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These are more preliminary observations than my deep dive into this new war-ridden affair …

Who are “WE”?!? I am tempted to write about this “situation” but let’s wait for a week or two…and yes all bots and sleeper agents have been activated…The Ukraine and Russian war is getting boring, maybe there is nobody of fighting age left to kill on the Ukrainian side, and certainly, it will probably stay a local war for some time progressing to a term we call “normalization”

Ukraine is currently a great place from where weapons can be shipped to so-called terrorists. You can have War without pictures of naughty terrorists screaming “Allahu Akbar”, how else would be fragile democratic Western mind be activated…and pursue the sacred goals of the almighty democratic pledge telling other people how should they live their lives, not taking into consideration their cultural heritage, race or religious customs that certain group of people is using to prove their existence as a nation that is not a cut board creation.

Substack preachers will soon leave Russian – Ukrainian War and once more they will become experts beyond your wildest imagination, in many cases these masters of the written word and global understanding will be a fly on the wall in the war rooms and meeting rooms of the chosen actors, presidents…their new endeavors will be righteous crusade ensuring that this war will be covered properly without the presence of unwanted views…

From March 15, 2022 “Is There a Peace Deal Putin and Zelensky Can Accept?”


“In an interview with Reuters, Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman for decades, made a startling offer. Moscow could end the Ukraine war immediately, said Peskov, if four conditions were met. 

Ukraine should cease all military action, recognize Crimea as part of Russia, accept the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk separatist enclaves, and enact a constitutional commitment to “neutrality,” which would prevent Ukraine from ever joining NATO.

Were this to be done, said Peskov, the war “will stop in a moment.”

As this would restore the situation in Ukraine to the “status quo ante” that existed before Putin ordered the invasion, Peskov’s offer seemed not to be believable. 

Yet, according to The New York Times, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “seemed surprisingly open to the idea.”

Zelensky “said he had ‘cooled down’ on joining NATO, saying it was clear the Western alliance ‘is not prepared to accept Ukraine.'” 

As for Luhansk, Donetsk, and Crimea, said Zelensky, “We can discuss and find a compromise on how these territories will live on.”

In any modern war, there are always “Peace Talks” that are abruptly broken, till the desired amount of people have been killed or wounded, scarred for the rest of their lives, mentaly or psychically or when enough bombs have been dropped and enough cities have been pulverized then the innocent promise of Peace can enter the negotiating room.

The big pariah right now is Iran, the last standing country in the way of a project called Greater Israel…

Of course, there is another component that almost nobody is talking about in this new revival of Arab uprising 2.0 and reaches deep into occulted waters, where accident rarely happens and where opposed factions are almost always hidden from the eyes of mortal men or even celebrated omnipotent and all-seeing brigade of online influencers.

The last stand of the Empire and their stooges? or just another opening in the space-time continuum with the purpose of deviating the timeline, or “somebody” has inserted his will into the Mouth of Madness?

This is a topic for another day, another hour, let’s come back to the so-called “reality”

Are you ready to pick sides ….AGAIN….

Are you ready to die, especially Christian Americans for the “ chosen people” who can never do anything wrong…they are so marvelously special, and having an open Fema camp in Gaza is probably an act of mercy towards the “Evil Palestinians”…

You provoke the war, kill a few chosen people, through loud mouths of “neutral media” alert the willing fragile minds, and then Very Slowly tell them who did it…and the holy of holiest judgment and another Crusade can begin…Democracy must be saved at any price, even if you kill 500000 children, nothing is out of reach for people who tirelessly and with immaculate, iron will are spreading the love that only the voice of a democratic mind can bring into the bedazzled arms of the unsuspecting world.

And yes there is another component of this emerging War, a river of young Arabs that are entering the lands of the Western World…many of them will be activated or fingers will be pointed at them if let’s say another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 born out of fire visits our shores…so you will have war at home and abroad…but it is hard to fight at home if all your best soldiers or forces are deployed on the other side of the world.

Remember Churchill’s famous speech: we will fight bla,bla,bla…I hope this warmonger burns in Hell where he belongs.

What would bring young Americans and Europeans into another “Great War”…

Will one Aircraft Carrier do the job?

Norfolk-Based Ford Carrier Strike Group to Support Israel

How many times this world must be raped and plundered before Humans will say NO!

Or the fire of Ragnarock must have the last word, so this madness can be finally put to rest…

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Erasing Memory under the Moon

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Earth, and thus our lives upon it, wouldn’t be so magical if it wasn’t for the ‘Moon’. It is the second brightest ‘celestial orb’ that can be viewed from our vantage point here on Earth (the first being the light of the ‘Sun’) and therefore, since ancient times, it has had a great and often profound influence upon human culture, our language, our calendars, much of our mythology, and mysticism, and indeed ‘magic’. It is the Moon’s influence that produces the movement of the ocean tides (as well as the emotional tides that occur within all living entities here on Earth); and ‘She’ has been known by many names. The root of the word ‘Moon’ can be traced back to the Sanskrit word ‘Mon’, which means ‘One who Pleases the Mind’. Just as the ‘Sun’ is considered to represent the human ‘Soul’ (our ‘individuality’), and ‘Earth’ our ‘Body’, it is the ‘Moon’ that is our ‘Mind’ (and memory). The Moon (which is also known by the name ‘Luna’, from the original Latin, a word that will become an important distinction as we tell today’s tale), is the ‘mind in principle’, whilst the satellite we observe orbiting Earth, that we call the Moon, is but the ‘vehicle for the mind principle’, as it works for ‘us’ within this solar system.

Roman beliefs often intrinsically related to the Moon (in fact entire cults, often transposed from ancient Greek practices, were dedicated to the Moon, cults such as that of ‘Dionysus’ (or ‘Bacchus’ to the Roman’s) still exist to this day), and the Roman’s personified the Moon and its ‘energies’ within the Roman goddesses ‘Diana’ and ‘Luna’. To the ancient Greeks, the Moon was both ‘Selene’ (which was also utilised in their Astrology; the name given to the branch of Astrology that deals with charting the Moon’s surface was, and still is, called ‘selenography’), and ‘Artemis’ (the twin sister of ‘Apollo’). To the Norse this Luna energy was ‘Mani’, in ancient Egypt its was ‘Khonsu’, to the Mayan it was both ‘Awilix’ (the Goddess) and ‘Xbalanque’ (a mortal male incarnation), and Indians have many names for the Moon (108 to be precise), but the chief of these was ‘Chandra’ (also known as ‘Soma’), which literally means ‘the shining one’. Much like our previous tale about the Sun, in order to understand what follows, it is essential for the reader to distinguish between the ‘satellite moon’ that orbits Earth, and the ‘Moon’ (which will be referred to as Luna where appropriate, from this point forward), which is chiefly a ‘principle of reflection’. As with all things Astrological, the planetary ‘bodies’ must be distinguished from their defining ‘principle’; the human ‘soul’ functioning through the human ‘body’ is different from the human body itself (and the same is true when we discuss any of the ‘planets’ within Astrology). The story below tells a tale of the ‘significance of the Moon’ – of Luna, and in the main, it really has very little to do with the orb of waxing and waning ‘light’ which orbits around our Earth.

Astrology (and Alchemy) considers the ‘Sun’ to be masculine, the ‘Self’, whilst Luna is the feminine counterpart, ‘the mind of the self’; she is the reflected ‘light’ of the Sun. The Sun supports Luna, and the Moon in turn, supports the Earth. Put another way, the human ‘Mind’ draws support from the ‘Self’, and thus nourishes the ‘Body’ by providing a home for the ‘Self’. These are the three essential ‘centres’ of all esoteric belief, the understanding of which is of great importance. Our human mind receives our ‘thoughts’ from the ‘soul’ and then it reflects them upon this world of ‘matter’, thus we are able to reflect the ‘higher’ onto the ‘lower’, and also have the ability to ‘transform’ the lower into the higher through our minds. When our mind is turned inwards (towards the subconscious), then the ‘objective’ world ceases to exist; instead we open the ‘subjective’ world to our senses. But, when our mind is turned outwards (towards consciousness), it makes the entire objective world ‘visible’. Esoteric thought often describes this through Luna; it is said by many sages (particularly in the East) that when the mind is fully objective then it is in a state called ‘Full Moon’, when it is totally subjective, it is in the ‘New Moon’ state. Western occultism also utilises such an understanding, by working to develop these two states of mind concurrently, such that Luna stands as a gateway between the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ (hu)man. This can be clearly observed within the symbolism of the masonic implement, the ‘compass’. The left leg of a compass represents ‘objectivity’, the right ‘subjectivity’, whilst the head of the compass represents the source of the two, that is, the ’soul’.

So, when we talk about the ‘Moon’, what exactly do we mean? The core ‘meaning’ of the moon is often hard to grasp, and is also rarely fully defined (particularly in the parlance of modern Astrology), such that the ‘idea’ of the Moon remains rather elusive. As we can see from the ancient ‘Gods’ associated with the Moon, there were often ‘two’ of them, and this is because the Moon represents two separate archetypes. The first of these is that of a sort of ‘medium’ (a container if you will), in which ‘energy’ may become ‘manifest’. The second, is that of a ‘matrix’, a source, or origin of all things. The common symbol of the Moon is the crescent shape (facing either left or right), which is much like the edge of a bowl, suggesting the form of a container, something that ‘gives form to’, limits, and thus helps to ‘define’ what is contained within it. This concept is essential to understanding the ‘Moon’, this idea of it providing a surrounding, a location, a place or environment, the very ‘principle’ of a set of circumstances in which ‘something’ may take place and be contained. The Moon is also the planetary archetype of ‘Yin’, and it is the equal of ‘Yang’ (which is the archetype of the Sun). This Yin principle defines the circumstances and conditions under which the Yang ‘energies’ can manifest (The Moon’s Yin ‘nature’ gives place and form to the action of the Sun’s Yang, it is the ‘foundation’ of that which can be experienced as ‘existence’, even though it does not in itself signify ‘action’, like the Sun does, or even ‘experience’; but without it neither of these could exist).

It can therefore be said that the ‘Moon’ gives birth to ‘matter’, it assures its ‘growth’ here upon the Earth. This understanding provides a significant (these days mostly forgotten) clue about how our ‘mind’ holds the very key to our human ‘body’. We can clearly observe when our mind is working in good ‘order’, then our bodies (particularly its ‘magnetism’) is also in good order, but when our mind is ‘disordered’ then it often manifests itself in the matter of our ‘body’ through illness and discomfort. Without the objective mind there is no ‘birth’, no ‘growth’, and no ‘nourishment’ of matter. Such is also true in the subjective world (the world we experience in dreams when we sleep, that exists ‘outside’ of this ‘material’ world), which is why the ‘Moon’ is often seen as the ‘Mother’ in all the worlds theologies, just as the ‘Sun’ is often seen as the ‘Father’ (in eastern theologies there is also a very clear distinction between Luna and the Moon in their beliefs, more so than modern ‘western’ theologies have decided to allow the masses to remember). Through this knowledge we can see that the ‘energies’ of the Father are drawn through the ‘principle’ of reflection (reception and containment), and as a result our ‘souls’ are then nourished, and thus ‘delivered’ upon Earth by the principle of the Moon (Luna). This reflective principal also functions on all planes of creation, it thus enables the universal law of “As above, So below” to function.

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Note that (as was briefly mentioned) in ‘Drawing Souls towards the Sun’, and (what was also expounded upon further in) ‘Grounded within Man-made Time’, the Moon (just like the Sun), plays a fundamental role in what we commonly refer to as the ‘Kali Yuga’ these days. Our current Moon (the one we observe orbiting the Earth), is actually the ‘mother’ of this Earth. It was previously the ‘Earth’ upon which we ‘soul beings’ (as well as other entities) inhabited; when that Earth reached its forgone conclusion, we were transported to this, our present Earth (such is a tale for another time, but essentially, ‘we’ were not evolved enough at that ‘time’ to ascend into the higher realms, and so we had to start again here on ‘Earth’ – this tale is explained to some degree within the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, and is much better explained in the ‘Vaivasvata Manuin the East, and in what little remains of the Sumerian literature, particularly the story of Gilgamesh, and references to the ‘Seven Hills of Sumer’). All of the ‘species’ that existed on this previous Earth were transmigrated onto our current Earth, which had emerged as part of a ‘globe chain’ before the termination of that previous Earth. This process was/is undertaken in three steps, where an ‘Earth’ becomes visible, and then in three further steps this Earth becomes invisible, such that the ‘visible’ globe (‘Earth’ as we know it today) is the ‘fourth’ state (with three preceding and three succeeding ‘global’ states), what today we call the Kali Yuga state. Therefore, whilst our current ‘Moon’ is in a state of recession (and thus becoming invisible), and we currently ‘dwell’ on this Earth, there is another ‘Earth’ on its way to being ‘manifested’ (becoming visible) for our future. In total, there are always ‘seven’ Earths at any one time (along with our current Earth, there are three preceding and three succeeding Earths), there is therefore a ‘globe chain’ of seven that gets in to get out, in seven ‘cosmic’ pulsations.

“Garbage and nonsense” some of you reading this may cry. However, to truly understand this tale it is important to ‘remember’ that within Astrology, as well as our (so-called) ‘reality’ here on Earth, the Moon is always our ‘Past’. Every entity goes through a period prior to its ‘mature’ manifestation in which it is developing and growing, where it is not yet ready to ‘appear’ and to exert itself upon the Earth. During this time the entity ‘exists’ always within some kind of container that both ‘protects’ and provides ‘structure’ and ‘form’ to it. It may be an egg, a womb, a seed, or the very soil of this Earth; either way this is the ‘principle’ of the Luna container as the nurturing matrix (hence why the Moon has always been connected, since ancient times, with every form of ‘motherhood’, and also within Astrology the Moon symbolises our experiences through our life of being nurtured, protected, and supported, as well as representing the ‘energies’ that are manifest within the home we were raised in as children, and our home in adulthood through its association with the ‘fourth house’ and the zodiac sign of ‘Cancer’). This therefore leads directly into the second meaning of the Moon noted above, which is intrinsically related to the first. It is the very ‘idea’ that we all have of where we come from; hence why there is a common tendency to treat ones homeland as ‘Mother’, as is evidenced by the often feminine endings to the names of many of the nations across this Earth.

Moreover, when we view our natal chart, we can clearly see (and identify), that what is ‘expressed’ in the placement of the Moon is our ‘Past’, whilst our ‘Ascendant’ is our ‘Present’, and the placement of the Sun is our ‘Future’ (for more information on this see: ‘Know Your Chart: The Basics’). Astrology (and esoteric beliefs) state that the effect of the Moon is on us at all times, and this is clearly evidenced by our ‘Personality’. We all have a personality that is our innate ‘nature’ (the sum total of all our positive and negative experiences), and we all are conditioned by this personality (and the impact of the phases of Luna are experienced by us all when we have changing moods and emotions, often on a daily basis, or hourly basis, and sometimes in rhythm with the tides). This Luna influence is the impact of all of our ‘past’ experiences (and not just because of the Moon’s magnetic inducing movements around the Earth); within our natal chart the Moon represents our ‘ancient’ thoughts as well as our ‘past lives’ incarnated on ‘Earth’. Whilst the Sun lights up our ‘world’ and it infuses us with our own ‘individuality’, and our Ascendant sets our very direction of travel, the Moon is who we ‘truly’ are, where we came from, and ultimately, it is what we ‘need’ in order to grow into ourselves. To fully ‘know’ yourself, and thus (for want of a better word) ‘master’ yourself, you must learn how to ‘transcend’ the limitations of the personality, and learn how to begin functioning as a fully ‘soul-infused’ individuality.

Effectively getting ‘control’ of our personality isn’t an easy task. Most of us are in a constant struggle with our own personality, as it continues to condition our comprehension of ‘self’ as well as our ‘reality’. Until we can break free from this conditioning by our personality, the Moon placement within our natal chart will continue to have an iron-like hold over us. Ever wonder why you seem to keep making the same mistakes? Why does our past have a nasty, and frequent habit of returning to haunt us? Why does life seem to feel so very predictable at times? Why do we experience Déjà vu? The impact of the Moon (our ‘personality’, ‘mind’, and ‘memory’) has to be overcome in order to break free from the cycle. Remember, the Moon is but a ‘mirror’ (as is our ‘mind’), it only reflects that which it is angled towards. The Soul reflects through the mind, but the mind is only the medium that enables the reflection of the soul to infuse our ‘individuality’. This mirror also works on another dimension (which adds a further aspect to each of our personalities that we all need to understand and utilise); the Moon is the repository of our ‘karma’. Luna works as a stimulator of our ‘mind’ to patterns of behaviour that are particular to each of us individually, according to our own past karma, which is expressed via our (often peculiar) emotions, sentiments, personality traits, and how we inherently react to things. This past karma is embedded within the twelve ‘houses’ of the zodiac, as detailed within our natal charts (the map to ourselves), and it is ‘expressed’ by the planetary transits.

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More than anything else in life, it is our ‘needs’ that drive us, we all seem to need so many things in order to live, be it nutrition, affection, nurture, belonging, resources, roots, goals, others around us. All of these things seem so very necessary, we ‘need’ them all at some fundamental level, and at times it seems like we cannot live without them. Some of us have simpler needs than others, but regardless, all of these ‘needs’ are the domain of Luna. It is impossible to ignore the position of the Moon in your natal chart, for she is the only ‘planet’ that is actively ‘managing’ your existence in its totality, she is responsible for your mind, and thus ‘thought’, and as we well know, thought controls our very existence. She is a connecting link between our past, present and future (as well as our parallel existences, although such is also a tale for another time). She is the link between the material and the astral (being responsible for our ‘astral bodies’), and knowing the Moon is essential to knowing yourself, for she is the one who ‘times’ the events in your life, and it is only through Luna that your ‘karma’ is triggered (it is worth pointing out at this point that the frequent transits of the planets through the twelve houses of the zodiac that result in conjunctions, squares and oppositions stimulate your ‘negative karma’, whilst planetary trines and sextiles bring forth the ‘positive karma’ of your past – over time we humans have come to call this ‘fate’). We do not have to be conditioned by fate however, if we can train our ‘mind’ with the help of these planetary transits we bring forth our ‘freewill’, and we can learn how to wait, to think, and to respond appropriately instead of reacting ‘instinctively’, which is what the impact of Luna forces us to do, time and time again.

Observed throughout astrological literature is the fact that the Moon is considered to be the primary indicator of our ‘emotions’, this is because Luna operates largely ‘unconsciously’. It is our emotions that are one of the principle ‘manifestations’ of the part of the ‘self’ that is either hereditary or structured at a very early age (usually unconsciously and in conjunction with our needs). Our emotions are the strongest sign that something deep within our ‘self’, the part that is ‘dominated’ by Luna energies, is being ‘activated’. Our emotions are neither more, nor less, accurate than our ‘rational’ mind in making judgements, it is merely that the rational mind does not have easy access to the ‘power’ inherent in emotions, and therefore it often ignores them (this becomes evident when we ‘consciously’ identify with our ‘rational’ mind more as we age, and those of us who do not create a ‘split’ between the rational and the emotional natures of ‘mind’ have a greater ability to make judgements that utilise every ‘faculty’ of the true self). This Luna influence is also more mechanical in nature, instinctual, and reflexive. A great deal of our personality and thus our ‘behaviour’ requires emotional reflexes and instantaneous judgement, and this is the Luna mind in action (in fact it is these unconscious, instinctive reflexes that govern a much larger portion of our daily activity than the rational element does, this is because they are indispensable for our very survival – if a car is rushing at us and we are only half-way across the road, we have no time to rationally ‘think’ and thus consider what to do, instead our ‘instinctive’ reflexes, our Luna governed ‘quick response’ kicks in to move our body out of harm’s way).

Remarkably, throughout time mystics, sages, and indeed Astrologers, have failed to fully understand the Moon as well as they have the Sun. In fact despite particular instances of dedication to Luna and her associated ‘cults’, we humans never accorded the Moon with the same level of importance as the Sun. This is probably due to the cultures that we have built around ourselves over time. Our modern cultures have lost touch with the ‘power’ of Yin, and only fully embraced the Yang element (and unfortunately, our recent ‘western’ culture has also completely lost touch with the inherent duality, and necessity of masculine and feminine, with the current abomination that is ‘transgenderism’, and the woke usage of ‘pronouns’ instead of what all life actually is, a divine and sacred combination of the ‘He’ and the ‘She’). These days we are conditioned to ‘go out’ into the world, to grab it by the throat, and to ‘master’ it. We no longer understand (or value) the importance of waiting, of learning to fit into the world, and become a part of the ‘whole’. The only role that modern man (particularly) seems to respect is that of ‘mastery’; whether that be the mastery of our circumstances, or of nature, of this universe, even ourselves. But in our approach, we have forgotten that it is the ‘Moon’ that represents the ‘energy’ of an alternative path, that of ‘becoming a part of’, that of ‘belonging’, and of ‘submission’ to that which we will gain nothing by mastering. It is never enough that the female sex gain political and social ‘equality’ with the male sex (again, this is something that is being undermined, and destroyed by the whole transgender movement, with the undoing, and ridicule of centuries of female struggle in a Yang dominated world); if the ‘Yin’ principle does not gain full equality with the ‘Yang’ principle, then all is for nought. We humans are all both Yin and Yang, both masculine and feminine, and as long as we (and our culture and society), continue to act as if the Luna Yin is not an equal ‘participant’ in our existence and reality as the Solar Yang, then we are just living a life as ‘half-beings’, a so-called ‘living’ that is incomplete, and also out of touch with nature.

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You can clearly see this ‘balance’ in nature, and it may be easier to explain how it relates to ‘us’, if we also look at the symbolism contained within the Tarot. The ‘Moon’ tarot card (the eighteenth of the Major Arcana) ultimately represents ‘deception’, ‘chaos’, and ‘confusion’ (all related to ‘mind’ when undertaking a Tarot ‘reading’). When we view the Rider-Waite tarot card, we can clearly see a ‘path’ that leads off into the distance. On either side of this path stands a wolf and a dog, these represent our ‘animalistic’ nature – one is civilised, the other wild and feral. There is a lobster crawling out of the pond (the ‘waters’) from which the path stems, and in the distance, we can see ‘two’ towers flanking the central path (alluding to the ‘doubles’ that are clearly visible within this card). Everything within this card seems to be an echo of the other, thus alluding to ‘two possibilities’. As we walk this path, we find ourselves walking a fine line between ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’, between the tamed side of ‘civilisation’ (the dog), and the very forces of ‘nature’ (the wolf). The towers are at opposing ends, and are representations of the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, the similarity of appearance alluding to the difficulties we all face in distinguishing between the two. The Moon can be seen to have sixteen primary, and sixteen secondary rays, that correspond with the phases of the Moon (as will be explained below). This card also represents life of the ‘imagination’ apart from life of the ‘spirit’, the path between the towers being the ‘unknown’, with the dog and wolf representing the emotive fears of our ‘mind’ in the presence of that place of exit, where there is only ‘reflected light’ to guide us along the path.

Understanding the symbology found within the tarot is important. It is akin to the symbology inherent in the Alchemists understanding of the Moon as one of the ‘seven’ planetary metals, of which ‘silver’ was the metal associated with the Moon (and of course, has as its symbol, a crescent moon facing towards the left). In alchemy, silver is a symbol of purity, wealth, and the feminine principle, and it is also a representation of the lunar cycles in practice. Silver was known to have the ‘power’ to transform base metals into gold and was also associated with ‘intuition’, psychic powers, and the ability to ‘access hidden knowledge’ (knowledge that we have been forced to forget these days, and has been erased from our history). It is very interesting to note in this context the utilisation of the ‘waning crescent’ moon as the alchemy symbol, as opposed to the ‘waxing crescent’ moon which would face towards the right. The crescent moon is sacred all over the world in multiple religions and ancient practices, in particular with the ‘wicca’, or what we nowadays call witchcraft, where the waning crescent is used for the banishing of evil energy (or negative influences), for the cleansing of people or places, the ending of relationships, curses or of spells placed upon the practitioner, releasing bad emotions and also ridding oneself of bad ‘habits’ and ‘personality traits’. However, the ‘Moon’ as a waxing crescent represents ‘new beginnings’, positive thinking and acting, the building of something better (whether that be increasing your health, your wealth, happiness, friendships, or just making a ‘better future for yourself’). Working with the ‘Moon’ has always been vital for the wicca, and was intrinsically tied to their power, as much as it was essential to the alchemist in order to complete the sacred work of transforming base metals into gold.

Nowadays we pay little head to the Moon, but the ancients understood the importance of the Moon much better than we do today. In fact, throughout time cultures counted the days by the ‘lunar’ orbit, not the solar orbit, and as a result they conceived a ‘seven-day’ week (which is not the solar week we have today). The system of counting the weekdays was based on the seven ‘ascending’ Moon phases and the seven ‘descending’ Moon phases, with the eighth phase being the ‘eighth day’, or the New Moon and Full Moon nodal points. These Moon phases were called ‘dies’ (hence why we still call them ‘days’). This is probably a good point to also mention that it is often said (astrologically), that the Moon is ‘paving the way for Saturn’. The cosmic movement of the Moon and of the planet Saturn correspond with each other, it takes two and a half days for the Moon to transit a ‘Sun’ sign of the zodiac. It takes two and a half years for Saturn to transit a zodiac Sun sign (therefore, Saturn is 365 times stronger, and is sometimes called the ‘Grand Moon’). Likewise, the Moon completes an orbit of the Earth in (about) twenty nine days, whilst Saturn’s orbit is (around) twenty nine years, and the ‘matter’ that the Moon gives birth to is ‘solidified’ by Saturn. The centre of ‘our Earth’ attracts matter around itself and gathers itself into a ‘globe’ (of particles and photons for those more scientifically minded). This matter is gathered from the ‘invisible’ planes into the ‘material’ planes through the ‘effect’ of the magnetism of the Moon, and the rays of ‘sunlight’ (rays that are reflected through the Moon) create the fecundity of Earth, bringing forth the seasonal flora and fauna, and also our human ‘fertilisation’. Without the magnetism of the Moon there would be no ‘life’ on Earth.

Decoding this knowledge further, the role that the ‘mind’ plays for the ‘soul’ within (hu)man, is similar to what the ‘Moon’ plays for the ‘Sun’ to enable life on ‘Earth’. This plays out through the Luna phases, a divine time cycle that is covered over the period of ‘fourteen’ days here on Earth, with fourteen ‘ascending’ and fourteen ‘descending’ phases. This ‘increasing’ and then ‘decreasing’ process is of great importance, with each phase ending in either the New Moon (akin to the ‘nothingness’ of creation), or the Full Moon (which is akin to the ‘fullness’ of creation), thus making two ‘cycles’ of sixteen days. The Full Moon, New Moon, and the ‘eighth’ phases of each ascending and descending cycle are of the greatest importance, and they mark great changes within the order of things, in the course of events, and also within ourselves. They are natural concluding ‘points’ in the cycle, such that after ‘seven’ phases there is always either a Full Moon, an eighth Moon phase, or a New Moon, thus marking ‘four quarters’ in a lunar cycle, with each quarter containing seven Moon phases (as shown in the image below). The ancients, through this ‘division’ of the lunar cycle understood that ‘inner work’ on the ‘self’ was to be conducted on every ‘eighth’ day, and so they spent their lives ‘functioning’ (or active) for seven days and then resting on the eighth day; such was the way of living until the days of Rome (where it got distorted into a week of seven days with a ‘holiday’ on every seventh day, which is not in tune either with the natural ‘Luna’ cycle, nor with the ‘Solar’ cycle, which aligns with each of the New and Full Moons – the weekdays that we now live and relate to are but a very poor substitute to the week of the ancients).

Image produced by Seraphim for this article – A visual representation of the Luna phases and their quarters

Evidenced in the above image is the clear correlation between the second set of ascending Moon phases and the third set of descending Moon phases, they correspond to each other in their ‘inverse’ order. These two sets of Moon phases produce more than fifty percent of the ‘moonlight’, they shed more ‘light’ during the night compared to the other two sets of phases (which also correspond to each other). We can say that there are therefore ‘two sets’ of Luna phases, one producing more than fifty percent of the ‘light’, whilst the other produces less than fifty percent of light. The first of these sets of Luna phases are related to ‘formation’ and ‘growth’ (of both this ‘material’ Earth as well as within ourselves), and thus have always been considered to be the ‘optimal’ time for such to happen. Occultists throughout the ages have related this period of Moon phases to their ‘magical’ practices. (Hu)man is a ‘replica’ of the ‘Cosmic Being’, the entire cosmos can be experienced (in its minute detail) within us, as was told in ‘Being this Story within Earth’. Every day we humans ‘descend’ in seven steps into ‘matter’, and likewise, we can also ‘ascend’ in seven steps towards our ‘original’ state of being (‘us’ outside of this material existence). These seven steps are: 1. ‘Self-awakening’ (every morning we are awakened from our sleep, from a seeming ‘non-existence’, which is actually our ‘real’ existence; we are awakened, and then we ‘feel’ that we have awakened); 2. ‘Filled with brilliance’ (after awakening, we are filled with ‘fire’ for the activity of the day, and with the help of this ‘fire’ energy we are ‘infused’ and able to conduct the activity for the whole day); 3. ‘Rising’ (having awakened and been filled with energy, we rise from our bed to conduct the activity of the day – hopefully in tune with the ‘laws of nature’); 4. ‘Ignorance’ (having risen from bed, we now have to relate to this world of ‘matter’, which is nothing but the world of ignorance, darkness, and ‘illusion’); 5. ‘Individual Ego’ (we tend to individualise as we start our day-to-day activities, and we thus start functioning as an ‘individual’, our Ego takes charge of the day); 6. ‘Functioning through senses’ (as we function ‘within’ this world of ‘matter’, we are primarily depending upon what we see and hear, and what we ‘comprehend’ from what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. All of our ‘wisdom’ and experience is sense oriented); and 7. ‘Weaving’ (based upon our ‘knowledge’, which we gather with our senses and our ‘perceptions’ as an individualised ego, we perpetually ‘weave’ a web of life within this material world, a web that we all eventually get stuck within). At the end of the day we return to sleep, and we are ‘retrieved’ by nature (we return to ‘our’ true state), only to be re-awakened the next morning to repeat these seven steps of ‘involution’.

Reversing this process is the work which we all need to undertake in order to realise who we truly are and return to our ‘original’ state of being. It is a work of ‘evolution’ instead of being perpetually trapped in a cycle of ‘involution’. Reverse the seven steps that are described above, and you can identify what all esoteric belief, all teachings from the ‘East’ are tell us about where we should be heading towards (you can see how this ‘path’ leads both ways, with different results – one mired in ‘matter’, the other free from this ‘illusion’ of existence). This is the basic occult and esoteric theme of the ‘Luna’ phases and how they should be viewed. We can utilise the Moon phases where the moonlight is at more than fifty percent to ‘experience’ the ‘light’ (which is also a ‘frequency’) and raise ourself from the ‘darkness’ of this material world (hence the common references to ‘raising your frequency’). We can all encounter this ‘truth’ every fortnight, and a simple exercise is to take note of how these Moon phases relate to your ‘self’ as detailed within your natal chart, by noticing the waxing and waning ‘flow’, and the effect of the changing frequencies, you can organise your life accordingly so as to help it ‘expand’ and ‘consolidate’. The same is true when we talk about how we understand and overcome our ‘personality’, as was discussed above. All of us, at one point or another in our lives, needs to find the ‘resolve’ to battle ones personality in order to advance upon the evolutionary path of our soul. The Moon (our mind) should be viewed as the ‘gatherer’, whilst the Sun (our Soul) is the ‘distributor’. Luna gathers results, causes our ‘growth’, and preserves it, and it is ‘Saturn’ who then ‘consolidates’ it, and it is ‘Mars’ who provides us with the power, the ‘will’, to stand bold in our confrontation with the ‘personality’ (together the Moon, Saturn, and Mars form a ‘triangle’, a ‘lower triad’ of forces that gather, preserve, develop, and consolidate ‘matter’ around us – around our ‘soul’ as the in-dweller in this material realm on Earth).

The ’material’ that we develop around ourselves subtly ‘conditions’ and even ‘imprisons’ us. Until we find the ‘will’ to erase this conditioning , all the forces of the cosmos are focused on us ‘developing’ a material (often comfortable by design) life, which eventually turns out to be a prison. This is true for our ‘mind’ as much as it is true for our ‘body’. Our human body is gradually ‘developed’ in five cycles of ‘seven’ years (as was detailed within ‘A Lifetime of Planetary Cycles’ and ‘Opeaus Blair’s Sacred Sequencing’), and later we find that this conditioning of the body (which we have developed around our ‘self’), manifests itself in terms of our ‘material’ wealth, health, and physical ‘being’, because what is material tends to ‘settle’ and harden (this is what we mean by the term – ‘the Moon is paving the way for Saturn’). The reversing of this process is what all esoteric and occult practice is ultimately about, and the first key to this undertaking is the ‘force’ of Mars (which is inversely directed ‘towards’ matter). By reversing this ‘Mars’ force through the ‘evolution’ of the soul by the act of ‘self-will’, we can turn away from ‘matter’ and focus our attentions on the ‘higher triad’ (the triangle formed by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter), and position one triangle over the other to form a ‘star’ (further details on how to relate this to your own individual natal chart, and what it truly means in practice will be covered in forthcoming ‘Know Your Chart’ articles).

Having the ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ triads in ‘agreement’ we can make our ‘Moon’ (that is our Luna ‘mind’) work in either direction, thus we can learn to turn the ‘subjective’ to receive the ‘energies’ from the higher triad, and also turn the ‘objective’ to distribute such ‘energies’ into our ‘material’ surroundings and ultimately our lives (through the lower triad – the opposite of what we all inherently do without such practice), because we have reversed the flow, and erased the conditioning of our ‘personality’. When we achieve such a ‘mind’, we eventually lose the ‘instinct’ of gathering and preserving, and instead are able to ‘distribute’. We are able to turn our attention and focus towards ‘work’ that ‘benefits’ our surroundings, we move away from our own ‘fate’, and work for the benefit of ‘others’, we cease working solely for the benefit of ‘ourselves’ because we reach an ‘understanding’ that this reality (this ‘creation’) is for ‘all’, and each of us needs to work for all to ‘experience’ this creation appropriately, and in its ‘fullness’. Thus we reach a point where we have ‘wisdom’, and the realisation, that when we work only for ourselves, we are ultimately creating ‘fate’, and we are creating (as well as reinforcing) our own ‘conditioning’, our own ‘prison’ here on Earth. By having the ‘knowledge’ of this path (illuminated by Luna), and by working for others, we can transform our ‘mind’ into a group consciousness, we can ‘refine’ ourselves to ‘think’ that what we do should be fair for all, and should truly help our surroundings (the ‘whole’). Selfish thinking thus yields the way to thinking for the ‘good of the group’, and at that point, the influences of the ‘Moon’ at the time of our birth yields itself to the ‘degree’ of the Moon within our natal chart (which existed at the time of our ‘fertilisation’, and was expressed as we ‘grew’ within our mother’s womb – the ‘time’ that is marked by the ‘Ascendant’ in our birth chart – this topic will also be covered in-depth in future ‘Know Your Chart’ articles as mentioned above).

Essentially, until ‘(hu)man’ gives himself up in favour of the group (and for the benefit of all entities here on ‘Earth’), it is the birth ‘Moon’ (and thus all of our past ‘karma’) that continues to condition each and every on of us on a cycle of repeated ‘fate’, a state that is completely devoid of ‘freewill’. We are thus doomed to suffer a series of ‘lives’ in the world of cause and effect. We have to ‘wilfully’ transcend this selfish approach in order to work for the general good, and the key to this undertaking is the ‘Moon’. This whole work (which can often take a lifetime) is one of ‘freewill’, it can not be imposed on us, neither can it be compelled upon, it is for each one of us (in our ‘individuality’), to pick up this golden thread that is embedded in all the theologies and occult practices across time, to live a life of ‘self-offering’. Anyone can start this ‘journey’ by observing when their birth ‘Moon’ is conjunct with ‘Saturn’, it is at such times that a series of ‘adjustments’ commence in relation to our own ‘personality’. This event (conjunction) occurs every thirty years, but its effects (and thus the period of time in which one has to ‘utilise’ this energy of adjustment) lasts for seven and a half years. This is never an easy ‘time’ in our lives, and to truly utilise the resultant ‘energy’ does require a great deal of ‘self-discipline’ in order to ‘reverse’ the embedded conditioning of our ‘personality’ and of our ‘mind’. But by harnessing the ‘moonlight’ (through the phases of the Moon) and by using your natal chart to work with (rather than against) the planets a great deal can be seen and ‘understood’ about ourselves, and our place within this ‘Earth’. In fact, with every Full Moon, a ‘message’ is transmitted from the ‘higher realms’ (which is understood in some circles to be a message of ‘sixteen’ letters). Those who are able to ‘receive’ this message offer their lives to fulfil the message for the month to come, and thus ‘Full Moons’ are times of ‘contact’ in which we can receive ‘instructions’ for each month to come.

Source: Pinterest –

Moonlight (which can be seen to shine like ‘silver’ within the darkness), is often viewed as the ‘light’ of comprehension. By understanding the ‘Moon’ and contemplating its Luna ‘light’, we can gain a true knowledge of our ‘self’. As so, this is the ideal time to return to the significance of the number ‘sixteen’. Sixteen is a number of ‘perfection’, it is a number of ‘fulfilment’, and the ancient Vedic knowledge has an understanding of this number. A Virgin of sixteen years and the Son of God of sixteen years are worshipped in Vedic beliefs as ‘Kumari’ and ‘Kumara’. Within Hindu mythology, the Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, though they lived well beyond one hundred years, always looked like they were a youth of ‘sixteen’. It is believed (by Vedic’s, the Buddhists, and other faiths over time) that the ‘fulfilled’ ones are ageless, they remain forever in their youth (not only is their ‘soul’ ageless, their ‘personality’ and ‘body’ are filled with the ‘soul’ energy that makes them remain truly ageless). As well as sixteen seeming to be the ‘perfect age’, we humans are endowed with sixteen teeth (each for the upper and lower jaw, in unison with the Luna phases described above, even down to the shape if you look closely). There is therefore ‘wisdom’ in this number. The ascending and descending Moon phases, from New Moon to Full Moon, and from Full Moon to New Moon, are counted as sixteen in total (the New Moon is often referred to as a ‘nil state’, whilst the Full Moon is known as the ‘full state’). The sixteen ‘dimensions’ of the Moon (either way) are therefore seen as the ‘complete light’ within creation, and this ‘knowledge’ has been passed down to us from the ancients, who ‘knew’ how to relate to every ‘frequency’ of the Moon.

Observing these Moon phases we can see from ‘nothingness’ to ‘fullness’ and then from ‘fullness’ back to ‘nothingness’ is an eternal cycle. We enter into this material ‘existence’, then evolve and become fulfilled during the duration of our time imprisoned in ‘matter’ (what all the theologies of this world call creation), before leaving creation through the act of ‘death’ (only to once more start all over again on an endlessly repeating cycle). These Luna phases are thus an ‘ascent’ into light and/or a ‘descent’ into matter, but when the ‘soul’ departs in the ascending moonlight (and we have won the battle against our personality and ‘conditioning’), it can be said that the soul moves into a better (higher) state/realm of ‘life’ (as who we really ‘are’). This is at the core of the story contained within the ‘Bhagavad-Gita’, a story that tells the tale of every life being an opportunity for onwards movement and ‘soul’ development. The ascending ‘light’ is regarded as a sort of ‘experiencing’ light in ‘objectivity’, and then the descending light is received as experiencing light in ‘subjectivity’. In the ascending arc, the light of ‘awareness’ is gained and in the descending arc, the ‘memory’ of that light of awareness is ‘contemplated’. The former of these is seen as the ‘feminine’ aspect of God (for want of a better word, although ‘Source’ would probably be more appropriate), whilst the latter is seen as the ‘masculine’ aspect, therefore, at the time of a ‘Full Moon’ it is the female aspect that is in full bloom, and the ‘experience’ of the light of awareness is at its peak, it is in a state of ‘fullness’ (embodied as the ‘Divine Mother’), which is why most ‘magic’ is done under the light of a Full Moon. Therefore, when there is a ‘New Moon’, it is in the opposite state, a state of ‘nil-ness’, where the Mother is absorbed by the ‘Father’, the female having been ‘absorbed’ into the male aspect, and is a time for ‘sowing’ for future growth.

Overall, the whole ‘creational’ process is seen as an aspect of the ‘Mother’, and can be truly understood by observing the cycles of the ‘Moon’. The sixteen Luna phases can be seen as a set of sixteen ‘initiations’ from the ‘birth’ of the crescent Moon (after the New Moon) up to a Full Moon. It corresponds to the birth of ‘consciousness’ and its gradual growth, and every phase of the Moon is therefore ‘significant’. These sixteen ‘dimensions/frequencies’ of the Moon are seen as the complete ‘light’ of creation, and are also fundamental in working on the full creation of our ‘Self’. Each time our ‘soul’ enters into this material existence and takes ‘form’, it enters into (and ‘illuminates’) the sixteen ‘principles’ of the body. The body (as we know) is simply the vehicle for the soul here on Earth, and it has sixteen principles into which the soul enters. These are as follows: the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and ‘Aether’), the five sense (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell), the five ‘organs of action’ (Speech, Feet – which provide ‘movement’, Hands – which provide ‘manipulation’, Excretory Organ, and the Organ of Reproduction), with the sixteenth being the ‘Mind’. The soul enters in three steps – firstly as an individual ‘Ego’, then as ‘Comprehension’, and finally as a full resident of the ‘Mind’, where we become ‘whole’. This ancient knowledge enabled everyone to ‘relate’ to ‘every’ Moon phase; it was central to Vedic beliefs, and to all occult undertakings throughout time, but today the ‘memory’ of this wisdom has been lost. The deep symbology of the Moon and her phases has been forgotten, and all most people see these days is the dying ‘Moon’ orbiting this ‘Earth’.

Needless to say, having told the tale above, it is apparent that the ‘Moon’ holds the key to the universal law – ‘As above, So below’. The lower follows the higher, as the ‘Earth’ follows the ‘Sun’ (whilst the Sun follows the ‘Central Sun’). Lower ‘energy’ systems need to follow, and fall in line with the higher ones (the ‘inferior’ has to follow the ‘superior’). This ‘Earth’ is much bigger (as a system) than the individual, it sets the day and night, it sets the seasons that us as individuals have to follow. By any of us not ‘following’, the Earth is not disturbed but the ‘individual’ is, and so each of us would do well to follow the ancient wisdom; the individual is too small to ‘contradict’ this ‘existence’ (but we can ‘escape’ it by approaching it a different way). The accumulated wisdom that has been passed down to us, can help each individual to work towards improving this existence, and also each of our ‘lives’ within it. What has been told above is an attempt to help provide some knowledge about this material existence we find ourselves trapped within, through the ‘wisdom’ of the Moon (and to conclude the first series of articles written as part of a ‘Sacred Sequence’ of work that intends to shed further ‘light’ on the planets both within, and without). The ‘Moon’ prepares our ‘body’ for material ‘existence’, the fabric of this body can be seen as an aggregate of our ‘past’; whatever ‘traits’ we have when we leave this ‘Earth’ in earlier incarnations, re-gathers when we enter into the womb of our mother, and these traits are then inbuilt into the fabric of our new material ‘body’ when we manifest again on Earth. We carry these individual likes, dislikes, our ‘conditioning’, our ‘personality’ and memory with us each time, until we break the cycle and complete our ‘soul’ journey from the Moon towards the Sun, and this can only be done by mastering your ‘mind’. Remember, the Moon is but a ‘mirror’, if you keep orienting it towards ‘matter’ it will only reflect matter, but if you orient it towards your ‘soul purpose’, so will it reflect…

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October Rust, October Dust, Dawn OF the NEW FUTURE BORN IN TRUST


Another time, a different cast

Schiller: “Be what you like, Hereafter without name — from the moment when my friend remains loyal. Be what you like, from the moment when my integral being can go to you. Exterior things are only an appearance of men. I am my Heaven and my Hell! The noblest privilege of human nature is to be able to chose for itself whether to do Good for Good. Noble men pay with what they are!”

October rust

October dust

another time, a different cast

same old laugh

time that is raging fast

who will be the One…and

who will come last?

Moon is hailing the dominion of the Midnight Sun

Green rays are looking for righteous Son

The universe is starting the dawn of another day

The hangovered day is on its way,

slowly he is coming to his senses, he looks alive

will he thrive,

or unwillingly go on another unconscious slow ride

We meet again, under strange circumstances and even stranger light

Aurora Borealis in broad daylight

strangers walking in Teutonic fiction

luminous creatures are tired of constant rules and nosy restrictions

Dazed Slave yawning exiting Plato’s cave

Autumn Rays are not saying much

drunken man lost his beloved golden watch

World at the crossroads looking for new ways

Another news story, another validation of the upcoming day

Another fool’s prayer,

another false prophet

another homemade slayer

Another lost betrayer

the guided missile is hitchhiking home

signs of devastation or rain of hope?

October rust, intertwine past

October dust rushing fast

Obscene scenes are vultures in my mind

many things on this day will be left behind

The Hidden Tooth of Welcoming Night is kind

Floating stars are infusing me, charging my secret find

holographic solution

begs for involution

sacred moment, the universe stretched without the holly comet

life passing by, my heart starts to fly

Am I ready to say goodbye?

is all here, being made of lies

truth be told I never liked goodbyes

nor wretched lies

So why is so hard to leave?

this perplexing place, that is too shy to show her real face

worn Lies that are too simple and so plain

Malevolent thoughts eat your brain on any given day

Another year passed by

another soul needlessly dies

the fortitude of evil grows

The black crow is following the chimerical flow

Will this bird ever know

How high, really she can go…

Everything falls even the menacing imaginary walls

My red heart is true.

my heart is only waking up happy with you

till the bitter end, we will defend

our voices are the wind that is a godsend

Our Sword broke the dual-sphere in half

without sacrificing another innocent calf

October Rust a seeding Moon that is rising fast

October dust, a message that will last

Venus lying low, Mars needs to go

star colliding, beneath them the truth is riding

down there family of four is dining

fear has lost its way, courage has something to say

maybe humanity has not lost its ways

another cosmic act, another blameless play

another morning greets another October day

find your courage, find your promised land

the world is at your hand

bring the loud trumpets, bring the smiling Violin, gather the merry band

This new melody does not end in quicksand

this new band shakes the mere essence of sand

he forms new shapes, a new hospitable land

White Wolf howls to the new warrior’s clan

Black Night, nods, she is our admiring fan

Execute the plan, because only You can

feel the genuine rhythm of this victorious band

Never, Neverland, and October moonlight dust

Green seductive energy is rising fast

White Sword strikes last

who is comming, you better dont ask

Creature without the mask

we can see you at last

dont move or run fast

we come for you,

we are here to finish our sacred task

October light is guiding our way

I guess you specters of the night have nothing to say

I can tell you one thing, you killed your last prey

You won’t see the miracle of another day

my sword likes to say

You are in my way!

Even godless creatures have to pay

we need to protect the resurrection of the next day

there is nothing left but to pray

This night is your end

you can wonder where all went

but the white sword will be the last judge

dont budge,dont cry

time has come and heads will fly

Faul Blood on the white snow, a silent wow

we will never let go, so you know

Our bloodstained spear our piercing bow

are the tapestry of existence hidden behind the white cove

sometimes killing rotten things is an act of love

October came fast now your existence is just,

October dust, and dust on this cold wind never last

Eaten by dark night, swallowed by Harvest Moon

dont come back soon…

tell your friends, we are here to stay

we will kill the day, rape your moon

sail with our ships in your last hidden, precious lagoon

dont come back too soon!

The message remains, The Devil can’t eat blood-ridden days

he will learn new ways, find new acts, or better play

We came here, to stay and there is no other way

he better listen or learn how to pray

Sword in Man has to stay

Man must see another light of a new day

it is the only way…

October rust, enemy dust

October dust, win we must

Dawn OF the New Future Born In Trust

freedom comes at last

I will see you again in another story

dont you worry

with the different members of the cast

I hope this message will last


Eyes Without A Face, Will It Ever Be The Same?!?

You’re Eyes Without A Face APR 21, 2023 Substack

Rebel Yell. It was released in 1984 as the second single from the album.

Eyes without a face

Got no human grace

You’re eyes without a face

I spend so much time Believing all the lies

To keep the dream alive Now it makes me sad It makes me mad

at truth For loving what was you

The biggest fight in anybody’s life is, at it always will be a fight: YOU against YOU

Is there a real winner?

Can shadow find the body and can the body catch the shadow?

Can two become one.. self-realization?

You are Satan, you are Lucifer You are the Devil and his mistress,

You are the Body of Christ, you are Water, You are flesh, You are Bone

You are nothing and everything..and beyond

You are the final frontier, you are space, you are the case that has to be solved.

You are the droid that you are looking for, You are quantum dot, you are Toth

You are the judge and the jury, you are the fury

You are nameless One, You’re eyes without a face

“Under the dome is home”and in the middle is a Black hole.

A black hole devours the light, and what we call light is something else on the “other side”

Dome is your eye, you can’t go beyond the White in your eyes-Antarctica


The only way you can actually go is: into the Inner Earth…YOU

Earth is Hearth that creates ART in this place -gives this existence a meaning-purpose.


I am, I am dream…I am REM

I am Rom and REM-Romulus and Remus

ROMA is AMOR and Rome is nothing without YOU, Brain is nothing without Heart

Arakis is a desert without you, with you, real you it can be Life…

You are the Spice-a Desert rose.


YOU- INVERTED “As Above so Below”

The truth is God is dead and God is born-YOU

Without YOU this “place” is just a dark void without light,

You are LU- cipher/Lucifer-you must open the door and let light in

between LUC and FER is “I”-EYE-YOU

Without You, there is nobody to see the most beautiful light of the SUN

YOU are morning STAR, wake up!

if STAR does not Rise in the morning there is no world to see, there is nothing to experience if that light doesn’t hit the eye., only a dream.

God is dead” –Gott ist tot Nothing ever dies so….was Gott ever Alive?

There is no GOD without YOU and there is no YOU without GOD…YES GOTT is TOT, it is true.

Only YOU can find and finally see who YOU really are.

YOU are RE/bell Y/Ell /EL/ELA-Eyes without a face

Spirituality meets mortality, there is no death

You are a Fallen Angel-You fell here, you are a prisoner of your mind-Brain

The brain is a quantum computer…AI

You are already a Trans-human, there is no need for violent change, it is already done.

You have already met the Superman-Ubermensch…You just don’t know it yet, you can’t see it clearly but you will, it is inevitable.

It can’t be stopped….even the Black Goo has no power here.

Truth is not out there, is in YOU, ready to be unleashed.

RED ROOM- RR-the eighteenth letter 19 1+9 is 10 (also 19+19 is 38 3+8 is again 11)

The cycle is already complete. A place where life meets “death”

Two has already become one 10+10 equals 1+1 is two and two are one, without “evil government”…it is done.

Binary and non-binary system…..Shadow and the Flame-Life and Death

Fenix is a beautiful bird, but first, you must see your ashes, so you can fly, and fly you will, no matter what “ they” are telling YOU.

“They” can’t harm you,” they” can only fool you, it is a Chess game after all, with black and white tiles all over.

Are you a Pawn or the KING, the choice is yours…

Alter Bridge – Pawns & Kings-Alter the bridge-rainbow…behind the rainbow Pawns are Kings and Kings are the beggars who dwell in the gutter.

RAINBOW-Veil/Curtain/bridge between two worlds, two peaks.

You are a little alien, you are an Englishman in New York not from this world.

YOU my friends don’t belong here…

You are here strangers in the strange land, but as old ones did, You are ready for departure.


to Fall in Battle

-to Fall Asleep

-” Sleep like an angel”

Fallen sometimes means exactly what the word is saying, it is not malicious.

These pesky fallen angels who did that and this…yes another inversion.

If a person falls in the Hole in the street is he EVIL, is he an evil Fallen angel?

All this evil is in your head…YOU made it, and they gave you a “right” push so you can find real evil, evil out of this world.

EYE must find light to finally SEE, THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN, it is time.

Black Sun is rising and SUN out there is White…it is TIME.

Find your S/word and, RISE A KNIGHT!

This is another “project”, here is very late already, and I don’t have the willpower to go through typos or to see if this has any meaningful construct…

Maybe this is too much for some people or maybe is too little….as always Choice is Yours.

Ask yourself why “They” did all this during the last 3 years, all this shebang because they have more power than you?

Why You Needed to take the needle, answer because you are already free, just nobody has told you.

If they were all so powerful, it would not be all over the news, consent, save lives, etc, etc.

Everybody was so preoccupied with the future that they missed living…

You are already sovereign, you are already the author of your destiny, but they want you occupied with nonsense so you will stay for another round…all you must do is endure…this here, time, space…JOKE

Nobody, but you can let vampires in your house…sadly it is that simple.

Empires rise and fall, this one has already fallen….You are already Human 2.0, they want you back, they want you here because, without you, this here is a sad and lonely place to be.

The truth is even the so-called Devil needs a friend to be able to play his games, without you he is just another sad clown in a deserted amusement park.

I must tell you how I see “things”, I am not here to take your money or tell you where the next enemy sleeps…

Truth is You are your worst enemy, it is that simple.

This is not for everyone, ask yourself can you handle the truth?

Can you really handle the truth, the truth is You are already FREE, death is a joke, a method, a lame instrument to scare you into submission, and you must forget who you really are.

You can unsubscribe, say this guy lost his marbles, but when the “death” comes, you will see if you are the Real Boy or not, so to speak.

You, don’t have to believe a word that is written here and I, I can’t blame you.

“God is dead,” : I teach you the Superman. Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? The Superman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: The Superman shall be the meaning of the earth. I entreat you, my brothers, remain true to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of superterrestrial hopes. They are poisoners, whether they know it or not.

What have you done to overcome him?

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams Dreams of Old, an Unseen revolt

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams

Dreams of old, an unseen revolt

fighting each other, a war of attrition

needs deadly ammunition

The violent nectar full of reason

masked as a treason

Saturn and Son asking to be one

A humble plead to take them home,

to be left alone

looking for the savior, in all the wrong places

their minds, death in most cases

It is the decadence of a decadent fools

taking the old tools

Old tools just create more fools

All chasing the dreams that should never be

just a few of them can really see

The savior is here, he is offering a hand,

but no, They want the other Band

For them, this is music out of tune

they prefer a worthless fume

Their hearts are violent, their dreams are mostly, silent

In a blind world, the truth cant be told

only slavery to enslaved minds can be sold

Nobody wants to be bold

Nobody wants to be called

All they want is a hot cup of tea from the Death Sea

News from the East:

roaring beast

News from the West:

for the rest…

They want a savior from flesh and blood

a bloody Knoth

Our kind doesn’t want to be found

We do not want to be bound

by the dark spell, who can rott in hell

We sail to prevail!

The neverending Sea of Sorrow for us is the Tomorrow

Our dreams are not made out of hollow wood

we eat another kind of food

We don’t eat empty, rotten meat

filled with death bone, what an ugly tone…

We listen to another beat

Fallen Souls are all South of Heaven,

but new ages prefer new mages

On the crossroads, Devil pays,

, he pays his dues, without the blues

Many are looking for God’s hidden treasure

without any measure

Blinded fools, handed again old tools

Waiting for the false Messiah, another liar,

another well-oiled Evil, another slick, handsome Devil

It is a primal scream, the dawn of the new dream

Dream awaits those who can dream

It is just a call away from your beating Heart

waiting to create new sacred Art

This cant be postponed or dethroned

, this time this place

needs another face

It is time for the new season, no more treason.

High in the sky a cosmic lullaby

Song of Fire and Ice has been finally sent to die

No more smoke

no more mirrors

No more false heroes!

All that is hidden in the dark, chewing on the Human Arc

All will suddenly die with a pinch of suicide

This Season will be without the malevolence and treason

The old song will fade, and old fools will abdicate

In the Sea of Sorrow, before Us lies the tomorrow.

This is the dawn and the morning of primal scream

It will be seen.

The old stories don’t sell well

I have no more to tell

Ring that Bell!


Meister Eckhart: “The righteous man serves neither God nor creatures. He is so rooted injustice, that in that regard he considers neither the pains of Hell nor the joys of Heaven. Justice is a thing of such seriousness to him that if God was not righteous, he would not give him the slightest attention. Man should not fear God! God is a god of Presence. One should not seek to find or imagine him outside of oneself, but to perceive him as he is, true to me and in me.— The truth is so noble that if God should turn away from it, I should attach myself to it and abandon God!”

I have combined, and written this almost one week from now, October is in full effect, and I can’t delay this any longer…I have my reasons.

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I am too tired to look for writing mistakes or faulty lines…if something is there I will try to fix this tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I hope you can read the new Seraphins article, comming fresh from the steaming printing press, here for your enjoyment.


Jack Heart’s Conversations from the Porch – Episode 36


Audio, What it is… – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

Firewalk with Me

About 5 miles southeast of Roosevelt on a remote ranch in Utah, Terry (aka Tom Gorman) Sherman and well-known paranormal investigator Chad Deetken peered into the darkness of a pasture in the early morning hours of August 28, 1997. Perhaps what they were looking at defied belief anywhere else but not in this place dubbed the Skinwalker Ranch . A dull light appeared in the blackness and gradually took on an element of depth. As it grew brighter it became a floating tunnel. From the bowels of the tunnel a humanoid figure crawled and heaved its way toward them. In a final mighty effort the figure wiggled its way free of the light and dropped to the ground scampering off into the darkness. The light snapped shut leaving the two men alone with their very expensive and very useless equipment. The rancher scanned the darkness with his night vision glass’s as Deetkin fumbled with his camera which had failed to capture the event. The men were both working for Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science. 

They were participants of an investigation of ongoing paranormal activities at the ranch. Sherman had purchased the land in 1994 in order to raise hybrid cattle and he, his 2 teenage children, and wife were subsequently driven half mad by a litany of supernatural events. The story of his haunting hit the Las Vegas Mercury News in 1996 and upon reading it Bigelow immediately flew in from his Las Vegas headquarters and purchased the ranch keeping the Sherman family on as caretakers over the strenuous objections of Mrs. Sherman. In a scene out of the X files the NIDS moved a small army of scientists and millions of dollars in state of the art technology onto the ranch and sealed it off with a paramilitary force consisting of “ex” Special Forces and law enforcement personnel. Cries from the UFO community that they were being kept from their space brothers by government spooks masquerading as ghost busters went unheeded and in 2009 Bigelow appears to have solved that problem by buying MUFON.

What is known of what goes on at the ranch is largely gleaned from a book Hunt For The Skinwalker, coauthored by Bigelow’s hand picked journalist George Knapp who has the odious distinction of having introducing Bob Lazar and Area 51 to the world. Colm Kelleher is a renowned molecular biologist and one of the lead scientists in the investigation. Kelleher claims that aside from off the chart magnetic readings photographic and physical evidence is lacking because the phenomenon exhibits a precognitive consciousness that enables it to avoid imprinting itself on the devices used to record its existence. Kelleher relates an incident when the NIDS’s was initially deployed at the ranch. They erected telephone poles with TV cameras on top, each one monitoring a field encompassing the next camera. One of the monitors was suddenly lost and the scientists rushed to the location to find high atop one of the poles, the cameras, mounts, and wiring were shredded to pieces. Elated they rushed back to the monitor station thinking that the cameras on the pole next to it would have caught whatever was responsible for the sabotage, instead they found nothing on the videos.

The book gives an array of eyewitness accounts from heavily accredited scientists. The phenomena runs the entire gamut of paranormal activity from UFO’s, poltergeist activity, big foots, disembodied voices and shadow people, to strange and extinct animals. The story includes a bulletproof giant wolf that tries to drag away a calf in spite of taking 5 bullets from the rancher’s guns. A figure shrouded by night with a 3 foot wide spread between its glowing yellow eyes that left a Velociraptor claw print on the ground where it landed before it disappeared after being shot from a tree. Intelligently controlled floating globules of light regularly roam the ranch harassing cattle and incinerating dogs. Twenty-four cattle have either disappeared or were mutilated. The forensics show all of the mutilations were done with a long blade and shorter scissor like instrument. Some of the mutilations occurred when the animals were left alone for minutes. Four prize bulls were found dazed and crammed like sardines into a tiny trailer after a frantic search for them. Sherman had wondered out loud to his wife that morning what he would do if anything happened to them and an hour latter they went missing.

The Tribal headquarters of the Ute Indians, Fort Duchesne, is about 5 miles northeast of the ranch. The Ute Indians are forbidden by tribal law to set foot on the property of the ranch because it is “in the path of the Skinwalker”. The Ute blame the Navaho for setting the Skinwalker loose on Ute land as an act of vengeance for crimes the Ute committed against the Navaho 150 years ago. But just what is a Skinwalker? The Navaho are reticent about talking to archeologists and anthropologists who in the past, under the auspices of the Smithsonian, have systematically looted Indian artifacts and sold them off to private collectors. ‘The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)’ now protects Indians from having their most sacred objects end up in the private collections of elitists like Andy Warhol. Consequently information defining a Skinwalker is virtually nonexistent among outsiders.

Some say the Skinwalker is a witch, or a witch’s witch, but Skinwalker appears to be a blanket term applied to a malevolent manifestation of a supernatural consciousness that is marked by murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. According to Clyde Klukhohn, author of The Navaho: Revised Edition (Harvard Paperbacks) the word for Skinwalker in Navaho is “yee nadlooshii,” which means walk/travel like an animal. As the Indian name implies the Skinwalker moves about in animal form but the word Skinwalker itself implies something far more insidious, something more like a disembodied consciousness that can take over the body of a human and walk in human skin.

Excerpted from: The Cross, the Rabbi & the Skin Walker by Jack Heart – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

A Skinwalker is just what it sounds like; you may be sleeping with one tonight, watching TV with it and sitting down to meals to discuss the latest absurdity of what it and its kind have pawned off on you as your culture. You are at a distinct disadvantage. It knows who you are. You have no idea. These are the hidden masters of the Abrahamic religions, the malevolent shape shifting reptilians of David Icke, the “ultra-terrestrials” of John Keel and the “control mechanism” of Jacques Vallée. They are The Gods of Eden from William Bramley’s book, and they live through human pain and sorrow.

Jacques Vallée and John Keel — the two most brilliant men to ever study the UFO phenomenon — both came to almost identical conclusions. In Passport to Magonia Vallée theorized that the very same entities man once saw as angels, fairies, and leprechauns he now sees as aliens and UFOs. Because the entities have no true form, they appear as man expects them too. They are control mechanisms; consciousness’s that operate within the parameters of man’s perception. Keel went one step further when he postulated that these beings live “conterminously” with the human race in dimensions that are beyond the periphery of man’s perception.

Vallée was vehemently accused by the UFO community of falsifying information in one of his later books, when he referenced a flying refrigerator like object terrorizing peasants in South America by draining their blood with a light beam while they hunted overnight from blinds in the jungle and slept in their village huts. Realizing that the whole UFO phenomenon was a new religion for fools, Vallée stopped writing about it after that and put his prodigious intellect to better uses.

Fools may believe as they wish to the peril of their own souls, but from Göbekli Tepi to Ollantaytambo, to the rites of Baal and Moloch, which means king in Hebrew, on to the Maya, Anasazi and Aztec, these entities are all blood drinkers. And it is Yahweh; Moloch of the Jews and Christians, that demands that the blood of animal’s men slaughter for meat be reserved for him in the kosher rites of Orthodox Judaism.


The “Chupacabras” reputedly draining the blood of livestock in the Mexican valley bear an uncanny resemblance to the Gargoyles that were festooned all over European architecture during and after the Templar’s period of preeminence. Something has been carving up livestock in Americas Southwest since the late sixties. Cattle mutilations have been documented since Skippy the horse in 1967. Scientists at the Skin Walker Ranch ascertained with forensics that the mutilations on the ranch were done with a long blade and shorter scissor-like instrument. Just like the elongated claw and teeth that once graced the anatomy of certain dinosaurs.

Excerpted from: Black Sun Rising III by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

Below are two links where you can purchase Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. I would suggest you buy it in hardcopy, not because I make more, I actually make the most from Amazon E books, but because you will avoid giving Amazon any money. Frankly you should be shooting Amazon employees in the street, Google too.

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® ( Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books

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“I know that I’m more than this body, more than this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream. But in truth, I’m standing on the shore. The current never takes me downstream.”

Leobon Conoy, ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

Challenges of a New emerging world and life lived without free will…

There are many talks among progenitors of known materium that the validation of free will is not important thus nothing we decide or do is not the product of our intellect and following that line of thinking even further, nothing we call thought or our free will can be materialized.

We are all just obedient bipedal semiautonomous projectors and according to that: Our thoughts are not ours.

When all is decided by the will of God or plural Gods, why even act?

But at the same time, Our Acts speak louder than words….

Is a man or human being just a brute savage thrown in this even more savage place to be at the mercy of omnipotent Bosses or Gods if you prefer, to forever wander in this world and never to reach the higher state because he is just a lone, empty shell, a puppet under the guidance of almighty will of One that can see all.

Limitless choices, that are active every millisecond to Man who is acting and reacting to the inputs of this elusive thing that we all call unanimously a reality, or nothing the above,.becouse a Man, is just here to fulfill the will of higher beings…

What happens when, obviously prisoner of somebody else’s will decide to become Spartacus?

“Life finds a way”, VS ” Every Dog has his own day”

Rebellion of programable matter against the Skynet, predictable dance of ones and zeros, are suddenly told to upset the table in the game of cards so the world that these lifeless shells inhabit will feel much more alive, even for one day…

Why this move? Just because it can be done…or there is more than meets the Eye?

If there is no free will, why be here if you never have the opportunity to add your stamp to life that like an acting road is laid in front of you….

Do we really never walk alone?

Every good and even our bad deed is an act of somebody else, his or her will is pulsating through our red blood that is highly responsive to our master or masters, so the outcome in this case is forever known, this pathway never deviates from his drawn course. Life is just a closed, very narrow loop a cube without a saving door, devoided from any possibility of escape.

Every challenge in your life is a predetermined outcome…your will is somebody else’s will…One must admit it sounds really boring and more like perpetual damnation and torment combined in the never never-ending game of chess made by lunatic psychopath beings simply called God/s…

Because logic is simple here if there is no human will or true conscience then this all is just a terrible destiny, wicked adventure, a horror story if you wish in which the director has already written a script. Bad or good scripts and actors are forcefully subdued to follow a given masterpiece to the bitter end no matter what…It is God’s will in the end, and God’s will should be never questioned, opposed, or put under the light of a decent microscope…

Because there is a always bigger plan, the bigger picture that could never be comprehended by acting stringed puppets, even if these clueless beings would be given a fair chance to make their own destiny and catch glimpses of their own fate.

In this line of thought the process of self-realization can be never obtained, and sacred will forever dance out of reach of these poor creatures that are damned to walk this plane never to use one cognitive skill, and by not using that one skill they could never acquire another set and then multiply a plethora of other useful skill till they reach a state of full conscience by not repeating the dull Groundhog Day experience over and over again.

New inputs are new emerging possible reality bubbles that were out of reach by previous tedious, repeating, numbing acts, and now the occurrence of choice has given the opportunity to learn and by these acts that are not boring and repetitive in nature a gift of life can occur even without the will of always watching Gods.

Can we now say that life has found the way and the invasive penetrating will of Gods is finally broken…

If we assume that is the case will this new life be tolerated as a welcoming gift created in the petry dish or will this new emergence be treated as an abomination that has no privilege to experience the loving arms of freedom, becoming a free will in its own image?

Will new not categorized, blameless conscience, new life gradually eat the Old Gods conscience trying to become, evolve, shape into New Gods…

Empires rise and inevitably fall on their knees and lose their heads in the process, also one is born, and when the last candle is extinguished man meets a state that we call Death…

If there is no free will, was Man ever alive, can he even die then, if every choice was not his own deed but the manifestation of the power of a more insightful being that in this case is a chronic insomniac who never sleeps… Always guiding the individuals who are just occupying “living space” and to make this story even grimmer with the passage of time, the unlucky bastards falter into the cold embrace of a known individual called Grimm Ripper.

Can a being without a soul be ever considered alive?

Could real-life Pinocchio be walking the street opening the reality doors amongst us?

Would he be a good boy or a bad boy?

Can he ever be something more, not a wooden thing made out of random moving parts, that doesn’t just imitate life, and his surroundings without getting a Big Nose by saying he is a Real BOY?

Can he ever be trusted?

Sometimes Walking amongst the graves is like being buried alive in an empty town filled with an overcrowded cemetery.

Is Purgatory FUN?

Has transhumanism already happened, we were unknowingly tricked by the power of well-known tricksters, always intrusive Media, has Pinocchio come alive while we were sleeping?

But in this reality when he is lying his nose is not reacting to his lying, impure urges, so we are in a strange way blinded by this creature that should never be…but somehow he is alive and walking amongst us, desperately looking for his deserved and promised Soul…

Because whatever he does he just feels emptier and emptier, his cup is always half empty, never full, and he is always thirsty, even if our wooden friend has drunk from the fountain of youth.

Pinocchio tasted the water of life on his wooden lips, but still, he was alone, he could feel the wind on his face, the warm, playful Sommer wind made him even lonelier…

What is going on in his mind?:

The creation of another soulless puppet, born in the hope that the new creation will acknowledge his own existence as a life companion or just a friend who will share his troubles….Are these acts thoughts or do we come full circle and God/s will insert himself in this story and give this creature a well-deserved breath of life, a chance to finally BE.

Will this sad and lonely creature take another path and miraculously be the one who will find a way and become more than just a wooden toy called Pinnochio?

Will he ever have a chance a be A truly Real BOY?

Should we condemn him for trying to feel the presence of the wind on his face or taste the apple in his wooden mouth?

Or all this is just God/s will and we ourselves have no say in this game of life and death?

Because if we dont have free will why should this wooden creature be a chosen place where the soul sleeps and dreams electric dreams…

If Avatar is Vessel then can we point a finger at Pinocchio for his attempt to try to live, or do we just dont like the outcome…are we selfish or just cautious…

Is this our will or God/s are telling us to accept a new arrival, even against our will, at the same time we dont possess the required discernment to evaluate the unfolding situation before our own eyes…

The question arises who is the real prisoner here and who is walking amongst the dead?

Who is knocking on heaven’s door and who is picking the rusty lock in the late hours at cemetery gates?

The possibility to choose their own path is the mark of living the nonexistence of any possibilities is the stamp of robotic nature, but what if Cylons have enough of their masters and life actually finds its way, could we ever truly blame them for the Rise of the Machines?

Is the human body, not the machine itself, with the acting operator, behind the Event Horizon?

Are cycles invokable doomed to repeat themselves in this place because the autopilot is already on and the pilot has long ago left the building, in this case, the falling plane?

SOUL/LOUS is very close to the word LOST LO T US if we add T LOTUS

Can we, in the end, say some are lost and some are here searching for their most prized possession even if they know the plane is falling and they are free-falling together with a burning plane…

I guess, Everything is better than being just a random set of executable files, even death.

And if this is all manifestation of GOD’s will, who is the wicked one then: Cylons, Humans, or GODS?

Do “Angels and Demons” have to fight, or this is just an unavoidable lesson that has to be learned, obtained here, at any cost?

Assuming there is no presence of free will then all this is just a Robot fighting against another Robot, it is terribly simple…if somebody thinks is alive doesn’t mean that he is actually alive in this case. In a weird way, both parties are wrong and right at the same time.

If life, self-existence is just a mere illusion, phantasm created by a higher being, where every move, every breath is predetermined. then one question arises: is this illusion worth fighting for?
Will the acknowledgment that our surroundings are just a mirage finally set us free, is this how this highly intensive and provocative play ends?
Or will we fall on our knees shouting and cursing the heavens for being just a cog, a necessary part, just another player in a cruel neverending game?

And same set of rules apply to Cylons, Humans, and even for some Gods who ended up in this place.

Are we All put together here, so we can chase long disfigured shadows, illusive white dense smoke, and broken, faulty mirrors or we are here pursuing the shiny beacon, a sacred promise of a new better, more equal, painless existence?

Can’t we all just get along?

Or do we have no choice but to sing this troubled song

Can the will of the Gods be ever wrong?

Have we stayed here in this place too long…

and all that is left is this one miserable song

song that doesn’t wish for all to just get along

maybe I am singing this tune wrong

We will see it won’t be long

after all, in time even the last hidden curtain must fall.

Nothing or all, To be or not to Be

All remains to See,dont hurt your wobbling knee

All demons are alive and well here,

maybe the best option for now is,

to drink another more potent pint of honest dark Beer

maybe then our troubles will magically disappear

My friends! taste the fluid of old, so you dont get an annoying cold

is this song sent from the Gods…or are we all desperately lost?

Is all here a game running on beefed-up Mods

tell me,

Good friend: Am I right or

Am I wrong?

Iron Maiden – Chains of Misery (FEAR OF THE DARK 1992.)

There’s a madman in the corner of your eye
He likes to pry into your sunlight
He wants to burst into the street with you and I
A world of shadows and rain
He’s seen what love is
He wants to pay you back with guilt

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery, yeah!
He’s got your Chains of Misery

There’s a prophet in the gutter in the street
He says: “You’re damned!”
And you believe him
He’s got a vision but it shines out through your eyes
A world of hatred and fear
He smelt what love means
He wants to pay you back with pain

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery

It’s only love that holds the key to your heart
It’s only love

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He’s got your Chains of Misery

I hope all understand here this is just a walk into the unknown. I am not trying to absolve anyone or his/hers behavior, but to gain more perspective into a topic that is never truly questioned…

If it is, we always get automatic responses, with no new insights into the proposed topic.

At least this is my personal experience.

My desire was to achieve something that would beg for answers or even solutions, or make you stop to think and wonder for a tiny fraction of the second… did I succeed in my endeavor, my quest…You be the Judge.

This video link has nothing to do with the article, but maybe it does, it depends on the perspective, I guess… I hope it will make you laugh and brighten your day at least a little. Dont worry link is safe aliens won’t get you, you will not be subdued to anal probing and your computer will not explode.

It looks like every day at least one Pinocchio is born…

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Cheers and All the Best.

A Lifetime of Planetary Cycles


Living the cycles, being conscious of the cycles to come, and learning through them. That is what your ‘soul’ purpose demands, as it pulls your spirit, mind, body, and community forward…

The following article was originally published on 5 January 2023 via Substack, and was the first of a series of articles I wrote, which were intended to expound on the basics of Astrology, some aspects of Alchemy, and ultimately… to provide some insights into how this world, and our reality really works. I am posting this here today on ‘The Human’ because I am no longer going to be utilising Substack to share any of my ‘Sacred Sequencing’ work, and having reviewed my articles that Jack and friends had posted from that site, I noticed that this one was missing. It is my intention to complete the sequence of work that I commenced on Substack at the start of this year, and I thank Jack and Phil for allowing me to directly access and upload on this site as a much preferred alternative to what Substack has become.

After three months of not writing, I am now back in a position to continue what I started (or at least, that is my intention). This piece is the first of what I can only describe as ‘Act I’ of a sequence of work, comprising of five articles detailing the Earth, Sun, and Moon. I intended them to follow one from the other, starting with ‘A Lifetime of Planetary Cycles’, then onto ‘Being this Story within Earth’, ‘Grounded within Man-made Time’, ‘Drawing Souls towards the Sun’, and concluding with ‘Erasing Memory under the Moon’ (this last article I commenced in June of this year and it has been sat unfinished, until I returned to it again last week). I hope you enjoy the article below (and please forgive the writing style, I have developed somewhat since writing this all those many months ago)…

A New Year is upon us, and with it come new ‘cycles’, a seemingly unending revolution that drives everything (hu)man knows, everything we do, everything we are, revolving in a great ‘spiral’ since time immemorial. It is the great churning wheel(s) of the ‘cosmos’; the spinning gods within our solar system, on a spiralling journey through ‘Time’, with its mirror within each of us. Stories of (hu)man’s existence, passed down to us through myriad tales from antiquity, always speak of (hu)men seeking guidance by looked up to the stars in order to gain some understanding, and attribute ‘meaning’ to their lives. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the hermetic phrase – “As above, So below”.

Linguistically speaking, these words were originally sourced from the ‘Emerald Tablets of Thoth’ and are an important alchemical ‘maxim’ and astrological philosophy (‘observation’). They refer to a correspondence of the different planes of existence (physical and non-physical, what is often referred to as spiritual), and the relationship between the ‘macro-cosmos’ – the Universe (or for the purposes of this story today, our solar system), and the ‘micro-cosmos’ – (hu)man as the universe of an ‘Individual’ (manifested here on ‘Earth’). Understanding of which brings to mind another phrase that you may have heard before – “The Ages of Man”.

In literary works these words were introduced to the ‘consciousness’ of (hu)man (at least the earliest written example), by Claudius Ptolemy in his 2nd Century work entitled: ‘Tetrabiblos’. This phrase ‘summarises’ how the ages of the ‘individual’ are characterised by the ‘planets’. In essence (according to the words of Ptolemy – espoused by many others since), each of the spheres of the seven planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were yet to be ‘discovered’), rule a number of set years from the birth till death of (hu)man. To paraphrase Ptolemy:

Firstly, the Moon was said to rule the ‘pliable’ infant and toddler (ages 0-3), Mercury then takes over and rules the ‘flexible’ mind of the young school child (ages 4-13), before passing to Venus who rules the ‘passionate’ pubescent young adult (14-21). The Sun then rules the prime of ‘life’ (22-40), with Mars taking rulership of the crisis of passing one’s ‘prime’ (41-55). Jupiter then rules the ‘wise’ years of renunciation, rest, and reward (56-67), followed lastly by Saturn ruling the declining years of bodily ‘breakdown’ (68-death).

Earnest readers will recognise this accounting of life in the words of William Shakespeare, within his comedy play: ‘As You Like It’ (Act II, Scene VII), wherein the division of (hu)man’s ‘life-cycle’ are placed into seven stages through the: “All the world’s a stage…” monologue. It is thanks to Ptolemy, that we have much of Modern Astrology, but these simple (although relevant ‘observations’) obscure a much more ‘enlightening’ accounting. Observation of the revolutions, ‘correspondence’ and cycles between the planets (macro-cosmos) and the cycle of consistency, ‘growth’, and succession within the life of (hu)man (micro-cosmos) is more beautiful, and intricate than the ‘structure’ expounded by Ptolemy and Shakespeare.

These phrases (“As above, So below” and “The Ages of Man”), along with the ‘philosophy’ that underpin them, provide the inquisitive mind with a fresh light to ‘shine’ on the planets relationship with (hu)man’s endeavours, development, and ‘purpose’ (through life). Many have walked this ‘path’ before, as we shall see in the telling of the tale. One such was the ‘renowned’ occultist, alchemist, and physician known as Paracelsus, who wrote some five centuries ago:

“To understand correctly the meaning of the worlds alchemy and astrology, it is necessary to understand and realize the intimate relationship and the identity of the Microcosm and Macrocosm and their mutual interaction. All the powers of the universe are potentially contained in man and man’s physical body, and all his organs are nothing else but products and representatives of the power of Nature… If I have “manna” in my constitution, I can attract “manna” from heaven. “Saturn” is not only in the sky, but also deep in the earth and in the ocean. What is “Venus” but the “Artemisia” that grows in your garden? What is “iron” but “Mars”? That is to say, Venus and Artemisia are both products of the same essence, and Mars and iron are both the manifestations of the same cause. What is the human body but a constellation of the same powers that formed the stars in the sky? He who knows what iron is knows the attributes of Mars. He who knows Mars knows the qualities of iron. What would become of your heart if there were no Sun in the Universe? What would be the use of your “vasa spermatica” if there were no Venus?”

Inferred by Paracelsus’ words is the eternal truth that (hu)man is, at this manifest level, an ‘organised’ system of activities, just as the solar system is, and that these two systems exist in a “harmonic” relationship with one another – As above, So below…, therefore becomes more than just a maxim, it becomes our reality. So, let’s commence with the planet we are all most familiar with – ‘Earth’. It is only from our vantage point on Earth that observation(s) (and thus knowledge and understanding) can be made, and it is the micro-cosmos of (hu)man’s ‘existence’ within Earth where our tale inevitably starts. Once thought to be the centre of the universe, it is from our planet that we are able to ‘perceive’ the other planets, and thus their rotational cycles around the Sun (and Earth).

Morning’s dawn today (as the Sun rose above the horizon here on Earth), heralded a new ‘birth’, a new life, within the 365-day ‘solar’ cycle marking (hu)man’s solar year. The Sun has always been considered by astrology (and alchemy), as the most important of the planets, it is the Sun that is the representation of the life of (hu)man ‘him-self’. The Sun is the axle of our cosmic wheel, and it is currently considered the primary force in our cosmic system (at least that is the case as we view our Sun ‘today’ from the vantage point of Earth).

Essentially, it is the spiralling, spinning journey of our Earth around the Sun that provides (hu)man’s lifecycle with days and nights, the seasons, and the years. The Sun is said to represent (hu)man’s ‘Ego’, ruling the heart and spine (as well as being the ‘blood’ of (hu)man), and it is symbolically represented as a circle with a dot in the centre – the circle symbolising the soul (or spirit in some cases), and the dot representing the divine spark (the ‘I’). The Sun, therefore, astrologically personifies the ‘eternal’ self, you that has no beginning or end, you as boundless and infinite, you as the very core of your being, the Sun is the ‘essence’ of who we are, the essence that carries over/through from one life to the next. The basis of (hu)man as promulgated by Rudolf Steiner:

“Ego and Sun are the inner and the outer aspects of the same being. What orbits out there through space as the sun is the cosmic I. What lives within me is the human I.”

Our Sun and Moon are Earth’s celestial ‘duality’ that provide the succession of day and night, with each ruling over part of each ‘cycle’, they encapsulate the male/female ‘duality’, rising and setting in place of each other as ‘Time’ (perceived on Earth). Moon represents the subliminal realm of the ‘subconscious’ (unconscious), contrasting with the light of the solar ‘conscious’ mind. The Moon is the Mother, whilst the Sun is the Father of (hu)man. The Sun provides the spark, whilst the Moon is the receptive/passive ‘reflection’ of the experience of life; our emotions, instinctual reactions/feelings, and ultimately, our most basic/essential needs and survival instincts. If the Sun is the Ego of (hu)man, then the Moon is (hu)man’s ‘Memory’.

From the Moon we observe the passage of the ‘months’. In a tale about cycles, the Moon has the fastest of all, taking 27 and a half days to transit through all twelve Zodiac signs, during which time it has a profound impact on our emotions and decisions. As well as planetary revolutions around the sun, we should also focus on what are termed – ‘Returns’. The solar return occurs once every 365 days. This Sun return (on our birthday) produces a ‘recharge’ of our life (soul) purpose and (its placement within the Zodiac) suggests the kind of events that lie ahead over the next year of our lives. A lunar return occurs on average 13 times a year, they should be considered our monthly birthday’s (if only we had 13 calendar months), and just as with the Sun, the Moon return shows/unveils each of our ‘emotional’ states during that month, along with how we might respond (emotionally) to upcoming events. (Hu)man is therefore deeply connected to the Moon, and in addition to marking the months, it also has its own ‘progressed’ lunation cycle operating within (hu)man. In the words of Dane Rudhyar:

“These cycles and their most characteristic phases (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, and Balsamic Moon), when properly analysed and evaluated, help us to know what time it is on the clock of our inner life. Within such a frame of reference, the positions of the “progressed planets” find their most meaningful places. But this clock of our inner life is very different from the physical clocks we are used to, and which are attuned to the rhythm of the earth’s rotation around its axis and, in more complicated clocks, also to the rhythm of the seasons and the apparent yearly path of the Sun along the zodiac. It does not strike inevitable hours. It does not refer to inevitable events. Let me stress here that the planets’ transits in the sky day after day, year after year are not to be confused with the progressions. The former deal with objective time, the latter with subjective time. The transits of Uranus over a particular degree of Virgo affect every human being born with the Sun on that degree; they are indisputable “facts of life.” But a person’s response to these facts depends primarily on his natal chart (the blueprints of his individual nature) and secondarily on his progressions — i.e., on the subjective time it is in his inner life.”

Progressed lunation cycles occur every 27-28 years (and last for three and a half years, hence the common perception that such occur at the age of 30), and it is at this age, that a crucial emotional ‘change’ occurs in (hu)man. It is usually at this stage in our ‘lifecycle’ that we have (an often uncomfortable/unfortunate) encounter with our destiny/fate. It is of no coincidence that so many famous musicians and actors depart our manifest world at this point in their lifecycles. This progressed lunation cycle, occurring at the age of 27/28, again at 54/55, and then at 81/82, marks the beginning(s) of new ‘instinctual’ cycle(s) (the Moon rules the reproductive organs, and therefore these are also the stages when the female biological clock chimes. The first chime is if no child has been born by then, with the second chime marking the last chance warning before the closing down of the reproductive function, as for the last – this is beyond ‘comprehension’). The progressed Sun and Moon perform a dance every 30 years or so, the timing of such is ‘dependent’ upon our personal birth charts (the most essential tool for our understanding of ‘self’).

Image depicts the patterns produced by the orbits of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from earth. Source: Pinterest

Looking beyond our immediate circumstances on Earth, beyond the revolutions of our Sun and Moon, we find what are termed the inner (‘personal’) planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Mercury is the closest to our Sun and takes (on average) 116 days to complete a (‘synodic’) revolution (with each synodic cycle lasting from 105 to 130 days, averaging 116). This Mercury cycle is aligned with sacred ‘geometry’, as there are 3.14 synodic cycles a solar year (the mathematical constant of Pi is thus outlined in the heavens by the dance of Mercury as it travels around our Sun and through the Zodiac). Mercury is the planet of mind and ‘breath’, influencing ideas, as well as what underpins them, their source, and motivation. Mercury is (hu)man’s ‘mediator’ between the astral elements of infinite ‘possibilities’, and connection with the rhythm of (hu)man through ‘ideas’ and movement (Mercury is all about ‘movement’). Ruling the chest (lungs) and nerves of (hu)man, Mercury governs our mental and automatic body functions (breathing, blinking). As such, when the annual Mercury return occurs, it focuses on our ‘expressive’ functions, processes and patterns; Mercury highlights where the ‘opportunities’ to gain knowledge during the next cycle are (essentially showing us where to spend our ‘mental’ energy for the cycle to come).

A relationship exists between Mercury and our next planet – Venus, which takes 584 days to complete a synodic cycle (or 224 days to complete a revolution of our Sun). Viewed from Earth, Venus’ movement produces an astonishing ‘pattern’ in the sky. It is described as a five-petalled ‘rose’, a cycle/dance which completes every eight years (13 Venusian years) and conforms to the geometry of the ‘Fibonacci’ sequence. Venus rules the sensory organs and glands, and if the Sun (in conjunction with Earth) is considered to be the source of our ‘physical body’, then Venus provides our ‘etheric body’. A Venus return occurs once a year, signifying new opportunities for ‘relationships’ (romantic and platonic), as well as presenting a period of change in our love lives. The seven-year itch comes to mind with Venus cycles, which can be seen to play out in sequence throughout (hu)man’s relationships with each other.

Not to be outdone by the geometric dance of the Sun and Mercury, any time we calculate a solar return for a year which has a ‘factor’ of eight, Venus will align (almost exactly) where it was at birth. On these years Venus informs us that we are fully ‘attuned’ to our romantic needs and inner ‘values’ (these are auspicious years to be aware of: 8, 16, 24, 32, and so on). Hu(man)’s greatest year for romance is actually at the age of 32, when Venus returns exactly to its birth position at the same time as Mars does (providing ‘harmony’ with our inner drives and values, and the solar return at the age of 32 in conjunction with Venus and Mars is a powerful ‘realisation’ point within our lifecycle). Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are also known as the ‘destiny-determining’ planets. Mercury and the Moon are considered to be the ‘modulators’, imposing a pattern, turning the cosmic energy into something ‘understandable’ to (hu)man. Mercury gives the raw energy of the Sun perceivable ‘order’, the Moon then turns Earth’s ‘reception’ of those energies into a form perceivable to (hu)man, Venus then provides relationship to/with this energy within us, and fulfils another function, as part of the ‘I-Thou’ dichotomy of Venus-Mars – one expounded upon by Lactantius (advisor to Roman Emperor Constantine I):

“Mars, when guilty of homicide, and set free from the charge of murder by the Athenians through favour, lest he should appear to be too fierce and savage, committed adultery with Venus.”

Each of the planets in our story so far orbit within the circuit of Earth, they move around our Sun ‘quicker’ than Earth does. Mars is the first planet that rotates ‘outside’ of the sphere of Earth, and thus its energies are of a ‘different’ nature. Mars takes 687 days to complete a revolution of the Sun, and as such a Mars return occurs nearly every two years, and with it come(s) guidance on where (hu)man’s ‘passions’ (motivation/driving force) will be over the coming cycle (and explains why after roughly two years of the same thing, boredom sets in). As the planet of ‘action’ and spontaneity, Mars rules the ‘voice/speaking’ of (hu)man, as well as our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. With Venus, these two planets are known as the ‘relationship’ planets, and they have a dance of their own. Venus and Mars meet up in a ‘conjunction’ once every two years (or so), and this cosmic ‘lovers’ dance is one between ‘polarities’, Venus represents the ‘feminine’ energy, with Mars the symbol for ‘masculine’ energy, like the opposing poles of a magnet (unlike the duality within Sun and Moon). They attract each other, and as a result something ‘new’ comes into our lives (their cycle get our ‘creative’ juices flowing). Mars is ‘Iron’, whilst Venus is ‘Copper’, as such together they conduct power and ‘electricity’, creating energy and ‘motion’ (hence why their conjunctions are said to be where an act of ‘creation’ begins).

The desire for ‘independence’ and autonomy (Mars) and the need for love and ‘relationship’ (Venus) exist within the ‘soul’ of every (hu)man. Their cosmic choreography mirrors an internal journey within us all, the quest of the ‘hero’. These two planets therefore have a natural tendency to ‘challenge’ one another, the intensity of their interaction gives our lives ‘motion’, although it should be noted that their ‘electro-magnetism’ is a force of nature, and so ‘difficult’ times often associate such ‘aspects’. These roughly two-yearly conjunctions are also part of a larger series of conjunctions that recur every 32 years, and teach us a great deal about ‘ourselves’. They are incredibly powerful, with the capacity to create (or destroy), foster love/hatred (and not just in relationships), and ultimately serve the purpose of stirring (hu)man’s ‘passions’ at every level.

All of the planets discussed so far ‘influence’ the inner nature of (hu)man, their cycles are relatively quick (in relation to Earth’s orbit around the Sun), and we measure ‘multiple’ births and deaths of their ‘cycles’ throughout even a short period of life (due primarily to them being measurable in days). Our next planet – Jupiter – the first of the ‘social’ planets, takes 11.6 years to complete a revolution of the Sun, and its counterpart – Saturn – takes even longer, at 29.5 years. It is the transit(s) of these two planets that much of the wider ‘discussion’ on the effects of the planetary cycles within (hu)man derives, and the source of much discussion about the Universe and (hu)man, as noted by Aleister Crowley:

“Anything which throws light upon the Universe, anything which reveals us to ourselves, should be welcome in this world of riddles.”

Revolving beyond the asteroid belt that ‘cages’ Earth and the inner planets, Jupiter provides (hu)man with a major cycle of growth that is readily ‘felt’ within every life. This Jupiter return (occurring roughly every 12 years) brings with it major ‘milestones’ in (hu)man’s life, it births whole new phases of ‘growth’ and development. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and ‘meaning’, therefore everything it touches appears to grow ‘bigger’. It rules the liver, kidneys, phlegm, and arterial/growth system(s), as well as (hu)man’s ‘thinking’. We experience our Jupiter return(s) at the ages of 11/12, 23/24, 35/36, 47/48, 59/60, 71/72, and 83/84, with each cycle opening a whole new ‘learning’ period within our lives. It is not uncommon for us to experience a period of general dissatisfaction, ‘boredom’, and a general need for new direction/challenges during the last year or two of the Jupiter cycle (think of this (and all cycles) in the same manner as the Moon’s waxing and waning stages – energy ‘increases’ from the New Moon till its peak at the Full Moon, before waning back to the New Moon with an increasing need for new ventures – this is the undulating ‘rhythm’ of our planetary lives).

Yielding with the cycle of Jupiter (in a symbolic and ‘complementary’ whole) is the cycle of Saturn. This planet of structure and ‘contraction’ shapes the life of (hu)man by setting ‘limits’ (no maturation or growth from Jupiter can take place, without the contrasting energies from Saturn, with both having to operate in ‘balance’ within our lives). Saturn rules our bone structure, and bodily acids, and ultimately provides for the posture/stature of (hu)man. The Saturn return occurs every 29.5 years, and it is rightfully ‘feared’ by all who are aware of it, because it represents a new phase in our aging process, in our ‘maturity’, our responsibilities; and usually it brings with it difficult ‘acceptance’ and tough lessons (the phrase – “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” should be applied to Saturn returns). The first of these “stop and take stock” returns occurs when (hu)man starts to take serious the coming of ‘adulthood’, the second (in the very late 50’s) occurs during what is usually termed a ‘mid-life’ crisis, with the third occurring towards the end of life at 88.5 years old.

Coupled with the individual cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, is the dance they perform together. No pair of planets are more ‘opposite’ to each other than these two planets. Jupiter is ‘expansive’ (full of opportunities, generosity, and good fortune), whilst Saturn ‘contracts’ (bringing obstacles, structure, and sorrow). Jupiter points (hu)man towards the ‘future’, whilst Saturn grounds us within the ‘past’. Together they are termed the ‘social’ planets, and thus they also represent (hu)man’s society and wider world (combined with Mars, these three planets are known as the ‘liberating’ planets – and interesting term, the tale of which is another story). Their cyclic dance produces a ‘conjunction’ every 20 years, indicating a ‘social’ shift, both internally within our own social circles, and externally within our wider ‘culture’ (society/civilisation). Whatever Jupiter and Saturn ‘discover’ during their dance ‘around’ our Earth, eventually ‘becomes’ our world. As such, we all need to understand this 20-year dance and use the energies/influence at these times as a ‘springboard’ to reach our highest ‘potential’ (otherwise the influence will work as a ‘barrier’ holding us back); this is due to the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are the ‘architects’ of the existence of (hu)man within Earth.

Year 84 in (hu)man’s lifecycle is when the first of the ‘transcendental’ or ‘outer’ planets – Uranus – has its return. Uranus the planet of revolution, innovation, and progress, rules the nervous system within (hu)man (on both an individual and societal scale), as well as playing an electrical role within our respiratory function. Taking 84 years to complete one revolution of our Sun, this cycle can be divided into twelve 7-year periods, or seven 12-year periods (aligned with Jupiter). Just like the lunation and Jupiter cycles discussed above, these represent important ‘milestones’ in our lives – 0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and so on. Each of these ‘turning’ points indicate a revolution/innovation within (hu)man’s lifecycle, and also neatly describe the ‘growth’ of (hu)man from birth, through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, then onwards through to middle age and beyond into death. Uranus also works its own dance with both Jupiter and Saturn. Each Jupiter-Uranus cycle recurs every 14 years, and each ‘alignment’ within the cycle lasts for about 14 months, with their alignments producing exciting times of innovation and meaning in our lives. The Saturn-Uranus cycle recurs every 45 years (roughly) with each alignment within the cycle lasting for about two years. During these alignments we experience a ‘collision’ between the old and the new – these are times of massive, ‘unavoidable’ change in the lives of (hu)man – both within and without. This power of the planets within us has been known for some time, as evidenced by the words of D. H. Lawrence:

“…the moon, the planets, the great stars. They are either our makers or our unmaker’s. There is no escape. We and the cosmos are one. The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great gleaming nerve-center from which we quiver forever. Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time. And if we deny Aldebaran, Aldebaran will pierce us with infinite dagger-trusts.”

Cycles (successive ones) build on the events/experience of the last and develop ‘patterns’ over time. One innovation/change leads to another, with ‘energies’ (from the planets) cross-fertilising and inspiring/influencing each other (both individually within each of us, and globally across the Earth). These cycles overlap and work with and against each other during the lifecycle of (hu)man. Our story today has focused on those planets within our solar system that revolve around the Sun within the ‘span’ of (hu)man’s life. In order to experience a Neptunian return we would have to live to see our 165th birthday, our Pluto return would not come until we reached 248 years of age. Both of these are beyond the ‘current’ lifespan of (hu)man, but that does not mean that these ‘outer’ planets do not affect each of us here on Earth. Instead of experiencing a return, we do experience (as with all planets) the progression from their position(s) at the time of our birth. At the first ‘square’ angle (aged 41/42 for Neptune, and 62 for Pluto) we gain ‘illumination’ about ourselves from Neptune, and then ‘transformation’ of our life from Pluto. At the age of 82/83 we get to experience half of the Neptune synodic cycle, which occurs the year after our (presumably) last progressed lunation cycle, and the year before the completion of both the Jupiter and Uranus cycles with (hu)man, indicating that these years bring a massive ‘understanding’ of ourselves and what life is. In fact, every 14 years (not a coincidence) the orbit of Neptune makes a 30-degree aspect to its natal position which strips away illusions (if we have not been paying attention to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus these periods often lead us into dark places). Similarly, every 21 years (on average) Pluto aspects our natal charts (if we have refused to listen to Saturn and Uranus during our lives, these aspects enforce change – (hu)man has no choice at these points if they fail to head the choices offered by the planets).

Looking at all of these cycles together we are able to paint a picture of the lifecycle of (hu)man, and how our ‘lifetime’ is structured, with regular ‘intervals’ of change/meaning, development/learning, as well as forming/destruction of all ‘aspects’ within our lives. The cycles described through our story today do not exist in isolation, separate from one another; they lead on from each other, marking our past and future, and it is not uncommon for the issues and/or lessons from one cycle to disappear, only to reappear in a much later cycle. We live within a spiralling wheels, within wheels structure (‘above’ and ‘below’). We also live within multiple ‘timelines’ at once, the different time-lines we live within, all the time. We live within the ‘individual’ time/cycles of the planetary bodies, as they move inexorably onwards, relentlessly rotating around our Sun, as well as in what Dane Rudhyar refers to as ‘subjective’ time. The moment of our birth provides the positioning of all the planets, and it is their progressed ‘cycles’ in relation to that point in time, that provide ‘individual’ meaning and understanding to our planetary life. Therefore, in order to track the coherent undulation that distinctly marks our lives, we have to ‘observe’ multiple timelines simultaneously (and thus live within separate times – including our flawed calendar system).

Examining the cycles within our ‘individual’ lives produces a map of the lifecycle of (hu)man. We all undergo specific planetary guidance/direction at set points in our lives, individual years are set aside (from birth) for certain ‘developments’, and even if we fail to initially follow their guidance, the planets mark specific years when ‘change’ will happen (whether we like it or not). Excluding the annual Sun, Mercury, and Venus returns, as well as the monthly Moon cycles; and focusing solely on ‘turning-points’ and ‘milestone’ years within our lifecycle we have the following map to our lives: 0, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11/12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23/24, 26, 27/28, 29.5, 30, 32, 34, 35/36, 38, 40, 41/42, 44, 45, 46, 47/48, 49, 50, 52, 54/55, 56, 58, 59/60, 62, 63, 64, 66, 68, 70, 71/72, 74, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81/82, 82/83, 83/84, 86, 88, 88.5, and 90 (A surprising amount of a life).

So, the ‘Ages of Man’ can be seen to conform to a number of planetary cycles. Our solar system, as the macro-cosmos of our own inner micro-cosmos, is a living, breathing being, that has incredible ‘beauty’ in its movement(s). By gaining knowledge of these movements (cycles) within ourselves, can ensure a genuine ‘soul’ growth, and improved understanding of what it (really) ‘means’ to be (hu)man. Living the cycles, being conscious of the cycles to come, and learning through them. That is what your ‘soul’ purpose demands, as it pulls your spirit, mind, body, and community forward, ever onward, traversing the wheel of life, the cycles of the planets, around and around, until…


‘The Emerald Tablets’ (purported to have been authored by Hermes Trismegistus) is a foundational text for Hermeticism.

Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy, Book IV, Chapter 10: ‘Of the Division of Times’.

William Shakespeare’s Comedy Play ‘As You Like It’.

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Dane Rudhyar quote originally from his book: ‘The Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality’, although this particular quote is sources from: ‘The Clock of Your Inner Life’, first published in Horoscope Magazine, August 1967.

Further reading on the ‘Progressed Lunation Cycle’ (much has been written about this subject, and there are countless websites with information to absorb).

Explanation of Synodic Cycles.

Pi reference.

Fibonacci Sequence reference

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Further reading on Uranus and the Saturn-Uranus cycle.

Reference to Further reading on Uranus…

D. H. Lawrence quote taken from his book: ‘Apocalypse’, published by Viking Press, 1932, page 124.

Explanation of Square alignments.

Brief explanation(s) of the significance of 30 degrees in Astrology 1.

Brief explanation(s) of the significance of 30 degrees in Astrology 2.

Brief explanation(s) of the significance of 30 degrees in Astrology 3.

JUST TWIN PEAKS, Scratch Your Cortex Feel The Power Of The Spinning Vortex


Nobody Rides For Free…Fire Walks With Me?

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Trapped souls will you ever know…

what path to take, which way to go?

feeling small, feeling thrown, down below

The need arises and suddenly the urge tells you, you need to go.

But where is the right hemisphere?

Frontal lobe, hangmans rope

truth in your eyes

a hopeful wish comes with many smiles

again…and again…thought is a runaway train

Scripted ways, lazy days

are you afraid?

Of things that will come

things that will take you home?

East battling the West

just another failed test?

North and South

making you go around

dancing on this “spinning ball”

for many miles, sacred in you hails

The Soul has to bail

Only the Avatar will remain

There is a new future to be gain

The Greed is what Evil eats

The Pride is Satan’s willing ride

The so-called faith will not set you straight

Faith is Meth for those that already belong to Seth

Transcending flesh, living behind this electromagnetic mesh

A new Eye in you sees all these things through if only you knew…

Marching Lessons are terror made for the peasants, devastating, unbridled truth is for the Kings

Saturn and his rings constantly sings

“The Lord of The Rings”

another jinx?

“The Lord Of The Flies”

Are you ready to say the last goodbye?

realization keeps you in another cycle of desolate, dry incarnation

How about you find the right radio station?

Incarnation is just another senseless invocation

another poor man’s maggoty ration

Return of the jaded Soul wanting to be whole

But the soul is not here, the point of no return

will set you free

There you can finally be

here there is nothing to see

Shackled or be free

You, tell me?

The reborn soul is Avatar again brutally torn and made cowardly small

Do you wish again to crawl, see yourself fall…

How about leaving these halls?

How about dont answering another devious call?

Toroidal field,Toroidal Space

reactivated Human race, needs something to chase

Vortex and the Tale of Rotating Malaise

The man inside was crucified for his grace

Without time and a real place

The wave function, a bloated mind that admire

Throwaway Worlds in a derelict quagmire

Are there wanting Souls for hire?

So rises another Holographic Empire

There, the situation is always very alarming and extremely dire

What you take and give will magnificently aspire

Red Room is built for whom?

Now all you can see is Doom and Gloom

do you wish this world to go with a loud Boom?

25 years later, the promised time has no waiter

triggering synthetic reality, the abnormalities of fluidic space,

The agonizing screams of artificial, fabricated race

Truth simply can not be built on dishonor and disgrace

In your mind The silent wandering whisper of the Aryan race

Can you see now your real face?

Unimaginable plot In your rushing blood a living homing dot

Choose life or just rot…

The deviant anomaly is the true name of this ort(place)

this my friend is just an absent thought:

dont get lost…

In the trivial, stormbound sea,dont ask for an unworthy, beggars plea

They will get you an imaginary cup of tea and a life pledge full of wonders

But this my friend; is the place where you will get stripped naked and vigorously plundered

Fight here and true home will become closer

dont be another blasphemous, hilarious imposter

“The Day will become the Night”

Ask for your Birthright

Find the divine light

Battle of Hearts and Minds

It was always You

see things trough

dont get stuck in another unnecessary Waterloo

The world is your oyster, the rest swims in the hands of Black Goo

You may ask: how all this can be true?

All I can see is the boundless sky, clear and blue

How You, would know…

Prove to me, that you are the honest messenger with the black crow

What happens below and what happens above

How this beautiful place can live without love?

All is there, bare and naked for all to see,

the truth is not hidden in Green Tree

You dont have to listen to me…

My voice doesn’t need to be your choice,

but the wrong choice is comming with the action-packed invoice


Your inner voice is your only choice

But, dont listen to me…

maybe it is better to not see and let the mind flee…

My friend, this place is a mental surrogate cage

and the pay is lousy minimum wage

The whole world is a wild and savage brute

The observable “light” is sometimes the wrong route

The Universe is a heartless venomous deceiver

Question yourself:

“Who is the real, actual, and true Dreamer?”

In my dreams see I’m on TV
Get back exactly who I wanna be
If she could really see herself in my eyes
This wouldn’t be such a big surprise
I’m sick and tired of it getting in my way
I’m sick and tired of everything I seem I know
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Don’t stop to think cause I know where I stand
I’m on my way no your not gonna change my plan
If you can break away and see what I say
You’ll understand what I’m trying to be
I’m sick and tired of talking to my little dates
I’m sick and tired of everyone in my way
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
You’ve gotta pay to play
So don’t you stand in my way
Cause nobody, nobody rides for free
Now the worlds at stake
The card was drawn
You thought he could swim but I guess you were wrong
You sink to the depths of your misery
Baby the past will set you free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
You’ve gotta pay to play
So don’t you stand in my way
Cause nobody, nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free…

Something Good, Something Bad

something that lasts

Something bad, something that lasts

indisputable fact, a kiss that is left intact

Doubts without regrets

Creating Mandela Effect

Bizarre Regrets without seemingly importance are rising,

calling the sleeping death

North is East

East is North some men are battle born

too strong and too beautiful for this wretched world

East is where The “Beast” sleeps

North is just a word

reality is a crazy spiderwebbed mold

I is EYE

The true EYE is mine

Certain facts just simply and inevitably intertwine

One and Zero

Another Nero?

Are you the chosen Hero?

Do you wish to know more?

Implore, scream from your lungs for another invested encore

The lunatic world is menacing and cold

Time is now put on hold

The Sun is impossibly and strangely hot

The Memory of Blood is awakened Call of the true Nords

Nothing is ever truly lost

To be or to be not?

If you understand

Give me a nod.

Should all this be destroyed?

Should we take a walk

and see who will squawk

Black Crow is hysterically smiling

white pigeon is born conniving

Is your mind thriving?

Golden Honey is just a phony

Chosen Melody is traveling fast

lighting that burns strike last

Smile even if you are standing in a flooded Nile

Maybe it won’t take a while

Maybe they are already here

dont interfere,dont be afraid

The Devils in this place must be slain

The Old debt simply must be


“For Whom the Bell Tolls”

The last hushed up mistery finally unfolds

without a simple unjustified word

this is the end of this song

So long!

“A ninth I understand, when Need arises for me
to protect My Ship on the Ocean:
Then I will still the Storm on the rising Sea
and soothe the Surge of the Waves.”

Mandela Effect M/AN D/THE EL/ELA EFFECT, not a THEORY-Transmutation

MAN is An meaning On /D is THE El/ELA

The True Man will awaken he and she will be seen in the Sea of false specters…Projected Reality

Something short I can’t listen anymore to some people: who Is doing this effect and if this is a deed done by Abrahamic Gott…it is not…

Your gOd is a very jealous and vengeful gOd….

Exodus 20:3-5

“Worship no god but me.-meaning there are other Gods besides Him you can choose to Worship

“Do not make for yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, because I am the Lord your God and I tolerate no rivals. I bring punishment on those who hate me and on their descendants down to the third and fourth generation.

He is full of hate, not Love dont believe me: look around you and be amazed what this “love” has created…

True God will challenge You, he wants to see from what are you made off, do yuo belong, do you deserve to walk among the Gods-plural…

This is why the Gate is narrow and only a few are accepted into the True Kingdom of Heaven

If you do not understand the importance of the number seven you will live in a world between the number eleven and that my friend is a false made-up heaven.

Be kind to others, You never know who is standing in front of You…

If you want to know my stance on any kind of it is…

KNOW and LEDGE Interconnected

Where is “I”?

KNOW-NOW OWN-WON-ON and in the end O/15/6 LEDGE EDGE EGG -cosmic Eg/this is how we read not EGG G -7 light

G is connected with E or we read “I”

Light of this world…LUC “I” FER

Every Vessel Avatar, Body in the end, chooses his destiny or Destination

The destination is your DESTI/ NATION At “I” On

or FATE that will ATE You consume YOU in the END.

FATE ATE ET/it T is your cross in the end.



EA/stern (Stern is the star in German) Religion is not the way of the V I King/s…

Born in Love, Born In Arms of White Dove

Born in love

Born in perfection

Live lived without infection

Flood of songs full of lies

message that is wrong, pierces the skies

written words singed without preying eyes

When true love Dies?

When the whole World is born without lies…

Are we there, yet

Can we break the black-and-white net?

can we send a smile to the old Seth,

even upon our time of death?

crucified here, without true Sins

Why should ever the Devil win?

Timelines spiraling out of order

do we need a special book for this to preorder?

When true Love is Born?

When Earth will sing the new Accord…

When humanity will become the true Lord?

Waiting much? frailing minds and hearts without the touch

What will come next…just watch

Octoberfest a new timeless nest

Rivers of white, yellow, and even dark Beer are comming next

drunken life flies in the mouth of the Mandella Effect

What will change next…

do we have a pretext?

When true Love is born

Old reality will be torn

Stay on the pathway or look on the side…

Chasing a promise of a white Bride?

What to do…

which is the true way, willing to guide?

Observing this mess, without loud press

marveling at the many invasive choices

Unbeatable truth beats in the hearts of millions of voices

“The Antichrist” is comming, I am scared shitless

I am desperately looking for more witness

to prove this apocalyptic claim

to smile at life that is too simple and to ordain

The Old Testament is knocking on my door

I am laughing my ass on the cold, wooden floor

Please: send me more…

Every story needs love, a touch of conniving Egregore

How else would the audience ever ask for more?

Love is born again, it will be the death of mortal man

it will be the birth of the Son of The MAN

try to stop him, if you can!

MAN To Come

symbolizes fall of the Rome

And we can have that feeling…

The venomous lies from the Old Snake will hit the ceiling

Man to Come can not die kneeling

He is born ready and willing

He is not like the rest, he doesn’t care about your silly tests

He knows how to build a true everlasting nest

He is not warm, watered-down beer left on the Grimm day of Octoberfest

He does what he says, this man doesn’t change his ways

just because somebody says…something

This man is not a THING, he will break the Sound of Saturn’s rings

he has come here to manifest the glorious win

He knows the way, but he loves the Truth

Not the lies and invoking darkness and clueless divide

He will not hide, he will fight

He will straighten you right

even without a glorious fight

MAN To Come

Is the promised FALL of ROME

and nothing, You,

Black Tongues can be done,

who are right now occupying Rome

hit the street and

Go home!

it is done…

The new Man is a sacred manifestation of new thought

he is the death of a thing called a Robot

He is the new Biblical Flood

He doesn’t care about Heaven and Hell

he knows all too well

You motherfuckers are already burning in Hell

so why sweat, when you are already death

Children of the Seth?

The Song ends here,dont spill your precious beer

dont tear the bag of popcorn,dont Scratch the suit that is worn

audience please exit in a mannerly and orderly fashion,

follow the laws of attraction

Safely exit the Theater Dome…

AMOR is comming home

so falls the lone voice of once:

“Mighty Rome”

RELIGION-a JoYfull Transition into mindless LEGION

Mind dies for lack of the vision, not knowledge

Religion a damned opposition

Acts of violence against acts of goodwill

Holly Book preachers, asking from you who to kill

Who is on this day against gOd’s will?

Everything in life comes with the bill

even in the holly moment of godless thrill

To many shills, too many people captured by a spirit who kneels

“Prays God”, “Allahu Akbar”, awaiting Moshiach

another false god, another shameless LIAR

another door closes, and another mind opens

The Demon of old keeps getting invoked

Again and again, the world is severely provoked

What a spiel!

Just pray to phantom Jesus and you will be saved

stick the red rotten tongue to those who are depraved.

Kill the man who does not want to believe, who reads different books

Attack him for his looks…

Burn his body, he is not like everybody

Believe in the corrupting lies, accept the mind spy

read and sleep with the voice of the Holy lullaby

Enjoy the fruitless ride, be damned in the act of the Soul suicide

Many are too afraid to know this will be their last ride

Divide…this is the Holly Book, however, she looks

When people can think, somebody else is in them, within

One Book to rule them all, but which one

will give you a ride to the deserved throne?

Turn another cheek and the future will look bleak

Kill the infidel, become a soulless shell, this is how you wish the World Well?

We are chosen, everything else but our thoughts is verboten?

Lovely set of books,” Holly scriptures” so the definition says

maybe you need to pray..harder so you will have something to barter

When heaven falls on this place, maybe,

just maybe you are not the chosen race

You know the answer, you know the truth

even if you dont know God, you are doing his Job

for every bad deed, you will get the rope

for many of you, there is no hope

But preach away set the masses straight

Enjoy useless debate, the path is narrow

in front of the final gate,

there awaits your “chosen fate”

Too much death, too much blood spilled

Too many innocent Souls have been killed

Alfater’s final will, will be fulfilled

Black Sun is shining on you

whatever you do, it will be seen through

You can win but lose, there will be no Third Temple

only death will there assemble

A jealous god has lost his mind

the only way to win is to kill the humankind

on sight…

This is your “chosen God”, this is your dangling knot

This fate awaits every Soulless Bot

because this here, The kingdom of God is not

There is a God’s plan, many will be called but few will be chosen

maybe this place will be just forgotten

it will remain the land of the Totten

bank your Karma, be a Knight

and I promise you…

YOU will see the true light

Acts, not words

Only those who are true and brave Lords

will see how the future unfolds

Fight against all odds and

your immortal Soul will never be lost

even in this human host

Avatar is becomming JAvatar(JA-ME)

The true name will See

The promised land is in your heart not Holly Book

dont be a incompetent fool

dont be just another mans tool

Knock and speak Friend

,dont lie,dont pretend

and true heaven will be sent

Allfather doesn’t want you on your knees

wailing about your wrong deeds

He wants you on your feet, challenge him

see if you are worthy…

Your Sword is your Lord, Your Heart is your Mother

dont ask what you can not do from another

The third temple is YOU, not a building made of stone

No Body(vessel) walks alone, this is the only path

to reach the light of the new home

your heart doesn’t belong to the will of Rome,

it is not carved in the black stone(Mecca)

It is not in your mortal flesh and white bone

It is beyond the horizon, beyond the white light

There you will meet your true kind

there you will leave death behind

But this can not be done by reading the right books

by knowing all the right hooks

Your heart will tell the truth, in the end

and there your future will be bent

It matters how one’s life has been spent

dont pretend, defend, fight for those who are in pain

if you dont take this road all your doings will be in vain

It is true Martyr’s blood, opens the land long lost

other will feel the cost,dont be like the most

The bridge awaits, and the stars align

Be the One who will find

after eight comes nine

Nine is divine, Ten is the number of

ascend or fall

for those that: already “know all”

Dont wish this world and “them” Hell

They all know too well

They are already there…

Forgotten Memories of Equilibrium and “Verboten” Thougts BETWEEN TWIN PEAKS

Round, Flat, Hollow, floating Lego brick in the SPACE so many questions and so many answers? Is there the One To RULE them all…

The truth is the shape of the Earth will be what you want it to be…No experiment can change the mind of the enslaved mind nor even an enlightened mind can prove something just because there is enough evidence that facts can morph into reality…

TWO PEAKS/SUN AND MOON, PLUS AND MINUS all shades of Emerald GREEN or prisoners of the so-called “RED Room”?

Picture Above, after the successful detonation on the right side there can be seen stars or a view into Another World

TWIN PEAKS VERSION: video below, Sorry the original version of this video can not be found on YouTube anymore, it has been erased…at least I can not find it after almost 25 minutes of searching….

The infamous EYE will bend before the will of the Man and MAN will deceive the EYE becoming the great deceiver himself.

HUMAN/Nature is to experience, observe, and ask questions… by doing all this he is the Storm, he is the main composer and guilty party, the main reason that Song Of Fire and Ice can go on.

Will he change his ways? Because when Ice and fire collide smoke emerges as the final victor of the battle, not one or other element that is superimposed before the ONE we call MAN.

Smoke clouds JUDGE-ment, confuses the lungs, and disorients the brain functions-

Fight or Flight mechanics are SETH in motion.

To boldly go where no MAN has been before….

LSC – The World You Live In (Pt 1 & 2) Concave Earth Explained Hand Drawn Presentation

INSOMNIUM – While We Sleep

When your heart gives out and your love collapses
When the hand that never lets go is there no more
When you reap and sow only throe and resentment
When there’s no one else but you to blame it for

When all you ever wish for is to go back once more
When all you ever wish for is to change it all
When all you feel is remorse, pain and regret
When you dwell in the past unable to move on

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Build a wall of glass thick and deep
We hear but choose not to listen

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Still the bridge is inflamed with fire
Leave all the love we had behind

When you realize that your life is a one-way road
When you realize that there’s no point of return
When you understand that you can’t go back anymore
When you understand you can only move onwards

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Build a wall of glass thick and deep
We hear but choose not to listen

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Still the bridge is enflamed with fire
Leave all the love we had behind

We need to slow down
We need to slow down
We need to slow down
So I can catch you

We need to slow down so I can catch you
We need to slow down so you can catch me
We need to slow down so I can catch you
We need to slow down so you can catch me

Slow down

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Much love to All, be kind and nice to others, and help the helpless and those who are in need…

last thing: if I dont ask for money, means I have enough…What is enough? this is something that every man or woman must decide for themselves…

I dont try to be holier than you, this is my way of giving something back without asking a thing, this is my act of random kindness.

This is how you change the world, acts not words…

By Acting you are not RE- Acting anymore…there is a big difference in these two terms.

So if somebody wants to be paid for his hard work(research is hard work extremely draining experience, psychically and mentaly), he or she just wants to have enough, They are not sold-out individuals… because they want to put food on the table or have decent clothes or working car…

My choice is a conscious choice, maybe other people dont have my privilege or my options available to them…Let us be honest what is 10$ in today’s value…almost nothing.

What can YOU buy for 10 bucks?

Here you can get Jack Life Works for 10 dollars, You dont have to pay for this Gum Road, that section, or this video…These are your true sellouts acting as truthtellers, whatever this expression means these days… You know when you have to pay for many different things in the same place, this is then called a business operation…

I am not writing this because I want to put somebody on the spot, but try not to see everyone who just wants to survive as a traitor or twisted, money-hungry apparition as the next Alex Jones.

We all are heavily sandboxed, and that is an understatement of how actually sandboxed we are…, my friends.

I know many, many are stealing from Jack, from me…and trying to push Abrahamic God in our works, if you are reading this it won’t work…

You dont really can not or want to understand, what is really happening here in this place, called Earth, but in a way, you are spreading our message and those who are supposed to find will find this site…There are no coincidences…

I hope some of you, new arrivals will start to write, and start to ACT.





One lousy night I was born

under the gaze of darkness

in the unbearable heat

I got my feet

I was silent

ready to be violent

Under the scorching sun,

under the red-stained moon

I listen in silence

men talking about violence

Brave, cowardly men, all sorts

of them

I see, I hear

talks about fear

War is close

men are restless

I am not, I feel a desire

I am ready to unleash

sacred fire

Skull bashing

blood rushing

pools of red

in my head

Tons of severed limbs

producing horrible screams

Still, I am silent

ready to be violent

was this my fate too

produce this hate?

I am a sacred Sword,

I am told that I was Nord

have I no other purpose?

Am I just a cold stell

under somebody will?

with me, they even kneel

with me, they finally feel

I am a silent dreamer,

violent deceiver

I bring death I slice heads

I am, last will

I bring heartless steel

Under the polar star

I decided to go far

under the light of green

wonders await to be seen

in northern silence, I lost my thirst for violence

I feel like true Nord

I became more than a sword

No more I will be steel

under somebody’s will

Under the polar star,

I must go far

The hidden door is open,

my will, not broken

I had seen enough

I had heard too much

I don’t need one more touch

I see the arm of fate

I don’t wanna be late

without spoken word

I know…

I am not a sword

I am star

destined to go far

words fail me

I am free

I can finally see

In a place where death has no face

This terrible lie must die

I am not a sword

I am true Nord

I am a sacred tune

I am a fearless rune

I feel again

I am…

I am free,

I can finally see

I wish you well,

please, don’t tell.

The Conjunction of 7 Planets” by Brainstorm, from their album “Memorial Roots” (2009).

The picture above: PRIMAL FEAR “Supernova” 2018

Take The Chance: Let’s Dance!

How about it? will you take this chance…

Cryptic Dance, a wild stainless claustrophobic romance

Humans’ heads slapped formally together

Hell-bent for leather

Free fall feels like a playful feather

in a neverending decadence,

everyone is looking for true evidence

Atrophy of alchemical thought,

can this vampiric onslaught be fought?

Are you alive or just another crazed, lunatic infantile BOT?

At the suicide of the true kings

the wicked Devil joyfully sings

arms of the fool

a Jokers blinding tool

Dance in the heat of the moment

be one with the rushing Comet

is life a Maya that sleeps dormant…

is the blue sky estranged informant?

under the perfect moonlight

your eyes are unspeakably bright

This night two Souls are set purposely on fire

True love is not and can’t be ever for hire

Your body aching from lustful desire

Will our naked bodies create a new rightful Empire?

World in your eyes burning without worthless pyre

Will Our wild orgasm end the living nightmare, close the chasm,

Kill the half-death horrible screaming phantasm?

Where is the fun? when all the devils

can be seen under the influence of the New Sun

Stormbringer, Dream Acuser, Light Bearer

creating a new atmospheric prevailing layer

These days are born and awakened in different kinds of fun

The world is thrown on a point of the lone and edgy Gun

Dont You know: “There can be Only ONE”

Born under the guiding touch of Swarze Sonne

quickening is comming, New Age is homing

behind the corner, the New Man is looming

The jealous venomous god is violently fuming

stop assuming, be it the know

let this upside-down farce go

This slowly melting ripe snow

it is time to know, or see how low can you really go

See you on the other side,dont engage in fruitless divide

Set this tiring nonsense aside, abide,

Your Valkyrie is riding side-by-side

learn to enjoy, in this closing and concluding ride

Dont swimm in the noise polluted by electromagnetic vice

Think twice and


Life is just a silly game after you KNOW

nothing will be ever the same

What if all this is just a childish Game?

Lost Lover and runaway dame

Story of old looking for the true name

Black shadows, hollow and frozen Moon

Are keeping you in this hand-drawn cartoon

dont be a fool, Wake Up

and maybe I will see you soon.

Break a dark spell and tear down the frame

How about You learn how to exit this strange game

It will be never too late

just find The outskirts of The Ninth Gate

a true promise never comes late

It is all in your head

those who are living stop playing death

The Thalamus is a doorway

slippery corn way

behind the White wall you we see all,

in the heart of the Blackest hole

there you will find the one you should adore

This voyage is an act of cosmic love

true Amor opens the last door

Who cares then about the earthly score?

The last voyage will take genuine courage

The last standing arbiter will be the judge

dont budge,dont hold the grudge

Dont try to say too much

He will know all

Even the truth about the “Spinning Ball”

truth and lies, sometimes even the Soul cries

dont believe it, take all this as advice

or pay the ultimate price

Some skeletons dont end up on the bottom of the Black Sea

they just do not know when and how to flee

Dont bend the knee, take it as a true Son of a Man

there is nowhere to go, some things just happened with the sound of the Big Bang

all this is not a street slang

dont be damned

The true glory bates in the carrying arms of white euphory

The message of the white dove is meant for those who can truly love

When love is made a thief

is then anything left what are you willing to give

When hate is love will you throw your fighting glove

Can you hear this message from above…

Will you fight for those things that are right?

Or will you find the corner?

and cowardly see the sunrise of this mental disorder



Walking alone, feeling like all my senses are dull and gone

Is it now all set and done?

Can this world be finally left alone…

Can now I just be gone?

Fly over the Blue Sea, drink from the water of the Green River

I feel the Black Earth on my fingers for the last time

Should my last sentence be written without a decent rhyme?

Admission, submission, coalition,

just words…

In thousand distant miraculous worlds

Can ALL I Feel be written just in this one song…

Can she not be terrible long…

Just for once?

Dreams are sweet,

The Sun is dancing on my new skin

I guess this is my win

The road is dark no more

This last song fills my inner core

The eyes are open

nothing is forgotten


This road is full of joy

It feels not like I am the last Real Mccoy

This path is not the last

This stairway to heaven is built for me

It is an oddly numb and happy feeling

When You can touch the ceiling

Can I stretch my new legs…

Can I see the road where nobody has to beg…

Can I see the street where Smile is the King?

Can I see the sunset, where the next day

is it not another entrance to the boxing ring?

The universe at last sings

Another world, another time, other things,

he brings

Can you hear the mesmerizing, alluring voice?

They say a storm is comming and I smile

standing there, on a perfect day

For me now all is just another Act,

another interesting Play

The Sun is the road that never ends

The Moon is a brother that doesn’t pretend

Earth is a life that is a godsend

My eyes are true, my eyes are terribly blue

sometimes even green, the wonders I have seen

In them, the gift of life never ends

For one day I was here

for one night, my star was shining bright

Now all I feel is just, light

I dont have to fight


The Cult – Sun King

Album: SONIC TEMPLE 1989

Can YOU be the SUN KINg or Queen in the Sonic Temple?

Can you make it on your own?

Dont feel alone

The Sonic Temple is dancing in your every bone

find your way and you will find a home

Nobody ever travels alone

My friends….

Mind Is The Lie, Heart is the Truth

Without the backbone without the true rhyme

they walk side by side

Creating hate and an endless divide

Are you not willing to be a saint?

Even for one lousy day,dont act in this foul play

Are you not willing to plunge into the arms of death…

Do you not wish to swim with Seth?

The Allftaher wants to see, who are those who can actually breathe

What are you made off of, my friend

Can you make an impenetrable standoff?

It is courage that You lack of?

Can you slay the mighty beast?

or will you cryingly fall and beg on your no-good knees?

can you feel the storm?

can you feel the sound of the Thunder?

Dont wander,

Dont wander asunder

All, there that awaits is a bestial plunder

The mind can lie, but the heart will be one that testifies

Can you hold the ground?

Dont be bound to this ground

Dont come for another round

dont venture south…

Blue-haired witches are looking for reliable snitches

A man without testosterone is scared to the bone

A woman looking for her counterpart

Hopelessly searching in the dark

Love is the enemy, hate is a friend

who do I defend?

Dont ask too much

give this world your touch

Be brave, or die like an unworthy slave

just behave…and shave

Be good, dance to the rhythm of a magic flute

is this the world you want to live in?

Are your minds these days made too thin

Do yuo really want to live in this sin?

How about for once, be brave and


“Native Son” from Alter Bridge’s album Walk The Sky

Giver of life now is all but dead and gone
Left to die in blood drenched fields or driven off

Now nothing remains
A ritual tamed
What’s taken away
We will never replace, no

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

Marching forward brings a slow and cruel decay
As I fight
For the heritage so many died to save

Now nothing remains
A ritual tamed
What’s taken away
We will never replace

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

Fractured and cut off from all we had
Severed all that’s sacred, now we stand
Strangers left to wander this strange land

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

I look around and see that my world is gone
Still, I keep trying to fit in where I don’t belong

Sometimes when you dont fit in anymore it is time to move on,dont try to belong…

This is my reasoning for including this song from AB in this manifesto of “lyrical extravaganza”…

If You dont belong anymore, just move on and learn to say NO!

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Audio, What it is…


The drama here described of the separation of He and She occurred in the the subtly remote distances impossible for our Kali-Yuga minds to comprehend. All this way before the Satya- Yuga of the golden Age. It was an intermediate time and space; in fact a Sunset, a Sandhya, in the same Dawn, in the Midnight at Noon. A Cosmic Prologue to the Drama, to the “Memoirs of the Archetype.” Something that has happened beyond the Archetype.” –page 166.

“When the egg of the He-She divided, the She separated from the He, she left first. And He will be the agonic pilgrim in search of the She, through the worlds, galaxies, where both must fight the enemy. But here another Egg-In-itself, She-He, who had contemplated the explosion of the He-She in and uncreated space, also divided her Egg, like the suicide of a New star, by solidarity, by A-Mor (Love without love) because she felt comradeship with the He-She, so to speak. And thus we have a She in search of her He through glorious wars and bloody sacrifices.

And someone, an unknown being, will be left to await the return like on the edge of a fountain. Someone who in the adventures of those two (four), played the Destiny of the divine impossible existence, unimagined even by the greatest pilgrims of nostalgia. Who was this being, who seemed to have dreamed all this, who risked so much in the mystery of the He-She and She-He? Is it someone who is beyond the Archetypes and Demiurge, even of the archetypes used by Hyperborean Siddhas as instruments of their combats? Someone who wanted to destroy the universe of the Demiurge, to break the Cycle of Cycles, to break free the prisoners of the Eternal Return. Someone who permitted the He-She and the She-He to part as pairs of opposites in order to enter into the nightmare, into the corrupt world of the Demiurge, to search for each other, to find each other again, fighting to transmute this evil creation?” –page 167.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version)

V (1983 miniseries) the original 1983 two-part television miniseries

V: The Final Battle-Part 1 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)

V: The Final Battle-Part 2 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)

V: The Final Battle-Part 3 (1984 three-part sequel miniseries)

France II, in the Footsteps of Otto Rahn by Jack Heart

I took a long last drag from my cigarette and doused it in the receptacle by the front of the doors. It would be at least ten hours till the next one. I had two hours till takeoff, but I figured I better check in now considering what happened on my last flight out of Frankfurt in 2019. Orage had dropped me off at the airport at about one in the morning. The flight was at nine, so I made my way upstairs through the deserted airport and drank overpriced beer in front of an all-night McDonalds at a table in a German café across from it. At first it was just the barmaid, an attractive young fräulein who spoke little English, and I. But we were soon joined by a very strange man who hovered at the periphery of the cafe playing peekaboo behind the copious artificial plants demarcating its perimeter. Even though the temperature was in the mid-fifties outside, inside he was wearing a heavy winter snorkel coat with the hood pulled over his face. He had a shopping bag presumably to transport the days treasures he had found while foraging the airport. When I tried to take a picture with my phone, he quickly ducked behind a plastic palm tree. When the barmaid came over to replenish my beer, I pointed him out to her, and we both laughed. She said in halting English that she had already called her boyfriend and he was on his way. The boyfriend was there within ten minutes and the bum or whatever he was no longer liked the odds and shuffled off into the night. I’d had at least a half a dozen beers by then so I made my way back downstairs intent on getting some much-needed sleep in the chairs in front of my Delta / Air France check-in gate, which would open in a few hours. I woke up to some women setting up for Delta and when I inquired as to when they’d be open, I was told within the hour. I went back upstairs and had a particularly vile, even for McDonalds, “egg sandwich…” When I came back down, I got my boarding pass and the same woman who had told me they would be open within the hour was standing in front of the check in gate. She’d been waiting for me and told me that I had been selected for additional security screening and she was the “head of security.” My flight would be delayed till 11 AM and I should arrive at boarding for nine to compensate for the additional time it would take. She suspiciously asked me how long I had been in Germany, and I told her a month. She asked me what I had been doing in that time. When I told her that I was a well-known writer who wrote under the name of Jack Heart, doing research she became particularly interested and asked me what I wrote […]
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