The Believer, the full movie with special thanks to Happy Parrot for bringing it to us.


If you are watching crocuses in Moscow or Americas infrastructure crumble into Chesapeake Bay, please continue but don’t do it here. This is where I bring the Mandala effect home to you and if you feel there is anything in the world of greater consequence, not only to you but to your soul then you in all likelihood no longer possess a soul. The Deagel Report has already come to pass, and western man, what’s left of him, lives in the world of the walking dead.

This movie: The Believer I’ve never heard of but one of my subscribers suggested in the comment section of France VI on Substack that I watch it, even offered to send me the DVD, which I see in the YouTube comment section was going for a hundred dollars before suddenly being available for free in of all places JewTube. That’s exactly where it should be, this is a movie, by Jews and for Jews about neo-Nazis and Jewish self-loathing. For once the Jew doesn’t place the blame for anti Semitism on White supremacism but he puts it where it belongs, squarely on his own narrow shoulders.

I once had a friend, very high up on the Illuminati pyramid of power, in fact you could say he is the pyramidon. He told me, “We blame everything on the Jews it’s in their contract they wouldn’t have it any other way.” The movie does a nice job of pointing out why such a fact is a fact, but I don’t want to play spoiler. Rarely does a movie come out worth watching so please enjoy it but I will say this, its protagonist has little to do with Otto Rahn.

Rahn was pointing the accusing finger at the Christians, for defiling their own God in the name of an alien religion. As he says over and over again in Lucifers Court, “a great wrong has been done to Lucifer.” And it was not this small minority of scheming misbegotten people dedicated to the tyrannical god of darkness since the very beginning who perpetrated that wrong. Its every man and woman who ever got on their knees and prayed to an impotent Jew nailed to a stick while spewing blaspheme against the God of Light. It is them the SS, Rahn and yes Lucifer too have put in this simulation to suffer the consequences…

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  1. OK, I’m on the record for hating movies, and this one just reaffirms my list of why. I managed to suffer through about 20 min before I ran into an unstoppable urge to take a fucking sledgehammer to the viewscreen.
    I really like the Jewish actor in the red swastika t-shirt, probably one of the most retarded things I’ve seen recently.
    I’m working on finishing my latest, almost done with the rough draft, but I can never, not in a dozen lifetimes, ever get to see in a movie all the fucked up shit the so called victims subject this world to, and this annoys me so much right now that I’m taking a break simply to vent.
    No, I don’t care about the premise of this poorly acted, badly written repeat of the same tired nonsense that the hollyweirdos have been bringing the world for decades.
    No, I don’t care about their message, delivered as it was by the same ego tripping talentless hacks who have been wasting the worlds resources to reduce everything to the level their tiny brains can handle.
    Here is what I do care about; This entire cycle is done. A big reason why so many people are so consumed by horror and loss is because on the spiritual level, She is already telling you that the allotment for this expression is spent.
    I care about the fact that instead of helping people to discover ways and means to successfully meet this challenge, the only thing the fucking criminals in charge can do is cook up more abuse, hatred, and affronts to life.
    The precious semi-semites are not even a major player in this condition. Maybe they will matter a little for the Qanon types, who will try to fit everything into a biblical framework with a ram press, but as far as the depths of this goes, they are a footnote.
    Nobody is going to war for them. Their useless demon-or god, you decide, won’t be any more of a player than he was when Emperor Titus and Saturn kicked his ass.
    What we are facing is far deeper, far more fundamental. We are talking an entire world shift here. We can all focus on what we lost, and are going to lose, or we can get in tune with what is coming. Its on the way anyhow, so however one chooses to deal with it-or not, is up to them.

    • I turned it off after ten minutes too, looked like another Jew pity party but upon turning it back on I found it wasn’t. If you bear with it, you will see it’s not. In my last piece Leon Degrelle asked the Jew to take a good look at himself. Well, he does right here!

      • I’m sure you’re correct, Jack. The thing is that I honestly don’t care anymore. Part of the risk associated with screaming about one’s never ending victimhood, and then using it justify inexcusable behavior while punishing everyone around is loosing the narrative.
        That is where they are at now, with their mammoth sized egos sitting in a corner they painted for themselves.
        Funny, in an ironic way, these same chosen indispensibles ignored and forgotten whilst braying about their victimhood.
        Its like I said, in the coming Aeon, they aren’t even a footnote.

        • One question. Who put this up on youtube? This movie according to the IMBa is one hour thirty eight minutes, the youtube version is two hours and three minute.
          those cut out minutes are far to much truth for america to handle like, why did that demon god want abraham to kill his only son? And it only gets worse from the begining.
          The founders serve a demon or as my friend that sees visions of San Fransisco, headquarters of google and youtube as a petrified giant that he calls the beast of Revelations.

          • Who put the Leon Degrelle video in the internet archive? Last I checked it was purged from the internet and believe me nine I searched long and hard for it after they pulled it down when I put it up on Patreon. Who decided that Hitler speech needed to be properly translated by machine? Now this. Well, that’s why I’m doing France in the footsteps of Otto Rahn, I’m giving you the answer nine. Wait till you see what we got for part 7. It’s epic nine epic…

    • If it’s one thing Trump may or may not have contributed to its the realization of whatever is left of humanity came to the conclusion that even so called alternative news or independent journalism can’t live without the mainstream. They’ve become parasites to the parasites themselves and like Jonestown they’re just circling the drain playing a game or just one more step for the masses. I quit when I came to this realization around 2012 after taking a good hard look wondering how a few steps turned into a goddamned mountain for these people.
      I know the last decade I’ve had to suffer with the consequences personally of this behavior contributing to obfuscation the truth for others down to questioning if anything I ever did was helpful or causing more harm than necessary. Man is not ready for the power they so crave for none of us can see the full consequences of our actions, words or even expressions even though we slap ourselves on the back and say to make ourselves more at ease we’re doing the best we can with what we have. From a higher vantage point that others may have our “good deeds” may be inadvertently serving the highest evils. As HPs short story of the goddess of the desert makes clear. We can’t be faulted for our ignorance but it still has consequences nonetheless.

      • We give away way too much power to what we call the mind. It becomes Mr. Squiggly, wrapping itself into a knot until finally its just a knot within a knot not flowing but obstructing.
        That thing about good intentions causing more harm than bad was invented by a similar knothead.
        Kill switches in cars weren’t put in because of good intentions. Epstein didn’t know what a good intention was.
        I propse a new saying” More fucking evil shit has been done by duplicitous liars than by anyone else”.

  2. For those of you who missed it did not no less than Leon Derelle just tell you:

    “At this point one hears what about anti-Jewish racism. One can answer what about Jewish anti Gentilism. It has been the misfortune of the Jewish race that never could they get on with any other race. It is an unusual historical phenomenon. When one studies the history, and I say this without any passion, of the Jewish people, their evolution across the centuries, one observes that always and at all times and all places they were hated. They were hated in ancient Egypt. They were hated in ancient Greece. They were hated in Roman times to such a degree that three thousand of them were deported to Sardinia. It was the first Jewish deportation. They are hated in Spain, in France, in England and in Germany. The conscientious Jewish author Lazare wrote a very interesting book on Anti-semitism where he asked himself, “we Jews should ask ourselves the question why are we always hated everywhere?”

    • Did I not tell you all on October 8 that this was about getting rid of the Dome on the Rock? And the next man who tells me the Muslims ain’t gonna take it gets bitch slapped. Islam is thoroughly disgraced. In fact, after Gaza may I suggest Muslim “men” where Burkas too?

  3. Ryan Gosling? Now is feminized Ken in the new Barbie movie perhaps his reward for the Beliver? Jews are vicious especially the Hollywood types.
    Did dearest Ryan take the jab to play Ken in that fine tome to manhood?
    Curious minds.

    • Strange and wonderful, I can feel the dread in the very fabric of their blackened souls as they watch the situation evolve. Hey guys why don’t you turn off the Google hit counter that ought to fix it, no? I catch them at night when I turn on the computer, all up in here like the Cockroache infestation they are. So, this one’s for the roaches:

      • LOL, love the choice of the song…always liked that song.

        “Strange and wonderful, I can feel the dread in the very fabric of their blackened souls as they watch the situation evolve”

        I would be lying if I said I don’t feel the same.

        My friend, Cheers to those beautiful and expanding thoughts!

      • Well at least some of those remote viewers are starting to put their talents in the right places instead of snorting the Astral cocaine.
        Dick Allgire has a Maria Orsic remote view and it’s as you’d expect in all ways considered.

        I don’t take anyone spiritually who hasn’t faced not just the sheer magnitude of it all without the terror pouring itself in. It’s a transformation that often leaves you trembling in a corner. I still am. Without a focus on Germany and ww2 almost everything is a wasted effort either because you’re not grounded or ignorant of the significance. I save my screams and tears for the darkness where nobody can see or hear except perhaps a shadow lurking from within.

        • Necromancy viewers now?
          If it makes you feel any better Greg, she didn’t go that way.
          Look, those who are skilled are used to pissants spying on them. They know the ways of the mirror mind, and all you get from them is what you bring.

          • Indeed HP which is why I save my tears and screams for the darkness. The only one that knows. The struggle between our malleable history and reality are difficult to swallow as in my experience how can everything post-1933 have happened physically yet I was clearly given a moment where it did not. My heart wants what it can’t have and my physical cries out in pain of what’s left. To see why people can’t get over the hump is to understand living between two worlds bellonging to neither, gutted and walking alone until you can longer do so.


            I’m fairly confident on the ending being otherwise because or the above that was so long ago its as if my mind plays tricks as the mind truly is easy to manipulate if you’re not in total control of every thought. After all if you think someone who clearly has such power to leave you trembling in a tearful breakdown do you think they couldn’t walk through a crowd without being seen nor touched if they willed? People in those states choose who can and can’t see them and there’s always layers. People see what they want to see for the most part not what truly is. Most don’t want to see it anyways leat their make believe game of house suddenly ends. Imo Dick was getting as much of a lesson as he was trying to give to his cult fan base but the question is if he’ll ever realize it.

          • Hey Greg, I’m not HP. Its cool, but he’s his own dude.
            You can prove it yourself that the Queen of the Norns was no feast for the beast men, if you wish.
            Its simple, really, just follow her light, its still there, you might sense it in different ways, but if you are pure, you will feel that essence, and in following the aroma of her light she will show you what she deigns to show.
            I will tell you that the path cycled back without her. She didn’t need to come back, and she left for eternity with the ethereal beauty and grace that continues to leave us in awe.
            The Goths expelled the Norns, and that act of betraying the blood has carried for too long this deep wound. Maria made a huge step for all of us towards healing that wound, and for that alone she was magnificent.
            Its okay, man, I’ve been lower than low, cast out like yesterdays trash. I know what it is. But inside you is a spark wrapped in honesty and dignity.
            She got that part too.

        • Interview With Heinrich Himmler’s Daughter (The Side You’re Not Allowed To Hear)
          15,712 views Mar 27, 2024
          As usual, YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO !

          Olden memories of NS Germany, you can see what was, but if you want to stay there, you have to manipulate yourself from here into that alternate wave function frequency dimension that flows off this Earth.

        • As I said the only thing, he got right was she liked cabarets and didn’t like Hitler. I have absolutely zero faith in remote viewing and that’s because of guys like this. After staying with Ingo Swans successor and the DoD for a couple of months I can tell you it has been used effectively by the military, but this guy is a fucking circus clown who couldn’t find the keys to his own car.

          • In terms of the antipathy between the Kings and the Norns, well thats just the nature of the relationship. Nordic women are in my opinion, the most remarkable of all, but they are high minded, it just comes with the territory.
            On the other hand the Kings were never overly fond of direction from momma. Its actually kind of humorous, except when it came to the Goths.

    • The Believer? Perhaps the most censored movie I have ever seen on the internet. But the internet is a tool of the beast headquartered in the San Fransisco Bay area. YouTube has a bunker and Apple is the belly of the beast and the Abrahamic`s serve the beast run by the founders the jews whom like in the beginning of this movie points out the brainwashed jew mindset. Take your only Son and kill him because I told you to do it! Obedience is the key here but at the end the main character died in the bomb blast notby God but by his own hand taking that power away from that beast they call god.
      This movie is on YouTube because someone wants it there Jack.
      I suggest 4K Downloader a free youtube download tool.
      It needs to be widely shared.

      • Phil has informed me that’s already done nine. You will notice at the end he is going up to heaven and the Rabbi is staying down here, talking about there’s nothing up there. A great ending for a really well-made movie. It’s not up because YouTube wants it up nine…

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