Englisch language interview das Reich contributed by Orage

Commentary by Jack Heart


“From every country of Europe thousands of young men made up their minds that the destiny of their native country was at stake and volunteered their lives to fight communism and create a united Europe. In all it would grow to be six hundred thousand non-German Europeans fighting on the eastern front. They would bring scores of divisions to the Waffen SS. The Waffen SS were the ideological and military shock troops of Europe. The Germans numbering four hundred thousand were actually in the minority. The one million strong Waffen SS represented the first truly European army to ever exist.” (1)

They say if we do not learn from the mistakes of the past, we are doomed to repeat them. This may be true but by now it should be apparent to anyone without a self-assembling nano platform, curtesy of Charles Lieber and company, coursing through their bloodstreams, that everything we know of the past not confirmed by our own memory and those we trusts is a lie. History is a concoction of lies, some of them so fantastic that in retrospect they were equivalent to a child’s belief in Santa Claus. We have written extensively about what occurred beyond our memory’s reach in Devils and Gods Among UsMatilda, the Devils Mommy (Devils and Gods Among Us II) and The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray…” But there are still those who remember WW II. You have an opportunity here to learn from them. I will take the word of decorated fighting men from the most feared military force of the twentieth century over the word of a pasty-faced sniveling academic every time.

Let me make this clear right here. If you are not a lying Bolshevik, are White, even Jewish, and you think this is antisemitic you should move to Canada where you can be legally euthanized. I say White because you are all in the process of being replaced in your own countries through the institution of Pan Europa a book written by the aristocratic Free Masons a hundred years ago planning the future of the West. This was covered in the The Bormann Faction. American Blacks should not be too happy to hear this they are also being replaced…


1– “Leon degrelle the epic story of the waffen ss (english) (3:33 – 4:12).” Internet Archive. Web. <https://archive.org/details/leon-degrelle-the-epic-story-of-the-waffen-ss-best-quality >.

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  1. I have to laugh, just a little at the number of people I’ve talked to who think the SS wore a double lightning bolt on their uniforms. Its not that I think its their fault, or that I feel superior. No.
    I laugh a little because of the innocence of this kind of thought.
    These days there is so little innocence left.
    Well, the dual symbols actually do have significance, it is the ‘Sun’. No one truly knows how old this Rune is, but it is easily dated to around 2,000 years. In each rendition through the centuries it has always carried the ‘S’ sound, and is always the Rune of the Sun.
    I can’t help but believe that this secret was reserved for the very few, and now you know too.
    Das Reich also employed a Rune for their divisional symbol, but we won’t discuss that here. I think perhaps it might be enough to consider as is.

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