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 Conversations from the Porch - Episode 11 Current Events and the Upcoming ElectionDOWNLOAD HERE THE SCIENTIFIC REPORTS OF THE FINAL TECHNICAL REPORT ON GRAPHENE DETECTION IN COVID VACCINESClick on each of these images and download: 1-...
25 Points of National Socialism, Gottfried Feder and economics Part 1Reevaluating National Socialism (this links to all Gottfried Feder’s books)NAZI PARTY 25 POINTS (1920)The 25 Points was a political manifesto issued by the National Socialist German...
Enter the Dragon Bonnie Prince Charlie has finally morphed into King Charles III. Many find the pomp and pageantry of England’s royale family mesmerizing but then again many are still driving around alone in their cars...
The Return opens with a conversation between the now twenty-five-year older Cooper and a tall gaunt man very similar to the “Giant” from the Red Room. They are in a room that appears to be furnished from the early twentieth century and the scene is filmed in black and white. In the distorted vocals requiring subtitles that are characteristic of the disincarnate beings of Twin Peaks the Giant says, “Agent Cooper listen…to the sounds.” They both look at an old gramophone emitting a clicking noise then back at each other and the Giant continues; “It is in…our house now.”  Cooper looks at him, saying in clear English “it is.” The Giant answers “it cannot…be said aloud now. Remember 430, Richard…and Linda, two birds…with one stone.” Cooper nods and resolutely says “I understand…” – Season 3, episode 1. (5:00 – 6:00). Two crates of shovels are delivered to Dr. Jacoby who now lives rough in a trailer in the woods. The camera pans over nighttime Manhattan settling on a red brick building with few windows. In an upper story there is a portal big enough for a man to fit through overlooking the street far below. Inside the building the portal leads into a small glass room about the size of a closet watched intently by a diminutive rodent of a college student named Sam Colby. The glass room is surrounded by cameras and is on a pedestal with an elaborate wiring system underneath. It is in a much larger concrete room with empty boxes in the corner and no furniture. There are no other windows but the portal. Sam sits on the lone love seat on a raised platform. A buzzer sounds. Sam goes outside through the only door and meets a very attractive young woman named Tracy. She has two take out coffees and wants to come inside to drink them with Sam. He tells her she can’t and that what is inside is “top secret.” The sullen looking gorilla of a guard whose desk is in front of the door affirms Tracy is not allowed in the room. She tells Sam she will bring him more coffee tomorrow. The Horne brothers and Lucy Moron are reintroduced. Ben runs the hotel and Gerry is growing hydroponic marijuana and selling it legally tripling their profits. Lucy is still a moron but now she is married to Deputy Andy, another moron.    Somewhere in a secluded area shrouded in darkness a Mercedes pulls up to a cabin. Coopers evil doppelganger who wears his hair long gets out and casually dispatches of the shotgun wielding man guarding the door who tries to stop him. He goes inside and picks up two accomplices; a man named Ray, and a woman named Darya which he will soon murder. When Tracy comes back the next night the guard is nowhere to be found. Sam even checks the bathroom for him. Tracy insists on coming in and Sam wonders aloud how she is going to get […]
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Dr. Lee Merrit recent interview, Russia, Skinwalkers, SCOTUS is Congress derelict? Podcast: Conversations from the Porch Episode 13“Ha ha! Poor old Harold. Well I don’t know what is in Harold’s head or what he thinks he...
Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 5 & 6 ( in a phone call from their car Gene and Jake, her hit men, report to Lorraine, presumably the woman Duncan gave the job too, that they are thus far unable to assassinate Dougie Jones. Frustrated, she tells them they are going to get her killed and sends a message to her contact “ARGENT.” At the morgue  Talbot, Macklay and Harrison  stand over the headless corpse of the as of yet unidentified Major Briggs. Talbot tells them that her autopsy shows the man hadn’t eaten for days but he did have a ring in his stomach. She shows them a wedding band and on it is an inscription that reads; “To Dougie, with love, Janey-E.” Season 3, episode 5; 4:00–5:00. Evil Cooper looks in the mirror of his prison cell and sees BOB’s features start to materialize on his face and says “you’re still with me, that’s good.” – Season 3, episode 5; 7:00. Dougie’s car is now being targeted by car thieves. Anthony Sinclair tells Cooper that he’s covered for Dougie’s absence and during the meeting, as Sinclair presents a report Cooper sees a green light on him and suddenly blurts out in front of everyone that he’s lying without explaining why. Dougie’s boss Bushnell Mullins  questions his accusation in private after the meeting and when Cooper doesn’t explain he gives him a pile of case files to assess by the next day. While his mother is passed out on drugs, the little boy living in the home across from Dougie’s car goes outside to examine it. He is shooed away by a gang now trying to steal the car. When they start the engine the bomb under Dougie’s car explodes, killing several members of the gang. The boy runs back to his home. Hearing him coming back in, his mother slowly wakes up and stares deliriously at the door. Dr. Jacoby begins his webcast as “Dr. Amp.” He is dressed in rags but the overall effect of his ensemble makes him appear like a caricature of an SS officer. His bow tie even has lightning bolts on each side and his glasses with red and blue lenses make it look like he is wearing an eye patch Dr. Amp “Its seven o’clock do you know where your freedom is? Coming to you live and electrified from studio A high atop the escarpments on Whitetail Peak, the roof, ruff ruff, of the American Hindu Kush this is Dr. Amp doing the vamp for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice and lighting the lamp of freedom. So, what’s on your mind tonight? You know I’m going to tell you what’s on mine. We’re sinking down into the mud. And the fucks are at it again! The same vast, global corporate conspiracy, different day! You can’t see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? I’ve got one. Oh yeah. And its beam, it penetrates the igneous rock of ignorance. It flips that rock over […]
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Jack and Phil participate in the Cumberland County Memorial Day Ceremonies in Crossville, Tennessee. It was, as always a day of reflection upon those from this county who died in combat throughout our nation's history....
Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 12 & 13 ( In Buckhorn, Albert, Tammy, and Gordon have a drink. Albert begins “In 1970 the United States Air force shut down Project Blue Book, their twenty year investigation into UFO’s. They concluded that no credible evidence existed and therefore they posed no threat to National Security. Another words a massive cover-up. Cheers …” Albert proposes the toast and they all drink to it. He continues “a few years later the military and FBI formed a top secret task force to explore the troubling extractions raised by cases Bluebook failed to resolve. We called it the Blue Rose after a phrase uttered by a woman in one of these cases just before she died, which suggested these answers could not be reached except by an alternate path we have been travelling ever since. Gordon suggested an agent by the name of Phillip Jefferies to head the squad. He soon recruited three others myself, Chet Desmond and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m the only one out of that group that hasn’t disappeared without explanation” they then formally ask Tammy to join the Blue Rose task force which she enthusiastically agrees too. -Season 3, episode 12, 2:00-4:00. They drink and are joined by Diane who appears out of some red curtains in the room reminiscent of the Red Room. After pouring her a drink Albert tells her “we know your work with Agent Cooper has given you more than a passing insight into Blue Rose. Even though you’re no longer part of the bureau we’d like to deputize you.” After cajoling by both Albert and Cole Diane finally responds to be offered the opportunity to find out what happened to her “friend” Cooper by dramatically saying “let’s rock.” -Season 3, episode 12, 7:00-8:00.   Jerry runs out of the woods and into a clearing while Sarah Palmer buys alcoholic beverages and cigarettes at a grocery store. After suspiciously questioning the cashier about the innocuous but unfamiliar display of beef jerky behind the counter Sarah’s asks “were you here when they first came?” The cashier answers “yes, they brought it in a couple of weeks ago.” Sarah inexplicably answers “your room seems different. And men are coming.” The girl at the counter stammers that she doesn’t know what Sarah means and Sarah raises her voice “I’m trying to tell you! Men are coming! That you have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me. Hmmm. Something happened to me! I don’t feel well. I don’t feel well!” Sarah commands herself to get the car keys out and leave, arguing loudly with herself as she makes her way out of the store, leaving her items on the checkout counter.  -Season 3, episode 12, 10:00-11:00.  Carl Rodd stops an old and lame trailer park resident named Kriscol asking him if he is selling his blood to the blood bank and Kriscol tells him “yes.”Then he asks […]
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INVASION OF THE MICROMEN by Richard Sharpe Shaver file:///C:/Users/writi/Downloads/The%20Shaver%20Mystery%20Compendium.%20Volume%202%20(Richard%20Shaver)%20(   “The activity, the gay, ambitious, vaulting life of Nor was gone, —dead. Instead of the busy libraries, the swarms of students, the speeding ships of commerce, the busy ways jammed with rollats; instead of all the beautiful and intense life of Nor there existed a slow-moving people with dull, empty faces like masks. Not even despair lived in their faces, for they had not the sense left to realize their plight” – CHAPTER V. Vanue’s Supreme Sacrifice, p33  “Before him a powerful telaug and visor had been set up, and with it he was watching the thought of the uniformed city guard, Nor men all. These he was using to police the deluded city. They were not free-thinking men any longer, but were under his control. Not as directly as the Nortan and Atlan method of overpowering thought augmentation imposed upon the mind—but indirectly, through the members of his micro race whom he had kept under micro wave compulsion for years, preparing for an event such as the taking of Nor city. By the use of his radiocontrolled micro-men, he could keep those who followed him free of the wild, savage, parasitic micro-men he had loosed upon the city.” – CHAPTER VII. Vanue Falls into the Hands of the Jotuns, p40  “he warned them all in turn of the micro race which had been the weapon to turn the Nor race into slavish imbeciles—and at least we knew that no more opportunity would be given to a Jotun to infect a civilized man with the savage little beings who had laid low the lords of all Nor’s empire.” – CHAPTER XI. The Battle for Nor City, p55  Link to Phil’s article on gun control in the Human:  The “Black Goo:” Chaioth ha-Qadosh – Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II By Jack Heart & Orage  First published Tuesday, August 13, 2019, in the Human, edited by Veterans Today November 26, 2020.  Prior piece on the Shaver Mystery: Return of the Titans by Jack Heart  First published October 25, 2014, in Veterans Today and read by over a hundred thousand people since then 
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Racism, Take 2

 OCT 24 • 38M Racism, Take 2 Beware of vampires with blow dried hair bearing "gifts..."