Cooper alights on a terrace overlooking a purple sea in a world bathed in violet purple light. He goes inside and meets Naido; a mute girl who has no eyes, nor eye appendages. He sees an electrical box with the number 15 on it but she steers him away from it. As the loud banging noise of something trying to get in the room is heard they climb a ladder up through the ceiling and when they go outside they are standing on a room sized cube floating in space. What is clearly “Die Glocke” or the “Nazi Bell” is also on top of the cube. The dents from its 1965 crash landing in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania are clearly visible. The swastika has been replaced by 2 gauges that at a distance could be mistaken for the traditional swastika of artist’s renditions. The banging inside continues and the girl with no eyes throws a lever on die Glocke. She is jolted with electricity and hurled off into space. Cooper remains atop the cube and the giant transparent head of Major Briggs drifts by in space saying “Blue Rose.”   Cooper goes back down the ladder. The light and the room are […]

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