Cooper’s doppelganger sits in the Black Lodge, surrounded by flames. MIKEcreates a new Dougie Jones, who shows up at the Jones home, greeted by Janey-E and Sonny Jim. Cooper leads Laura through the woods and she disappears. Cooper hears her screams. Cooper sits in the Lodge near MIKE, who asks, “Is it future or is it past?” Cooper observes the chair Laura sat in and he follows MIKE to the evolution of the arm, which asks if it is the “story about the little girl who lives down the lane.” Laura whispers in Cooper’s ear and she is lifted, screaming, through the Lodge ceiling. Cooper goes to Leland, who tells him to find Laura. He goes through billowing curtains to Glastonbury Grove, where Diane waits and asks if it is really him, which he asks the same of her. Cooper and Diane drive 430 miles, Diane advising Cooper that their destination will not be what he expects. Upon arrival, he gets out of the car and observes his surroundings. He returns to Diane, confirming that it is the right place. They kiss before driving through through a portal, which transports them to a dark road. They reach a motel and Cooper goes inside. While sitting in the car, Diane sees herself briefly before Cooper returns. They enter a motel room and have sex. In the morning, Cooper wakes alone and looks for Diane, finding a note for “Richard,” signed by “Linda,” telling him that she was gone and not to find her. He leaves the motel, noticing that it and his car are different from those that were there before. Cooper reaches Odessa, finding a coffee shop called Eat at Judy’s. He goes inside and asks the waitress serving him if there was another one who worked there, but he is told that it is the other waitress’s day off. He spots a group of men harassing the waitress and advises them to stop. They threaten him and he incapacitates two of them from his seat and has the other stand down. He has the waitress give him the other waitress’s address as he places the guns belonging to the men in the deep fryer, warning the staff that the heat could set off the guns. He leaves with the address. He goes to the waitress’s home, spotting a utility pole outside with a number “6” attached to it. He knocks on the door and the waitress resembling Laura opens it, confused about his calling her Laura. She tells him her name is Carrie Page, but he insists that she is Laura, and offers to take her home in Twin Peaks. Having already been needing to leave town, she agrees to go with him. As she gets ready to leave, Cooper goes inside, seeing a dead man on the couch and a white figurine of a horse. They drive, Carrie reminiscing about Odessa and stopping at a gas station on the way. At one point they notice a car’s headlights behind them and wonder if they are being followed, only for it to harmlessly pass them. They reach Twin Peaks, but […]
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