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 with our special guest, Master Gardener Debbie, who introduces herself and brings her skills to and for our listeners.LISTeN Here: Conversations from the Porch Episode 12 ( Gardener is a gunner too…  Today we broke out of...
 If some of you only knew the dues I've paid to be here.A short list of sites where I trust the proprietors to bring you the truth as they see it. If your still watching the...
 Conversations from the Porch - Episode 11 Current Events and the Upcoming ElectionDOWNLOAD HERE THE SCIENTIFIC REPORTS OF THE FINAL TECHNICAL REPORT ON GRAPHENE DETECTION IN COVID VACCINESClick on each of these images and download: 1-...

Racism, Take 2

 OCT 24 • 38M Racism, Take 2 Beware of vampires with blow dried hair bearing "gifts..."
Speak Free
“The Rainbow Bridge” — John Kaminski with special guests Jack Heart and Loki Hulgard and a guest appearance by Julien… Share
Red Sun on Jack Heart's Conversations
China wants a warThe Secret Speech of General Chi HaotianFirst posted by Jack Heart on October 10, 2022Sourced From J.R. Nyquist Blog Posted on September 11, 2019 In 2005, THE EPOCH TIMES acquired a secret speech given by Defense Minister Chi Haotian to high-level...
Conversations from the porch - Episode 9 the Black Goo 2022 Jack will be live with John Kaminski on Speak Free Radio on 10/5/22, 5 PM EST. Calls will be taken after six. "In reply to MK's...
Conversations from the porch - Episode 8 Phil is giving you as expert opinion as an expert opinion gets but in order to take full advantage of it you will unfortunately have to download the Skinwalker...
 Annus horribilis... Tales of extraordinary madness.
Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 7
25 points part 2 and can we fix the USA?Phil and I discuss the final twelve points of National Socialisms Twenty-Five Points. As Yeats noted over a hundred years ago:“Things fall apart; the centre cannot...