And to inaugurate his fake war epic, which is attested to in some eight hundred pages written by Miguel Serrano in his magnum opus Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar, Otto Rahn would fake his own death. He choreographs his pseudo-suicide with his last words of Lucifer’s Court: “Above all the flowers and plants, bees like one tree: the ash. Sometimes, they swarm on it in hundreds, even thousands, nourishng themselves on the ash’s sweet sap. —The Edda has the dew from the cosmic Yggdrasill ash, Tree of the World and of Life, falling in “honey chutes” so the bees can feed from it. The cosmic ash is the Milky Way in the nocturnal sky. The Anglo Saxons called it the Aryan Way. In Sweden, it was called Erik’s Way. Erik is another name given the Devil. The sun has at last broken through the clouds. Its oblique rays make everything shine and sparkle. Vapours rise from the steam. My little Empire clock will soon strike seven times. At nine o’clock, it will be dark. I will go out of the house. Very near here, I know a forest path bordered by majestic pine trees. It begins in a place called […]

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