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Someone once asked me to define warrior, even after I thought I did with a whole book. Well, I’ve been in training since I was old enough to talk. I learned to read by reading...
It amazes me what captivates the imaginations of the indolent who, like a junkie working the street for a fix, surf the internet twenty-four seven for when all is said and done amounts to nothing...
Jack and Phil participate in the Cumberland County Memorial Day Ceremonies in Crossville, Tennessee. It was, as always a day of reflection upon those from this county who died in combat throughout our nation's history....
(1) Red List 23 - Facing Down Disaster W/ the Donbass Cowboy (Russell Bentley) ( Brand Interviews RFK, Jr. on Fauci, CIA Secrets, Running for President | Kennedy24
Cover Photo: Googles Duke of Diversity Sage of Quay: “Google deleted my blog. The usual nebulous reason: it violated their "hate" policy. New blog (yep, starting over). Here's the URL:”Sage of Quay™ News ( is the... Silicon Valley’s New Non-Religion: Consciousness Hacking | Wired UKBarbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic SpiritualityThe late Barbara Hubbard, a Rockefeller-funded New Age guru, was critical to the development of the ideas, beliefs...
The Human - Dragons
Jack Heart's conversations from the porch - Episode 25Macron sings while his ghouls beat French citizens, Nashville called fascist for protecting their children and the attack on the food supply continues. the Ground Report from...
The men entered through Kuyumcular Kapısı or the Jeweler’s Gate on the east side of Constantinople’s Grand Bazaar.  They were led by a tall man; Mahmed Sheyket Pasha, over fifty but still lean and muscular as a greyhound. He was the most powerful man in the military and right then, the most powerful man in the fading Ottoman Empire. As commander of the third army, and with his own hand selected reactionary force called the Army of Action, Sheyket Pasha was the de facto head of the Young Turks. He was followed closely by a slightly shorter and much younger man with a barrel chest, dressed all in black. Captain Kemal Atatürk was the toughest man in the army and anyone who had ever met him knew it. Sheyket Pasha trailed his bejeweled sword on his belt, supplemented with a German Luger pistol.
Orage returns to Jack Heart! Our audio quality isn't the best yet there are major points that need discussion.