel and probably end up at the same place. Truth is I’m prolly not going to figure it out in this lifetime. Which means I’ll have to come back here a few more times until I do. Too depressing to think about right now.

    Jack for you and your friends in the book.
    “And they told me on the front lawn.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t go,
    But I still know the song and the words and her name and the reasons.
    And I know ’cause we were kids and we used to hang
    I know ’cause we were kids and we used to hang”

    If you will excuse me I have to play matchmaker for 2 leviathans. Overthrow a demonic war god who is undefeated for at least several thousand years, figure out how to fix the timeline as well as make myself dinner. Anything else? Oh, all while not being smart enough to do any of that.

    Serious questions. Leviathan are 300′ tall colossus’s yes? (Greek Mythology) Do they also exist at a quantum level? Could you charge the right waves or particles to interact and start the chain reaction?

    Question 2 If observation collapses wave function, as pointed out in the double slit experiment. Are all of the security cameras going up around the world and in space satellites an attempt to limit wave function? Which would limit possibility. Which would limit possible realities.

    Now I hope the things that trouble me, they don’t catch you or put you on your knees
    But I found out time and work don’t make you a man
    Because time didn’t teach me anything, and the working only broke my hands
    And when someday came I did not understand
    U-understand, understand

    • Have no fear, the force of Satan is here, to cleanse the earth, in the company of the falling roar, the stone of fiery flame, like the burning passion in our brain, but let it be constrained, until that time, on All Hell Breaks Loose Day.

    word values
    Appeared in The Voice of Aquarius #9 of 1976 Pubblicato nel Voice of the Age of Aquarius nr. 9 of 1976

    In order to better understand certain things, we are repeatedly forced to use words that are fundamentally misunderstood by humans, such as the terms SATANIC or DEVILISH. Under these terms, every human being imagines something that is bad and bad. Hence the use of these two words. But what do these terms actually mean?
    They embody exactly the opposite of evil, namely goodness. However, the religions do not want to admit this because in the Middle Ages they made the mistake of calling good evil, namely degrading Lucifer to a spirit from hell. It was the same with the name Satan, who in truth embodies goodness just as much as Lucifer, whom the ‘Holy Office’ at Rome degraded to evil.
    This name comes from the Latin and means BEARER OF LIGHT. Thus, the interpretation of the word states that Lucifer has nothing to do with something dark and dark, but rather with something bright and radiant. A being calls himself LIGHT-BEARER when he brings something good, something radiant and thus clarification, since LIGHT means TRUTH.
    This name is taken from the ancient Hebrew, but in a changed and corrupted form, as it has been misinterpreted for several millennia. This name comes from the original language from which the ancient Hebrew arose, whereby the name was SANTANA in its full value, which, however, should be unknown to the responsible persons of the religions and the linguists etc. However, the designation SANTANA, which was later changed and shortened to Satanas, Satana and Satan etc., also stands for good and not for evil.
    The interpretation of the name SANTANA in the German language is given as FINSTERNISVERDRÄNGER, which means an adversary against the darkness. However, even the old Hebrews were great falsifiers of things and words, so they also falsified the name SANTANA given to them and stamped its value as evil. In the value of the word explanation, the first mention of DARK and the second mention of DISPLACER were falsified into the term ADVERSARY, which contradicts these values. So the word SATAN really means nothing other than LIGHT BRINGER, just like the name Lucifer, so he also embodies the good and not the bad.
    This name goes back to the ancient Celts, who at that time still called the devil Teifel, Tubel, Deubel and Deibel etc., which has survived to the German language that is used today. In Celtic times the devil was a hunting god well-disposed towards humans with two horns on his skull (probably an extraterrestrial who lived among the Celts / = such a horned human is also spoken of in the old Persian Empire). When he died, a priest took over his role, and witchcraft, which is derived from ancient Celtic beliefs, adopted the devil as one of their gods, namely the god of rebirth. So here, too, the origin leads back to something good.
    This name goes back to the ancient Celts who then still called the devil Teifel, Tubel, Deubel and Deibel and so on, which has been preserved to this day in the current German language.
    It is very interesting to calculate the values ​​of these names Kabbalistically, in comparison with the names Jesus, Christ and God. It is established that the names God, Jesus and Christ always embody evil, while Satan and Lucifer result in values ​​of good. This is also the reason why the Kabbalists falsify the real Kabbalah values ​​up to the present time and assign incorrect numerical values ​​to the individual letters: God, namely, as well as Jesus Christ result in the number of absolute destruction and annihilation, namely the number of the ANTILOGOS (the who is so often called Antichrist by the Christian religion) with the triple value 666, which is worth thinking about for everyone.

    May Sanat Kumara, The Youth of Sixteen Summers, The One Initiator, The Planetary Logos, take a liking to you, and Light You Up real soon.

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