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Happy Parrot


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Some Days

Some days I don’t give a damnSome days I feel more than a manSome days life is moreSome days life is a boreSome days...

CAVIEZEL: “I’m Jesus; Trump is Moses”

You want to save the children, find your balls and do it yourself

Aliens are Comming!!!

Yes they are coming, you may like this fact or you don’t…

One Morning, One Minute in One Second

One morning I will move alongone morning nothing will be foundOne morning I will move alongone morning nothing will be foundno seagull, no man...

In The Distance

Not exactly a love poem, but what this really is, You Be the JudgeIn the distance, life is filled with a strange substanceKnown to...

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Project 2025 – My Introduction

Project 2025, Mandate for Leadership, The Conservative Promise, 2023...

“The Naked Truth and Stylized Truths in the Eyes of a Cycle Full of Honest Intentions” by Happy Parrot if the history of the world is only...

The Fourth of Jew-lie

We've been calling him CGI Joe for two years...