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Israel Faces ‘Near Impossible Task’ in Gaza

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An Israeli army soldier advances during a drill at a position in the upper Galilee region of northern Israel near the border with Lebanon - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.10.2023

Scott Ritter


Israel has conducted a series of ground incursions into Gaza over the course of the past week, each one building on the other, increasing in scope and scale. This appears to be part of an Israeli strategy to lean gradually into an operation that, when finished, falls just short of a general assault on Gaza.

At the end of the day, however, Israel will most likely not be able to defeat the military forces of Hamas and other Palestinian resistance forces defending Gaza. Israel will have to either seek to defeat Hamas by laying siege to the Gaza Strip or commit to a full-scale attack on Gaza designed to clear the territory of all Hamas fighters.

The example of Operation Hubertus, the final German assault on Stalingrad, stands out. The Germans brought in elements of seven elite “Pioneer” battalions — combat engineers with extensive experience in urban warfare, having paved the way for prior German victories in Rostov and Voronezh. The Pioneers were the masters of military demolition, highly trained specialists in house-to-house fighting and the use of explosives and flame throwers.

Around 1,800 of these elite assault engineers were assembled for the final drive to push the defending Soviet soldiers from Stalingrad. On the first day of operations, the Pioneers suffered nearly 30% casualties. After several days of fierce fighting, the Pioneers were stopped less than 100 meters from their objective. However, their forces suffered between 60-70% casualties, and could not proceed further. Operation Hubertus was doomed to fail from the beginning.

According to an account of the fighting, “The constant bombardment and artillery shelling created a battlefield in which the Soviet defenders largely held the advantage over the assaulting Germans. The fields of rubble and craters were perfectly designed for defensive actions and could be improved with relatively little effort. This also provided ample hunting ground for the ever-present Soviet snipers.”

A similar observation can be made regarding the Allied attacks on Monte Casino, in Italy, in early 1944. A massive aerial bombardment destroyed a 6th century abbey. Elite German paratroopers dug into the rubble, and for months successfully held off repeated attacks. There can be no doubt that the excessive bombardment of Monte Casino ended up strengthening the positions of the German defenders.

In the battle of Iwo Jima, it took US Marines more than a month to secure the tiny island, largely because the Japanese had dug some 18 kilometers of tunnels into the 21-square kilometer island, some of which were more than 70 meters underground, from which they rode out heavy bombing and shelling, only to emerge and ambush the advancing Marines.

If one combined the above ground rubble of Monte Casino with the below-ground tunnel network of Iwo Jima, you might approximate the hellish scenario awaiting Israel in Gaza. Over 500 kilometers of tunnels dug in under the 360 square kilometers that comprise the Gaza Strip, these tunnels are purpose built, designed to serve as transportation corridors, command centers, supply depots, dormitories and hospitals, defensive positions, and in support of offensive action.

Simply put, there has never been a military operation against a target such as the one presented by Hamas in Gaza. Israel has trained a small number of its elite special forces to carry out limited-scope operations in an underground environment. These operations, typically involving hostage rescue or direct action (i.e., eliminating a high value target), are conducted under very controlled circumstances, with the attacking forces proceeding only when the circumstances support a favorable outcome. As such, the experiences of these troops are counterproductive when it comes to transferring knowledge to the conventional forces that would bear the brunt of any Israeli assault on Gaza.

Simply trying to navigate the rubble-strewn streets of Gaza will be a nearly impossible task for the Israeli troops. The going will be slow, and the Israeli infantry will have to operate dismounted, exposing themselves to sniper fire and ambushes. Israeli vehicles will find themselves hemmed in without the ability to maneuver, making themselves vulnerable to mines, improvised explosive devices, and anti-tank weaponry.

Close air support under these If Israel does not sync its above-ground actions with a simultaneous effort to defeat Hamas’ underground tunnel-based defenses, then the situation above ground will become even more precarious, with Hamas emerging from tunnels behind the Israeli forces, cutting them off and inflicting heavy casualties.

But Israel is going to be operating largely blind underground, probing into a tunnel network designed by Hamas to protect against any such effort. Israel’s best bet would be to simply locate tunnel entrances and seal them off, leaving the Hamas forces underground to die of thirst, hunger, oxygen deprivation, or disease. But this will require the physical occupation of every square meter of the city, an immensely difficult problem from both a logistical and operational standpoint. It will also expose more Israeli forces to harm, resulting in a dramatic increase in casualties.

By reacting to the Hamas attack of October 7 in the way it has, Israel has literally walked into a trap designed by Hamas to defeat any Israeli incursion. Israeli forces are neither trained, equipped, organized, nor motivated to carry out the kind of brutal, bloody, and physically demanding combat that will be required to defeat Hamas above and below the ground in Gaza. Israeli political and military leaders have boxed themselves into a corner with their aggressive winner-take-all rhetoric.

But now that the time has come to pay the price of their collective verbiage, the question becomes is this a price Israel is willing and able to pay? The answer is probably no. Israel has defined victory as being predicated on the total defeat of Hamas as a military organization. This is most probably a mission impossible. Hamas, therefore, emerges victorious simply by surviving.

Given the strong defensive position Hamas finds itself in, through a combination of its immense tunnel network and the destroyed urban environment brought on by Israeli bombardment, it is highly likely that Hamas will be able to hold off a concerted Israeli assault until which time the Israel Defense Forces, like the German Pioneer battalions in Stalingrad, exhaust themselves on the field of battle.



5,000 US troops involved in Gaza offensive

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5,000 US troops involved in Gaza offensive – Iranian media

FILE PHOTO: US Army soldiers prepare to go on patrol from a remote outpost in northeastern Syria, May 25, 2021. ©  John Moore / Getty Images


Several thousand US troops have taken part in Israel’s ground operation in Gaza, the Iran-based Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday. The Pentagon has recently announced plans to significantly reinforce its military presence in the Middle East amid the Israel-Hamas conflict and tensions with Iran.

According to the agency’s security sources, Israel’s assault on Gaza involved three divisions and several brigades and was also underpinned by 5,000 US military personnel. The outlet, however, did not provide any details about which troops took part in the offensive or what functions they performed.

Tasnim said that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attempted to enter the enclave from several areas in the north, west, and southwest “to split the Gaza Strip into two or three sections and cut off the connection among the Palestinian resistance forces before launching the next stage of the war.” The agency did not specify what results the Israeli military had achieved so far.

However, Hamas said on Saturday that it had managed to thwart Israel’s assault, claiming to have repelled it with heavy losses. Meanwhile, the IDF stated that it was “advancing through the stages of the war” in Gaza, with fighting still ongoing. It noted that no soldiers had been injured in the “expanded” ground operations.

After Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, the US military scrambled to reinforce its presence in the region. The Pentagon has sent two aircraft carriers with supporting vessels to the area, as well as “activated the deployment” of THAAD and Patriot air defense systems.

Last week, it also said it had ordered more than 2,000 additional troops to prepare to deploy in support of Israel in its conflict with Hamas. On Thursday, it said that it would deploy 900 soldiers to the Middle East. US officials, however, insisted, that none of the troops would go to Israel, and are rather “intended to support regional deterrence efforts and further bolster US force protection capabilities.”

The decision to send reinforcements also came as the US conducted airstrikes on two facilities in eastern Syria allegedly used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated groups. US President Joe Biden said it was a response to recurring attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria. Tehran maintains that militant groups in those countries are acting independently.



The Verdict Excerpted from Lucifers Court by Otto Rahn:

“While Christianity was preoccupying itself principally with man, condemning Nature as anti-divine or leaving it to science and atheist techniques, paganism believed that Nature itself was ‘full of gods’ and that all phenomena are words or actions of genies or spirits. In this sense, one should consider paganism as more pious, more divine and more Christian than Christianity, as the imperialism and intransigent dogmatism that one finds in Catholicism as well as in Protestantism have more often than not been inspired by Rome or Judea and not Christ himself.

Originally, ethnicity is inextricably linked to the power of these gods, to whom their members are intimately bound. This spiritual link conditions the blood links and confers above all to the people its supreme aspiration to constitute one unit. This is why the Edda sings:

‘It was in the days of old

When the eagles screamed,

The sacred waters

Of Himinfjdllj flowed

Each people, each clan saw its own gods as radically different to those of others. The saw in them, in a manner full of imagery, the powers that had created them, that had made them into a whole, that guided them through their migrations and their wars, and that inspired their customs and laws. The ‘gods’ were as indubitably real as the languages and peoples.

These gods of the peoples’ ethnic groups were in strict harmony with the environment, the centres of popular religion, temples, forests, sources and mountains. Experience showed that certain places — grottoes or faults — were points of convergence and underground energy influence, and that others — mountains and other knolls — were receptors of planetary or astral power emanations. A raised tree is therefore considered a space opening up below to the elements of Water and Earth, and receptive above to the elements of Air, Light and Fire.

In primitive times, divinity was not to be found in an inconceivable ‘Elereafter’, uniquely accessible by ‘Faith’. The world is not reduced to a simple mechanical dimension, rather it is Nature that is everywhere, the polymorphic mirror of divine activities. It is from it that, more than any other, the Germanic peoples of the most distant past received their deepest spiritual revelations. Their gods were the gods of Nature. The Germanic soul was formerly entrenched in the pure and sunny dream of Nature’s spiritual revelation. It was the time of the god Balder, the favourite of gods and men.

One cannot comprehend ancient History if one cannot realise to what extent it was determined by the holy places disseminated in the country, as much in its knots as in its strong points. It is not individuals alone who have made Flistory; no more than it is the clans or people like them, that is to say groups of ephemeral and mortal men, who made war or united, but rather the divine powers who manifested in great cult places and from there spread themselves around the inhabited countries. The Germanic tribes took themselves to cult places at key moments: they gathered around the Irminsul in the Teutoburg forest or the seer Velleda at Lippe Springs.’’’”’ They believed that the spirit of the people expressed itself more directly and in a more decisive manner there through the intermediary of the predisposed, particularly women.

It is for that reason that it seemed fundamental to first of all destroy the sacred sites of a people that one wished to destroy. It was known that to strike there was to hit the very heart itself, which would then stop beating. Isolated families or tribes were able to continue living within farms scattered around the country; they would be cut off from their cult sites and, because of this, the link with their gods; they would come to represent but a sum of individuals without roots or a goal, and in any case, would scarcely be able to use their power. It was for this reason that the Romans tried to rally Velleda around to their side with gifts or intimidation, so that she might influence the leaders of the Germanic tribe in return. In the same way that Emperor Charlemagne — like Varus and Germanicus — always led his armies into the sector of the Teutoburg forest as by striking there, at the confluence of most of the great tribes, he would attain the heart of Germanic religion.

One can only understand the proto-historical mythic times, if one is conscious of the fact that the ‘individual’ had not yet come into existence. Concepts of thought and individual will of conscience had not yet come into being: the accomplishment of an ethno-communal order was all that mattered. Nature was not only peopled with gods, but also the souls of the deceased. The German would go into battle accompanied by the souls of his ancestors who aspired to be reborn in their descendants. Escorted by their protective entities, the Valkyries, he would already be self-aware, whilst alive, as an immortal being, a member of a powerful cortege of spirits led by the gods and manifesting itself in atmospheric events. C He also has the faculty to see the dead hero, next to his funeral mound, in luminous form. All life is like a play of spiritual theatre, permanendy uniting the dead with the living.

By the terms ‘mythic’ and ‘myth’, we should understand a ‘revelation of a distant past’, in which man is directly submitted to the superpower of the divine world. Whether we like it or not, we are today distanced from all mythic elements. Man’s modern universe is science, technique and an approach to History that only takes into account tangible events and considers the ‘gods’ merely a superstition. From this point of view, Ecclesiastical Christianity was no less ‘intellectualist’ than modern science. The ‘mythic’ is indissociable from the manifestation of divine forces. Today, these have been occulted. Modern man does not live in the ‘cosmic inspiration’, but instead thinks and acts of his own volition inside the material universe. Myth has nothing to do with either ‘Faith’ or ‘Confession’. On the contrary, every belief only becomes beneficial from the moment when ‘Presence’ has been erased and man compensates for this disappearance by placing faith and confidence in his soul. Consequently, if we wish to grasp the mythic world of the gods and through that, the roots of the peoples in their essence, exterior considerations are not sufficient. The mythic world of the gods is in no way a poetical reproduction by man; as it is more the case that man is the product of the reigning gods. It is firstly in the divinity that man perceives his own image. Before he was capable of vision, God appeared to him. The image of God precedes that of man. Whatever human form and nature, man learnt what he was through observation of the divine. In the beginning, there is always God.

If the mythic figures are the fruit of the imagination, this imagination is not human in origin, but divine, and instils itself in man in poetic form.* Mythic man is delivered to cosmic imagination, which, beyond everything arbitrary, manifests itself in the images and words — rigorously structured — of cosmologies and hymns as in nature itself: in the plants and animals, the seasons and the movement of the planets. He is telling the tmth when he perceives Inis soul’s forces as manifestations within himself of the divine world. Such humanity is still open to the cosmos, but virtually without skin or boundary.

The origins of religion should not be sought in the Human, but in the Divine. Firstly, a god is enlightened, speaks and acts in man’s heart — opened in dreams —, before even the latter is capable of recognising himself by saying, T am’, by thinking and acting for himself. Original religion is the connection between man and the divine, or, in some senses, the birth of man’s becoming as a physical and psychic organism proceeding from the divine. Mythic man is nourished and formed by the cosmos, as an embryo in its mother’s womb. Not only is the manifestation of the divinity, the point of departure of all region and not a product of delirium, but also it is, in all its realities, also the most real. It transmutes the horde into a community and the community into a people.

An original ethnicity does not live in a neutral universe, but rather in a world full to the very brim with significant elements, communicative and sacred. Human life itself then gains a sacred, sacerdotal dimension. Each manifestation of the divinity also opens man’s soul, and the creation act is immediately in effect. Man must express this immensity that has taken possession of him. The most venerable of these great modes of expression is the cult. Its language has become as foreign as that of any other.

By simply reducing the cult to a series of relations between men and gods, we have wrongly interpreted one of the most venerable phenomena of ancient times. Instead of measuring ourselves against the past and raising ourselves up to it, we measure ourselves against our own worth.

The Cult is the service of the Universe! One could characterise the act of founding a cult as a bold opening up of arms to the sky. Through this, man, in his entirety, becomes a symbolic expression, which contains, like a seed, all that man can receive from the world and all that the latter can give. In this way, he places himself between the sky and the earth, an intermediary between what is high and what is low. For this reason, the circle of children around a tree in a flowery field in springtime is already a cult act. Children are not as hermetic as adults. They do not grasp the world with their intellects, but rather with their chests, their breathing and the beating of their hearts. A luminous spring day is in itself a chant and an exaltation. The circle of elements and elementary spirits, which rise and fall in the air, exalt the children who are receptive and who place themselves in harmony with it. Cults are not ‘abstract symbols’ or ‘simple commemorations’; they are the transcendent manifestation of a cosmic power. We are not talking here about building theories on God and the world, but rather about a sort of divine amazement.

The supreme — and to tell the truth the most mysterious — summit of cult activity is the Sacrifice. All egotistic leanings towards God, whatever they may be, should be considered ulterior degeneration. Originally, man would only carry out a sacrifice because he felt that a cosmic link was expressed within this act. The sacrifice neither bom out of egotistical cupidity nor pusillanimous favour seeking from a Power, but rather an interior richness, which wishes to manifest itself to others by giving life.

Human life itself, in its activities and suffering, is a great sacrificial fire, in which all the elements, the spirits of nature and gods participate. Man does not only receive, he gives. His cult activity depends in large part on the health and order of the world; even the gods watch this man who, by his disinterested gesture, becomes a symbol of the creative powers. The sun also sacrifices when it shoots the earth through with its rays. Steam vapours which rise, the life of plants, their colours, their perfumes are the repeated sacrifices vying with each other through which the earth replies to the sky’s sacrifice.

The primordial sacrifice has therefore no other finality than its own. It should neither produce, obtain nor magically engender anything. It bears its reality in itself. Thanks to it, man expresses his integration in the great cosmic community of all the Powers and Beings. The fact that in nature, living beings feed off one and other, is in itself only an expression of the law of giving-receiving, where nothing closes itself off egotistically, but where everything gives and receives.

The profound link that united the ancient Germans with the forces of Nature conditioned the multiple rites according to which sacrifices were made to them and assured living community with them. Sacrifices were made to the sources and trees, with the help of lit torches, hymns and invocations, or animal and plant offerings. A tree’s life force would be honoured by attaching flowers, ribbons and fruits to its branches or by dancing and singing around it. In the most ancient temples, even the house was built around a living tree, and through this, it was possible to communicate directly with these Powers, by giving and receiving.

Nature, voyaged through by gods living in harmony, became the link uniting men living as a community. According to Tacitus, the Germans thought that locking up the gods inside walls or representing them in human form, did not seem befitting of the grandeur of the sky’s inhabitants; they consecrated woods and copses to them and gave the divine name to this mysterious reality, which only their piety allowed them to see’.

By destroying the sacred copses to build their churches within the wood, the Christian missionaries destroyed the symbiosis that existed between the Nature of the gods and that of humans; they taught only to regard the trees as a dead matter, wood, and they prepared the way for this distancing of nature and lack of regard that modern man pays to it, by deeming all that surrounded him as matter to serve first for his aspirations and consumption.

Even though mythic History begins at the dawn of time, it does not only belong to the past: it is the permanent Power of all History, even if it has been occulted. Through external events. History reflects what the myths prefigure in symbolic form. Behind apparent History therefore, mythic powers, which, even if they are not perceived as such by the obscure consciousness of modern times, evolve manifesting themselves only in their misunderstood effects. It is precisely there where myths, from an exterior viewpoint, seem altogether unreal and unhistorical that their metaphysical reality lies.

It should be obligatory for all genuine historians to exceed the limits of materialism and psychologism that are but an envelope. The more mythic a reality, the less it is in accordance with a fact determined on the surface of space and time. The accomplished work is dead. It possesses no more procreative power. Only by being receptive to mythical powers, from which one can say along with Schiller: ‘Only that which has never been produced anywhere will never grow old’. Historical personalities are all the greater as they know how to incarnate these powers, so that they themselves become mythic.

Legends — and above all the heroes and other mythic figures who evolve in them — , constitute the path leading to the divine powers of apparent History. The heroes appear as gods in human form or men having been divinised. They are held at the root of human history, for example in the form of city founders or fundamental legislators; they are already in touch with certain tangible historical elements and form a conduit to priests and kings of the most ancient history.

In the world of legends, that which is non-historic and that which is supra-historic integrates itself surreptitiously into History. This said however, legends do not describe direct events in the same way as the historian. From the latter’s point of view, one is dealing with ‘phantasmagoric distortion’ and ‘poetic adaptation’. This ‘poetry’ — this ‘fiction’ — is perhaps truer than modern historical accounts, as, in its legendary portrayal, the soul of a people expresses itself on the decisive forces of its past. It transposes this into images, whose objective is wholly unconcerned with describing external events, but rather the decisive elements of destiny that act in them. This is precisely why the historian should take the legends woven around Arminius, Theodoric or Alexander, to name a few, very seriously.

The correct interpretation of the signs of our times shows that if we are interested today in divine and heroic figures, which is not because appropriate documents exist, nor because during a certain period men believed that they constituted reality, but because we ourselves aspire to the most profound regions beyond a philosophical facade. The documents of the past only acquire a meaning for us when we begin step by step to draw intuitively nearer the multitude of creative or destructive cosmic powers.

The beginning of the Twilight of the Gods,° which also marks the destruction of Men linked to an ethnic group, is prepared by the relaxation of the strict ethnic order, which translated, in ancient times, the attachment of the individual to the powers of the gods, heroes and ancestors. The isolated man freed himself from his bonds to the cosmos and blood. The twilight of blood is at the time the twilight of the gods. Blood lost its spiritual significance; it dries up; ancestors are silenced. The combat of everyone and everyone begins. The divine wisdom of myths is replaced by mechanical intellect, cultic interpretation by egotistical activity in the material world. Individual freedom is obtained at the price of death and decline. These human events also reflect in the cosmos in the form of the luminous gods’ defeat by the dark forces. The Edda evokes this in a striking manner; a universal anguish spreads, the gods themselves feel under threat as a result of Balder’s death, as he, more than any other, is the expression of Nature’s luminous transfiguration.

In the final battle of these traditional gods, during the Twilight of the Powers, the mythic ethnicity of original times experiences its own decline: Thorr fights against the serpent of Midgard. He is victorious over the serpent, this is true, but he dies nine paces later poisoned by the latter’s venom. Odhinn is devoured by the wolf, whose mouth opened as wide as the space separating the earth from the sky. Let us remember here that the genie of Rome is a she-wolf.

But soon an integral revival announces itself: a son of Odhinn, the taciturn Widar, kills the wolf by ripping open the latter’s jaws. M Balder returns^ and reveals again to resurrected man the divine secrets” 1 of the earth and cosmos.

‘I see a hall standing More beautiful than the sun Covered in gold At Gimle:

It is there that the faithful Troops shall live And for eternity Will rejoice in happiness.

When arrives from on high At the last judgement The powerful, the magnificent He who governs everything.

He decides the fate of the combats He appeases the quarrels

He decrees the eternal laws!’

That is what the Edda chants.

Who is this ‘Powerful Lord on High’, this vanquisher of the powers of death and hate? Who is he who, after the Twilight of the Gods, instilled the spirit of community inside the heads of men who had become individualists, who transformed their egotism into the talent of self-disinterest and who does not annihilate freedom, but sanctifies it?”

I extend my hand to my comrade. And I think to myself: this ‘Power up on High’ is the sun, bearer of light, whose children we are. In the New Testament, his name is Apollo. He was the victim of a great injustice.

A chant cuts through this Icelandic summer solstice night. Is it not the music of the spheres announcing the death and return of Balder? Before this dead god was consumed by the flames of his bramble bush, Odhinn the Father-of-All murmured into his ear the word of supreme wisdom. This word, Lucifer could have pronounced. As could Lohengrin or Helias. This knight on a swan mount had a message of joy to bear to the Christian peoples…”

The Court of Lucifer : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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  1. There’s a reason why I’m very cautious about symbols. Both using them and inking them. As Led Zeppelin says in Stairway to Heaven. Sometimes words have two meanings and you either feel it or don’t. Only ink on my body is words for that reason. Words that should I find myself with a case of amnesia I won’t find myself lost but have a template to live by. Symbols are very powerful in the right hands, but they aren’t my mastery and if it’s not yours they’ll be the true master over you. Using the Z for instance could’ve been a sign for those with eyes to see, a bait and switch, or a marker. My eyes have always been attracted to the runes and the proverbial “They” know its power that even they are hesitant to fucking touch them or use them with wanton disregard. My general feeling is if you fuck with the runes wrongly it’s going to do you more harm than if you just left them alone, but it’s just a feeling I’ve always had most of that stuff is above my head. I’m attracted to the swastika but I won’t ever use it personally not because the politics, social or cultural changes. It’s like you either live up to the symbols power or get fried by it sort of emotion.

    • Greg,
      The biggest issue with Runes that I see in modern society is that people don’t dedicate the time or the effort to understand them, before they try to use them. I knew one individual who was very keen on Runic divination, but they never learned anything, instead relying upon the manual to interpret everything. Later, this individual wound up dead, so there you go.
      If people would simply apply themselves to understanding before they tried to manipulate everything, the results actually might be worthwhile.
      Part of the problem of understanding has to do with the fact that Runes aren’t someone’s idea of symbols, they hearken to the geometric foundation of this reality, so they operate simultaneously on multiple levels.
      Then, there is the fact that Runes engage the imagination. In ancient times, the imagination was honed through games, and Runes were thusly involved. This requires an open respect and a sense of exploration. Modern man is so droll that even his entertainment must now be simple to the point of idiocy, so I highly doubt that anyone would be willing to learn from games.
      I’m currently working on a piece that offers a glimpse into the duality of symbol you mention, via a Runic perspective. I hope to complete it before Thanksgiving.

  2. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the few parts of the UK that remains rural and abundant with nature… Deer cross the garden regularly, squirrels live in the trees, birds of all types are in abundance, bat’s live in my roof, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs take a peek from time to time, and a pair of rooks have never left since the day I moved in here… It makes living in the world a lot easier and worthwhile.
    It is apparent that we are once again seeing unfold a planned pack of lies, and obfuscation of true agendas, and the debasement of humanity and our collective intelligence… However, this time the world isn’t as blinkered and distracted as previous times, and if indeed there are only a few thousand of us conscious souls left, then we all can clearly see behind the curtain and into the looking glass and what’s being reflected for the NPCs…
    It’s funny, back in September I started writing an Opeaus’ Observations Astrological prediction piece, but stopped once I saw what I was seeing…
    The timing of this Israeli false flag, and it’s intended bloodbath sacrifice, was definately aligned with the stars.
    As October unfurled its vibrant tapestry of early autumnal colors and ushered in the season, the cosmos also started to prepare us for the weaving of a celestial spectacle that will influence our lives and energies for the years to come. I could see that this would quite possibly be a transformative month.
    The month kicked off with Mercury, the planet of communication, going retrograde (on the 4th) in the intense and transformative sign of Scorpio.
    With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (a sign associated with secrets and deep emotional processes), we were destined to find ourselves uncovering buried emotions and unresolved (historical) issues.
    On the 7th (not unconsciously the day of the ‘attack’) Venus, the planet of love and relationships, entered the adventurous and free-spirited sign of Sagittarius. This shift has always in the past encouraged us to embrace a more expansive and open-hearted approach to love, people, and connections. Sagittarius is known for its optimism and love of exploration (or indeed expansion), so with Venus in Sagittarius, there’s became a resultant (planned or unplanned) desire for ‘honesty’ and authenticity in our relationships with people and the world. Forcing us to find ourselves drawn to people from different cultural backgrounds or with diverse belief systems. This transit encourages us to appreciate the beauty in our differences and celebrate the journey of love and connection. Which we are seeing erupt world wide with the vocal support for Palestine, and the equally vocal condemnation of Israel (at least outside of western politicians that is)…
    Then we had the Full Moon in Aries on the 9th which illuminated the sky, bringing a burst of fiery energy and self-assertion (at least that’s what Israel might have been hoping).
    Aries is a sign associated with courage, independence, and taking the lead.
    During this Full Moon, a strong desire to assert ourselves and break free from anything that has been holding us back erupted (as embodied by the Palestinians if not the whole world who are watching what is unfolding).
    There are obviously plans to escalate the events of early October into a 21st century crusade to the so called holy land…
    But between the 25th and 30th of this month that dream will come crashing face to face with reality…

    This lunar event invites us to evaluate our personal goals and ambitions. It’s a time to take action and boldly pursue our desires.

      • Well pointed out Jack, and if they double down, which is their usual modus operandi, the new moon at the end of October and what’s coming in the sky in November will bring fireworks that will blow up in their faces spectacularly…
        Can’t wait to watch the show!

        • I told you guys a long time ago, They, the proverbial They, have never forgiven Schlomo for Cromwell, and the loss of their Scottish and Irish castles and counties. What do they say? Revenge is a dish best served cold…

          By the way great astrological rundown, we’ll work it in tomorrow.

          • You did indeed, and like ‘the elephant in the room’, the proverbial ‘they’ have long memories, but stick a mouse in the room and they are easily antagonised…
            They are also in the throes of being eaten like an elephant… One mouthful at a time..
            Thanks Jack for the compliment, I have tweaked the above comment from what I originally wrote, to make it past text, and it should be noted that it is based on vedic not our Western perspective and reading… Which also highlights how when those that don’t fully honour or appreciate what they are trying to influence, especially in terms of energies, and forces they fail to understand… Can make errors which have real consequences.
            As November unfold, I think this will become apparent… Particulalry when we experience a ‘Solar Eclipse’ in Scorpio on the 7th (which is closely linked to the events of October, and will also set the stage for rebounding energies from the last new moon in Scorpio back on 22 November 2022, when the Lunar alignment occurs again on 12 November 2023).
            Solar eclipses signify new beginnings and opportunities, often by clearing away old patterns or structures!
            This eclipse will hit deeply into our emotional depths, and will be a time for personal (as well as global) transformation and rebirth…
            For reference of what is going to play out into the next stage of development, from the seeds that were planted a year ago, see this link of what happened on 22/11/23, because on 12/11/23 there may just be a poisonous flowering of that seed which may bite the hand that planted it…


    The above? A tour de force article where even this author who always uses the term “Nazi” as a metaphor to denigrate the German people at least recognizes the fact at the end of this fine article that Adolph Hitler got rid of jew bankers and recognized the worth of labor as Germany quickly rebounded and prospered.
    Opposed to the Stiener site Aimcats that always refers to that pilgrams society but never once mentions National Socialism as the remedy to Jewish power.
    No wonder Stiener was thrown out of NS Germany.

      • I don’t see a link here, Jack, but at the same time we really don’t need one.
        Personally, I agree with Nine that certain forms of christianity were weaponized by the US Government. Simply put, christianity cut the balls off of traditional Americans by chaining them to the OJs-organized Jewry, the very same people who never let a day pass without attacking that tradition.
        It shows how entrained Christians are, that they don’t even notice the bait and switch operation to this day, other than Nine, who definitely DOES have a brain.
        So now to be christian means serving the master race, and enabling their megalomania and rampant dysfunction.
        I saw this government actively destroy our 1,000+ year heritage of Common Law, to replace it with a hammer and a straight jacket just like any banana republic run by OJs. Some might call this globalism.
        The force that is sweeping through this world is deep, deeper than the ocean, coming through in waves that make everyone bob up and down. The OJs and their christian zombies believe they are the ones causing everything to bob up and down.

      • VT really found a wingnut to represent Christian peoples however, this man is a Judeo Christian and as my Hitler pal with his spot on reasoning calls them “jewed over” Christians as our dear MK points out how the jew is worshiped.
        My Hitler pals call to these people! Come out from amongst them because this is the whore the Revelation talks about and the absolute insanity of defending the bombing of civilian homes and collective punishment.
        The ridiculousness of it all that the founding peace maker wants genocide and war.
        It’s as if a spell were cast and the world is mad.
        Christian zionists along with jews they worship need to be exposed for what they are and perhaps this will happen. The good news is that more than ever before zionism is being clearly shown to be what it is and those that follow it have made a willing choice! At some point they will have to be stopped with force. Are we at that point? Could be.
        Always liked Dr Barrett.

  4. Only two percent of America is even Jewish and if they don’t like it they can go to Israel and fight Hamas. Obviously the IDF is not up to it. When a guy like Philip Giraldi gets up there and practically tells you Oct 7 was a false flag in line with the Liberty, it’s time to start trying Senators, Congressmen and media personalities for treason. I don’t want to see another Jew in the media unless their name is Glen Greenwald and I want to see politicians like Nikky Hally eviscerated with their entrails thrown into the street for the cars to run over. If Texas and Hagee don’t like it they can secede and get out of the rest of Americas faces with their Jew worshiping cult. Those are my fucking terms… – Jack Heart

  5. Quetzal:
    Good, then I want to read what I think was a good thing even then that you included it in your article, because as I saw on cursory inspection, you described something in it that seems to be completely misconceived and equally misunderstood.

    That is indeed the case here with the Earthlings, with religious belief probably playing a part.

    That will be so – but I want to start reading here:

    But if the human being now wants to pay attention to his bodily health and perfect it, then he must also pay attention to his life energy of Creation, for this also requires attention and should not only be used but also nurtured. The care consists in the fact that faith-free, clean, open, clear and original thoughts in a completely healthy wise – that is, unencumbered by any faith – create evolutionary values in the form of learning knowledge, which are stored in the creation life energy and accordingly expand and strengthen it in its scope of knowledge and energy volume. The Creation life energy, which forms consciousness, which is not an organ, expands its energy and power through the knowledge evolution in the form of the learning of the human being, in order to escape from the material body after its passing resp. its dying and death, and to store itself in the manifold Creation energy level for the processing of the newly acquired energy. This is innumerably manifold and specific in the single existing space of Creation for the 7fold universes of Creation, each oriented to the genera and species of life-forms in all 7 dimensions of all 7 universes. The innumerable individual levels for all existing forms – which can be understood symbolically like a card index or a collection of files – correspond to different energy levels, one of which is intended for the life energy of creation, as it animates the human being as consciousness and thus also his body. However, when the human being dies, the energy of the life of Creation escapes and is stored in the corresponding energy level of Creation, which, according to the understanding of the human beings, is traditionally simply called ‘BEHIND’.

    With regard to 7 dimensions and 7 universes, it is to be explained – since in this respect false assertions are taught worldwide and exist accordingly – that the visible cosmos is the whole universe, whereas this, however, consists of 7 planes. The universe is egg-shaped and contains 3 spatial planes before the visible cosmos, which exists as the 4th plane, just as 3 further spatial planes follow after the visible cosmos, thus 7 spatial planes form the egg-shaped universe. Creation, however, contains within itself 7 universes, each of which has different dimensions, but all of which are in the same space of Creation, but which, due to their different dimension, do not touch or feel each other in any way. Creation therefore consists in itself of 7 universes, which flow resp. exist in each other in completely different dimensions. To understand this, the following can be explained symbolically: A glass full of water is taken, which is clear, completely colourless and transparent; 6 times 1 small drop of different thin colours is put into it and the whole thing is stirred. But although 7 different colours are now mixed in the glass – whereby the glass itself is to be regarded as a mantle of creation – the water remains unchanged transparent for the human eye, although it actually consists of 7 different colours. But this is really only an example to make it more or less understandable how the different dimensions in the space of creation can exist at the same time in different dimensions without affecting each other in the slightest manner.
    So, in truth, the visible universe is only the 7th part of Creation, which consists of 7 universes, just as the visible cosmos is the 7th part of the universe, which in truth has a total diameter of unimaginable width and, moreover, continues to expand for as long as it takes for the Creation to fall back.

    But it is still to be explained that Creation alone is the factor which, through its power and energy, animates everything and anything that exists at all, just as it is also to be explained that there is nothing, nothing at all, that would not exist. Even the Nihilo, as the absolute nothing, is existent, from which the Being Absolutum and the 6 other Absolutum forms emerged, whereby then the ‘Absolute Absolutum’ created the first form of creation, whereby only evolution was made possible.
    But now this: The human being does not only speak of the ‘BEING’ alone, but also of the ‘rebirth’, and in this respect he is in the erroneous belief that the deceased human being will surely return from the ‘BEING’ one day, resp. will be ‘reborn’ and live again. All this corresponds to an erroneous and confused false doctrine, for there is neither a ‘JENSEITS’ nor a ‘rebirth’, this because the energy of life of creation is completely neutral and not in any wise determined or bound to a person. As such energy it animates a completely new personality which has no relevance resp. past importance or other connection etc. to any personality from a previous life. When the human being passes away resp. dies, then the creation life energy that animates him escapes into the plane of ‘rest’ – as this plane of creation is called by me personally – and the working up of the new energy worked out in the life of the animated personality through evolution. From the previous existence as life energy and the evolution in a personality, the creation life energy stored up new energy in order to ‘process’ it in the plane of ‘rest’ one day. And when all is processed – at its indefinite time resp. duration – it will again animate a new personality, which, however, has nothing to do with the one that was formerly animated by this creation life energy, which existed on Earth or elsewhere. Thus there is no ‘rebirth’ in the sense that the human being on Earth imagines and is also misinstructed and deceived by lies. This also applies to ‘ghostly apparitions’, which truly have nothing to do with apparitions of the deceased in the sense that they would manifest themselves from the ‘beyond’. Basically, such apparitions are energies that are bound to a specific place and that have been personally deposited by human beings during their lives. These are and also remain, so they remain effective even if the human being is deceased, but they continue to have an effect in the way the human being lived and deposited his energies. It is very rare that such deposits occur, because normally they have certain causes for their deposition. And since these deposits correspond to human energies, which are determined by the nature of the being – as is the case with every human being – and also exist for an immensely long time, they can remain in existence for a very long time. This is why especially visible phenomena are untruthfully called ‘spirits’ – just like earth gases, moor gases and swamp gases – but also inaudible noises or speech sounds etc. are thought by many spirit-believing human beings to be ‘ghostly happenings’ of deceased people.

    • In general, such ‘ghostly phenomena’, as well as faith energies, remain and accumulate for many years, even centuries and millennia, in certain places, often in houses and other buildings, etc., as they can also work and manifest themselves for good or evil. Depending on the character and nature of the person who has deposited everything, these energies and forces can be evil or benign and even energetically ‘violent’, but they can also somehow even speak and move material objects etc. – precisely through the energy and its power. Such phenomena, however, are by no means from an ‘otherworldly realm of the dead’, but are very strong and distinct energies and forces deposited by human beings once they have lived or are alive.

      And forces that can manifest themselves visibly, audibly and also in some wise in the form of appearances, sounds or material movements.

      I find that good and understandably explained. What you have further retrieved and written down, that is not part of it, consequently I am satisfied with what you have written and explained about this subject.

      • In general, such ‘ghostly phenomena’, as well as faith energies, remain and accumulate for many years, even centuries and millennia, in certain places, often in houses and other buildings, etc., as they can also work and and manifest themselves for good or evil.

        The Ballad of the Black Knight
        Our Cause

        Click Transcript for German to English

    • My problem with the woman above and their group is the fact that they worship Rudolph Stiener and hate the German peoples revolt against the world system called national Socialism. Steiner and his Waldorf schools and its philosophy of Stiener was rejected by Adolph Hitler himself as being bad for Germany because the Stiener philosophy was considered to international in scope when the focus was needed upon Germany.
      Rudolph Stiener has many good things to say about spiritual things but I simply have my doubts about him and his core philosophy.
      Many here on Jack`s site believe that Stiener contributed to the defeat of National Socialist Germany.
      The question is why were the Stiener crowd thrown out of Germany by the national socialists.
      National Socialism was the only successful revolt against Jewish rule in world history and look at our world right now on the throws of another world War stired up by these vicious jews insisting on genocide of the Palestinian people so that they can have the land and of course the richest LNG field off the Gaza coast.
      Aim at only tells half the truth for if you leave out national socialism and what it was you lie by omission.


      A brief history of Waldorf schools of the National Socialist era.
      Look at Waldorf now as it’s full on on the “woke” LGBTQ+ narratives!

      The national socialists accused them of alignment with free masons and communists and of course in modern Jewish run America they are the darlings now.

      Aimcats on their site are advocates of physical violence against elected officials if they don’t get their way and my advice is to be very careful with these folks and talk could bring a swat team to your door.
      I advise caution with this group.

  6. America? What is it?

    A just in time economy led by Spirit.

    Many say our newest mid east war brings the end and if your wrong? At least our dearest jews had the good sense to kill their false prophets.

    With our dearest jews on that issue.

    As our American internet has pundits that pontificate as perhaps in a Jewish run world you die if your wrong.

    Right there our dearest jews do not run the world for if they did every false profit would be executed publicly.

    The world I see is runby Spirit as you might run but you can not hide.

    We shall indeed see how things play out.

    My advice? Go outside, experience an interaction with Spirit, then you will observe a change of heart.
    BELIEVE AS u please.

  7. The Spirit Jack? It changes the heart. No person with a changed heart could support any war especially these latest wars in Ukraine and now Israel.
    Jesus repeatedly stated that his kingdom is not of this world so why do many so called evangelicals want to build a kingdom in this world?
    In John 8:44 the Bible clearly defines what a jew is as Jesus called them and there farther the Devil. So, in Christian terms what is playing out now is the devils work and the Bible is clear on the matter that few follow the way that leads to life and that many follow the path to destruction.
    The few and the many as perhaps what we are witnessing now is that very Spirit rendering judgement?
    I assure you of this that most of the Evangelical churches in America are empty husks of what they were 30 years ago and that in spite of our media and its bluster about Evangelical power and influence they are empty shells and as empty as the Israeli IDF will show itself to be.
    What I see here is classic divide and conquer psyopp, get everyone fighting as the money pours into the trillion a year MIC corporations.
    As Smedly Butler quipped war is a racket.
    That very Spirit is in all things because it is the creator that gave us the creation as one feels it simply in a walk in the woods surrounded by nature.
    It is men themselves that choose separation from the creator.
    The zionist evangelicals will be judged and found wanting and the jews who created this mess will be judged and Islam? They are all in this together as each religions goal is war against that very Spirit that created them in the first place. Since war is in their hearts war flows without to the outside world.
    You talk of ocult power and magic? Nothing more than man manipulating his environment with mis understood science.
    Just as science lies so do magicians.
    An observation.

  8. If one wishes to understand the unvarnished truth, then read Otto Rahn.
    I wish I had Lucifer s Court to pour over, but then our government in it’s infinite wisdom did burn my library into ash. Everything he writes, echoes from my deepest memories. It’s a tonic, to read words from one who understands.
    Here is a question that is rhetorical, but also philosophic in the traditional sense: Do you comprehend that recruitment/conversion to the ideology of today is done to get you to sever all ties with the ancestors and your ancient past? Do you comprehend the ramifications of erasing that record?
    I wrote about some of this in Lines.
    There is the law, the genuine, natural, divine law and then there is abrahamic vengeance. The abrahamics have no law, theirs is simply the rebellion against life, the twisted ugly hatred and the theology of the worship of the Jewish master race.
    History elevates abrahamic fanatics as Saints. The murderous Mohammed. Genocidal Jews. Crusading Christians.
    How many Gnostics embarked upon campaigns of mindless violence? Do you know?
    Self defense is not the same as conquest.
    The warriors of the Black Sun fought for the truth Rahn wrote about. The vengeance god overwhelmed them, but did he break their spirit? The answer lies in the fact that we honour and remember them still.
    The latest war is the war invented by the abrahamics themselves. They exercise their vengeance against each other in a futile exercise that exposes their graft and their hate.
    Do you want a ride on that bus?
    No one is left alive to practice the Imposition of the Hand.
    It is as I wrote in Reality Shift, a time of the personal, to discover one’s own court.
    The lies of the abrahamics are the foundation of their world. The truth of one’s essence is the religion Otto Rahn sought to reawaken in us.

    • Mike, in many Evangelical circles, the Christian life is following the teachings of Jesus led by the Spirit and it is believed that only Spirit enlightens the heart as it then can be changed to become a new creation. Only such people, in these circles, are considered “Christian” of course opinions vary.
      Christian Zionism is only 120 years or so old and as such is a heresy and it is that deep state that has created Christian zionism much like that state of Israel created Hamass. Thus, the abrahamics are thrust against each other and caused to fight and even Judism has those that hate Zionism. Notice how Judaism needs Nazism to survive in our modern world? And Islam needs Zionism to unite its people and to rule.
      It’s like a spell was cast by Otto Rahn to tie the Nazis to the jew forever.
      What did Adolph Hitler always say? What is to be done with the jew? Give them a homeland as the Brittish agreed and so in 1947 they were given their homeland so even the Nazis played their role in the world we have right now if blame is to be passed.
      Islam in today’s world in practical terms is nothing but a tool of the founding abrahamic faith and all devoid of Spirit.
      Jack speaks of this world as a simulation with the simulator returning to fix its broken simulation and that in my opinion is the Spirit.

      • Nine,
        I wrote about Jesus in The Healer, so perhaps I understand a little something concerning this topic. Everyone is apparently of the opinion that Jesus is at the heart of Christianity, but that isn’t true. We all can see today that Jesus is far less important than worshiping Jews, and this worship means establishing them above anything Jesus represents. You know this is the case Nine, because even the Christian version of Jesus makes no reference to worshiping Jews. If your version of Jesus left out jew worship, it didn’t come from him, did it?
        Part of this worship is the equating of money with divine blessing.
        Now, there is an effort to get people to believe that money is somehow sacred, but this in itself is a development of this extremely odd hierarchy.
        I really have to wonder at this stuff, Nine, because I can’t help but perceive this as a symptom of a highly advanced disease.
        I mean, why not worship plague bearing rodents? Or how about bacteria? Why stop with a group that has achieved an almost complete hybridization with Europeans?
        Is it because the OT calls them God’s chosen? What makes anyone believe that this carries over to today?
        You see, Nine, that when anyone talks abrahamism, no one will be truthful concerning the overt political nature of the entire complex. This was the sphere of the abrahamics from the start, politics. So now we throw money into the mix, and a little war, and we have ideology bereft of any spirituality. In fact no one in the abrahamic complex knows what the word means. I can guarantee you that thinking money is sacred, and worshiping Jews is not going to lead anyone to spirituality.
        However, it isn’t my circus. I really have no interest in the further degeneration of mankind. I watch this with a mixture of detachment and distaste, as if the lies of the abrahamics are now poisoning their very nest.

        • MK, my Hitler pal refers to them as “jewed over” Christians. The Bible however, paints a different picture of what a jew actually is as I refer you to the writings of Paul on the subject.
          I am no theologian and this world is doomed in its current trajectory as I notice that in the past are ruins of past civilizations and perhaps a reset is comming and not the one that Klaus has planned.
          And there will be a remnant. As I look around at the literal robots that stumble around us believing whatever they are told perhaps it’s the vaxxine? But it’s bad when you look around.

          • Exactly, Nine.
            The so -called great reset is evidence that organized Jewry, euphemistically referred to as globalists, have their own Sepharims, like the man here, to interpret the influence of the stars.
            The OJs/globalists merely are attempting to hijack the energetic, to use it to advance their plans to cut people and planet off from the secrets of their natural heritage.
            They did this before, so it’s nothing all that new.
            OJs, in case no one noticed, are from that same group that Christians currently worship.
            I shouldn’t have to explain in any detail exactly what this says about the goals of Christianity, do I?
            Honestly, Nine, the abrahamics sell their flock of sheep short. There is nothing about spirituality that arrives from deifying one’s own works. That is merely the ego enshrined.
            So many errors.
            The Gnostics tried to help people understand this, and for their trouble they were driven into the caves, into the primordial darkness, where they left this world for the silence of the Magdalene.
            Now their bones lie in drawers where the soulless replicants study them, a curiosity to the boredom of conquest.
            They know nothing, and understand even less.

    • I’m beginning to dive into the Grimm’s Deutsche Mythologie….may take me awhile. That said, I’m glad your doing Rahn’s work Jack, I very much look forward to it as all this is taking us back to the original life. As Grimm says “The eye for our antiquities merely wants opening.”

  9. I agree with Matt Ehret of the Canadian Patriot Review: the state of Israel was created by anti-Semites in the British Roundtable movement to protect the Suez Canal and other strategic interests in the Middle East – and they will dispose of it when it’s outlived its usefulness.

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